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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Burlington, Iowa PAGES 5 to 8. . Committee Investigating1 '^Pension 0flee Affairs. rf*#1 &atP§ Chars®* Den led-The Com. *g Mon Test Hie* That sH**ioD j?8ti Nothing: to Do ^YVlth Appointments tv roK. Bec, 13.—The special *iSSSUittee investigating Hie |o^ '"Tje aeairst Commissioner of «faifs p7„ic by R presell tat ive Coop-continued Isis fuvestiga-tr-°{Iurit chaTmaii Morrill opened ii)0 t0': ;hv rf [erring to th.- testimony Pf.s*ckM ‘ort. of .he Sew York «! Who sa J 'hat it womJ be a W.'jL for the com mi tee to get a fi* *.]nves of the pension office who 7 the employ of Captain L®m-appointed on his recom-. &nd he at the time furnished ■smitten a list of such persons. * t5|* IUuiii. jf, son of the commis-0f pervious and assistant «';sf ierfc of the pension office W 77 and questioned as any of the persons [ti“ (en or (fir clertv m called tother he knew Kt\Mt rn>h ‘J by Mr. Seckendorf, f , *r.. v wc’t! at any time to his ^^-aJvemployed by Captain Lemon. K* sajd that he could not staid |t 77    - *• ■ . f no person w ho ' ' j in the employ of Cap-the time of his appointee committee th. names in the pension bureau d, were once in the Muon. stating, how-ivii service ap- ■ had mo in uuon had nothing p»f pinion ut it wo perse. s , he was Cot of Cat C that they wert Resaca Captain ! with their appointment. Ii" ex-Si f(j how and on whose recommet da-^nromotions were made in the pan* ?3;*usta‘: R that promotions were P0u“.7 i bv chiefs of divisions aud pCCt&U- .'IHI - «    • t,.no:ie int ti ti them. tfj Cooper a* aversition with an employe of et ce had nothing to do f he had ever sd ai fcisty cot on Ollie* :er»*er J that i I:.. ■ “ Lo’K I i - •• 7i Ie a    : Ila si t-o the ' ti: Mi ’ J '• sty - if- ■    ■    : Lr cor piny ar named McGilly about piny. In reply Mr. had beard it stated by rn that Mr. MeQiliy the and n* that he ;r d said t ock in the id made an company ; aestioned 'port, and ha I made tat he had r* fjlgerail’ iavlt to DECELL HEK 14, 1890.—-EK; I Ll HALES. (PRICE; 15 CENTS PER WEEK. Tok-1"".....  m.In WASHINGTON, I);c. It  « .... to-day introduced an    !<    °r    ower bill to reduce the a,m ndment to the « .    amount    of    United States bond* required or , agonal I,a,Ik, so as to provide that whem v..r . , retired unde r * Aisling laws of * ?S !lu, bank. .hall aeereKate $,,, „’M 00 'H °h“ be the duty of tho s,.notary ut th,, injury lo purchase silver bul   to the same amount and to pay fur United States nots s. toe same with A I ruhiht iou Hill VV ..llI Sr. i on, De,..    1 I.—The house committee on lienor tm mo to-day ati-oed to report favorably a bm to prohibit the liquors in the D scientific pur- manufacture and S D >r medicinal and copt poses. I or I ic U UU Keller Washington, Dec. 13 At a meeting of the rn publican sen at >ria! caucus committee to-day to devise the scheme of hnam.iai relief af cr discussing the subject for an hour the committee referred it to a subcommittee compost d of Sena tora Sherman. Allison. Aldrieh, Pl,,nib and loller Ibis was done in I he hoi,,. that it could agree upon some definite project. Tl»e World * Washing row, laiuat Ion, dent ail the Columbian work* Fair loo Bec. 13.—Attorney General Mtiler to day returned to the pr* filii per? in regard to the ur with the statement that they uh t ail the legal requirements necessary for the president's proclamation. I he president will investigate the financial s* 0:    ,    of    the    sub- scrip • ins before Issuing ..... proclama tion. Wa W Ii. Conti (nation. OUM,ION, I). , . < ; f Means, po-master, ootirinations: Clone, Iowa. AMERICAN LABOR FEDERATION. Mr. Elum san •- r v..r any It'-    ‘ the pens! >r * ; deterge of ti '.-,r rromot Mi 'mon had ■ ■ on.ruendatiou for the romotion of any person he (Raum) an applica-sed upon by id th a k and re pa 'r >val of tho com- ad: irned until (DC. WAS lr A SILVER FOOL? |)(BT*s«itaUv«' ( •    <    '    v    .Vain k h state ment K**„ ’.riling Lie question. WASHt!#rON, Ik Dj rf, of Mi ar j Ii:: . tnia'ion ion that sprese:. ‘. i»; pr ,• L ihrc Ii profit wa-had at airy a--enates! zn ;ce tdted a st lead! fill ■' Railes —Kepresenia-ri, to day apium on rules dative to his to the a’leg.v *8 and fifteen parties to a silver age of the silver vU h pool SI.no i.ooo obtain- d. L) ickery stated lo pt-r.-ODa. knowledge of the ca-e, His resolution • r> vie in a sp ■ -i ti Wash-h • the S* Ll Women Factory I n* pre tor*—1The Fight-Hour Committee Report. Dktkoi r, D c. I ; - At th. last session of the American Federa’ion of trades this morning it was decided to influence the appointment of women factory inspectors and orgat n of women. The r. solomon aimed at the sweating system in New' York. asking that a con gres-iona' * ommittee b-> appointed to in-vestigat" w as pt-s* ii. Arm her a king for the repeal of ii conspiracy law in New A'*rk was s o pai ned. The committee on the eight-hour day reported that the campaign adopted Sa ISHO will be followed aud lh.* fed Tao: rn assesses the union two cents per week per capita for five we* k> to procure funds. The coal miners are to lead th** next year's fight. An unanimous vote adopted the report. A deb ga ■ t -k o< t a- a to re-maik ’hat th-* mint r> tight we uid not be like that of the < arj> inter ; th" iron and steel workers won d be affect"-I and also D33 Moines p“Hee Officers Threat ened With Tar and Featherl The ‘Miirl *u«ty Murder Case-drlnnpll ,H    Iitnoceut. iHpooial to The Hawk-Eye.) mein tzu£i iSfhJ ?n fhl11 ,*tl0“n.ewr brol-1ht '» Or, L, ,    >    ly' Tll“ iMterwa, ad- whITV ,the <,|,y marshal aid wa. wrlt.en 111 glaring red blood I j, | „ , bore the signatures of -our girl" whfi U j;Les^r£f*Km"':i ...    ,      your    polit-    uit-n *» and dont    "J    'Vl*Zl}Z    ZI    T tv" wPl'r^nti ,T‘'n' >U11 d; co,,»* "mM,,’ Ii.-iV sTn,V’( ViHk,‘. M,(‘    let    us    bf.    VUU m Iii sh a pf bunt1woS/^if'io!idf!l!nv< u tV hit n ■ 'I H,Ware 0t ,i!'    'Vt'    •    <    11 - I I 1 chapel.    "ism-;! Nkttie A NS I, '    U'.I.I.K, Makv. lu.„ .    .    ,hat    feller    again    so    leavi ng u and wt- dont want you to ma rfert We have wrote »”o iv; Also Ii* *- lent. ,“r'' of similar import hav* been rec* ivfd by editors of the iJtiHy A'< v** and Lhiily Capital And still an other letter was received by a Walnut street business man, who in early No-vember last was warned lob City, 'hhe letter h* as follows: received ave the to-dav w. ' yt HITK Ch i PKI,, Pre la.—On n< \t Moncb»\ wi, I . \ | ti rf t ne t birt it th day of graft- w. -av, you to nave town, and >*.y.u ain’t main •-preparation* tor »f ir-' d that iv.- would i ii* v ii again and !< t you know that we n.> :> fnisinfss lf vouain’t gone Mondiiv n: hi iv-wilt make the i«*wn t* o bot t > ii- 1 I y..u Mid win i Ive you a good dose of tar ani feta* rs i «U know why wt* go* * in for y hi We ha\, rot; the reporters of the Cop*nf/aud \--v ar*-* are going to ran • ti —I with them Ho rtten us him H-- o lit*?- time we rot*- you it the Girl White Caps of White Chap -J. Digued]    NETTI* ’A vvv. It! PL. M VMV. Tho j and d; i j ,    . v'ant    give    up. Be was ven liulnent br°Uj?ht t0 ‘r(da! and had IbZl^t J,?,    »«    »»"    v-V that there ^ had b,.^ foul plav ^^ sht hid left45 deve,°Ped Th,‘ fact that f lr f‘,1 a n,Gt,‘ sa>ink Hi it she gone he ir f,    her    children    would near trout her again. OUR DES MOINES LET FER. our TCH new wai • the engineers. The lion wa- ad- : ’cd. amended constitu ent is more mystified than ever ares he do*->n’t understand it. ii -ays he would like b's en* tules if he has atty. to give reasons. He is r< ady for them and will give them the hottest kind of a reception. Ky some it is considered only as a practical j >ke, but nevertheless several souls will sleep with one eye open, knowing the it,habitants of White Chapel are t;»p;il> of any crime. SlRnmeaneer.fthe st Orange, Patron. «t nu bHiidry aud the Farmer*’ Alu »ue« M ret tug*. [Corr* spondence of The Hawk-Eye.] Bks Moines, D c. 13.—The meeting in Dis Mollies this week of the State '■raig", Patrons cr Hushrndry and of it executive committee of the Farmers’ L' ai' " is ( l Perhaps more importance '.tail may at lir-H suggest itself. I?. a> 1 !0 *!IU' auons j) ji11l, a majority desire 0 sh >w the intluence of these organiza-ti us on election, only to those who are members there is an uncertainty and ■mg* i a. * ad, it would be well to recog-» We have the example of Nc- 1 raska and Kai. - x- before y*s» and politicians t**ay v.t-11 uneasy in their seat- ie>t this fory‘ * the nature of dynamic and blow them a1! skyward. While, of course, one grants that there is no inter* * st in the sui- more important or more de.-erving of proiection and recognition than the agriculturalists, still |n the Miinas of * ini# there is a growing conviction, it is not best to live and act as if iii** fan or alone was „ rig and the farm the «>n divi-H ii to take care of. Iowa. while in agr uitural pursuits high in the m e, has rut.m fur growth in her nu r-cautile ami manufacturing business. Tht re are many inter* - ,s which have father been neglected in the past, and h,' next legislature should be com posed if broad, liberal minded men. who have more than one ider and the independence to vote and work for any mea- ir**, no matter if not pleasing to one class, so long as the general welfare of the whole state is in question. On second thought. it seems as if our country cousins have but little cause to complain. Their treatment at the hands of Iowa !aw-n likers has been generous and liberal. The repubb- ar* party has ever had its ear near to the mouth of the fanner. and often times granted this req'*# si at the sacrifice of tin* -upp* rt arui encouragement of ]a"v< bodies of rn *!t employed in other cl i neis • * trad*-. The leg- latures for a >•*-cad** have been ma le up mainly >f the bom st Alters of the soli. The law - upon our statute books to-day an* mainly the product ->f iqs thought and n Beet his ideas. Yet one cannot help but view wi;h alarm a disposition to say when cur i i vent ions are to be held next year. gra-p all problem*, and w lose only fault may be inexperience. He gains that, becomes useful, and then the ambition of others for honors, aud their ability to control a political caucus proves us all ungra eful. A- to how big a figure the temperance quest on will cut and w hat i- best to do. as well as tim bearing this will have upon th** possible available material for governor. Space forbids * nterlng into at.y even random remarks just now, b it the subject stands at the heal of Odlns notes and those following have f* r sometime only been brought forth because the above was one rath i d Iii ult to see cleailywhat wt— ti true situation and what th** ii st procedure in the humble judgment of your correspondent. It is a matter w hich concert s the partv dee] ly and one too which in his f»* bi way h** wishes to tackle, yet one hesitates taking the plunge into the hot ani cold waters of that question even with the onvi iion that all judgments arc cut absolutely e rr ct and to err D human— extremely sh fora newspaper correspondent. One thing we do know and that is the effect of the democratic victory In I .asa and w hile we may like to di-guis" the truth aud sin" ugly refer to the election of our whole state ticket by majorities ranging from Ho to 3,500. The election of five democratic congressmen is not a republican victory) is to heal a i differences in the democratic party at to their next candidate. Governor Bois took the stump in the interest*; of the donna rn" .deus on tariff reform, His r«< *-■ on other questions is well known ID has to-day become their recognized leader and nothing but hi- own d* (bination wiii preven his renomination. In fa t he is b coming pretty well known throughout the United States as we.’, aud his party in the nation are beginnii g to h-ap their honors upon his grey hairs. The latest, and their is much to think about in incident also, is I and acceptation to mak* the annual banquet of Tariff Reform League in is invitation in address at ilia National New York, in connection with Cleveland and other shining lights Another fact which bears with it good food fur re ti rn >n will be tariff r* form with th** farmers, or how tariff reform aff** its them. We may as well begin to realize he will be a strong candidate and b gin to lay plans accordingly. It’s a good plan to si/a up the uerny and notice the strength of th* ;. forts before we order our gnus and ammunition.    Odin. WILL LICHT THE BSI LISH. Hosts of Portuguese Volunteers for Service in Africa. Th® Lisbon C**bii>®t ( imM® to Stein th® Tit!® of Popular Indignation aud Losing Control of .VU Ors Parnell at. Kilkennv, suspected of being the murderer of General Seliverskoif. to make his en ape from Farts to South A oeric*. I>* La Bruyere » statement is the topic of the hour. According to it Genera! Selh• r-skoff tri"d to pump Fadle-wky in regard to th** frequenters of Bernhoff - hntise where Fadewelsky was employed, and concluded by proposing that Padew* Isky aet as a spy This proposition Fadewelsky resented by shooting th® general De La Bruyere tells h >w Le disguised Fade*e.-ky and afterwards accompanied him to Trieste. MLRDEEOl’S REDSKINS. They A rn bu ah biys id Kill Two Cuw-Arizona HI >ody Haiti® on th«* I h«-y®nn® River —I hr®® lad tan* Kl l»il and a -»«>Id .®r Wounded Tro<,p« in t*i.r»utt of th® Kr dskln*. London, Dec. 13.— English attention is divert'd to some ex eat from th" Iri-h quarrel by the threatening u***.- from Lisbon and east Africa Dispatches from L soon say that the p ipuiar excitement there i> intr asiug aud that th * ministry Ss rapidly losing control of affair- the government’s only course b* ieg to drift with the tide or resign. Volunteers are offered by the hundreds to fight the British intruders, and the rn ws that the Portuguese flag had been haul* d down at Mutacas Kraal caused a fret /y of excitement. Later explanations be ween th* two govern in nits have been diplomatically satisfactory, but have notadayed th*-feelings of the Portuguese and uide.-s I Lord Salisbury can indu■-*- the liritish I South Africa company to withdraw their | forces an African war seems certain, with Portugal arid the company as cum-■ alants, aud th® com pa1 y > a- t*»di nd it toe British population in ad tit" south African colonies, now th** favorite rc-ort of a J venturers, of whom they ar** -aid to be thousands r *amli g about w th jut employ meat. The company ha* iarg** flnan-c ai res mrces and can "ulisi ail the m*-;, it desires. Great Britain, on the other hand, has no troops who might be used to compel the company's forces to withdraw from the (Ii-puled tfrrirory and th** S"ndinC of a sp -ria t -; •• ut *i; w<< .. * I u>-a \**r\ expensive affair. Lisbon, De.-. I ’- The Nineteenth r giint I t of infantry and - v -rai other deva ’hment' of infantry are under orders t i s.: ii for Mozarabiuqe fr rn th - "tty tomorrow. Now I ti®ii, fir *s»al!|®.»' Los im »x. Dec. I ’*—Wa * r BartteioL broth®r of the late Mt*j r Barttelot, writes to the Tim#*:    “All    that    Stanley said about me is untrue. It D a1- * untrue that my brother wrote me to prevent Ma: *r Troopd vu’ging anything.or that Stanley or his <:!, *r - warn-*d me not to publi-h my brother’s diari"-Ii *nny told me stories to the discredit of nearly every offl <*r of the expedition, including Stanley. The latter's b * *k and all subsequent accusations are full of irroconsciabie contradiction a *i consistoniies.’’ Btfttelot con si ade follows: “Stanley has done t.hi- to -. his own culpability.’' Ka I*ii> have rea< Ci t v, S. h* d her* D., De of a ii; 3.—Report.* it between a band of cowboy- and Indians at a rar*ch w-'t cf the Cheyenne riv*r. The In-d atis wi-r** trying to stampede - utecat-t1* when th® cowboys, who were secreted fired on them. A sharp -kirmi-h ensued and th® Indians w®r* compelled to retreat, leaving thr«dead. One cowbow received a seriou- wound. Kill®*!. in- as jv.r THE MOUNT CARMEL AtR-SHIP. TSE BERLIN BUDGET. something A boil I On® of th® < Miffs Tli^t I* I o Start I# 1 h® World. M r. < VB>ii I , III . Dec I ; —Th® mein- (wot ow l» T**mi;-lOM , Ari/.., I) c 13 tion was received t*>-day Bridges and Burk Roblr-on by Apache® in theGuada aup yesterday. They ti - **v".ed Ii ui kl! "d some ca* .!** and search of them, 'ii* y w- re ny the A]aches ai i k lied. ' ar- now out in pur- . f of th® —Informa- hat Jack w r® killed * icountains I he Indians a "Ct out in ambushed rh*- -Mdiers rea.* ber, of the company tinder ® h- lions an alr-ship is being c .his p'a®", decline fo *.**11 their "i.ierpri-e. They ai dined to give particulars r construction of their aerial saying that a tweoty-ek-h! ha- been 'Ut- •* --fi.li. * p ra T his air >hi’j which is t* rn sir u any st .stri •ted Pf NE gar" •raft, t g the kiir. ply model tr a test in aimu a ti COV' * given attains TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. *— 'n'v* i UN phlne MARION MURDER CASE. • I OS® I ll lt®HIl I II- Young Lady Coll® g® Ktodents I ttuily ttorn®*! Iii an Fntertainment Akron, Ohio, cident occurred Dm at I Bi evening. Ar.urn P Globe- iff ‘pat {Lad’.be a. i iiife * Eh I VI. tis. ^ ref. tin : . I ceir.age. weig I is?:* )wirs I "Why, Mr I “ted tl’T pa I bt is long a- ku"w edge a; to ii, Mr. Dockery c committee to . I sc* *, Mr. Cones committee on a-ores. had used Chai I have I KG mv been in-*in silver pools, seat upon the tie shall be cast r the people of rn la "iring men of this bauk depositors scarred soldiers of for a few bul- izat The Wash ^ IR 'A • ins adv i sua* ter deserved mi mi ttee took .Iietc the a ee*' :o*respondants of the r* before the commit* and were asked for s and representatives , aud the source of citer. deei i.®d to give CONGRESS MATTERS. r l i I gathered in the . unary and were U lug *:; it rial th*‘ir nun I* ;r \vho wore flowing garments, w h en d with cotton. I ti s hat of one of the ynui fire and the ll im es rap the others Aid was sum as pos-' bls, but w hen extingui-h* d. it was f Stevens, of hi if and Aurelia S * York, were fatal of I rt Plane, N< w ck, f f *s orm Haynes, of A beet cr, of Peru, Oh: Like, Iowa, < olumbla, Kans. Magadore, <    , Williamsp* rt, I’ fully burned, but ous condition. —A ter lite ’ ct ll ady st of' ti and I ’be ac d(t)!' ma KS illy dane iii oiled a-the flame Mind Mis pri er. im Yo of I tie* *d; Mary k. Aurei!; •. Iowa, Had building (. igbt of aud, loose hats, covan »er the *-s i aught reed to a1! ii k!y were Marv V *rk. New kike Wa r K are VI I » -at Diana > bak- S torus ite a i; s y are Mason, of Merrill, of were pain-1 a dancer- A NI w Y* dom who niornif g, I ber o' bai A full exp t-iu uM-otl ( »iil«r*ace UK, Dec arri v cd eld a co **rs on t e*--ion I -Necretar • \V i NY reno fir s' f v ciers on the r of additional matters was meat the seer he was crat.it merit of gold si ive ial sit na r lei ne d York this with a num-ial -itea'ion. f th** iii anni. the effect ’Alation and oth*‘r The only state- Nlailon Mud dirt* d. [Special to The Hawk-F.j *.] Kf.oki'K. la., Dec. 13. — The grand jury of the district court is Itll! in ses--ion, to day being the close of its s* < md w ck and its work is t.** go on next week. Up to this time but three indictments have been r* ported, one of these being a joint hill returned this forenoon against Mrs. ,] -i® pi no Mari.rn an I Jo-eph B ti: i barged with murder in the fir-t d*.-gr> **. bn poisoning George Marion, husband <*' the first defendant. Particulars of the examining trial of this case were civ*" recently in the t“l**graph columns of Tin: ll a wk-Iv va. Mrs. Marion was out on J?5,OOO bail ai.d at her home t ear Charleston, in this county. A ber;* b warrant was immediately ism* din I a ‘None but fanners need apply ' Look- l nill m fit) I HHH ii® i oninieviioner* Removed [bpeciai to The Hawk-Eye.] Hampton, la., D •<-. h; —Mrs. Chris. Christenson was taken fi More the insan* commissioners ana, after examination, pronounced insane, ar.d a warrant was issued to Justice White, w oo vo’unteertd bailiff sent for her, iii order that she ;*tary would od at the ne from Europ* 'Us - Among -rr* d wen a record the the and «tne .nr* Hr Os; v ie seer tar too as to tb ligation I 'os deSeien* Ite r*". t.G ’L1 vf-j) i th g me eie,,lul casing an a? _ CO! Ai IC if to oth* r aiding ( so Gray s r ft house i ^ read v *Site Til" ^®EI,«‘® SOTON, Dec, 13 roduced aud ref r: To establish a ffice 'n the war department and ■•ti a board for the advancement '"rest of the iii. rchant marine, offered a resolution "ailing on try f aer - enure for i ii for rn a-•\ re gress made in th® in-)r irrigation purposes under > a* ‘ of la ’ s®ssiun. 'i n was finally agreed to d* re med the consideration : - 1 .Tones, of Arkansas, ne lit in opposition to it. .-ion of Jones’ remarks, r took the floor, the ’ s ated Die question was i to strike out the house and asked if the senate After a long dis-a was taken. Maryland, obtained the against the bill, and the government won give relief *o : ;■ -tile coramunL ie-. to be Int* rviewf him stat* he w in rn ake v as that . - of the rnove** and that th" d do all in its power to fir ar, Tai and mercantile refused absolutely j, but parties close to i;ut take any in \ 'dial** action is a r< -ult (ff the co iference. pr*‘s*" t Monday when the case will I cai rd. J. C. Davis, attorney for de fondants, gave notice that he would d<-man*! -"parate tr'als for defendants aud would urge a trial for Bean as th** evidence against him wa* ! gfit aud he v n nab-’" to give bail. He won IJ also dis-c: - the matter of bad for the defendants, as he did not know yet that he would be ready for trial in th*' case against Mr-. Marion. There was not much additiot a1 testimony, it seems, against the parties, except to further prove an Intima* y between Mr.-. Marion aud Bean, aud an mark that Mrs. Marion made about her husband several mon h-b* fore his death, brought out in th® testimony of a neighbor woman not b-re-* of or® introduced The grand jury, it is understood, is still grinding on th** saloon and gambling grist but bas so far developed nothing in that fine by ■ no" t-inc a liquor seller or a gambler. The suspens** In the quarter- frequented by this clas> of citizens is very perceptible and before the end of next w * thing is expected to develop. »o me in fir brid: pan y mon! endo had beer holding A aked iv York tribal * et Brin ti :xti . D*r. I ■ re las t o r-,g and had ask"d *s of some sement of r®au ii it. Ti an .f ii IL a v< Tm a1 ^i*»n iii rim®. .—It was r* ported day that the I’row-Pnblishishlng com* cxtet.slon *»f four i rap r bearing the K. Thurb* r, whi< Ii granted by ti"* banks amount could not be defiintely learned, h-.i s supposed t<* *•** over 81 "5 boo. The president of one of the bank- said I. • D sorry the matter became public, for he considered the company perfectly soh «*".t. _ Will Investigate Louipy Jaw Rumor*. Chica*.o, IDc. ]3—For some time past there has been trouble b®tw* n state live -lh k com mission ac; board of health and the matter has o* brought up again in the tocal paper^ is reported that next GRINNELL ACQUITTED. leg over our cod** we can find that a lfttli-iegal ability is needed. A Philadelphia lawyer with .Cl ids noteriety, with the ability of a B ackstone, would find it itnpossil Ie to interpr* t th** statute within running the risk of being successfully contradicted. One thing which Iowa needs a®d in this the farmer is as much interested as the mechanic, is a new code. Ai present we find the law on one sui ct scattered throughout the entire volume, perhaps in a half a dozen statutes su d it. is necessary to have legal ad-* b e as to what it all means anyway. Th* last legls'ature, for instance, pas-ed w hat wa- called an antimonopoly or anti-tr -t law, yet the remark may be venter d that it was framed without any retard to the requirements for in* orpc ration and did not recognize th** fact that Iowa law with ? * ference to the formation of companies and organ'/ itiou-was a- free as the air, with little provider. against fraud. In fact so loose are the Incorporation laws, that 'he •apitali-ts of other stat°s incorporate to take her to the asylum a’ independ ence, for his expenses. >h< riff I! Ae was present and, of course, was somewhat -urpri- d to see a commission i- tied to another person than himself, ! • being th® proper ofli tai, according r,» law*, to take the insane away. Commissioners T. C. Taylor and Dr. .I K Gay lor have been acting for many years and the clerk harm r"eord of the appointments, and a-the law i- that they shall be appointed each year, or yearly, the matter was pre sen ted to Judge Stevens, who immediately removed Taylor and appointed J Ii Hem ming way in his stead, and instr "ted the clerk to see that a record be kepi in future It, would se rn that the insane from Frank in county for the past year have been unlawful! / sent to the asylum, but will go lawfully in the future. Sigmtie.**" Action of lh® l!un«l®*ra: h on lh® Theologies! Student Resolution Bi,Kl.iv. Dec 13.—bf, pyright I soy, by the New York A--hi lated Pr* - The bu i. dos rath has refund to , t -.prove lh" resolution ad p’®d by the r* i hstag by which theo’ogic&l student- ar** perm rt"d to pa - the last six months of th cr ar ny >erv|ce *n h ..-pita! work. The centrist-consider that th - refusal indicates that the bundesrath wiii not pa-s the a** asure fur the rd all of Jesuit- unless Cajirivi uses the whole of hi- influence with the government to -upuort *h"ir demand-. The Vo!k«M itt. ha making the oust of a mated formed to ■■ mbat the * tendencies of socialism. Th buoyati* y chan* ium, and wii! he ITO feet feet In diam •?• r. I nim storage car carrying a iou I "I,girl®, weighing -50 p ii estimated that the * nGr* weigh about 1.350 pound-, compartment I- full of which >- th** buoyancy p >w * leva*#’ the machine, iii-* power will aggregate 5,50 * t plan f >r carrying * i.** hydrog I with P. id Laa S: r i k " - a left for P -O’" t to (. Short Bu thr®e hut way to bl Bad Lac A Kite hi in Rn**, i. Auk Nev. i f a fight between ad- ar" confirm** it ‘I his party wee Pine Ridge Agen* ienera ( rook for r a d his warr * Hm«! I. ii./Im sans The I th® dred w Ing in ar* Chief Two vi tortes and . The chief p to cvpture and fully now on the •ma'n in the alb is a *r ga- iou I)d I-, ana nae bin' When < irugen v**r us full I ounds. g-is w;i i v**ry ga-. *d to ftltig The %IT®<-tin lf *<*®*u® I" i Mix NKA Pol IS M no ably Th" most atLu-tir.g (jessed In a Flour City "erred fo-dav whi i Lr Ketcham of :ii** Omaha ti ty year- *»ld, l*roke lik1* a "hcd. Wednesday mo an* ran fc - train ov *r Mrs < and Mr. arid Mr- Edward ■v found him an HW oroner der. th lur he e a* r. sh! he :"d ne ob* ained and is af of an assort tive reular. or d**r the law: tie s.ien the the the th*- city Grtti ii toe profit to ititerst Mr. Mi 5 *1® House. b.v, I) ’c. j?,.—*rhe senate ’(lion of cattle and bogs - thereof, which are sub-cornmerc®, was called j...    Texas,    opposed    its ■1    G/ng it as or." of the rtn.a*kable measures ever pre-to < or.fr* ss. ^^bridge, of Maryland, in ad- ftrivv"-'1 "••vi-ur". said its object was • e the people meats in condition for ,0-'d ai i to take out of the inar-'L,r;* " rats hav « disease amor bin wa- re" 011 rteu lure. A resAinto. t-jjj;., u,a ”;i' reported from the erjifof ’j d 1    0,1 !il<‘ postmaster gen- toaier to lh# dig a tendency consumers. "-red to t he committee It week the grand jury will take up and investigate the allegations th." lumpy tawed catth na been received at the stockyards, slaugnt ered and sold for food._____ np*a( All S»,ve(l. Dec. 13—Clerk TU* 81 *J ®r of rorn®ll *» I ree Xlati for a Divorce. [Special ta The Hewk-EyeJ Dt liUqtK, Dec. l h—The ia«e of state against Jay G. Grinnell for murder of Cornell, was given to the jury at ten o’clock this morning, and hour later they returned a acquittal. Grinnell wa possessed. Public w he I mi ugly in his favor, and the verdict was a foregone conclusion. Grinnell at once commenced divorce proceedings against his wife on the charge of adultery committed with Cornell, whom he shot for the crime. _ half an verdict of calm and selfsentiment wa- over TRAIN WRECKERS AT WORK. Great Over ti*® 1/5., who arrived this Til® BAYOT' SAKA, John M. Burg'YI    ctatesthat morning on the OI .•er l.-e-ne everybody aboard the City of Baton j luLLfff'iffO* find the Rouge was saved, with baggage, books and papers of the boat,.    p    d that (he two deck packers report, d lost wTere saved  ___ ~    Ticket    Scalpers. 13 The Milwau kee IIH .I" ', and ands fterx a >n as to the extent and V 'Cut of iii* ) l lent post- 2»h®ai5Thia weXaS ^ °ther 8tate?* ^whoie on bill Ttehn®011 r’rivatf ,ar‘ rl claims. I*;-*,LU1; ablish a court for the ad-wbtern h *r ' iv ate land claims for ’' *’• n territories was agreed t into committee of reported irotn the report d a joint resolu-s***ar It / • ;r| ffror in punctuation in Mr. in.. ;'.r‘"atH'c to binding t wine. kk the h,"?1*:i ^ave notice thai he would MixK*    {‘--*nsid    r    the    apportion- " ruesday- Adjourned. fi**SRAL WASHINGTON NETTS. f )r T VG..,,.,.    and    Subsidy hoiKe'*.’ V>X’. ^ac* 13.—A quorum of to4 Id,    ’’ e bn merchant marine ftport a J 7. 10 d;Lv formally agreed to ftajathy Jmp0>lt,i UGI prepared by a 7Db’ r> ^,e committee as ^tosidv    “enate    tonnage    and *ftbsi4y bpi7 M7!3    tonnage “f a \7,* *K<    motion was carried "    m,e,    with the exception of b v.    York, who voted by for it sported J '"'airman Farquehar later SNtei in.. , to the house. Thecom- iLahDer.ds to the Contin i Birina* report a letter After CTIQ.l    'n.    .h'het    scalers to day, stizU gr* by ra<'anfS7[ jg< tkkets in rants, a larg" numbeT- of ■ wralper9. th® offices of two prom rn* t    so under a phut that the tc ured by misreprcsentaGon. T Ii® Weckty Bauk NKW Your nee. 13-The weekly Excitement at, Eldon Work of Miscreants [Spec ial to The Hawk-Eye I OTTTMTV V, la.. Dec. 13. I h* re irreal excitement at Eldon, caused by an evident intention to create a wrec k on the Rock Island road. I or a week past some one has been in me yards pulling car pins, and causing trouble general.y. Ii* one instance the mischief was detect* d bardy in time, to prevent a wreck of « passenger train just at the bridge, y es-terday some one entered an engine that had been standing in the yards about twenty minutes, started . and then jumped off. The engine was seen however, and stopped before it had done any injury. Detectives are at work trying to ferret out the guilty parti"® Dec.    ,    , bank statement shows tho rest t a; creased *3,037.01*0. $607,000 in excess oi men Is.  —*- ,    , ----i.„.uh Raided* Original Ba*"*a?*3    *    _    ,pl_    p0]iCe The banks now bold the legal require- IS A WISER MAN NOW, Kin Ca* ti by «*• J. n. sjke* >•» KeBevcd *.f Old “0«n” (■am® Doc. 13.—The latest J. D. PiKKKt * • U * J J kae# saloon in Gui pv.iv original packag* . ] »"c. 13.—The raided every tho city this afternoon ana were all pii(,f’d lind‘ r b0n a..d 'he keeners world Wilson' boll (k. The newest thing in the Xmas present at Mauro *v lintel Boller Explode* Mich. Dec for a Slot’n City, la victim of the bunko-steerer Svke™ who hills from Ida throve. He was approached by a well-* f who, withoinsollcitatioD.nOs ott The stranger learned that Sykes had $330 I ne sir in    a man wh j WHS a ln eLdo, tho ak,aor andwho hadla car Iowa, obtain a certified J copy of their articles and ihen do buH- j where they will, although their! home office” and “principal place of business'’ in I >wa exists in name only. ! We have good insurance law**, got*! bai.k-big laws, but what protection has the bard-working Ub'*rer,    wh** invests the    small siirplu# of    hi- earning-    ' in    the hundreds of    fureign haa    j and    building asse rations,    whose ag*ait- are at work in ev*-ry locality. This is but one sui Get. Look at our election laws A study of their inconsistencies and their contradictions would be profitable to the w« uld-be legislator. One might go on at d add many, many in- j stances, mainly, perhaps, entirely to the : lack of legal understanding and judgement < f ’ h«* fra: ' rs c f me-** statutes. It is not, perhaps, right to lay ail these error- at the door*; of the farmer, bu. it i-true that we need a little mere ; breath of vision ar.d bidi ial learn- • ij g in the halls of our law- j makers. lf our good friends intend to run this conli rig elect! rn as it best pleases him. and in several congressional districts we grant t hey have ample power to do so. in all kindness alai sincerity let US advise them not to nominate the rad * tl and extremists of their number, but rather the rational and cooser* a*ive ones and trust that in some lo-i a i y they may find an honest man with a good share of what for the sake of argument we will cab “legal brains Again, aside from the danger which lies in this direction another equally as great threatens the best interests rf the stat**. The indications plainly point that the question of prohibition is going to cut a lai n’" figure in the p fii ticai discu4-ion, and political tend* acies in Iowa. Without speaking as to the merits of the controversy there is dan-g. r that when we make a man’s election depend upon his advocacy of this idea, and this one alone, and that b's strength the nominating convention is made tip ’ cf the extremists of either class, a candidate, be we republi-tuan of one idea. On on" side it may be a minister of the gos pel, able conscientous and religious, but those qualifications a-are as meagre and as would be those of keeper who might b* other side and whose education has been finished in the bar-room. There is as much danger in the election of on® a" in the eh* i • of the other while perhaps Odin’s readers may think bim rather previous in bringing up such a subject for discussion thus early, the great dancer of American politics lies in the fact, we act impetuously and do our thinking afterwards. A legislature composed of men whose blains are heavy, whose foresight may be good, whose understanding' complete, whose ideas liberal ai.*! broad could the best interests    ... prohibitionists or anti prohibitionists in th® state combined. One thing, of course, stares us in ti e face, and that is that * independent movement interests of the party. could well afford to have one legislature composed of men thoughts are Let it not be    ,    . independent candidates is given, but Can® for Gov. Holes, Dr;- MOIN KS, D ;**.    13    —Gov. B des yesterday morning received a hand-om® present in the shape of a bird’s-eye hickory cane with a gold head and silver ferrule. Accompanying this was the f.,1-lowirg letter; *• To His Excellency Gov. Ii rn-, K This cane is pres* mid lo iou fur r. in* mbrance of your principles •! ’*>*1 Bilk ry.‘ uh iii* wa** caped and. for the honor and respect w-* hav.* for l ur tov. rm r line bis princtp * h A strain*** inch!* nt that a min shoo d live * -rut*-nu 1 years in p h<- * and harmony wit1* tis ;ieiKht*<>rs and fellow-citizens and ti* n canc his ®<*v<-r-oor fear being a dent erst. Y< ors resin ct idly, S. 1) Bani iti.D Vinton, Iowa. Th® cane has been the property of Mr. Radfield for sixty years. It was given to him during Andrew Jackson's administration. which is private, bear- the -ignatures of V >n M luke. Miguel. Puttkamer, Krupp. th*- b shop of Treves a* I others, chiefly belonging to th" old carte! party. The recent speech of Emperor William upon th** educational -ptem has had a marked f fleet up>n school methods. Th** school reform committee h is v qed to substitute the mod* rn f r ancient languages in all the lower ifia - - in places where ther<* are on'y gymnasia, as d also make such "hang**s in si pr"-"!'.’, -y Ste rn of reals hulen and high middle class -ehools an will enable the «• arse to be * ’untidied in upper fealschfiien. In Hamt'urg. the town council decided to e-iablish higher nt'd ile class schools in accord w'th the emperor’s idea4 The Frankfort Z> tnnfj announces the f! gilt of a banker nam* d R an em bezzler to tile *.ho> sand marks. Many medical men abroad to --udy iii® K !■ aving wi;h thei*- h<q; abated Some specia demonstrations, but o to offer inquires for facilities IDrgmann upon cor.)finding stations announced he w< nounce definitely upon th** r year, tut has reaffirnr **d hh-value of the treatment. ent of four hundred ame from atrnent are an a UU..:; .'n * yi a coumer-balaiic* will practically w** gh r When a I is in re (din ma hfne will be !ift**d » tIn* height Aesir* d by t by a vertical propel which it i- proposed th is about lob feet above when t^at point is r* a front of th** machine is -:«i used to supply the mach" from a cylinder by th through a hose, and when directed on it- course it i-it will whirl through the a of BPO in es an hour, at computations made of the resist the air. It will be steer*d by an ca* appear *• •* whereby a compass will b** laid and th® >hip aoton gil ded through the air. Th" cont of the -hip will I •* ah SOO. and it I- estimated thai fifty can be carried ii. its car. Tee * is pre pa'. I to make its ov n a’ : which will co-t abouf IO cents ;* it as ! ii;ai ach! d: “I he c can' mid Wh* .rni- t si r I for here hi a prop"!! ted. Th is fund * gas e. ir has *x peeled r at the * at I *< ••: r | is bt lain I and J r in gas J ■ heel j ft h P wi in o ar- ai the table and -iv wever, id rn* md hi- reg to-morrow. >lur<i®r®*l f**r CHII LIO* *7 HK. 111.. d Bk" a b ar xa' ai* * Kunm. 13.— Brob* e ®vtr wit-rt room oc-r George C. . a man over i and w* pt rr tug K"t"h-E. >,aj ton Todd. The *y of crira-ked by th® ■ In tr-fi- *• * he is not paid choked up " i I down on toe. Friends, I., his rescue wail occur Hi- Dec g. been that ra’*- fling to th® nice eld: a mason iro weeks agt*, wa- lo Rock Island det'G it »\ ing been crushed *»f ir**n, which wa-clu*- as yet to the im sam of ii. .« I- he was mu: VI Oiler. 3—P. E. rn Streator, a few nod dead iear the Is evening, hi**, skull with a heav •eg by him. et ct. King ar a arg" theory No drew d th® r this. at: WRECK ON THE TIP UP. ut - s.- person** .in] any jinium, pound. >ll*pt>ir®<l *»wl’»h * aas®** Di!»a*T®r at 'laiuctou. III, (Spccta to Th* HawK-F>e.t „ DCC. 13 — I BUSINESS TROUBLES. in th I) JC. •h A not her PHII. \ DR I.PHI A, [.®a. manufacturing assignment to-day I abilities or a-^et-The firm claims they I $200.00*1. They exported hard wood, woodenware and to all point- of the world. No is o List. 13.—W* .fits, n Hate rn ii! Ti 2* I) IO a cap Peoria, 111. *.er is just I . on the Tc >ad. A mlsp i.-h A ide an nt of > now. ' of hardware, ma i iaery report ;do, I’ iced t tra d's- - .VI •h a std cauked a fr* igh b<>x car- ?’aiKi.i ’n the total d**m* lit a number of tra •*d that the e;.g:n€< O c Dig I aud port iran* UC ft fir D r- hav their •ased I ’rofes-nr his deroon-lild not pro--ults f »r a b"fi.-f in the THE IRISH QUESTION. Mje .\**«!»ultcd ny nu ( a I* non ii Mas. Ft. Dodge, la., Dec. 13 —Mrs. Martha Dahl wa- a--a'ilted by an unknown man at her home in Lehigh Thursday night.. Mr-. Dilil and her fourteen-year- Id daughter, who were alone in the bouse, resisted their assailant for nearly as hour and ti mal I y escaped bv leaping from Die seeond-story window in their night fiothes. Iowa XIkii IGM I j* tn Chili go. Chicago, Dec. 13—P. J. Johnson, a cattleman from Kirkman, Iowa, wa-held up at one o’clock this morning by a co'ored man and woman a* d robbed of $5,000 in notes and checks. The two disreputables were arrested soon after an 1 the property recovered. An Official rran-ferr®*!. ({Special to The Hawk-Kvi.] Ottumwa, la., Der. n — G. P. Townley, "by passenger and ticket 'lsrent of the Milwaukee, has h^en transferred to Superintendent Cable's office at Kan-a-City. Mr. Parker of that place b ing assigned city pa-s-’tig* t agent here. Parnell Speaks at KUk®nnjr—H tennis <’tiani{®s of ( fans. Kilkenny, Dec. 13.—A mass meetirg In th** interest of Schumy, the Parnellite parliamentary eandfdate. was addr*-sed ny I’arn< ll tn-day. Ho warned the electors not to trust St John Pope Hen-ne.-sy, th** candidate of th*- McCarthy faction. Hennessy. he said. was well qual Ii >d to I - a leader it; a pa-ty of renegades, there being no party to which he had not belonged -a\e the Irish party. Parnell spoke but bri* fly. show ii r signs of great fatigue at.J b's voice being so hoarse at times that it was inaudible. The reporters ar** inter* ely annoyed by mysterious changes he makes in his plans. He has now ah mdoncd Gip pro-po-e«i visit to Limerick, an i w remain in Kilk. liny until after the election, notwithstanding everything ha- been arranged for the visit. A Chic*»go Him i loif'l I'p. Clite too, Dec. 13 —The Morrison and Allen Company was clos* I by th® >heriff to day on confessions of judgment aggre-ga’ing over    liabilities, $50 i.oo, aith as-ets In ( \ ess of that amount. w ret kin? trad. - .ene of disa-** ter rib! m Mapleton, md Western this evening i-h iido some track, result-i of the engine * ars. It is roan d one of the the wreck. A sen* cut to the Whit » huftur Pittsbijko, Dec. 13—An execution fir .-gunk) I;:- hf**n . -tied against the Pittsburg Lumber Company. The trouble grew out of th" disp-te among the partners and an application for th" a "pointmen t of a receiver has been filed.    _ rn® Whitten, Burd®!! A Young I nil or®. Boston, D jr.. 13 —A* a meetirg of the creditors of Whitten, to-day, the a—igt;"" t j-howlrig th" ’nab ii I®-with contingent I abidi assets $1 ,u:*2,0f,o. I l#V.ll Lu vt ENE Min Minnesota a:;d I) operating watch* Cfi liar Rap'd- anc sign; the Ii unknown Comp n nn , D *c iota e Not ties la A - sign. >.—Too tov a, eva’or com] any, Burlington, railway ashot 0; a-sets the rn Mu I >u -•r Tat! I ne DCO von clothing as ch the city. I ight Bello VO i i ring Coml any can sMl a* any hou-e in A X .Hang * a Bseetfj Burd ii lade a s to be 5 fies of Si) T v Young tat"metit ,077.000. • Oho and at a; Applied fur Cincinnati, Dec. mad" this afternoon » Receiver. I J.—Apt’" at ion wa-for the appointment mat in largely we secure a-can or democrat, \ \ HnliriH-ter Killed. (Special to The HDwk-Fye.l Cit!.kuki ii, Ta., D c. 13—Yardmaster Fish, of the Illinois Central, was killed h.*re yesterday while coupling cars. a legislator far betw* en the ex-saloon nominated by the do more Iowa than all for t he if SS* Mt    “    T,hJ5h    S: freight must    *Jfar    h,s    ,rlend freight and is still huntlm MRS. MARION IRWIN MISSING of « Richville. A Bio It at ■ bs, “*'/“phbUt’8 siding ex-boilor of a saw-miH a . L - lneer and nindpd this mort’ ng. * ijieVj aud two hers were instantly killed an lly Injured. -The two ot rn or* Mrs. Partington us mat is Hod brow n cr It costs. The "doctors said It U ,'u*! and liv'- >'et* aiif 'lr null’s cough by rup an took Dr. An Ex-ttongreH**m»n Dead Scranton grossrnan t3— Ex-Con-,7ohn'a A.    died    bore For I Ulmi.nrw. e,A*‘‘3f*'l*l<ji»'» P*-'11**1*- oonstlpatiou, lake Dr. and jHrsterlooB Disappearance Iowa. Lady. [{Special to The Hawk-Eye.) K,KKkk'Kir^i.Fef disapp^red from Mrs. Marion jeared from Irwin, *>*     L,^atoriouslv    about    eight her borne very^ y;^nlng. Tho neigh- wnere for traces have been evening O CIOCH ***“■-—- bors have been hu brr* ,bu,s,*nld«n rested on brr husband. found, buspitiuu    ,    afternoon who was ar«^ed »rShere Thursday and , ff°he told bis uuildr* n to go to the evening he to.a    , jr r,,turn neighbors to P*»y,    hpr    had Thts’was about all be seemed to know This was a win » hed tbi? morning. about it. "hen. 7,77] ITO 51 bid ii' tl4 he was found to have    bilis    which boot There were eight $100 bias, all jeopardize the Otherwise Iowa whose idea- and above party prejudices, construed that advise to rather**'that men independent in the proper manner ar e selected as the party’s niotMOCCft to \\ H-ti f II ii t 0*1. From St. Louis to Washington the distance is 894 miles; from Cincinnati to Washington 553 miles; from Chicago to Washington 813,miles. This is via the bee line followed ny the B A O. railroad, the most picturesque as well as the most direct route from the Mississippi river to the Atlantic seaboard, stretching across level and fertile prairies, amid hills and valleys, over mountain crests, along bank-of historic rivers, through Kerning cities and bustling town- The through B. a (). trains, with full Pullman equipment of sleeping, parlor and buffet cars, run from St Louts to Washington in 29 hours; from Cincinnati to Washington in is hours; from Chicago to M t-hington in 25 hours. Sleepers from ai! points run through to New York iron thew* st without change. At Washington f n-neetion is n ade with the B and Os matchless Royal Blue Line for Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. These Royal Blue trains consist of the staunchest and finest coaches, pari >r and -ieeping ears ever built by the Pullman company; are vestibuled from end to end. and are protected by Pullman’s improved anti-telescop ag device, whieh makes every ear as safe as it can be made by man’s ingenuity and skill. All the cars are heated by steam and lighted by Pints* h gas. They are the fastest trains in the world, placing N®w York and Washington within tive hours’ reach. Will Not Honor th® Cheries. Di i.i.iv. Dee. 1.3 —A dispute in regard to th** right of a demand upon the fur.fi-of the National League ha- * au.-**d th** bank in which the league's moneys ar* deposited to order its branehes not to honor chef ks sent to evi ted tenants by th® organization. In consequence many families are deprived of the sustenance they received weekly from the league, and must either suffer greatly or go to the pour house. The laborers on the railway being built from Galway t . < if den. struck for an increase of wage-. The road i- being built by the gowrnment and the wor* was started a* a part*of Balfour’s scheme for the relief of unemployed workmen. of a receiver fur th*- ’ary hou*»e of Bell, Miller a 1 dissolution of tile pant petition allege- the firm - i estimated fiat i lf ties are -J* a--"ts - 350 OOO. dry goods and for a rshtp. The civ "tit. The J**-" aud th** Ax-ign®® Appoint**! Bo-th\, Mass., Dec. I *.—The ' th*' defunct woolen firm of rkl i tor- William Bloom *fe Co. hav*- appe l tiled W. N. Bowen assignee. b London * London, Dec *tG( k exchange His liabilities are con jobbers in the Aliter the market are report tit roker Fails. El ward Elliott, a r. to day failed, derabie. > *v®ral an department of I to be involved. From ti [W latten f< i us of the ustom"d to ti t notion that wo* k about, almost ev -a was known on ^Ancestors, i i over that I,oho life of the avera , boy ar.d girl appear to wiser, and bet;* r than blaze of the ever lug To those of ii- w t form it I- a revela; n amor g our arc)st* rs lands, centuries bef* invasion “Georg: tion aiid ’hat it - stem and pre va of the land it.- abandon*! .es of ti D-rtt Age* Hawk-Eye.) h cento r The uinet""n:h century, acier ourselves with the ii ow a great deal more Tything knowable than •TI. law ( Rom; mere “We writ* less * former period by aminating to dis-' year.- ago the i. aud woman, and save been happier. it is in the full n of the year 1890. » labor f<»r tax re-riGt lo* k* d for that lh© Briti-h Is-Julius. C;c-ar’s i in full ope rn* <1 the Rom ai: it ai ii was th* uries after the to lh" tender in •re we ver lied for ceu d Br i ria ( a .-ionian and Irish Cdl s. may gather out of history,’ St Walter Raleigh, “a polity ne sc ti an eternal by the * ompirisor and application of other no n h ir own THEY STAND WITH PARNELL- candidates next fall. Neither let it be con st rued that any impression is meant    ___ to be given that ODD lawyc rS aI!®vPr0^f5 ^    To    Long    an Kng»g®m®nt. qualified to take par^ in t t * 1 e^uch j9 Wings—“As a rule I consider long en-th.ranpral unnMi teciw »ncli ti ,    »    the    begt_ But there,aone of th*1 general assembly becau far from the truth It is a fact that many a man who hasn’t parsed au examination know.- a< mach about law and justice as one who bas practiced at the bar. In the selection of our judges, who tnter-perate our laws we seek for those w hose character Is above reproach, whose learning is unquestioned and whose broad liberal mind cannot be doubted. Itsn t it a question whether we take the same e»re in the selection of those who make the law s; do we considf r anything, in fact hut party advantage and the man’s record upon one particular subject? *n no place should such care be shown and no- j where are we so careless. Granted we J d man, whose record proves nim couple whose speedy union would fill long-felt want in this country.' Whangs—“Who are th®' ?’’ Wings—“Joe and Aur ic Rooney. Monster Mas* Meeting to It® Held In Chicago on th® ‘iOd. ( rn* auo. Dee. 13.—Arrau ; meets were completed to-nigi" at a me* ting of cal unions for a great mass meeting at B.it-t* ry D. on December J ’, in - pport of Parnell. The meeting was addressed by a number of well known cill/ -ns. including Postmaster S< vto.i arid ex Congressman Finerty A -’rorig circular was adopted defining the position of the signers. Parnell is referred to as the “Head of the vfsibb* Ir-h movement in Gr**a‘ Britain, Ireland, America and Australia,” and it is declared h*1 ix the “Only It sh leader of moral for*® ideas v.h;> ha- never condemned revolutior.a’_y principle and who never rebuked the i-Gb people for self-deft*nsive ac*-.’’ The circular further -ays:    “While -nrrenderirg no principle of our own, and white firmly believing that Ireland, instructed by the example of th® American Colonie-. Gr"ek-. Belgians and Italians, ha- a right to resort to for* * if she can * ffect-ually employ it, to achieve her :.b*-rty, and, further, that -h" lia- a moral right to seek fur armed allies among England’s enemies to effect that ] rpose, w® a -o recognize that, in th® * mtroversy between Parn* ll, andGiadstone, the f mda-mental principle of Irish independence of English dictation is Involved Oa that principle we -rand with Parnell.” Ch»rjf®*t VNM ti Pun von,riPA, I) Pfeiffer, pre-ident of America, and vi e-American I fife In? . ag ai i st whom a war yesterday charging him with George F. Work i fraud and « hea* depo-i? tere>ted in the I ;n,#* a: com pa* y, was arre-?f The <a-hier, I tan gar. anti locked ud. I ne pres ;u • |>irrt/-y. 13. —I. mis K Irown Bauk * f dent of the ce company, ■ant wan issuud with conspiracy nd others to doors and mb 'rs ;fill the insurance I this morning. has I,cen arrested if® lit Nit. I’l®*i*ai»t. D iritsu a quag* 8»»l New® Knr » W Salt i. vkk, D c. rel yesterday, Edwin > :ott for* man of a gang of carper.tors work o g on a building was instantly killed by a fellow workman who drove a chisel into s -tis forehead. The murdered man's wife is -up-pofed to be in Mt Pleasant, Iowa. mi-eries w deservings.” In th*- island “English-? peak itself ov cr the w< a “bone age.” a age.” In til" stone a terrible struggle cold ami hunger “darkest England, ' lands, in western lr* lair own gr# at citi* s threatened to devo .r does devour him. Th* hard was his tor that Gods was banished ft could r. what rat > for"passee *rrors and ii whence th® so-call* race” ha- sprea* 1 there a “stone age,’ ronz®” and an **!rot J bun" -g- for exist' even as h the: *s man had i *nce, again? • now has ii scottish High add aught to lo- mi thi- nan was history land aud In some o Then, wild beast him; now mon**pol it us ta - us that s f he v rry fear of th m his heart The Ty. ii has ne told us, but that I veins there I an h* Will Fat moi an Fight Cent Hat®. Kan sa- C ITA', Dec. 13 The local papers say th® Missouri Pacific is about to put into effect an eight cent rate un live hogs from the Missouri river to M Louis. race wh plenitude A X own Burn®*!. Pottstown, Pa.. Dec. 13.—Fire in th® bushless section of th® city early this rnornii g destroyed -evera! stores, causing a loss of ab cit 5130,po i. partially insured. No the root. < a: th® J*I"Vt** ,1 Th® brot./ to n- than ti* Piets, or Cr® come land t his i- blood run- in on no reft-mab!" daub! "ri-hes. David, in a power-, could ne it®, and d*»ibiles? th I iii Jerusalem. D little better know stone ur b me man Th beni. are believed to hav * rn Crete through Gaul and lr* Scotland, and were "ailed Pl Jebi dwe mat K®turnc«l t>* Krill, Nk.vv York, Dec. I . —Th* In-h envoy-), William O’Brien, T. I’. Gill and Timothy Harrington, -ailed to-day for Europe. Htru*k it Kl<h. Kan Aeons,    Ka-., Dec. Royal Salt Company struck - ii' nigh: at a depth of f,40 f®et. is fii" feet thick. 13. The h®r® last | The vert I GENERAL FOREIGN NETTS. in t ine It* ti Kooiii Suits antique oak and sixteenth Sh® Hail » Way of Knowing: From Smith, Gray A C".'a Monthly. “I knew you would buy me a ChriGmas present,” said Mai d. “How did you know? asked Maurice. “0, you are not very close, you know.” But he vvas closer after that, and ?he wa- more than ever plea-ed with his presence. A Kii«-*lai) Com* a I Genera!'* Aunt Mnr-*l®r®il. Pas.!-. Dec. 13.—Madame Kartsoff. who was found rn rd*T"d at Moscow today, was an aunt of th® Russian Con-ul general in this city, toward whom the Nihilists have long entertained hostile feelings. finish go to Wrn Main -treet. century Straus?, No. 215 North Kiel ur« - L.ching-, pa-tel- wat**r olor-graving-* at Mauro a Wiisan' store. and en- s book get a go to be of mental strength sufficient to j ter.—Ram". Horn. An Anan hist Conf*-tm. Paris, Dec 13.—Anan hist De La In close application to business math- | Bruyere has written a letter to the new»-!n ? gets mach ahead of a mustard plas- j paper, Le Cia ire, in which he states he i»i®d of Palnjr. Lancaster, Pa. I) ". 13 gresaman John A. Hetsband to-day of para'ysD. — K x-Con-died her® assisted Padewlsky, the Russian Pole, Former y people ha I P> suffer with *-r*i«Y; lait now Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup en*es them Wha you -ay may br*), but wha* I want la —Salvation Oil. the great ^ain-deatru> ti. tavi ior th® painted), from their calin Of painting their skins aud 'heir clot! lug. They w**r® probably the Caledoi whom A_rri" la euro nor *1 a the Gran plan Hills, A. D , 84 and whom Tacit) describes as giants with fierce blue eye They had a peculiar < ustora origirafir in the fact that to establi.-h tb® rn se I ti in Britain th.-y stipulated with the Iris of whom the d r* d wives ’hat inhert ance should com® through the mothei no through the father When the king P(clavia died his son con'd not sn* ceed him, b'it hi - next brother, or in d fault hi- sister’s -on. or the near® claimant through a fema e and on ti female -ide. Hence “Gracious Duncan not M abe th, was the usurper. It wj by virtue of of this custom th James th): F.r t >f E:.g.and had becon king of Scots. Then the Pi — and Son be ame "ne poop]® more than half Cell J. M rr - Davidson, the British hi-tc fan, -ays that the entire population th* Brit -h I-Ui.ds wa- at ’ii" dawn Britt-ii hi-t*>ry. a €< ti as (* u ; ai that if th** non-Aryan elements were n yet assimilated th** assimilation was* tog on. When C* i vert th" Piets til" • ; -tood his Gamic, th i the common peop;** pretor The Celt- ii the island of . Kill went to co . of readily "nd* , in address!: he had an int# i rod aced iron in i Britan Ce? I found them wurn ug it i i Sussex, B. C., i ;

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