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Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Burlington, Iowa A Shower and cooler Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette volume 118�?no. 302 Iowa a oldest newspaper established july 10, 1837 phone Plaza 4-8461 Burlington Iowa saturday july 2, 1955 a 16 pages two sections t ft., 5 in. A no change Price 5o Only 21 hearing scheduled school budget would you like a Eon. F j 011 up q stf1 to hut ions to a Cracker barrel a k you Are invited to do so. J a overheard As a couple came the Burlington school Board tentatively approved out of a tavern a Rueve just had set hearing its $1,870,112 budget for the 1955-56 our vitamins. ,. T 1 a school year Friday. The action came at the annual july Edward Timmerman. 14. A meeting opening the fiscal year of the school system either catches of tells some whop budget provides a a a a a he a spending the summer on expenditures of $1,870,112,trough adding new teachers and his Uncle s farm in Missouri and up $78,653 from the last granting raises under the systems wrote his Mother that he caught a budget and fax Askings of increment system and through and fish and after dragging it to the Jar rasp 0f edition of $18-��� to the pension Bank found it was so big he could $l44b,jo9, an increase fund of the figure 55500 was not carry it. $83,297 from last year. Sex budgeted for school administration a i ran to the House and got a petted balances at the end reorganization. $1,300 for $100 pay camera de said Quot and took a 0f this year Are estimated at too f0 principals $17,512 for picture of the fish. And. Would a new teachers needed to handle in you believe it the picture weighed. Creased enrolment and $14,000 for 25 or s Mother and grandmother live at 1301 Iowa Street. Add useless information the rings gentle and polite tribesmen of Southeast East Pakistan have a strange Way of sex vacation lists be careful the automatic pay raises. The pension fund which had Over drawn its account under the budget last year was increased from $52,000 to $70,000. A a a West Shirlin ton budget up $43,000 the West Burlington school Board members set the hearing on the budget for their next regular meeting july 21 at 4 . An official copy of the budget estimate is to be published i n the Hawk Eye Gazette Early next week. There were no changes in an pressing apology sticking out their earlier estimate at fridays meet tongues. When they accidentally ing although there was some Dis bump into a stranger they show Cussion among Board members their tongues As a Means of saying who Felt that the emergency fund Board has Given tentative approve i have no words in my Mouth of $30,000 could be pared some to Al to a 1955-56 budget that will can say How sorry 1 j reduce the Overall tax Askings. Or. Cost taxpayers about $43,000 More Millard Pond superintendent of than for the past school year. Mrs. Viola ellerhoff of schools and Ralph Youngstrom the budget Cal s for near Sperry and her son Larry should be swimming in Luck if four elusrelem1nt1nvuf7 k "�?T5 j by it stories on Page 4 an 16.250 pulling weeds at the head of a sources other than their Lane on Highway 61. They not Board treasurer said cutting the1, he unx$47 rhe Pelt Only found a four Leaf Clover but emergency fund could place t h e raised by taxation us s42 90smoun also clovers that had five six and Board in an embarrassing position a eight leaves each. By the end of the year. The Board m a Salij the increase is due to the need a accepted no Man really becomes a fool spend itunes of $138,581 with $122, other school Board and 331 to be raised from taxes. Pro until he stops asking questions. Ralph Holmes of Angeles Calif., former manager of their recommendation a it a More Money to equip the new that the figure Ream As plan school building b Gher f teacher Ned. Salaries increase in maintenance and other fixed costs in connect the increased budget will be Tion w Ith the new building and the old grand opera House in Bur covered by a tax Levy of 53.25 higher administrative expense Lington still likes things theatrical. M a compared to a Levy last year Eyer added that More Stu he was one of the chanters in the it of 52.45 Mills. Or. Pond explained dents a Jujj attend Burlington High annual festival of music presented Hiat increased valuations on Bur a Pool increasing the tuition sex recently by the elks Lodge in los Lington Properio had been expect a playground area at the angles. Holmes and his wife Are cd a take Taie of the int Iea it in school site must be levelled a re Salmon fishing in the Seattle taxes without changing the millage More janitorial service must he Wath. Area then will visit in Levy but All of the property had provided and two additional teach Canada. Been placed on the books in ers were hired he added. Time. Public hearing on the budget w ill i Lyle Clugg 14. A student at the major increase within the be at 7 30 . July 15 at the West Horace Mann school now on Vaca budget a total of $56,000, came Burlington schoolhouse. Tion. Was named today by the Benner Tea company As Winner of the food company a $400 prize word Puzzle. His parents Are or. And mrs Winfield Clugg. 2224 s. Third. The youths entry was the Only or it solution among Over 6,000 submitted. Cite Dulles statement California to Detroit Jet aircraft hits 546 mph in Ricks race Detroit Fhelt. Col. James a. Poston Columbus Ohio won the 1,945-mile Ricks trophy race saturday with a corrected time of 2 hours 57 minutes and 14 seconds from Ontario Calif., to Detroit. Capt. Arnold g. Wackerman a piping radio sat Dulles also said that while he Tonawanda. N.y., was second and Tindal Ai 1 used u. S. Secretary of did not Rule out direct talks with capt. Jack Burden Houston. Tex state John Foster Dulles of try red China these must not involve As. Third. Ing a ave id direct talks with red dealing with nationalist China s Poston flying an f84e. Was first Chin future behind its Back off in California and first across Dulles press statement last the finish line at Detroit a inter jf116 shows that the United red chinese claim u. S. Avoids talks National air exposition. His air states does not want direct talks commentator Chiang took off on the question of Quot substantive mat Speed unofficially was 546.505 Miles China to ease tension the ters Quot which might be discussed at an hour. Disappearing Hose mystery solved Downey Calif. A Fly a the Digap scenes in an Effort to a liberation of Taiwan is China this Ole car this Ole car once knew some children. This Ole car once knew a wife this Ole car once knew a husband and a merry family life. But this family s trips Are Over picked a Dang Rous spot to pass then they saw death s Angel Pekin through the broken Windshield Glass. Ainu to Gonna need this car no longer ainu to Gonna need this car no More had no time to fix the brakes up had no time to fix the door had no time to fix the steering or to drive with More restraint ainu to Gonna need this car no longer they be been taken to meet the Saint. Accident prevention department employers Mutual of Wausau broadcast quoted commentator such a meeting. Chiang Yuan Chun m the official he said these a can Only mean Peoples daily. The. Chinese Peoples liberation of at his press conference tuesday Taiwan Formosa. Dulles said the United states and Quot these remarks of Dulles Are j soviet Russia Are deadlocked be entirely irrelevant because the s Pearing Hose on George i pesos ian8p a a Eastern conference internal affair and is none of Lawn Sank another foot in the last to follow �?~5? big four Summit America s 12 hours. Meeting at Geneva beginning july he said Dulles did not explain for the last 48 hours the i he Russia insists that what America has prepared to talk peso family has watched the half communist China be represented about but a examination of his Inch rubber Hose sinking its now whereas the United states wants past statements showed that this Down 14 feet. Nationalist China included. Both must refer to the so called ceasefire question.�?�. The Likely cause of the phenom have vowed never t0 sit a Sether Enon came Forth saturday morning when mrs. Ruth i peso admitted a a a a she had turned on the water trying to Force the Hose up by we Ater Croud noisy but not disorderly pressure. She said her daughter Suzanne 12, had first found the Hose stuck in the Lawn thursday afternoon. Later i peso. 38-year-old truck Driver had tried to pull the Hose up with his truck but it held fast and about 19 feet of the 50-foot tubing snapped off. Of the 31 feet left 14 have disappeared below the surface mrs. I peso reported. In similar cases in the past by Buenos Aires Argentina 4v-j the congregation inside the a Braulic engineers have explained thousands of roman catholics thedral was so Large the big Wood that when a Hose is in Contact with jammed metropolitan Cathedral in front doors were Flung open some Sandy soils water creates saturday for the first mass since and the worshippers spilled out a suction pulling it into the ground the june 16 revolt. To the streets. Later they shouted for the return afer the service the worship of msgr. Manuel Tato the Auxin lepers shouted in chorus Quot return Lara archbishop of Buenos Aires Tato. Return Tato a Jam mass at Buenos Aires Ike plays Golf in Bright attire msgr. Tato and his assistant msgr. Ramon Pablo Novoa were hustled aboard a plane for Rome Pence resigns school Post at Fairfield Fairfield a w. Superintendent of the wives Public report Highway commission to expedite wider roads Ames inaugurating a policy plete except for a few isolated estimate 380 r ill die on roads death toll above 1954 exiled to Rome by president Peron. Camp David my. Up it a presi i Small detach pets of police Den it Eisenhower relaxing for the mounted a close watch in front of on june 15 after the government Holiday weekend played 18 holes the Cathedral and around Plaza de accused them of inciting disorders Mayo. The Crow d was noisy but by the Catholic faithful. The two not disorderly. J prelates denied the charge. The area was the scene of riot-1 the Vatican retaliated with eying Between catholics and Peron j communication of Peron and ail supporters several Days before the others connected with the expel of Golf saturday in sunny 90-degree weather. He motored to Gettysburg. Pa., county club for the round with his Friend and neighbor George Allen. Apparently developing less con revolt flared Serva Tive taste in sportswear Eisenhower wore a Bright Pink shirt and Cap As part of his golfing costume. Similarly he wore Al Many coloured Western Type sports j shirt at the picnic on the Eisenhower farm. Sion. Violent deaths from miscellaneous g. Pence Holiday events various events Are scheduled in by the ass rated press a a t re a the nations traffic death rate j causes a total of 515. Of keeping the Public completely stretches. A studded to or Ceram of during the first Day of this years three Day fourth of july hol and fully informed Quot the new state. Fourth of july weekend w As run Day last year took an Overall toll Burlington Over the fourth of july Highway commission made its Cen ter line marking 1s planned for Ning higher Satui Lay than that re of 623 lives�?348 in traffic 192 j Holiday. They include Fairfield report to Lowans saturday. I ported for the same period last drownings and 83 in other Acci a sunday dents including four fireworks Corn Belt Horseshoe pitching flier search continuing no paper monday in Observance of the july 4th Holiday monday the Hawk Evo Gazette will not publish editions on that Dav. Tokyo a the search for two missing Marine fliers dragged into j its sixth Day with no sign of either Man saturday. Capt. H. P. Montague of Jack. Deaths. Tournament Crapo Park. J5011 miss., and 2nd it. David win a Mission said it would a do every ram printing weekly detour7a a j the record Overall toll for any 2 p. oilers is. Den ton Dell of Wayzata Minn., were a a a a a i---1 a a a a a s a Eon Mono sin it Independence Day Holiday period Mark baseball Dankwardt Park presumed Drifting helplessly on school system for the past 28 years. Through chairman Russell f. 2 the commission has Given the year. A into a Kkt Lundy of Des Moines the com go ahead sign for a new pro at noon saturday. 52 6 . Friday left More than for was set in the four Day Holiday in a designed effect we july 1, 1956 a graduate of Misouri state thing in its Power to expedite maps which will be distributed # teachers College. Pence be an his gov Leo Hoegh a roads program free to newspapers radio and Tele athe no Pali a. Teaching career in 19<>7. Including widening of narrow High vision stations Chambers of com Quot. 1950 when 793 perished. Pence is known throughout the was and Bridges. Merce. Motels hotels motor clubs again ,7 f the the National safety Council Esti nation Asah educator of ability. A we want to do this without be first printing expected in drownings and 1 Dea s in o i mates that million automobiles he is a life member of the neglecting the program of new con about a month w ill be 2.000 cop mishaps me Ude one o adj in be big ways during the tonal education association of Striction. Including relocation of ies an t this w ill be increased if deaths was attributed to be Holiday period. The period of great Lundy there is a demand for More. 3. Commissioners emphasized a Quot keen interest in Mother makes jump Neva York Jbv a Mother of thwarted in one attempt to leap from a tall office building killed herself on a second try a Short time later. Mrs. Doris Blake. 35. Wantagh n. Y., broke away from building employees who Friday pulled her Back from the 31st floor ledge of a skyscraper then ran three blocks to the 55th floor of another building and plunged from a window. Which he is a member of the legis-1 roads where necessary a native committee. He has been said vice president of the Iowa state a tethers association president of Rise commission also reported program and said they would Fol the South Central division of the that Low it very closely through Chris is a president of the superintend 1. Iowa a $300,000 program for Larsen the groups newly named ends club and a member of the 1955 of paint marking highways representative on the toll Road executive committee of the High a Ltd White and yellow lines is com \ authority. School declamatory organization j he is a member of Kappa Delta i. National honorary education association. Pence is also a member of first methodist Church the rotary club and the masonic Lodge and has talk an Active Pari in commune Jacv affairs especially red Cross and Community Chest activities. During Pence a tenure a half million Dollar High school building was erected and work has been started on a $600,000 combined Junior High and Grade school building. Wor is lest peril is near the end when the National safety Council has motorists tired from hours of Park. The toll Roa it i estimated that 380 persons wil1 travel Are returning Home on the g p. is. Cedar rapids killed in Highway accidents by crowded highways. Community Field. Monday Midnight. Fireworks deaths have dwindled in the non Holiday weekend june sharply in recent years. Various 17-20, an associated press Survey states prohibit their Sale. In 1903, showed 342 persons died in traffic fireworks killed 466 persons and accidents. Ill drowned and 62 met injured 3,983. A a a a a a a a a a Iowa a Aerial Road patrol is operating successfully to hold off on egg Law _ Des Moines of a no Effort will 3 30 p. merchants life rafts in the fog off Japan. Their j made to enforce Iowa s new girls is. Cedar rapids Dank a Marine sky Knight Jet ran out of egg grading Law until a ruling is Wardt Park. A amp As in sunday night. Issued on a request for a Tempo 7 p. game Mer i air Force Marine and naval a a Junction against the act chants girls is. Cedar rapids units launched another maximum agriculture Clyde Dankwardt Park. J search Effort saturday but rain pro announced saturday noon. 7 30 p. concert Crapo thickened the fog hampering their Spry made the announcement in efforts. District judge Ray c. Fountains the marines said it was believed court after participants in the Caselt. James r. Day of Minneapolis were unable to Complete testimony fireworks in evening at drive in went Down with his helicopter of a hearing on the request for theater. Monday fireworks in evening at Golf club and drive in theater. Municipal Pool and City Parks Are planning on heavy attendance Over the Holiday. When it crashed in the sea wednesday in the search. A temporary injunction. Rib tickler on the inside i Naolor a a by Olin Miller anybody that listens to folks or reads anything is a victim More c Scless of Des Moines w a Iowa his radio Contact with Highway patrol Way patrolmen took to the air sat j cars on the highways urday in a bid to hold the states when one of the air Bome patrol fourth of july weekend traffic toll men sees a Raffic violation on the below the predicted figure of 10. Highway below7, hell radio the in ing. Page 4. Dead. Formation to a patrol car. Which Pond Given patrolmen were Riding As a spot Wili take Over from there. 1 Page 4. Terse in nine army planes and jyf0yer said the air spotters also two Iowa National guard Helicon can dare q cars wherever there is ters All piloted by National guard acc Dent or to places where officers. J traffic congestion develops. State safety officials were Hope j the planes adj be in the i Ful that this Quot Birds Eye View of Ajr saturday. Sunday and monday. I the traffic picture would give pr0gram a Jujj be experimental effective control of violators spot bus weekend Moyer said but add j traffic congestion before trouble developed and help to dispose the. Quot. To l i we do not regard this Aerial Force of state Highway patrol a oc1 Miami of the Highway patrol As Tom Obi is w Here they would do the re j an experimental matter. Most Good. Opinions of others. Page 2. Stamps in the news. Page 2. Many motorists depend on Art 1.net-King. Page 3. Fire damages Steward build 3-year contract. Heat fore it is the first time Iowa has tried the air method of traffic con i tool though it has been used with Good results in Nebraska Illinois and other states. Clinton Moyer the new state safety commissioner said. Hobby resignation rumoured again a a a staff photo by Ron Liesener Minnesota students on a trip to new Orleans by raft passed Burlington without stopping on their makeshift Houseboat shortly before 5 . Friday. With Power for the raft generated by the car mounted on the deck the three youths Are making about four Miles an hour on the downstream Tnp. When they arrive at new Orleans they will Al drive Back Home. The three Are Dave Rutford. 24, Gray. P i 23, and Fred haj4beg, 18, of Paul Minn. Mrs. Washington 4-rumors that a Secretary of welfare Oveta Culp Hobby is going to resign soon there were eight deaths on Iowa have Arspn again highways during last year s july an administration offi Clai mid fourth weekend. Friday night he understands she will resign in Quot a week or so May the aircraft w ill be based at s x my a airfields at Atlantic. Sibley. Fort i s. Hobby could not be reached Dodge. Cedar rapids Davenport for Rorr men on the latest report. And Des Moines. To previous ones she has said to Voe spotter wifi have two was Somme Al some Relief from cast. Page 4. Pre school clinic Here. Page 4. County school assessor budgets up. Page 4. To Mark Holiday. Page 4. New car sales zoom in june. Page 5. Motorboating popular. Page 5. Worry clinic. Page 7. Say Many like new egg Law. Page 7. Power scrap gets rough. Page 8. Iowa and Illinois new. Page 9. Radio and to programs. Page 10. Local Church service. Page 10. News of men in service. Page 11. Mother kills two daughters. Page 11. Bees gain on Keokuk with 8-2 win. Page 12. Corn beit open set. Page 12. Junior editors. Page 14. Steel prices moving up. Page i i judge Fountain at adjournment time directed that the hearing Send in you would resume at 9 . Tuesday. Favorite up rvs a announcement came when it May be Bard for a Rich Man the plaintiffs in the Case had to enter the kingdom of heaven sought a temporary restraining or but its easy for him to get Onder against enforcement of the Lawr the Biard of trustees of his pending a ruling on the request Church. For a temporary injunction. Staff photo by Jerry knt i a shortly before his homemade sail boat turned Over in the Mississippi River Friday afternoon Pat Connelly 14, 529 s. Ninth was a picture of Youthful satisfaction As he sailed in the River near memorial auditorium. A Short time later he was swimming to Shore while police and firemen stood by in Case a Rescue was necessary. The Craft was built from a sail and seat strapped to an inflated inner tube while the Captain of the wore a life jacket fen anticipation of an Accident

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