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Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Burlington, Iowa Clearing colder near Zero Iowa a oldest newspaper established july a 1837 River stage�?7 feet 9t inches d�3wn inches the Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette volume 116�?no. 186_ phone 6130 Burlington Iowa monday february 16, 1953 a 16 pages two sections. Price�?5eyanks fire on Russ planes Over Japan committee favors june 30 tax Cut russians could drop a Tom bombs anywhere civil defense chiefs War Ning it speedup plea ire air threat to . Told. / a a it Fri a a in i i re i a a j a a i �1 a f a 1. M. J a it ___1 a f _ a i a. A _ a Al a Washington apr the Federal civil defense administration said monday Russia could Send 400 planes against any spot in the u. S. And drop numbers of atom bombs capable of inflicting 110,000 casualties with each bombing Mission would j such an initial attack the Agency said. Would come practically without warning probably during working hours and would be aimed primarily at crowded Indus 4hl areas. It would be backed up by psychological warfare to spread panic and weaken the will to tight and biological warfare to add disease to bombed out devastation it added. The Agency a annual report was sent to president Eisenhower and Congress by acting administrator Janies j. Wadsworth. Eisenhower in his state of the Union message urged a stepped up civil defense 4<ause he said there was no question Russia has the atomic bomb. A a a a a Wadsworth said in his report a these initial civil defense attack assumptions Are neither dramatic overstatement of the problem or a Retreat from the through the country a defense. The Agency assumed 400 bombers would strike with n o More than 15 minutes warning if any among the 67 areas it has designated As most Likely targets. The bombers it said would carry conventional bombs As Well As a atomic bombs 2% times As powerful As the one dropped on Hiroshima. In a daytime attack it said such a bombs would kill or reality of growing soviet Cap Abili wound 110,000 persons about half g e to workers and 42 million private Citi Zens. It said nearly four million persons have now been assigned to civil defense duties. The report listed As Basic re vote is 21 to 4 a rules group however will delay Bill it. Madison Marine held on Auto theft charge in Kentucky Washington i quire ments for effective civil de ways and Means committee Mon j return sense j a a Louisville by. Of a Charles r. Patterson 19, who gave fort Madison. Ia., As his address is one of three Camp Lejeune n.c., marines held under $2,000 Bond each Here for Federal grand jury hearing March 9. The other two Are Nelson e. Packwood it. Pleasant mieh., and Hubert Webb 24, Springfield mass. All Are charged with interstate automobile theft. They were arrested at Shivley near Here dec. 20. At time of arraignment pack lne House woo cd Gard id not want to to the Marine corps be one of intruding Craft damaged two fighters chased Back to Buriles Tokyo russian Type apr two u. S. Warplanes challenged two fighters Over Northern Japan today dam More real and effective leadership at All Levels of govern w aged one in a Brief skirmish and chased both intruders to fico Metaxes Lorer cent cause draftees Are a for d or i n soviet held Kurile islands the far East air forces axes. 10 per around the volunteers. He said i of the Rule a he was a stockade guard and had ment and a adequate financial Ommittee said the legislation will Heine j the other two escape and support instead of Token continued improvements in sea and air defences of North Ameri ties. A we Are making Progress in civil defense but Are losing ground in the face of the growing threat to our National Security. Make no mistake about it americans civil defense is not developing fast enough to meet the threat that now faces the report quoted the air Force As saying 70 per cent of an enemy of whom eventually would recover. Its primary task the a practical step by step Disper a program for Industry and a Agency realistic shelter program for High said is to Alert every american in congested areas family to the dangers of unpreparedness and to the need for a grass roots system of civil defense. I the report said nearly 2,000 civil defense exercises conduct Fuller recognition that the spiritual Unity of civil defense is an important Factor in the survival of the american Way of life. Civilian self Reliance aroused by be Pigeon holed until at least May acting in opposition to president Eisenhower a go slow advice on tax cuts the ways and Means committee approved 21 to 4 a measure by chairman Reed . Which would reduce income tax payments for 50 million americans at midyear 1953. Under present Law a 10 per cent tax Cut is scheduled for Jan. 1, 1954. Went with them. Nelson new medical Dean chairman Allen . Of Iowa City Iff a or. Norman Bartram Nelson 40, who had a major part in the planning and staffing of the new College of the Medicine at the University of Cali de by cities and states in 1952 in full knowledge of the dangers the solved two million civil defense nation faces. Eisenhower s desire Fra May be made Cabinet department Washington Iff a sen. Taft a Ohio said monday president Eisenhower wants to make a Cabi let rank govern-1 ment department out of the fed j eral Security administration and has set machinery in motion to create such a department Taft the Senate Republican floor Leader gave this word to reporters aft mrs. Hobby or a 40 minute meeting of congressional leaders with the president. A 9 he said much of the session was spent in discussion on the question of repudiating certain a secret Spee Mentse made by presidents Roosevelt and Truman. In his state of the Union address. Eisenhower said he would shortly ask Congress to repudiate any secret agreements of the past which involved the enslavement of free Peoples anywhere. Taft said the proposed Resolution will be introduced in Congress a a within a reasonable a it would think it w o u 1 d go Taft said. A i Taft and House speaker Martin . Met with newsmen in the office of White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty immediately after they and other gop leaders had held their regular monday morning strategy conference with the president. This was a departure from past sessions when the congressional leaders have been reluctant to talk. A Jet said a Resolution setting up department to take Over i the work of the Federal Security administration is being prepared j Fra now is headed by mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby who sits in on Cabinet meetings. Mrs. Hobby voiced the Hope before she took office that her Post would be Rais to one of full Cabinet rank. F a includes the social Security system and a Complex of other Federal health educational and re Ted services. It put did t go into the reasons a turning Fra into a regular department. He said however that those at mondays meeting appeared to he in favor of the step though he said the question was vhf whet it would be better to Doh fall. House rules committee said Short-1 furnia los Angeles was announce by after the ways and Means aced monday As the new Dean of the Tion that his group a will hold All College of Medicine. State univer tax reduction legislation until at sity of Iowa. Least May 1. He will take office at Iowa City Reed is expected to seek an or in july said or. Virgil m. Han Der from the rules committee barring amendments to h i s Bill from the House floor. That would give the rules committee the Power to delay Floo action. Allen said that before his group acts to Clear tax cutting proposals for floor action a it must be apparent that the Federal budget will be greatly reduced in order that we can live on our Federal income without the necessity of borrowing another Eisenhower has said he wants Steps taken to balance the budget a before any personal income tax reduction is approved. Reed said the vote at a closed committee meeting was 21 to 4 in favor of his proposal. One Democrat and three republicans voted against it. Twelve Kerub Okay tax Cut Page 18 Cher Sui president. Or. Nelson now is on leave As assistant Dean of the College of Medicine Urcla and is serving As Dean of the school of Medicine. American University of Beirut in Lebanon. He has been there for the past two years. Said. It was the first time soviet planes had appeared Over Northern. Japan since the government with Strong u. S. Backing on Jan. 13 warned her mighty neighbor to the North against such unauthorized flights. The air Force announcement said the Thunder jets intercepted the la 11s near demure on the Eastern tip of Northern hokkaido this morning. They signalled the intruders to land. One Thunder Jet opened fire when the order was ignored. One of the la 11s was hit in the fuselage and wings. Both planes fled toward the Buriles. The Thunder jets broke off the a a a a a Usilio Plant ripped Iowa Jet Ace runs his Mig string to 8 Seoul Iff �?. Sabre jets monday shot Down three russian built migs probably destroyed another and damaged seven while screening a massive air raid on a Bir Chase a to avoid violation of rus communist troop and Supply build on the inside forecast near Zero. Page 2. West Burlington Man reports $790 thefts. Page 2. Worry clinic. Page 3. Navy air Force at Odds. Page 4. Taft Hartley injunctions irk labor. Page 8. Iowa and Illinois news. Page 9. Biack Hawks beat Kemper. Page 10. % Mediapolis in league Lead. Page 10. Danville Denmark win Page 11. Jesus of Nazareth. Page 12. Searchers doubt any survive Gulf crash. Page 12. Weeks and Barge lines. Page 16. Sian held the air Force said. It was in the ame general area within sight of the Buriles. That a u. S. B29 super fort was shot Down oct. 7. Russia protested to the . That the super fort violated russian territory and opened fire on soviet planes. The ., in re up area. Two of the three Mig kill were credited to first it. Harold e. Fischer jr., of Swea City la. A his seventh and eighth. Fischer is Iowa a Only Jet Ace of the korean War. The . Fifth air Force report is after announcing earlier that 200 Allied fighter bombers had ply denied both charges and said e 3 the communist Jet fighter loss the super fort was not armed. The fear gave few details of today action. It did not specs turned the Supply area Southwest of Pyongyang into a boiling mass of smoke and flames. It was the second straight Day of Jet dog fights in far Northwest late in the nationality of the la 11 pilots. Air bases in Japan had orders not to comment. A a in be got orders right Here on Korea. Mardi gras group under decorative Clown and huge Cluster of balloons group of dancers attending Mardi gras at hotel Burlington saturday night rest during intermission. Left to right Are or. And mrs. James Ewinger mrs. Charles John son. Or. And mrs. Gordon Hunt and Charles Johnson standing. Social event was Given by St. Martha a Guild of Christ episcopal Church was attended by Large crowd. Another picture on Page six. Hawk Eye Gazette photo. Western Kansas has Kab lockout9 storms Snow and dust Large area but the judge postponed the exe de local weather Page 2 suffers be Ere Bui is by the associated press one of the worst storms in years belted the Midwest and Southwest monday whipping up dust and Snow blizzards in parts of Nebraska Kansas Colorado and Oklahoma. Were general in the Dakotas and i Minnesota and were spreading i southward and eastward. A band of Snow 100 Miles wide extended across this sector from Eastern Montana into Nebraska and through Northern Illinois. There was lesser precipitation ends All Hopes lost planets fourth raft found empty new Orleans Iff a a fourth life raft from the National airlines dc-6 plane that plunged into the j Washington last week probably March 1% spies to die during week of March 9 new York Iff a execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg monday As set for the week of March 9. Federal judge Irving r. Kaufman scheduled the new execution Date for the husband and wife whose Appeal to the president for clemency has been rejected. The couple was convicted nearly two years ago of conspiring to transmit atomic information to Russia. They have been in sing sing prisons death House Ever since. U. S. Marshal William Carroll said the Date of the electrocution May be March 12, and the hour 11 . Rosenberg. 34, and his wife. 36, originally had been scheduled to. Die in the electric chair there Jan. Finance e pm a Ranft a which my one officer said a not to say a iowan stars in his Bull ring debut san Miguel Allende Mexico Iff a a native iowan a former the sabres outnumbered 45 to 22, shot Down two migs sunday probably destroyed a third a n a damaged four. A a a Allied fighter bombers knocked out two generators at the big Sui to hydroelectric Cowboy turned bullfighter made Yah River Boundary a Quot titles. His debut Here sunday and was the a Star of the show. On Tho Anchor More than 500 air Force Marine Tommy Andre bom in Sioux and . Carrier planes turned City and now living in san Miguel the giant Sueiho Plant a the world a made a series of Good passes at fourth largest a into a pile of his Bull and killed it on the first junk last june 23, but the communists evidently had rebuilt it. House committee denies defense department si.2 billion it asked new funds requests refused or slashed Washington Iff a a defense department request for $1,200,000-000 in new funds for the current year was rejected in full monday by the House appropriations committee. The committee said the department should use available funds to adequate balance in this fund and that it can be reviewed when the regular White House budget is considered later this year. The hefty wielding of the budget i approved in full a request of the i House clerk for $29,250 to buy 225 High Back swivel chairs for House members at a Cost of $130 each. And it okayed $14,000 for new car cutting a was stayed in the Case pets and rugs for the old House of the House itself. The committee office building. The new Money had been request cution to permit time for the president to act on their clemency Appeal. President Eisenhower last week turned them Down. Setting of the new execution Date came amid a growing clamor Over the Case. Hundreds picketed the White House late last week in protest against the death penalty. Most of the new Money sought was for army Navy and air Force military pay increases in which were voted by Congress since the last defense department budget was approved. The request for additional funds came from former president Truman before he left office last month. In some cases president Eisenhower revised the requests for the second tire the roman but in others he made no changes. Catholic apostolic delegation in storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with the government the Pope has re 46 persons aboard was found Emp the additional Money asked was informed for during the balance of the current fiscal year which ends a the East where the weather was while lesser winds accompanied More moderate. Northern new. I Are 50. Suffered severe heat re temp nature a England had some rain and Snow a y monday Northern prams and upper there were Snow flurries i n Nen contacted a live electric mlsslsslpp1 Valley a Biow that a Rammai u eng 440 volts at Star raised up to 80 Miles an hour irn Bill motor division. Mount sunday lofted dust More than 12, 000 feet High in Western Kansas. In virtually Zero visibility kansans groped through the worst dust storm since the storied blackouts of 20 years ago. Traffic was at a standstill pleasant Price a i a ton Drifting Snow blocked Mountain neared Hurricane velocity. Division Etc eur lives at 1102 n. V s Rusno to burling by police where he re exigency treatment. S Hern found and Given up action of Gerald _ a a a ,. Leman of Assembly and passes in Northern Colorado Sun Plenc Day and forced the postponement once and an in Alator squad of the National ski jumping meet at Steamboat Springs. Trees Telephone and Power lines were levelled. Temperatures in the More critical three state area of the storm were not As bitter How Ever As the Section to the North. Aber and there were Snow flurries the great lakes area. To monday a apparently ending All Hope for three other life rafts a All empty a were found Bobbing on the Choppy Waters sunday by an Armada of planes and ships that combed the Waters. The coast guard said the fourth raft was recovered a accounting for All of the rafts and apparently ending any Hope for the raft had never been inflated. Only a Remote possibility was Jense counsel was required. Cei Ved Large numbers of pleas for june the committee said no vital programs would be Hurt if mercy. And sunday night a protestant Leader renewed the plea of some 2,300 protestant clergy for commutation of the sentence. No american civilian Ever has died for espionage the crime of which the couple was convicted the extra Money were taken from other funds available to the department. The defense fund requests were considered along with recommendations for additional Money for numerous other agencies. The com the court proceeding monday Mittee action cleared for floor de was simply an announcement by Bate tuesday the first appropriate judge of the new execution tin Bill Mohe 83rd Congress. Date. The presence of neither the government prosecutor nor of de held by the coast guard that any survivors we Ould be found aboard the fourth raft. The coast guard said even if in Western Nebraska the storm survivors had managed to get on pushed Over Trees broke windows the rafts that the rough Waters Only action by the . Supreme court a which has twice rejected appeals in the Case a could now save the couple from death a bar of the Case or stripped off shingles television aerials and communications. Northwest winds carried dust in-1 to Oklahoma on sporty gusts that Tore Down would have probably washed them interrupted overboard. See Story Page 12 a Zuia Ioui Quai a fire department answer brr and found Price Writh arms and bleeding rib heckler w Send in a f0ui favorit my Santhe mum by any a Foj Nam would be easier to Oklahoma City recorded gusts of 72 Miles a a hour and visibility was shortened to Only a Block or two in Many cities in the Northwestern part of the state. The dust Laden wind moved across the state in a southeasterly direction headed for Arkansas. Damage from Early reports was listed As Light and no injuries were Deen s. D. Had 14 below this reported although police in some and Fargo n. D. -7. Of the smaller communities said i Nabor Miller in morning i temperature of a lady told me some men git rid of their wives by divorcing pm others by Forkim to Dea i in All Congress was asked to approve $2,313,719,590 in supplementary appropriations for the current fiscal year. The committee lopped off a total of 60 per cent of those funds giving approval to Only $905,672,920 in extra Money. Far and away the biggest chunk Cut out by the committee Lay in defense funds. Some of the new Money requests submitted by Truman were scaled Heads other g reconsideration Eisenhower. In sentencing the couple to death two years ago. Judge Kaufman called their crime worse than Mur i it the Rosenbergs attorney Down by new department Emanual h. Bloch has asked the appointed by Eisenhower . Court of appeals to stay the requests were not disturbed. Ovo Mininn a Portiner renewed Deti-1 the committee even Cut the execution pending renewed petitions to the supreme court. The appeals court is to hear the motion tuesday. Lowans appointed Miami Beach. Fla. It of a. Grueskin. Sioux City. A. And har staff old a. Goldman Des Moines have been appointed to the Cam presidents funds. It rejected in full a request for $75,000 for the presidents Council of economic advisers Cea and approved instead a $25,000 fund for the president to appoint an economic adn Viser and an economic advisory Zero o r lower visibility was a Zero. A request for $350,099 for the presidents emergency fund was pain Cabinet of the United jew i chopped Down to $75,999. Cornish Appeal. Mittee n Mittee members said there is an Church honors. Conage Nariani Peter Ruff right who will be 90 years old on wednesday pictured with Rev. R. G. Beck sunday morning As congregation of first evangelical amp reformed Church honors his birthday anniversary. He has been a member of the Church about 70 years was presented an Azalea Plant by the congregation. Ruff. Who with a daughter mrs. Oscar Berges 1203 n. Eighth a. He was thankful for the occasion and that god has slanted and his Church a Long time together. Hawk Eye Gazette y

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