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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington Hawk Eye. Established june 1839. Burlington Iowa tuesday morning january re 1891. Price 15 cents per week a sew election Bill Nitor Quay introduces a substitute measure. Al Gre Sion a committee to investigate the Aue amp de Silver Pool the ballot Box forgery cases it general Washington news Vishin ton Jan. 12.�?senator Quay Jay introduced a Bill entitled a an act Bevent Force and fraud in Federal actions and to insure lawful and peace conduct the principal Tny of difference Between this and the a a Bill is the last Section which is As lows when it shall appear to the a faction of the president of the ted states that in any locality the onions of this Law cannot otherwise executed it shall be his duty and he is Powen i to suspend there writ Hareas rus and to employ the armed Force of e United stale both naval and Mili re for its enforcement and for the Proton of officer whose duties Are herein voided the Senate. Senate introduced and or Beas somber of Bills introduced and referred the finance Bill. We in botox Jan. 12.�?in the e following Bill a it erred by Quay to prevent Force and fraud Federal elections and ensure lawful j peaceful conduct thereof. By Stan re to provide for an Etenson of the ecu Tive mansion. Jar Vest introduced by request a Bill repeal the act amending Section tri of revised statute As to appeals to the a Terne court and made an explanation regard to it. He referred to the Case the japanese murdered. Jugiro sensed to can by a dec Trinity an Appeal Quot whose Case a denied by the supreme it. And said the attorney for the Pris had applied for another writ of Corpus to the came court and l red that he could bring up a Appeal a writ of Hareas Corpus As often he coaids hid a m w ground of applicant his own Lodgment As a lawyer is that no further legislation on the object was Nee Ary. But the judge f ire whom the last application came ii that he a compelled to Grant an peal to the supreme court whenever the cd alleged a different from that Omerly presented. So the result was editable if that decision was Correct Juse tence of death would be Abseil Defeated by continued appeals to e supreme court would last iring the prisoners natural life and Bald be on y limited by the ingenuity his lawyer. The Bill was referred to e judiciary committee. Or. Frye offered a Resolution which is agreed to calling on the Secretary the Treasury for copies of reports of e Condit on of affairs in the Seal islands Alaska. Or. Dawes chord a Resolution which is agreed to calling on tile Secretary the Interior for information concern a leases of Indian lands in severally on in Omaha reservation and a surrender their occupation to the White people. The motion heretofore made by plumb reconsider the vote passing the Senate Lite establish a record Ann pension see in the War department was Laid on in table and the Bill now goes to to use. The Senate then resum d the considered of the finance Bill. Or. Platt eave notice that at the very is Opportunity after the finance Bill is dispose of he would a a the t Enate consider the copyright Bill. Or. Paddock gave notice without Ream to the copy or lit or any other Bill hat he would a the first Opportunity sit the Senate to take up the pure food by or. Allen then addressed the Senate in advocacy of stewarts amendment. Messes. Berry and Cockrell also spoke ii favor of it. Or. Allison too the Moor and the Bill Pas Laid Over. The Senate then adorned. The Houne. Washington. Jan. 12.�?in the House in Dockery rising to a question of inv lege offered a Resolution reciting be fact of the reference of his Silver of Resolution to the committee on rules id the fact that the committee refused a report the same and directing the to emitted on rules to report the Resolute to the House fur consideration. Or. Dingley of Maine made a Point lit the Resolution did not involve a ration of privilege. Or Dockery contended it did. Or. Mckinley said whether or not the tto i Naro. Aion involved a matter of privilege it had nothing to do with Tho a Ding question. It had been referred the committee on rules and the com tie had not yet been Able to make its ppm. He had not the slightest objects to the broadest investigation. Or. Mills of Texas contended that original Resolution referred to the pm pay and integrity of the members. House did net lose jurisdiction of the ration because it referred its consider 5s to one of its committees. There no doubt a to tile Power of the the question a one of Propri Jimd this question must be considered a reference to the length of time the solution has been before the commit the Resolution was referred on the a of the session. Re he session is. Ban gone and nothing has been a i he House ought not to adjourn exculpate the innocent and red the condemnation where it rightly belonged. Adams of Illinois argued that the a Dixon under the rules involved a e. Georgia said there was press Rule authorizing the discharge committee. The original resold a a a a unquestionably a question of a highest privilege. 5sed to report the privilege v a Crisp of Geo not the representing the Oscar Wilde Tyne of statesmanship and senator Hoar As l maternal masculinity who represented the new England Peck sniff. Or. Grosvenor then took occasion to speak on the plea of no sectional ism or Texas sat a a Quot Day. The debate then drifted into general political and sectional talk in which Grosvenor arraigned the democratic party for not honouring worthy e a confederates and Spinola wanted to know Why the Northern republicans did give offices to negroes. Finally army Bill was taken up. Or. Bland offered an amendment providing that none of the appropriations for pay of the army shall be paid to officers detailed to state colleges and institutions. This was ruled out on a Point of order from which Bland appealed pending which the committee Rose and the House adjourned. The ballot b0xfraud. Report of the committee on investigation presented to the House. A sin if tongan. 12.�?the report of tile ballot Box committee which last session made extensive investigation into Ohio political affairs in connection with the alleged subscriptions by member of Congress for Stock in a Patent ballot Box was to Day presented to the House by chairman Mason. The main report. Which is signed by a1 the members of committee finds that the alleged contract was prepared by Richard g. Wood that All the signatures thereto were forged and that Frank nil Ward and Frank Davis were without evil int it it in the transaction that Wood uttered said forgery for the purport of procuring governor Foraker s rec Smenda Tion of himself to the mayor of Cincinnati for the appointment to the office of smoke inspector. The committee further finds that governor Foraker and Murat Halstead aided in uttering the said forgery by publishing it in the Cincinnati commercial Gazette but finds that neither Foraker nor Halstead in uttering the paper knew the same was a forgery. The committee finds that no one of the persons whose names appear on the said alleged contract had or has either directly or indirectly any unlawful corrupt or improper or any other connection with or interest in the ballot boxes which Are said to be the subject of the alleged contract and there never was any other contract relating to said ballot boxes in which either of these persons alone or jointly with others were in any Way interested. The supplementary report signed by All of the members except chairman Mason finds that the conduct of Wood during the negotiations with Foraker disclosed his depravity. They also believed a careful scrutiny of the face of the forged paper must have shown its false character. The High stations attained in Public affairs by the persons whose names were forged should have suggested a verification of the corrupt paper before it was uttered or published. The publication showing Campbell s name and suppressing the other signatures was almost As bad As the original falsification of the paper. The entire incident the members say is an example of political methods deserving the condemnation of All parties and a1 Good it zeus. Chairman Mason in the minority report does not agree with these additional findings. Id does not see that a careful seria Lity of the forged paper must have shown its false character. It s easy now to know in january 1891, what we ought to have known in september i ss9. Whether or not Foraker and Halstead treated Well the gentle men outraged by the forgery by not seeing them personally is a question of ethics not involved in the investigation nor does it throw any Light upon the subject As to who forged or who uttered the forgery. Being deceived is the Only offence Halstead and Foraker. They have each made a reputation and character equal perhaps to any of the gentlemen who were outraged by the forgery. Since they found they were deceived they have done ail in their Power at honorable men to make amends. To ask More seems to or. Mason unjust and he respectfully protests against the censure of his associates in the additional findings summarized above. Miles sets mad. He notifies the Hostiles they must come in at once. They say they Are willing hut object to being disarmed a bloody fight in Prospect a latest news from the front. Or. Loris mo., Jan. Post dispatch special from Fine Ridge Agency says a general Miles is determined this morning not to Parley nor Confer again with the indians Aud this morning he sent a messenger to the Hostiles camped at the Mission stating his terms. He said they must come into the Agency in Small squads and go into Camp on the grounds near the Friendly indians. He would not object of they chose their own camping grounds but the rules and the Oga lallas must not Camp together arid they must submit to the Laws governing the reservation and to the agent. It is Learned from official sources thai this its general Miles final action of the indians do not accept these terms Miles will go after them and there will be a fight sure. The indians Are at the Mission six Miles away and father jute has made arrangements with general Miles for a conference with the chiefs this morning. It is expected the indians will come in either As friends or Hostiles and a conference May determine which. Father jute came to the Agency last night and brought the news of the arrival of the indians at the Mission lie informed general Miles the indians were Iii a Friendly mood and inclined to come in peaceably. He said the chiefs would be in in the morning and there is a possibility terms might be made. The general consented to receive them and Short Bull kicking Bear Aud Little wound will Confer with him today. Father jute says the indians do not want to be disarmed. This is the key note of conference. Of general allies says they will not be disarmed it is possible there May be a peaceable settlement. There is no Confidence in their peaceful pretensions. All Day yesterday they were shooting cattle along the whole line of March. They burned their shacks destroyed their own property of every kind save their guns and ponies and these fats destroy ail Confidence in their expression of not desiring to go to War. The indians themselves partially admit the chiefs cannot guarantee to control the warriors. They say they have among them about three Hundred Young Bucks who want to sight and to Quot Ingle shot will Start them. Besides tins the indians who murdered lieutenant Casey Are known Aud when they Are taken they will be hanged for murder. They Are among th1 belligerent Young Bucks and they May precipitate a fight to prevent dying by the rope. The indians Are just As anxious to know what the White s ire going to do As the Whites a to know what Tho indians will do. Of the committee Resolution a to r be lated that he had not. In a somewhat similar discharge was privileged. E speaker quire whether the a a believed the original resold a one of privilege. Quot up reply d that he had Assur vat be speaker had so held. It p0ak lated Contr a a Ruk a and the House had Suu bus ruling thai the Resolution got present a question of privilege. L v r a nut further debate the House o7�?, t a vote of 118 to to that tile. A a i by or. Dockery a one 7.7s debate Mckinley said t0r7.utlrntt be had desired to make Anve ligation hut the mover of 4 fiuti0n h old knowledge in respond a who Lia a any statement or even to tie Quot Tho author of the article t the a tree had the intention to go a a torn of the matter and Ascer-,v-0m were enough to justify a Eif a100 10 House. Finally lit Arkansas offered a Resolution at of disclaimed any per Tho matter and the the go be Dano crat re f Dent 10 mockery s Resolution in Pui or the appointment of a >0i11., of five members to in doffed connection of 4to 7 con Ress with the Silver Pool 1,000r�l7<1uir�?~�?~ llt0 the ownership of duh a a Anc is of Stiver Bullion which the i Tatos was asked to Purchase. Action i mat in and consular approx bar 48 rep Rte and placed on Honky i. A c. I went i Quot Hole of into a the army or s., Ftfe a 0 a so u r i taking committee of appropriation advanced a a a s00pe of general debate. 6ewtion, a general denunciation of v.8 la to the course of his referred us the wide course to or. Lodge As a substitute coinage amendment. Washington Jan. 12.�?during the debate on tile finance Bill to Day or. Stewart sent to the clerks desk to have printed a proposition respecting his free coinage amendment which he said. Might be offered if any one desired to do so. Tiffs proposition if adopted would take Tho place of his free coinage amendment Down to a certain Point. It is the Quot ame As that amendment in substance but has attached a proviso that All Silver Bullion not the product of mines Mills or smelters of the United states and All Silver Coin and Bullion product of Coin other than the United states shall in the discretion of i he Secretary of the Treasury be subject to a mint charge to be fixed from time to time by him the said charge not to exceed the difference Between the Market value of said Silver Bullion in London at the time of its Deposit and the coinage value thereof. The Secretary May make such regulations a i necessary to a determine whether such Bullion is the product of the United states. Tiffs proposition will be held in Reserve until some agreement is reached respecting its final disposition. It was drawn after a consultation among several senator Quot upon the theory that it would receive the support of some republicans in the Senate and House who Are favourably disposed toward an Effort to enlarge the use of Silver but Lear disaster As a result of unrestricted coinage. Senator Stewart. However is not committed to it in any Way. Having imply offered it in order to get it in print for better examination. Behring sea in the courts. Washington Jan. 12.�?the Behring sea Seal eries controversy came up in the United states supreme court to Day on a motion which has in View a judicial determination of the dispute Between the United states and great Britain Over the Seal ii Slier sos. Joseph in Choate in behalf of Thomas Henry l Ooper owner and claimant of the British Schooner w. F. Sayward seized in the Waters of Behring sea by the Revenue Cutter Rush petitioned the court for leave to file petition for a writ of prohibition to be directed to the judge of the District court of the United states in the territory of Alaska restraining him from proceeding with the condemnation and Sale of the vessel. I he object is to have tile court take up and pass upon the question of jurisprudence Over these Waters. The chief Justice gave the attorney general two weeks to file an answer. The Brief tiled by Choate begins by reciting that by the Law of nations the municipal Laws of the country have no extra territorial Force and cannot operate on foreign vessels on High seas and it is legally impossible under Public Law for a foreign vessel to commit a breach of municipal Law beyond the limits of the territorial jurisdiction of the lawmaking states that the seizure of a foreign vessel was beyond the limits of municipal territorial jurisdiction for a breach of municipal regulations is not warranted by Law of nations and such seizure cannot give jurisdiction to the courts of the offended country. The least of All where the alleged act was committed by a foreign vessel at the place of seizure beyond municipal territorial jurisdiction that by the Law of nations a British vessel sailing on the High seas is not subject to any municipal Law except that of great Britain. The court is informed that sir John Thompson her majesty s attorney general of Canada this motion to be presented with the knowledge and approval of the Imperial government of great Britain. The coming of the Hostiles. Their near approach cables Coni in a t Ion among the friendlies. Pine , I Jan. 12.�?up to noon to Day the Hostiles had not with the exception of a lot of squaws made a move toward coming into the Agency. Shortly after noon however the main Camp of the Hostiles was broken and a rapid Advance made toward Thi Point. This afternoon about one thousand of them arrived to about a mile of the pickets outside the Agency. The announcement of their arrival Waii de great commotion in the friendliest Camp. Within a Short time hundreds of squaws and children ath it red in the Vicinity of Headquarters where a View of the Bluff behind which the Hostiles Are stationed could be obtained. They waited until dusk for their Friend Quot and relatives to come in but were disappointed. As those outside remained in the Camp there. To night there is no certainty As to what the indians will do. General mile himself is in doubt As to what expect of them but confidently looks now for a settlement of the matter without further bloodshed. In fact he sent a letter to night to generals Cody and Colby commanding the Nebraska state militia informing them that ail the Hostiles Are within a mile and a Naif of the Agency and that holding but cold jut can prevent the re establishment of peace. Ile states also that he thinks the state troops May now be withdrawn with safety and thanks them for the Confidence they have afforded the people in the Frontier Homes. I of senility of a let a per Ito break. Yet the indians May get to within gun shot of the Agency and then break away again thus precipitating a Eon dict. Fear of All kinds of punishment for their misdeeds seems to have taken to session of them and it i Quot generally understood that one injudicious act on the part of the soldiers or the mad deed of some pm playable hostile would undo a the work so far accomplished. Lieutenant Taylor a of the ninety eighth cavalry has g to j out with some of ids scouts in order to Lead the indians at the proper time to places designated for their Camp within the Agency. The Ogallala will be placed near red Clouds House on the West while the rules will be sent to the Eastern Side. Where the Hostiles Are now resting the ground is rolling and unbroken Aud offers advantages to the cavalry which they did not have at wounded knee. The indians Are virtually surrounded by troops and a revolt now would prove disastrous to them. Major Whitesides with the seventh cavalry can reach any Point of the Agency in a very Short space of time. The same is True of Captain Capron with his Battery and gaining gin.-, and also of the first infantry nearly three Hundred of which have been mounted on ponies. The Hostiles Camp is at the Northern extremity of the Valley beyond White Clay Creek and at the base of the Semi Circle of Pine covered Bluffs. Their Village comprises about three Hundred Tepee although Many Are doubtless concealed in the a draws a which Lead out of the Valley in the direction of the Mission. The site is one from which tin y might quickly retire were they not followed so closely by general Brookes command. The latter is now less til an five Miles in the rear of the Hostiles. To Morrow general Brooke will press upon them More closely unless they move into the Agency. Colonel Wheaton is now about eight a Miles West of the Agency with the second infantry and coming in this Way. Colonel Onley is following general Brooke with the seventeenth infantry. A grim looking month. This is the Mouth of the pocket and a grim looking Mouth it is too. A three Inch rifled gun that can sweep the country for Miles and have a of thirty feet peeps through the breach of the earthworks on the North but which May be called the Entrance to this Mouth. Hotchkiss guns and rattling Are pointed to the Ravine which would be one of the runways of the Savages. The guns Art behind the big dirt and Stone barriers on the Butte to the East. Another Hotchkiss Sticks it Mack muzzle through the breastworks near the school House to the West and can be worked so advantageously that in Case of a Light it could sweep the Plain for a mile in a half Circle and with a three Inch Rifle on the North Butte blow red Cloud s House and Knock his outfit to atoms. Six Hundred infantry trooper arid commanders Are Here to receive the Savages when they come in front of the bayonets that Ore now moving along like the Teeth of a tremendous machine. But despite the masterly arranged cordon it is Plain that even army officers Are nervous. Civilians Are alarmed. There Are at least 15,000 heavily armed warriors in the hostile Camp. Their Vil Lage. As near As it can be estimated i two Miles Long. It is pitched in a Long winding Ravine similar to the one Custer pounced upon in is70. What shall be done with then.? what is to be done with the indians is a question which cannot yet be answered. The disposition Szemeto be to let them rest in peace. It is understood they have promised to end a delegation of chiefs to talk with Genera Mike in tile morning. It is said some of them will insist upon going to Washington to Lay the r grievance before the great father and some hold the suggestion will be respected notwithstanding general Miles Lias the settlement of the Case in his own hands. Duo element w hich May cause trouble yet is the faction lighting in the hostile Camp. A scout told an associated dress correspondent this evening that they Are still quarrelling among themselves. It is believed that general Miles will demand of the chiefs the surrender of tile leading agitate actors and ship them South As he had intended to do with big foot and then Settle with others. The wounded knee investigation. The investigation regarding the w funded knee Battle is completed and the report will be forwarded to Washington. Well posted officers say it will dispel the idea that col. Forsythe s command deliberately shot Down women and children. Private Stone one of the wounded in that engagement and an Indian named Hunts alone died to Day. Afraid of i lie the greatest anxiety arises Over the disposition to be made of the Savages should they come into the Agency without first giving Battle. It is firmly be Liev d that general Miles contemplates disarming Aud dismounting the Hostiles. Squaw men Aud half Breeds living at the Agency Are sending their wives and children to the Railroad. Old scouts Are of the opinion that such a move will precipitate the bloodiest Indian Battle that the country has Ever known. They declare it will be a hand to hand tight in which the Sioux will eventually get the worst of it. But not until their Isho armed Savages have Multi pled the horrors of wounded knee a Hundred fold. The situation is such that nobody can Prophesy the outcome sex agent Mcgillycuddy thinks there is a plot on foot. He says the so called Friendly indians Are lying almost to a Man. Even old red Clouds professions of peace a scouted. The old wretch is now v it lug goggles to Bear out Bis Asse my that by is Blind. They called him a Thunder Mouth Quot one of the incidents saturday was a serenade Given by the first regiment and Agency band of Angeles i and cal., to general Miles and stat a the first time a cig Bass Horn and cymbals were Ever heard at Pine Ridge. The spectacle was picturesque musicians in can a overcoats and fur Caps standing in the now and playing popular airs while pickets were patrolling on All sides with Winchester civil ans with six shooter strapped to their sides and Hundred. Of squaws listened to the really Fine music with stolid indifference. It did not take Long for the indians to get a name for the fellow with tile big Horn. He is known among them As Thunder mgt nth. Oil re Devil Brule. Late this morning two Yound rules dashed up to tin Agency buildings. They had just come from the Hostiles. One fellow had a Streak of Blue paint on his nose. Both wore in White shirts. They leaped nimbly off to Neir ponies Aud bolted through the crowd to general Miles Headquarters dragging their rides lie Hind them. The Leggins of the Leader had the Zodiac worked upon them in beads. Indian policemen fell upon them and disarmed them. They said they w anted to see general mile. They to re escorted to Headquarters where they were profuse in their assertions t ii at the rules meant no harm. General Miles told them to go Back to their Camp and Tell their people to surrender without further trouble. When they left the Agency grounds la y were Given their gun Quot. Then they dashed away laughing at the Indian police. These daring Fellows were not Twenty years old and doubtless came to the Agency on some mysterious Mission. Their boldness simply show the craziness of the Young dare Devil rules. Kicking Bear word denoted. St. Paul. Jan. 12�?a Post dispatch staff correspondent at Pine Ridge Agency telegraphs that kicking Bear write that he will Urr Euder. But Thi i regarded with considerable doubt by the military. The Hostiles arc moving towards Fine Ridge Agency but their Progress is slow in consequence of having some fifty wounded warriors with them. Ind Iii Cai Riidu Onset. Ottawa ont., Jan. 12.�?the superintendent general of Indian affairs to Day received a dispatch from the commissioner of the Northwest mounted police stating the Indian were quiet. Tile report of trouble Iraq Deloraine is a canard. May eiss and make up. Minnie fainter and Hor husband Likely to Settle their difference. New yuck Jan. 12.�?it is reported in theatrical circles that Minnie fainter and her husband the Ever merry John ii. Rogers Are about ready to ? Aud makeup. John and Minnie have b n at loggerheads for the past them months. Owing mainly to the interference of Minnie smother in their Domestic affairs and the trouble assumed so serious a phae about a month ago that the Well known couple divided their earthly possessions Aud determined that each one should henceforth live in apparent utter ignorance of the very Elste Neof the other. Minnie however is said to have taken very Little time in making the discovery that her Mother although very Well in her proper place is not altogether an acceptable substitute for a husband. Hence it is with a knowledge of these facts Mutual friends of the couple Are now engaged in an Effort to bring them together which bids fair to be successful. Croup huh lost its terrors. Or John if. Cullom editor of the Garland Seres Garland Texas writes As follows a i wish to add my testimonial to the Efficacy of chamberlains cough remedy for croup. That dread monster a lost its terrors for us since we began using the remedy. It never fails to give speedy Relief in the worst cases of croup and we always keep a bottle in the House and recommend its use to our friends whose Little ones Are so liable to be attacked with croup during tile Winter Over 105 years old. Death of or. Rachel St Lylw aeon at Flushing. L. I. Yesterday morning. New York Jan. 12.�?the oldest person a living on Long 5-land died at Flushing this morning. She was mrs. Rachel Stillwagon and was one Hundred and five years and almost four months old. Only a question of Cash. The political difficulty Between of Brien and Parnell settled the Mccarty he angered by the turn matters have taken cold weather in a rope a terrible disaster at Vicuna. Paris Jan. F2.�?the Figaro announces that the political difficulty Between Parnell and o Brien is settled and the Only question remaining is of a financial nature. Of Brien it appears is convinced that Parnell a prestige in the United states is not lessened and that the subscription of the Irish americans will always be for the old Leader. Angered at o Brien. Mccarthy Ite take him to tank for i attitude toward Parnell. London Jan. 12.�?the times published the following dispatch from its correspondent at Boulogne this morning a it is known that at the conference Here Between of Brien Mccarty and Condon the most serious differences arose. The question of m r. Of Brien s attitude toward or. Pruhl led to a i Cussion of a very angry and heated character and or. Of Brien was reproached for not adhering to his first unqualified endorsement of the anti Parnellie party. A person Well informed said or. O Brien was immovable upon the question of or. Parnell a retirement. He held out for an amicable settlement but a settlement based upon the selection of a Leader agreeable to both ides leaving the question of or. Parnell a resumption of Leaden hip to the future development of events. This the Mozart hoites refused to entertain. They called for or. Of Brien Quot unqualified support. Or. Mccarthy repelled any suggestion that lift a loophole for the return of or. Parnell at any future time. A the to bion occupied by or. Of Brien at this moment is that of a mediator. He practically represents the interests of or. Parnell and is convinced that unless the party be reunited it is fore ver damned. He urged Hie absolute ii pos ability of cementing be existing differences unless the program received the approval of or. further pointed out that or. Dillon would support his views Ana approve any sensible scheme for bringing the factions together and that As or. Mccarthy held to his position and or. Parnell to his the interest of Ireland would suffer. He urged this until the people of Ireland had a Chance to decide to whom they owed allegiance and in or. O Briens opinion it a not difficult to Prophesy w hat the result of the election would be. The discussion drifted into such acrimony that tile meeting finally adjourned without any results to Awalt the arrival of or. D firm. A Rumor also says that one Honora member log this temper during the conference and flatly accused or. O Brien of scheming to obtain the leadership himself Aud that or. O Brien retaliated in passionate Aud uncomplimentary language. It is certain that or. Mccarthy and or. Sexton left Here dejected and discomfited looking suing year. The largest Hall in the City was crowded to the doors. The installation ceremonies were conducted by Captain George b. Gray of Camp no. .57, at Washington. Captain Gray conducted the ceremonies with the precision of a Veteran officer. A Large delegation of son of veterans accompanied by a few of her fairest daughters were present from Washington besides the entire Camp numbering nearly thirty of Brighton with reinforcements from various places. After the installation ceremonies the meeting was turned into a Camp fire. An address of Welcome was delivered by Post Captain Mckee. The address of the evening a delivered by Captain Leo. B. Gray and was loudly applauded. For Twenty minutes Captain Gray held his Large audience with a Grap Seldom seen from a much older speaker than i the Captain. An appropriate selection was recited by miss Lyde Swisher one of Brighton a most accomplished Young ladies. Addresses were made by Captain Bosworth and other Quot of Brighton and sergeant Maxwell and several others of Washington. At a late hour the program was Complete i and the audience dispersed everybody pronouncing it the most enjoyable time in tile history of the sons of Veteran Circle i t this Section. A foul woman fettered. Mrs. Maude ausborn arrested serious charge. On a europeans freezing. Titi n a aim Courtl Craley urls it l Snow Borins. London Jan. 12.�?throughout great Britain intense cold weather continues to prevail. In addition dense fogs Are general but there has not been any More Snow. The continent is still it of Fering from now storms so severe that express trains Between Hamburg. Cologne Berlin and Vienna Are snowed up. The mails Are considerably delayed throughout Europe. Looks like a deadlock. Buried by my a Al Niche. Vienna. Jan. 12 a Disua thes from the capital of Bosnia states that an Avalanche occurred near , burying a number of Howiand crushing the inmates in the ruins. Sofar rescuers have recovered the bodies of seventeen persons and numbers of others were injured. Tee Railroad presidents six commissioner appointed by Hie advisory Hoard. New York Jan. F2.�?the full advisory Board in the pending railway con Ference met this morning states the advisory Board Eoin Ini sinners instead of ally intended. They Are Ley Faithorn Smith Russell Sage appointed in four As origin Walker find Vining and Midgely. Walker was appointed chair Man. The Board adjourned at 12 30, having completed ail the business before it. It will hold its next regular meeting in Chicago in april. The Board adopted a Resolution dividing the territory of the association into five districts As follows transcontinental Southern railways and steamship Western passenger Western freight Aud trans Missouri. It is understood that Midgely will retain Western freight agent Faithorn of the j southwestern railway and steamship company Finley Western passenger Vining. Trans Continental and Smith Traus Missouri. A Resolution a adopted directing the commissioners to take up at once and investigate what Economy May be introduced in the curtailment of outside expenses incident to passenger and freight Basin a and to report at the earliest convenience. After the meeting adjourned chairman Miller said a the meeting has been Niobe than satisfactory. Of a organization is perfect and All we have agreed upon can be successfully carried Gould said a a in a always Atis with the present Illinois Assembly not to choose a senator. Six Kingfield Jan 12�?th will be a great week in legislative and political circles. The House and Enate have organized Ami their committee will be announced before Long. Little or nothing except the transaction of routine by i Ness can be accomplished until the committees get at work. Probably three Hundred Bills will be dumped into the legislature this w. Elk. The most important matter the House a to consider will be the report of the committee on rules Ana its discussion will begin about wednesday. The main question which now looms up greater than Ever is the election of a senator. Or. Farwell will probably be Here before Many hour Roll by. It will be pretty hot among the republicans and a senatorial caucus will probably be held thursday night. Committees will Heap pointed by both House and Senate with Power to take Sci a action relative to the holding of a caucus a May seem politic. Some of the country members do not want a nomination to be made at ail and Are opposed to the holding of a caucus. The committees will probably be announced and a meeting held tuesday night to consult about the advisability of holding a caucus. There will it is thought be a caucus a senator far Wells friends insist that custom and precedent dictate a nomination and it would be a Trange procedure for the Republican to go into a senatorial election without a candidate endorsed by a party caucus. Or. Fare. Is a candidate for re election and i Friend will ask the Republican party to endorse him a such. He must be Well aware of the fact that he cannot get a single one of the three f. M. B. A. Votes and he cannot very Well be elected without them. These of m ii a. Men have had a merry time of it since they came into prominence. They have been cajoled and wheeled and flattered by representatives of All parties. Sticks of senatorial Timber have been suggested to them times without number. candidates have them at their Homes and ate of their Stor a and whittled Down their fences and praised the plumpness of their live Stock the beauties of their wives and children and All that Ort of thing. Neighbor Streeter a spent the greater part of i time since the result of the election a announced in going the rounds of tiny three. It might be a Well to state in this connection that the three Farmer men think very seriously of voting for or. Streeter who a in some Way or other impressed them with Lite idea that he is a big Man and a the making of a big statesman. They want to vote for Streeter and will probably do so when the time come. The republicans won t vote for the gentleman and the democrats have it in for him for his actions in the thirty fourth Assembly. He was elected to the Senate by democratic votes and ought in common decency. To Nave supported colonel Morrison the democratic nominee. Or. Streeter voted for general Black every time. The democrats have Lively recollections of Farmer Street. R and will even old scores with him. The Democrat have abandoned their plan of pushing them it Crone Case in the House and have decided the first cae to be taken up by tile elections committee to Morrow will be Hamilton Butzow. Re Iii w in be pushed \ Xigorou by. Site had knt red a toting girl from the pith of virtue a pitiful Story a John Hall after i. Tun Ber firm a general Iowa new. De s pod a1 to the Moines Jan. F2.�?mrs. Maud Osborn who runs a disreputable House was arrested and taken to Fidel lat night to answer a serious charge. She is under indictment by the grand jury of Dallas county for enticing a Young Gir to her Den Here for lewd purposes. I he unhappy victim is a girl named Shumaker. Only sixteen years of age whose Home is at ferry. About two week ago he was induced by a couple of Young men who fixed in Perry but have lately been hanging about Low houses Here. To come to this City on the Promise of having a pleasant place to stay Aud remunerative wage she Carne but in Tead of taking her to such a place a. They had promised beguiled her to mrs. Of born s dive when she a tile character of her surroundings the girl begged piteously to be permitted to leave the Pia a Blit he a kept close and subjected to All sorts of indignities. After about a week a by succeed a in making her est ape Aud returned to ferry where he told Lier pitiful Story. The grand jury returned an indictment again to tile procures Quot and i a r two male companions. Sheriffs Zenor and Deputy Thornburg of Dallas county arrested or. Osborn Jim Jones and j. J. Hetherington. The latter i charged with rape. With to vehicle of or. And mrs. Brown of the same locality. All the parties were thrown violently out. Mrs. Brown alighted on her face on the curb tone. She received six or eight gashes in or forehead. Or. Dawson had one of his Eulder Blades broken. A crazy Wank rape. Die it j in 12. In a a n at i fit blk Der an insane n an who a family fives Dubuque escaped from the a Yurn Asbury saturday morning. In got up from the table while the inmate and keeper were Quot til at breakfast and went out into the Yard. There he Tore off the door of an out House Aid with its Aid scaled the close face fourteen feet High. Which surround the enclosure. He is Iii at arge and the sheriff d of oking for him. A deaf a Ute a sad f at. 8pee a to the Hawa Kycej i e. La., Jan. 12.�?william Neville. Severity year old a prominent citizen of Worthington this county was killed Wrisle walking i want a and St. Pang. He a deaf and did Cago a the w the Chirac k the hear i slipped on an i Ceist a internal scion and i a d u a fat ii fail. Vecihi to int . Moines. Jan. 12.�?dr. Nolan not p y sideway injuries. Ii critical recover. He Day Aud re ondi Hawkeye glance. Tin i a badly wanted Man. But nobody seem Lole Able to get i sension of t. To. Hall. Marshalltown la. Jan. 12.�?th re i i. An interesting Legal squabble Here Over t. E. Hall a Man especially wanted at Maryville mo., for swindling one Denny by converting Patent right contract into promis Ory notes. Ilal is in air j Here while Denny i victim the sheriff i of Ned Way county. Mo., with Requist i Hon Paner from the governor and con table Worley of Missouri with a War rant for a arrest Are in the Ity to night trying to get posse Sion of the prisoner. The latter attorney to Day j secured a writ of Hareas Corpus from judge Hindman which a served the moment the requisition was read and the Case is now badly mixed up. The chief of police of Kansas City also wants Hall while the sheriff of this county to it night received a warrant for i Quot arrest from storm , Iowa and amour fifty i letters from Partie in various other localities making inquiries regarding the i a horse for a xxx a i once. Now i shot a White of tip to tip of win a didst i j who shot Jim i j a Quot Bel disc i Neie a a did t i he did not App Rem Fanner loan i Sioux it fity Wil slav Bank of \ per horse a a project is n paper at i Nib con and foot it end a a a Mea i Lake a ring of Clarke Moines but frail in a and the of an eynolds at de red. The fair mean to Hurt i a against her. Am a a Bank. A the and Trust Tompary of be reorganized a Iowa. With a Capit Vul i a and a of �3l-�,i-. Died from ii Stafford of a who a Quot ii red n a runaway Accident at Webster City died to Buat. He had been a re ident u is ter county thirty five years. In settlers log old r at Livermore have lately put a u thir log Cabin. The a Cabin to a Quot heir memorial each log in it to d the name a it to Pioneer rom f of. Seth roof hav. Crib Iati a St. Vendeni i Erac of la patient Clep Deir e to pita for the ing december. The month Wile d in i daily a the in a Clos a a in in prisoner. Peeled in said to by Lar Ard a Liberty. Some kind of a decision is e the to Morrow. Hall is Worth a i ired thou and Dol a making a desperate fight for British Gold after lumber. -17 inmate of whom 4 2 were mate and 3�?~.5 female. A fool daughter of Captain Aud or. Dows of Cedar rapids i a daughter in Law of the Pittsburg philanthropist arid millionaire dead son Quot time whose estate supposed to be a my 0oi 0, pan out 820,000,000. Beating the Mvi m Mohine. To englishmen propose to l Arlt Hae the k 11app. Stout it to. I interest in do Lune. Special to the Hawk Kye Dru que Jan. . H. Kirg Mun of Chicago and j. A. Barclay of London England Are in the City. Or. Kirg Mau Haju to returned from London where he a been conducting negotiation for the ale of Quot Everaid Sarge american properties. Or. Barclay i sent Over As the representative of a Bug fish in Dicaire to consummate Evera Deal. Their visit to this City i said to to to inspect the immense lumber interest of the Knapp Stout a co., which the i Dica a propose to Purchase. The Price to be paid and other details Are not made Public at present. Kids at Cedar rapid Bea it weighing scale. A be t Aud weighs i . One Aaen the Jii Atoru the cae returning to a next and mounts and so it cent in the boy give up a then he holds ii and prevent balance the it it ii w Christian women at War. A split in of r die a Dubuque Hitmi he c. T. U. Due Uyuk Jan. F2.�?the ladies of tin women a Christian Temperance Union of Dubuque have had some Lively discussions recently a to whether they should Nail to their Mast the Banner of j. L Ien Foster and remain a non partisan a"0-cfiition. Or follow in the Quot Wake of my Francis a. Willard and become a partisan or third party organization. As a final result they have amicably agreed to disagree and it it a thursday evening fifteen of the ladies separated from the Origina or Foster a Quot a nation and formed a partisan association. Now both faction will strive to see which can do the most Good. This put May not be so bad after All. Fire in a Des Moines dry goods store a i Lett Struc at de of the step my pre the s a child Aly p Quot hut. Who hour he attended at one of i he Quot says the the. A did Sargent one Aud honoured Home in that Short Blue Al a in com struck in los Four a v within about a Iii on. a Lisa county near a Ells have been ii Quot of each other varying front 11 to 12b feet. Up Promise to be permanent ii be taken to pipe the a n in and Columbus Junction. The a ure at the Well j twelve pounds to quare Inch. Brutal two year old by d in to City yesterday of Par of the brain probably from sex re i a cd y it father the drunk out of the House its Mother a holding it in her arms for two be cold night recently because a Christmas entertainment the churches Avatna his the Muscatine journal of reside it i in of fort Dodge s most Active p sneer citizens died at i City Friday evening after a la Quot was seventy two year a. Or. Sargent ame to fort Dodge a try five Quot Vears Agu. During the Early Day i. Jill i of and re a did much to at Quot year a pee ted Mem build up been a r of the Hie town honoured a of run t xxx it Urt monday sex Ion Springer . Jan. 12.�?duly Twenty senators were present this afternoon and the Senate at once adjourned. The session of the House Eva Brief and without unusual incident except the opposition of the Republican to the of any business until tile Rule of the House were adopted. The speaker announced he had inadvertently appointed on the committee of elections. Merritt of san Gomon overlooking the fact that Merritt a a contested Jones of san the St it it it k of j. F. Coch my damaged to a he extent of �T�3,000 de Moines la., Jan. Fly a tire in i evening originated in the rear of the r a Tail dry Good store owned by j. F to a ran in the capital City opera House and before it was brought under control the building a damaged to the amount of 8l,0oo. And the Stock by fire and water. It so xxx House Iova lat we nit Adam lighted by Al and supplies work the Corm ? were formally open Quot Zyk. Fine of them is county. It Cost to Trinity heated by i he Era Don i with water from to it ther is at Corydon in v Only and is said to be of Fine to Structure Quot of the kind in Iowa. It was built and Dor the Quot county by the citizens of the loss is fully covered by Surai Gamon Eva Ion Ned. Appointed place Emma Abbotts Monument xxx whatever come suited with the up. And i Ain thoroughly results of this floods i Johnstown. Johnstown Jan. 12.�?on account of heavy Rains last night the River Rose rapidly this morning and at noon it was still going up at the rate of six inches per hour. It in causing considerable alarm a a heavy Gorge of ice is Likely to Conn Down at any minute. Arkansans state treasurer Short. Little Rock ark., Jan. 12.�?one of the Bondsmen of state treasurer Wood Ruff is reported As having said that the latter shortage would not fall Short of 894,000, and might reach a larger amount. Kansas official sworn in. Topeka kan., Jan. 12.�?the governor and other state officers were sworn into office this morning. The governor delivered no inaugural address and the usual inaugural Ball was dispensed with. Auad in be passenger Kates Uncertain. Chicago Jan. 12.�?the air is violently agitated again with complaints about demoralized passenger rate in the Western territory. Very soon after the Alton and other roads reduced rates Between St. Louis and Chicago the agents of Ines West of St. Louis at Kansas City announced that they proposed to Cut the Kansas City Chicago rate which is 812.50 direct by Selling ticket at -12.25 Good by Way of St. Louis with a Lay Over privilege of one Day in that town. Chairman Finley immediately issued an order forbidding any such action but it has not been obeyed. It is charged that Tho Alton is advertising and giving its West in connection Tho Benefit of the Low rate by Way of St. Louis. Or. Finley desires to protect the Chicago Kansas c Ity rate. The Alton defend its action and scores a Point by contending that it is not consistent to give a Low rate locally and yet refuses it to its connections. Kaj Gering Tho ticket broker. Cud ago Jan. 12.�?about the hardest blow yet Given to ticket brokers and it is one that seriously threatens their business is the proposed withdrawal of unlimited tickets. However they Hope to prevent any thing of the kind boing done. Still the Chicago Council Bluffs lines made an agreement several Days ago that commencing january 15, they would sell nothing but continuous and limited passage Between Chicago Council Bluffs and Omaha in either direction. This May be the mean of assisting the association to adopt a similar agreement for All Western Points much sooner than it otherwise would. Kohl Rural to. Us Tui of Granite erected it a cont til . To Ion Jan. 12.�?an elaborate Monument for the late Emma Abbott to be placed in tile family lot in Gloucester is being made by f. Reinhalter a co., at West Quincy. The Monument which i to cos of i i to be composed of Quincy arum Westerly Granite and is of the Goth style of architecture. The base which i to of of Quincy Granite xviii be finished in a few week. Its dimensions Are 15 by 18.fi feet. Above tin base supported by column is a Cap of Westerly Granite and above Thi is to be another Cap of the ame material supported by pillars of the ame. In the Center of the base is a Ledger with a receptacle one foot six inches by three feet seven inches in which the ashes of the famous Singer will be deposited. This Ledger will be Over Hie grave of her husband. It is estimated that it xviii require a year to make the Caps and columns a they Are to be met elaborately carved. Among Iii grandchildren. J. It. Dodds editor of the Dally and weekly Artmer state of Wymore Nebraska says a i have seen the magic effect of Chamberlain s cough remedy in Case of croup and colds among my grandchildren. We would not think of going to bed at night without a bottle of this Romeo in the House. Chamberlains medicines Are growing More popular her every or Niin Aliy ignorant. Pana 111., Jan. 12.�?the Coroner is inquiring into the death of mrs. Michael insight who had the top of Herb and blown off by a gun in the hands of her husband yesterday. The prisoner say he did not know the gun was loaded. Him k official retire. Dri Iule la., Jan. To. A at the Ann a meeting of the stockholders of the Dubuque National Bank which will be held on monday it is currently reported that Hon. B. It. Richards will retire at his oxen request from the presidency to be succeeded by i. D. Meyers. Judge i. N. Cooley president of the first National Bank yesterday sold a shares of his Stock in that institution at 150, amounting to --7.<><>. Tho Annua meeting of the stockholders and director will be held on tuesday next and ii i understood that or. Cooley will define a re election a president. Cau in napping a last Nam /. Nick an insurance agent living with his in Jackson tre t. Was accused of a faulting a woman at a Quot Dir rapids. He r de to Dubuque but. Hearing that to. Off ors were looking f a him he left in night it was famed Friday that Muic had again returned to Dubuque and was stopping with his brother in Law. Mat Ruer on Queen Street. Deputy sheriff and Captain arrested Hun to Quot a Quot at j o clock yesterday morning. Courted another Man win a Farmer Wolfe a instituted suit for Bolton a wealthy of that Piacz for a lad a ii strange Damp Pomrance. Ion Jan. 12.�?mrs. Bignal wife of one of the leading wholesale Mer it chants of the City left her Home yester Day morning ostensibly to go after some groceries having borrowed to in Money. She is supposed to have taken the morn ing train for the East. Some two year Quot ago she shot herself but recovered. No other cause fur the act can be Given than that she a probably demented. As yet nothing has been heard of her whereabouts. A new Bank. a la., Jan. F2. A new Bank has been organized at Albia. Iowa to begin business february i next. The Quot incorporator Are judge ii. Ii. Trimble Palmer Trimble Aud c. M. Levey of Keokuk j. It. Wallace of Bloomfield Hon. T. B. Perry judge Townsend and other a Well known gentlemen of Albia. The capital Stock is 850,000, paid up. Judge Trimble takes 820,000 of the Stock and the other gentlemen each 85,000. Judge Trimble we learn is to be president and Hon. T. B. Perry vice president of the new institution. Last saturday Fred living near Barnum 5,000 against c. I hardware merchant alienating the affections of Wolfe a wife. Or Wolfe a suspicions were Arous d by the amount of hardware which his wife purchased from Bolton for which a by a never . Investigations Gav Strong evidence of the existence of a criminal intimacy Between Bolton and mrs. Wolfe. A com pan y tool lei.-. A a Case involving 8100,000 was brought up in the United state court saturday before judge Shiras at Dubuque. It i that of Caleb in it. Arter a. The Icea City a and electric Light company Arter a a mat a receiver lie appointed. A on a Bloom hold the common tuck of the concern and Carter Lark a a amp Idren tile preferred Stock $50,000 each. Bloom pfc Carson organized a electric Light compaa.-, and to establish it. Bought up the common Stock of the a company and enjoined it from furnishing electric lights on the ground that the company i derives no such right from its charter. J. K. I raves of Dubuque is president of til Quot Gas com Pauy. And use of of Brighton sons of veterans. They hold a routing Camp fire and install officer. Correspondence of the Hawk Eye Brighton la., Jan. 12.�?wm. Mcdonald Snyder Camp no. 219. Sons of veterans of this City held a grand Camp fire saturday evening it being the event of the installation of officers for the in murder Aud a Niclide. St. Olgui Ian. 12.�?early this morning Frank f. Mitchell a Gambler shot and killed Dollie Mayo a woman with whom he had been living and then committed suicide. Thirty horses perish. Chic ago Jan. 12.�?the stables of the French amusement company a travelling Cir burned this morning and Twenty five or thirty horses perished. The loss amounts to about 840,. Struck a a vein near Bloomington. Bloomington ll., Jan. 12.�?a Strong Foiw of natural Gas was struck saturday night on the farm of a. Z. F Unk in this county six Miles from Bloomington. Modem Woodmen to Convent. Special to the Hawk Eye i s Moines Jan. 12.�?the state 1 invention of modern Woodmen meets tomorrow under provisions of recent legislation of the head Camp at Springfield for tile election of officers and election of Delegate to the head Camp of the Tate with fifty five thousand members. There will be a Good attendance and much interest is manifested. A pleasing Neuse of health and strength renewed ease and Comfort follows the syrup of figs As it acts in Harmony with nature to effectually cleanse tile system when Ostive or bilious. For Sale in 50c and 81.bo bottles by All leading druggists. Unprecedented revival. Shell rot a la., Jan. 12.�?we Are hav j ing the greatest revival Here in the history of the place. One Hundred and eighty have been converted and More will Fob Low i. Auburn Nevi. Correspondence of tee Hawk eve or. Armax la., Jan. 12.�?we Are having some very Fine Sleigh ing. Or. I rank Frost moved his family to Wellman. Iowa last Friday where they Are located for the Wither. The Epworth league gave a Fine dinner at the m. E. Church last Satur Day. A Large crowd a present and All seemed to enjoy themselves. Scr Lou runaway. Dubuque la., Jan. 12. Or. And or. David Dawson living in Center township were driving to town saturday when the horses ran away and collided a the women Tell me every Day that All my Bloom a passed lint they Euld no Long a Chilli you with loss of Bloom and Beauty if you made use of the great restorative by. Pierce favorite pro sorption. All female weak a and derangement a a Anis ii a fore Thi excellent remedy thin Pale Aud emaciated a Omen. Who find existence burdensome on account of their aliment should at once have resource to this unrivalled Speed tic. Druggist
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