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Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Burlington, Iowa A ta., hit rec Eye Gaffi wed., any. To. 165 thinking out loud by client of Riters big government peril Moline 111. Daily dispatch the size of your Federal government is continuing to grow at an alarming rate despite intermittent efforts to Check it. Here to illustrate Are some comparison according to the current Issue of nations business during the time the nations population doubled a from 1900 to the present a government employment multiplied eight times government payroll multiplied 12 times government expenditures multiplied 71 times and Public debt multiplied 89 times. From 1929 to 1953 retail sales went up nearly 300 percent but government expenditures went up 900 percent. Government expenditures in 1953 were 71 times those in 1902, while the Gross National product increased Only 15.5 times. While private employment increased 117 percent from 1900 to 1953, government employment went up 760 percent. In 1900 one out of 24 persons worked for the government. Today one out of six persons works for the government. In 1902 each american owed $43 for the Cost of government today each american owes $1,900. In 1932 state and local governments were spending 67.4 percent of the Dollar with the Federal government spending 32.6 percent today the Federal government spends 60.7 percent. A a in the face of these devastating comparisons there can be no doubt that the Federal government in All conceivable respects is growing at an alarming rate. Does it matter Here Are some things to consider. Government is non productive. It does not contribute a thin dime to the National product. Therefore the More Effort expended toward government leaves that much less available for productive Enterprise. Government is not self liquidating because its existence does no to depend upon a profit. On the contrary it tends to perpetuate its existence through a Maze of interlocking programs and the larger those programs become the More impossible becomes the Job of the legislative body to disentangle the mess. Corruption and inefficiency Are inherently a part of any government regardless of its size. Although the degrees of corruption and inefficiency May vary widely according to the Caliper of people in government it is indisputable that the amount of corruption and inefficiency increases As the size of government increases. And finally All Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely. There is no such thing As a benevolent dictatorship. Because men and not machines operate government part of their activity is toward self interest. One of the phonies illusions constructed in this nation is that blessings flow from the government. The hard fact is that blessings flow from the people themselves in the form of the incorporation of their productive efforts. The government is capable a As we have seen of stimulating a sense of Security and Well being among people but the cooler is that the people have been paying their own Money and efforts to themselves minus the Cut taken out for the Cost of government. A a is bigness in itself an evil in government absolutely for the reasons among Many others a cited above. In the Light of what is happening to the american system a the draining off of resources into bureaucracy we believe the Battle a8inft big government should get under Way in Earnest. This is not and should not be a political Battle. It should not necessarily cast a reflection against those who now or in the future hold Public office. Rather it should be directed squarely at the Issue a Cut the size of government before the Point is reached when government is responsible for the people rather than the people Are responsible for government. This St that by . We in today s scripture a they hated knowledge Quot a prow i 29. There Are some who Pervert knowledge and history to suit their ends but truth is mighty and will prevail at last. Ferencek. There should be some guarantee if the reds Are taken into the Community of nations that abide by the generally accepted rules of conduct toward prisoners of War. Cwm cd editorial. Good suggestion As of tuesday there were 12 polio patients in mercy Hospital and there is every likelihood there will be More before the polio season is Over. Five of these patients require Iron lungs. The Hospital has Only three Iron lungs of its own. Additional lungs have been borrowed from other communities. Should polio strike these communities they would be compelled to request the return of their Iron lungs. Obviously More Iron lungs Are needed but How to get them Iron lungs Cost $1,900 apiece you can hardly expect to raise enough Money for one by holding a Benefit dance and a couple of bake sales. An excellent suggestion for raising Money for Iron lungs was passed onto us by a nurse at the Hospital and we should like to pass it along to the Des Moines chapter of the National foundation for infantile paralysis. The suggestion is that a a Dollar for wrong lungs Quot Campaign be carried out with every family in the county being asked to donate one Dollar for the Purchase of Iron lungs for mercy Hospital. There is hardly anybody who cannot afford to contribute a Dollar to such a worthy cause and hardly anybody who would not be willing to do so. Polio is no respecter of persons it strikes indiscriminately the Rich the poor and the in Between the prominent and the obscure the worthy and unworthy. In contributing to an Iron lung it could truthfully be said a the life Yod save May be your Lam a a a a a chinese reds ifs Bard to maintain Good relations with the chinese reds. Its even Tough to consider such a move. In View of the stories of excruciating physical and mental torture told by u. Airmen who were held captive by the chinese its difficult to find common ground on w hich to base diplomatic or Trade practices. Take the Case of col. John Knox Arnold or. For instance. He said the reds used a persuasion Quot that civilized people simply do not know about in their efforts to obtain false confessions. He told of being slugged in the face a Fath his hands tied behind him of Tourniquet like manacles of being forced to stand until you Start screaming. And that a Only part of it. It would do no Good for the u. To take reprisals against red captives even if this country would stoop so lows and it a because the reds probably done to care what happens to their people when lost to their own cause. But the barbarism of the chinese reds dating Back to mass Slaughter when they took Over China Sno ulc not be condoned by Large scale concessions at diplomatic con railroads lose 44 cents for every Dollar they take in on their dining car but somehow that does no to bring tears to our eyes. The carriers should borrow the airlines technique. Permit the passengers to order on Boardm ing wire the orders j ahead put the food aboard at a mealtime pause and provide the a diners with seat service. A if you live Long enough you la look Back on this Mph troublesome moment As the Good old Days. Ltd in Wichita a Black Market in babies has been brought to Light. Allegedly the lawyer who conducted it collected a Large fee from the Foster parents to cover delivery costs then forced the Mother to work out her own Hospital Bill. And who can remember when attorneys of that sort chased ambulances instead of storks to nowadays the favorite recipe of Many women is a a it a called bite Delight heat a serve supper and it Sells for 79 to Home from abroad one gent reports that while the cathedrals were awfully hard on his feet going to Europe was Well Worth it because he never before knew what a Joy it was to meet other americans. Of it is cheering to see that two Cabinet members who severed their business connections when they signed up with the government and who recently have resigned have got their old jobs Back. One from his brother and the other from her husband. Of if it weren to for villains in the movies lung cancer and proud fathers what would become of the Cigar Industry of among the Silver Loving cups on one golfers mantelpiece is a rusted Metal can. Its the one he made his Hole in one in. President golfing More by Drew Pearson Washington with Congress out of town president Eisenhower is spending More time on the Golf course at Gettysburg and at the burning tree club just outside of washing on. Caddies a t 3uming tree Lave got t o Enow the president a 1-nost As Well As pome Mem a. It ers of t h e smorgasbord 5yaflt�tyd a credit i Mons and their place in society Quot was the title of a talk delivered before the Lions club tuesday by Bill Martin Des Moines of the Iowa credit Union league. A a credit Union is a Mutual saving and loan association organized among people who have a common occupation association or place of residence Quot Martin explained. A credit unions Are open Only to those who have this Bond in common. Only members May put Money into a credit Union and Only members May borrow. We Wmma Abinet k n a w he a huh urn As far As Pearson Golf is concerned they know him better. And some of the caddies have quite a collection of his Golf balls the gift to Eisenhower of a sporting goods firm with a emr. President Quot stamped on them. The president usually gives one or two away during a match but they Are kept As souvenirs by the Lucky recipients and never put Back into play. A a a Alfing companions have noted a special improvement in his driving he consistently pokes pm off the tee for 200 Yards or longer. However he is still a Little erratic in his putting and approach shots particularly on a Chip Quot shots that have to be lofted Over a trap. He works on this whenever he has time to practice on the White House Lawn. In a regular match the president shoots in the High 80�?Ts, better than average at burning tree. But he is a fierce competitor hates to lose to anyone even his son John now stationed at nearby fort Belvoir a. John hits a longer Ball but is not As Good a Putter As his father who usually beats him by a few strokes. Other favorite golfing cronies of the president include col. Tom Belshe a retired army officer Jack Westland of Washington and gop congressmen Charlie h a 1-Leck of Indiana and Les Arends of Illinois. Westland was National Amateur golfing Champion in 1952. However Eisenhower keeps h i s favorite sport on a bipartisan plane by sometimes inviting rep. George Mahon of Texas or another Democrat to join in a foursome. A a a the president insists on splitting Caddy fees with his foursome partner. Counting tips this usually is $7 for 18 holes making Eisenhower a share $3.50. He always pays off in Crisp new Bills. At the end of a match he a replays Quot his Good and bad shots while under the Shower or while chatting with fellow players Over refreshments at the �?o19th he is an eager Beaver Type on the Green and moves so fast after teeing off that he sometimes is standing Over his Ball while companions who May be lying farther from the Green and therefore Are entitled to the next shot Are preparing to swing again. This causes some concern at burning tree. A suppose Quot remarked one of his golfing pals a one of us should accidentally hit the president while he is standing there ahead of us. He is such a Strong competitor and so engrossed in his game that he does no to think about the possibility of getting conked by a stray when the president is advised of his risky position he apologizes and Steps Back with a Grin so the game can go on. The secret service keep a vigilant Eye Oil the chief executive though not out of fear that he May be hit by a Golf Ball. One of his favorite golfing stories is about a secret service a lapse Quot one Day when he was playing at burning tree. Secret service agents were at the Entrance Gate checking automobiles and their occupants. Merle Thorpe former editor of nations business drove up and was asked his name. Without blinking an Eye Thorpe reeled off the most russian sounding name he could make up with a a ski Quot on the end of it. A pass on in Quot said the agent without hesitation. A a a despite the full blown Prosperity in most of the u. S., bankruptcy cases in the same u. Are at an All time High. This probably represents the difficulty of Small business to compete against the Modem methods of big business. How Many companies Are going bankrupt is indicated by the recent request of the Commerce department for the largest amount of Money in history for salaries to referees in bankruptcy. Acting on this request the House banking and currency committee stated a the committee was advised that approximately 65,000 bankruptcy cases will be filed in 1955, that a total increase of 75,000 in 1956 can be expected. This would be the highest number of bankruptcies recorded in the history of the meanwhile the profits of general motors during the first year of the Eisenhower administration increased approximately 50 per cent. A Eisenhower had a talk with top Republican leaders in Congress just before they left Washington and explained to them what h i s strategy would be in regard to a special session. Now Eisenhower is the last one who would want a special session. He does no to particularly relish having Congress in town always feels better when they re out of town. But he notified leaders that he would Call a meeting of his Council of economic advisers in late september and get from them a prognostication in regard to the economic condition of the nation. They have been warning him that runaway inflation might cause trouble around the Spring of �?T56. This is the worst time from a political Point of View for the Republican party to have a recession. But the White House economic advisers though not entirely u unanimous have feared that the tremendous Sale of automobiles this year plus the Sale of houses most of it instalment plan buying might overload consumer buying Power and Lead to a retrenchment. Therefore if the president s economic advisers take a dim View of the future in late september Eisenhower told congressional leaders he would Call Congress Back in october to pass a Highway Bill. This would provide new spending and stave off any recession. Note meanwhile some of the publicity experts around the White House a and Eisenhower has a lot of them a Are undertaking a grassroots drive to put the heat on congressmen while they re a t Home to step up sentiment for a Highway Bill. A a segregation ended for sen. Holland of Florida at a dinner at the British embassy recently where ate his first meal at the same table with a negro. The dinner was Given in Honor of the honorable Norman Washington Manley chief minister of Jamaica and the Hon. Albert Gomes minister of labor Industry and Commerce of Trinidad. At the supper Manley sat not far from Holland. On july 13, Secretary of the army Wilber Brucker flew to Omaha neb., to be guest speaker at to 37th reunion of the famed Rai Bow division of which he is a member. Because he was going in an official capacity then Secretary of the army Robert Stevens gave him the use of his plane. Rather than Fly alone Brucker contacted some Rainbow veterans around Washington and took them along. Some guests complained at having to leave Omaha Early and miss the big party but All were impress la by Bruckert a thoughtfulness. G. President Eisenhower Hasni to Given up his atoms for peace ship. In a private letter to Connecticut a gop congressman Jim Patterson the president wrote Quot the Rea sons underlying our plan for such a ship Are no less impelling now than when it was first considered. The world by and Large today considers atomic science As having a destructive purpose a i As being of primary important Only to two great world centers Washington and Moscow. We Jim by must demonstrate convincingly to the world in As Many Way As we can and to As Many Peoples As we can that we Are determined to utilize atomic science to improve the lot of Man. I deeply believe that the atoms fur peace ship should dramatize the efforts All Over the copyright 1955. Belt Syndicate Maffitt after All by Elm a newspaper headline called attention to the information that Coffee Breaks would be obsolete in 1980. The headline however Wasny to quite certain of itself. The Story revealed that by 1980 most offices would be operated by robots that Only a few persons would be around to punch the buttons which would produce All the work done now by stenographers and secretaries. A a All of which made the Elm headline wrong because As Long As there Are one or two persons working in an office even doing nothing but pushing buttons which will operate robots there will be Coffee Breaks. The few Button pushers will demand from the Boss that they have time off in the mornings and time off in the afternoons to go to the nearest cafe for a Coffee break. Some of the russian agriculturists visiting in Iowa have proved themselves fair diplomats. At least they know the trend of the american Way of thinking. One night they were taken to a movie starring Jane Russell. Next night they saw Marilyn Monroe in her latest picture. They said they liked Marilyn better than they liked Jane. And that a the Way the american Public perhaps fickle has developed its thinking. Jane Russell was the heroine for several years. Then came Marilyn Monroe and now Jane is in the background. Maybe we be been Selling these russians Short. Maybe they know what s going on. We oldsters have had Many movie heroines in our time. The custom continues with the younger set. I suppose Theda Bara could be counted As one of my Early appeals although Theda was a bit on the heavy Side for such a Young Man. The girl who played in perils of Pauline was another Star which shone but darned if i can recall her name White or something like that. Then came Kathleen Williams who was starred in another one of those never ending adventure serials. About this time All was forgotten when Gara Bow came on the scene. Clara was something special to All of us gaping youngsters. She had to share the spotlight however with some of the bathing gals of the old comics. I am sorry but i done to recall a single name of any of those girls but i can assure you they were also something even if they did Wear bathing suits that showed no skin at All. There May have been a few others in the interim but Here came Jean Harlow with her Blondine hair and her Beautiful body and All others were forgotten. Then Betty Hutton and a few others and now Marilyn Monroe and the consensus me is that they re getting better year by year. Martin said there Are 278 credit unions in Iowa with a total membership of 87,000. There Are nearly 20.000 credit unions in the United states and the total membership is nearly nine million. There Are six credit unions in the Burlington Vicinity those of the Burlington municipal employees Burlington postal employees iop j. I. Case employees. West Burlington shops employees and St. John pan so. A a a a a credit onion is managed by a Board of directors elected by and from the membership Quot Martin said. A the treasurer is the Only person who May draw pay for his services to the Union. Since the Church or Plant around which the Union is entered usually provides a Headquarters without Cost the unions expenses Are Small. As a result is Able to pay annual dividends of three or 31 per a a a Martin Aid credit unions not Only make it possible for people with Small incomes to save or borrow Small sums of Money but also they teach people savings habits. He said credit unions were started in Germany in 1848. A tile first credit Union on the North american continent was started in Canada in 1900,&Quot he said. A Money invested in a credit Union comes from members and from members the speaker asserted. He said credit unions Are under the supervision either of the state in which they Are located or the Federal government. A the Iowa credit Union league helps local credit unions get started Quot said Martin. A through it the local Union can connect up with the credit Union National Martins talk included a question and answer period. A a a John Painter a Lions International zone chairman from san Antonio Texas also addressed the meeting. Painter is a native of Terre haute 111. Major production by 1970 foreseen Geneva conference hears Canada s a Power Outlook by Frank Carey. A science reporter Geneva it a Canada reported today that within to years she May be producing atomic Power that can compete in some areas with Coal and water Power. And from 1970 on two Canadian experts told the 72-nation Agoras for peace conference atomic Power May begin to emerge a was a major if not the major source of electricity in j. Davis an economist of Canadas department of Trade and Commerce and w. B. Lewis research vice president of the dominions atomic project at Chalk River ont., made the report. They told delegates to the meeting that the performance of one of Canada s research reactors and other studies raised the possibility of producing Power at 7 Mills per kilowatt Bour within the next to years. A Mill is one tenth of a cent. A atomic Energy plants with an even better performance than this May Well be under construction in Canada before 1965,&Quot they added. The canadians said that because of their country a abundant water and Coal resources nuclear Power must drop below 8 Mills before it can compete a anywhere in a at 7 Mills a they continued Quot it might be Able to compete with Hydro or Coal fired steam Power. However these demands would be limited in the near future. A but at 6 Mills the situation is different. The highly developed Power consuming Region of Southern Ontario where imported Coal will soon be the Only alternative could absorb Large blocks of Power in this Cost Range without creating even a temporary surplus of generating a the canadians predicted their country a Start in the atomic Power Field will be modest with Only a few test reactors in operation and with the government providing some of the financial backing. Then Between 1960 and 1970, they forecast an increasing number of nuclear plants under construction with private Industry shouldering most if not All of the Cost. A by 1980,&Quot they said a nuclear Power plants May conceivably account for As much Asio to 15 per cent of the total generating capacity in this Limestone booms Alpena Mich. A it a the nations largest source for Limestone is the claim of the lower great lakes area following the reopening of the Stone port Quarry of the Presque Isle corp. A an investment of 15 million dollars. The Quarry is one of several in the area shipping Limestone to the nations steel plants. Looking backward. 1ft years ago 1945 Dane d. Morgan Burlington architect was employed by the Iowa state Board of education to draw plans for a $200,000 building for Iowa state teachers College. 25 years ago 1930 two Brothers were drowned in Flint Creek. They were Louis or. And Paul Rogosia aged 27 and 22. Respectively. They were the sons of Louis Rogosia 629 South Leebrick Street. Emmett j. Boyd. 49. Was seriously injured in a Accident at the Sears Roebuck co. Store. An express Man Boyd was hauling paper for the store when he was struck by an elevator. Policeman Harry Delashmutt was injured when the police motorcycle he was Riding was involved in a collision with a grocery truck. So years ago 1905 said the Hawk Eye a the annual Koest Ner picnic is an event to which the family and their friends always look Forward with Happy anticipation. They judge the future by the past. And of course the sixth annual event was no exception to the Rule. It was Given at Sullivan Slough tuesday. The members of the family had invited a few personal friends and the party spent a very Happy Day in the Woods the Day was devoted to fishing games and the exchanging of reminiscence a its the customer who pays. And . And pays on the Iona Side Winfield a the annual Gittings reunion will be held sunday at Dankwardt Park Burlington. A Basket dinner will be served at noon. Or. And mrs. De Feldman left for Barstow Calif., where they will spend six weeks visiting relatives. Louella and Eddie Rathmell went to Courtney n. Dak., for a visit at the Home of her sister mrs. Aaron pcs Kemp. Nina Whisler arrived from Phoenix ariz., for a visit with her parents or. And mrs. R. G. Whisler. The Rene Clifton family has been vacationing in Michigan. Columbus Junction a Philip Stehn of Vryheid Union of South Africa a student at Northern Baptist Seminary of Chicago and his wife and 22-month-old son Paul spent the weekend at the Home cd or. And mrs. W. L. Grope near Winfield. Or. And mrs. Grope met the e family in South Africa two years ago. The Rev. W. T. Boston will attend the annual Assembly of evangelical United Brethren churches at Cedar Falls aug. 9-14. Columbus Junction a the Columbus Junction Post office is being painted. The project is under the supervision of f. M. Mach Art Fargo n. Dak. A a Columbus Junction a the Columbus Junction band sponsored a skating party at the Barnard rink tuesday evening. Columbus bakery owned and operated by or. And mrs. D. W. Dicker is beginning its ninth year of business in Columbus Junction today. Marshall miniature Farmer ettes will hold an a achievement Day Quot pre Gram in Otter Creek Community Center at 7 30 . Thursday. Feryl Fletcher who received a degree in electrical engineering at the end of the summer term at Iowa state College began work aug. I with North american aviation corporation at san Fernando Calif. A a a Danville a mrs. V. A. Reiring arrived from Lebanon mo., for a visit at the Home of mrs. Fred Beck. Or. And mrs. Avn Coberly and children Are vacationing in California. Or. And mrs. Warence Dykstra and children Joan a niger and Rosy Thornburg visited in Albia. Ruth Frerichs terminated a Long stay at her Home leaving for san Antonio Texas. Zeba May Thayer is visiting her sister and family in Washington d. C. Tit morning Sun a the Mcelhinney reunion will be held at noon on aug. 20 at Locust Grove Park morning Sun. A a a i Eft so or. And mrs. Jack Estle and Diane and Nancy Are vacationing in the West. Or. And mrs. Robert Meinen. Silver Creek nev., Are visiting mrs. Meinen a parents or. And mrs. Harry Furnas or. Or. And mrs. Emory Curtis and son Thomas left on a vacation trip to Minnesota. Or. And mrs. Gilbert Lehman who Are moving to Reno nev., were guests of Honor at a Farewell party Given by members of the Lucky Leader sunday Schoni class at the methodist Church. A a Oakville a the Rev. Herbert revenger formerly of Oakville is now serving As pastor of the Church of god at Moulton. The family moved to Moulton from Rayville to. This fail revenger will teach in a Bible school at Kirksville to. Veldo Alderson Csc son of mrs. Ross Wilson of Oakville is on duty near Yokosuka Japan after Haing been stationed at Pearl Harbor with the u. Navy for several years. He recently built a $17, too House at Pearl Harbor. Cantril a Ralph Keeler and family went to Independence t o visit mrs. Keeler a Niece mrs. H. L. Mcintosh and family. From Independence they will go to Lewis colo., to visit Keeler a brother Rex Keeler and family Teddy Buxton Oreana 111., spent the weekend at the Home of his parents or. And mrs. Ora Buxton and served As an usher at the Davis Coleman wedding. Or. And mrs. Richard Varvil and three sons Mexico mo., visited or. And mrs. Charlie Hill. James Hetzler terminated an extended visit with his grandparents or. And mrs. W. L. Hetzler at Cass Lake Minn. Church sentence Columbia s. C. In a a Man w to flourished a hand grenade when Richland county deputies went to arrest him has been put under a peace Bond with the stipulation that he attend Church or sunday school each sunday with his family for one year. Magistrate Cal Lawson sent de him to serve five Days or pay a $5 Fine. The Many a wife is to report each monday whether he went to Church the previous Day. There is also a suspended sentence of 30 Days in jail or a $100 Fine. The officers said they were called by the Many a wife. He pulled the pin of the grenade which failed to go off because it did not con Tain any powder. I Burlington Hawk Eye Gazette Iowa a oldest newspaper established 1837 phone Plaza 4-8461 published at 309-311 Washington Street. Burlington. Iowa by the Burlington Hawk Eye company Clarence w Moody. Editor and publisher published afternoons except sunday. And entered at the Post office in Burlington. Iowa. As second class matter under act of Congress m 3 1879. Member associated pres the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a Dews dispatches. By mail within 75 Miles i year also member of american newspaper publishers Assn., Inland daily press Assn. Iowa daily press Assn. Audit Bureau of circulations. Subscription rates by Carrier in All towns. 30 cent weekly. 19 o. A to. S5.00 8 . 82.75 i to. 81.36 elsewhere in u. year j is to 6 to. $8.00 3 to. $5.00 i to. I is to i \

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