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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Burlington, Iowa The Hawk Eye Burlington Iowa monday december 21, 1970 editorial one More tiling before von get ready to sit Down All self satisfied about your Christmas giving a there a one More thing. The Burlington Community Chest 1970 United Appeal is still $3,300 Short of its goal of $192,000. No one should consider enjoying a merry Christmas until he has hem assured that the goal has been reached. This is Money vitally needed by the 12 agencies depending on the Community Chest. Tile Chest budget committee pared All 1970 requests to the Bone and in spite of inflation held the line on this years Chest budget. The budget does not include anything Over actual needs. Therefore it is All needed. The Community has been dragging its feet since oct. I when the Campaign should Nave been completed. Let s Complete it now before Christ Mas. If you Haven to made a pledge or contribution at All a do so now. If you gave less than the Chest drive committee asked you for increase the pledge to what you honestly owe the Community. If you be already done your share a Well you re probably the kind of person who always does a Little More. So do a Little More. Use the pledge card on Page 8. Mail it to the Chest office. Or Call and pick it up. Do it right now so we can report before Midnight Christmas eve that the goal has been met. Then we can All genuinely enjoy a merry Christmas. On the waterfront jangl that peace Symbol the peace Symbol symposium is gathering More collections of opinions. So far it seems that if anyone dares offend or differ with any of the opinions offered by the supposed a a originators of the a peace Symbol the violent outcry is tantamount to that of an a bomb explosion. In other words intelligent thinking and ready for action Young people have adopted a Symbol and anyone who dares for one word question any aspect of that Symbol had better get under the bed with the communists they Are looking for. The a a defenders of the Symbol say critics have not found any sources for anti Christian signs and that the Symbol originated with British ban the bomb groups in the late 50 s. Today you May go to Europe and find this Symbol on select tombstones in pre modern times and in periods of the last too years right Side up inscribed in front of the Date of the persons birth and upside Down As the peace Symbol depicts inscribed in front of the Date of that persons death. A person i am extremely Well acquainted with of German citizenship says this Symbol was revived in a Way to be used again in certain instances As a Standard Symbol for certain segments of the population on tombstones and sometimes it was used scattered throughout Europe As a Gravestone Symbol that it is a part of a a a Rune alphabet. I have came across further references to this Symbol which do state a a proof of the past history of the use of this Symbol none of which Are of any Good use. The Symbol in that alphabet stands for one thing. Death the Symbol right Side up stands for a living Many or a Good Omen. And therefore those of the world who care to condemn articles stating this fact might possibly just decide to have closed minds concerning the symbols origin. But the fact that continues bothering me More and More is this. Propaganda has bombarded us with the fact that the Over thirty group is a stinking mess. True it is difficult if not impossible to get them to write their congressmen on the Viet Nam War. True they Arentt even thinking in that line for it is too much trouble. But we have been told and so have they that the under 30 group is dynamic full of leadership ready for action to get things done. And in fact they Are the most educated of All. It makes me wonder then if they Are All we be been led to believe they Are one would think with All the glories attributed to them they could really dig some individual thinking. With All their education they Welcome new educational ideas or in fact do they follow blindly where led. It seems they Veall joined the a peace movement a but with a a education their Forte it seems education is supposed to teach people to think for themselves and not follow a Leader blindly that is something supposedly attributed to uneducated people. So if a supposed new idea comes up it would seem with their educational background they might be More inclined to a see for themselves. Investigate any references to be found and judiciously examine any facts available to them. They do this with everything else. They want to find out for themselves if drugs pre marital sex and All the other taboos Are really taboo or just another a a done to imposed by a misunderstanding society Over 30, in a told but no they follow this Symbol blindly having been Given to them by one person in England and he was Over 30 too. So if the Young people Are really educated sophisticated ready to get things done and trying to think for themselves As we Are told i for one would think they would investigate any facts surrounding a Symbol which is supposed to be such a Universal Symbol. Are you Young people Able to accept a Challenge to see if your Symbol is a new fad or an old ancient Symbol found in museums and books around the world. I have the references if you Are not just following blindly. Jolene Luebbers Sperry Iowa 32650. Done to be stupid As i live amidst the flourish of Christmas trumpets that make the fanfare for a years last gasp i cannot get out of my mind a Burlington editorial about Junior High school kids who want to smoke like teachers. The Hawk Eye editor says of course you Are right to say 13 and 14 year Olds who demand the right to smoke at school because teachers hide in the boiler room to smoke Are stupid. Evidently teachers have no lounge for grading papers gossip and smoking at the school. Any thinking person would agree with you a but i must say a Why stupid a i think you Are saying there should be a generation Gap. I am for a new year of a bigger and wider Gap. I want adults to be so big so Broad so compassionate so experienced so informed so Wise that a Gap As wide As the widest place on the Mississippi at flood time exists Between then and Junior High. If we Ever close the Gap Between youth and age we close it on Wisdom. Smoking be the Only Gap a the Only communication across the Gap should not be smoke signals. Then surely adulthood would go to pot. Reef Waldrep Macomb 111. Editors note Aii i was trying to say was that anyone who smokes is stupid. I say that As a Veteran of such stupidity who Only recognized How stupid it was when i quit and found How much More pleasant and comfortable life was a for me and others. Let me hasten to say i firmly believe that in a free country everyone is entitled to be jul stupid As he wants provided of course his stupidity harms no one but himself. In the Case of teacher i do think they harm others by their example the Burlington Hawk Eye Iowa a oldest newspaper since 1837 Joum Mcc armaity editor and put hear Frank Hill. An t to Tho publish Rooert 8ruesgrmanaging editor John Haines. Advertising director Don close. Composing Poreman Kenneth Howard. Poreman Richard Waits. Ctr Culaton Ohice manager published monday through punday evenings and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk Eye co. Too so. Main a Burlington Iowa 52401 pm. 7sm46i subscript Len Ratos by Carrion or Burlington and wast Burlington City zone 2.50 per month in Advance Els owner try Carrier �?�2.00 Par month in Advance. By mail in Burlington and wast Burlington City zone 2.50 per month. By Man in Iowa and Illinois where Carrier service is maintained 2.00 pal month ols whore a year 14, a months 7.50, 3 months 4, i month 1.50. Rates elsewhere in a upon request. 6y motor route in Iowa end Illinois i year Sii 6 months. So. Second class postage paid at Burlington Iowa. Member of United press inter factional. Latta to the editor with name and address it writers will be published on any Susie of it not legally obscene a libellous. Maximum la 400 wards. Longer letters Max a edited to Al improve yourself i want to thank you for the editorial a drunk driving and drugs which was reprinted in the a ides Moines Register saturday. Very perceptive and appropriate. A very great part of the problem of our generation is that we Seldom weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. So we end up with everyone justifying themselves and condemning others who Are made to appear As the cause of All the worlds misery. A the Way to improve the world is to improve thank you Robert h. Smith minister United methodist Church Osage Iowa. I that naval int�lll<5ew�, senator. Al up by Frank Man Kieria the accounting Gap a Tom Braden Washington a president Nixon returned last week to a favorite theme of his administration a that we have a reversed our this sometimes takes the form a As in the presidents recent speech to the Nam a of a claim that we now spend More Money on a human resources or a human needs than we do on defense. It is a wholly fictitious claim a based on transparently Tricky bookkeeping a but it is part and parcel of what we might now Call the accounting Gap. The russians too have announced that they Are spending less on defense Ana More on civilian priorities. The russians do it by a marvelous bookkeeping feat in which the Cost of maintaining troops on the chinese Border As Well As the Cost of atomic warheads for their missiles Are not counted As Mankiewicz Braden Laird now you be got me thinking. We manufacture and store a lot of ammunition from bullets to missiles. Until that stuff is actually used Why not put it under fish and game in the Bureau of wildlife and fisheries that Way the environment types can to complain. A a a a a a this was in response to our earlier accounting Triumph in putting social Security Trust funds into the general budget to reduce the percentage of defense spending then transferring veterans administration costs the National debt largely accrued through War and selective service to the category of a human so the accounting Battle is on and the next move is ours. We imagine a High level conference Between Secretary of defense Melvin Laird and George Schultz or. Nixon a new budget chief. Two Pentagon accountants sit by open mouthed with admiration Laird Well you heard the president. Lets shovel that Money into human needs. The russians Are still ahead of us that business of calling the chinese Border operation a Mineral exploration siberian was sheer Genius. Schultz Why done to we Start with nato there a 14 billion right there and we could Transfer the whole thing to foreign Aid. Human needs people always like foreign Aid. A a a Schultz great. We re closing the accounting Gap every minute. Now what about All those courts martial from what i hear you la be having More of them. Why not Transfer those funds to Justice they re very big on human needs Over there. Laird i think we re beginning to see Daylight. With All of those things transferred we can take All the intelligence Money a $6 billion Worth a and put it in the Fri budget. Most of our time is spend checking up on americans anyway. Schultz Okay that a about it. Now if we take the Pentagon itself sell it to a real estate firm and then lease it Back we can put the whole thing into a building turns to accountants where does that put us first accountant with All those transfers it reduces the entire defense budget to $103.85, second accountant Only $103.85? great. Ill Call the White House. Tie Yeti be very pleased. Laird White House hell. Call the press. Laird Brilliant. Aside to accountants you Guys got that that a $14 billion More for foreign Aid and $14 billion less for defense. Shows our compassion for the underdeveloped world a id like to see Fulbright Knock that. He muses a moment. Now taking a hard look at Vietnam i done to see Why we can to take the Money for the Field hospitals and the medical evacuation helicopters and Transfer it to hew. Its a health expenditure if i Ever saw one. Schultz now you re talking. And while we re at it you folks spend a lot of Money on training at the service academies and at Camps in the states. For that matter Why done to we take All training costs up to the very moment troops go into actual combat with the enemy and Call it that s a human need Isnit it looking Back to years ago 1960 headline of the Day a Wever pulpit to or. Brush or. Donald h. Brush who resigned the pastorate of Williamson memorial now Faith United presbyterian Church to become instructor in Bible at the Burlington Junior College was named interim pastor of the Wever Christian Church business headline of the Day a Witte paint bid is Low John h. Witte amp sons submitted the Low bid on 16 868 Gallons of paint for the corps of engineers Milburn Edward Lietsch 59, of 410 summer st., West Burlington died. 25 years ago 1945 where to write your National lawmakers sen. Jack Miller Senate office bldg. Washington . 20510 sen. Harold Hughes Senate office bldg. Washington . 20510 Cong. Fred Schwengel 2229 Rayburn House office bldg. Washington . 20515 headline of the Day a Gen. George s. Patton dead a complications after Auto injury fatal he died in Heidelberg Germany 12 Days after his neck was broken in the collision of the Sedan in which he was Riding and an army truck. The truck Driver was t-5 Robert l. Thompson and at first he was mis identified with t 5 Robert l. Thompson truck Driver from Burlington it turned out that he was from Camden n. J., however 50 years ago 1920 said the Gazette a Fred w. Distelhorst had five entries in the Henry county poultry show last week. He was awarded two firsts one second and two thirds. Out of three entries Charles Stoermer was awarded one third and one Maheu to continue Effort to keep Hughes position Las vegas Nev. Up Robert a. Maheu rebuffed in state court in an attempt to retain his Post As Howard Hughes chief of Nevada operations says he will continue trying to determine whether the billionaire is Safe. During a bitter two week court Battle Maheu contended the Recluse was a spirited away from this gambling City thanksgiving eve and that Only Hughes could dismiss him because a we had a pact to be together the rest of our lives. A a control of the $300 million Nevada Empire owned by the Hughes was Given to its corporate Parent Hughes tool co., by District court judge Howard Babcock who upheld the firing saturday. Maheu a former counterspy and boy scout Leader was the architect of Hughes interests Here and had been in charge of them since 1966, when the industrialist arrived. Fired by Board after Hughes left Here last month a under circumstances still not fully explained Maheu was fired by the Board of directors of Hughes tool co., which is wholly owned by Hughes. But he obtained a temporary restraining order and the Battle moved into court. Babcock dismissed the restraining order saying it was apparent Maheu was fired after Hughes a determined to termin ate his relationship with or Maheu through appropriate corporate the judge also granted the tool company a permanent injunction barring Maheu and his Security chief Jack Hooper from occupying Hughes facilities or operating them. Maheu attempted to Back up his Contention Hughes was a spirited away but testimony of one of his witnesses was dismissed by Babcock As Hughes reportedly went to the Bahamas and never appeared during the hearing. But he once reportedly telephoned two state officials to say he sided with Hughes tool executives in ordering the firing. Give a great taste Canadian Rich amp rare whisky available gift wrapped it no extra coat imported from Canadas oldest distiller impressive bottle. Individually registered at the distillery. Impressive taste. Supremely Mellow richly rewarding. Funded Canadian whisky imposed or associate Imp is in souled in Uma at Cofo total i Tati. Peo Rochl lev six pm ism its at 101 Ashworth Road in West Des Moines if you want to buy Brick. Its wonderful there because of the giant display of hundreds of colors textures and sizes of Brick that Are available for your selection. Take time browse through the wonderful world of can Tex Brick. Free Coffee too. It no it a tit m cum 101 Moth Road West is Mes i just 4 blocks South of j-235 off 63rd Street exit. 515 279-9721

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