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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 13, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE ■HUSHED! JUKE, 1839.) HAWK-EYE ■ t of Dolph s Resolution of | ‘“tquifJ in th ’ Senat9' c    „ senator* J*'*'    ,„er«»nl*    M“k"    1    ■* *MIb, EMtloo. Bill. Mr. Plumb's •alariy appointed), and Senator Jones of Ne vada, no definite proposition was la'd be fore the meeting Mr. p|urub wIil return from Philadelphia this even!"* and the committee will meet a-ain to. morrow. During tho I,looting ct tho committee to-day it was said that inquiry had been made on the democratic side of the tford* l’as#et*    «“    the Debate I chamber with a view to learning    whet!, r Hoar    anti    Huller    the democratic senators would    Dem ir i bill for the purchase of 13,000,00?dunces of silver to go through tin' senate without amendment; that this inquiry caum from the executive; and that the democratic senators had notified the republicans that they would offer a free coinage amendment to such a bill. The silver senators on the republican side of the chamber have said that they will not vote against, a free coinage amendment however it may come before the senate, so it does not seem possible at, this    time* to put through congress a bill for the purchase of the surplus silver on the market. Representative Dorsey, of Nebraska, chairman of the house committee on banking and currency, had a talk with Secretary Window today about the financial situation. Mr. Wmdom approved of the action of Mr. Dorsey's committee yesterday in reports g the bill for the retirement of national bank 1- or ti {mates as a step toward relieving the situation and recommended more legislation aimed to restore confidence iii tho money market. _ jjeC je.—In tim senate im'p'rwrt bills were re-commlttees anil placed on j.. after which It was agreed tlDgWainended by striking out ,fTar DciUS    uneei ca^r^he hour for the daily i,.tins UA “S     1 Is was iuken up »{ter ior?evenilige sessions and mak-effect after to-morrow ilta cnfon offered yesterday by te ^-rructiog lhe committee on P* fand elections to inquire and 'vi] Rather the right to vote at any r presidential ‘ lectors, mom-eti , Ancress, legislators or other * ol ^[ced to any mile citizen ^ tip or D abridged except for _ pi the rebellion or other IU H1,I\(;t< in TWO “DSITED IRELANDS/7 B»W\. SATURDAY MORNING. DEC EM RER Id, 1890- (PRICE* 15 CENT: PER WEH Both Factions cf the Irish Issue Hie Partv I ape* McCarthy’# Keltic ii I iv«>r —A x J ' UIDl’Cl1 !, tw *“« «fl ^    a|'er U> be «*<!-Pam, ll *t ^iPJtis?nt^eu up. Dolph said he !*e’ wanted the committee to Dolph e com to whether some states * Gridded in their constitutions or Avoure qualifications as were not re »«enll0.DH jot prjvia it^d'by the*fourteenth amendment ‘tt£U    ^Tithiiut    an abridg- c5Bchvotir ^    _________ nnidtuti^n without an abridg »fo( the congressional represeuta-He said th red in > * ' - . constitution recently Mississippi did impose such i the represent! He sent a g.inc-rid th-.' representation of ‘Should be abridger V I rk's desk and had read the re- fliagural menage of governor Et    0f s ,uth Carolina, which, he ft.-^official declaration that the ‘ hi of colored men of the south lvilkciuiy- Newspapcr Com,net. sri “'““-ss: J' rs h,ad secured an inj; restraining ti.- latte r paper inctio’ I rom rue rn a latte ti mu i ta: ma: ‘‘"'Tit fit to exercise the elective fran-F that the white people of the south >ncontrol of the state governments f I, . sed to maintain control at all r F These propositions showed D'Th said, that the colored peo-TVhesouth would not be permitted t Ins ion — as they voted the repub-!ticket or where their voting would re republican control. ; vest moved an amel duient m-L-n'ljne the committee to Inquire Ether'whether by any state legislation, 7 T n of the i ’ ailed States w ere de-■ to work on public mille from a recent statute SieOregon~republican legislature au-ir d« the building of a bridge and SdiD* that none but white laborers J) d be employed on the work. It bt be. Vest said, that the provision -Untended to exclude Chinese labor mthe language of the statute excluded lie Trio an, R d.an. and negro. The taoerstic states had never denied the ( jfgj the right* to earn his bread by his i honest Ubor.    . Mr Dtlph replied, and rn tne further frrjslon an allusion to Tillman's mes-" brought out the declaration from ‘ .‘Ctlv willing to lied 'he right dements by reason of their color, ffjd from a cia’ -** GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS, W»rdl‘* Fair (Hiker,* Call on the President. Washington, Dec. Is) —Thomas W. Palmer, president, and Benjamin But-terworth, secretary of Pm* world’s fair commission, and T \V. Peck, of the local directory, waited on the president this morning and requested ilia he issue a formal invitation, inviting foreign governments to participate in the world s fair. I hey submitted documents to prove that all requisite conditions prescribed by the art of congress were fully complied with. The president assured them that a proclamation would be issued as soon as the necessary formalist s were observed. To Revive the tirade of lieutenant General. Washington, Dec.    lib—The    house military affairs committee to-day ordered a favorable report on the bill to revive the grade of lieutenant general of the army aud on the bill to increase to seventy-tive the number of army officers whom the president may detail for duty at educational institutions where military tactics are taught. Attorneys’ Fee*    Reduced. Washington, Dee.    la.—The    house coruaiPtee on invalid    pensions    to-eay agreed to report favorably a bill limiting to S2 the fee allowed an agent or attorney in prosecuting an application for increase of pension on a1 count of an in-crease of disability. The maximum fee now allowed is SIO. log its plant for that purple. 'The ]' ' of mtul Ireland contains .r > l-v the acting editor in chief, Mr. I: i e. '. addressed, in the „amo of w. ,    ‘ G'Prien, to every true lover of Ii- ! in J I he article declares that th re * \u- , alternative for the Ci.untry n* t. (>> between the continued lead -L ,, 7 Mr. amen and the seeurii a > for Ireland. To a-com pl I ii under the leadership of L,v is. the paper asserts, Impo-sib’.e A I’ -m il edition of / 'nit d Ireland, un uami at the office of that paper la A night. also, appears. Considerable son <• is c. .cd therein to quotations from ]■ ga' pinions justifying the seizure by Mr. Dane I! of the offices and plant of the paper. At the Kingsbridge station to-du • a wagon loaded with copies of Mr. I. .1-kin's (McCarthyite) United Ireland, intended for distribution in the south of Ireland, was approached by two men, one masked and tho other arni; d v uh a While it pains us to take a stand again t him, whom we have heretofore recog. i uT\i T frVnha T a,Jer’ W(! unhepitat-I ugly state ti at the cause of home rule | is superior to any man or set of men, f l\Wk ,‘rrP 0!,: rv'* ’’«ie position ' uk.en by ih« V! ‘ting par iamemarv dele-ga.i mi and unite wish them in asking Parr.ll to recognize the will of the majority ate, by a persona’ sacrifice to save the country from being cast into a (ivii strife which gives comfort to Ireland^ Hereditary enemies, disheartens lier friends aliej ates her allies and must result in the total destruction of all that ha* be«mi gaited by our race since the pri.( ,i u < oiis* it ii Hon a1 movement began. Amor-' the signers are Eugene Kelly, • Du po J. ti I? inohue, William U. Grace, •• mn R>rne, Joseph F. Daly and Jaraev o. i ole rn an. PEACE OUT OF TUE QUESTION Savage Disposition 01 the Pact indians in the Bad Lunds Report - of a bloody Fight Between Scoots anti the tt» <1 Men — I ruer<tI Brool.® Tryinc to Get the ludlftua Into the Agency. same time. At last accounts the body of the murderer, Joplin, was - iii lying where he fell. Joplin loo a wife somewhere in Missouri aiid an uncle named Joe Hatter at Springfield, illinois. An investigation bro gs to light the fact that Joplin seduced Miss Miller a'd tailed on Stewart to perform a criminal op ration. Stewart refused and told of inc affair. it was reported that Joplin wa- g- ; g to be arrested and the shootii g followed. THE FEDERATION OF LABOR. FOOLED BY A FRENCHMAN. Dubuque and Chicago Business Men Easily Duped large I.ohn Secured <» » Fn^m Mnr-riHgw LIc«*i»»w—A I**-- MOTKO* Girl hqIcWIcb -The • r. •:,«'il Tri»l Mate Vt it tic I a - the number of elhi been larger than During ti e year lr:* aew amphitheater houses and “ho-. r5 which were p .r<-* a a cost of ov r lars, and arn a1 fijC't in the state, proved ar.d beautiii year by iii** * n •    < cornmodlcus draf h* GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. To Investigate tcutr.l Africa Atrocitle*. i noon, Die VI.—At a conference be-' ween the Ab Haines Protection societv number of men: , rs ,.f the house of C ifo.noes and tht- Unifiers of SKVoral re-i^giou* bodie- a r.‘solution was adopted ■ I":--criding d.a ' go,, rnmcntinstitute lr .'into ities committed in Africa Liy Er-gli -h explorers and r adventurer Contr otic A S« ii tpt or ’n Multl« u I>CHth. E<>.-;dux, Ii •. ij. -EJgar Boehm, the -ciiip I.;-, doc! -iiddeilly th-.sevening, pre-u‘ a dy of heart d'-euso. lie wa* en-i/ ■ . on a on of I’rincess Louise, and i he .hot ca’'cd a the studio in relation lo I lie work, ai. ' found the dead body of th“ art! >t reel; fling in a chair R ooh rn a* born in coted m iv v it ni: a in I .Sd 4 lie had ex-vvorl s for the royal family. int the the revolver. Doth men jump—d wagon, and seating thernselv. s i.y driver compelled hffii t. > proe-‘<ffi 1 islar.d bridge, from which they I’ -them into the Liffoy. An un.su rn ;d. attempt was made t.. Mize a s.-.-uno wagon loaded with cop us of Unit'd ■ , hind which wa* -landing at th .* en - ,    «• to tile station, it wa prevented bv '    • police, who interior d to j.-e    •; driver and saw th. papers ■ \ j on the train. i rroiifnuK stntriiirnt. Iii > J ANKKio, D rn. Iii —The statement or, the government authoriz d the issue i loan >1 (joo,o()D.o r.) milreis was errcu-i* authorized tho new bank to sn* notes to tho nominal value of eoo.-•1 t: . re:- against 2(M),ooo in gold. i Ut I’- >(>lc r.miicd to IM-i Ii at Wan,:«w. k* vt’-AW, Dec. 12,—The porcelain fac-y ai Cmeilow was burned to-day and rn pl-.lyes 1 >st their lives in the fire. Will I ss a, I V«w “I Ult IH ni,in, Dec. 12—Tho cornu resenting the anti-I’arnell secti nationalist party se urtd an * th I Irclaud to-d '-‘ore («»>lil I ?r New York. ;hon. Dec. 12.—The steamer Lahn with 1501, OCK I in gold Numerous appli -ati irs for uu-mb- v were received. They include h rep. clergymen ani others, e-prc-^: cg r ness to subscribe fund*, if c- .■,> ary the organization and founding cf contemplated rn wspap -r. It -va- <!. to publish the first number of the ; Mon<1ay nexr under th*1 th e of ! Su]>prc>ri<d Un A i Ire! md,'' with 1 name of William O'Brien a* pun'Mu ew 'Cs morning •k. ship rom •ad i - iti> th WORLD'S FAIR, 111qui.- . • nt is»i*« »i by tin* Pi Ch: mot; br*. i Chicago, Dec. 12.—General Miles today received a dispatch from General Brooke at Pine Ridge, s iying from reports received he is of lite opinion that Two Strikes and most of the other chiefs are coming in. Short Bull and Kicking Rear with a small following went back into the Had Lands. Yankton Charlie, a full-blooded Sioux, and government scout, came in at two o'clock this morning from the Indian camp lu the Had Lauds and reports a bloody fight among tho followers of the Indian Chiefs Short Hull and Two Strike. Each claimed the leadership and each tried to secure it b7 force. Tho result is from twenty to fifty drau Indians. This report is verified by several friendlies who have been wailing for some time to escape to the agency. As tho spies tuck advantage ol tho tight to make their escape it is not known yet which chief conquend. Largo ? n-foreements have come in from S auding Rock and other agencies. The depredations of the Indians tmve been extended to the foot of the Black Hills. The Flying Boil herd, owned in the hills, has been captured. It is useless to talk of peace. Then- as ; ce:, no attempt made on the part ,*f the hollies to move out of their intreochmonts since the peace council was hi. Id. None cf the promises made then have been kept. There is great excitement here. It is "ald that when the chiefs returned from the agency a eouncil was held. Two Strike and his followers favored peace, but Kicking Bear, Short Hull and other chiefs, composing the majority cf the camp, took decided ground on the other side. The council lasted several hours, during which the excitement reached its highest pitch, and finally broke up in a .gilt. The troops have rci-eived    orders to be in readiner-s by to-morrow to    rnar* h : ij the Rad Lands. When Baptist    <i ova •rid Louis s-haugran, the ’leaders and i interpreters of the half-dozen s* outs ! who were sent several days ago to ...    ,    j    tho Had Lards, entered the camp at I nrce Important h d f th<! Bid ,,a!ld_    o(    ,h, unced to*bight ,,|dia||, w,r. (or k|, ,,k lhCin    Thls precipitated a row in which Two    Sir.ice Goo.|»er» Agaln Fleeted Pre-Id; n; G(»ltr OHI ct-rit Fluted. Dktiutit, Dec. I?—At the convention of the Federation of Labor this morning greetings were *• nt to the harmer" Alliance convention and tue Interna tlonal Labor congress at Bru.-n-< is. Support was pledged to th * painters, who will strike for eight hoer" in .May next. Congress will be petri.ne: to forbid Flitted Slates enlisted musicians from competing    for busine,; with free musicians. The convention de. isled that only bo n iii de members of the Trades’ convention hereafter be dffiega' --. On Hie question of r* adjustment of the i x-ecutive board and the p ,wi r of lite : res-ident the committee rep rt*sd la Kan amendment regarded by l-Hut president as having a r- -deni y. President Gomper; question of personal ex;, which ho said he vva- not i ’ the “b;g head *’ When counted it, wa- found th--did not have tho nee-thirds vt This is ;e friends of trictive ten-rose to a seriation, in Acted with *6 vo to w amendment ssary two a, and was d*-clarvd io-t. regarded as a success for (bptcia! to The Haw k-E Drituqufc, Dec. 12— J. t littie Frenchman who t h ber to establish a boot ar i I has disappeared, I aviug . itor-. lie wa" the invent and a.iJacious method of -ail the strength of re pro .-cr rat*, had >’ - OOO d* po Aud a a h »* treat, Canada, ho g banks and houaht machinery ar d h ath, went f Chicago oslon-ioly t.* L.l.ie Hatch, the caught r cf mannfa: lurer of Rochester, He bad the audacity to ta riar*'license in hor nano aud it to President Ea'tman of I Die and I^ast mo, my o ;r money and decamped. run, a j one i Of to- j tree ic tory, s cred-vei Un Th* s d Ara n. o rc I Th RAE - ! -5f»o to have revious year. 1 been erected - barns, bog th*, groor.'i-4. tho society at one of the ii ITV. oat M ne rn* A«-I ur« re clit rge a a-t wi N. W( Frt !g! by tate e Of c tai j O: " PHD n r rate a s madf SUEING A RAILROAD. moon Gompers All the other ■ NI, with th * ox-present incum-I n-j t iou.    J. I? easurer by acr a-A la llama, va-ho-d ng the jjext of * !)»• e.oinmittt e r» tau a up. Til.-for local unions ruin ct a IMJllit IHI im - a U- •• ;r General. 1’arneir* “I iii to * I in l-anil” ii inn* Drm,in. D *c. 12.—On the arri Parnells United Inland at Ca? •- I to-day, a crowd seized the r-burned thorn. i.o, Doc. 12. Hents were i tor General Davis at a meeting .! directory of the world’s fair . Handy, of P. nnsylvania, the wn newspaper ii in wa* named tho department of publicity and *n; Hon. W. I. Buchanan, of use Batler that he was peril lard bv that message. Mr. Dolph sa’d he was informed that Senator Butler himself had threatened (cored men in b’s employ that he would discharge the rn if tlr-y voted the republican ticket. Mr Batler replied that whoever made th:qateirent was guilty of a de iberate md willful falsehood. Mr. Hoar arose and said he had made j tee statement, having read within j twenty-?'ur hours in a public document the testimony of the senator from South Carolina before a committee, in which he ac he had told the colored people on his p'antattoQ that he should dismiss tai? they voted the republican ticket. Mr Iii I cr—Then the remark I made v.- • f coarse, to t I ‘.tor from Mi'-i.h: - M". Yr.H*ar rep; '.- i that Le was not to be deterred fro'n La pi's wha: lie had to say. either by‘he raancT or nehavi jr of Butler. Th- re- .vt then vvt-nt ov-t until to- HztTO VT . The hex bi:' for a public bulldicg at Davenport Iowa was reported favorably lad placed on the calendar. The election, bill was taken up and Blodgett and Walthal >poke in opposition to it. Mr. H ..r then referred to the incident ?’kr morning ava n and had read the lh .Bony in out 'ion, which was from the minority report made to the house in lr' In it Boiler is represented as j raying he gave tickets to the colored ne: and told them they had a right to vote the repu oil-an ticket if they pleased: tin*, they were free iuen, but if they exerted that right and imposed taxes -Poe him that would destroy his proper’; and prospects Le should throw him-*e?back on the "ame rights he had. and see that they left his plantation. He intended to inform himself how they voted. The question was a-ked “With a view to ; 'truing them off if they voted there-! pnbli-.an ticket " Huller—Not for vot- ■ tg:La rep:,h.lean ticket, if they had an honest ticket, but for voting for those I thieves and robbers. Mr. But T -aid this testimony was I garbled He ba<i never seen the report I "It1 • but sa’d now he Lad never at any ■:I2e ^tempted to inlluenoe a single ; negro on his plantation in the exercise ! af his franchise. Messrs. Hoar and Butler tlren ex- ; pressed the greatest respect for each -therand the matter was dropped. Mr. .lores, of Arkansas, took the floor ; 'n the election bill and the senate ad-joorned. The Moune. M'Asiiington, Due. 12.— After reading -he Jour na; the hou-e went into commit-17°‘ l^e whole on the private calendar. “ ithe afternoon was consumed in the -*scuss’ .a of a few bills which were -fia.Iy passed and the house adjourned. Bloomington’* Public Ruilding, Washington, Dec. 12. — Senator Spooner to-day reported favorably the bill for erecting a puollc building at . Bloomington, Illinois, with an amend-’ meat reducing tho appropriation to *75,-i OOO. Mr. Frank’s Reapportionment bill. ! Washington, Dec. 12.—Th* reapportionment bill, based on a representation j of three hun red and fiftv-six nim. crs j of the house of representatives, as orig-I ina11y proposed by Mr. Frank, o* M:--souri, was favorably a ted on ny the house committee on census and it will be reported to the house I -day < r tomorrow. Mr. Dannell subsequent y reported the bill to the house. The report notes changes and sa; - from tic . -’pula* on of the I nited States til** committee has subtracted the population of ’Le Ib-tri t of Columbia. Oklahoma and I'tab. The Tern aind r was Cl •    Vith ber different ratios v. ere obtained ny raking a* divisor any proposed number. Each number va* taken from I to JTA Trials were male until a number fourd which would give a ratio which, on an*-plication, would secure * a h tat* against any loss in membership, aud in n * instance leave a major fraction I his number was found to be CML the ratio was 174.SOT. The number of members obtained on even division wa* LL* An additional IT added to make 3M) were secured by giving another member to each of the stare-- having left to it major fractions. These states ar**: Alabama, California, Georgia. Indiana, Iowa, kentucky, Maine. Maryland. Ma -a' bus •■us, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Caro,ilia. South Dakota, Texas. Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. Mr. I *.v, De truellS Suue . 12.—A pre Gomp j -. I ti * a z w*as re-elected president, old oil! -era wer** r.*-e!*' " eeptiqa of tre s*:.r ■- ’L bent declining renomi Leu no re was elected lr alation. Birmingham, selet ti ti a" the piaco of conv* ntion. The r* pert I on constitution was agal | matter of strike fund j wa* r< ferrt-d to the ex i with instructions to to carrying out the intent ment and submit the san a > local unions interest**u A r sol* send a delegation to the cot \. ntion International Brick Layer/ un Toro next January*• with a rn w during that union to aff: am v federation was ador me. Several resolutions were disposed them was one pled d<-'gates to * '*f*r efforts to secure I* p’.oyment o a p’an for on the or, i g the fe t hem-elves "lation pr< .k<Uroi ,, the n to of the Ion at of i lith the o her among •ration in th“ ib'ting der the Heavy Dumas*'* ton i,f i Ii - F- Kkokvk, Dei admimstratcr o Mitchell, df lugs in th< Atchison, 'I He claims <1.0 cern ber 9, I sh i state that I)** appointed adi that prior to E Mitchell w as * a Santa Fe f rf cr* sting the o the exercise of the deceased v train by com in ! phore. which i S i gent u.ann! ' I tamed near ti rained result* iudgmeiA. i- a- 11 in«ii 12 the i ted. ha ai-tr?' peka a* tty I limit Ii H. litchi WL II. S U as: ,*..01)0,04 ira riuge his di ad vVh WAS TIRED OF LIFE Sail Fail of * Bi rh I Fjli ■>r. {Hpecia Dr." Moinks. Green, a brian mers, who has Of* > Hawi w i ii I ei £ A A. JU* )1frrr't for .!« ny -ye. ia., i giril J wav. LON Parnell’s sneers in I s >\> land in reference to the AL club it is recalled by me organization that several porters are still in ti after the recent mer ti o cr nits bes in I re two VTI ’ kl * 5 nal Liberal bein^ era of that JU i * ?)« f his sup- rt .. A res po an contending national! men, especially Michael C rn way, J I u ok moor and Joseph Nolan, w. r- a o -tomed to go to the club, and u h ie r -fr* shT.g themselves after the orusrg •, indulge in denunciations of Mr Glad s’one whieh were decidedly offer* • to their English fellow m**mb* -s. Panifll Hooted on lit* WOi> f Dtdian , Dm. 12 —Panic Ii to-day f^r K ikenny. A- ii drawl: 2 out of the stat >■;. his thanks to a I My of ! J students for sympathy -coming to witnc.-- his depai journey was without in the train reached Athoy crowd hooted I’arnell They with Parnell!’ KU kl ri d “L and rave thre* the bishops and priests aud live I) ll n and O’Brien.” At oih* lions the people cheered Pan < At Iv Ikenny a torn. .abt pi . headed bv the corporation ofii a1 in waiting and escorted Pan:** i hotel, where he addressed the briefly.__ I) »\ ii t and Healy at Ki'Uf nuy London, Dec. 12.—A dispatch Daily Sin* from Kilkenny -.ty was received with a tempest o but hissing and booting w, re oi audible from the boys and youths. said that all over the town beys paid by Parnellites to hoot Da At a hotel Healy * osus I >H-kn< ief of omoti •. .. * biff of the* department of agricere, and J* ,. liirst, of Florida, secre-rv of installation. All the>o nomina->ns were concurred in by the 'lri of directors. They will leave aint:'des in the national com- J u. Mc.->rs. Hirst and Buchanan ! .. a‘ '• r- of that organization. The I ■rsbip of the local cndit cor-I id; c I** he board of eontrol of the • , b i.:,l < av- .ion was also made pub-rite members are: Lyman J Gage, T Ii. Bryan, Fred \V. Pick, Eiwin Walker, IL W J. fiery. Potter Palmer, F S Win to! , aud IGWitt C. Cregier. Owing to a lack of time, the directory decided to dispense with any public competition of ar lilted* for designs for buildings. The committee was authorize I to select five ari*h»t<-cts or firms of in ’ti cts, ca' h tdio***!i for su* h work as -> old be most nearly para I d with his "I I r vlous achievement, ff’he**1 archils O' will u;**et in conference. ’lhe Athelia •>! ti**? “o* th. >;;k..man, Tex., Dec. 12.—Quite a I .abt o f capitalists from L'*avenworth, K m - a-. Bolton and other northern cities are her* to make large investments in ti a . pr ;.•*sties aud to look Into ges for manufactures s result in the con-immen*e d, a1* a* this he great cotton and t of the w**rld, com- and his followers, who arf desirous of coming to the agency, defended the scorns and they remained, lndustriou-'y engaged in the double ta-k of peacemaking and collecting stolen horse*. Yankton Charley say* that the b istiies told of a skirmish that had taken pa- on the Cheyenne river and that two of their number had been kill; cl, but had been brought back to life by the Messiah. General Brooke a ids that he is endeav-r ring to get the Indians into the agency, but that they may get beyond his rea ii. WELDING BY ELEff UCI TY Lightning Nf.vv It *- I >* r t s lUf-S nj ak J Forje. Iago, Dec 12.—Th' Y/e i by electricity ba- ceased t ment or a dream. The pro ced into Wants Bist Fool'* F.uii'l Disarmed. I'lEKRE, S. D , Dec. 12. White Svan, head chief of the Mimeb ai.ju ’rib? of Sioux at Cheyenne Ag' ncy, came to the city to-day to secure the counsel • f government authorities as to the , -t way to di*arm B g Foot’s band of Cherry j Creek hostiles, stating that Ii* entire tribe, nine hundred strong, w* r ready to assist. White Swan stands high in the esteem of the white*, bdng one of the most advanced and intelligent of th-Indians. Ha wants the Messiah notion dispelled, stating miry ghost dan; r* are suffering and even dying f* :n a form i of grippe induced by dancing out door." I during cold weather. As no agency ! phys'ciaus are allowed to go among them the dFease is spreading rapid/' Chi meta’ ex per! been practically Introdi cago workshop. Tao Dicture-q .' roaring L!a**ksrniths' fires giv s curiously fa-binned vises with j vws. i lie hurried sweep of the ing white hot metal with : -sparks as it goes from fFe to anv pinchers of smith ar pyrotechnic 'bower we Id it g of the b!g sleds | memory of the v I t*ffecti von* ss i• f i I as grea ii. i t Uy ’(* ling of ) be an •ess hi-a Chi- most ext milted w L i' h .* I house of kept for she -aid sh in ! h*d I her ut< killing he had v* tired of live for. Sh* Much mystery -ceed I rigs. LH uh ff I part ;te ai. ,rr. DABBLED IN MINING STOCKS lay Cum*** of C'«>',ln*r, It .lu r.«ifi A ll ton'* tat! .rv at Knx uh. n s adv vin dou *n of si enter jroduei: •*sion was .0 the TOWd to the “I )avit < he ‘ring. ig be Din the Iud and pr secf ion g north w- to tried MR- WINDOM’S PLAN. AScheme to Ami *sgr,,ooo,ooo to the Volume of Currency. ^ffiXGToN, Fez. 12 —Among the ’^kus scheme," for it,Slating the volume k.p " Grr* ■ 7 is one that has been sug-‘enPd to Secretary Windom, and he is v "oon to recommend it to congress 7-,the approval of the president. It is 7^7 a rnt'4'ure of temporary relief, ■j*would add about s .’r>,OOO,OOO to the fixation and do it at once. The plan ;'L° i' UP certificates upon the fractional ’'"Cr coin and the trade dollar bullion v°w a 'Teated in the treasury and its j/!z nes and useless for cir*’ulatlon. The ; ‘‘-s n Tthly statement gave tile frac-77 >:;ver <:oin at SI9,066,586 and the ar bullion at .SMo*<6,537, making I I t-!    i7‘-n,0-6"O in all. This silver is in ' "7" r' l"at required for small change nK /‘j-'b lL° fractional coin is graded a-<i un Ii EX-OUTLAW AND SENATOR. qurn Cltura. ter Chosen to ^aoepeil X' aile Hampton by the Alliance. Com*MUIA. S. C.. Dec. 12.—The action of the Farmers’ Alliance in electing John L. M. Irby to the United Srates senate ha* brought the blush of shame to the cheek of every decent South Carolinian. From everv section of the state cf nie expressions of iud gnatfon at the outrage and regret at the defeat of Made Hampton. Although a young man, Colonel Irby has a history, and not a v**ry savory one He has the reputation of being a •bad man,” although it is *aid he has since reformed and joined the Bap::-', church. Back in the seventies he was outlawed by the democrat! : governor. Simpson, who succeeded Hamptoi for murdering a man named Jv7fr°*e Laurens county. A reward of ?lob was offered for his arrest, but helled the state and remained away until the Lung , blew over, when he returned to I.atiren' and with lh" »' j q    Shell, then clerk of me j court and now alliance member of con-i Ki-e«s, secured an acquittal. Irby - I exploit was to arn. himself with a ehot- I gun while he wa* painting the town of i Laurens red. and defy the town an whorl-I ties to arrest him. He paid a this. Then some decent man offena . him in some way, and Irby took one of his negro friends to the offend* r - p. tation, (rave him a horsewhip, and, caxti- crowd, but his voice wa-hooting and yelling. drown lteaiy d by shoo was Ut d. tu rn and western Texas and i : t." ry for natural resources iu( tiv* •:<*"*, far surpasses any >f the United States that has up and ’irtai'.cd large manufac-z el Fe*. Ti e Sherman and North-rai road, which is now azured, chi ap fuel. The I ate* Mrs. o em',owed Austin Co.F-ge, an'" male colleges, with .'"■herman far ahead of any fie "< uth Ll a point of edu-jus ly entitles us to the •rn secures for us M Gregor, wt oi e of Shen shoo,wa, put* other cl y in t ca’ Ion. whmh Ai th< Texas. ‘Who paid you for thF? answered with cheers for Barn* toned by yelling, ‘Three cheer r Mr*. (LShea.' ” A imiscun ut ut Healy. LoMmin, Dec. 12.— Much amuyon* ut has been cauked In tory cir* - «u Lend rn by Mr. Healy > appeal to the Dublin p lice for protection from the mob. i r*c minions of Balfour, whom the impui*ive Irish member had so often denounced In unmeasured teriu*, responded to * ol for help just in time, it is said. to save him from personal harm at tho hands or hts own countrymen. His principal its saiiant was promptly arrested, v hue th.* pol im* dragged Mr. Healy by main force out of the melee to a place of safety. Al* this is interesting reading for tic* conservatives and liberal uulonH . w“° will doubtless enjoy chaffing Mr. Ilea y on his experience with It: h rn *■-■ am. the constabulary, when they next me n him in parliament. ^ Canon O’MRhotiy h LIib* Cork, Dec. 12.—At a meeting national committee of Cork night Canon O’Mahony made an addn* declaring Parnell had out replying to his meeting to give him an ’’PF-' show Parnell'S treason. He. sa... u n y had been distributed to o* -'an ■' <*-* r*‘ 1 strations in fovor of Farm *1. jr nit THE DEATH RECORD. Mitchell, of in** Indiana Supreme Coart, Dead. VN.\polis, Ind.. Dec. 12.—ledge I, o' Hie supremecourtof Indiana, alden!y at n * home at Goshen this :g. of < • a gcstion of the bowels. Xii Indian ars tit itll- laLi.iu Territory. Oki.aii*)MA City, Oklahoma, Dec. 12.— A courier rushed in thF morve.ng and reported that one thousand Indians had gone into camp three miles east of Choctaw City this morning. The inhabitants of that place were a armed and docked to Oklahoma < Ley to a-k protection of the troop*. Captain Steele has telegraphed Washington. _ Indian* Striding tjr Cauad.-t. Four Kkogii, Mont., I) c. 12—Two bands of di-affected Pine R'dge Indians under Short Bull and Kicking Bear, supposed to be united art* moving northward j with the intention of seeking a reserva- ! lion in Northern Dakota or crossing into j Canada. Fifty lodges and a band of stolen ponies are with them. The troop" j w ill leave early in the morning to head them off and deliver them at Fort Lincoln.    __ Four I Ullin us Killed. French Creek, Dec. 12.—A party of Indians attacked eighteen white men today. and four Indians were killed. aged about fifty. ___ et rotary N. bie’s Brother Dead. CoEtiMRt S, Ohio; Dec. 12.—Henry C. Noble, a prominent attorney and brot boof .Secretary par'-merit, (lied tiff.- event Noble, of the interior dc- Attorney Gen* -al i*«>ji« AvrmGal Coi.FMBiA, S. C., Dec. 12 —A warrant ha- b- en sworn out by a new-paper man ■ainst Attorney General Pope. The of the county to- left the city with-chaileuge to caff a awares, held a pistol to his head and one to ,ng his ".".ny    f,ead compelled him to horsewhip tho mas next exploit was **" wltb hl‘ Hi ■e of brother into Vie town after a Jusl the peace who aad offended him, and Between the two t* them they slashed . ^ justice to piece. He was never punished but he Is an alliajce man now and I- ■ member of the church.    ,|| wvr\(* Hampton, wrjose scat lrb> wit .ate has reposer.ted South Carolina n he UoUed States senat, s.nce inT* He „ a..on cf h. niajir general lu He wys one of the Newspft|irr    * I ox don, Dec. 12.—The Do I / Aff' * says it would be a-bamcd to wear, -readers by dis-ecting the fictitious defense of Parnell. It reminds Irishuu a that Parnell’s only friends in Engine are supporters o attorney general discharged froui his de-ptrtincnt Thomas Butler, a clerk, who, in th* late lections, acted with the Ilas-k ll bolters, Informing hun while he P ! was attorney general that no tn-j. p I'deut would be retained in office by hi;'' The genera! statutes provide a ti. ,, cf from LAO to SI,OOO and Imprison-rrent from three months to one year for intimidating any citizen because of po-i rte a1 opinions oi for discharging any one for such cause. ASKED TO BE EAN GED. A Tramp Who Didn't Want to Hjn-n.l iii-Life In Prison. Shkrrrooke, Q ie., Dec. Ill—William WU" I ace Blanchard was I a aged here this uorning for the murder of Charles A. Calkins in November, Is so. Blanchard was a tramp. He became acquainted with Calkins and one evening they bad a carousal in the latter’s hon e. during whi h Blanchard produced a revolver and boasted of his proficiency with the weapon. Calkins remonstrated and a snuffle ensued during which the weapon was discharged and Calkins wa- instantly killed. At the trial it came cutin evidence that there wa- no premeditation of the deed, but Blanchard asked to be hanged rather than sentenced to imprisonment for life. A LOWER RIVER TRAGEDY. r Balfour and perpetual fractional coin -r, . - - uiim for use In any event. tG rr2Pr, portion of the latter, more *-t; nve-shths of tho whole; is in half - a.-, fur which there is little demand. “7 proposition is to issue -ilver certifi- Itth l/°a nia'>i °‘ °°*n an(^ u„7°* A’r ,(i 'H> of the coin and the coin* - ■ 'aloe of the bullion, and have both r-'7 1 standard silver dollars as the A-yf'T7en,oe °f    mints will permit. tem J0? fiUe t0 tho abrasion of the coins <:;7 7® paid out of the silver profit 77, ari> : g under the existing laws. a measure as that propo.-ed will re- rth^a„aSopotpn,i.=alyithe the war first to en|uJ o,'^ Lphellloi. and led ti," ‘.V ~tr.n I pffion” at Bull Run, where L ^wounded bot won a brigadier gen- TtwT He nerved gallantly ai through eralship. He servea g^ ^ ;iftUteiant gen- ' thoiWaiuani«76 «outh Carolina had two e    ort;    for    a    time.    Hampton    was    one, governors for a■    T-nlted    riatt>s Chamberlin the ^ r,()er!.lin*B aitl, but soldiers camr 'n,pt Hayes withdiew eventually 1 resLdenVikmberlaln, lew-federal support f^n‘ lbernator;al chair served-PU. =d to    he    HCH    ^ “ made his appearance 1 The Pall Vail Gazette to-d-uj ^Om members of the McCarthy s-vUou ■ the Irish Batoon l"    ii I'. I. “d“ f “her “SM'    There . to ,    I,    ,    I . ,,/4 U i ■ r * I • '    a!    ll    ■ much pocket i.and- ■ Am^T^Job^in »•?.-.,‘P and I"- are anxious in I-*-    _    ,,    r For" Parn^U dr^jft ^    I    • ^ v u *. >■ ' d they would stiff love Y first extinguish Hyd■«.    ^    a    ,avai?e The Star t.n -    v,horn it ac- To-W. P"^iLSglVelp.tor;:d Won on h Foul. /, •;i; i >r. k v, S. D, Dec. 12. Jai" gal!" late of Ionoia, Michigan, and Ar i a- Mc Hughes, late of Kankakee, ILiiiois, fought this morning for the b.*avy weight championship of south Dakota, and a purse. In the fifth round M< IHighes claimed a foul which, being V - iffowtd. he and his seconds left the grounds. The fight was given to In- I n. T!;e City of Baton Rouge Sinks on a Snag —Several Liven I.out. New Orleans, Dec. 12.—The Anchor Line steamer, t ity of Baton Bouge, from St. Louis, struck a suae near Hermitage landing this afternoon and sunk. Two unknown deck passengers are known ‘o have been drowned. It is reported that six or eight passengers taken on board on the way down, were lost, but this is not authentic. Tic* steamer was valued at 875,000 and her cargo at $100,000. KILLED IN A RIOT. Ai Cnimnentlabl®. claims not consistent w ith thehigh .Aar..der of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the. California Fig Syrup com-pary. It acts gently on the Kidneys, liver and bowls, cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all a d ikes no pretensions that ev-y bottle m ioi substantiate. A Vt-w Ii*** say; The senate. iSP'P tv    ten,,    but ivV..?ie.lt !l.^iove that It could be passed I with I n -    naeific    sDcechcs.    Before thrri FF    ‘-uai,    ii    coma    oe    passed ibp    b houses under suspension of . hot V*V    an ^ blsat the silver men could coin# rd t0 antagonize it with a free ar-" .amendr,ient which might defeat aiL action. t}je^.rfk'>hhcan caucus committee on bad ,"‘anci!‘1 ^Boation met to-day and for rnKeDera' discussion of the necessity tltte^Tv^1 H'iF.ation at the present «enpra’ a C0lnrai*-tee entered into a boo y1, ' '"/Ion of the money situa* fat I.-    llieabsence of Senator Plumb instance the committee was cities and mad* pacific    richest the war Hampton w . ,tj g immense m™in, 'SfdUanUtlopflw^Sh'Mrf* and splendid p    manner be- royal income, ie “\Nl?h be entered the fitting bis weath.    ator    sq    poor senate, howe^r, -    > -    - object in ac- tbat the saiad was no^.i *    e3,ate?> ".sSS set the senhor on his feet again ■ever, no^ib’y dynamite; to-morrow P Ti i Hr4ff2ing Ireland to r.*< reVol,!°d ontlawjy. He lied to Davttt and ruin and outlawr.    g    w    -    ’n Licked his party, an tra|t0r!9 hand po’isoned weapons and a tram Ark ParutB to Kealgn* New York, Dec. IS.-The Irish I ar-liamentary Fund a?socjai.* • |*    •    ,    |;p address in which they sa,,    (>f an notWking to dictate to U •' V* I t or for ut to to a?k tha not t^rneU^ services, thew -annot con < ^ have al. that ha* how of passim The tddreu cohUnuea: t itch S«’h« <1 ult!. SI ’ It IN O FI KI«D, Id., Dec. 1.2.--b* * rd of railroad and warehouse commis-r- to-day adopted a new live mock schedule, which reduces somewhat the ntr-'cnt carrying charges. I he> adopted {he pound rates instead of the present car load rates. _________ N'i>rmaDilf |’orcli#m fl f‘,r #*Y.OOO. I NPI a na rot .is, Dec. 12 -O’Fallon, proprietor of the Normandy stock *arrn, a Bt. Louis purchased the yearling colt, Normandy, by Mambrine, Dam Lffa by Geo. V/likes, for £3,000. The B. & <». JStrihe Ended. p.ti buro, Dec. 12 —The Baltimore and Ohio railroad strike is apparently ended. Full day and night crews are at worn in the Glenwood yards. SIru. c »rn ‘«z'» Hat °f New York, Dec. 13.—The physician of Mrs. Andrew Carnegie to-day now out an- of corniced that that lady F danger. c-'rfs    buSoisneas, and jndig*«Loo p. IlctP. or Anli-tilious Gra-- A Melee Between Strider* and N*.<«»- Fnlon Miners EdiI? in Murder. Wheeling, W. Va., Doc. 12. -It * - reported the striking miners at the Monongahela Coal and Coke works atta* u the non-union men la*t evening and in the riot that followed Alvin U ail wa*. -hot through the bf art and instantly j huffed by John Jenkins, who escaped. | ff he situation among the striking miners is becoming more serious hourly. Jenkins will be lynched if caught. ’There is no prospect of a settlement of the troubles. A Master Defrauder Arrested. Philadelphia, Dec. 12.—George F. Work, who was tho master mind >f the Wor k-M ac f aria ne- P 'el der-D unga n sy r I -cate which, it is alleged, wreck' d the Bank of America, ai.d the Arr.erPan I Life Insurance company, was arrested I on a warrant sworn out by a dis r: I ! attorney, and default* f 820,000 bai!, wa* committed. Warrants were also sworn : out for the arrest of the other a embers i of the syndicate, but they ar-- not yet I found. The warrants charge hypothecation of stock and a conspsracy to cheat and defraud vhe depositors and other-1 Ute rented. Hundred* of people lest their ! all by the ruin of the two institutions. The Arkansan Tragedy. Fort Smith, Ark., Dec 12.—Mrs. John Miller, one of the victims of Charles Joplin's gun, died this morning, and tiffs evening the father, mother and da .aliter and Dr. Stewart were buried at the I together by operating with hcavy irons by hydrauli pressure. The fusion forms a complete union, which cannot be d**te'’t»*d after the slight enlargement, at the weld has been removed. In forming welds between metals, such as iron and ccpp variation in tho plan as given that is necessary. The tw< meta! are fastened on the copper a* before, but the arrangement is ent. The metal which fuses most readily extends but a *hort distance over the plate to which it is secured, while the more refractory metal extends a considerable distance beyond the edge of the plate on which it rest*. By this means the fusion of both metal" F synchronized. and a uuion Is made between iron and such metals and alloys as bra**, silver, copper, tin and zit . I iMlir.it ion* of National Fontal* nee Abroad Chicago, Dec. 12.— It I" reported on the heard of trade this morning that. Russia on advice of th Bank cf England ha*! decided to deposit her funds with the reorganized Baring Brothers. Thh is regarded by brokers as the most *-;gni-ficant, Indications of national confidence abroad. Koch's Lymph iii J Ii Hade! phi;* Philadelphia, Dec. 12.—A supply of Koch's lymph was received to-day by a commission appointed I v the I Diversity of Pennsylvania to Investigate the method. Ail cases -* Ie,-ted will be ad- I mltted to the University hosp>«ai and a critical scientific study made ,f en* h. Strike; Denver, D Must (iii to XA or St . 12.—The general manager of the Colorado Midland has notified the s’rikh g trainmen that they mast return to work at once or the r places will he tiffed At Lead)..Ie the condition of things I* unchanged and the men are stiff out. wind Killed hy Falling Wall* ok IAN. Dec. 12.—During high tbD in rn ii c a ive -dry brick house in cour*e of erect on ahs I own j drop down. It fell on a brick structure occupied by nu Italian "hmm.aker and his thirtcen-year-old daughter was kii Named tt,e Date and l l re. Sanford, Fia., Dec. 12.—President j Polk, of the National Fum ers’ Alliance has named Friday, February 6,1891, and Washington a" the place for holding the first meeting of the national legislative j I council.______ Three Women Blown to Fleet**. Pres SBF no ii, Hungary, Dc.. 12.—An explosion occurred to-day in a factory at Zundorf where the ne ’    ~    •'’    * tin is manufactured. Three women were blown to pieces ISP* ca Lake Vie" barn, one mil burned a*t r hor*es, a lot Th** s milton Corr tv A grirtiltt.r [Spot .a. to Tai; H a •* k Vinton, la., Dec. 12 —A* cxpi slue mega- meeting of the "tor kho ier? < ton County A-rn yesterday, the sc ’a report ."how •• I ;

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