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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE ^HUSHED: JUNE, 1839.) HAWK-EYE. iiffi ASB BALLOTS. ,„«! SP““    F''’ on the Elections Bill. the Proposed Measure Not ^ 1 “7. strong Enougb-Legtelatlou STn the Senate and House-C.en- r (1 Washington News. jittvgK'N, Dec. ll.-In tho senate TninoropriatinR 828,000 to provide the'1;.,    vessel    for    boarding ,„)n a, steam ^*5. at Chicago, III., was passed. diction of the senate con. arrlnft to Ti amendment for a public build-Ae house amt-    la.,    was    re- *}in7at Sioux City, la., was re-m Lte and then the amendment was "Sirred I* and the bill sent to a ‘"("Mitchell - :Tored a resolution which abreed to ‘-Instructing the postoffice ** to Inquire into the feasibility usa advisability of a law for postal with all or "Va banks in connection classes of postoffices throughout ^C°Uresolution offered yesterday for the senate at ll a. ta. The ca- it meetings or -/,orrecesses from 5 to 8:30 p. rn. was on up The discussion was kept up id considerable excitement until two ma when it went over without action. Selections bdl was then taken up !w >on of Iowa a dressed the sen ate tipis advocacy. He said the question confronted congress was one of In several states not only the at citizen had been Aginu* t - quality of states in grift rht of an intl!via ... ^ed, but the latter of representation ha' been de-* Thus. Mississippi and South Car-of UH 129 sent four- be in future too much fro! ! i ,n supply tho world’s ne,.?,’“    * potato. the United States alone for th , have will require tho we now the metals as great ate tKTnuiTpro! ductlon of the American nnui uun \l'°-its discovery by Colombia. VVUh^he free coinage of silver, the difference w silver bullion and silver coin mn t *ween disappear and epa th78n^Tpe^llu If everybody can havo silver meta verted into coin, free of of 371 strains con- cost, at the rate to tho dollar, then of course there can be no dllWm■£’between the value of a given weight of silver In bullion or coin. Th ........ believes the fear that free c„inaga WM„ , destroy the parity of gold aud tev our ratio of sixteen to one is " founded. " or on , — — not well Certainly this can not take place and continua permanently until enough silver has been coined to provide us with our fu.i distributive share of world’s money independently of gold. Our share at present is $1,500,000 OOO- of which at least$050,000,000 is gold Silver enough must be coined then us full $1,500,000,000 beside to give aud besides enough to Yake the ffia:*°of tho retired bank notes and to supoly the requirements of our increasing p0pula-tlon and growing Industries. the proposed isM<,d of new'iapc^^ will tend in the sam.* degree, to displace the gold that the silver will. Wh then. lied. is the best, metallicmonev, constant in supply, self-regulating and'that noJd. no redemption, or additional credit money to be some time redeemed in gold that becomes constantly dearer astite demands upon it increase? The people demand that their constitutional rig lit to have recourse to both gold 1 silver for money be restored to them BU REIN ETO \ I OW 4, FRI DAY MOHNING, DECEMBER 'PRICE: r CENTS PEP WEEK Collier, Robertson & Ham bl Grocers, Fail for $83,000 The ABslKoment a g ion, ing of    feat    S«rPrt*®-stH.,<|. ui the Hr nj -The K«nclar* Ber. ordinance, but d I nance nor whose hands tmther the Baldwin or alderman Rockwood, in ,    11    wa» placed, could be t me fnr    •    f d that In 0rder to ?ain tune for 4 he Baldwin people he had ab- MaJahsB p8e‘f tr°m th<‘ reeeting. Cit Marshal Barry was ordinance, alderman. PEASLEY MOST ANSWER. but meeting. Sint, in search of the ailed to 'find it or the Judge Gresham Denies the Application for Habeas Corpus. Creditors— RichardsviHo _ mal State News. Vt faller grocer H amb Ie 'tab',,, ; firm ii s. as I I, 0 of the y house ion, one was 'or ti number®, a: I bl .irs. urn jjrt with a vote a members to the houseof representa-while Iowa with a voting •.'93.255, sent but eleven 'tee; ares, Mcuiauon or Sobers. The people of the country id not believe that the people of ;(;.5slppl and South Carolina were as tee to us* tho ballot as the people of La Nor would the people be content util absolute safety was assured the citrin the u«e of the ballot aud until and good faith was shown in every stat . No U6S1 fairue: eonnttng the same in more important subject commanded the Lotion of the people, The country Eustdo right. That every citizen, be he white, or colored, may cast his vote as is his right and have it counted a> it is (Bt. If conzr-ss obeyed the dictates of duty it would establish peace throughout the republic. If it refused it would but Loire the country in the perils of retributive justice, which was ever the a y of the opp*-* — d. Mr. Frye said the pending bili was not one-tenth part stringent enough. If, in order to secure the right of American citizen, to freely ca-t his ballot and have it counted as cash it was necessary to put tbaytmet behind every ballot, he would dc so. Applause and hisses in the gal-lery,which were promptly suppressed.] Mr. Daniel commented on Frye’s decoration. saying it was not the conception of the repute; which its founders hiard was ret the conception of the republic Amen an people had to-day. Executive st -sion adjourned. I>* More Legislation Needed* Wvshixgton, Dec. il.-U is beginning to be sui mlsed here that the financial needs of the country are not in the direction of further legislation. I -aw yesterday a letter from a London financial house which says “What the matter with the American situation? The London money panic is all passed. Everything here is Ona good basis and we know from our own adv i es that affairs should be even much better there than here,” The same letter went on to deprecate the possibility of any legislation at Washington which would have a tendency to unsettle the currency. The possibility of any legislation which should s-nd gold to a premium would create much more demoralization in the financial centers of the world than could be compensated by any temporary inffuences secured by artihcial means to relieve speculators who have more on their hands than they can carry. II-penal to The Haws Bye.} KF.oni k, Dec. ll.—Keokuk other sensation over the old-established wholesale of Collier, Robertson & of the largest busine* e-the city. \ esterday this mortgages to J. f s nit! favor of a °f these mortgagt of * l9.?oo in round other forever $22,00.), b Rh agun .‘ate. •jbOUt Ss3j0()0 Toe (    » r* “Wtwge OD SIO k. with a pr.f.-rr., ■’ clause i- favor of the banks lur th -urn of $o„,000. The other was a firs -non gaga on real estate and a second iimrt-gage on stock. A number of citizens an among the creditors md long fat -san th,. rule here now, as it is expo -ted that the liabilities will far exceed the a sets. Mr. feniitll, the trustee was seen this evening. He said he had closed the house ami had commenced taking an invoice He no idea of how the affairs of the Stood and could give no estimate of the liabilities and assets. It is claimed that several creditors have not been named rn the mortgage and that the luTtete-will probably reach $100,000. It will require several days to co , e at anything uke a satisfactory estimate. M Collier and Robertson are old dents of this city ai d have as safe and reliable busin • Mr. Hambleton is a r< side,ut, of ll DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. WomH" Burglar ('ouipets m Give Up $ 1,500. i PLS 'al to Th* Uawk-Eve.) Di bfquk, la.. Dec. ll.—John Becker a wealthy '• -ie keeper at Richardsville, J7‘u® county, left homo early , Y'u!a ' l‘F , miming, leaving only his a*1*!    daughter    in    the house An pour later a masked man appeared at ]•’ I ,ront dour ai.d confronting Mrs. *e lier with a revolver demanded all trie money in the house. The woman was rn m d and gave tho robber two huu-■* 1 and fifty dollars. He demanded more and she then produced a package cor. tam Pig over a th msand dollars. The robber thin I ; .;!riy walked away. There ) no due to his whereabouts. Rot U CoaDH6luiiin mid Penally Krmanded to the Custody of the Martha! Until Cnrj;»d of Contempt — Un' I ase Will Go Higher. WESTERN WHEEL SCRAPER WORKS. Pleasant to ii ad ii r .ii ton, 111., and has quite wealthy. -umo re ■en regard* men, whi ideni of hi Thry Will Re mo vt From Mt, Am ,»r !, Illinois. [Si1 aa) to T he Hawk-Eye.] 1 i’;.i vsant.D3c.11 — It Is definitely ’ d iiow that the Western Wheel ‘Scrap' r c< npany will remove to Aurora-11•;ti-)is, v:aff a union will be formed with Charlie Craven, of Grinnell, the fi uu r manufacturer. Captain Smith * ’ 1 to Aurora, but Col McClure and | ''1 * u Beckwith, the other stock-= ■    - wi'.i continue to reside in this ■ j Id ‘re is some ta.k now of securer! r establishment in place of the works Several citizens have ■ ibed us high a' $2,000, but it is inile-.bible that anything will be accom-fflslicd, as some are in favor of one . ling and some another. dc ca re port f CLOSE-XOUIFSH FAR’tfERS. Du Tilt* w galls The Hotee. WasHISgiun, Dec. ll.—Soon after seeling the ho use went into committee ef the whole on the fortifications appropriation bill. The bbl passed together with the bill appropriating $ too.OOO to meet the deficiency in the appropriation hr public printing and binding. The house passed a hill amending section 55’5 of the revised statutes to provide a penalty for any parson having the tasted? of ballots and returns after an election had h-1 en held, who shall alter such returns or erase the name of any candidate for representative or delegate I congress, from ara. ballot' in his custody; or A a’:y way T'-t or deface the same with intent to effect the( result of Bach election. Tie bill was then taken up to amend [the wti-polygamy aw by providing that personal property formerly belonging to the Mormon < Ke h which was now in the hinds of the receiver, shall be placed in the common school fun I of tho territory, Without con pi- ting its consideration, inhouse laid it a- d>* as unfinished busine and went ii to committee of the I whole on bi Is from the public land com-: ainee, Mr. Payson a' d up the bill to indemnify the purchasers of swamp land* ltd reincurs • several -fates for lands due them under the swamp lands act. After the disco ss ion the committee tose to close the debate, but Holman ‘B'Scd the point of no quorum, and th“ tee adjourned. Inf ill* Thankful to Cleveland, is HING ton, Dec. ll.—Senator Iowa* asked the other day if he Intended taking any special notice of the letter of Mr. Cleveland addressed to Mr. Akers in Kansas City. Mr. Ingalls replied that he had been thinking - *riously of writing a private letter of thanks to Mr. Cleveland. Tho letter had done him so much good that he felt really grateful towards Mr. Cleveland. Those who misrepresented him in saying that he was angry and would make, a public reply were certainly strangers to politic-and the senator’s methods. He made it a point never to attempt to injure any one who bad done him a V mdness. Mr. Cleveland’s letter came at a time when the people of Kansa- were making it warm for the senator, and the letter wa* one of those happy diversions which turned the tide in the sena'or'- favor, it showed so clearly how anxious the democrats are to dispo-e of him. title All alo e ta ■*< < t et Ses-Ioa OtNcl.tl 1’np. r to i»>) •*(,»! (* ti [Special to Tim Hawk-Eye.] DK- Moines, I) ■ ii. The exeeum com mitt* e of tm State Alliance cont rn in secret session to day, D is ut dersti -that the subject of district and c, i.m organization, with a view to equal /an of the work was before the b My. have been considering the adv of establishing an official and Ii ave had several pet men figuring upon established an organ In some city near the c< the state. Should the commiuet to authorize such a paper it will The Iowa State Grange. i J «cia; to The Hawk-Eye.} Moines, Dec. It — At to-day’s ses.-'on of the Slate Grange the committee co-operative work made a report, vtb h wuis adopted by sections, it is as Hov- -:    V"    would    recommend    that the txecutive committee of the Iowa Gja ge confer with the executive commit -c of The Farmers’ Alliant' Chicago, Dec. ll.—Judge Gresham this morning decided the petitions for habcis corpus presented en behalf of Charles Couuseltnan, the Board of Trade man, arid James C. Beasley, treasurer of the Chicago, Burlington aud Quincy Railroad company, and held in both cases that the orders of the district court adjudging bor ii gentlemen in contempt and that they should bo fined and imprisoned was authorized. Mr. Counsehaan and Mr. Beasley were remanded to the custody of the marshal. The lour;, first decid- d the Counsel man case, in which Charles Conn-..'man was adjudged to be in contempt for refusing to answer questions before the federal grand jury relating to alleged violations of the interstate commerce law. Judge Gresham held that Mr. Counselman must an.-Wv r the questions, because he was fully protected under section SGO of tile constitution from being convicted on evidence he might give. The potation for a writ of habeas corpus was dismissed ami Counselman remand ' i > the custody of the marshal. In deciding the application of Beasley the jucge said:    “It    appears    from    the first report of tee grand jury that Beasley's examination was limited to a crim inal charge against Freight Agent Mil- ■? Th general both orde resol utiof sun mb v\ bi bote .nor. hap- Or iter o dec id* ires of the . The nsidered, :lt that ii receive a majority of two-tl alliances before it will biol question of backing only that will support th.-in was also the spirit of the meetii g t would be to the best in'* farmers to cleave to ii party but to stand bf and alone. One of th of the committee was a they intended to follow the lead Farmers' Alliance in Net n Ta a -as and attempt to elect their own uh ii -hers to public office, and nu others, in answer to which Interrogatory he r -fused to answer, stating that he had nothing to say, It is probable that such a question is before the body ic.? wha action has been, or will be taken iii ti o matter the members refuse to -av. p n p j house for ne The idea convey* and tho prinep! organizations ave now worked tho establishment in - or some other city near if the stain of large depot iii'"/ to contain everything that is i by the farmer from a threshing t bine for himself to a needle and intele for hi.- wife, so that he may get f >r ( .st and the expense of transporta-iu delivery. The supply house will rn mag d I v officers of the grange and iai.ee and will ba run for their inter-. The i < . imittee on resolutions’ re-wa ■ adopted. They concurred in xiii zil meml tsked Ilion and Conger lard bill ■ rrongly support them. Kl Lent strayed b; in the offi the entire but three ad fining Slimed by TI I’ lur THE GRINNELL CASE. TTH Another Fire »t Lenox. . la., Dec. ll.—The last of frame bu-iness houses were de-iir o ye-torday. The fire started a of an implement house and building and all implements /agues were destroyed. Four tore buildings were aBo con-r the ll ?mes. /sporty di'-'royed was th** Imple-ust? of Thompson Bros’, ios-Enterprise Produce Company, A II or Cholera Lymph, Washington, Dec. ll.—The ain: .a1 report of the bureau of anima! industry says with the ultimate purpose in view of discovering some method of preventing disease In swine, th*1 bureau has endeavored to produ e ani Tally a dr ig which would have the -ame composition and effect a< bacterial product- These researches have been, in the main, successful, and the report > ’aims a subst ance has been produced whi h not only resembles the bacteria! product of the hog cholera germ in compos;, ion. 1 ii white has quite the same power of conferring immunity from the disease. h d that ■inueli •tories i told s. He general washington news. Hanking and Currency. Washington. Dee, ll.—The house cs® it tee on banking and currency 4-; f-d a rest an m to request the house lose* apart a day for the consideration ted disposition of Chairman Dorsey’s bill •creduce to Si ■. a the minimum amount Oi Lc’ted States I mds which a national tel shall be ri . ared to keep on deposit ltd w permit the y nttior of the pa teled. Th Bino VO! ‘WimoQc' 1185.000.00 •?;-e of ca ob comes tesey wi' Mdef Of I] ) and tonal up ii mov< Favorable Reports from tile Frontier. Washington, Dec. 11,—General Scofield to-day received a disrate.i from General Miles stating report- from Generals Brooke and Huger were of a favorable nature. The presence of troops had a cooling effect on the Indian .    <    aptate Ewers has brought Chief Hemp into Ft. Bennett. Hump did good service with the soldiers in the Nez Perce* campssgn and Miles expects to make good use of him bringing in others. General Brooke reports the Indian- near White river loosening stock and coming in. similar report* are received from Colonel Sumner. Attempting to Prove the Prison*’ *.inity — Rebut t ii Test I mo ny ISpeciai to Tho Hswk-Kye.’ Dubuque, la., Doc ll.—In ti noli trial in progress at B . at* r, fen se bb* day introduced Dr. Wig New Hampton, who t> -' r d th treate<i Grinnell I it nervous**--the shooting. Ile thought Grin in Insane. Dr. AY. A. Bani, of M<' testified that he treated Griune was greatly ex lied and apparel t)y Judge Noble, of McGregor, te-titi a few days before the shooting G told him In* would not B -ve the about Mrs. Grinntl'. The judg him he feared that they were lr thought Grinnell was insane. In rebuttal the state introdt <.■*■ I W. A. Sloan and Robert Lindsay, who wore that a few days before ti. murder Grinner wanted his insurance policies changed fr.-m his wife to his son. They saw nothli tx irrational about hi- action. Dr. < I irk, of McGregor, saw Grin: MI immedia'-e y after the shooting aud also the a day and did not think him insane or irrational. The defense int.tr ou i lifnmn or twenty letters from Cornell to Mrs. Grinnell, ptotestlng his love aud t rgnig her to stick by him and leave her Lu — band. Hie testimony will proY ffffy be completed Dy noon to-morrow. 0: w. Old bail 'J gr- -sing s re-taurant. Allen store building and [ii gs, loss 81.500; also two g*. There was nolnsur-ater part of the stocks es I -'fit the “Old Allen Biitce I) ic ai i kok th* i room Is I the pro I obnoxk | “No, I want any thirtes i few seasons ago and thirteei one town. I a little boy lonl's SnperBtltbm. I!.—Whitney Allen, r the Carleton Opera , registered at the Hotel Keo-ot.hcr day, but when a-sUned to refused to accept P, even after rioter said he would remove the ;s number. dr,' said Mr. Allen, “I don't. I bu-iness in mine. A I was with a company of our number took sick at refu-ed to leave town until was secured as a mascot. lur, of the Burlington railway. Evidence had already been obtained tending to show that Miller had violated the statute, and u was doemed nece-siry that the grand jury should see the paper which Beasley was asked to show. “Pea ley’s testimony shows that he wa* not guilty of the offence which the grand jury was investigating, and therefore the production of the papers demanded could rot criminate him, and his refusal to produce the papers was unauthor zed* If, however, the showing wrich he made before the grand jury had been different ad it had appeared that the production ' f the papers might criminate him, then, for the reason given in the Couusel-uian case, he eould not claim immunity under the fourth aud Lf th amendments. Ha witness cannot claim the privilege for the benefit of himself, ho cannot claim it for the benefit of another, and Beasley's refusal to produce the checks and vouchers because their production would tend to criminate the company, of which he is an officer i-based upon nothing in the interstate commerce law or the constitution. “Corporations acting as common earners between states are not liable criminally for violations of the interstate commerce act, nor are they exposed to its penalties and forfeiture:-. For some reason, satisfactory to congress, only th-ofiicers of such corporations and shippers may ba punished for violating th-statute. “It follows that, the arder of the district court adjudging Beasley In contempt of its authority ana that he teen i be fined and imprisoned was author/ J. and he will remain in the custody f the marshal.” Attorneys for the petitioners will appeal to the United Stall - supreme court. In the decNion, Judge Gresham finds counsel men can be made to testify hetero the grand jury because he i* fully protected against punishment on hi* o va cognisance in that se* lion SGO of r -vised statutes prevents any evidence he may give under such proceed (ire fromev* r being used to criminate him. In the Peavey case petitioner is placed in the same altitude. The force of Judge Gresham’s ruling is very great. It is looked upon by the most eminent lawyers as firmly establishing the inter- can party before this c mvention the ! other day. I never h< ar f anything so fierce. If we succeed by a thord party movement in smashing th** republican party in a few of it.- strongholds there , ■an be no doubt about the elect i >n of a democratic president in lv>2. Perhaps : he would be elected by the house of representatives, but even in tha* case there would be no possibility of r. publican j success. “(Jeveland? No, sir. N< vtr. There is no man in the democratic party to whom the democrat'* alliance men are so bitterly opposed. He can never receive our .support. H-* can never be nominated by any convention in which : this alliance has repro*eolation. We would like to see David It Itll in the white h ruse. I t**il you tho alliance be- | licves in the c I Jacksonian doctrine: to I the v etors belong the spoils. We believe 1 Hill would act according to that doc- I trine.” Th*: Kansas and oth<-r western third I party enthusiasts are undoubtedly en- j courage.! and deceived by the luke-warm- I lies; of the southern affiance men. They imagine that their southern brethren ar** alliance men first and democrat provisionally. This is not tho f.■■:. as a * are-ful canvass of opinion has demon.-trated. It is doubtful if a true realization of the I demo ratio loyalty among them would dampen the ardor of the northwestern ’hird party men. The craze has grown j more intense among them every dav i since they came to Ocala. Th* y talk of nothing else, ff’hey are g cg to Gin- J einnati in February with banners flying ; to create a secesH n of the republican! party. They are absolutely confident of; securing the support of every alliance! PARNELL’S POPULARITY. Revulsion of Feeling- In Ireland ward the “Uncrowned Kl nr ' I o- h a ii gs o abide bi na tier;’*! charge “I. Bl* I the i that. j serva: igain -sp*- Ss dei SBI g **r;Dt iws: United Ireland Kcraptsr* I t rum th* Me- «h cut *2 ll in comic iii ■ tim * •‘.J, H* * m d pa >r the pi earthy Faction-Parnell . : t ♦    —Demon-*! rut H u . ut ti'** OI'I I..-**' «.* ta I \- tloiior irr. e th rt v the I* p- c ii rid xpc ll - * nd' r*' n'ght ipportor, site co: ‘V fr< :ro man, white and California. Th brauche- of th • Citiz every city, town and vii b* fnre anoth»-r year roll Their call for the Uh Hon now* has the signatures * from Indiana, New York Michigan, California, Arka; Dakota, Minnesota, North ( in Maine to to organize | in AH iar.ee in ' la America end. i convea-Jel( gat*':* Missouri, i<. North 'Olina, ana DtJTd.LV, Dee popular ovation the Rotunda last most favorable in opinion, and the nu is growing iacidly, all comnnunieatlon wing and i* condu< Jr.; tirely from within it- i fore Mr. Parnell’s plat surmised a- before Kenny, bf* -patgn would but that th** P rnel:'- lea ously orgar; lia, and rn>* tine• no doubt as *) th< people, 'a herever The high - * r ovcr a meeting hi mentary cointnil cfia^ged with th* Parnell. In his stated that tweet of the munite. ti antagonize Mr. the h ad The of rh- wa * Mr. Psi rn* h mu »Der < His { w Th web Lh t a c WO I ■> ar* u pun Hr. Ba d is :r th th ! Ut (J a. m in J »po- a* *-11 have > -ays: that h -d in *d i: itnei ip w tf.e J Ai J. - -a The na tout Mi r Mr. P anlage Pa par’ ITnt ■hat lur. He na* POSS* ‘rnel on att vi ;a an the r* pre-* the prerai leader- a-newly app*.hi ted took their d^pa* pointed a guard, Barn ip OIC cr- *ck h ter bee rt eai ‘Lr*-. w iii* his •rn! De. Th Virginia Most of th** southern signers are delegates of tho southern alliance. The call will be issued from Topeka a to weeij or ten days bene AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABO: Ot!i< er.s to be Klfcteil To-I>;» V—tar ion* KesolutloiiH Adopted* Dktihut, Mich., Dec. II —At the convention of the American Federation of Laborthi- morning. Chairman (romper appointed a committee to formulate the views of in** federation en the sub •• ;t of an lit:!, -hour day. It wa? deeded to elect officers to-morrow. A r* solution was adopt* J a'kb sr action by th* f te- ration to head off the immigration of la: or-1 ir e men from Europe during the coming worlds" fa'r. A resolution asking the federation to support woman suffrage wa- reported favorably. The * mmittee resolved to extend sympathy to the striking Alabama coat mine:-. A resolution looking to a more db erect u-e of th-bov'ott was pa-sed. A unatdmous report iadursed the secretary’s report whit h pushed the eteht-hour day forward and was eon urred in by the convention A grievance was read from the Southern Mach nisi-union regarding the proposed affiliation and >es-ion with orders r.ell or his friends enter! This mornit g Mr. Bar:.* by a larg * numher of t porters, proc* u d to tin Ireland, forced the doors anti-Parn* ii * .    *rti a: po??**- -i ji.. The w ho! nested by a * umber of | of whom offered any summary proceeding-* r' A - soon a- Mr. Parne; again in control of the I Mr. g th* th - of the -ucd a I •.lowing -.rue: ai been an * L I Mg! ioeia- r V ! r- K a: wa; Iv upo J a*: PP p ared ar a wit crowd. He -’tithe battle to thi allow the count that he WO*. I S no man. Ii* :: cited, aid to contr*!. I w Cork ceptton that a. address- F»rnell at Irc.ar>d, Dec. in this city coiM him ' ort*. NEvY3. D Ar* from the I ss. I) sta^e commerce law by prove? avenue by which to reach violator AN INTERESTING QUESTION. Appellate Court'!* Decision :» Hogliand'a l iability for one of the del gates aru 1 that section of their const confined the admi-Mon to v resolution excluding such ’ lh*: color lin-'u and to organ in tee national body whod* race clause in the con offered and fins sider a hie ti* bate. wr • ..-id* >j ask ■ ag strike the constituti' ported to th- executive motion was made p!edg n present to lend their aid in localities in the formicgof A tee re color his an to denounce ut tea which bite men. A ai - a drew ze machinists cot inject the institution was ■ted after eon-'p *etful request them unions to lase from th**ir whole was re-c om mitten. A he delegate-ir respective >r unions of pres* nted to him in th merce, wiiere a tr* rn i cath( r. d. I n reply lie vein that marked hi-His remarks were t tumultuous applause Later te' the day Mr. ift:. in P ’rn st. rn Nj L At Ie retail * lerks, with a view of t tion with th*' Retail Clerks F tectlve as-ociation of AmeriC i port of the commit:* e on the addn -: said the sentiment of fir affiliated Bro-rl he 'eside 'even was not sullicien'Iv strong in favor of a world’s labor congress in Chi azo in 1S93 to recommend such an undertaking now. d/it n all our members speedily got well a* d we were ai' .t- happy a? larks. Be--i i» that, we play here on the 13th, and that is enough I > hoodoo any company. I do not. want any more thirteens yet for a while, for I alii dead set against it. I assure you,” K ! FLED FROM HER FATHER. the 'UC of circulation banks to the full iiue of the bonds de-d, it is said, increase Quey in circulation by vouId result in the free auk notes. When the the house Chairman an amendment to pro-iof the a.un 0f greenbacks w hen-" -te' national bank circulation falls "tew't 185,000,000, Mr. Morrill, of Kansas, was author-10 reP°rt favor.i!)ly the bill to sub-• agonal bank and Fnited States asary notes to state taxation, j,,/ ‘^rsey, speaking of the situation, col'. . ''ifC'ilating medium of the L7.'r' *8 t0° teiall, but we could get J ss .vp dir] before if confidence pL. r‘tetor* d, and we hope to do that bv ,fl^Se ‘H> c‘rcvJaI'l°n somewhat k I e v,“ will call up. The banks •W re money in their vaults than lave tVf-r ta<i b,,fore- 0ur little banks Y&rito te.Ce as mU(‘R money in their biz hi f‘S    formerly carried. The led »C1S W0‘lld cot dlsoiunt our bills, BgrpJ - Ve t0 Protei;t ourselves. Then of The °dU ,oJ ,non°Y has been taken out iiirLs 48 by people who become locW) ^thecour8e of legislation and fr*a* i ,lr money in safe deposits. A ibrnas ,eaY lnoney has been sent do? a rn0 consols. Only the other abv*, Bp Ito!d nie he had put $1,000,000, u.rVfi u 'na(i' !n English consels. Of farmed'    hut    the people are Invalid tension#. Washington, Dec. ll.—Morril chairman of the house committee on invalid pensions; to-day received a note from the pension commissioner who has just concluded examining the * !aten> recorded under the new aet show ing I <.. 946 origina1 invalid claims, 5.». >23 original widows Claims, and 298,330 claims filed by the old claimants. I his give-only about 227,000 new claims filed under the late law. Morrill repards this statement as evidence that the expenditure for pensions under the new act will t1*1 much less than anticipated. A ¥<»ung DI-aspears Funeral <*l a .looxitnllst, W v'HiNGTON, Dec. ll.—The funeral of Washington McLean, formerly proprietor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, took place this morning. There were no pallbearers and the attendance was confined to the relatives and a few intimate friends of the family. The interment will be at Cincinnati. ’“'N'- Dec. ll.—The national tei., f,,r j-rse SII\*?r Coinage. 'USB Jeeutiv aa n j j -a eve^L ° con?reS15- The committee lad th®n-0-,^.resePt lnoney stringency silver committee to-day issued res<; tQ cong ref — preooit tees of '.r, !UiR8r down of credit on both 5»Dter;nr.A‘iantic is due, mainly, if wor!d’i an aLtempt to conduct the postoffice N ominat Ions. Washington, Dec. li.-The president to-day sent to the senate the followup  .....  for    postmasters:    ;ov>a jjoone; Samuel Daniel, Henry C. Cullom, nominations Win. B. Mean: Marion. Illinois-    .    «..» Joliett. Nebraska Christian R iPP> West Point. __ Laily SIy**<erlonsJy From Dubuque. Dubuque, Dae. ll—People in ti . city are wondering what has become of a bretty young girl. who was turned out of her home on Sunday, November 30. She has been keeping company for some time with a prominent man, who is also well advanced in years and has a wife and family of his own. Her father had forbidden his daughter to go with the man in question and had forbidden him to enter the house, but the couple nevertheless continued to meet until Dura atter became a sub! ct oi neighborhood gossip, and even reache d the ears of lac gay deceiver’s wife. Ga a week ago Sunday the father returned home about nine o'clock and found bn    »vm. her elderly lover in the parlor, giving them a large and \ gorou-of his mind, he ord-*rod them out of his house and proceeded to put to ■ I orders into effect by main force. So the I couple went out into the night whether 1 they would or no, Since then none of of "the relatives or friends of mo ye -lady have been able to get the slightest clue to her whereabouts. I he y about concluded that she has .cf city and are talking of compt old lover to tell where she has She is twenty \ OOO Blaze at Keokuk. [- peciai to Tb:> Hawk-ByeJ *k: k. D c. ll —A fire occurred at a ut ten o'clock this moaning in the ;:I 'lings of the Keokuk Cooperage c* pu y. The building'* and stock were vafii' d at about $6,000, and before the ire * nuld be extinguished a loss of about - *.500 or $3,000 was incurred. The property was insured for $3,500. The tire we- first d:-covered in the engine room and would not have gained so much headway, It is claimed, had the water works been more prompt the necessary pressure. in furnish!:* After piece Liens Filed Against the Spurt I in**. Sioux City, Dec. ll.—Mechanics ii**ns were tiled in the district court of Dakota county, Nebraska yesterday, against the Pacific Short line for neady $30,000 for material and work on themepots on the ime. C \Y. Robinson of Dubuque claims $19,000 for lumber and Wallace A Downs jar Rapids want $0,700 for labor mod. The plaintiffs’ attorneys would say nothing further than that th y expected that the claims would be made good.    _ Oi C perf both Contirin it Ions. Washington, Dec.ll.-Tbe following confirmations were to-day ,ann°? . tpr Ronualdo Pacheco, Califor^’ 1>0,t. to the Central AmerBan stat -. masters, Illinois:    II.    C. Cullom, Iowa:    J. W. Stoker, Logan. have the ing her gone to. wo years old and is a remarkably pretty and attractive girl. Her uarents are respectable people and art heartbroken at their daughter s es capade. H.uih Albert Kesigus- [Special to The Hawk-By/-J Mc, Pleasant, la , Dec. ll.—Bro-fe/sor Bans Albert, the famous violinist, has severed his connection with the Iowa \y. .    university.    To express the gera-ral r**gret of the citizens is an im-it ii Sty. His action is a hard blow that he will I he I iliuoi* Con rf ruing Iii* VV He. [Special to The Hawk-Eye J Aledo, Dec, ll.—Some twelve months slate, Mrs. I.-aac Arts, of thi- pia* o was arrested and taken to Elmira, New York. where she had been charged aud indicted with poisoning a Mr. Ramsey, her previous husband before her marriage to Mr. Arts and whom she married in about three weeks after the demise of Mr. Ramsey. Mrs. Art-, before her removal from here to Elmira, employed Hon. I. N. Bassett to defend her. Mr. Arts, her huteaud, however, gave Mr. Bassett notice that he w-ould not pay any attorney’s fees for defense of his wife. Mrs. Arts was tried at Elmira and acquitted of the charge. Mr. Bassett brought suit for the recovery of a retainer to the amount of 81,000 against Mrs. Arts. Mr. Arts’ attorneys demurred to the declaration, claiming that the defending of Mrs Art- did not come under the head of “necessities” bound to be provided by a husband for a wife. Judge Glenn sustained the demurrer. The case went to the appellate court, which has just re-versed the holding of Judge Glenn and remanded the case back for trial. The decision is a leading one of great interest. WOMEN FOR DELEGATES. WACS HAMPTON KNOCKED OU' John Irby, Alliance Candidate, Fleeted to Succeed Ulm. Columbia, S. Ch. Dec. ll—J. L. M. Irby was elected United States senator to dav to succeed Wade Hampton. John Laurens Manning Irby wa- born at Laurens, South Carolina, September IO, 1854. He attended the Univer>tey of Virginia and afterwards Princeton. He practiced law but two years and since then has resided on his plantation near Laurens and farmed successfully. When he entered the political arena four years ago he at once became a prominent leader. He espoused th*- cause of the farmers’ movement at its inception and was an admirer of Captain Tillman. Heel inc *H tho Special Comm legion of tho Methodist <L Lurch a' Indiana polis. Indianapolis, Ind., De . ll. -The special corami"ion of the Methodist Episcopal church In th** United States, the proceedings of which '•■ill be of more than ordinary inter st to ne niters of that denomination through mt the country, opened its sessions in the Roberts Park Church. Tne membership of th« commission compte^ ? Bishop Merrill, I Fox, Ninde, Bowman and Walden. Rev. Drs. John Miley.of Madison,N J..Thomas j B Neely, Philadelphia, Ja ob Todd, Wil- • mingion, Del.; Luke Hitchcock,Chicago; ■ Alpha J. Kynett, Philadelphia; Charles I L. Madison, San Antonio, T< . ; Jacob Rot-hwib r. Columbus, Ohio, ana the lay members. William P. Dillingham, Mont- ; pelier, Vt.: Root, Buffalo; Hiram L. ; Sibley, Marietta, O.; Samuel H Elbert, I Denver; R. N. Wldeney, Los Angeles, j Cal.: T. V. Sweet, Topeka, Kan., and I Colonel R. W. Ray, Indiar api> i>. The question which the called upon to discuss the discipline Is the or stitutlon of the church is merely legislation. At the late gener question of interpreta; the proposition of ad ame and nlsslon was t portion *>f aw and c^n-■vhat portion for Cork. An hied at the (* cheered him a Naas he receive' branch of the Moi a-t.-ravan ther demonstration who priest ieadteig the for O'Brien jxrity of th jeered, only a for Parnell. At Cork ’he and Pircell v.r ■ •* iv burs* of enthusiasm. H vlted to visdt Ll nu* rn I train left Mallow the * i violent and made rep, a re- j enter Parnell’s carriage. Vs I i-hed sticks and shouted ion J blackguard.” “Down v. and similar erie*. Gladstone I'hIk- <•» I .OSDON, D C. I I.—Mi rived to day a; ll* tford dressed a meeting of twi son s. Ile 'aid the eon ti: ne ll in the leadership we home rule in England Wales. J‘ame!I was r leader of th** Irish ca’ioi separate*I them-?lv*-s j (Gladstone) admitted 'ha ought to be independe:A oration, and that the -el question ought to be lr there was soinethi* g b orations in Irish tote great cause of libera Ireland and Scotland. He believed the O': ceedings would entirely <i moral force needed in lr* [an. who would be ti •• leading < the national cause. Th<* Ii unwilling, after what had I the divorce court, to make constitutional governor of lr* Gladstone subsequently a* audience of five thousand p workshop pointing nu* ti * i;. continuing th ■ -trugg!*' f r daring thatdegi-iat'on f r I: not be obtained urn,! the rid of the heme rule que atte At da] r*PP ie lnitr Id h t th as-' Ad ad D >wn with the I per hundred p paper. Iu di J Judge King:'-' f C jl.....cf Rij the shut down, '•oar i-'a'N, Iowa, , 1'r<» w *|. I state J that Ii ow a had a very strict law Glad-te ne :tr- ; cox ering t rust S At ti 'I- *.:• u si O', id the epot and ad- Iowans comp! y wi he spirit of such thoosaed ner- I action as prop osed It W ;.| i)A ,,*. ■•of] ance of Bar | in violation O' aud the peniten- id be fatal to tiary stared 1 tne i iaters of such cd- *i,Yn»’qnrI an A o1 ulutuli anil | lawful pro* eei dings man « a; To th: me *1 be ‘hind ng.y ora* rec. 11 If ii oil* Fannfn I A, IIL. Dec, I AI Hah a Up ow ne a gr£U avern t a . re in • Up rap arte. S -I I stat din vote nd Et id th iform j the by a a -o a rd b North * system j-on, of ■a1 conference the ti on was raised on lining women del- Fdltor <»’l»rlen-(* V egates and after con it was decided to app consisting of seven rn men and the bishops. offerable lint a ‘ misters, thus r< discussion mnnission, seven ’ay-presenting to the Institution. It is said hereafter devote himself entirely to concerts, for which he has always bad a j SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS WERE FOXY. nrcdominatfng love.    j    - each conference district, to prtpare and submit to the general conference of ls92 paragraphs to take the plate of paragraphs -ixty-th-ee and sixty-four of the pr*-ent discipline. These paragraphs define and determine the constitution of the general conference, defining by whom it should be composed and by what method it should be organs/' I. and generally declares it-* powers. It is expected that the commission will be in session for at least a week. Nk.W Yolk, D c. ll -with a representative Press rega-ding the V cident, William O’Brle paper, said th*' dispa' edition which Parnell In pres- by force wi* to iii taeK on him. O’Brien a< when the controversy, ,r instructions to the manag* r party decided in favor of Par; over the p>ap* i to his agent. If the decision w him to support the parti**- vi ately and see without fall ’I: pers* (sally offensive J*. Par appear. He received a reply Instructions wouli h<* ob*",< a try ha cl got I Ft. Sot uh, Ark . Dec. II .—Cha?. Jop- I Ha -hot aud killed fix P person- this morning ; at the Jenny Lo ad mine, tv* Ive CWI, I iii II«»s ea?i I of here, and * hen suicided. cor ver- ation ! i Those kil levi were John Mi Her. wife and e A -soc lated i uiIn- | that I daughter . Leu Miller, Dr . Stewart, a lr elm Bor of I prominer man. T t physician, an "ne only clue to d h. ac unknown * es ii se of th** stated I the trouble ll es hi the report at Dr. Stew- iptedtC I J up* i ! art Int! ti naied Joplin w ra.- h** cau-o of q a bit’.' believe bt atte hid | Mi- M M * r s I r*'uh e-. ii th--> h ind lorizi d .gainst Sil t s ■ Moi.n Medic: ** **Um I) ii Coli  Th D til* not h Joliet. A COLORED LOTHARIO NJ av York, To De Sold **t Auction. Dec. ll.—By order of reorganization committee th*' ’*B? bafi. nf*    bus^ne!*# 011    lh'1 narrow- dxrd anV1    as a s:ngle    mpney stan- co iaea    aPPea'if! lo    congress to restorati°n of silver a? he Ste Louis and Chicago rail w ayc0^P^ y ^ ghtftitl e first mortgage* bonds_andCOm- miUeeTf'the^oad in the new first mon- Illinois will be sold ac au(-ti a A s* ,)ec. ji,—Genera! Newton. arr rn , appeals to congress ]jn,;‘?0j‘srcr the restoration tights of , * i- a' a mo»ey with all the s«Siuj >1V*0)1'20 and    tender pos- pre-on* " • All attempts to relieve voluiae, »i,‘, .vi,!uation l)y Increasing the ^6credirttre .currencY or multiplying kmn0ra_/ M'edienee can afford but a -tzntly dirninKM ^ lh° S,lph!y con' ^ln» ana s iR’ 1(? population in-4burrer:!    ?n?    rapidly    expanding, hist co Bf. f Ui.    pre-ent situation ®ent of ‘up ,0rci'r*i?, a periodical adjust-^tnctpi *CCti and business to the ever bandar? "t the !i|D«le «0,d 4 troade- *    needed is What basis of primary money, —^ill81T.    adequate in supply, vmust    re-established. * cai been and is nm iiknlv tn of tho engineer..!?    by commission to fin tne the discharge of Engineer _ MUli*>“alre' have Compelled to Marry h White Girl Whom Ile ti an Wronged. [Special to The Hawk-Eye,! DU* UQI Rf la- Dec. ll-Richard Harris and Minnie Crumfield were n to-day by Ju-ace '00ROy , .. V,. attendant was a; deP,Jty bride is the daughter oi a weal a man farmer, not a’ ail atirac-.D ■ groom ’n a stalwart negr*^ ^ younger than his bride. Ile from childhood by a    ^ speaks only their Iangnag been working on s of Minnitfis father. ties was to light a    Harris.    The A $30,000 Fire a* Marshalltown. Marshal! rows, la., Dec. ll.—A fire in the rear of the Tremont hotel block iff' afternoon caused little damage to the hotel, but the stocks of Bromley, Ingelde & Co-, boots and shoes; Steam’s cte’h'ng store, and Hoyt's grocery braise were badly damaged by water. The losses will aggregate $30,000. -*u only The G r-The years raised amily and He has farm adjoining that One of Minnie’s da-governraent lamp r and there she met Harris, darl i»ro»»!»bly Killed Himsfif. Ma-ON City. Iowa, Dec. ll.—The b dy of Devi Mullen, who mysteriously disappeared from bt- home at Perry, v iv. 28, was found near Ledfleld, rl ues-day. D was in a strawstack throat wa? cut from ear to ear. lieved that he committed suicide. and the It I? be in the river —    tfaal    she    fai    ed    t0    no night was so    yil„a„d    t,„    tee Clue to » Ml-filng Cud ado, Dec. I B-—J    *^}SSjng mil- received a report .ha    geen    {n pe_ Bonaire, Campbell, has »ee troll and Cleveland and the cates that he went on to ^fpan0%v. Officers are working on the Four Carpenters Fteh 11 —itv a falling seal Duluth, Dec. IL By , y> four car- folding at New l)ulu^b * {eet and petters were precipitated thirty ail were seriously injured.__ lice he dusky    Harris    arrested    on    a    j desires. Wt dnesday -.UoplifterH Caught. -tfeeiHl to The Hawk-Eye.] KUK. la., Dec. ll.—Two strangers crested hero yesterday in the aet [rifting. One fellow engaged the ion of the clerk of J. M. Huis-j^ itnp'? store while tho other one stole boxes of fine shoes. They are in Kl ( were of sh* atten several evening she charge of seduction and to-day in the Ja i .i 4-him in ( «o f- I cho Spaded with h:m in (»er court room she pieam u    w    ^..... min to marry hor He fine y coe>en..d rather than *o to jail and with t.... . a Oerman-Emrlish Interpreter, th assorted pair were united.__ tho aid of the Bl- a ffious Griin-Dr. Pierce’s Pellets, or Ar * vial. on(. dose. ides, have no equals, ^ eel l)tii|0usness, and Eur<*8 headache, constlpatlc , I na I treat I on Outwitted the Council. antehall delusive fiv^yew Danchise ^councnwastoacto,, the Baldwin A Brakeman’* Fate. [Specie, to The Hawk-Eye.] Di - Moines, la.. Dec. ll.—This evening while making a flying switch a brakeman on the Rock Island had an arm ere-bed entirely off and sn other severe bruises which may fata’. tair.ed prove A VI a? t. ii City Man Killen. Minneapolis, Dec. ll.—T. S. Thompson, of Mason City, Mason City, Iowa, a wealthy stock dealer has been killed in a railway accident at Kingman, Arizona. A Con federate Scheme t«* Disrupt iii*' Republican Tarty. Oc ala, Fla., Dec. ll—The attitu Ie of the southern democratic workers here, both inside and outside the convention, in regard to th** third party movement is very interesting. They will oppose any indorsement of a third party movement in the convention, but. they nrc quietiu eucrnira/jimj the nnrthwcs em republicans and the negroes in their revolt, which Is expected to culminate at Cincinnati in February. The braird* st men among the southern alliance delegates are working to this end. Said one of the ablest of them to the Sun correspondent to-day: “You may rest a-sured of this, the financial platform which the alliance will adopt to-morrow will be liberal enough for every democrat in the country to stand upon. We have been working night and day to bring th** farmers to their senses, and we are now assured of success. If our republican alliance brother- in the northwest, want to form a third party at Cincinnati we have no objections. We shall bo glad to see them do it, but it will not be supported by the white alliance men of the south. “We shall go to Cincinnati and <.•*-what happens there, but we shall not send delegates from the southern states alliance. That would be carrying it too far. If we should do that we might start a whirlwind that we couldn’t ride. If the northwest organizes a third party I in February the republican party will never be able to reclaim the deserters. It is always the history of such movcment.-that a party has no enemies so bitter as those who have just left its ranks. Take Gen- Rice’s denunciation of the repubii- A Noteworthy Exception. From thr K■ nihil :    I) Qruptm . While columns of the (Jraphu are I open to any and all unobj< tionabb* advertisements, yet it is quite impossible for us to sp^aK knowingly of the merits of I the various articles of merchandise ad- j vertised. Particularly i- this true of i patent medicines. But there ar * exceptions occa-lonally aud a noteworthy exception is the celebrated Chamberlain’s 1 Cough Remedy. This now universally known medicine ha- been advertised in the Graphic for four or five’years but ma until recently had w«- any personal knowledge of its wonderful cfi *acy which has come about through the prevailing ini’’ en/aand tho stubborn cough that has so often attended it. In the meet thor B y hat br writer’s family the medicine bason sew ing to the state ii. virtue of his th** company at of the stock. O’Briei whi* h s’ai-d nominals * are less than half th** pany. Parnell ceases five y« ar* ac > for the r guarding himself fro criminal responsibility the wisdom of which curred in by 0 Brier: a who fore!lay t/-ok po--I 'n Be I Ireb vd. ■ iii •» I ii: of legs authority. A s to capture from the I‘arr,*! could only surpm’■**• that -pie of Dublin, who had no record of th*:    pan.    -. Fame! as din for a writ of cerite of the state board in refuteng to r*>f * the school. Sever have f fido ved *h** spec*, and the rest able importance. i) Iowa • Iowa Ec-:i:«h in the ay morning t th«* action ! examiners ; Somas of Lite- boards J u this res' ■ co j> side r- us a rn th,- J -my ; shires .namei com- ! ■rector I pose Of ! ny or | nj nor, I of th I., Dr Ii 4V « <»-» Topek Ka twelve counties lr great ravages by t ly-sown wh ie* D T kl* Flv ii the eat dill Kl ports from Kau as -how an fly among From oiher coon-r<2p is rep* rt* d in fine cor-icreage sown this fall wit! id TU PHII Miller, mist lit* lo lh for? md p lite ti t it IDE I.Ti of Bar i in porta • I firm b; •et the ini rm Dec Bros. t XttMiOQ, ll. — Aflsiiffiec ■ ta tea the 's of 'ire sn--■ nar • tensjor It IS •ved ri eral occasions this winter cured a cough that baffled any and all other remedies; and the number of fambies in Kimball and vicinity, in which this remedy ha-been used with like effect . and attests its value as a specific far coughs and colds of every nature. natural f arco. eel ii to O'! An OiJ*-r L*r . Lol l-, D' rokee natioi a t* ANTI-PARNELL MANIFESTO. J C I he t lien I . 11.—A cf say (/•» s from ■•'*•* rado, fun the l‘f*s re-i 'at?!« Illinois SpbINGEIELD, 111., Dee. ll.—The -sate grange to-day adopted resolutions demanding the appointment of George Ball as railroad and warehouse commissioner; the elf* ’iou of Knit' J ,States senators by t.ha people; placing binders and mowers on the free list, arte th** exclusion of liquor from the world'- fair grounds. d F'>riiiH* < liargsi V. flu Ajr;«'n,' Strong Appeal I -r lr*! London, Dec. ii. Thp a rot tuber? of the Iri-h parliatne have issued ih*-i«' pmmi-th*. Iri-h n**op lr. te. *‘K. ** insr bound to j - >r« cause at w ii At * ver person ! oursolv«s» unite r »h<- sad n e« ing Mr. Parnell < a * r-hij Im * n easier to .* him such a course would have WI I Civ a b LO ' he id. ti-P ary n * f < ar i. oat ( OU un V. I tv I* rmin if would h: ttndiaturlierit i left every irm- nut i ult - j r* wee -trio. Mill ntr uf u X\DILLA, N • i- rank B. mg’n ) ti« he ' I re. I a*, at the^' ii d"i • nisei* by hi cliitrr toy Com mc {nibble. All claims not consistent w th the high character of Syrup of Figs ar* purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup company. It acts gently on the kidneys liver and bowls, cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makas no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. us a traitor to his country regarding our app* els to i try. evinced an i i j 'Iv I maintain his unt. n i>* j cuing to plunge Irela i i int may overwhelm b* r ii id fair procp*-cts T" dtsappettr dutv of the I rl *• I *»11 rt now. consideratl*>n of feelings 1 nell or th* s' d:tiering wit course that will tend to - tv structlon.’’ Mr. rn* Parnell >u- th*. * rmtnat i* rtlth r III bt* /./Ii I I. — rf r * 11; y by Thomas fi. men t B Bl Be r k Ti. a a *s A OOH vditr 17.C * ausu or* v* ,risri is ti P.ir-Ot*t ii wh nu I roi ■ vv H-'y-assigced $ 3*0, CM «I For a disordered liver try B* ecbaia’a Pills. After detaiiing .at..us thMr action the signers of I add that whatever judgn tcay pa?..- on the manifest r*a.'Ons Le in ani! eat Ire ber v by I u J. SI. pain In * fc., cured ur>. Sold at ;

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