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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington Hawk Eye 129th year no. 163 phone 754-8161 Burlington Iowa monday january 17, 1966 12 pages one Section Price 10c new Council delays vote on freeway the new City Council Hasni to decided whether to officially endorse proposed relocation of us34 through Burlington. After lengthy discussion at mondays meeting let a tween Council members other City officials and citizens both for and against the proposed route said he would like to see the c Uncil endorse the proposed route and that he sympathizes with those who would have to move. He referred to the Large amount of Money involved in ,. The project and said he Hopes the vote was postponed be the Flea Decarion win a it up cause of confusion Over to the Highway commission How the Resolution should be worded. Tile vote will be taken either thursday or next monday. City atty. William Bauer told Council members any Resolution should state specifically whether the vote is on endorsement or opposition to the proposed route. Robinson took Issue with those who said there would be excessive noise. Burlington had More noise in the Days of the steam locomotive and at the time the City had its own Gas Plant he said. At that time Hospital windows Robert c. Weaver Senate Kays j Caver in Ranee ends its common Mart Boycott Luxembourg apr France ended today a six month Boycott of the european common Market. The other five Mem Bel Donald Johnson governments All had their eyes on president Charles de Gaulle a foreign minister Maurice Couve de Mur Johnson plans told tuesday West Branch a Dro it was apparent that if a vote hid been taken. Mayor Carlax j0ss by comparing the total Hoschek and Parks comes Washington a the Senate confirmed today president Johnson a nomination of Robert c. Weaver new were open and it took longer negro to join the Cabinet As to perform operations. Rob non Secretary of housing and or added. Ban development. He discounted arguments of a keep its veto before turning the vague Promise into a Concrete invitation for Britan to join. Under the eight year old. ,. ,. Rome treaty the unanimity Ville wondering Diat Price Ruie was to give Way to a Quail. Johnson of West Brach he would set to restore full fied majority vote starting last often mentioned As a possible Jan. I. France was expected to Republican candidate for Gover Crnic or mar Viii us in. For at Leafett a postponement a Wil announce his in fit Nezy on to or. Of he Quot a a a Quot to Tow pm a tical put ans to Quot a gone first speakers on the pro Tion decided the immediate past National commander of the american be car loss of veto Gion Bas declined to comment on observers say that Britain reports he might seek the cop shares France s fear that the nomination to run against dem Loes of each nations veto could socratic gov. Harold e. Hughes. Permit the common Market to with French cooperation. In Murville v speakers on Gram of a two Day meeting the foreign ministers today. Of already announced for the race Are prof. William g. Murray of Iowa state University Jack w Peters Des Moines have Bone weary Soldier stares into space after completing a operation marauder a a Multi battalion operation of the . Army a first air cavalry division in which american troops moved along the cambodian Border in the Central High lands of South \ Iet Nam looking for communists to kill and daring North vietnamese troops to fire across the Border at them. Story on us ceasefire order on Page 2. Up telephoto \ Iet Cong Kidnap american sooner Harry Hatt would opposed endorsement. Both made statements against the proposed relocation. Streets supt. Leonard Brown and finance commissioner Milton Schoell spoke strongly in favor of endorsement. Assessment of the North Hill area to areas of the City with higher total assessment in areas of new Homes. City Engineer Donald Kahn and City planner Craig Eaton told All assembled they Felt it Wasny to their duty to take a Prai ser two demands he was expected to make two major demands. firm agreement to allow York each of the member nations to expand into superstate hold their veto Over major come War to Intorf cry with a a Mon Market decisions. This s sovereignty. Veto has existed All along but it French foreign minister a a we Ruc Tiou firm executive and had been due to disappear Jan. Couve de Murville was expected of by nest of a 8 Des Moines re by voice 11, 1966. To argue that no member nation bred Railroad brakeman the banking 2. A curb on the Powers of could do without a veto Over committee had voted 14 0 to chairman Walter Holstein and decisions on commercial i Hans Kolase 9 his nine Man common Market p�ll<7 toward non members As _ approve Nomin to. Cav comm Sujon de Saulle feels we As in such Fields As trans i Anilla fishermen r Iff i confirmation came vote soon after tile nomination. Weaver will be the first negro ital Stein is acting too much As por wild tariffs. To serve in the Cabinet. If he were the president of a a aim re my abused i Tampa Fla. Apr the cultic Senate waived its rules to i United states of Europe. Ban government la released act so Quick la ordinarily Nom v t a a5 so exp to put none Tampa shrimp fishermen a. Que Kiy unil Quot any 110111 opposition expected Forward president Charles de aft a of to i lion on the proposed route. They mat ens Are supposed to go Oyer the French Gaul its dam hat peeled one of teem in. Zzz do la on rn5, Aco mmi.z"8 a a Quot Quot the mar nine Man relative safety supt. Harold Miller re-1 j01?&Quot Dylse a Quot matter lt0� j other five countries say they Are commission has abused its today trained silent during the entire brought insofar As their pow Wea or get a Frum Dii a rec p. Do Termini a m t0 modify rights by proposing greater Canada manager of discussion when hos Diek said Bons qualify them. 1�� treat Voth cd f0r the boat Devi ism leg. He would like to make a motion j Lav opinions f the Broun five years ago As Market Constitution for a at Frances request the sex ten shrimp co., said he a for a vote to reconsider the Kahn said engineering argue the nominee to be Federal hous Varue French Promise to adult out be commission was barred told of the release in a radio Tel former councils endorsement ments so far have been Between a administrator j Britain. Rom the session and the meet Ephone conversation with the laymen and not engineering democratic and Remi lican j?1 a Heve that France ing is being held Here instead of skipper of one of Hie vessels civilian Yorlli of Saigon however. Miller said he would second it. When asked after the meeting How he stood on the endorsement matter Miller told Pun when he first appeared be Market Constitution for Al at France s request the sex fore the group five years ago As m the nominee to be Federal housing administrator. Democratic and Republican years ago will press hard to common Market. Specialists. He emphasized members vied in praised Wea blackballed Britain three in Brussels Headquarters of the the Penny Singleton. Earlier Saigon Viet Nam a the Viet Cong kidnapped a i but was Able to navigate on pain includes distributing 140 an foot. Million leaflets Many in air american civilian official today Trung Lap is in tile Middle of drops in communist territory outside the Village of Trung Lap the sector where . Forces the main planning and direct about 25 Miles North of Saigon conducted their biggest search Tion has come from the United and marched him into the a Xiv and destroy operation of the Viet states which will pay the $250. Gle. His hands in the air. Namese War operatic crimp too Cost of printing end Dis the missing Man is Douglas a which has just been terminal tribute. Ramsey 28, Boulder City Nev. De. He is the assistant province Points made by the Highway ver and record head of commission specialist at thurs jilt rising and Home finance. 4ay s hearing. He stressed a Asenov which forms the no the Hawk Eye he is in favor of a depressed features of the High com the new department the. Turn that Pefia site referred cd cd a of he new Diri ment. Which he said would a funnel a pleased flattered tax. Noise out in such a Way Weaver said a i am pleased that it would not be a problem and flattered by the commit Eaton cited a figure of 132 teens lots available for building the the 1961 hearings ran two recently announced plans for an Days and four members of the apartment project and a other committee voted against wac mrs. Paul Koch. 810 n. Fifth projects in the Mill for the fun ver with la in favor. Today a Ternai Revenue serve warned then read a petition which re Turey which would he said help hearing lasted less than an history on Page 2. The freeway and will vote in favor of endorsement. Hoschek said he was asking for another vote because he is concerned with Bridge Revenue and future general electric expansion. Must report seeding jurors in murder Case on tipping Des Moines a the Des Moines director of the in representative of the . for the area. His Driver a South vietnamese came Back and told american austerities they were travelling Northeast from cd Chi when they came under Viet Cong gunfire. Propaganda drive starts _. _ plated most of the objections the housing situation. Broadcasts too a pro Pond freeway part. The Effort reaches to Wash seated at As it thursdays Hearington where voice of America ing Jere were 175 signers broadcasts will beam heavy she was followed by several Saigon a the United states and the vietnamese gov the Driver said he stopped emment have launched the most year. He added that Ramsey got out massive propaganda offensive the Viet Cong Are being bom and raised his hands in a sur of the Viet Nam War hoping to barred with prayers songs Render gesture. Several Viet trigger Large scale communist promises of a Bright future Sor Cong guerrillas marched h i in desertions. Row Ful references to waiting away. The Driver was wounded geared to the lunar new year wives and families and the pros slightly in the first ambush fire that begins thursday the Cam pets of future death in Battle. Deses of propaganda to North others who emphasized various and South Viet Nam. It reaches point5< 6uch As tax loss from Down to privates who Are Tjie buildings that would be debriefed on How to handle those moved. Possible Bridge reve who surrender. Nue and noise Iii the hos the program began late Lam the Highway commission is concerned with the problem of displacement he said and is certain to a time everything correctly so every family could find a Safe and sanitary dwelling it can Wil Miami Fla. Apr the tedi husband Jacques Mossier ohs process of choosing a jury promises to be the most Sensa monday that persons who re for the murder trial of Candace tonal in Florida in years chive tips of $20 or More a Mossier and her Nephew Mel j month must report them to their in Lane Powers began today Pital area. Project backed strongest comments in favor of the freeway came from Kenneth Petersen of Petersen real estate and b. L. Robin of Etc nut worm a aft of Quot f l. Robinson so co. Petersen lure ,10n of a a it hour. Prompt report committee chairman a ,. J us Robertson d-va., said the employers to gain credit on so a Sll is Turnag into a nominations would be reported Cial Security or Railroad pension w be n8 Marathon. I promptly to the Senate for a benefits. A circuit judge George Schulz 1 confirmation vote. Ernest l. Bacon said the pm indicated that he expected this if All goes As expected Wear Ployer in turn must report the a excused one Prospect i ca58. Will become the first be amount of the tips to internal Iriye juror who pleaded illness Gro member of the Cabinet. Revenue or the employee will be it ordered him to report Back assessed the total amount at the riday. End of the year. The trial of mrs. Mossier 47, Jer preliminary hearing during Bacon added All tips must be and Powers 24, on a joint in which time the state produced reported in Federal income tax dict ment charging a first degree much of the evidence it planned returns regardless of the total murder by premeditated de to use in the trial amount. In Ign of her multimillionaire Schoell and Brown emphasized the dependence of present the Bill passed by Congress Bridge Revenue on us34 traffic last year setting up the new and the less involved if the Traf-1 Cabinet department allotted to Fie were channelled elsewhere it the functions and personnel of Schoell said increased Bridge the housing and Home finance Agency but nothing else. Plot alleged the state charges that mrs. Mossier and Powers plotted the june 30, 1964. Death of Mossier because he had discovered a ave affair Between the two circuit court judge George Schulz who 6et aside six weeks for the trial freed the two co $10,000 Bonds each after an ear b. Arctic air spreads by the associated press experiencing Strong wind after 2 inches at Tucumcari. Tire a huge mass of Arctic air hit sundays Buffet figs of up to 80 Cha is were needed on Raton the country a midsection today Miles an hour. Some $250,000 in Pas leading i to Colorado and and spread bitter cold tempera damage was reportedly inflicted More Snow was expected across Tures from the Rockies to new on boats at Avalon Harbor on the Center of the state. England and deep into the Catalina Island some 20 Miles thick fog in parts of Seattle South. The Pacific coast Region Southern portions of Texas and Florida and a thin band along the Gulf coast were about the Only areas with temperatures above freezing. The sharpest chill was in the Northern Plains where it was 27 below Zero at Bismarck n.d., ,. And -19 at Huron s d. But the tra and 50uthw�at Vire a a off los angles. Hampered air traffic at these title Man was missing and pre attle Tacoma Airport and Boe sued drowned in the after eng Field math of 65-mile-an-hour winds and 18-to-20-foot Waves that struck Avalon Harbor. Six persons were injured As 14 pleasure boats were smashed. Meanwhile from 2 to 9 inches of Snow covered much of Cen r. With some highways hazardous far ranging cold snap a to., 66 r i with ice. Temperatures dropped to below freezing Over the in pushed the Mercury Down to 6 above Zero at Richmond va., and 18 at Asheville . Tire state. Boats damaged Southern California was still where in the world m 7 can Yon name this Island off the coast of China answer on pan Quot 2. Bit Armer on tuesday j by the associated press a slow warming trend is expected to move into Iowa tues. Day and take the bitter Edge off Northeast Windy cold ,.upstate new York had tem a cold 6nap which a enl tempera Pera Tures near Zero and bitter Tures plummeting far below cold in new England was Intel Zero. Sifted by Strong winds. Iowans prepared to shiver Snow and cold air spread into some More monday night How new Mexico with i inti of Ever with thermometer read Snow reported at Santa be and Ings predicted As cold Asio be Low Zero. Maximum tempera weather forecast fair continued cold tonight partly Cloudy and warmer tuesday. Low tonight Zero to 5 above High tuesday near 25. Wednesday Outlook increasing cloudiness and warmer with a Chance of Snow. River stages Burlington 11.0, Down .2 Wapello 2.5, rising Keithsburg 6.5, no change. i res Refuge enlargement Washington rep. John Schmidhauser today announced a proposal to enlarge the Mark Twain National wildlife Refuge. Schmidhauser said the fish and wildlife service will pros a stated the end of the propos pose that 46 acres be added to project is main Street. Cit Ify to meet increased traffic needs. The Bridge could not be a taken Over a he said without a a taking Over also of Bridge indebtedness. Hatt a to study the Council received and filed a prepared statement by Hatt after one of the citizens present suggested they do so. X Hatt said he refrained from voting during the last Council term because he planned to study the proposed relocation Al greater detail. He said the Highway commission was too vague at the hearing thursday when the special-1 the Louisa county Refuge. The formal proposal will be presented to the migratory Bird conservation commission on feb. I. If approved the Purchase will be made under the provisions of the migratory Bird conservation act of 1929. Bridge expansion in the future could mean another million Dol i Lars he said and the funds could be used for Many other City projects in the time required to meet the debt. Schmidhauser said the fears Job losses such things As a ingress and egress plane should be More Addi. Definite he said. Hatt added Tures tuesday were predicted about to degrees warmer than monday. Tonal acreage is needed to provide a Headquarters and equipment storage area that will be above flood Levels. The area also will provide additional desirable waterfowl habitat to supplement the existing Refuge. More gains seen that he fails to see where Industry will be attracted. General electric co. And Leopold co. Could be affected adversely he said and a hundreds of jobs could be the freeway could better be located at the Northern extremity of the City he concluded. Soldering Interior of the Wayne Tishier Home 506 West Aire West Burlington is inspected by police t Hief Harold Luecking. In the foreground Are charred Wall supports dividing the Kitchen from a bedroom. 2 children rescued West Burlington a two de his wife out and then passed High at Burlington the Iowa congressman said d he was a a delighted with the Chi Kilts in proposal to expand the Refuge and pledged his every Effort to Cedar rapids a rapids monday morning Low tempera the project Schmidhauser said bandits took at a total of about Tures ranged from 12 below Zero the proposal if approved will u25 in two service station Boldin Mason City and Waterloo to be another step Forward in the in Cedar rapids Early Mon-2 above in Sioux City. It was to new Era of conservation devel Day below at Dubuque and 9 below in Ozment in Southeast Iowa. Two masked men one carry Cedar rapids and nobody was the Iowa congressman an ing a gun took $65 from an at far from the Zero Mark. Ardent conservationist and Pendant at an Apo station and High readings sunday varied member of Izaak Walton Lea two hours earlier two men got from to above in Spencer to 21 gue predicted additional gains $60 from an employee of a Clark at Council Bluffs and Burlington. I for the Region in 1966. J service station. Children were rescued from their burning Home monday noon by their parents both of whom were injured in the Rescue. Taken to mercy Hospital were the parents Wayne and Nancy Disseler 506 West Aire escaped the Home with children Kelly eight months and rim 4. A son Kirt 7. Was in school. Disseler broke out a window i in the children a bedroom help a her the two children before he himself left. The children were not injured but their father. 29, had Burns on his arms and Back and numerous cuts. The Mother suffered cuts. Ambulance called Disseler fled to the Home of neighbors or. And mrs. Carl Hingst 507 West Aire and told their son Joe 12, to Call an ambulance. Head smashed Powers was arrested in Houston Tex three Days after Mossier body was found in h i s Plush key Biscayne apartment. Mossler a head had been smashed with a heavy object and the killer had stabbed him 39 times. When she first heard of Powers arrest mrs. Mossier said of Pooh. Mel did t do she scoffed at state claims that she and Powers were lovers. Denies killing coed in Idaho Chicago apr a former mental patient recanted monday his Story to police that he strangled a coed in Idaho but agreed to go to Boise to answer a murder charge. William h. Butler denied the kill ing when he met with new amp. Men in the county jail. He said however he had been with the victim. A Short time before talking with reporters Butler 22. Of Jersey City no stood calmly before chief Justice Alexander a Napoli in criminal court Aud said he wanted to waive extradition proceedings and return to Ada county Idaho to answer a charge of murdering Barbara Jean Dixon. Intercepted letter Robert c Weaver housing Secretary West Bur Lugton firemen Hadj tile on tile Kitchen floor. The Blaze under control within an hour but not before it completely gutted the Kitchen living and bedroom of the ll2-Story Frame Home. West Burlington fire chief Bob Lawson said the cause of the Blaze was undetermined. Disseler a guard at the Yaap Washington a c. Told a brother in Law at the hos dear Bob Pital that a hot water Heater fast work. You Weaver a might have been involved. Gic spell Lawson said the Dis bars yours were in the process of laying Ilak eve

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