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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 18, 1890, Burlington, Iowa B U RL EN GION, IO VV U PJS ?ed without Amendment in the House. fb' jillion!* ington N*5»** Hill Creates s Lively Don-Senate-lh® silver Men Ar? Dec. r After a long the ^ dav the house passed Un' ap-^ Int bill without amendment, rrccm ^ v The negative vote yeas-!»", J.' {)i Mississippi, An-A’-der:„’ < RI an cha rd, Breckinridge lJrickner. Brookshire, J. ii fifAl p..imier, Buckalew. Bunn. Capron .bell, Catch!cgs, Clancy, C .bb, ruth.tatu* )->r. (-riSpt Cummings, it in* G*®?n* IMO**' Fithian, Flower, Foro-Ser‘‘ licissenhainer. Goodnight, ais. Fowler Henderson Holman. Magner of North Carolina, Lane, Lawler, Lester Mal sh, Martin of Hare Herbert. fifP?Vartiu of Texas McAdoo, Me* McClellan, McCreary. McMillin, V S** Mon tgom cr y, Mu to h i e r, Ga t es, Jx-'ij cf Indiana, Outhwaire, I arret., Y 'lr roe’. IVnniicton, Perry, Pin-p*rE    Richardson, lflobert- rs. Scucy, Shively, I. ,.T S' »hlHecker, Stoek-Turner of Georgia, York, Yaux. Venable, r.a, Whitthorn, VYiko, Psrtter J price, yatnu, ' Rogers. Saye Winola. Springer. Se. Tracey, 'I u « f ».(>r of New dirtier of Alaban WUT Williams of Illinois. V oder. The bouse then sojourned Ohio. mittee, chairman, to succeed Mr Conger who resigned to become t'.,i*,Ji «*??..! minister to Brazil. SSN ITE. ieEt Li rGj’ (Her the Kl«*c- mornlng anything r.ilk Aroiu*ed tinily lull. if HIN'.TON, I* c. I*. lot Knurs having expired without pittance te.f- done. Ute senate reheel the col - d btl, iud DMph t yesterday upon . Do'ph held it to be the duty of '1'ress. ‘-with malice towards none, I .I with charity for all, to exercise to MulMt extent bs power under the •wciuition to secure to every citizen of Leaned States, native or foreign born, : rn of the elections nu cd his speech of ubject. )WI white or blacs p. i- rf a.. I Eton. Mr. Eustis -ai ji0n to the s' you’d a-k a Ta ope was if the . hid not been ; : imillion and a ' who tad th1' ria estabiished 'n government: a. id overthr sent aud re apr. oi acy; v e\«e advocat Mtisrr^s^i tbs would be to sustain th* ••• recover poi it Mr. DMph ir;umenl rn of the Mr. East! — EV Question'!* Mr DMph— tempted. Mr Eustis from Or- eon t Mr. Do’ph— time, but will chided I si rn Louisiana th: pasterns come cl tit till tell ti the peopL rich r: cr h1 r poor, under F from iswer. ration ted; lf the free ex-iho eonsti- v ques-Oregon and The ques-of Chinese there were the I a'nan. al ^ ■OO ! vers. Chinamen in Oregon f - .tirage ana who r n a Chines * state people of < >regon it Chinese govern-hed white political 11 >1 phi, in such a .-•aire of a law by md effect of which ire. simulate and n in their effort to *r on race lines? t. was precisely the rn d 'tnooratic side senator answer t coing to be in tuited States Mr. Wickham is a man of conservative views, with silver leanings. He may he counted on to favor any compromise legislation short °W /r«r; ?aKe* Spoaker Reed has not yet failed the vacancy in the committee. His selection will not be a radical silver man. Whatever bill comes before the house Or Hopkins, of Illinois, will urge as an amendment his bill to prohibit speculation Iii the money metals. That is, provided he cannot get it taken up as a separate measure. Mr. Hopkins introduced his bill this afternoon. A Will Concerning the vicKmiry Mmxm e Washington. I)«c. IT.-In the senate to-day Sherman, from tho conn,litten on foreign relations, reported a bill providing that Hie McKinley tariff a.-, shall not be held to Impede or im cair the force of any treaty between the United States and any other govornm tnt. The lh* ii villi*. minnie, Fublic Building Washington, Dec. IT. — Senator Spooner to day reported with an amendment the bill limiting the cost of the public building at Danville, Illinois to si 00,000. GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. I he Kepuhll.an Cant u, Adopts a Financial Sc hernia. W ashington, Dec. IT.--A caucus of republican -maters to-nigh' adopted the financial scheme reported by the caucus committee with the exception of the two per cent bond proj *et which was eliminated. So the measure will provide for the purchase of tho twelve million dollar silver bullion surplus, the reduction of compulsory requirement of h ind deposits by national banks, the extension of national bank circulation to the full amount of their bond deposits; re phi *eme ut of the deficiency in national ban!:    circulation below -Gsi),OOO Olm by treasury notes based on silver bullion purchases; provision for free coinage when silver is maintained a* par for one year; provisions for a | charge of the actual expense of conversion of gold coin into bars, and the recoinage of subsidiary silver coins. This measure w as not satisfactory to all the senators but was accepted as the best possible compromise. The caucus also instructed the committee on rules to prepare and report a cloture rule. It is I understood that it will be framed on the I lines of the rule proposed at tile la.-t session by Senator Hoar and w ill provide i for ordering the previous question on any pending proposition after a reasonable time allowed for debate. This rule was not to be reported until the financial bill has been presented to the sedate by the financial committee Twelve million ounces of diver bullion is to be purchased during the calci dar year, rot exceeding three million ounces | in any che month, aid is in addition to the amount now r* mired to be pur-I chased monthly. His Hired Dublin Ruffians Unable to Stir Up Much Enthus 31 as rn. THURSDAY MORNING. DECEMBER IS, A FALSE RUMOR. (PRICE ; 15 CENTS PER WEEf Tho Fallen Irish ,    .    Leader    in Danger HU    u a Remain Indoors fur a While —lieutral Foret»;u News. of DD MILLER SAVE POSTAGE PU '■tad as V United Ma' against, the Mr. El I hive his redly, but with 3 Teen Morgan ' a clause from th* restricting th 3 -aud a section from fctate prole'Vi! cr in i r pie?’ the senator ;wer ray question. I answer in my own -land up to be eate-• ll the senator from that the proposition is pre-TheCkit:* -e do not wi-h to bees of the Unite States. But I *e at r from Louisiana that of Or v n will never raise a • -t th- government of the ics. Th; y never will flight their country. Th* Federal Brand .Fury I ii \ e*t i gat In g Chargee Xg-tiii't the Attorney General. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. it.—Chairman ll ill. of the democratic county committee, ex-State Auditor It ce. .J vseph It. It vbinsvn and others were sn nim vned before the federal grand jury to day to give testimony concerning Attorney General Miller's let.er to Robinson, which, it is alleged, was a private letter, but sent under the government frank. The district attorney says that he proposes to go to the bottom of the matter and will make a thorough investigation. The letter was political and referred to tim Gresham men as of no consequence. Kll.lv I \ NX , I    I    r>    _i L,    . the New York Iwi-KUkenuv ll! DI iT’ll Tlth 'Ycd“esd<‘S' nUhfi meet-I, fd I)ublln with regard to the great lcadcrsTnp question, is now so calm* that recent Iv‘th1 l°    lhat that cily wa< I arnelUtB    • ° SU,‘h Ascendent I arnellite enthusiasm as described by eent?rSS V «***<* of Darned'* r- -ption. have in the comraiitee-rooms of either party aud in the offices of the truman and other newspapers the ^niggle excites at present little intercut Indeed, considerable misapprehension has been created by the exagera-.-d reports of the ex-leader's reception in Dub- °f course I’amel! was acclaimed vociferously by a mob. but it was not mainly a voting mob, or even as formidable iii numbers as we were given to understand. Moreover, the respectable ele-mentof the population was wanting W hen Darnel I last visited Dublin, five years ago, he was met by a huge procession of trades, bearing enormous banners, and also by a large procession of priests. Both these elements of voting power were conspicuously absent la A week. As a prominent Dublin citizen said last night:    “l'arncll can always get a mob when it is not engaged elsewhere.” At this moment the Dublin mob element is engaged elsewhere, in Kilkenny, where Parnell's committee has import* d one hundred Dublin larikans for th- purpose of amicable advocacy. Ka-b m . however, the feeling of the population in favor of parnell is modifying. Wherever he goes there are cheers for the man from those who a- yet ignore what has altered tin* man's position, but that is the extent of the feeling for him, and and each day diminishes its strength. Parnell’s cause is waning with the fighting strength of its leader, which is now almost at its lowest ebb. Parnell will break down physically, if nothing more, before many days have passed. The last few days, during w bu h he has em-ountered a hostility to which he is altogether unaccustomed, have thoroughly sapped the strength, born merely of passion iud audacity, wi ll which he entered into this painful contest. Against him through the nevi borhood are arrayed forces with which be never thought to have to compete. The priests are solidly opposed to him. and it ss almost needless to emphasize the power wielded by the hierarchy throughout the whole of the district covered by tho present campaign, Out, of over two I hundred priests th* re U but one who l a-declared in favor of Part *11, ii rid win. from personal friendship, is -’auf chiv fighting f<»r him. “Parnell owes ail his present success to his surprising and abnormal terrifying energy coupled with the fact that the Irish party have no newspayer organ through whose columns to reason with a people who eagerly devour political news. This destruction of tho ho-til ty of Ut, iud Inland has had a cr< at tem tit. gii°P thf‘ court room. When she retui ned later, she was very pale. Gar- anger, with whom she fled from San Francisco, replying to a question from her counsel said be had repeatedly hy-ponued Mille Bompard who was a remarkably impressionable subject. LIBERALS DISCOURAGED. The Tory Victory In the lla**»etUw Fleets ii Dishearten* Them. London, Dec. IT.—The Iiassetlaw election was a staggering blow to the Glad-s onians. They scarcely expected to win but to lose by a larger majority than in a t,'*‘vt're disappointment. The caus** was solely liberal abstentions from voting. Recent events have increased the number of Gladstonians who positively refuse to vote for anything called borne rule. Yesterday a reporter had a conver: ion with a very closo friend of Gladstone, himself a leader of influence, ne took a gloomy view of the future of his party. “This Parnell business has Killed u-, I fear,” he sa d. “Nothingcan wipe out of the public mind the fact that we have been holding up Parnell to admiration a? a model pat riot for five years. Now we are obliged to call him a rascal, aud he abuses u~ as hyporites and tells tile whole world our home rule was a rank imposture. How can we expect to get over such a scandal ? The English people were beginning to believe iii home ru e. Now they -*e that tile chiefs of the movement never had a clear undemanding of what home rule meant or any confidence in each other.” “What are you going to do?” was a- lied. “A depends on the old man,” said he, wearily. “I wish we could cut adrift from this infernal Irish alliance at once. course, it would look bad after all the til-. we have made, but it is better than going on to certain shipwreck. Th*-conservatives would beat us ail along the due if they had a general election now. U bat fools they are not to strike while Weare so demoralized. As for these Iris! limn, they will ruin themselves and everybody who goes in with them. They always do it. O'Brien thinks he can patch up the difficulty. He is a dreamer. I lie Irish are all out on the warpath, and the Lord only knows where they will end. They have destroyed the liberal party. Every fool can see that,.” The Report of a Disastrous Indian Battle Discredited General Mile* Arrives ;it til* Herne of Indian Trouble—lite Indians Are Restless and a Kit;.it is I.ooked For—News from Die Front. Chi* aum, Dec. IT.—To-night Adjutant General Corbin said that no word had ’■'eeu received front General Miles since his arrival at Rapid City. Neither hail any advices been receiv. d either confirming or contradicting the reported battle between the troops and Indians near Daly's ranch. He said that while the report might be true, it wa- reasonable to suppose that if so he would nave been advised of it by that hour lie presumed that there were uaitds of hostile bucks in the ranch country f r the purpose of stealing horses and an attempt may have been made to capture one of these. Ile discredited that part cf the dispatch which states that two officer* and fifty men had been kili**d. and said he thought the report must have grown out of the imagination of some ranchman who had become badly frightened. General Mi let* at Kaput FDV. Rapid City, Dak., D c. IT.—(ho.era! Miles arrived here to dav aud Is it* communication with General Carr. He knows nothing of the reported eng ;g ie* ut al Daly's ranch with a loss of life, and it i-uudoubtediy untrue. General Carr is encamped at the jim* ion of the Rapid and Cheyenne rivers, forty miles east, with over four hundred men. Thieving band*1 of Indians about there have been stealing cattle and then; Has been some skirmishing with Indian*, in which one buck i- known to have been killed. The troops will soon cross th** Cheyenne river and proceed toward Bine Ridge, when trouble may ensue. other effort at pacification would be sue* I cessfui. He estimates the number of I nm in the hostile camp in the Bad i Lands at two hundred and fifty; Gen-; eral Unger’s estimate represents two ' hundred men on the Cheyenne river aud three hundred iu the Standing Rock ; reservation who would have been liable I to leave before the death of Sitting Bul), ; making in all seven hundred and fifty men. Every possible mea*- s is exhausted to retain and restrain the friendly Indian-on the reservations. The sixteen thousand Sioux who have been re-trained | and have professed loyalty should have positive assurance wi'h the iea-t possible deiay that tile government will perform and fulfill its treaty obligations.” TWO BANKS CLOSE THEIR DOORS. SNOW IN THE EAST. Kttan A: Co.’* Dank of Cltirago Hnspemls. Cmd aud, Dec. IT.—The private banking hx. <ise of S. A. Kean ,v Co., one of the oldest in Chicago, will not open its doors to-morrow. Mr. Koan made a statement to the press to-night announcing the suspension He declined to estimate the liabilities or assets but was of the opinion that every claim will be paid iu full. They have been negotiating some time, he said, for a reorganization, either as a state or national bank, and * xp•■* t d to reorgan z * without stopping business. It had been found, h twever, it would be impossible in so *rt a time to rai-e the necessary funds to continue the business with safety, p nding the reorganization. It was then upon determined to accept the next wisest course — suspension. “Our business,’* continued has grown too rapidly the last or two for our capital, and the tency of the money market made it OUTRAGEOUS LEGAL FRAUDS. Astonishing- Discoveries Made by Transcript Clerks in De3 Moines On* Claim of K«*«*t for Liquor l’ri<,««*rutioii# C*tv**rinp»*‘v«,nlr*'ii Day** A kb regale** WI    lo    -**.fa*-U    tFie Hugger” Capture*! -state New*. ■f I)n {^special to The Hawk-Bye.) .Moink.s ii., D*e. IT — Tha iran ian: aged K*an. year strin: THE WORLD'S FAIR. ' - id in his efforts to in answered more di-it success. .)■ , the ii *or and quoted co cs ti ta ti on of Oregon, ffrage to white citizens, -tatutes of that marriage of whites or am Chinese, and .lion against M negro;*:. Indians closed with an ext hypocrisy. After aren mi; against the bill by Kenna. Reagan and Butler, Coke obtained the :* or and the senate adjourned. CONGRESSMEN NEARLY COME TO BLOWS Milliken, of " ,i\*. and Wilton, of Wa*h-ington in h It Ov**r Building Bills. Wamcx,.ton. Dec. IT.—The turning down of pub;!* building Iii Us seems to be creating : ad blood b*'.ween members of the committee and    the gentlemen in*er- ested^n th,    •    r.    je>    ts. Yesterday after noon Wii-on. of Wa-hington, encountered th** Speaker's lobby with being instru-the former's bill for spokane Fails. Mr. Hi at he had been val district. This ailed Milliken^ at* that he had secured Milliiten.of Maine,i and charged him mental in defeating J public bunding ai Milliken replied turned down in hi* AV won denied, aid t«nt!on to tho fat ueiore adj; for the erection his district and neat had lied about V the passing of a bill of a public building in ut;mated thai Milliken ' in and his measures. The l’re»id«*nt It* fn«e** to Ittnu* Ills Proclamation Till Certain Betail* Are .Arranged Cine ako, Dec- IT.—A telegram was received aith*- world s fair headquarters to-day from Director Beck, saying that President Harrison had decided he cpuld not now waive the point that the city coudcil might repeal the ordinance providing the issue of OOO,OOO bonds in aid of the fair before Issuing hi- proclamation and that several days will be required for a personal examination of the point. However, h** would accept proof that the funds were in hand and the bonds were actually Issued and placed In the hands of the city comptroller. The city comptroller prepared a form for the bonds, which was approved by the directors. The work of engraving aid be commenced at once and it is believed the requirement of the president wih be complied with by the first of .January. JOHN G, WHITTIER’S BIRTHDAY. The Age*! Poet, Not Equal to a Formal Celebration, Deceive* Hi* Friend*. Da w Kit's, Mass.. 1).3C.    17.-John G. Whittier, the quaker poet of New England, is celeorating his eighty-third birthday to-day at oak this place. It was    ( affair, as the ag*-d poet’s strength *» hardly equal to the fatigue of a general reception. .John Greenleaf Whittier was bom at Haverhill,lo this state, December IT, 180T, and was brought up on a farm. Knoll, close to not a very formal porary influence upon popular sentiment in the rural districts. But mw ti.at the momentary effect of l’*rne!l's grand a i-dicity in suppres-ingO Brit n's organ ha* sub> ded, the public mind of Bari cfi'-constituency i- rapidly veering round agaio to the real issues at stake. D is hardly too much to prophesy that tho result of the election here wi” entail tim collapse of the present unprofitable campaign. If the majority are successful, and the odds are greatly in their favor. Darnell will disappear from the scene, broken, exhaused, incapaeiated for further effort aud having secceeded only in wrecking by wanton egotism the work of sixteen years of noble political struggle. Parnell’* Eyes Seriously Injured. Dublin, Dec. IT.—Though Parnell suffered Intense pain from th** effects of the lime thrown into his eyes at Castle Cower yesterday, he was able la-d night to address from a window of the hotel at Kilkenny a large crowd. During the address his face wa* covered with bandages. He detailed the events of the day and the crowd was exasp> rated a’ the manner iii which he had been treated and many threats of vengeance were    .    ,,    ,    , made. It is announced this afternoon | raging at Lock Haven, I ennsylvania. that the surgeon atten ling Darnell feat ? the injuries to his eyes may result in serious consequences.    He has given orders that for the present, his patient shall remain indoors, llennesy has ex pressed to the committee having ti,** campaign of his opponent lleavi(-t storm lit Five \>Hr* K«*|tm ‘«*d j From Pittisliurg. PiTTsnuKK. Dec. IT. — The heaviest snow storm in five years is prevailing here and a heavy fall is reported at different points in the Allepheny mountains. Tim wires are down and train* are delayed. Telegraph, telephone and electric light wires are down and busi-im-s j< practically suspended. This city being almost in the storm’s center ha- suffered more severely. The monetary damage Is very great in all branches of trade, especially railroads and strict car lines, which have practically suspended, paralyzing business and causing a total stoppage of operation- in tile oil and stock exchange. Through the breaking of electric light wires three horses have been killed, two drivers knocked unconscious and a street car. tilled with frightened pajsengers, set ab aze in a moment. The police switch boards and telephones have been turned out and as a result the outlying police districts are isolated. Millions of tons of coal i- lying in backwafer from the dam, and should a rapid thaw ensue the greatest damage will be along the river-*. Reports from country districts show even greater damage owing to a lack of fa ’,l!ti‘*s for transportation. At B d-'ord, Pennsylvania, two feet of snow is reported, with a complete blockade of ’he lumber business along the Blue and !. ior-1 Ridge mountains. West Virginia aud eastern Ohio have suffered greatly aud the situation is crowing worse. A sudden flood is the greatest calamity now feared. At eleven o’:! ck to-night the snow is still failing and ha- nearly reached the two-foot line. A f w roof- have been crushed in by the snow. Numerous accidents in the way of falling chimneys d*-ta* bed by the wind have i>een reposed, but none of a serious character. A heavy storm is prevailing along the New .Jersey coast to-day. At Atlantic City the tide wa- the highest of the season. At Asbury Park and Long Branch jreat damage was done. Pokeepsie reports a heavy storm cf mow. hail, sleet and rain along the Hudson ail day and to-night. Trains are delayed. The heaviest snow storm for years is More of Sitting Bull’* Death. Bismarck, N. I)., Dec. IT.—A courier {rom .Standing Rock Agency bring- the details of the killing of Sitting Bull. Indian pollee under the command of Licu-enant Bullhead and Sergeant Shave-head, who had camped near where s iting Bull’s followers were, made the arrest. Sitting Bull expressed a willingness to go with them, but ;Rd that fie want*; ( to get ready firs’ The two iea i-ers went with him into iii- tent. Arter lie had ordered his horse to !>* gotten ready and while the ck! chief was getting ready, two buck-entered the t pee. aud throwing off their blankets opened fire on the police. Sitting Bull’s wife-et up a howl outside, which seemed to have been the signal for an assault. In the fight which followed Red Tomahawk killed Sitting Bult. Many of Suring Bull’s followers were killed, and Bu lh* ad and ^haven-head were desperately wounded. The no i *e were now surrounded, but at this juncture Captain Kechet. with his (Tattling and Horchkis- guns reached the scene and attacked the Indians, who, after an hour and a it *. f of hot skirm-i.-hmg took to flight and dr-apte'ar-d into impossible fur us to turn over ti.** securities again at once after we had loaned money on them. Our nominal capital was -100,(x>0 but in the reorganization w mid be half a million." The firm which was formerly known a* Preston, Kean A Co., ha <1 me alarge business in fl< ating city, county and public improvement bond- issued in the we-t. These, when not otherwise disposed of, would be pk ig>*d to the banks for call loans. A . New York an i other **a tern points lh* -e loan* r> ■ ■ utiy have be* n called heavily and the drain on the house apparently reached the limit today. Another factor was the circumstance tha’ a demand for securities of comparatively newly settled districts, -ut ii a- largely d^ait in by Keau A Co , liad fallen off to a * uGderable extent. script clerk for the J is at present busily up the total expenses incurred t< payer-* by justices and cot:* abl** liquor prosecutions Iii-1 year. A-b* fore been announced the expensive last six months amounted to -cli,OOO. The to;a! expense fur the c six mon lbs will aggregate a more « moas amount. This rn trning th** cl unearthed one of the mo-t on rag trap- ripts ever tiled tfcer**. It orgic in Justice Ca!lander’s < iii * and th** i of expense for .-ear* her-and proven; ii*lnor -* izur* - cover a period of tup- rvi-ors in figuring i tax $ in has s for over ther nor-erk- ated terns it’ng lu-t ing, and lightning-like it flashed thro the air, ba> kward up and out, the noose of his Mexican lariat neatly encircled ti ^ traveling mi neck, and he wa- brought up stand An expensive silk hat rolled down \ aisle, a ui'-oed man’s features white* with pain and f»-ar. and when the mart the other end of tile cord twitched ward himself the traveling n an went I lug over seats and a ro-- ai-ies, irre-i1 ably, to come to time and face the mu-Oace in th** clutch* - of the cowboy, L t rer removed th,- no,*** of the ’ar. and whispered in ’he * ar of his -urpris and frightened victim:    D.d    you    ta me for a sucker?" and then released t man and let Lim go ic- way The d tinguished westerner wa- the hero of t train and the tours’ dropped off at O T he for 'a, ackuowledging * the worst scared ut a minute. man r end ‘ha-, in iowa SUICIDE EY STRYCHNINE. XI t. Highly Se Btat Ion-ti Death -erne in Pleasant Hotel i»pt*clal to TiiK Ha wk-Evs.J Pl.LAS ANT, Ii., Dc. IT.—The da - seventeen I sob, an i February pense of adjudi -atir charged in th*- trar.-t his the justice’-the constable’s >•».> -”47.!iO, and the &> i'lie same witm-s.-es i-a'h of these <a-**s. bottle of beer was f. ness*. claim f**- - for cases. Over is claimed by liquor cases where o beer was found and pea red to cia rn it lr five or six information-again-! the -an e pary making th** co-i.- auto "lo in each case. between Jara The try esti fled Where ir.d five 21, ex a- I . , «• Mr. g tests of the liar at an early hour agonized screams — reams i-jued fr Mary Iiar-hberg* was locked. An aud the young wrathing In ago I St i OI •p< :he »re tx no < ame in-•re swot the san !cg fro lie of e a pout day, $4 to discovered that d >-e of sfycb eiT >r- of the do wav ing the bott taken the poj-un to ki; war cd to die ai I wa so she did in about a h ing found. Miss dining roo ut girl a a good. J one-t yr. good family the a rat teed during a ten -unity. Her parents eight miles south fro th • remains were eon to hou-e were startled th - ut art,ing by the of a woman. The un iii; rn rn of a Miss r, the door of wbicL entrance was forced lady wa’ discovered y on th ii aor. It was ;>* woman had tagen a ice. She reseed all or- to reliev* her, and at them said -ne had herself, that she going to die, and if hour after he-Har.shberger wa* a the ii arian and being ng woman and of a was no doubt com-■rnporary «p«H of lots live - rite -even or he city, to where cd thi- forenoon. ie institution recently ■en SffOO,OOO and SBoo,-lebrity wa* given the the extraordi-the defalcation ho wa- traced from Peru and, incarcerate*! in ■h dead j OC- I ween * iring ' now ll no wi! I ! the timber. The camp, and wounded was taken at once casionaliy shot- were * vhat ired * the troops and ambushed hostiles , the day. It is considered ’ha’ ’he trouble ended so far as the S anding agency is concerned, and that thor cause for f* .t*- that the set I r disturbed in this s cli n. * I with two sections of infantry has g' t . reinforce Captain Fetehet. Gun Bub about the only leader l“ft in S t i ig Bull’s band. Nothing ha- been heard from him yet, but if he I- alive and among the hostiles th** chance- are that 4ie n i l pull the scattered brave- together and make a stand with the idea of revenging his dead chief and friends. Bullhead and Shave Head were t arried into Fort Yates where the latter died. It is thought Bullhead will recover. Non*' of Captain Fetchet s men were w ounded. : Tne deposits it; ti aggregated betw. | out) A wide ce house some years ago* by : nary incidents following of its cashier, L. Kerr, ’ I to and brought back . after a long iegai fight, j Joliet. A number of Chicago bankers had a meeting to-night aft* r Kean decided to ; close h’s doors, and discussed the local financial situation. No alarm wa* felt y- the banks had been goring ready for any danger of this kind, and public con-j fidence was bt ing re>tor**d in financial institutions of the country. A tenipo-; rary flurry. It was thought, might be j created in local speculative circ!* - but •o cr ms results would follow. The ! gentlemen pre-ent spoke conlifleetly of ! Chicago's banks pulling through without embarassment. BALKY TEAMSTERS Th**y Kcfn*« to Oil fh* ir ti • tip-* nd tt Mig - ti I***, Special to Tile Hawk-Eye DKS Mot NL*. I)- *• IT —The te, in the employ of lh** Wrute Line f*-r company ar‘* out on a strut*'. them worked until yesterday no* part of th* rn drove un’i; night morning ab tut eighteen of ti. -truck. The -trik** wa- an a -ru eau-ed by five men r<*fu- ng to harness. It -aft tha* ; bad fin years been ruie of tic- tra .sf* puny that teamsters - o . -J ob th n-*ss twice a y* ar aud cl am th im? ie Tran Ail « ta, a* Wa ut a Nt-wt [Speciai to Tht I)*-    Moi5»>,    De. Bird. general manage; Milwaukee and St. I'a general fr*- ght ag* • t Jam* - T. ( ark. g*-t; -i the Chicago, St. Ba ! s<l<nlul** Hawk-Eye.) ’ T. Messrs ;ne M Ro Mi (.ah; repres* ( bi ago, Johnson, k Island; . agent af tpoiis and Western hearing oi-s oner* schedule ired har- A.rid* [Special to Dr- Mi Hawk-Eye,* !7 — Whiff J oh I The te am ;’,*r- a* - ert that the w ork Fox was putting on his overt oat this is not reg; liar work a od hat afterr oon some wa y or other he knocked they don get anything for 11. a revc fiver off a sta id onto the ! luor dis that to cie; in a nd oil a s*-t of h arn*." re ch arg ing it. The CX tils hip quires aim ’St a dav fis work. arui I hat rang’ ig upward. Probing to a depth of they think the comp any should pay ti eight inches does n ut d i - cover •he ball. for it rath r than 'n-i-when off duty and w say that they each g** driving. If they worl-th**y get i aid for it on pay. They per week for lay of a week WI d is *ry Th. A h i it« Ka UK Cl'»***■* bu- be* ins :her b Pf ANE Fa LI e Nu I na: < to day, lown amor ion wa- in auks have [orday a** ce and th' Wa bani i- or • Lhe t ;d in Last even that fifty-w.ts paid c immediate dred thou thousand. Ananda several ti »th**r call bankers i not open time it Uer- that straits iv *. IT.—The for ha* the and * — heipfd it is made for Id a rueet-acd dollars. it developed .his amount md that the three hun-nst* ad of ninety ippo.-c 1. It then TRAP SHOTS AT DAVENPORT. Lf I’; n g welt. *>f I lit. (ort, Fame Off XA inlier ;Spacial to Th - H*wk-Eye.; PuRT, Iowa. D’C. I and B -an DAV] nurabei city ye: tween < reputa’ Ciintoii of SIO I and tL i hapDer A arg* at ar. J (i -O’ by live I m»n. T is were Marion la., Doc case to-OU id not agree as I 'I arg *e ’he mat [ne attorney- for t ve-V rea*1y for lr;, ence of Dr. Haines utl fr on going a-ey rein ed ’iie I -i ca-e the trial is I houid b * a-k-d (\<*>>kttK Keokuk, J die tare lits r day were M**ril*r Cai iai VV ronyd ■ this te I ti ii ic! vt —Aroon ie g-aud d attitude was so threatening Mr. M: .;ken hacked away, and as ^ was about. - > enter the hall of the h’Uje    I    ;};,.*    Wilson    was    a    — ,:ar- Wilson made a rush for Milliken. ▼hen a friend threw his arms around bm and - reed. ,i in moving him opposite direction. in an Ile worked for his Other aud occasionally at shoemaklng until he was eighteen of age, when he went to a school of SILVER MEN SATISFIED. T1‘G’ Will ('mu V bout What They Want at I ai hington. I) ic. IT.—Evervbody ugreemont on the ti nan* or at to-night’s repubil-'ial caucus. Inflation by the banks *beir, in the , ; to ha J-way Ie; ;e?ed, it WJIS j itor*. ’J'].; passed th*- >pc more out of country. had at year the Society of Friends, of that faith. He be, labors by editing a country paper also served for a time in the setts legislature. During slavery agitation he was an active abo -tionist. and for a time edited the Anier-Fncavin in Philadelphia. Since when he published his first volume, lean I" his family being an his literary and Massach tithe antl- w Washington looks for an Cill legj r4n sen ! of oond? ha- been so thoroughly e<* lbat the free coinage chatn-v :'^r’    their demands lest sil- jnG;ati°n be also cheeked. They are ;;*'jdc enough to make certain that with exception of letting the national ♦ic I sue UP t0 i!ar whatever circula-*(0n !<* to be provided shall bo based on 'T- That is a good deal, but some of incus last night objected fixation, because, they alii the interest of specu-:> trim. Whatever law is Valors are going to get ' ban the rest of the it if the silver Ffaflatlonists rfni™ ’ pcfl th -care abotit tho lack J* money whicfa the -peculators have seated there we iff) no need of this mglslation. Teller, a free coinage member -fr G -'teeriHg committee, says that the . _ po-ilion to i, ,y Up a|j t})e sj]vor bul-•••-• in -gh* and to continue to buy the nrn V ” 0,inc^ °f silver each month, as ic kl mf ‘ ir ** tbe present law, and also i;    10 the issue of silver notes -ffuva.f-nt, to the amount of national as nwle--    would    take up fully coir t! s5‘vor as would a straight fre*;-8o*s fh niea'urs- aud would really aff-Up , 0 •'*’* product of -ilver during the thi» -8 ^ear;s’ at the end of which time roncif‘nt national bank notes w'h have ceased. f.,;/0 °PPonents of free coinage are ^lyweH satisfied with the compro-hcy think it may hold the United from becoming the dumping of the world's silver until an in-J*a! arrangement can be effected, measure is agreed on by the cau-morrow night its supporters will •oat the election bill be laid aside e financial bill passed before the g Tnt- xviii cause a sharp strug-®f-°n tho two measures, w’*v ■‘Leeenda of New iceland Id Prose and Verso,” until qu'te recently he has been constantly writing. Occasional poems of his still find a place In the magazines of the country.  __ Birds and Animals for Central Park f'varieties S’klu^arr/ved here by lion, two hyenas, one leader Men of Sunday, hurl d<‘- There wen lZiTo0r:^e, and one horned horse. 'The whole sent by ii ay an best & Go the Central Bark menagerie. oonsignment was of Bremen, to A BOBULA NP ceived here BanK owner AK»«gn*. Dec. J 7.—News Ore is re- charles Hussey, owner has assigned for the be    ffi_ It is believed the    “ the liabilities, rhesus • a tr, o lack of funds to meet pension is due to « laca present heavy demands. Ain^nT*15* Grandchild rem tor’ clent to cover lilting nils ,1.    B.    Oodds,    editor    of    Che    a^y^an^ weekly Arbor State, of Vi ymore, •I have seen the Nebras magic effect MVlSberlTn^^emedyln-es of croup and ( >• - tv,ink of going children. We wonW not thlnko I J ^ and colds among my grand-I would not t U'^d atnlgWw'thout a    — more popular bere Vincent Scully, in charge, his regret for the attack made on Parnell yesterday. Parnell’* A ppeal. Dublin, Dec. IT.—Parnell ha- issued a strong appeal to Hillside men, caning on them not to submit to Kngli-h dictation. He says, in part:    “Will    you    give up your chief to Saxon wolves, or wiff you rally around him as your fathers did around the men of I TDS, and shout, “No surrender, hurrah for P&rneil, ti of tho independent Iri-h party! Hillsides, at John's Well, ou gather around your chief and fiance at bls enemies and the enemies ol your race.”    , Darnell was interviewed to-day with regard to the charges referring to th> fund of forty thousand pounds ra.-cJ several years ago for his benefit. L‘“ said he spent it among tKe workmen a Wicklow, giving two hundred men employment in the mines aud quarries, which is likely to prove permanent, Br he has heard that the search for a grenade of magnetic iron has been sucee^-He referred to the development of this industry and the possible development of c a1 and iron fields in other districts, which would give Ireland a great industrial future. _ Cheers and Groans for 5 a rn el'. Conn, Dec. 17.-The city and county convention assembled here to day. lue name of Parnell was greeted with cheer Pe the delegates, but the crowd groaned J it The high sheriff of Cork presided. The chairman read a telegram from Bat rick Egan giving Instructions for the transfer of shards of the ruffed Inland ‘“McCarut1/In an address declared lf the S party wanted .«.*«.« er sanction for what they magnificent gathering ^Resolutions were passed expressing ap proval of McCarthy's course. nae to an Frr-r of .TuUgm. n’ r ,vnw Dec 17.—At a court of in-L loVof the British cruiser mry on he losjw 1 the ,osa nf the vesf^wal duo to an error of judgment rt. of the navigating officers. At Baltimore the wind is forty miles an hour, accompanied by rain. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad reports -now ten inches deep on the Harper s Berry divi-ion. The telegraph service is badly crippled. At Stautan, Virginia, three feet of snow feel. AI! the trains are blocked. A l)l*a*trouH Weight of Snow. Roanoke. Va., Dec. 17.—The roof of a blacksmith shop of the Roanoke machine works fell under a heavy weight of snow this morning. One man was killed and eight seriously injured and the damage to the building and machinery U estimated at SIOO,(KKR over two feet of -now has fallen here and the storm continues. address authority had don*1, the there assembled remedy **n medicines are growing every day  ___ Cider Vinegar Maker*. STSffar-w puro cider vinegar.___ Gold King* different patterns at E. IL car suffer* In many penter’s. Burned. Laurel, Mo.,^nee. od the pa    ______ Gladstone 81ck. London, Dec. ^.-Gladstone lug from a cold ____ THIRTY PEOPLE KILLED. „r,*nInine a”Hundred Inmates A House Con’aminB Collapses at Bombay. A hou*e in the na- Arsons w^e^Uleaandmany ^fTh^ruTof Eryaud and Bom-P^OE:^e!, yard the Strangler*. PABIS. nee. 17.-,lo ll®    • HORROR FOP.ECAST. Strange Presentiment «>f the Buchtel College Fire. Akron, O., De”. IT.—The horror at Buchtel still casts its gloom over the college and the city. Every thing possible is being done for the injured who still live. The college has closed its doors for this term, and no more recitations will be held until next January, one of the peculiar things connected with the affair L as that Saturday night Miss Steigraey-er’s parents, who live in Attica. Ohio, wi re overwhelmed with a sense of dancer to their daughter, and kneeled down to pray for her. An hour later the telegram came announcing the accident, and the grief-stricken parents arrived at Akron just too late to see their child alive. A Sharper'* sharp Scheme. Ch\til\m. Out., Dec. 17. Janu s N. Henry who has been shipping considerable pork during the winter, obtained from a local agent of the Grand Irunk road bills of lading for ten car load- of r.nrk The bills were immediately tak-'n to the Bark of Montreal and cashed for ooo It was subsequently discovered that no pork had been delivered to the railroad and Henry has disappeared An investigation of his affairs shows a <Wa.-oation of simp SIO,OOO._ Heavy Hood* In tilt' t. Victoria, B. C., Dec. 17—Recent heavy rains off Vancouver *«[*nd.caul,*J low-laying lands in the neighborhood of Bowichie to be flooded. I he Indians in the vicinity have broke camp and are — No lives are reported lost. Blow From Behind. D3C. 17.—The dead body of Detective James Hutton was found in Jefferson Square with a gash in the head. Hinton had been detailed to watch .bat section of the cit, or thieve, and had apparently been ki.led y blow from behind A Battle Fending. Denver, Dec. IT—A special to the NYW# by courier from Daly - ran h says: I “Things have about reached a or.- * hpre. Indians at” seen in ai! directions, and we are prepared for an * ngagement at any moment. Rickets were thrown out and they r**port seeing a number of Indians. The scouts report tha’ w -would be attacked this morning: that th' signal would be the setting fire to the era-s. The grass has ffc-*n set on fire and a number of ranches are seen burning. They may not attack our camp Till j to-night or to morrow morning. The I ranchers report several white men killed on the Cheyenne river. At daylight thi-morning a courier from Genera! Brooke brought a dispatch, th* purport of which \\ is that we should cover the Dead Wood and Chamberlain roo . to the ea-t of the Cheyenne river. This will prevent the escape of any of the hostiles to the north. Glad Siding Bull Is Dead. Dierkk, S. IL, I) c. IT.—White Buffalo. a squaw man who lives on Bad River, and who came to day, says that tile Bad River Indians ar** glad Sitting Bull is dead. He says a messenger from Sitting Bu I s band will doubtless visit the hostiles In the Bad Land * and that when they hear of their old * hieftau’s death they will kill every white man they see. The government, be declares, must disarm the hostiles at once or serious trouble will ensile. vaneed re at a eon Ic-rend bree thousand of :t during the dry obligations w* re and dollars as at first s became apparent to the conference that the bank must suspend. Toe diffi'ulty was precipitated by the fa .are of three branch houses in the Ct ear D'Alene raining district at Wallace, Wardner aud Murray. These failures arc sa'fl to have been brought about by the failure to realize on securities held for advances made for d velopment of intuit g properties. No definite statement is yet ob I L iii rig well. but the thing that (i f* ated i bi* c »pponen was th • sn. ke of the « IO !)- mon black p twcer he used. L diag well I U'*»d S -hui. ze powder ani hat at .“ar I a'm< jsphere for the use of hi* sci rad faar- re;. w bile St •beef had to shoot hi* se* •ond I thro ugh clouds of -moke so th c k he it •epers ol filii k o ; the ca*e Vining nni yurt that ach be r* ii .1 -*rs par jury r*oos against nd two for roain-I by the and that anion I of c mid not see his mark, initiated with 35 turds to I Sch< * f and 4‘. to that o The match was square aru la every way, and wa* fo eral other- for smaller t ut ous 1-man L- ffiugwell-Aul C.inton being here in for he score ter-credit of A Fatal cal to Th l«l» til Hawk Ext -View **(J try of part rn rat p hi iat I wil Ca-hier IIu«se :-\ceed the liabi a<<er ties. the a- THE FIRS FIEND- M i Brew city, out ( He is lived mf of so >rth hoiii ars. g*n OUTWITTED A CRUEL PARENT. riik * * v at i main ms by Killed tty » San Francisco, Tti«    C.ptt.1    BiUT.t.«d. (rovornor Steele bA°lv:rdF'tbeDK,ngflShPr CAU tai t.naud in a message warns the he will not consider any Ur'hu leg . Son on that subject. The message Cau*e of the Ute Trouble. Durango, Col., D e. IT.—Th* cause of th** hostile demonstrate the southern Utes is, they claim that the government has failed to ratify th** agreement made two years ago for their removal to Utah. They have become very restless waiting fhr the government to act.    _ Indian* Making fur Canada. Dickinson, N. D , Dec. IT —A courier from Captain Fountain**'-; command on the Cannon Bal! river says teamsters from the south report a number of Indians near White Bettes. I i- believed they are preparing for flight t■* the British possessions. The cavalry moved in that direction this morning an i hope to intercept them. A body of in in try ha* been thrown out to guard ail the pas-es through which th** Indian- migh* try to escape. Seven Companies Ok!*-red forward Den\KR. Dtc. IT — is ven companies of tile seventeenth infantry from Fort. Russell, near Cheyenne, to dav were ordered to leave immediately for Bine ff; Ie.*. All (Julet at Standing Roc k. Sr. Baul, Dae. IT.—Genera! Huger tonight received telegrams from Fort Yates and Rapid City on the Indian troubles. The former s’ated that all wa-quiet to-day at Standing Rock and about, one hundred of Sating Bull's friends were still out. Tho other was to the effect that oue Indian, who had been caught stealing on Odes’ ranch southeast of Rapid City, had been shot. Ther* v.a-firing heard forty-five miles from Rapid City on Phinney’s rauc\ Indians a d ranchmen exchanging -hots, but no on© was hurt. These two little brushes reported from Rapid City is probably ad there was to the report of many b* ing killed    __ A Grave State cf Affair*. Washington, Dec. 17.—General Schofield this morning received a telegram from General Miles dated Long Pine, Nebraska, Da^ember 16. a- follows: “General Brooke reports Two Strike and A Yoni c Chicagoan hii«I a Bloomington Girl Marrie*! at Racine. Ua* ink. Wis., Dec. IT. —Last night a 1 young couple from Chicago carne up to s Racine on a midnight train anil, stopping i at a hot*-!, sent a gentleman to rouse Justice Upchurch, a- they wished to get married immediately and had no other j time to wa-te. The young man eave his J name as A. C. Cowen, an i said that he was a short hand reporter and the son of t a wealthy real estate dealer. The bride ( was a Miss Alvena ll. .'-ehwaleld, of Bloomington. The young man’s father, j it seems, was oppose! to the match and had tri°d to prevent the marriage, but the young people got the start of him and came to Racine where th*- knot was I tied. _ THE DEATH ROLL. K*-Congressman Henry 1> McHenry Su.l-denly Stricken With Heart Disease. Louisville. Dec. IT.— Ex-Congress-; man Henry I). McHenry, member of the : national democratic committee, died sud-: denly this morning of heart disease at his home in Hartford. A County Treasurer Dead. Milwaukee, Dec. IT. — A dispatch from Geneva says Bert B. Scott, late I treasurer of Ashland county, died at Hot | Springs, Arkansas, this morning. At the most critical time of his illness, n**w-came from A-hland tha’ his official affairs were in bad shape. Depot of the I, Two Kl okuk, Dec. IT. r*-cei zed this a depot ?hous< ik and We >r» Bur ii ti -A special ’ter noon, s; and Million se burned la-t The fire the freig! heir WA KI hoka K. A W. gram war* twelve o in the roof buildings and a totally destroyed. ? four thousand i -’n* -ty-fiv** bur dr* i bush** ail of which is a to’a of the fire i- a my?; company 's loss wi;! probably and the loss caused by the b elevators, which were the Million & Bitt, will aroon:; item and from Ka-,v-: “The A Bott’* night at first seen *rv. intents were cc Bott had ’rn and two n-heat in store, . The origin The railroad . Pleasant, la cr, living in the n met with a fata a His team ran aw, if ’he wagon in now dying at h here for many Ttune has causec rrow. The Sophomore Uoi [Special to Th** Hawk ■. Pleasant, la . I) ntest of th** V iff last night. first honor-. Mer la rn Wo venty in th** o Ne hoi son an judge*. W. J d of ti Mr. the urn-* owing him nt manner, e. Ile bas and his sad eral feeling Eye.l M sophomore cc verity . ame der re eived -• cond a”d There were t Wailers, M -olas were th* as referee. IT.—The *yan uni-E. Ban-S. Wahl I third. *t. Prof. ‘v. Ni. h-)pp a ted To Aid S****il> N*i*ra-k»n* ch 81 5 ing of * oper-y Kl, he of C I DA Booth, eral if county, young br^ath-* to go or ’ hr ir JACK THE HUGGER HELD. Ce*lar K •j>l*ls Notorious Woman Squee at I.a-t in I.iiuh I. [spec a to The Hawk-Eye.] Cedar Rapids, De. ladies of this city are ing freely and w !l upon the streets aft* r dread Joe “Jack the in the hands of the Hugger" ba- paster village for two years roam around dark ’lighted streets and w< su-pecting females, the waist and -que* screams brough: when the scamp wou II* it Rut »f this tters Nebra-ount of the Tops in that < Ute, and mu* \ canvass of .vin be made «. la y. is rom De I r* ’an a, stating . 17.—R. A. <ipt of seven. Frontier that o*i j. 17.—Th once more again da night fall, Hugger” is safely law ” “Jack th* ed the girls In this past. Ile used tc alleys and mid dash oil grasp them za them til once one r Id dart away va it h •» w.miin.i; * v. la. Dec. IT , preside tv Fermented Vt tee Must Go. New York, Doe. IT.—The Non-Parti-sau Woman's Christian Temperance Union of this ,-i’y I ts addressed a circular letter to the pastors of the churches of all denominations of New York, asking them whether they use unfermented wines iu their sacramental service*. The union proposes to inaugurate a crusade in tho-*' churches where it is acknowledged that fermented wines are used. Cause of the Huron iVMiik Suspension. Huron, S. D., Dec. IT. — It transpires to-day that business men and others having deposits with the Huron National bank, which suspended ye-terday. received anonymous letters advising them to withdraw their deposits, as the bank would suspend following the e >ction. This resulted in the suspension. Telegrams from Chicago and other point* were received to day, offering aid and advising til** resumption of busine**. . <Z'*r • la I* an*w the shadows. He wa- a s never could be caught. Bu into bad ways, and about ti yesterday morning a fellow hi* description was arr* *t d ju*i robbing a hen-roost. When ar' full set of burglar’s wa* found in ffi* p name of John Bar from New York the chickens, blit i he is over jury. ‘Jack the Un to awa!’ the He dign ;g* r. a< ti and a r* He gland "AV admits * ntly den! He wa* n of th* dimly at un-about th'dr nnlng into and fell i dc k ring aft*-r hod a VO! VIT es tile he is eaiing *s that bound grand Ch»rg***l Sioux Cl i Bradbury, of this I Importer* and Breeders Live sd I surance company, was arrested ye-j at the instance of the Soc railr ; the charge of havir:g ob* ai ned j upon false pretenses fro j Conductor M. Lewis, no I neapolls. > ti Tiler*- Will He il-iw EL .*. L A the ck Interday ad, on "J. OOO flow of n Min st* Mason Citv Henry M. Fr* j the Mllaukee I that any agr* e ! tile brotherhoc J th** company I crease of wage la , man D< Ueli rat ike. . IT —Engineers II. M Biker, of .ad, emphatically deny em has been made by to strike sn the event of ‘fusing to grant th** In-le*ired. They were both ren«e. :he m er Int; at I.jrun«. IT.—The Lyons •lek company or-litai stock of S50,->n of a plant '•n and have dvy. Great r and other GAVE THE CALF KOPF. the Gar ie* a- lh Bi-.rllngtiin' I(7»rl»tir 14ui*lne**M I nterfered VV It Ii. New York, Dec. IT.—The :-’*irm today seriously interfered with the river and harbor business, small beats were sunk and a number of pa- enger steamers which were to have sailed to-day were I unable to do so. Telegraphic corr.rauni-| cations south and we.-t are seriously interfered with. I    _—- Vtbrimka Fanner-*’ Alliance. Lincoln, Neb., Den. IT.—The State Farmers’ Alliance closed their session | to-night. John IL Powers wa* re-elected president; IL G. Stewert. vice presi,’''nt: J. M. Thompson, secretary, an* Burrow'*, chairman of the execu*' I mittee A Ln«il«ro.m I nr iii* it; on l’»»«fii|C* r Train No. OsuEOI.a, Dec. IT A few days ago, while Burlington train No. 3 was running between Woodburn and th - city, quite an exciting, aud withal, iudUr.* * incident occurred that amused the passengers and sa'ely established the fact that there wa* one western cowboy who had traveled through Iowa and wa* not the sucker that he looked to b**. In appearance he wa-* raw and rocky ar.u was dre sad in the conventional cowboy costume. He bearded the train at Woodburn, made directly for the smoker, in which he sauntered down the valise in hand, and spread himself in a seat by the stov** in the forth of the car. Seated in th** center of the    eo.tch a gentieman tour -t,    who hardware for a we!’ known 'Tm, very fir.eelothes, and. though good natured, is a trifle hand Boom iii It.-M k .M Lyon-. la., Dec. IT. Pressed and Paving Brid gauized here with a capite o*>0. It ha* begun the ere which will employ twenty an output of ‘JO,cem» brick ciay-be*is underlie the companies will be formed. Croup Ha** L*»**t. I ti* Terror*. Mr. John Ii- Cullom, editor of th land Yew#, (iariand, Texas, writ lows; ‘ I wi-*h to add my testimonial to the efficacy of Chamberiain's Cough Remedy for croup. That dread monster ha" lost it-* terror- f -r us using the remedy. It ne speedy relief in the wors and we always keep a bortl* and recommend it-* use to whose little one* are so Ital'!' attacked with croup during the months.” Lice we began ■r fail* to give a-**- of croup. 3 house friend* to be winter in th our aisle, down sr end about wa' sells wears genial and with his A FALL TO DEATH. V Il;I»t*-**n >1 in«*r» I.o*r Tht*'r I i*-*** hy a Ca’il** Brussels, Dec. it—At the E*conf-j Aal colliery at Homo to-day eighteen i men entered a cage and the engine was ! -Farted to lower them into the nit. Sud-! denly the rope broke and the men were j precipitated to the bottom of the *►*»* I ai! of ’hem being Killed. mouth. A* the cow-boy dropped into hi' seat by the ;    there sounded a “ba- a-h,” load    ’    !f'h,    however *’r*kL Sled to, Again tiri.wii to thr**Ht*-ns t” fraught WH Ho*t jou ‘ pert' t .-ite 1 sr ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye