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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington Hawk Eye weather forecast a probably rain today generally fair monday. Stage of Sivek a Art at a or id Are. I a Ai �?7 it. 3 ins., fall of i in. Ninety sixth year. No. 193. Burlington Iowa sunday morning january i 17, i 1926.-thirty i a Ages. I Ftp pop any Bally jct sunday. In. 1 inc 1 a on troika a dully a sunday. A stil rows councilman Hudgel to seek re nomination Donlan is in Public safety race. Our Niento that two incumbent its in City Council will at Iowa master painters hit by defrauded both aurut id brr As. Lav no it Ort la., Jan. In. A what is believed to be a nation a Lac fraud involving a Lea Contrada exec dins $�>00,000 and a aching a Chrapa a total of $1,000,000 Baa been Cxoe d by e. A. H. Briggs. President of Ila von port master painters association. After More than nine months of work with National officials of that organization. Home 1.200 master painters including approximately too to Iowa were taken in by alleged fraudulent activities of Asbestos products company of new York. The president seme fillet Ehi in compromises differences to report measure tuesday with several modifications. Farm products show to open Here tuesday ninth annual mid Winter display will be held at military Hall. E hid a per i it to by Ai satiated frill. Washington d. Jan. Senate of which is now a fugitive at Kepi republicans and democrats on of a $25,000 Bond. Finance committee compromised their painters Wen duped it la asserted differences on tax reductions today a a a i who of them to sign and Ort ired by unanimous vote a re a Trade acceptance under Ira a a a f Kusa to amp. It Rio i a. I Remote of a Hwy am chums Wall to %1 motion was it Sterago Conin prc1mon that they were merely a ii ,. Senate with considerable modifications. To growing crop of Randi t cent Long an Agency for new Uii ii it to municipal pro form acceptance was then filled1 Compromise which involved out to suit purpose of sales j principally further reductions of Man and negotiated to a financial in surtax rates and repeal of inherit e. I Hudgel. Superin bit Sutlon. The master Painter then Lance tax. Increased total reduced finance and Public a received a shipment of goods which Hon provided by House measure not a unwed definitely that he be had never ordered. J for this year from $$20,090,000 to i dilate Ani Teorre j. A ral Man for Asbestos prod a $100,000,000, and cleared Way for a is recently anointed uhf first visited or. Briggs Early passage of Bill by Senate. Rid it of Public a a a by ia1 april. Suspecting that he had report Mcsam opt tuesday i t to fill vacancy caused n , Briggs a it a circular to chairman Smoot said he would of George i. Little. Master painters in Iowa and in a port measure to Senate on Ltd a i be. K authority of n�11 ant informed by paint to in Day but would hold up its consid Burlington a ninth annual midwinter a Arm products show will be in Progress this week at military Hall. Fourth and division streets. Monday will be devoted to receiving exhibit and on tuesday show will be thrown open to Public. The grand formal opening will sch eld tuesday night when an orchestra will play Ond a general festive spirit prevail. Up until yesterday a total of thirty three exhibitors had made entries altho Many More Are expected monday a la always Case on Peung Day of show week. Indication Are that exhibits will be greater than Ever and of an unusually Good Quality. For farm Relief berlins lock themselves in London hotel rack measure forming Export Board at House hearing. By i it Insatiate Vee. London. England. Jan. . And mrs. Irving Berlin who Are spending let Iti 11 of to it honeymoon in Tendon w Del amp cd and Ingham have remained secluded in their mute 1 at Carleton hotel since their arrival. Refusing to communicate even with their friends 8o far is it is known couple besieged by a we Papernik and photographers sine i thir marriage in be w York have made no plans for sightseeing or other journeys in London where they expect to stay three Days a husky liveried Lackey stationed at door of their suite today permitted Only their meals to pass him. Aii efforts of reporters to speak to composer failed for hotel volstead act by a to Cream in. Washington p. A Jan. 1$.�? farm Relief legislation continued to claim Conof i Rabic attention today in Congress. Direct government control of Grain and other products was proposed in a Telephone of rotors refused to make a senator opponents reply vigorously to claims of improved conditions. I Iii in intr Presa Washington. In cd. Jan. Id. Tho sixth anniversary of ratify attn i i tot Twe he right to con re cantly a i in in total numb a of a. Now definitely in th.? Rue ii Mil a dozen and rumours it regarding numerous Era of a similar expert Nee. This led to a National investigation and disappearance of head of Asbestos company. Crafton for a couple of a its. At least. If cloture Rule was invoked top a Bill introduce d in Senate by pen connection with Bertin suite. Let 0f eighteenth amendment today i tor a a it a Republican. North Daj to r writers have been informed that v Modt it occasion tor a proofed. A a a a tot of Kola. And one presented in Houm couple Are not or iring letters Tion Field Day in Senate with Opp $10. Will awarded which were do a repro n tat Ive Little Democrat i London broadcasting officials Are at of yo4at< and aet replying la naked by Busom a Hnud is of burling Kansas dissimilar measures tempting to get or. Berlin to Broad Krousl it to claims of improved ton. Thru or Cater Burlington a both Are intended to relic a farm cast some of his lax hit for English Ion it in Fth. Country since dry Law a Uon. Or at Price fluctuations and to insure j radio enthusiasts hut thus far hmm eff be because of widespread pull a Sale of surplus Clops. Shave met with no Success. I debate was opened in old aft Day Corn has received in recent i senator frasier s Btl would approx j weeks display of Corn will by of private $200,000,000 to create a Federal More than usual interest. In add agricultural marketing Board to handle lion. There Promise to be keen Competition in Small Grain fruits and nets. And Home economics divisions. Home economics Are being emphasized in show n Ore than rvs a this re or us Rma in i i i lips. Al cd Marquardt. Or m. Bell Are late for of org or n and j. Contender to y nomination. Nomination for super Nten Parks and Public property. I Laker. E. To Walton and w. F1dd Haw announced thenis and it is expected that George Boulter. Recently appointed to this e to Quot ii vacancy caused by j. Rook Ltd alb will also be in race. A try a goner has announced to we lie a a candidate for Nom or intendant of St re to seek for Kose of nine rat 20 of 39 workmen were near death in barricade when rescued. Com. Wheat and Cotton. Representative ult i proposal seeks to aet aside $100,000,000 for a revolving fund to be used by government to establish bonded elevator store wheat in them and ill it. At Home and abroad. At prices calculated to bring glow s Debe f01ik Mil unt ugly Vole on world court i a a car a a of. Spokesmen of two parties in j it red. A ten ear com Sample comp Senate expressed satisfaction with . To ton among Rural schools i anon in returns. Compromise and declared a anal vote other prominent feature this year. I hone agricultural committee q of a Tel fac made with by j on Bill by Senate Early in feb it and of further interest to to continued hearings. John p. Wallace j Rumary was almost certain. I and girls will be Corn and Grain and Harvey Ingham publishers of. _ judging cont St in thursday All i Moines endorsed Dickinson Agre men Ca me suddenly and on in Ursa. 1 i. ,. Of Junior club members of Bill. Which would form a Federal seethe committee concluded its consider a Junior Ciao in in do is or reaction of Hill in a cordial Ardris county a a a a looking Forward to port Loard and be a an equal taxation Rint of work within two we a tnp a be Given in their Hon for disposition of surplus crops. Ending its work within two or by g. B a. At hotel Bur they declared food Supply of Henry that he w Inatio f and Publ that a a a will my it there a no of. R aspirations to this position. The superintendency of Public 1� a rim it App ars to be most sought after place. Councilman Donland a announce. Mint makes five candidates already in rare. With of several More. I a sent Eandi late Are w. A. To cab. Re urge j. I it Onlan. Fred k. Minor Al w Healey and Ralph Willson. Ii us la i Gull one to Date. Al l fudge is Only one so far of announce hims of As candidate for nomination for superintendent of finance and accounts. Or. Hudgell has after Bill was first taken up. The committee established a new record in consideration of Revenue legislation. I hang a i fast Nelsy. The following changes in House Bill were voted today further reduction on surtax rat applying on incomes Between $2�,.000 and $100,000. Repeal of inheritance tax. Restoration of present alcohol both a to Riata Fairmont a. Va., Jan. 1$.�?r. M. I amb chief of West Virginia r prop try. And it to Likely department of mines with a corp of _ a Viea which Bouse had voted to re Young incumbent. Inspectors spent today examining no. Cul in half. A nomination. Otherwise h mine of Jamison Coal a Coke agreement on House action for re a i a n of company at Farmington in an Effort pealing gift tax. To determine Caum of blast a. Which on thursday night Cost j to sp1m in i coh Ili Isle. Lives of Nin a a of thirty nine j Washington. In a. Jan. 1$.�? a men in work Ign. Move to invoke cloture on Coroner has called a jury to4 world court Issue so As to get it out of sit at an inquest which will be held he Way speedily to make Way for after Ami nation of pie mine Baa tat reduction Bill developed late today Ben completed by experts. A Senate circles. The explosion investigator said to some of those initiating move night. Affected an area about a mite j Man he Effort to limit debate to Square. 1 on. Hour for one speaker might be i District mine inspector Evan grif Fumar monday. A two Birds majority nth of Clarksburg a plaid that would to Noski clo Lington thursday noon. Sirs to Coil Nim Doon is opinion of group working to revive Coal Industry in Hawkeye state. Gium. Rumania. Latvia. Estonia. Czecho Slovakia. By a my Tuff off. Washington. In c., Jan. Ii War debt agreements with Belgium. Rumania i a to to. Is thevnis and nation was being menaced by agricultural depression. William Adcock of Galysl it org. He repress a Tang Illinois general Assembly. Urged an Export Bounty on it Echo Hov Kin. wheat Corn and livestock. He also mately $�00,9�>0.900 Sere advocated an excise tax on Equalila today b hous in rapid Succes Tion of import Tariff to pay for Aion. The Bounty. Usually in and dust explosions travel fuse like thru out Workings. Quot in this Ca explosion was localized because of water at main and farther Back Lur Rule operative. Been head of this department since Entrance and farther Back in 1924, and had had four year of sex mine. The Nineteen men who met Prience in Public affair before that death were working in dry area a of Deputy county auditor at court and were killed by concussion. House. He i an sex service Man and Quot men who barricaded them Vas a popular candidate in elec selves in were veterans Aud knew Tion two years ago. He has made a f considerable reputation in lits two years in City Hall serving with efficiency in his own department and. In Council chamber revealing himself of an advocate of progressive improvements. Explosion had taken place because mine lights went out. Their Only fear was from Carbon monoxide Gas or after Damp. Quot they kept most of Gas a from reaching them. But would have smothered for want of oxygen had if Frank Cam nay or. Hung i prel a by Bot been reached by fresh air Doc Emor who was superintendent of a Hen they Fina nce and accounts for several terms j re a boosts Cummins candidate Are already starting to circulate their nomination papers and eleventh Iowa District Organ next month promises to lie one of to act g. Senator stirring activity. Oot of Jill Ocoin it Amer Tara Hwi. Ames. La. Jan. Iowa Coal ran be burned More economically than Coal from outside late of proper equipment is used. This was consensus of opinion sex pro Saed by committee on Coal situation appointed by governor Hamm irs agricultural and Industrial commission in session Here today. Arthur Huntington. Cedar rapids. Is chairman of Coal committee. Experiment and experience have proved that Iowa Coal can be stored by adopting Resolution to authorize acceptance of terms recommended by american debt commission. The House disposed of Lart of settlement a gotta j jut j ing summer that with Italy having been approved yesterday. To sent to Senate All of 1 agreement i he resp i year period including italian debt. The United distr writ i r eel pc lads. 8 and la years old go Tran w 1 vow six War loan. I it of to War Loans to foreign a a run Loti by Mastor Jon Republican. Washington who defended Thorn a for Cement act. And before it ended. The night was Well under Way and to a t oat chamber had become Aiuto to j Des red. Only eight or in \ a a atom i but ing on hand. A a it Ami a line Paril i a fat san tor Jones and Sheppard in Socrat Texas. A dry Leader carried j Burden of defending prohibition a Law with occasional assistance of Nefor fess. Republican Ohio. Den air Elgy. in. New Jim a Bruce. 1 . Maryland a i j Bucu award. Democrat. In it uis Lana no a cd vigorously to offensive. Sharp exchanges were frequent. Senator fess said he wanted to Amend volstead act. But Only to make it More string it and measures to that end would be off red later. Senator Bruce wanted to know of Ohio approx i senator favored capital punish or. It prov a for violation of Voist and act. I1% a much my Mil. Apparently some senators i and a stood him to say he would hut fat r in River at Ames inquiry was whether to Laver j a Spital parts hmm for any crime. Quot record of what you said w. I slow retorted in Nator Brit Star i w How Lelar d a Nator ass was adv Atung a return to Anet it custom a loaf to provide for a funding of f. A a Nan ii g a Man tor stealing Clive obligations Over a it2 f j quoth n senator Sheppard in Bis pro a pared anniversary and ire quoted Elbert la. Gary of United it Alc thru thin ice after coasting off Bank. Otcel corporation As saving pro Mio a a a Good thing. Fens tor Bruce in is a by gig. Ames la. Jan. Ion two brother William and Johnny Martin la and it Yeara old sons of or. And mrs. Ii. E. Martin Here. Were drowned late today while coasting from River. M a a. Bank out onto thin in that had a ice re Ful a. It a brought out. To found hot Olla a census to show Iowa has Small cell doors of new York open for Earl Victor Broughton von Brandenburg. Ran be done by placing Coal under water or in open air. One difficulty underlying every Suggs std solution offered to better Coal situation in state was Dlf Ference in freight rate Between Short 1 and Long hauls it was brought out. At present Coal from outside hate can n Bro Uthi into Iowa a ,v.4 d Lar fro in Hock of cheaply a Iowa Coal can be hint <1 by poll no. More than drowning. Harvested. It was first thought that Only Johnny. The Youngr had been drowned. Lits body was recovered by Ralph Ole High school teacher and Ellis Lions a Hie meat with gnat Britain j quire if Gary did not drink him if. Finland Hungary Lithuania l add tag that it had been so stated publicly without subsequent denial. Take lug at True. Quot i Gary Only Man senator knows who in in favor off prohibition of other a Opl and a ranks liquor Hanx left inquired senator incas demo Erat. South Carolina. Quot i son tin doubt that anybody conscientiously i in favor of prohibition except senator from Texas and Washington senator Bruce replied. Senators Sheppard Ani Jon or v a picture of Mark d economic and social improvement under prohibition but f Nator Edge painted a very Dlf frent one. He dec1 a re 1 Condi land and Nolc Aragun have to get n Ratt of a 1 by Congress. Of seven other Loans Austria Bas been granted a 20 moratorium White Fyan a Greece. Liberia and Jugo Flaula have a yet to agree finally on their respective Settem Ritsi interest in five agr in at approved by House today entered chiefly on that with Belgium which was accepted by a vote of 314 to 24. Proposal is made to Cive Coolidge by associated Bress. Sioux City la., Jan. 1�.�?an organization to be known As Iowa cum Jears ago of forging 1�?~reaident dovetails club was formed Here today by Glass who had been working on . Ice Harves. Altho a Pul motor was Ai it on a country mgt War deputized younger boy could not be Vij j a i Jaas Law a ill of m # a Ahi with even a unit a is Ani girl in Intra state Commerce. It was allo pointed out that Thea affected Farmers As Well As miners. The solution to rebuild Iowa Coal Industry was revise freight rat Laws and educate Coal consuming Public to proper use and Economy of Iowa fuel. Figures were presented showing decrease of 2.000.000 tons in Coal mined in Iowa yearly at present a later it was discovered at mar by Aster ated Brisa Washington. D. I Jan. Iii. Republicans of eleventh congressional District to Boom senator a. B. A cd Vav a taif jul Rel Flat i Cummins for reel action to Senate. I Rull i in by a i senator Cummin whose present term expires in 1927, was a member of 22nd general Assembly of Iowa by associated press. New York. N. Y Jar. doors opened again today tor Earl Victor Broughton von Brandenburg former Well known mag Wolne writer. Sex officer of Czar and convicted _ _ swindler who was acquitted seventeen compared with 191$. Members of committee were Laodis name to an article said to have appointed by chairman to invest been signed just before president s Gate certain problems and report at death. Meeting of governor Hamm irs to Lle was arrested after court of j for leu tur com Mise on search along Bank and in River revealed that he. Too had fallen through ice and hts body was also re Cove red. tin Horn that William older j in sudent Coolidge had been attacked j a brother had not returned. Further and defended today in Senate for inaction in Anthracite suspension. A proposal was put Forward that would give him full authority to bring about a resumption of mining. A joint Resolution by senator Copeland Democrat. New York would empower resident to so eth carrying talks and becoming in Ltd i rated and that Congress should a it a speedily to consideration of Dan appears upheld his conviction in 1920 Bere january so. By a use Ria re Presa. A a in. Moines. La. Jan. Mor i a a a Quot Quot f tto na.lnn., a fund. R,l, r. Lm.�.i.tlr.7.r.i . Nim. My. In completion of compilation of a in population. Monday will show Usa a a Quot slightly increased popu it inn of or 1920. Allison and was re elected in 2909, 1914. And 1920 for larceny in connection with a non j tuft Chat t fun pc existent Quot Job Afos mine Quot near tamp us o Lilli Halle Mem opponents to debate Webster county gained 2.521 during a past ave years census depart it announced today in reporting pres it population a 40.122. Fort a Ige gained 2.2c2 since 1920, sent population being 21.702. Wright and Woodbury count Are Only two yet to be tabulated be a a stat insulation can be defined. Air mail Pilot in crash nor of Iowa from january 1002 in no vein or. 1908. To nil thousand dollars a lost by vacancy in United mates a nato j investor was Only one of Many caused by death of senator w. B. By a emaciated Bream. Rome. Italy. Jane 14. Premier Mussolini today cast a Challenge at his employment increases labor department Jig ire show in i Ember Over november. Schemes which put von Brandenburg poo cats to openly debate tomorrow behind Bara in 1009 he was their accusations of his complicity in charged with kidnapping 7-year-old murder of soda list Deputy son of James of Shepherd Cabanne. Or Matteotti. Who was tiled in Jupe. 1924. By. Lamia. Ile was also charged with j and his death has constituted a $27,000 fake Stock Deal and was strongest weapon of opponents of convicted of forgery. A a vended Bream. Washington. D. C., Jan. 1$.�? employment in United stats increased slightly during december Over november labor department reported today while wage earnings in-11 a. F Ollow injured Ami his plane Arco de More substantially. Checking w mid in 1 turning by in a urn Taft press f hey nne who. Jan. Ion air mail j Ilot h. A. It Hotson of Cheyenne was figured and Bis air plane wrecked v. Hen it crashed at Wyoming Riding. Twelve mibs West of Ion Ramie. Ajro. Clar. The air plane went into a spin and t ached on its nose. The payroll totals from 9.294 establishments in fifty three industries statement placed december Index Langley enters prison Kut if a Ign it Voss he to Bro log two year dry us a trav fascist and most serious blot on fascist Escutcheon. Politicians said tonight that affair will be publicly threshed out tomorrow if opposition deputies dare to accept Premier s Challenge. I7v4><wrwt4frfm. Atlanta. A. Jan. To a John w. Langley for Twenty years Cong Reaa Man from Kentucky entered Atlanta Federal Penitentiary Bere today to a Gin serving a two year sentence russians Flack by thousands to View Romanoff code Tion. By a is Eitard Presa. Moscow. Russia. Jan. 14.�?russian worker and peasant Are flocking by i was sent to interstate Many Thoua Anda to enjoy rare foymm.re9 committee. The running dazzling splendor of Crown jewel. Of a a to whether of Romanoff now proper a caul do an it a Hong now of every poor rat lion of this common f widespread a up ton to Istle Republic. Thea Colic Hun. A w. T. R. Head i Ommen to Bifi Moines. La. Jan 14. A Quot in s Moines has for Girt a he horrors of Saloon when it a Imp Oasis in to go length of a sir t to without encountering Many drunk in men and it was scare by Safe for women and children to go upon mines fix Price of Anthracite at 1 Street at declare mrs. A b. The mines a Well of wages of pm Wae of tilth. Vice president of a ploys and compensate Tbs Asia tonal w T. U. And president of owners. Fkr a a a organisation today which is at request of author a he sixth anniversary of prohibition amendment. Estimated to value $250,009,000 has been turned into a source of Revenue by soviet government which has placed it on exhibition at soviet Trade Union House in Moscow. Any such legislation. Arrest two last night Tiff univ rawer a Tia Raed with break in taw in so or i. Clifford Downer was arrested last More than 500 Iowa churches will join in Celebration with regular services tomorrow to be devoted to so a mow and addresses a carding benefits brought about by volstead act. Anti Saloon league off Isis tonight expressed satisfaction Over year s Progress against liquor traffic. We feel our organisation has mad definite Progress during past miss Alice j. Boyer general Secretary stated last night. Quot reports de Moines. La. Jan. 14�? doom1 coming into our of tie from Fie 11 of Fhyr la a stoic dance was foreseen workers As Well As reports from off a re last night when All Danes Hall rials show that prohibition is be Tom managers in City with one except ing stronger every rap Charleston Iowa dance managers Call it a nuisance and menace. By a is cuttry brr As night and charged with breaking Glass Don. Declare it to be a menace a in Street. When approached by nuisance an Anaesthetic monstrosity. Chief of police Schwenker and night and a Black sheep in family of weather and River of number employed at 92.4, while imposed after conviction of conspired november it was 92.5. J Acy to violate National prohibition total wag paid was represent Law. in december by Index figure Quot of 97.1, while for november it a i capture Twenty foreign Captain i it wis. He threw a bottle of supposed liquor in sir officers said. Ile was locked up Over night. We Ham he by its was arrested last night on complaint of a Young woman who said that he used profane and 9kkks fok9 ast Washington. Jan. 14 a weather out. A a. Look for week beginning monday Quot a a a Quot. _ _ upper Minata slept and lower Missouri obscene language in Ber present Valley __1 a period of Quot now toward Middle and break 8ales, crowds sgt it in toward end temperature win be cold for week As a whole. Straw berries Gbo wino in mild a a a weather by Assac usted press. Seward Alaska. Jan. 14.�?btraw- Rrt plants and grass crops Are or rowing in mild. Spring like weather Here. At this time last year rotary i of Crew were fighting Snow represented by 94.2. Of fifty three industries thirty showed an increased number of employees while among those showing a loss were a number subject to seasonal fluctuation. Wet boats in 6 months saturday. Jan. It a year ago. 14 Nab embezzler. Baltimore md., Jan. of $102,550 from Robert Garrett a sons banking and brokerage House was disclosed today with arrest of a ode it was raining today and there i Clarence o Dix. Is year old Teller. V As almost no Snow on Railroad. 1 previously had confessed to off a a i in High Mountain passes elate. Aus of Lack of Snow for sleds. To contractors have been unable to Filiti cd mum i 8 Hal. Their orders. As s result rail Washington. D. a Jan. 1$.�?bent-Road has ordered thousands of ties j tor Cummins is confined to his horns from Beattie to be shipped to Seward today suffering from a might attack 2 mrs. Mary Shedoff of Brooklyn and by to at or. Of by associated Bream. Washington. D. A. Jan. Twenty four Forsing liquor vessel were raised Between july i and january i. The department of Justice i noun red today that 20 of thess British Max. 44 29 min. 24 19 Marks at Auto show by associated pram. New York n. A. Jan. It.�? twelfth National automobile show t Hirago. A wind. Elear to i Home my wind. Clear is Havre w a my. Clear. It Keokuk a wind Clear .22 Omaha a wind Cloudy so were int. Lamia in wind Claar 82 a by Paul a wind p Cloudy 24 vessels two cuban and two i lowest highest broke All retail sales records of pre 84 40 so 42 44 Rotous motor car expositions of Briais of Abow said St its closing session dances verse of them Barrad dance for their floors. A toll of iou dancers showed that Only seven favored dance. To favored it in a modified form and $3 thought it pos it cry undesirable. Offers Bill for wheat Kansan promo a Tim govern Iii it shall Huy Ani Mage surplus number for whole of previous year. Two Burn to death. I Lakewood. N. A. Jan. 14.�?two women were suffocated As they slept today when fire destroyed a portion of Lorraine hotel. The victims were Flora Harris. Fair Sot much change in temperature. Fok 11.11 wow rate sunday and probably monday moderate temperature. Fok Missouri rain sunday somewhat colder in West portion monday of fitly Cloudy in West probably rain i by a seer sated Presa. Washington. D. C., Jan. 14.�?a bbl to appropriate $100,000 for guv eminent to buy wheat. Store it in use Imperial costumes bonded elevators and sell it to Stabil or Russia for movies e1 a a a Ltd it a a Quot a a a pm it to. Flu est in Tbs House today by repro by ass added Presa. A a. A. A a i. Nln re a. Hum. 1� a . No a a a a a. Re up Ulku a. Kuum. R. Cui re Lump which lot had cot rms figure of them in -1 to mag 1hvoex too ledge p. Hat court of of Horny Aid in marriage Law offs Are u lug used in production i to tin it �m1t, of Arsis of motion pictures under direction Washington. D. C., Jan. 14. Ald of of of i t state. Tbs Imperial president Coolidge in securing adopt on or by. Attendance figures had not j Robes of Nicholas 2nd and Many other Don of a constitutional amendment to yet been officially computed but it. Rich Artistes of his wardrobe form Al permit Congress to enact a marring was estimated they would is dose i part of Quot proper test used in Quot and divorce Law was sought today by to 200.000 record Mark estab-1 ninth of january. An anti icon a delegation of women most of Lihsiu vol a teed by automobile show of a re Hist film which takes its Nam from a fit in of general federation of women s dubs who were Maccou panted to White House by relator capper Republican. A dem. French. Tbs number of British ships Fok Iowa partly Cloudy in r _ captures. It said almost totalled Undi Sybi Nightie Narx \ automobile men tonight began Date in 1905 on which . Revolt fair is if Murk Chan ars lat Vonh Sra us a removing their exhibits to Chicago for coliseum show. It East portion. Kvek B. A q Bridge. Burlington. stage of water in Mississippi River. Saturday. Jan. 14. 4 00 p. In. Aas a feet i inches fall of i Inch. Urge Hoad marring. Chicago. Ii Jan. 14.�? Mississippi Valley conference of state departments closed its eighteenth annual meeting today with adoption of a Resolution to proceed with marking of National route Tion of that year opened. Is fined $2.50# i Sioux City la. Jan. 14.�? lading guilty to a charge of illegal manufacture of liquor cd Miller of Frioux City was fined $2,500 and sentenced to my of Aki an hat in. Waterloo. La. Jan. 14.�?ar-ii w. My fur Lane five Tim member a. I four times speaker of Iowa Loo. Eve six month in county jail today non ounces his candidacy for that Dakota City. Neb., every third j stat Senate from Black Hawk Oruc in on bread and water. J District to m. I Yawnn

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