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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Burlington, Iowa The Burlington Hawkeye volume 125 no. 176 phone Plaza 4-8161 Burlington Iowa sunday february 4, 1962 46 pages a four sections Price too life on the Mississippi by s. tightening noose on Castro Washington a president Kennedy tightened the . Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on imports of cuban products. The action is ill Cost Uba $35 million a year. Administration officials said that the embargo effective next wednesday will be a severe blow to the ability of prime minister Fidel Castro to Export communist1 sub vision to other la tin american countries. A letter Home new York a just one word of advice my Huckleberry Friend. Done to try to do the Guggenheim the Whitney and the museum of modern Art in three hours. Give Mem at least four. Preferably on separate Days. Tin Guggenheim is easy because you can take the elevator to the top and unwind yourself All the Way Down those circular ramps and besides with alms it the entire gallery devoted to Jan Muller you look at every exhibit. After All there Are Only so Many ways you can paint a Friendly ghost Casper re tidy and much of the Best of the Whitney is on tour out in Iowa a of All places. But the museum of modern Art is always Apt to i i by la Volji come up with something to give you pause. This time it Wasny to on the Walls but in the room devoted to Karl Zerbe and what it was doing was adjusting the seam in her stocking. Not to pro Long this because i know you in i j a / in Quot done to really care much for con Hui it i temporary Art but it turned out her name is Susan Anil she is parts apr tanks were poised from St Joseph and is a outside Paris Saturn Niht and Friend of kiddy s there so we had a a a a this Dollar income last year was under $100 million officials said so the new . Action will reduce it by one third this year. While clamping the embargo on imports Kennedy specifically authorized the continued Sale of . Food and Medicine to Cuba. Officials said also that airline and Telephone service to Cuba would not be affected., the Trade embargo officials said is Only one of several Steps Kennedy and Secretary of state Dean Rusk Are planning. Their is to fasten a kind of economic military and political stranglehold around the Island country which All other american governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere. The . Government itself is understood to be strengthening and extending its air and sea patrols Over the International Waters around Cuba. Diplomatic efforts will be undertaken next week to get Canada and other Allied countries trading with Cuba to bring their policies into line with those of the United states and other american governments. To meet i a meeting of the organization i of american states is set for wednesday. The United states and various other members will press then for speedy action to devise an anti subversion strategy for Protection of red menaced courts tries particularly those in the Caribbean area. Blow to Cigar makers the ban on imports was a major blow to the cuban Cigar manufacturing Industry at Tampa a. Cuban tobacco constituted about 90 per cent of the $35 million of . Purchases from Cuba last year. White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger said Secretary of labor Arthur j. Goldberg will pro vide All help possible to the "6, or 7,000 people involved in Manu a factoring cigars made from cuban the embargo announcement made formally by Salinger shortly after noon declared that a on humanitarian grounds exports of certain foodstuffs medicines and medical supplies from the United i states to Cuba would be excepted from this i. Food buying declines last year Cuba bought about $15 million Worth of foods and medicines from the United states. Toward the end of the year its rate of purchases declined. It bought less food and More Medicine and Hospital supplies. Types of food shipped to Cuba by suppliers included wheat Beans and Rice. State department officials decided that cuban purchases in the United states dwindled because Astro has just about exhausted his foreign Money Supply. In other words As Long ago As last fall he was beginning to run Short of dollars. For the dollars he needs to finance the Export of communism officials said Castro must now rely increasingly on his soviet Alines. Russia is a heavy purchaser of cuban sugar and pays Money for its first million tons each year Lethe rest being covered by barter ideals. Of the Cash payment 26 i per cent is in dollars. State department officials figure this i yields Castro about $19 million annually. Set for texan plea by Walker on the j inside Moscow v. M. Molotov primer stalinist foreign minister in sick the russians admit but i Only has influenza Page 6. Us will explore falks on Berlin by get rid of the Austin tex., a former Washington president Ken Washington a the unit Western Powers a proposal and Thompson emphasized that set Walter said he had been told it is p paring o e ingress de a states was reported saturday Vance by Gromyko Jan 12 for Talent of critical problems of army maj. Gen. Edwin a. Walker takes a Strong political organza the cd for better education to hav j t0,d Russ that it was Berlin particularly the Issue of said saturday his race for Gover lion and a a fabulous sum Quot to run 0 Aid the nation s survival but prepared t0 continue exploratory n no rights of Access must occur pre nor of Texas is part of his fight for governor of Texas. To has no proposals to offer i age talks on Berlin but left the next a three Germany Bertin Solo luminary to the settlement of against International communism a i have neither the political a move up to the soviet govern Tion broader German issues. A the reason i am running and Chine nor a big Bank account Burlington James sch Anent Gromyko had suggested that his was to get across to More than 25,000 anti riot police my platform Are the same Quot he he said. A my Confidence comes Ramm it Joca cop Stalwart was . Ambassador Llewellyn West Bertin be Given the status the soviet the Western powers1&Quot k her it Jya Quot propose it i. A a cup of Coffee and a Nice Chat stood ready in the City t0 Repe told a news conference in a com from the Assurance of support of favourably impressed by new York Thompson took this line in a of an Independent City Tate and were unwilling to Trade away a a in a a u1t a nov 1 about the Midwest which is what a which r t m mince room off the state House Small patriotic contributions to my gov Nelson Rockefeller pos memorandum understood to have a seat in the United nations other interests in Germany Mere Dent kit Mno a to so $3 b. Hon n most people in new Tork seem frenchmen hink will be attempt of representatives. A that is the Campaign. Sible candidate for president in been presented to russian for alon8 with West Germany and i by to maintain their Basic berlins Ocop it cd strategic materials Anc do. Naku a ,.<��T� a a a. Need to defend the United states Recty on Volunteer efforts and Page 3. I eign minister Andrei a. Gromyko communist East Germany position. Jase tie re c1p. 0 a in end Thompson on instructions from an earlier series of talks was midget. Washington a sen. A the United nations is cd by the right Wing secret army to break up prospective ind Epen under god in a struggle for sur committees a e grass Roo s Dence for Algeria. Vival against International com level to ex5end my cause and my quiet these Days Praise be. "7j&Quot Quot a Quot a. Monism. With nine million others fact the Only Public activity the pm a. I want texans to Lead this fight Day i was there was a meeting of by rope an underground a Quot "s�?T11 the sub commission on Preven kills sunned Down opponents in the Walker surprised state demotion of discrimination and pro. Pm lined streets in an Effort to cratic officials Friday afternoon tee Tion of minorities which As you Kepp a1k<ia French troops and by walking into state Democrat when Thompson called at the French and algerian nationalist negotiators Are widely reported though without official con limitation to have reached at least a Basic agreement on ii probably know is an offspring of pm lice als0 blood Alert the economic and social Council which in turn is part of the commission on human rights. I listened to professor Hitchcock and or. Arnand discuss whether insane people should be allowed to vote which seems to have a rather obvious conclusion until you consider How some votes come out. I also discovered a Short circuit to Berlitz. Simply hold one of the Unis earphones to it one ear with the English Knob turned and another to the other with the French translation coming in. Of course the language they use at the in Isnit exactly helpful for conversation. In Headquarters and presenting a $1,000 Check to get his name on the democratic ballot at the May 5 primary. Underground soviet test Tricky plan steel Industry will Lead to continuing economic Progress. Page 19. New Vork. Labor manage to reign office in Moscow thurs Washington that were worked out held Between Secretary of state a if could get Money from ment and government officials Jot the basis on consultation Dean Rusk and Gromyko last fall this excessive accumulation of seem agreed that peace in the the of the Meetin tic among the Western allies went when both men attended the open materials flowing into the treas third in a series is to probe the beyond simple rejection of the so my of the . General assert might a possibility of negotiating a com get suggestion. He also is report Bly in new York. Able to balance Promise settlement of the Berlin dec t0 have said a hat any negotiate dispute. Washington Apu. S. Of in answer to questions Why he chose to run on the democratic the eventual Independence of ticket instead of Republican and facials speculated saturday that Algeria after seven years of about his voting record Walker Russia might have turned to bloodshed. Said he thought he voted for a underground nuclear testing to try c Democratic presidential candidate t0 set world opinion against any business news .19 some Felt the ruling rebel bodies once Franklin d. Roosevelt u. C explosions night approve or reject tire set arid be remembered voting twice area news .22 comics .21 crossword. 5 deaths. 3 editorial. 4-5 late local. 3 radio to .17-18 sports .8-10 women a news 13-15 yet to Gromyko plan to the memorandum the United states rejected on behalf of "ie1, Berlin. Officials Here were not sure a he budget and my formula must provide for con when the probing exchanges at keep from in to mutation of the pres Moscow or perhaps elsewhere creasing the debt ence of ., British and French Thompsons memorandum was to j limit a Byrd said forces in the Western sectors of leave the initiative up to Grony in an interview. ? to for another Sweeting. In the atmosphere. The . Atomic Energy com entertainment .16 Dement by feb. 6 or i before or Republican candidates Rich the beginning of Ramadan that Ard Nixon in 1960 and Dwight a Mission announced the new soviet month when moslem fast each d Eisenhower either in 1956 or burst Friday saying it apparent in 1952. By had been set off underground j of yes Lay from Sunrise to Sunset. Fears of a push by the secret army in Algeria with a companion uprising in France Are 1 the subject of daily conversations the president was among frenchmen. The announce weather a doomsday arrives Iii a India without incident Byrd disclosed i has agreed tog dear the Road for an inv stiga j Tion by a special Byrd j committee headed by sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., of what Ken Nody called the excessive stockpiling of $7.7 billion in War emergency items. A National interest As to Why he chose to run on the democratic ticket instead of forecast fair and mild the Senate is expected to be f asked to approve a $30,000 out new Delhi India apr said the Moon had taken a favor Aginar one of a representation of j for a s Aff to inquire into it was the first time the dec today increasing cloudiness Ami doomsday arrived quietly Satur Able shift the swallowing of the Moon by a he situation before the group had told of detecting a russian continued mild tonight. High to Day and an increasing number of nevertheless millions of Supe Serpent begins hearings in about a underground test. All the Previ Day 55, of tonight 36. So a a a a. A a a Verj b find ,,Ous hindus Sui worried since Mercury. Venus. Mars Jupiter Namh Ous ones announced by the dec Westerly winds 8 to 12 Miles per the Republica. Walker said Quot i too a lace in the atmosphere sex. How a Antor nyl Ltd r in Hora Thorn Tiac a. I ovum to i Iniko Olin by will Vijups Ivy Juv Vui a a Nellt a the time of danger forecast by and Saturn Are All lined up com Here dropping up for lunch wish ment of an agreement might in entered a race where there was co for one Trice red underway ii i Rrt to. To. _ Llu to Otto tier a to Finol n Rad run Ervin Oln i a to 1.1 de Gaulle confident whether president Charles see when the time comes a when asked if he would support other democratic candidates. Adlai and u Thant at the Waldorf Nite such a final and desperate National he said a a we la and taking in a show. He waved to,1 Furt. About 400 of us civilians and about 2,000 policemen swarming around the hotel. The show he picked was Wiher pres Dent t ,h3r Quot de How to succeed in business Gaulle supremely confident of hrs without really trying a which a in judgment and to Lead May have been part of his Cam the Nat Quot it a Wal make some an pain to prove he really Isnit in Friendly to the Rich working Man. , Mon. Tit if As you May know the curtain line Day a rat is std problematical. Vav Elf Cit c on dais Story of an ingenious for the secret army time seem Young Man who moves from wined to be running out of it Hopes to Fig of of Jig Dow Washer to chairman of the stage a coup. To achieve a Meas. It Board in two acts and 17 scenes Ore of Success a concerted Uris nou Cement in his widely heralded of cd radio and television address Mon f t of ter. Guess reasons Why the switch from the atmosphere to underground testing some . Authorities guessed the soviets were troubled by criticism of their string of fallout spewing bursts last fall and figured that by going underground they would turn the worlds attention to the . Testing program. President Kennedy has said the United states might be forced to River stages Burlington 8.3, no change dam is Tail water 2.5, no change Keithsburg 6 a one holy Man eluding Sun and Moon and an in United states is a Send a wire to warn Mem at tog in Algeria and France Especio the White or. Kennedy is ally in Paris would lie necessary said to have chuckled at this but the precautions taken in Paris i did no to see him being off watch seemed to doom any such rating Boccaccio 70. Tempt. Around the Corner at Sardis but in Algeria i he situation is county attorney t. K. Ford resume tests in the atmosphere said saturday his office believes to protect its nuclear weapons a the Iowa state Board of social Lead. Welfare to be powerless to inst . Officials said however tute any startling new safeguards that one soviet blast did t make to the granting of Relief to the a Case. Their speculation was undeserving in Aid to dependent based on the Assumption he rus Loren emerged to a crowd different. There the secret army children sians would set off More under of Joo faithful plus Only six led by Raoul Salan a fugitive sex f re said a the Wash ton we. Ground explosions. Policemen All on horses. She was general under sentence of Deatha v i t i to ,. If fare octopus has set the formula a a. Re a i More sensibly dressed than the has Broad sympathy among mass f a w Kussian. For relict and there can tie no be russians hinted at a re deviation. Sumption of tests Friday about president. What i saw was a is of the european population Mountain of hair and a full length Mink. All Kennedy wore was Ai Mountain of hair and a business suit in 23-degree weather. Surrender to each other but i question whether without the sup Erb tomfoolery of Cyril Richard finally As to those shows j /. ,. R a a As Romulus it would last past the my own critics award for the j first curtain. Jas he told the county attorneys that Only play which really justifies a full House must go to a a Man for. A is a a try life among tue musicals r ii f ii years favorite a a carnival Quot re efforts must be made to assure of sir Thomas More beautifully it cars a carnival re f Doi Al re a in tit thnh up presented by Paul Scofield with Mains the most magic moment on mat welfare dollars go to those amb Broadway unless of course you to Are in need. The same time the dec announcement was being read. The communist party newspaper pravda in an article carried by the tass news Agency accused Hultman called the meeting As i the United states and Britain of the first step toward tightening breaking up the 39-Nionth-old no regulations on welfare programs Clear test ban talks in Geneva. He was one of 64 county attorneys who attended a special meeting in Des Moines called by atty. Gen. Evan Hultman. Help from Albert Dekker Thomas Gomez. More was the Pivot when England was negotiating her spiritual turn swept by the passions of Young Henry the eighth. The title describes him a was time required a Man of marvellous mirth and pastimes and sometimes of As sad a Gravity a plan for All i wish the president had gone there instead of to Rudy Valine. W ant to count a my fair lady a which has now gone through five principals and is As much a fixture As Schrafft so How to succeed is fast and funny but nothing to Send you humming. A sail away would have died Long ago without the name of Noel he said Iowa now distributes Coward to sell tickets and the i $58-million a year in Relief much knockabout work of Elaine Stritch of it under a program of match to keep you awake. And that is my funds a where Uncle Sam Rae i love affair a milk and holds the i Ord said it was a worthwhile meeting primarily because his office now knows that it is and has been using All of the enforcement tools available in welfare cases. A a Gideon is passable if you can in imagine Fredric March As Fly Honey Ltd easily he recon. Sen Lawrence Putney state lord alternately All powerful and men cd of r a Lovely wore affect la it Ard of social welfare briefed tio Riate performances by Mimi a he group on the Kennedy Benzell and Robert Weede and Ribicoff plan of training and re the liveliest dancing now on stage habilitation. In new York. Most ambitious full of whimsy a the night of the iguana Quot Tennessee Williams latest in the problems of shipwrecked outs collected in a rundown mexican resort is another of his that must read much better than it plays. I thoroughly enjoyed a a Romulus a a an exercise in rhetoric by Gore Vidal concerning the last emperor who sees it As his Mission to liquidate the ancient roman Empire it concludes with an hilarious episode of the attempts by the emperor and Ottaker his Barbaric foe to of the minor efforts. A Mary Mary remains a popular Standard on the subject of How to succeed in Domestic Bliss by really trying and a write me a murder Quot is the Best in the whodunit Field in fact its the Only entry so much for new York. Home monday. Please Lay in some milk and crackers. A while there Are a great number of cases where this would appear to have Merit a Ford said Quot we consider it a most ambitious plan in that Many if not most of the adult welfare recipients have been exposed to substantial forma education As Well As years of training on various jobs with a to a1 result ranging from simple Indol Nee to acute pair held on a amp a charges j two Burlington men were bound Over to the grand jury on charges of breaking and entering saturday in municipal court. They Are Gerald Keith Timberlake 23, of 2716 Flint Hills drive and Charles Deslie Story 18, of 3131 Sunnyside. The pair was arrested by police at about 4 30 . Saturday on it. Pleasant Street. Chief Paul Bruhl said the pair admitted taking cigarettes in a breaking at Imperial service station at Middletown earlier in the morning. Bruhl said a bar was used to break a window at the station to gain Entrance. Both also admitted being at s amp g Mobil service Sunnyside and Roosevelt after the Middletown breaking. Timberlake said he broke a window at the station but neither Man entered the building Bruhl said. My influences in the planet group astrologers continues through Parat Hely close together with the Senate Republican loaders had my in the heavens which had been monday. The astrologers had pre Sun and the Moon. The conjunct urged Byrd a conservative critic seen As the Omen of evil. Dieted great natural calamities non will cause an eclipse of the of Many administration policies some said the prayer meetings and manmade disasters for the Sun monday \ Siblo in Borneo and to undertake the inquiry through going on All Over the hindu coun period of the conjunction of plan out at sea in the Pacific. The the joint committee on reduction tries of India and Nepal had pro Etsu eight by the hindu count in eclipse will not be visible in the of nonessential Federal expenditures which he Heads. For a time it appeared possible that there might be collateral hearings by both the Symington and Byrd groups but Byrd made it Clear saturday his committee will not play a direct role in Tho i inquiry. Up to Senate Kennedy called for an investigation by a Senate armed services subcommittee on stockpiling which Symington Heads. Subsequently the White House said it was up to the sen ate to decide which committee should do the Job. Byrd said hts committee which does not have authority to sponsor legislation will continue to assemble and publish reports about the stockpile hold nos. He has asked Kennedy to lift the secret classification which covers about $6 billion of the materials on hand Quot we intend to make All the information we have available to sen. Symington a committee a Byrd said. Byrd said it is his understanding that Kennedy has authority to sell nonagricultural products in the strategic stockpile. But he said he Congress ought to direct the Sale of the $3.4 billion in sup plies Kennedy said have accumulated above National defense Lockma amp ter Tom Hall surveys it a Honing ice neds. Byrd has been Given confident Fri o ii Tsal reports on the products which Joe prepared she g of made under previous a Duimstra i tons. But he said he has had tax a or test Quot by in keep this information a locked up weather no Here to stay by Bob Wilson ing the intermission. Evidence j temperatures the past two Days weakening of ice in the Mississipp to the curtain came Down on act1 saturdays patient record at have been about 20 degrees above pm according to Tom Hall lock intercepted letter Tab while 31 were dismissed. I of a Winter in Burlington this j Burlington and mercy hospitals. No Ned week much to the satisfaction of ten persons entered the Hospi its audience. If the remaining act follows the pattern of the first the show saturday with its High of 51 won t draw rave reviews. Degrees was the warmest Day in. The City since dec 4 and its not while waiting for act ii to Over. A High of 55 is anticipated begin Burlington ians Are enjoy today with a Low tonight of 36 _ a master at lock St dam 18. Hall older monday no precipitation is in right a Dule Les Lur a is Black Quot butt will turn colder monday but no movement has started As with the High in the mid-40�?Ts. A yet. Cold front crossing the Dakotas is expected to enter Iowa monday ice weakening a weather has he said it would take five or Sty consecutive Days of similar i temperatures to begin any move caused i ment of the ice. F Kennedy president Washington d. C. Dear sir no one would blame you for being Blue because of this Byrd of unhappiness. Yours Hawk Eye

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