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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 11, 1890, Burlington, Iowa I'int Co^gTcssi°naI Committee rhe“ >gree Upon a Measure led >o KomrdJ ''l;.rlnKIVf,C, It'*1 present I,*w-CoB*mMonHl jn vltterS-H©*’* miler Crop Ke-turn*-CHpltal Hatter. mvf.TON. ’*Vc- KL—Tho repre- V,AS con.p 't -    hous-‘    eontin- #ntstl,\V\> joint con grt atonal committ< o ^iteration lave abreed neon a bill Ju’at* immigration. chairman 15 VI report the bill as soon as pos-°m in exp atiation of the general fib;0' ! of the measure, Owen to-day feature- ,    contra    t labor law. said:    u    -    ) wretchedly inefficient the testimony of the Aspect,Vs themselves, 25 per cent !Mh« inUimmtmn now coming to this « ,rV i4 iii vt lath n ii -he contract C0U law Th.- statnwas framed to condition or things that existed wet t me the -aw was passed. Em-11 have n .w chanced their methods. is unable plovers Lt tho law is practicably tipless i ,£i^ cs new    \ h *n, {r4E;    tjjc    ini'bits-i classes of i i reach them. so we have We have also very ^enlarged th rub-’.-. Sally that introitdaw ck a.o ; Owen, and here o- 0Ul' .WH.n„j Vc 1; :;.nieous perso. s prof t la-'es iii ftrt*• -1 in the ntitled to bt admitted ates. The tax upon which in the Owens bi!; was fixed was increased by he wa- ainee to or fgre published added to the Owens bill a? cot into the United • aliens, it fifty cents, 1‘    3    ie    dollar. ^iJio.iistiTox. row \ dei aud because of vile ah..rt corn crop. The averse,, la ■> r " aaa cst Si conia last year. This la",iii highest reported since ISSI Rye, tiive cats, at (iii <> cents, is higher than since IMI, and the same in true of barley at iii S. The deiicicucy in tho potato crop has caused an advance in vain s in ail sections of the country. The average is • i. * cents, an increase of more tr>an 'Kl per cent over the prices of the pa-t two years.    1 Inurns show slightly higher prices for^tobaeco than have prevailed since Hay alone, of all the farm prude is, sho'A-s a decline from last war. The present price is ST T i per ton, aud . e 'ailing oiT is due to the increased pro,duet. n*e linum lu%. silent rn , " uiiiuu' v. D c. lo.—The -rn,ct i oui im thee appointed to investigate the charges made against Commission--r Kaum met again to-day. Lewis (dom.) odored a lo.cl in ion setting forth Cooper's charge of improper e induct on th, part of Lama in the late election a d providing ira, the committee take testimony cone-r; tug said charges. It was defeated by a party vote of a co I. l *;s there upon offered a resolution requesting the chairman to present to the house a resolution to iuvesUiyatt; the charges ’ey C lope*'. I his was al-o defeated by the same vote. The committee will again Saturday. meet HH to Vino no ti \V a -11 i . roN. IP « in-Plate Schedule IO.—Mr. Ti * ay mr, of N SAIS CU-T WILL STICK. fhoEx-A^Otnrt Fontmaster * 'to,era I Also j„p, I ii- ut Bl.*iue in dig. i«in>'uton, D    10 —General • lark- v® ha* returned to Washington from v-r’h Carolina. where he went for the it of In health. When ass d lf aere was anything iii the report that he -Bld wed Mr. ‘May as cnatrman of the republican t un: mi tv.-., ti tier.ti Clark-jcnansw. rec: “None whale'*, r. bo far as I know Mr. q,-ay wiii nal: o il! **’-s present office.” v‘..What cr, <i"ic e d > you civs to the Mr. maine will shortly retire Illinois, to day introduced in the* house an am. intent to the prose* * tariff ait propose g to fix a duty on tin-plate at Ut e .en i et pound, with a    ‘ forty-five leu * J- ut r tloran on . -mf v tores cf . -I. I. ad of the exist ; rat - of t? o ana ; ■■ -tenths cent-- p-r pound f r plate ;1,1d iy-nve percent for ma nu fact tires. In addition, the amendment proposes to maintain on the -roe list tin ores and pigs, on which he pre ant tariff law imposes a duty of four cents per pound after .I aly I, iv. i. to put preside ti from the cabin po? tim to • ■ aition?’’ -Mr. Blain ministrati 'n, “You can't cl therefrom, lie stands therefore, Mr. ITaine’s lot is Mr Harrison. Aly idea is that ! President Harrison Sn *92, but 9 ion2 way ahead and i ny men are to come to the f see tee den • i ■ tfcev will tax • a 1 himself in nim! nomi- likely to folk e premier of this ad-s-iid General Clarkson, ach or disassociate him or falls vv ilk it; lot is cast with , ho is for Is a ikely ut.. I don’t expect to nominate Cle■;eland; \ man and our side is lit b: pp arte there is ceral Miles would, as ta.king to you. be its make a magnificent orator he has few / - if statecraft and all . h - hasn’t a superior . an exceeds him in w s Cr am rad an ac Indian v .*r certainly as I hero He tv president. A peer-: fur ai; -the lore of'! in America. N breadth cf inform a lion -.or all-around equipment, tie is a min-.try Blaine, and I teii you if w.> a have trouble with the redskins I will so cover him-elf with glory the th .-ana- v. ii! naturally tarn lib:.a as th < attest occupant the White House could Ii ive.” Biacusaert the K©'H>p()rt:onmeut Hill. AV -Vs I ii \<i ton , Dae. IO.- The house committee on the census discussed informally and without ret ion the reapportionment bill. It was decided to give a hearing on Friday to Brooklyn’s deli .iud for a recon: I of that city, and it was also decided that th,* question of the acc uraey of the count cf Mew York City and sMniiar questions with respect to Brooklyn and any other cit;. - should not delay the action upon the, reapportionment bill Att Army I'roniotion foil. Washington. Dec. IO.—Mr. Cut. ?: mi to-day introduced a bill to authorise the president to prescribe a -v>t -rn of ex-ami. at ion of enlisted army men to determine their ii ne— for promotion lo the grade of -* cond lieutenant.. The bill embodies the suggestions in the annual IL KSU AV MOUN ! NT. DECEMBER ll. ISIL EigW Annual Session of Vie State Lua*d Association. I aper by Major Brown Sensation ti su‘* Ip a bu in pa*—Ti ill; ut-y Hoa_ «r»«lh0W„rtd,y<tir.t4ds fur Kneauipmeiit,-. Clin ago, DPC. IO.—Tho Illinois annual asfoeiallon held its eighth impor amV;L!ag fe    'ooh “tortao-one in its history. Mat o: iv i'^irathenriggjyeu jmWrt:irc.' rn 4, Bonn »    o-a,‘-t,u>n    wiS1    tho    nae- ion or a nuh'ury display at V wild’*, la.t but Guo entire regimen of tho -. . fan ry of „    NiV    V, WU be wifed out of ex,-.    1;    ,. ; , r. Hi or its action. General . tz Simmoi.s the opening sp > mu r, i , red to tm- , -eessity of a suim-i u. iy Bon for next year’s en speeches were divided pre «.f th" Sty means your ret?ret.-i, L for tl, lutely essen*Sal to success. A Ire h pa*Ay will r* suit in a coll * Irish-American tupport. lf t r i u rn p h t division Beat periiuioeat r -i V„. ,.!/. W' .-<ionli -.e which _ mar-* ev-n ti. in y , ,r past servieca-w,:! rn-ear you for all til..;: to every lever of Ireland.” hair LLL GEIS V;RATAY. •; i Ej- UU, the Editor • ' T .C d Ireland Into the St "set if prop natal p ne.-.    . Many made in the same vu‘' lieutenant (Borel Lur u-r ..,>-1. ana Uh r year without a «• ■     j w<*rk great harm. Adj rn „ .*    ,    ,r. | v alice and Colonel lirya**, cf the , im; s >1.:ll, also ii, ved in th. .- s of annual camps aud a more bb; rai ap-prepriation. (iovernor Fifer, it g.l-stated, will heartily endure a •> a tien ol the convention. Major T0i ,r E Eiown. of the first infant* y, ercaud a i with I •‘Abuse of the Uniform.’ i.ie*denoui:*:-d civic soc ii-Bes of a!! sorts who wore a mi »orm as cheat) seekers after g ory, and wanted a law prohibiting anybody ex ce pi regu ar army and militia mea w, arinur uniforms. Major Brown a-o • a j i -.h*. left and indulged in per.-i-. a ia -wIiU-h cut some of the cilice; s deeply, lie charade:    a    Bli the goverlier es TES REIGNhPlN CANAL. A Clash Between ll , « » iraKo ! a . : Trustees H||ii , he lln^Oie'-t * Chicago, Dec. ID.—A sensation;*. cL-h OI cumd bi tween the Chicago hoard of OIA hi a... « tr. - tees a* d the -    a... r P lo J*, d to < atry on the work of cor; - r -r t-lug a canal, navigable by iarre v caum Ming Lake Mle.h van a: Cni? vv uh the vis* irs of the Mb-iHppi • v r hor month- Chief Lr.-ne - I. Cooley has been subjected cis rn by a number of urns a ’.ay in settling upon tho route for the canal. This began to a* actual cons o eriti- B approximal afternoon it pear as u the beginning .ruction, to gay u n,hit Tie completion <h . f ee t! mm-- OI •er ; he re post poned by the giaeers until a: v/crld’s fair. A upon adopted ci trusting theeeizi assistant, under direct Cooley promptly vocal rants one after aim t.i.e up th* w or! Tie* cr,g) peering d-partment is to-Mg hi without a lo a I, lied its different departments are similarly situated. It tiiisrd that the local engineers od n -a at the action of tile trust se!*'cling the eminent New Y.r arches of tile the open jog of re-ohition wa- th ; I'- ii g Cook y aud en -.* erin sr work to his Ut st iirection of the trust© ■>. I, but his assister dec ii nod to aud resigned. Grent Throng of Hi, tdmlrrri Oi»es Ulm un I”pro;,rim s (it,-; ;-*> (    •* ICiuir town—O h r Ii tore I-. g For* in Xevv«». a I et tor e < pre - sicg s) rn p. h v. T he d u ke of Wes*.a.li.i#ter umve.    .doption    of a resMutinn deeia-Sug that t;.e renewed sufferings of the Je - m I’. . - - u from the opera! i rn of-?- vere a: ! ex? optimal edicts against them and the ti; abilit1“s placed upon them are deeply deplored, and that in this last decade of tie ninetc*< nth century religious lib* rty - a prie * ** which should be r. e igniz* •. by t v * y CbiisBan community as »mo. g I aturai human rights. The resolution wa- ad >pted, and a coifin.iBe.* app outed to •    \. y the views of the meeting j the czar. SENSATION'.*. \7 11 L The Defsr.so Pushing Their Si the Crinncii Murder •. .PRICE • en way of 11 the fa :<• obtained : old :rts per wee* ut. d t m track. fa ncy. * i a J i i g »• a Dum.i'X, Dec. lo.—IMrueil has ex- eou- ei" -Ati ii ie. pro* ails in the seces- ; s ni-tF ca’, p. To-day “the uncrowned kip;, "-./I. A Utti, ;l lr ’-I *,*/, i i.-: OI (?an of the i..iii, u ills'* parry, turned out the ! actit c editor, ss ho was p a cd in charge ■ by vVi : am O’Brien, took possession of I th i.Ai ■*■*, put his own agent in control | of affairs and prevented the publication j cl his we UM issue of *he paper. Uuittd • < i’d a . ; lo press Tour.-day aud is rn Biod to subscribers and newsdealers ti cevine c.cning, so that the the atta as ou Parnell whi; ii were to t»e sent i bf,    through    Ireland    ami    Great    j Br tai a will tot reach their destination. a ':•* acting editor objected to being ou-fed i .•; i efu.-*d to ackn >wltdge i’arnell's i Summitry of ( i-!» Opi»>I*>n. London*, D c lo—The fall .wing is the summary of Irish opinion, as expressed by recoil! -.us adopted by the officials and c ganizatioi s i.p to date: T’ae boards of to.vn c -n.    s.-    toners    for P.i’mell 15, against iMrno H; boards of poor I a w guardians, for In. against 3; NBi 'na! L ;gi.c tram tiorx societies, for 78, ana labor societies, for other organized bodies, public meetings, for 31, .cs and registra-- .ii.st 72; trade I against none; fy-7 50, against 3; a - . a1 n ii t 2 o. a New Aiiti-hewl.'i: - N I. Peteksihtkg, Dec. . ) -eminent will probably pr-.n u . l'liv .Huriifrt-il W k iii. 'PVJrs. IG \ i.ell Hail I* VJ-0,111 ut ■*• *;ii;* •    I tit- Ct f)-l-    •• VI 111 « 1-H ' T« -ll.*.* I*. VI a 'ti*( UrutiKf at i!« * V:rn it ». Att I jig pa.-f orr-year 2:1    ;    B O'**, don Pl i pra*e-Six of >rid were test F.VO-; Cricket, ire, 2:10; •-o*d pac-f;s. fastest •i. fo-te-t (stallion), tn.o, fa-; jyprv’a’ tc T‘    I Drnrqt K, la., I) c. i:‘ —The in the Grinneil murd r tril l progress as Llkad* *■, I troduci-sen Si, h a; ev Mel,    day S Lc- uer a ho iv as C>. r . - . r> the fatd night test il-d that ii * Cornell’s int in* acy with Mrs. * that tut coup had a-) Mrs. (dr.; ae.; pin;mg a dew when the coast \ Cassel I, a Ii very mar. at tied that twice a week Cornell to Grinnell’? ho us ui.ten e. now i n i some Samuel ob an on (Lew of De Ca : V chan noon The s Mi and for : lao’.li - I allure, Bawk-liye.i IO.—Thonria St* gilt in h i clear. Mi had dr. arui Is. a? ok a er r. Ge | consuLing ■;; are ti •la! Julia Higiueer. it GW tori B. rill be ewton, lor indieatii-us riven en! i re charge of tho undert-eki* report of the means f avor i c rn •-(■cretary Broctor r«Dative to of preventing ii promotions. an exorcise of CONCESSIONAL MATTERS. The Senate. Washington, Dee. IO.—In the .-enate after the it; trod a A. a of a number of bills, the house bill t v auth -rize the payment cf draw-ba k < r rebate on tobacco (topwrect an -.'mission in tho tariff bill) was passed. The sn    I res an d ti. * consider ation of the -lions bill aud George spoke four hours in opposition to it. The floor wa- u. a : 7 NVilson. of Iowa. The house ar; ad.: , ms to the senate bills for public buildings at Sioux City, Iowa. and Rock Island, Illinois, were eotrirrtd in: a d hi- h 'use amendments toil! other public b lildii;^ bills of tho senate were r. -- c urred in. Mr. A ill- -!i r a..* wed I is suggestion for a reprint of th elections bill with the boose provisions :u parallel columns. After consul'ra' •• dis ;ussion the order was aaa? a* dip - >.,• -n ad; .nu .1. - Senator Farwfll’n s,Ii**r C*»liiuce BHI. Washington', Doc. Kl.—Senator Farwell to-oay introduced a bi.I to amend section I of the present silver law so as to direct the secretary to pur; base a1! silver bul'ion that may be offered at the market price there, not exceeding kl for 371 25 g: ains of pure sliver, and to r-sue payment f r it in United Shiv. - trem-ury notes.__ Will Not Vreparc .» K,\t i .*i<l (I hi liar IM ii Washini,ton, Dec IC-—The house comm;:t.eM on rivers and harbors to-day formally decided not to prepare a river propi session. present eriz useless instil;!: Un; composed of young im ii appoint-a -cause of political pud. Tni-v ha-i no ability to haodh* troops and tin- p - : , was an easy one to acquire. A t :r ; reading of this paper the • >a.vent :• i-jourued until af..crnooa, aa l uany expressions of opinion were indulgi •> regard lr,..* Brown’:- ti uuirks. needy , one agreeing they were un warrant - s. Due rn• Tuber of Governor Fifer’.- si.*.*, who is a vc cran or the late war, sharpy erit'cist d Brown as a now-liled;:, d :    -r who ut .or saw one minute s service. At the aft ti ion session 'do.; >r Brown apohig./ a, for ids utterance regarainj the governor’s staff and that part of Li-address wa - stricken from the record. Lieutenant C moi., i /.egl’-ku rca-i an ell tor.i ie pap r on “What p ,T shad th--national guard taco in the world's fed Colonel Ch p. of Kansas, -■•*(■aviary <• committee on cert.-rnoui- - c *    .    : LIVED ON ILL-QO.IaK GAI:-s. ■- ' ■-*-'• ill , 'i.u'r * ii Gi i-pl. II\}(.)    .> Atiempt Suii*itl*j, Ha lh AX, Md S., DSC. L —J., ti. t< r parr, of July last a man and wilt rived at Hubbard's Cove anti too th: t residence at ti.- house of J .nr acrity and was Ord-red out of the (Cli e. Be refused lo go and was forcibly *•; ated after a set die, in which he was assisted by the employes, vin med them-elves with sticks lively row L I lowed, in win a. s - hi cl, but I ari.eli, wL< [Maid ay a sub-sheriff, t Older and the members of isedallegiance to him. D < a11?iosso iii f /p Faraeli, ; light or-r this first ins? leader’s determination ta 1 into Africa, Parnell Is a hoid 1, r in Unttid I re 1 uI direct r.», and acted by vvvers whom he c :. A j ca s * 111 i * a blood ! 1 va- ac un- I caby 1 "Mored j : he staff ; rom- i bi u. which is I ; wild with de- j a1 im an t of the j airy th* war ■ heavy stock-j : of its I I arni Jewish Uw at the I * -. * conli: g year. One of th*- .-1 cia*'se.- forbid- the mortgaging to Jew -of any r. a any part cf . 1 ■ ump 1 . a provides *ii vt loc Jew- shy pelled tm dispose of any :■ a •* may bold Jewiso a: 'aube ti- prised of certain right - . be kept strictly within the lim! to the Jew: I population. Re measures will Le aken aga’ast t infringing on ti - tv. law, a: against ehrRva' ; wk-. nr.*• 0 • - It r S ‘ ae gov-p d new g of iLe important Lasing cr ai estate in . - clause 1 • I be com--state they .vre a' 0 to in I are to i s assigned es«ive rival l',r; IM watchman Cornell en night u,.d nuu:br r of n*-!l acted before an i fens© v. id rani nine ry s night, - Finn cor, ha DKA . Cost IE 9 t? i close to-mo LONGS FOR T M Bu Ktf. rt■* to J — .Hi':** toe nil. WI A ‘ .h and 0 the ac rn sui ted nee before r Miller, . (KF i well-to-Qo ii an rum,:*, watt sister of th© newly arrha \\ i th thc esc • p'(\au of f, >• - - - * bv ti I mdoQ. idol lr dun ut its policy for th it u ii. appear to-be changed, ami as a Par- V ’ j 1st •1 'he United States, made ma n. tho pair have one irr el ba. a’s Cove ever T'V., mo j-y I i v. a . v - cr ii rar short til? man wo id star' B stun , aad return in a I , v day. Ire epoly. Monday • of ti b S s ho ved the man 1 di.'-p Ila I - i t v pip'*r from Bo stun, til PG ■e were ansi -is to ase or leavin The morrow and hei rn ’. organ. Parnell owns a largo majori -y of the -toelf of the United I, eland Th*1 editors w Lo w* O' (‘joctcd from 111«; oiliie will sue ■n iv- a- aillt. Bodkin in an i ,t“iview D.jj N h paieni .1 Bullion JON DOX, Dye. IO. — Bb of I amount of 350,030 p-. Amor,:.to-d&y. Mew York, Doc. ck—Ti left L verpool on the Maj-understood to be about - J, undi • stood the La ha. v. h South Hamilton to- . >rrov enough to mak'3 the iota :■ AmefU'.i Tun to the - -hipped to ie g j'd which a- to-day is th' ;tb’s from wiii bring Governor Bon- nu- uh Mmu-oii, who in April Sd. 5* hi I rum ; si aux <; ( n a forged « heck, and 1 a \ear ,> or u1 Md: •-/ and sCiitenced *■* 0 -*-At the tr a1 i- »*. n was one of t few , ar-- men San dler d Ina who La; manat: of th- ba lair, r*-;ui a plan of an en Una for mil tary ser\ices at Bon ceremonial which was <i u-si-d a: tam General Vance wa , tin- plans should be out com mi- ion ors. Fn ai / to appoint, a com mi with the world’s fa ©monies. A reception was stat! at the S< cond To-morrow'; sc.- the expos; ti on, cli daily r iii rue, ra- *ntT Lh Ak- tne cpi d by the w » J of five to ct ‘mmI nee on fair itch in a s t x t i i ■ ii :am the 'vi.“reap juts of Marsh:*! I-’ Bi , abu- A. c. Mew'art, v :» v. -.s ;i .-with fraudulently obtaii i v a:a,on-, {r.,m Matfcias Mills, an aged wimiw of Ne- vi h 1 us The man, who wa- 1.-ne other i, an Gillen, turned pale. II - .-velumiy .via his v ;fe, for in a short \ m couple wore SOSH to Ic ave the house •.. d ga toward tho weeds. As t; -y did i-return in a few Lours the people - ilk a!-; ire th. y we; 0 living a ut ; • > m- ;    1 something fcr:-*us had happened, aud a i the ediBon destroy: any resolution? u dup ie I ii ne lies opposing Barns-1., •o a cable dispatch from i !si>t moderately, but-1 dl’s retirement.” Whiie o!i tho streets ■owd thrt atoned He als. J aa seck orate *tio contained provincial i contained 1 upon I’ar- j imorn to l*;»>-i 1-' I in nu KG, I) a la itv, re: lilly pc -withdrawn to da .ni<;ipal eoum i . w ahi D KR LIN s T; r c ag pa* tfe Cl's 2sce ud of t Le Un yea a' pro par'd offered tie* brig ■ ginu'-nt armor/. on is likely to ie made a lively one, on account of cent partial consol! i at ion of and four, Ii regim-n s of th S me of th*- cid ■* rs will nee dropie d, and a bitter fight i ny the convention, a* the f< .-h ou I d a r-str ap pc d    c iiic ial s friends runs high. e re the ii r-I. N. G .sari v b esp Eg O md ted the •aret was lr • ti luted ansi Rep 'sterday af. noon, when : ■ cFm ov- re d lying toget ''ei J ui an uncons'iou-r(Mu an euipty bottle near ii. v I. - • a’ • p.* - J ( i'h luu i an a in. When faun-iii alive, but badly fin a a; 'arfally from the effects of ’ ■Ton cli- d this morning, bi* -I.*- hopes for the woman's r up -r t oiid wa Wa pop’ll; dians, lions. Population F»>rures. UHN’ .TON, Die. IO.—The total Aion of the country, including I 1-et”., wi.I r**a”ii sixty-three tnil-Tha p -paia on of Alaska. Sp?'ial Agent Fetroff ha-* J m ated at A t old Wav© Coming, Washing.tux, Dec. IO.—A cold wave has appeared in the extreme northwest, which will probably r**a h the central portion - of the country Friday. F*rrn«*r»' Alliance Se-sion :i* Peoria, 111, D?c IO—One a i -.ib'-rs : f the F trm.c-r-’ A . rn ■ a meeting her-- to-day wail ch.- -J Some of the de’ega i >n were inter* to-night concur in ta*-opinion th Farmers’ Aliiaece must I • give senator. S-vemy-iive Alii g-i ar relented in the meeting aud the will continue three days. THE WORLD'S FAIR. f oria. IcuIi I '- ce, began id doors, •r vie wed BJ L r. gr SUE 7h*?f ll; the •Au di. •j to I; •y IMPORTANT GRAM) J UUY Ii et >ity of I d < I lull »vrr ti* Kl MKI the di'*r:c court, wh v L was here Mo:. day cf la week, Is m y. 1 a rippl of eseitem^ii* 0 y*ster- of sn;-pen** b la some u uartery was cr roooi at yesterday W L 6 a1 11 the chr.' "" ' *■''1 £' '*; wedding heir? rn.a* ie1 before that body b - 1’ ©Lily •r proves bAhffs, it wholesale was 0,*rir ex ut * ii; 1 m I cert sin ti IL I lime mer-this after-c r iditors. cts main'7 Ye -terday iK-’oarment of Odar riot court ac cia, pr«- ;c‘S to the Vera! days. Brakeman -ender aud ' ;y freight .ad I:ad his e accident the Ira. I) > or thice et bus!cgs-ire In trou- rt. n of the crand Jury > give evi- .: * lf,'- s..—D. A. while cut-wood the -IX Inches t -ji’e* far -ntiat.ee. oameter many wln- m tea ir beet- govern-, a,- kins SO t b S- \ Dubuque .... 0 r<-- ar. Her ;i girl ami 'i he wife armed h» r w ar path. r< Ii on the mph inc mal tiro. They the ic cl gem and otl beiongin dom* in tho name of -t rot g posse from va rim wa- left a- a garris n v. to remain on guard a-i cl resist bv force any M EW hut 1 h •y iident Th© Him»e. Washing tov, Dec. IO.—In the house, J. W, Hathaway was elm ted postmaster on motion of Henaer-on, of I lino's. On motion cf Mavin, of Illinois, the senate Mil pass id for the r iiof of Paymaster Baseh, of the United States army. i directed by th- ; ; a ■ an wry sand means to report a r >o] (.ion far the distribution cf H. * : ii-: Pct s annual message, and upaa > motion tho house resolved itself into a committee of the whole f r its col -id'-ra i m. la respond •    * q-o .Bori by IH ok 'r, McKinley state.d that so much of the mes'age as refer r die the election bill wasa-Ng: < -J t© the •-.*-• t committee on the election of pr,-sid* ut, vice president and men • ;• of t < ; crc Mr. Hooker expressed a desire to amend the res ../ion, to send that portion of the rn ace to the committee on judiciary. Mr. XLK Ti y an noun-md L D willing-oes to have th ancondment offered, but objected to debate, as he was acting by courtesy of the <•    ■ man of the commit tee on Indian affairs, to which committee the day had b< mi assign - J. Ile therefore moved that the committee rise. The motion was agree I to, and on motion of lh rkins the. house again went into committee of the whom on bills reported from the comm.’Bee on Indian affairs and shortly afterwards ac I named. general washington news. Complot“<1 t’ e i’nri tiane <«f Four I’rr Cents MfAsiiix(.Iox, Dec. IO.—The secretary °f the treasury I--as issued a notice this Mternoon that the four per cent bonds accepted to <lay complet« d the amount which he off.-red to purchase, and bond tedemptions will. ihercfore, for the pres-ecL be liniii.ed to four and a halfs. He also purehase f0r the Uaion Pat iiic sujkh.? -J.EV first mortgage Pacific railroad bond-; which are a prior lien to j°;'By bi ads, aud pay therefor such PLcta a- v,, s realize four o r cent per taruni on the investment. IHE INDIAN SITUATION. IniDi HSioun I lait tlve ?:©«-I.i!i Ctra/.e lh About Our -Th© Troops. Cut: W .1. Bf 0. IO.—The ir.dUntiom at Gen. rai MI. s’ headquarters _ to-night pointed to a close of th - Mes- )h craze among the Indians. An Immediate tightening of the great military cordon now surrounding the cho- dancer? ----ms to be 1 be progs tit. AE tiff-* ev -lung Genera! Miles and hi- aides were busy studying carefully revised maps of the country where the Indians ar-. I he g.-m-rai csp I ai ii od the distribution of the troops, saving Genera! Brooke is on the sou*h. Color e] Stunner on the north, (>en.aa ! Carr on the west and Colonel Mi ri on the cast, with their respective com- I m and s. The gent ral expects to start .or the ' - rn- of trouble in a few day. S-u-Htlo 'ttl Report* Without Foua.i iBon Four 11kno, I-TU, Dec. ID.—The sensational reports about the threatened outbreak of -he Cheyenne and Ar^‘a!l^e Indians on the western border o» Oklahoma, and ct the cr-rn alarm which exists among the p-*op!e here caused by such demonstration on t-.ie P -• ■* of the Indians, are without .ounda-ion. Ti'*- 351 Carmi I air SIiip1 ***'• CmcAGO. Dec. IO.—Mr. Vr.‘sidfnt rf th)* MI. cann.)! I) . Aero na itic Navigation company, in • jn'< view to-day said the first 0 }J£irhJ ships will be completed w.-Lie H. week-’, when a trial trip will occur * h. ship wi’l start from Mi. 'arme and go to st Louis, l-’rora thor. it wj “" “P to Chicago ar.,I tbenc- to    *“f.h Half a dozen newspaper repn  ....... will be taken on the trip. _ No Barbed Wire Trust V ©’ I CHH AGO, D c. IO.— Rei.resentativi-9 j of the barb wire manufacturers I country, who have been in^ sos ^ wij era! days, aojourn* .    ^    made    to- it i i. J of Control Named l>v Palmer. Clin AGO, Dec. IO.—This aft. 1 mon , I‘resident Palmer, of the national w rid’-fair commission, made public his app ut- 1 ie cts I ;r eight members of the : ar! of I control on behalf of the commission j Tu< y are as follows, the first two being j provided for by the resolution of the j commission:    President, I Lomas i\. Pa!- ; mer (republican), of Mi higan:    vile; chairman, J. A. M iKenzi * (demo; ra ), of Kentucky:    commissioner-aT    L’-rg©, William Lindsay (democra of fi-n lucky; commis-inners, E B. ^Marah (republican), of Indiana; -B W. St C-mr (democrat), of West Mas ey f republican!, of D -iawata Wailer (democrat), of (    ;    a’ ll. De Young (repubh an.-, rf Ca v im. aP.t tv acts n pt.non i in t lie 1 yet.. York, Dee. IO.—Bill -t, is piaintiff ii: a lawsi i’-,-- j. let, James W hi icon to chum for years in the work <> Americans h-.a.'h. N ye .and B been a monr?y making combine for y• hut Mr. My© charges that win ie hi-n mor wa- alway* dry Mr. Riley** too frequently wet. In Louisville -ays, early in the year Mr. Riley p-• -it to Bac eh, ? libations which -L v ave honored the shrine cf Eat* roe, that the result was that when the arrived at which the com1 iuaiion sh appear to amus© ti © public, Mr. I presented a very will ?wy form to ti. die nee. Hence Mr. N ye’s action, action, which is for th - recovery of OOO from Mr. Riley, v il he tries' dianapolis.____ NUMEROUS FAILURES. LiC- ;r* d mid ii I rom ti lyric aa. iore they were sub1 1. oust rations by the r. while there we re tied t crowd on t bout - for Par rn tray- j soon as he sa v the Snort the depot. Ii? ha; 1 Ti bea the brakes d d no* aet pf*- . Far- 1 wa? a prom r.ent contra? 1 Par- City. carne I —— —— ostiie I Three r>o iyn I>rovv att The if SK>,- at lu ny mingled with cheers for Mrs. O'Shea 1 A number of addresses were presented 1 to Parnell, in reply to whl- h he ex-pressed hi* thanks tor their welcome. Ho said be did not B ar the result of the tlgir he had undertaken. II*? bad never ;• -i tin Irish party wrong in the pest, aud v. mid not do so in th* •’ ;. ta-. The train, after a short r n, arrived at where a large crowd had assem-wcleome Parnell. The crowd G. T w. NL ; lia. I RAILROAD MATI the ti om* IHI* ii rd *• re ii to .’>■ ,'•[ (UvievoiHl iis<(I » oem ii I-* 1 Us ' ii-©, [Special to The Huwk-Ly *. Des MoiN!'.    Iowa, De.    IO—The rajjr, ad cominis^iouers lh - - marninc na-ti fil'd the (hi ago, Burling on and Qui hey head cill aals ta appear bcf re    tim <. cd Wednesday to    argue the Council Bluffs case for overcharging pascii ieago, Burlington and over the Kansas ! The American »':<n;c of Arkana:: < I ) ;1 for Good. Arkansas C itv , Kau, Dec. IS.—In* j f irraatioa is given out to day I. at te e ' American bank, which failed yes* cr day W'iii not resum-! business. The bank n -specter and a United States mar.-ha’ have taken charge of th? bank and w-.;l close up its business. About SI90,000 is die? depositors. I) ibis bled was S: made r alchem Kenny, the cab then Pi drew hit rt Bine tht dense that Fame his way throng:: a cab whii h M. P. The cr< , unharnessed arnell’s enthu« ii through the s Kenny’s house. ! crowd kept si 1 ” Upon hts arri made a brief spe StroKt-r-* Fad. Nkw York, Dec. IO.—The suspc of Hamilton & Bishop is announc the stock exchange The firm are ors and brokers. Tht y made an a meat with 837.000 preferences. Glenwood- 1 failure is considered uninipor*ant. cd or bank ssiun Thei: of the session sev- adjourned given'out that no progress wasni^-lira establishing rylr.s the general PVrP05* “ r(jck of price of wire, owing to a lac. harmony sengar rates. Quincy trains are run City, St. Joseph and loupe Bmil* tracks between the e two pciaia and the latter road is a 1 cia:-' road a- d Bn* Q. which is A class has en lit to charge three and a half cc:;: - a - ic e, while the statute provides that A roads * hall charge but three cents. Bae ase is one of long standing, aud ov. m ; t •> importance will be hotly cont*-.- .* J Another l r- ihh ut-,’ A gr* « na *H Nkw York, Dec. IO.—I tis learned t ct all railroads west ( f 1 h:cacu •' * 1 the A Hancock County WlfeTteat* - [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] N-„ y„„. 111.. Dec. 10.-H 1, ropor-.od from Niota that a well keotvr. farmer has horribly beaten his wife I fief* of a- .a.r m IHoHucts. t Washington, Dec IO.-Statistical re-'fitns from the department of agricul--sra! for I? camber give the average •arm pro: s of agricultural products from euumatas n -ade both by the government ff ''a ■ agen* . The present corn crop •aworth more ti-.an the last and the ‘arn-r> v,!.; receive more for it. Unfor-ittia*.©ij* sh.. dist»i, cf failure do not ‘ea* -'-their portion of advance in averse vaiue. The average price by the Present returns is *<; [ cents per bushel, ;n for lvNq a;; increase of 77 I - is the highi’St D.'.comber Prue of the decade, except 18'I, when : e era ar*- i o.-,* to «*.:;. 1; cents, that be-' X~ xr: °kiy year in the decade in which e final average, of condition was worse r an p-at l' the present season. The Uesest av. rage -hows tho small crop' *a ',;r‘ cure for low prices. The ^ -as in the e /en corn surplus states nmj .0h!'' '* '    ’    ; Indiana, 17; Iili- !’L,;U>y.a 11; M . >i,ri. ti; Kansas. -,1’ j-U-a ;<a, orn. «avfcr;i" farm va.ue of the wheat r, ‘ H >lS e'tim;ited at eighty-four cents PT Uiishel, against *; on for I SSD. Value o^t-Lath- i< 1 by the harx'ests of ariUrCOantrU;s a? d ll. :refore the prices -not fentii-i. iy g,,.a'*rutd by the size of homegrown crop. Price of oats responded sharply to of that p:aco u»c,    'K,    tj.a»u    they    are and two-year-old cl ii.    ^    ^    [%    Js    ,he in a serious concio-    nQt villain’s second offense, in- known here.    ___ ”Xn l-Mitor Uead. ^ Maimm»n, Bec. 9-Marshal0 for Linty, of    f v/iscoimin, and a the eastern di't.lct 0.    d,.,d  kx“ ;;; 'u;T,sU,;i- I NPI ana poi IDc .•    Wasliir.gton dent Harrison return .    -    her this afternoon accompani ©•a en ti on of the C; I ;-ago and A run. *.: ■■ presidents of whi« ii were lnvi co to :i -tend the conference Monday next for .-1 ( purpose of renewing th' “pr--siconB-agreement,” Im vc sicnitnd an acccp.an. of the invitation. The Alton declln* ? take any part in the conference. Several of the pin pals of t.m a- - ■ • railways, who will take part in ;“‘* *;‘!; ference next Monday, are now rn N w York. A representative o, tee A-"> dated Press, in conversation wim ta* !i to-day, learned that the resolution win be submitted to the conference providing for the formation of an a- oeia ion o. A Denver tiroc* ry I ■-aa*e i l<--    - Dk.x vkr, Dec. F’ —T'c ' -rroc-'-y and importing house of John ii. Furl-r>m Has been closed on a’ lachments ta cr*'gat! ne w » pooo. The liabilities are 8?!. a'q anc the a- sets are unknown. TGree lAlliiTes .it tl^rkhvHle, I emu*,««•. rr.AHKsvn.KK, Tenn., D-’C. IO. 'I *'r-Franklin bank of this city suspended this morning. Tin- inc re was ^ eau sen I v ’Ire recent failure of Henry S-uifert. of New York, with whom the bank had been doing much credit business. I im liabilities amount to over $200,000 and tho a-sets $250,000. The prospc* is for a jet Bement are discouraging. Kendrick, Pettus A. Go., a 'arg-? tobacco firm, also assigned to-day. -a; pension of tho bank and tin''trin-gen*'v of the money market made it im-I j j, .‘blo for tho firm to meet Le om-*u> , ion. Tho liabilities are over 'JOO,( un; the nominal assets exceed this amount. A run on the Farmer’s and Md I * ■ National bank followed a d the doers . TI    iv as other failures, but that institution will probably resume in a day or two. Business circles are greatly excited. the presidents of the roads inter* -ted, be known as tho “Western Railway (” nation.” The principal pun; - -s wk. u _ the establishment and maintenance^ o« public, reasonable, uniform &• •* rates; to secure I Proportion of bu im ? ■ ta [»r    - n .- necessary and * - a-dr-:- • .*.•    ■    , trVii -to introduce now o ouo-t* , ani uieaod, :n ha.,dll, a,    y-y    . Coimnend»bl©i -MI claims not consistent wiUi the u.un character of Syrup of Figs arc purims. } «voided by the California Fig Syrup con - avoided by pany. Haets gently on tee liver and bowls, cleansing the effectually, but it is nm a cur makes no pretensions that v. ' i i sui.stan- i -to. ey: system ■e-a’l and ■rv bottle and deliver'* g o» trafii Neir I.ive 'io< k I* ***’ IO.—AS the fused to m. k.,., lit:*'I 0uarter...HM«*r Voc«» . rn Tier IO.— New - is CIN: IN n AT I, <>., lb ; deat j, at Dover, ceived here to-da., *    -- jj Young, NM,!.UUH«Uf’thdl-uitedSld.eSar,ny. oi-dTTJ; Im    jesuit NKW XKK, N- *1-’ D‘Jt/* ,:e Clark coto- of the Red    shutdown pany lias ordered all mill- indefinitely- ■ ! indeed H Woi ur Burned f. v x* Franc i-*co, Dec. IO —Ear ; ;u s looming the linseed oil works of iv; - lo A Co. caught lire and the content' burned. The loss will probably n a a >200.000 Insurance half that amount. iurIi, cation cf eM, Ii ad«c*he, I o tude. Inability co I" r- Don’t H.iw k, Spit, C fit r 1!lie-s. i dy sci c, i;diam; t ii a->OCiAU(o. «---v,»j      :    ,    ..    ?- rn: in. ntai woik aud iL'L-p '    1    ,    ;    . * olriiti en cents from ail .->-"■    ‘    ,., f, •»I and annoy and (bstru.'t join    < UiTY . , chicago on live hogs and pack- a ,lU!lim<(n(. s with y: or na m two ;j;o • «* pointe to Cuica    he    trio    mini-    j.n-ive breath and eOH»tant ttta '*    ,    ’• intr house produc-’, t-at to    ;    , ....    and    thrum,    wit-    n    ie;    *    «    ;; mg ho ise prnduc.., -    -    ;    ,.f,, ,nun. rate from an.,    - h Iowa were alone exceptci. to ^ in ta ii 'y a and - I »y- Will Revise '''•‘•'M'U't'U'Methodist Dec* r;uisr Episcopal SS for %«>“- church north, n et to ow dj^cjt,liue pose of    ,ocur. catarrh InJ'XSiSK'E. "Mci‘ effect January L __ wl„ .mclde lh.    ^ Chicago, rn .    win    decide    the has announced that . ;    , Counselman ana * — cases to-morrow.  _________ ration BeggtJ »° rs ' Dec. IO.—The <.-x« < i'U * council OI ; New York i'll ri Ii Kemt-dv” wfii p-umpt iy relieve _you < f riisc.iint’oit and suffering, and ><>ur .ri.aiu? ; i the disgusting and needi.'J rn..Ale.-.is or .    ••• [oat heroine diseas ..-    _____ Clachlne Uoii't lur tho indian Frontier. I-ORT MANROE, Dec. IO —T wo Hot • kiss machine guns, with urmur.K'. on, were shipped to Fort Monroe, Tta dx-koU, to-day.________ r it hers buy it. in-'tiers P' I' -b I t et I id et n take Ur. Bul.’Omiuh fey -up .. **Vt 1 ir on v s;‘fete is in acting pron.r*.y, you i-utfcr pain buy Salvation Ult qui *.. committee of the    j    d    parneii    T'"    “ Irish national    -e    L';    believe    Gaahn's    Book    store. Have you stoa the new pR*uro.- at the to-day, saying in par; ii with difficulty I ic* B »nail7 he | ne entered with * >wd surrounded j tht? horses and i last ic admirers I Treats until they ! ,* in the mean- j iging “God Save j B sd the house j h to the crowd. J The town ch rk at Kingstown presented j Parnell with an address expressing ad-mirat'on of his “resolute resistance of1 insolent dictation of Gladstone” and a*Suring him of support in his “noble ; work.” The address contained this! declaration:    “People    w.1! not accept’ any home rule sci., a;.? not giving the ; people full control of the police and 1 po-*or to settle the land question.” in his speech, Parnell said he was con-1 .(-ut with toe you h *-*f I"* land on I.:' side tl»at he would win. The Parneii leader.-L:p commltt°e presented Parnell with an address, enipba-1 sizir-g in the strongest manner condemnation cf the “misjrartle and contempti- j bm position'' the s°c, dors had assumed. | This evening a great proces-ion wa?, farmed at the Mansion house and when . Parnell roached his carriage the horses I were unhitched and a score of enthusiastic men dragged the carriage to the rotunda. Parneii received an ovation all j along th** route, and at the rotunda ex- j p<-rieneed the greatest difficulty in get-j ting into th? hail, which was pack <1 to suffocation. The cheering when he j reached the platform continued sew I oral minutes, after which a vote j of confidence in Mr. Parnell was passed. In his speech he sad, I have been accused of absence from the j fie id of battle. It 2* e(i-y to make excuses for secession and defe lion, but! when the day comes for measuring the amount of my hart comings a? d the - of I my opponents the balance will not bel against me. [Shouts of “Down with the J renegade.] I did not plead s;ckne>s though God knows it wa? not a time when I was crippled .ti health and st,rf ligth to confront me with a movement of mutiny, stronger, more vindictive, disgraceful and cowardly [cries of Healy] than ever a commander-in-chief was caked upon to face. Ah, yes, they thought I was dead arid they might .IV around v y 1 orpso. Vt • .- fiji some day see who d d this deadly thins: a/aum' oar race. [Voices of (Had:tone, the hypocrite]. VY© shall know where to affix the slain they sought to attach to me. I was anxious to assuage this trial to give Ireland a breathing time, to postpone the terrible issue. Why wa- I refused the opportunity? Why did Gladstone wait nine days after the vt r-dlct and allow the Leinster va cli cg hero re bailli - that my retention WY ; dangerous? Had he but whispered that my 1 retire rn; ut wa? n* ;*■'• -'Ary, I should have I hastened to consult my comrades and I rescue them from the impost cie position in which th* y pi,.' I th< m-- vt - i y the L< inster resclnticn.__ The Dow i» - IY mitten ,ltw-Lo: cos, Dee. IO.—A meet us of m-tl it iii tai persons was ut d in Gut d hail 10-day to consider the condition of Jews in ll i-sia and take action to secure some TI. v:axion of th ir dhtr©?-. The lord mayor was chosen president. A telc-I gram from thearchnFhopof (. antc-rberry e j was read in which he expressed the hope 1 th it a resolution would os adopted (hat :    would    convey to the government of Rn - j ria ’be earnest prayer for the immediate reconsideration of the regulations affect-i lug the jews. T. duke of Argyle sent Valley Falls, Kus . I) eoy-R Fred Cuje. Le-lie Ca-Archer, while playing on I) Beware river, bruke ’n re drowned. Father and *1.11 Fight Gainesville, Tex., Dec. duel took piu'-e last iii. lr in Pa Indian T« rritory, between S n of the Chickasaw Icgislatiire, Joe Paul, in which the lait. r « arui the former seriou-.lv wonr. difficulty grew/out cf a qnar disreputable wonian. Paul i-blood Indian. un veals a far' An ii rn pany in I e, B. H i. tiled an j Bing Chccago, Dec. IO the Chicago Safe and which the missing mJlion; Campbell, held chief inter inventory to-day, xvi; h was a great sur prise. At the time of the failure, it was announced the a-sets would amount to >■700,000. The inventory -hows their total to be only $127,000. Coal *;icc:> -Im. Dow a. VV ilk n>ii A R UK, Pa . Dec. IO.—The coal department of tfie Delaware. La kawan-; a and Western railroad has ordered the indefinite closing down af all. in this vicinity beaume of th* of trade and large 'locks or which th-re is no demand, throw thousands of men cut merit and cause much Suffern; i»ir mines quietness hand for This will f empSoy- vons Uoj s Soundly Eio-lRg Ka.lr -nil (Jin, [$pec!&! to Ta Eawfc-Eye.) K nos at* QU a, Iowa, Dec. IO some time past a number of V be-m annoying the railroad ©nap B jraparie by jnmpii g on and o'. and other n.i-*. Lief. About the -r. As Hi at d ir*. ys have oyes at ' trains first ( f Un Wen em I’u on iiividendii. I civ. York, Dec. I —The Wk ion director-* to-day de larch ar. d quarterly divid statement -shows the current quarter to b paying dividends til foe the quarter of $•; si 11 > net 1 percent, earnings f !, OOO, OOO. will b - a surplus stern gu'ar The ar the Af; cr April Sydney Br' others, unccuplet standing in the brakemen swear, a r j* * a < \ (111 j j ) * ] I u, 10 d this ti'rni of col Yesterday he with an order lo caid. I*. 5s to b will profit by his 1 A Ila Ft. Dough, De of supernatural si dee, in c .rnpany with I a freight train whiie yards, just to b *r the a-, they said. He was era: d p ti .lie. —Sir ai rv at not ,oys ; tories VY ) pen IL vc: ,s a: ‘rom th. Colli i at toan it medic! un is th= h Re mc ’n medic irni'h iv I recent * ledge Jar: Bt md TK; had irs Miners on the nisi uncanny knot king Fanner Ate .sullen'.-* Ii .1 uuad. Perry, Dec. IO.—Word wa* received yesterday evening that the body of Levi McMullen, the wealthy farmer who has been mysteriously missing for several days, was found by school chi Hr *u in a straw stack on hi- farm near Litchfield. His threat was cut, indicating death by suicide. Aii'itlier <*• od .'Tmh C.oe - Tiro; <• Anamosa, Dec. IO.—Emmett S ymour, who has always borne a good reputation here, turns out to 'ne a whoi*-*ale thief. Goods of every descru/Hon have been found In IlH j  ..... -.rn. bar g been stolen from merchants I, re Seymour ha-* disappeared. ••ORI * hi* I*' Killed. Cincinnati, Dec. IO.—The supe ria- 1 tendant of the zoo] ug ic a1 garden sue- I ( ceded, this morning, in : g vicloiu elephant, ‘ Chief,” who received, without evident discomfiture eleven bullets fired UFO his LrH ad a-t l ight. Twenty-four shots in ere fired at him.    _____ < • i i I ■*    :    r    i    t, a. Newark, X. J., D c. bk- 'I:    •    '.to. force of men and gin- employed at Clark's thread mi,;-    in    thi-    e    tv and Kearney struck thi- nor;.mg    si    i La    ■ decided to remain e    .    •; *i    'n    d    - charged men are roil    i. •port u ou rid ( i-a-* rte id v w b t shaft and th 1 seen picks. James Grant spirit form appeared to him a him away frere the room in was working. He ti 1 and has r to g > near that part of iii* ire ne Superstitious miners -ay some gr>; ger threatens »he mine, and some o iiive laid off rather than work haunted mine. Hail:.Mn convicted ol Lyons, Dec, 1<>.—Tuna© was convicted of rn a < ossory to the Rowan ruary 2 and sentenced I penitentiary. He appl md is now I ii an- K-m ! wi. I vail'ng I j that Lu: j writer * j eral of." I that bat: ; aud the I and vie!, I been us( or- r.g as yet, but ook<d for worth over i!o. Helen a suit for .j a ad $50,- ie.-.b Antrim s . - cd at. the x. ■ r r abc ma : afternoon a*- deceased e tan- k. and ■ f5i time to cd LU body -ca bed but ,.‘ the w ay. ■ pi.' cr and a a a nor* d a w ii i b k y Ali- - of pge.and west of Idler. TKF.. — Des are very actg bt Justice s made a doll captured ■- d in the ex-)S and draw- • j. little tCMU T.us port alien to. he demon tho spot. the dealer’? ■ard opened tv, and for O',* justice *• from the postponed on a tpk iv. r..//((C arr iab!f* adver-lositble fob e merits o andisa ad his true 0 are ( veep worthy ex amberlain' universally a va rf! cd ii car** but no .7 persona efileae ga the nr* born cong it. I rcn ant th :n sev cong '’cdiC' I in ba iy hi altos uglis an TV <tn*laoi Nut ay pr> n e court bonds. His brot James Ruwan. D arc off-Tcd for hi* ain IN HERK A ii I n*.»f:e > 1 id,* :p elal to the Hawk-XOF.NCF., la.. D Mark Had-1 N’ k vv 1 Orleans. IV; IO.—At th iughtcr a- an j * it -sion of th e Xational Boar rdt-r of Feb- 1 of Trade a motiot w;x> /reed to, to r . year? in the ! consider the vote by xx I h the resol i to the m.- I Hon en dorsi cg th© Petrey ban' uu I r 5ftft j rep!cy I iii and argin g .1*: 1 ut media s, who killed 1 pa--age . >y the United I - .dc- senate vt •ge ami $300 d Tea . last cjght. Ti r -• dition th' : passed. A mc* ion to recon si J. r *h© vote ? j w h:/h th 1© .'N icaraugua (aaa resolutl* Eye.] rd last night w as adopted. Efnma Goodwin a the hospital f r ii -a iate of tho Mf. iff been adjud-rea ii - ar, hospital at lb:-* : la the daily scenes to j. ./ted worked O ' I" came a raving mani over which she wa*> s cr now hoi I* her n >. ( u * e af aud return©J to 1 It I- cia iaed 11 hi :h sh© vvas si mind until sh© The same vt or many y- a .rs ov >r its vie im. A i The Ogdt-a -strike >:iil On Ogden. Dec. IO.—The strike I and the offida’s of tic- IG inn By i doing the switching. T strikers atta--Wed «. fi N Lu’ on. rf.ui' y ti ,i ‘ a 'n ’n. I yards are virt .affy b . ad, d .ii ar© >in»r? «>! iii. Us peel ai t Mason City. IM: ic-r had a J}.a. of lan hors.--*, va,.© 1 evening, ale left * rouglilirtil* st . I* a Hu v a Ey t Dee. 1ft—Lr rough led ay some of the 11 -s residence a-Yard Master I fhrTI- *h'-y w r* A IU* done e for a, ' was c attern' com© unco: sider- lifter with and s ir un, pron VY by th. ;n* I. It is with jut doubt th/ market, we mi si sn vat Its use stews its wit; date ta cm (gas. Dr. Bu fir •t liu!inert in *h 0.1. i5cent«. re av tin t hat ant I nigh Syrup. —Ladies, if you wish clo;bing, suits or overcoats for your Hat • darlings, now is the time to make -our purchases. ll. M Ell-' KLD -V C >. I eided I 87*>.CO I court Fast unty no; to L u 0 lur th. hoi.-.". r It. rid I ecord-* »* »,'le ut I [Special to The Hawk-Ej ----- ,    Ijjui    PRN    J)    *    Si K. Ii-. . Ii - . A Vmoif I (;uii ry,    I    tics sh. * tin a.—    : si EY MOUR, Texas, Dec. IU. An t-xatT j    j*    the    2 5 ; ».>*■ in I* lent quality of building stone has been j their re*-urds m? IF..-;, j discovered within a shortdi lance of this Elgh. out of R    - vt ti - city. This will give budding matters a ; getting 1 «(.<>• «- big impetus. credited 0©    rn ditions to the pei : M lr »*yea< -* 2:30 r %■ i k; -r, ar - I i ad Pe *rs* tv .ay is the retest a • ,ox.:itu ' d.aarr 2: so thiriy-thr- aine .'•• I-a , JO; Burned. 10 -The re of Ebon E. Re lag--of Shieciif 11 • ford, in rs, was ov* was carried fi .rd. I Iv Uitl I* -I. bund! r p mud - a ii ii us ber ire- wed!" e v eritd. :• .- : . - i ii cav > 2 dt i di,pu?c ii would Ii ave u- y sire, arrived at drinking ii udrefi aa J i ;ranger, v m-d eight . a's.) ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye