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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 3

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Burlington, Iowa Voting rights Bill before High court memo from Mac by John Mccormally the most thought provoking statement at last weeks tree a a a the Over Tlle constitutionality of the 1965 voting final exams Are toasted youths fined Ater the Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa monday january 17, 10rb 3 Plant workers already taste ice Washington apr the Federal government i p clashed with a big segment of the South today As de Al 211s i Iii St r dominate i s court action Way hearing came not from any spokesman for opponents or supporters arguing for the betterment of the Community. It was a straightforward plea of self interest by an elderly North Hill woman. Her total income she told the hearing is $113 a month social Security. She pays $38 a month for the 1-room apart rights act opened before the supreme court. David or. Robinson ii special counsel for South Are expected to continue at least Carolina Rose to launch the eight hour debate Over the Law. Through tuesday. Six states opposed David w. Robinson ii. Special enthusiasm Over completion of semester exams led to $25 fines in municipal court monday for four Iowa Wesleyan College students. Each pleaded guilty to Possession of Beer by a minor. A spokesman for the four William Robert Kania 19, Ridgewood n. J., told judge Arthur Peterson that he and the Washington apr far others were drinking to Cele nearly a Quarter of a million Counse by South Carolina was reaching issues of civil rights brate the completion of finals. Negroes have registered to vote a a Kjof the others Are voting rights act is not an a the supreme court today As it Southern states prop Riate Means of enforcing returned after a Holiday recess. I in the seven touched by the act since it be the 15th amendment which bars came Law. Discrimination against voters r barred racial segregation Hugh Bunten 18. Evanston 111. David Joseph Graham 18, it. Pleasant. Five of those states mined and 8ives c�ngref5 the Power to a a Macon ga., Park which my. J re -. Avion or ment in a dwelling in the pro card in its attack on or act appropriate enforcement was willed in 1911 for the use a posed Highway corridor which the. A an inappr0priate andlegi5lation will be torn Down. Where she it fair use of Federal Power to of Whites Only. Hie High Tribu found 18, new port n. School action too the six states also contend a decision wants to know can she pos enforce the 15th amendment to that the act makes a finding of a City was entwined Ini judge Peterson said heavier Sibly find comparable shelter in the Constitution forbidding de past discrimination with no jul Park a operations and there sentences could have been in Burlington for her $38 a month Nial of voting rights because of Docial proceedings and that its Ore segregation would be in posed but that be was setting race or color. Application by a mathematical formula to a handful of states hers is a problem completely unrelated to the pros and cons of the freeway. That is even if All the rest of us agreed without reservation that the freeway was a Good thing for Burlington her problem would remain. And no matter How at Issue is whether the fed Alaska Arizona and the seven setting a minimum because the boys h heard Era arguments in Discie Inary Era government has the constitutional authority to abolish literacy and other voter qualification tests which had been required by some states. Which the Federal government in the South insidiously sets was aligned inst sex its hath. Tov in apart from other states. A if however a the judge said a this violation becomes frequent in the City sentences pm states in a dispute Over the in order to escape from Juris constitutional it of the 1965 Vot diction of the act under which ing rights Dixie states can be expected to escalate Federal voter registrars can be contend the act with its provi arguing alongside South Caro dispatched to counties where Sions for Federal registrars a. A Lina were to be Legal officers half the eligible voters Are not unconstitutional generous the Highway com from Alabama Louisiana mis registered or did not vote last Mission is with its right of Way go a Georgia and Virginia year a state must prove to a 11 decided to hear argue at Iolo . Saturday funds that will be no help to North Carolina also affected by Federal court that it does not robots later on what court when lie in estimated he found her because she has no prop Thuc voting rights is discriminate. in i be photon by Jackie May Wei in ironworker totes extra cold steel at Plant site. An off duty police officer observed the youths in a parked car in the 200 Block of n. Fifth erty to be compensated for. Lake she is at the mercy of this or any other change which would eliminate her present dwelling. Should have jurisdiction Over 29 two sacks of Beer bottles and civil rights demonstrators a a bottle of whiskey. Of course it can be a Katzenbach on defense atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach who celebrates his 44th w i birthday today was to defend the legality of the five month Gued that if the freeway is i ,. 8. T _ Vertex or cancelled altogether. Old a in is first supreme her problem will vanish but court a Ament 6lncf. He a that would be Only a temporary can he government 6 top in Braun 23. Of , suffered few a a her last year. A a a i lawyers from new Jersey rested in Greenwood miss., on various charges including blocking the sidewalk. The accused want the cases trans i i feared from City police court to Federal District court. The City of Greenwood opposes Hie trans a Mary Louisa Fer. Face Cut in Auto crash Hawk Eye happenings Michael Houchin chapter and w waterworks half done mondays cold weather was december or Early january taken in stride by Polar Orient 1987. The Concrete work is nearly Ca construction men erecting 80 percent Complete. Brick solution affecting Only a facial cuts in a single car a subject to constraints in the Macon Park Case jus auxiliary Dav will meet at Burlington s $1.4 million water work installation of pumps and memorial auditorium at 8 . Treatment Plant off Hwy. 99 sludge removers have not by wednesday. J North of town. Among the Many Burlington ians Massachusetts a the latter Ken fi0utlv is near rce William q. Douglas spoke full size of to Date burling their brisk activity Tempo who face the same problem for a Kortje a Beck feed Mill the problem is not the specific was a were to Sud one of freeway building but the a for the court majority. He said ton City maps at the Hawk Eye am d temperatures up to Only sheriff s officers said she was that if a municipality despite 50c . Driving West at 4 30 a in. Sat appointment of private trustees. Port the government general one of a serious and the court h g g a noted urday and fell asleep at the a remains entwined in the Man growing shortage of housing for e. T hours for the cas0 wheel. The vehicle crashed into gement or control of the Park elderly and other Low-income1 1 a citizens of Burlington. If their problem is which South Carolina brought a ditch and across a driveway it remains subject to the re directly in the supreme court she was treated at Burlington strains of the 14th amendment it 2 Ulf fall not in j instead of going through the Hospital. Officers said there was of the Federal Constitution. The theft of two bicycles a Sears and a Schwinn was reported to police by Walter of Shaffner 304 Kenilworth court 12 degrees at noon has brought work on the main part of the Plant to t h e Halfway Point despite a months delay in Early construction stages. Going through Tensi fied by Highway building. I0wer Federal courts. Arguments minor damage to her Auto they constantly face other threats. Their present Dwel Lings May be converted to some other use or the rent May be raised. And their number increases. 1 the More thorough the study of the situation the More certain the conclusion that Low rent housing in sufficient Quantity can be provided Only j through some sort of Federal housing project. This is not a popular suggestion in Burlington. Although we be accepted Federal funds for years for our River Commerce for Highway building agriculture and increasingly for education there is a Strong opposition to Federal housing on grounds that it is not needed and is but the facts cannot be disunited we Are having enough difficulty encouraging building of dwellings for wage earners to be rented or sold on payments As Low As $100 a month. It is simply impossible to get private capital to provide housing to rent below $50 a month. A a a this is not because builders or financiers Are too greedy or disinterested in the needs of the elderly and the poor. It is simply that with the Cost of materials. Labor interest taxes and maintenance you can t invest in housing and even break even on your investment without a minimum income of somewhere near $100 a month per unit. If there were easy Money to be made in Low Cost housing you can bet somebody would be building it. Mark Driftmier waterworks Blue and White were taken sat superintendent expects the counsel for the National a urday from the balt at Plant to be ready for use by social.0" for the advancement he Denee. Also missing is a of coloured people argued before a by stroller. The High court that the Park is so much a part of the comm new Salon hours mon., tues., nity life that exclusion of be thurs 9 a. p. In. Wed., Gores would violate the equal fri., sat., 9 a. M.-6 p. In. Hair Protection clause of the constr styles by Lorma 1111 summer tut ions 14th amendment. Schools jeopardized to a dissenting opinion. Jus 2-4728 a adv. Charles f. Norton 2230 s 12th, told police that while his Tice John m. Harlan objected 4� parked on Hawkeye Over the weekend someone broke one of its windows. 26 inc offered gun. Much of the equipment has been delivered Driftmier reported. Bonds totalling $4 6 million were sold to finance the new water Plant and to meet other outstanding debts. The Issue will be paid Over a period of about 37 years through a water rate increase effective in november of 1964. Courses adults that the decision a opens the door to reversal of Basic constitutional carried out logically he said it could de until feb. Lit adv. Jeopardize the existence of denominational schools. It. Pleasant for the Spring semester of 1966 Iowa Wesleyan College will offer 26 Putnam welding service clo6 courses in the school�?T6 adult education program according held at the College will Start registration on Jan. 29 at the social Hall of the inc student Union at 8 . Is cow others huddle. Three lodges of the masons potentially he said a every will install officers tonight be College Entrance rejection let sinning at 7 30 in masonic tem 14th pee they Are Des Moines Lodge i be. I Malta Lodge no. 318 and Patriot Lodge no. 650. Term could become amendment question. State obligated Douglas said that if the maker of a will wanted to leave a school or a Center for use of one race Only and in no Way implicated the state in its supervision control or management the supreme court could assume for purposes of argument that no constitutional difficulty la own a to would be encountered. 1 Dot a a Al a Owca on Fri u adult education. Registration for evening classes will begin the week of Jan. 24 at the respective meeting places. Saturday classes Des Moines Lodge no. I Malta Lodge no. 318 and Patriot Lodge no. 650 will hold joint installation at masonic Temple tonight Mon at 7 30 . A11 masons amp guests invited a in the program will h. A. Renwick director of Given 5 on toe Wesleyan Carn peas and in five surrounding Southeast Iowa communities. The off Campus classes held Only in the evenings will meet in West Burlington the i Aap Plant at West Burlington. Washington. Mediapolis Wapello it. Madison an enrolment of 12 or More students us required to hold any off Campus courses. College credit All of the courses offered in local group to poverty meeting there will be no youth Center tiv Day. 825 monthly j payments on Omvik Fine grand jurors re drawn enjoy Lenny Brooks playing your favourites at the adv. De Over the new years weekend for driving while intoxicant at least three members of outs and juvenile delinquency Burlington a Community action Job training and placement committee will attend a War housing and Home management the adult education program Are Moines Friday i huh Busine development Rotor full College credit and will deed win White chairman w. Of the Southeast Bina Ca Ogram of general group said he. Mrs. Doris de Aud programs for the aged. Jenkins and Roy Wise plan interest those working towards a College degree or those three men who were arrest ?8 ral life problems health and vocational rehabilitation Legal services for the under privilege education. The program is designed to to attend. Cardinal Rossi Joao a Silva Cardinal and student meet grand jurors for 1966 have on Viet Nam and the far East been drawn according to by Keki Shote of Chicago in George Knopp District court Dian born foreign affairs expert. Executives club meeting at de pleaded guilty in municipal slip ment the regular Currieri official from the nation hot Lei Burlington a1 6 45 this court monday. Urn of the College by providing am j we a a Veter. Evening will hear an address i _ a a a. _ a a urea on a parm me Bass for pc a co co. Earl Hazard Remert. 6 Kristi Ridge Road was fined inconvenient to attend regular clerk. The jurors Are to report at to . Feb. 8. Selected to serve for the entire year Are i v. Dub of St. Paul will hold a three thousand Miles from marking latin american Coop f in dance from eight to eleven a p.1"-tuesday Ai the legion club in West Point. Wiley Hutchinson ,. Ans auditorium to hear address or i Edgard Remert 63. Of interested persons who find it by r Sargent Shriver. Dor it tor of the . Office of econ $300. His operators License was by scheduled classes. Jonjic odder Tunita and gov suspended for 60 Days. The credit hours earned by judge Arthur Peterson gave completion of each course vary Reinert until Jan. 17, 1967, to Between two and four depend pay the Fine of he fails to make in upon the Type of material Ference is designed to focus payments of $25 per month he offered. Tuition for the adult on the specific governmental c f a a Square dance fas Davs in Jai Peterson education courses will be charge it. Union chapter no. 517 will install officers at 8 . Wednesday. A Unity Harold e. Hughes. The Day Long governor s Eon parole from 1945 murder it. Madison it apr William Lyle 40. A former Des a Moines labourer who pleaded their Homes a brazils Catho 1 a a Tion a a celebrated by the Sant Grove Tow Nghi Dan thu cml Council commend a. I tune and an Exchange Catholic Church ably has shown a tentative interest in the problem. It visited last week with a Chicago architect who explained the procedure for a federally Finane student from Sao Paulo met for the first time sunday in Davenport. The Cardinal is Agnelo carding. Benton township John also in a local group at Holstein yellow Springs town tending the mass a Raphael ship Leo Hutchcroft Jackson de housing project which could Nal Rossi of Sao Paulo who Laniyo of Peru another Exchange student at notre Dame High school. Be undertaken by the City. Presided at a mass of our lady the two South americans by sheer coincidence township Herbert Lange Union township William Moore Augusta township l. E. Mclaughlin Franklin township Richard a. Palmberg 916 Ash will be guest caller. Wheels and tires said. The judge said he was departing from the practice of demanding the Fine be paid immediately because of remelts financial condition. Taken. Police told Reinert is on retirement income and his Wile is ill. Pet Etson said Reinert should real Twenty tires and wheels were his income does t allow him eur at the rate of $25 per semes ter hour persons seeking further in a formation on the Iowa Wesleyan adult education program should Contact the College registrar in my pleasant. Vets me and private resources that May he brought to Bear on problems of the handicapped underprivileged and unemployment in the communities of Iowa. I to Vul a j a Vici Zarfl a i 3imdtt2, 916 Ash ,. Audio no a a a 4 Row we is f a to t the o. Guadalupe at sacred heart Garry Orris of notre Dame and Henry Schulte 401 summer reported san in Early sunday the a luxury of alcohol. I lie Vav Art Cathedral. Richard Dansdill of St. Pat-1 West Burlington Frank Stuttle rom a stat�?~0<1 via on owned by Peterson said he was making a Iii. Starting figure for these apart Cathedral ments would be $38 a month the the figure cited by the North ajfrecj0 Gaetano Dasilva Neto Hill woman. It would increase attending notre Dame a d la Nolc in ramp. A a in the. A Hanop u a cd a so Here Aken ,0 Dave a Sporl Burg township and Frank Switzer 620 front la. R jul suss limb it Futer r a a vah As Wale Wiese. Tama township. Switzer said entry to i or. R. Cowles will be in according to tenants income with persons under $3,600 a year income being eligible. It estimated Over 1,800 Burlington ians would be eligible for such housing. The project could be undertaken Only after a vote of the people. High school in Burlington. Sis ant pastor of St. Patrick a a religious instructor at notre Dame. Auto mils ditch As he is known to fellow notre Dame students had a 3-minute Chat with the Cardinal As he was vesting for the mass. 620 front. Middletown Clifford local go ii pie to pastor and mrs. M. H the four students will report by Iver not Hurt in their experience during re Ligion classes. Bishop Ralph l. Hayes of Allan Mckenzie 47, of bit Yaap Davenport celebrated the spec area escaped injury Early Sun adventist meet he me what i was Jan sunday mass at the Daven iday when his Auto crashed into doing in Iowa How i liked it Cathedral. Those attending a ditch off Iowa 406 near Gate there Are other types of pro and How the temperature Lect received an extraordinary Indus i i j la. A. In. It i., a a Gynce granted by the Pope in thanksgiving for the 2nd Vatican Council and its accomplishments. In his Sermon Bishop Hayes spoke of the missionary nature of the Catholic Church. Every Catholic he said is expected to be a missionary and be a Cardinal Rossi was in Daven witness to Christ through their ban Kment and a Fence and then port to help celebrate a mass i lives and words. Back into a ditch. S making the exception primarily duet it the ve-1 the Diligence of reinerts court Moines through wednesday hide was gained by breaking a appointed attorney John Mgo tending the eighty sixth an Wing vent. The theft occurred . Lagomarcino invest Niaj meeting of Iowa Veteran whee the vehicle was parked in gated reinerts situation and Ary medical Assn. Front of the Trade winds club by ought the facts before the i court. Reinert was arrested on dec. 31 after a car he was driving struck two cars near Osborn and Corse. To tsp some built directly by the Federal government others built by non profit organizations such As churches or civic groups with Federal financing. The time has come for Burlington to Start planning seriously. And to examine closely the relative evils of a a socialistic housing and ignoring the need of our elderly. In me a Dasilva said. The temperature change has been apparent to both the Cardinal and Dasilva. When Dasilva left Brazil the temperature was 117 degrees. When he arrived in Iowa is was to above. 2 at the Yaap. Sheriffs officers said the Accident occurred at 12 30 a in. He was driving West Wrhen an oncoming car forced him off the Road on a curve Mckenzie told officers. Mckenzie lost control of the Auto and skidded into an pm a Wilbur Dale Snyder 21. Of to ii a i m. Quincy 111., was fined $300. Huh thaws 413 hedge left sunday als0 suspended fur for a 3-Day workers meeting in 60 Days. No Jau lie Nee was or. R j. Tories Des Moines for All ministers of the seventh Day adventist Church. Among speakers at the meeting will be e. H. Atchley associate editor of a a listen Magazine a monthly Temperance journal. Pastor and mrs. Thames a ill return wednesday. Pc imposed. Snyder was arrested on dec. 31 five Miles North of Burlington on Hwy. 61. He will staff the rabies in formation Booth at the convention and will also serve on the Michael Dean Bergen 19, of Public health and Hygiene com Mediapolis was also fined $300 . The Case of John William or. Cowles sits on the exec Norris. 28, of 1510 n. E Goth. Tive Board la so charged with Omvik was or. Donald Algood will aug i continued until feb. 14. Attend borne of the sessions. 1 guilty to first degree murder in 1945, was paroled monday from the state Penitentiary at it. Madison. Lyle who was 20 at the time Frt Ruck and killed an elderly Dei Moines Man James Beeman and robbed him of la cents a knife and some tobacco. A series of la workshops run gov. Harold e. Hughes com neg concurrently in the mom muted Lyle a life sentence to 90 my and afternoon will review years last june 18. The comma. Such specific problem areas of tation had been recommended Community action programs in by the Board of parole and Der the Leo As school drop supported by mental tests. Or. at religion school for the third consecutive year or. George e. , jr., of Iowa Wesleyan College it. Pleasant will lie the resource person for the annual local school of religion. It will be held at Janies Madison Junior High school on four successive w wednesdays starting Jan. 26. The theme of the school will get a the confrontation of religion with the secular tile Tex tax it of to be used is the Best Selling religious Book a honest to clergy will hold a meeting at 2 30 sunday afternoon at first methodist Lamort Church House to plan for the school

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