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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Burlington, Iowa Y fun Stipe jew Iii 1 up Fol k�st>3 $1 i Jii rat Titi immm1 wednesday february 27, 1991 the Hawk Eye forecast wednesday should be partly sunny with the daytime High about 50. Page 2a Iowa s oldest newspaper 154th year a no. 196 800 s. Main St. A Burlington Iowa 52601 a 319 754-8461 24 pages a 35 cent Kuwait All but liberated by troops Kuwait City a with iraqis shattered occupation army in chaotic flight Baghdad announced it was willing to drop All claims to Kuwait if the Allied assault would Only Stop but deep inside rain darkened Iraq . Forces and Saddam Hussein a Best troops were locked in a fierce tank Battle. The Effort to retake Kuwait City was in its final stages. American tanks vanquished an iraqi unit at the City a Airport and the marines said All organized resistance had been halted. Some snipers reportedly remained. Baghdad radio in an offer swiftly rejected by the White House announced that in Exchange for a cease fire Iraq would accept a . Resolution that declared its annexation of Kuwait null and void. It also would accept a Resolution that lays the groundwork for iraqi reparations and the prosecution of iraqis for human rights violations. Iraq also offered to free All prisoners of War after a cease fire. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said the iraqi announcement fell a far Short of what a necessary to end the War. Because it was a still a conditional Britain said the offer was deficient because the iraqis had not agreed to All 12 . Resolutions. But Abdul Amir a1 Anbari Iraq s ambassador to the United a More on the persian Gulf War on Page 8a. Nations said his country was prepared to a abide and implement All resolutions after All hostilities cease. In Iraq a a fierce tank battled raged As More than 250 american tanks fought 200 Republican guard tanks West of the City of Basra according to a Pentagon source. He said the guard had been blocked from any escape. Two major . Army units the tank heavy Vii corps and the 24th infantry division mechanize were engaging three Republican guard in Fantry divisions and armoured divisions some 50 Miles West of Basra the official said. Some iraqi forces were attempting a counterattack he said while others were attempting a fighting Retreat toward Basra. Pontoon Bridges set up on the euphrates River by some troops a meant to replace permanent Bridges bombed by the allies a offer no Avenue for heavy tanks that Are under air attack the source said. He said there Are reports that individual soldiers Are crossing without their equipment. The allies have reported rela War please turn to Page 10a profile of main iraqi and . Battle tanks West of Basra in Southern Iraq in what May be the biggest tank Battle of the War to Date . Forces employing the m-1 Abrams tank Are facing off against the iraqi s top of the line soviet built t-72 tank. T-72 ,raq9 6931 Tanh s0 "61�?T designed main Battle tank of Early 1970s Vintage fast heavy and Well armoured some minor modifications made by Iraq length Width height combat it top Speed Crew 22-10 Irr 7-9 45 2 tons 50 Mph 3 main armament one 125mm Cannon and one coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. Separate 12.7mm anti aircraft machine gun on top of Turret . M-1 Abrams Mam Battle tank used by . Armoured units in two versions the original Model and the somewhat heavier and slower i a1 length 26 0 Width 12-0 height 96 Comber it 60 1 tons top Speed 45 Mph Crew 4 armament 105mm Mam Cannon and coaxial 30 Cal machine gun. Plus so Cal anti aircraft gun. 30-Cal machine gun smoke grenade launchers source Jane a Armor and artillery a Martrit Hernando. Kart late Pivotal tank Battle rages near Basra Washington a eight Hundred american tanks and armoured vehicles were bearing Down on 250 to 300 iraqi tanks in a a a fierce Battle West of the military City of Basra Pentagon sources said today. The Core of the conflict involved hundreds of tanks from three . Armoured units of the Vii corps a the 1st and 3rd armoured divisions and the 2nd armoured cavalry regiment a against the Hammurabi division of the Republican guard Pentagon officials said. The Pivotal Battle was taking place some 50 Miles West of the key military Center of Basra said the officials speaking on condition of anonymity. A this is the largest tank Battle since world War ii a said col. Miguel Monteverde the Pentagon a director of defense information. Overall in Southeast Iraq More than 100,000 . Soldiers were attempting to Cut off and immobilize at least four re pub bean guard divisions a the last elements of the vaunted iraqi military machine. The so called a pincer move had the Vii corps closing in from the Southwest while the 18th airborne corps pressed in from the West said a senior Pentagon military official a a they re blocked they can to get out a the senior military of Fleer said of the Republican guard. He spoke on condition of anonymity. In All the official said the . Units were attempting to neutralize the remaining three Republican guard infantry divisions and about one and a half armoured divisions in the conflict West of Basra the official said. A a it a a fierce tank Battle a the source said. Quot we done to know the outcome the last major tank Battle involving . Forces occurred Battle a please turn to Page 10a Mideast a rain turns Black oily Nicosia Cyprus a Black rain fell and a dense Haze blocked the Sun in Southern Iran today As Black smoke from hundreds of Oil Wells burning out of control in Kuwait billowed into the skies and drifted Over the Region. In Kuwait the fires sent Bright Orange flames into the sky which was Black with thick Clouds. A morning rain was Greasy and oily. The Gulf Region has suffered air pollution since the persian Gulf War started first with the Allied bombing Campaign that destroyed Oil facilities Iii Iraq. The main source now How Ever is the More than 500 Oil Wells Allied military officials say the iraqis have set on fire in Kuwait in recent Days. The fires have blackened skies As far North As Turkey and As far South As Qatar filling the air with the stench of burning Petroleum. The pollution also has turned rain Black and experts say the precipitation could threaten lives pollute water and damage crops. Western Iran has been particularly hit by the rain where at times huge dark Clouds have stretched More than 900 Miles. At midday today Black rain poured for an hour in Bushehry province across the Gulf from Kuwait the official islamic re Public news Agency reported. In the morning Irna re ported heavy smoke blocked the Sun and Khuze Stan province to the North of Bushehry especially in the provincial capital of a Vaz located too Miles Northeast rain a please turn to Page 10aarmy wants tanks from Burlingto Klein handles a Rush order the associated press an iraqi tank goes up in flames after being hit monday by a Tow missile fired from the . Army a 82nd airborne division in Iraq. By Gene George the Hawk Eye the army has put a Rush order in to Klein manufacturing of Burlington for water tanks. That a right. Water tanks fifteen of them. A they wanted them shipped like yesterday a company president John Klein said. A was far As i can Tell they want to use them for As Klein understands it the heavy welded galvanized steel tanks a modified version of a tank Klein makes for Farmers will be used to dip iraqi soldiers taken prisoner in the persian Gulf War. The army a tanks probably will be shipped out in less than a week Klein said tuesday. Klein makes an open tank that is 26 inches deep 3 feet wide and 8 feet Long. The army wanted a tank 36 inches deep. A a we la just take our existing Stock and modify the design a Klein said. The tanks usually Are used to feed and water cattle Klein said. With a slight adaptation one Side can be lowered to allow hogs to use them. But sometimes Farmers use the tanks to dip their sheep he said. Klein said the army will receive a special Price for the tanks but he declined to say How much. Infamous a bail King surfaces in court again by Steve Sands the Hawk Eye the a bail King is Back. Paul Caldwell Jones 64, 117 Orchard place graced the pages of Newsweek Magazine nine years ago when a judge set his Bond at $7 million for a three month crime spree. In the last month Jones has been involved in at least three reported incidents. The first National Bank of Burlington received a restraining order against Jones monday after he reportedly threatened Bank employees under the Guise of doing business court papers indicate. On feb. 20, Des Moines county sheriffs deputies investigated an i incident at Hagerla a trading Post in Beaverdale Heights where Jones reportedly caused a disturbance. Authorities said Jones Jones left the store before deputies arrived. A store employee who requested anonymity said Jones was rude and obnoxious when he was in the store for to to 15jones a please turn to Page 10a inside City Region 3a classified ads 5b comics 9b crossword 8b dear Abby 9b deaths 5b for the record 5b happenings 10b horoscopes 9b letters 5a midlands 6a opinions 4a sports in television 8b Steep decline in Gnu seen As confirmation of recession2 supplements inside Washington a the Economy contracted at a Steep 2.0 percent annual rate during the final Quarter of 1990, the government said today. Economists viewed the decline As confirmation the first recession in eight years was under Way. The Commerce department said the decline in the Gross National product a the nations total output of goods and services and its broadest measure of economic health a was the deepest since a 3.2 percent drop in the third Quarter of 1982 during the Depths of the last recession. It was the first quarterly decline since the Economy Sank 1.8 percent from april through june in 1986. But that downturn did not extend into a second Quarter and thus did not qualify As the beginning of a recession generally defined As two consecutive quarters of negative growth. The current decline however was widespread including a $19.9 billion drop in consumer spending on virtually All items ranging from cars to clothing. And most economists including those in the Bush administration say the Economy continues to fall during the current Quarter although at a slower Pace. Many of the nations top business economists say the failure of Consumers to resume spending is the biggest threat to economic recovery. But they say even if Consumers return to shopping malls and automobile showrooms Large debt burdens and a Lack of pent up demand will moderate any growth in the Economy. Still administration officials and private economists say the recession will be Milder and Shorter than the average recession since world War ii which sted la months and resulted an 2.5 percent decline Ingup please turn to Page 10a my Mumm in Mem Mem Mumm

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