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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 10, 1890, Burlington, Iowa HPT HAWK-EYE. plumb Urges their lmmo-jiste Consideration. uni opp08®**s*nfttor iWr' pfc"0** oiutioii Looking to the :r^f ;a, of tir»nt*» Remain# in the Howe. two; I emu -OO, two; Texas, two- Wash I riff ton, one; Wisconsin, one Tao roo resentation from lite other remain m. changed. Tho hill is very like tV . introduced by Prank, of Missouri *' Th! Dunne I bill is understood to have been agreed to bv tho republican members of the census committee. Among other features similar to the Frank bill is a provision that the members shall'be elected by districts comunsed of . composed tiguous territory and containing nearly as practicable an equal number of Inhabitants. BURLINGTON FLEETING FORTUNES! Alarming Number of Assignments Reported Over the Country IOWA, VVKDNr.sUA* MOHNING, DECEMBER IO, 1890- (PRICE; IS CENTS PER WEEK money That has a1! been arranged and the company receives one hundred and thirty new locomotives and between four win J’Iti l^usand height cars, which . enable the road to more than move the wheat In northwest which could not be handled on account of the scarcity of cars.”    1 Burdette .V Boston I lochl<?rs, Fail UlluulN Coal « Tilt. In the senate a  .......    session    to es- uduced . , s public -Adversely from the ^alture aud indefinitely postal- *h introduced a bill to reduce gr 1-“® . baited Suites bonds to be ‘St national banks and to replace '-!ii Xred notes, and to provide silver. Referred ;hfe- , rtn finance. He also in the same the calendar, so be brought before .-tov, Dec. 9. ^'Sliced"at the last session to 1iDirud Ain- farin in each county the republic was recon! mi t- iitee ■' 4C°and'•amendment ,the bill now on * can I . BO’ ,Jie“independently of any repor1 ■ fir vice committee. In doing ^“notice that if the elections fce , disposed of at an early day he wye to lay aslde for th0 11 me ‘ lrthat the bill jest intro---hiiiu and ail matters relating to ^.'nelal condition of the country lube considered f.0.j-nuaicatien was presented from Vtrney general in response to reno-for information as to voting L®*ind election supervisors. The general states the department tbe means of supplying me n.tor-........ j>ked. t Firmers’ Alliance sub-treasury •:U ,,h last se.—on referred to ' -'-aiittee on agriculture, were 1 t° the committee on finance. ,I senate bill appropriating STY OOO Vu‘ ere-tion in the Smithsonian Ii; of a statue of Robt. Dale Owen, i a S' the member who intro-;;‘he I,;;! far the organization of the rVrfiaa lanitu’fion, was passed. y.“^I.pjerson cif red a resolution, ■ . *•*« agreed to, calling on the seere-■ .he trea- iry for a certified copy of “ * a of .I oil a L Davenport, chief ‘It;,,r of elections of the southern 5?'-of New York. for the elections •„i aud I'" A resolution by Jones, of Arkansas, or, the attorney general for a anent of moneys paid or called forth ^f-pervisor of the first and second • s of Ark msas in action with the late election, was »ed to after a statement by Jones had seen a newspaper report to jeffe.'t that the supervisor presented If iou ut for sd, OOO. ne election bi- was then taken up, ad Berry spoke in opposition to it. As .gat I un of the bad effects of such A. he referred to the recent appoint-r by United States Circuit Judge Mts in Arkansas of John McClure chiefsuoervisor of election*. Judge ans had, he -i d. insulted a large -Nan of th*- pc- [fie of Arkansas on acast of b b imposing on them the very :t:rnman in .iii Arkansas to exercise ugh functions of that off] :e. The is? thing cfi?ht occur in ail the other r,'... the supervisors holding their ;|.efor life. If the circuit court judges Iwere democrats as they are now for a part republicans!, the bdl would e advocated on the other side of the Mater. It was, therefore, a partisan «ore. Btrry savagely scored Supered’ McClure aud entered aal earnest r::-cagainst the b ii as a measure de-feted to legalize fraud. Mr. Daniels sp ke briefly, after which rue obtained the ii tor. AiJri'.h. from the finance committee, (ported the hon*e bill to authorize the pimento! a rebate in certain cases (to tm 1 the enro merit of the tariff bill), idis&ed unanimous consent to have it ::> ]-r-a but Plumb objected, and the [iii w-nt on the < Bondar. Aajourned. A Blow t<» Ht viciu Lotteries Wa .IMN..,-ON. iv. It IS stated at tho postothcc department that mail* sent from Mexico into the Failed States recently have been burdened with cir Olar* of Mexican loiter ie*, enclosed in *tVed envelopes, tho corners or which w.Ub clipped, aud tho postage pad at tho rate of one cent, which Is permissible under tho Maximin postal laws Frider the laws of the I ii I t-'d States tho such c irculars in sealed require them to be held f refused admission to Hie malls as print el matter. The postmaster general his been in correspondence with tho director general of posts of Mexico on this subject and it has been agreed the lot circulars referrid to -hall enclosure of envelopes would for postage and . ,    bi    Trouble— »« am itl l- Ir 111x Suspension— other Failures Ii* 'S I i Young, signed. carried in the dresses in this m count rv. ttery no longer be or delivered to ad- Mr. !’ »iik’s Washington, Dec. 9 opposicfon t) the r mop subsiding iii congress, see that there is no intention any political advantage if ti-, plan proposed by th**’ luu-e upon a ba*’* 0f th re six members is g.-u< by that number no loss from f thi n inny L'iscoxorv. -The feeling of nonmeni bill is The democrats of taking it, and the com mit,tee whm ' * /•'•~r'VhiUea Burdett A , i . f,sa e clothiers, have a-B,abl!iUes about -70,000. affectth-T ol<;S.Says lhe fall"re w111 ,:ot arrect the clothing trade in general Tr vSzvsr*#* by**•«“•*. i< ..    ’    !’    1    °-    and    Gardner,    Chase could ’no?, c }flH 1: Ah(l- m0uey mark'ct. He .    L0'    a definite statement. The «Trby    >• TI.. At.,erl, »„ V.u57,Atk.n.a, 4 >' y < lo-es 11 ii th mi rn. A i;k annas (ITV, Iv as., Dc. o—The American National bank of this city , t)sJ“ lts doora this morning for lack of funds to meet its obligations. The stringency o* money and unabi it v to collect loans are given as the causes of the failure. Tho bank officials claim they wi.i be able to pay all (Jvigatims in a few days. The amount of liabilities and a-sets is not known. PARSELL WILDLY CHEERED. The Deposed Irish Leader on His Way to Dublin. hundred and fifty-ally acceptable, for • Tc WH odd suffer any lr,urn its present ne— , . ta aion. If nu liber wen- placed Dire., hundred and Ii tty-seven-    one    un-re several - ‘ates would sc—Virginia. K -n-tucky, South Caro ira. New York, tn-diana-while the r I ..a states of the northwest would . in    Vera!.    A: if the number grounds would be iff** So by a lucky a and fifty six was foal. number, and Mr. Fraj entitled to the credi* Lgatn, reduced similar •J fur opposition. ^ three hundred to be the magic . of MIssouri, is ! I. discover ’. Kec«-Ivi r for rt Fin*! Company. Tho Hnosf «    rn    r-tfcr. \sin vi;ton, D u ’n — I im republican members of the In-use held a short caucus af;* r adjournment to-day to select a postmaster to sneered Wheat. Mr. Carter, of Mont ar: a, eeirr! 73 votes for his candidate, James W. Hathaway, of Montana, against b • for rh-* other four candidates, Hosmer, * M.issaehusetts; Reed, of Minn*—ota; at.ti Barnes a h Ralph, of Illinois. Hathaway is a native of <*hio. lie enlisted in th > 10.1th Ohio and was permanei rIy ti abb-dat th** battle of Perryville, Kentucky, ii** re moved to M on ana a* war and has h id county cilices, and a* tary of the rep abl I in the -ai pf®' stat iirtrd ose of the deral and t is secre-ymmittee. 111., Dec. 9. -On petition or Edward Whittak *r, of sn Louis, the federal court has appointed Jacob Wheeler receiver for th**i Central Coal com pan v of this city. Whittaker holds - .'hullo bonds of the company on which default in the interest was made. Receiver Wheeler is president of the tv he* ler Coal company, which is operating the Central < val company under a lease, and there will bo no interruption to iii - busine^. The at tion amounts to tile bondholders taking possession und.'-r a foreclosure. The Detain aer Bauk Failure. MUHICH.1.1 , lh; . Dec. tt—The state-of the a- enees of the I) lamater was not i at i - fit-tory, ami gave no great deer. hopi to depositors. It is said a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Victor M. Delamater, late cashier of the bauk, lo* being charged with accepting money of depositors a'ter banking hours aud with full knowledge that the assignment was to be announced. The Western * rc,e,lt Association. Chicago, Dec. a -At to-day's meeting of the western freight association the matter of the division of through rates to points west of the Mississippi river was referred to a committee. In regard to uniform classification action was taken to refer to the rate committee the work of preparing schedules. The statement was made that the Illinois joard of commissioners had suspended t ie’r order establishing the classification on January I until March I. »he Richmond »ud Went Point Ter iii Inn I. Richmond, Va., Dec. 9.—At a meeting of the stockholders of the Richmond and Welt Point Terminal company today, Jay Gould, George Gould, Sidney Dillon and Calvin S. Brice were among tho new officers elected. The report of tile president called attention to the prosperity of the company and referred to the important alliance with the Mis-sour Pacific, connecting at Memphis and Arkansas C.tv. The St. Louin mid «an Prmidnco statement. Bo>ton, Dec. 9 —The statement of the S.. Louis and San Francisco road shows the total earnings to be SO,384,068, increase, .$580,892; operating expenses, 479,3sI. increase, $132,224; net earnings. $2,51 4,OST, increase, $454,008. He will Speak to Twenty Thousand People at Mitchellfltown —I lie Anti-Parnell Faction Blur ase a Manltenlo — General Foreii;u News. trade commending the National Transportation association and denouncing the uniform bi I of lading as a menace to shippers’ rights, etc., was adopted with some slight changes. THE FEDERATION OF LABOR FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE. Grinnell On Trial For the Mardi r of His Wife’s Paramour. Sunday morning announced that ii | Handsome f difie, of th - pastor's de- •vl.cn Rev. Mel!wain a*, consecration of the long delayed because ire to sec,,re the pres- A Number of An- London, D *c. 9.—Parnell started for Dublin to-night. A large crowd of Irishmen, residents of this city assembled at the railway station aud cheered Parnell wildly. Ile spoke briefly expressing gratitude at the demonstration, which, he said would help in the fight he bad undertaken. They would have no cause to regret that they stood by him aud together they would win for ireland what God had determined she would get ParneP will be the guest of the lord mayor of Dublin. There will be a large procession on his arrival and he will address the people. Ile had been invited to vDit M'tchellstown and is assured of an audience of twenty thousand there. A number of the McCarthy faction were on the same tralu. rue ut, bank A Ni New Y Colbron. Chauncey A C I 1 rn need on the stock exch w York -tiK k Broker Knil-,. r.K, D:■(*. 9.—The failure of y A Co. is just ounce. Will Sign tile Agreement, New \iu;k, lice. 9.—President ( able, of the Rock Island road, said his company will sign the agreement now being circulated preliminary to the formation of the new railway association. A Railroad iii a Receiver’s Hands. Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 9.—A railroad, in the course of construction between Knoxville, Tennessee, and Minneapolis, Virginia, is in the hands of a receiver. It is said the company owes about --oo.ooo to contractors and engineers. The road is the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago railway, one of the lines in which Barker Bros., of Philadelphia, were largely interested. The failure of that firm cut off the main supply ( ' funds. The Ault-Parncllites. London, Dec. 9.—At a meeting of the anti-Parnell faction today a manifesto was discussed but nothing definite decided upon A telegram was received from the ablegates in America saying they were co-operating by methods they believe best to secure Parnell’s w ithdrawal and a reunion of the party. The suspension bad no i stock market. The firm’s $50,000 to $75,000. Two Compound Washington, Doc. posing a tax upon reported won .ti: Senator Pa*; I o k f: agriculture. One i- the bi the house at the last se* other bill was int roc need last January by Dawes, for the in no-1. ion lation of manufu- Hills Two biffs knee rn pou cd lard were recommenda’ ion by im tne committee or* the bi ii that passed si on, and the in the senate Both provide regia-lard. Silk VI <t ii ii Lit New Youk, Dec Bros a Knight, silk P.it i r.-on. The liabili ■fleet on the capital was Fail. and the a about half tha urtrrs I 9.—Nffghtengale manufacturers, of New Jer-ev, have assigned ies are not Ins- than - i 1 i.o to. c’s ar.- believed a be only amount. a tax and the J compound An Civ Washington, D gins, from the com* repor 11 g iriue l ilt. has reported fa •r that no state -baff power to profit;! t margarine, to b -own limits for the ported from some ■ Tee on aer the bi ii [ held I?mi * sale or livered w -on it had >r states. • • II i g- fi’ui ore, ;r ovid arg ted in it> IKX oil O-i’ h n its been im- THE BOUSE. I Number nf Public Building Bills Passed Washington. Doc. 9 —In the house Mr Henderson, from the committee on ipt’opnation-. reporied a bdl making a kiDeney appropriation for public print-dfRd binding. Referred to the com-5’.tee of the whole. A fortification bill R? reported from the same committee is'1 ke disposition made of it. It the Kerning hour the house reamed eon-deration of the Plumb reso-• ic looking to the removal of the retain? of General Grant to Ariingt n Ice resolution wa- defeated by a vote of Tea- 92. nays 153. The house then proceeded to the <11?-’•tffn of public building measures. -t a number of bills passed were: ' t Fai's, S. D., $150,000; Beatrice, s ’.O' c Diver port, Iowa, $100,-, R! k Is a'i'j. PL. $25,000; Sioux City, wffefiSOOOO; BioomiDgton, Iii .$100,-Kinsas City, M >., si,2 kl,OOO; Ra-J’.ae, Wis. SIGO,OOO: Rockford, IIL, $100,-F irt I) idgi*. Iowa. $75 OOO: Sheboy--iE Wis., >50 OOO. Adjourned. THU NICARAGUA CANAL. The Fat I !** In- pc 11 in Washington, D * *. 9 —R Stockbridge, from ;    i    : commerce, rep-- rte I 'av rah bill providing for ff-    of tie, hogs and aff an Du    ti    -    at    I -Saned for coms •    .    m than that in wLicL ti:    n .    r.a slaughtered, or when ho'.md port. Th*- Array \ ppropr i it ion Washing,ton, D u committee;* en rnl’i’ary the conDdcra oi of ti: tion bill for the next propriar.es -M,'H2o more than the appt Bill. ires-arati VO rmittee on *nate the de Son Hill —The house airs completed my appropria-fisca; year. It ap-being St .5,55-jfialiot att : a? Boil lei s Assign. New York, Die. 9.—Bircbali Sc Hodges, bu I iers, assigned to day with liabilities of $100,000. Boston sit<»o Denier* Fall. B stun, D e. 9.— G. W Ingalls ,v C<) , -hoe dealers assigned to day; liabilities S200,(o J. White Le-ii vt :iiii,f*i t iirer* Cl sed I p. New Yolk, Dec. 9—The sheriff las clo- d the far’lory of the Standard White Lead Manufacturir g company on execution-. The company was formed in 1>>'» with an author'/.cd capital stock of -2 *), ()i)0. l»ry Cur (id licHicr* Assign. Montreat Dec. 9.—Laude Brothers, wholesale fan’v dry goods dealers, assigned to-day. Liabilities, -75.OOO. Will l--ue He* elver* Ct rtUleate*. S PKI N(» FIE I D, III., D2C. 9. — Judge Pi .lop*, in the Sangamon circuit court, to-day issued an order allowing Rrceiver D i c k - ca . of the St Loos, Alton and Springfield to issue - :« o.Onq in receiver's cert ii -ates for the pre--;cg needs of the company. ___ Liverpool Com minion Merchant# 4 Hi-, T.ivEl;in*oL, Dec. 9.—Joseph Boump-hery & (I >., commis i in merchants, failed to-dav with liabilities of (50,000. THE WORLD’S FAIR. Mayor Cregier Sign* I lie sr,.OOO,OOO Rond | Ordinance. Chicago, Dec. 9.—Mayor Cregier Ira- * signed Die ordinance providing for the i is-ue of $5 000,000 bonds in aid of the world’s fair, and it will, with other necessary documents, be placed in the hands of President Harrison to-morrow Tile president can then is-ue his proclamation to the fore’gn nations President Palmer, of the national commission. Director General Davis and Director Fred \V. Peck will carry the documents to the pre-ident. Besing, who subscribed $5,(0 J in world's fair stock for the Stoatn Z iturg, very positively refuses to complete the payment unless a-sured the fair ground* would be thrown open on Sunday and liquors sold in restaurants and on the ground-. The I’arncU-O*Bricu Fable 4'»»rre*|iou<l-ence. New York, Dec. 9.—In consequence of the publication of misleading versions of the cablegrams between <> Brien arid Parnell, the former to day communicated to the press the whole correspondence. He cabled i’a'-rell saying he shrank with horror from taking sides against him in the struggle which opens -uch an appalling pro-peet of ruin and disgrace to the cause, lie appealied to Parnell bt fore Ireland was committed to a ruinous conflict a king if he could not sec some way by which, while safeguarding his (Parnell’s) own reputation, the which threatens it. He appealed to Parti DI a* “the leader, whom, for ten years ct,a ntry may be saved from the destruction I have been proud 4o follow, and the friend for whom I still feel a warm affection,” Parnel! replied on Monday that had O'Brien wired SaDjrday some suggestion from him (Parnel!) might have succeeded. Now, it was too late for him to rescue the seceders from their false position. He would be glad, however, to consult with O Br'en on the latter's arrival in Europe. O Brien wired to day that Parnell’s reply shows a misunderstanding of his (O'Brien’s) message, which was sent with tic full occurrence of his colleagues. The tone of Parnell's reply leaves little ground for hope, but having regard to the horrible consequences to the country of a prolonged enternecine struggle, he (O Prien) wa* still anxious for an interview, ana will start Naturday for France on b’s way to Ireland. The envoys also arranged to send Gill with O'Brien. New AfftoeiMtioiiM nuanced. Detroit, Dec. 9.—The Federation of Labor reassembled this morning and announced the National association of Retail Clerks aud Waiters and Bar Tenders’ i union had been organized. Among the resolutions submitted wa* one that each j member of the local, national or international union “hall be assessed ten cents per quarter for strike fund*. It was referred. Among the resolution referred w’as one to take the telegraph out of the hands of the monopolists and place it in the hands of the government. This resolution was applauded, a* wa- also one for a world’s labor congre-s in Chicago in I*'• I. A resolution looking to the opposition to the police aggressions, especially armed bands known a* the coal police of Pennsylvania, was greeted with applause. The federation was a-kid to indorse woman’s suffrage. Various resolutions looking to boycott ing manufacturers, supporting various union striker* and requests for co-cperation and assistance to organize a large number of unions of the federation were offered. The report of the special committee on admission of Saniei, representing the New York Centra! Labor federation, was called for Secretary Foster arose and reported:    “We have concluded we cannot admit any political party without admitting other*.” In short, the committee reported unfavorably on the general ground that Saniei came from an organization without a charter from the federation. The committee report was finally :: introduced, adopted—-o to go—.-md the Anteri an I fa! cause of Federation of Labor ha* thus show n it-stand on the q-*e-tion of the entrance of the socialistic clement into th * organi zation. The Slate Close# its Ca*e Ye«t«*r<l»* aud the Heft n»e Open*—Belief I h tt Hrlunell Will he Ani ill ted—General State New#. MURDERED HIS FRIEND. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.J M a-on Cjtx, la.. Dec 9 —The tr ai of J. J. Grinneii, charged with tim murder of George Connell, at North McGregor, July IO. wa* called at Eikador yesterday. Grinneii pleads temporary insanity u« justification of his crime. Grinnell wa-a court reporter and moved in the Oe-t soc ial circles of Dubuque. Connell, who was an engineer on the St. Pa .! road, had for a long time maintained an intimacy with Mrs. Grinnell, but her bn-- , band, although repeated y warned, re- j fused to believe there wa* anything wrong in their relations. When iud :’ able proof of hi- wife'- infidelity .va- a' last furni.-hed him he threatened to n, Connell. July IO he went to Nortfii M -Bregor and waite d at the d pot un: Connell’s train had come in and Cm neb had gone into the wash-room. He then j followed hD victim, and pulling a re- , volver sent a bullet through his fi e . He was then about to shoot himself, bur the bystanders wrenched the pi-to! from his hand and officer- took hut in charge. Connell lingered until July 22, wfi.-n died. The jury wa* easily secured and the trial commenced, and rapidly conacre,: The state completed its ca>e to-day ana rested. Only eight witresses, all of them eye-winie.**»*s of the tradegy were : Mrs. Grinnell, the beauti- I th*- murder, du**> not attend ’ tim trial but is with relatives at Lansing. Grinnell - little son sits in the court i i room beside his father. The defence is ! represented by five prominent attorney-. The general feeling i* that GD n**” wi I he acquitted. ence here of -eve^a church dignitaries, won I take pia'*e Sunday, January Uh. The >**rvi e- w:,1 be‘ onducted by Bishop Perry, of Iowa. B -hop Tuttle, of Mis- -ouri. will deliver tne sermon, and it is thought that Bishop Seymour, of Iiit-no wiii a ». fi • pres* ut and take part in the exerci-t a he has written that he win be here if he can possibly shape his affair- - j a- to allow him to do so. The cons* ration of this beautiful church will be a notable event in the history of th*- F.p copa! church in Iowa. at importance in locai and o chur.1 b A SAD CASE. Frank -I **ni«?L a Well-to-do Farmer of HlootnfiHlcf. Goes Iiinitue. ISPCX* a1 to Th* Hawk-Eti.) Hi IOMI kit*, ii. D u 9.— Frank M. Nmith, a w-, :c,-do farmer living in the southeast pirt of the county, became in--ano ye - • <    aud was taken to Mi. Pac aot -ate ia*t night The Friday * <• re fie wa- ailed to th** home of his brother. George Smith, who was taken suddenly m-aee ' n hi* way to Bloomfield a* d after -per ding two nigh** of worry and struggle with him, wa* probably overcome Insane hi <*u*Tenoe and hop-cover *o J I' Ii h 111; * by the exhaustion aud becam*-n-eif. This is a very sad oc-to thi> iectior. of the country lf v. pre-.*e.i tfiat he wiii re-. a d hack to his farm work. IOWA POSIMASTERS. A A > It I pO-tOuiee during the Appointe ty. WlHiar cog aly, I * P!y*nou • h Ve gh. Var '.Iwilf in l(n».^ for lh** Wn*k Ln*UfilC I)«thiiIi*t ll. sp< ... to The Hawk-Eye.] D< •. 9.— The following - were ma *e in Iowa r.ding December *5: Buena Vista eonn-Boyd, Chickasaw Lensing; Hinton, mes Jenki *: M - Blaine, ii. Cos ird J :UtV, J, Buren county, Conrad Faith. Horrlt*!** Crlmi* iii Wlilrh Former llliiioi-Men Fignre*!. [Special to Tke riawa-Zy C a UTH Aft K, IIL, Dec. 9. — Intelligence na- just been r**ceived her** of the horrible murder of A. E. McCall, a former prominent citizen of ibis vicinity, by Sebron Marquis, at Dayton, Wash. McCall and Marquis were neighbors, and McCall Lad befriend!d Marquis in many ways and had avowed the latter to take a quantity of straw from hi- place. But Marquis persisted in carrying away more straw than McCall could afford to -pare, whereupon, McCall having remonstrated with Marquis, the latter shot McCall several times, from the » fleet* of whizh McCall died. Marquis then stabbed hira-*elf in the breast a number of times, dying in great agony, it is believed that Marquis was insane. Mr. McCall wa- a member of the Wallington legislature in 1--5 ti. He has many relatives in Illinois.___ THE MERCER COUNTY FAIR. A KICK FOR PURE MEAT. I><*H ILLINOIS WINTER WHEAT AREA. An Ir.creK-eof Hight Per C**nt iii Acreage — Tile Growing Crop S i * Kl n g f I ic E11 Dec. 9 —The area -Bedel to winter wheat this fall is estimated a- eight per cent larger than in the 'all of I — >:1, when th** area seeded was 1,705,-458 a re-. On this basis the total area seeded this sea*on is about 1,850,(KH) a -re* The December I condition of the growing crop is a little below a seasonable average, being about nioty-eight per cent for the -tate. The fall wa* favorable for seeding, but the dry weather retarded the growth somewhat and the Hessian fly ha* injured it considerably in * Hue sections. The report* on which this bulletin is based were filed in the office of the department of agriculture the la*t three or four days of November, and the first two or three day* of December. The colder weather since that time has developed the injury done by the Hessian fly, and should a report be made now the condition of winter wheat, particularly in centra! Illinois, would be reduced very materially from the above figure*. More Got*! I >r .america. London, Dec. 9.—The Times in a financial article, says another million pounds in gold will scon be -eat to New York. It repeals that Baris. Berlin and, iii a minor degree, Amsterdam, ought to recognize their responsibility in this matter. It urges the Berlin bankers to send gold to America and points out that su ii action is called for as much in the interest* of the German inv *stors a* to prevent d th *.ulties in New York becoming overwhelming. A Battle on Hie Litmllne Island#. Madrid, Dec. it. — News is received that a Spanish expedition against the rebels in the Caroline islands took a fortified position on the t.-iand of Ronape. During the attack one Spanish officer and twenty-five soldiers were killed and four officers and forty-seven men wounded. Th** Spaniards burnet! all the villages in the district. rent year. The most la ence is the increase in th* for army transport;;’ oi for the cur-portant differ-ap propitiation $250 OOO. RAILROAD MATTERS. I Tho J Ilion F< General Man- To Help * r •»ti k I *1 ' ■ -ht-rcr#. Washington. I) ■ . 9.—Senator Baddock introduced the p-opo-eu amendment to the agricultural appropriation bill. making an approof \ mn for tile purcka*'* a '• c to persons ’n Kansas w drought the past year. Arms f *r the s>or lor.st Washington, D 1'• 9—I ho P*"‘    •    ” has approved the j >int re-oiutmu authorizing th*1 se rotary of war s ands of arms to X r>h ko a. Wyoming, MotBa OI v50.OOO -tribnbion of -eel ho suffered lo** by to issue 1,000 and South Dari, and Nebraska. hitiiial Report -hows a Sat Dfarlory \’eai ’# I rogres# in Itn Const melton. Washington, Dec. 9 —The annual ra-k>r: cf the Maritime Canal company, of -Iraana, covering th** year ended De-^tiber I, KIO, snows that during ih^t ■*•**" the work ha* been prosecuted with ^ Ny a i great progress made. Final derailed surveys have been G^p' ted aud verified. I’arts of the ^ •'u&ni’io, D seado, San Francisco •5 offer navigaiile streams have been of-nag* and other ob*i ructions Rd several miles 0f route of the canal Oculi hi of Customs, B Sanders, at Wausau, Joseph Teeter Lincoln, Ne-*ceivor at V* $r* been grubbed and made ready for V'^ng. About 100,000 cubic yards are already excavated and sev--i. nmag of aqueduct to supply fresh : '-im water t0 the company’s head-i-arter* have been completed. Ten ; 'J railroad, now under ccn*truc-•C ;r0m Atlantic port to the divide, Poetically completed. Very satis-';y0ry progress has been made on the ,J‘eiiu'ater to protect the Atlantic ltarbor -j:: the sh! f ti rax sands. During the “^company purchased the dr*dg-iD- at ^>ana’na an(i the greater tov t 156651    to    Grey- -..r- .Y^^tehas been great improve-t1,? lQ_the h°spital Srvice during the Gat ' very lo'partant work of 'Ming the harbo- of Sal Juan Del t, ' U''ng energetically prosecuted. im ’.'; l the employes is very good Vf.. I1 ro bave been no deaths from ^ Past three months. Since the sharn:ZAtI0!1    company’    10,145 capital stock have been eub-v* -h aggregating $1,104,500, of 0“:r ,'1.104,050 were paid in. Since “ t ion the company has expended a rd ^rK a!ld material $772,203 in ca*h t'.'0!J0’000 of Tull paid capital It, o nd obligated for $4 298,000 of of■ “.^t mortgage bonds. The liabilities dae ! ,COn3^any consist of amounts still ^Qce-sions granted it and the the * ash*? .^oncis above mentioned and s - liabilities not exceeding $50,000. I l*;U* Washington, Dec. 9.—The sen a return! d the fo    confirt mons: Walker Johnson. _ Surv yor Rock I-land, Ilium' U r* gister of the Land office _ Wisconsin; J M. Fitzpatrick, po-trna ter, Hebron N bra Wa; receiver public m r. y braska; ll. H. Johnson, saw. Wisconsin ___ A Cloture Kill**. Washington, Dec. 9.—'The republican caucus committee to frame a cie* ort.u ^ for the senate to day dUcus-ed varHU^ resolution*. It i said tho report wil be ready in a few day*. _____ A Strike nm!”' »■ »ion Ogden Utah, Dec. 9.—Several days ******* r™ *b;    »'*«    ffvo! 35 o ff, in the yard* in thi-vuy. Ab d „ was a strike of the men. .ti-- S n ; , j'ed the general mana. no satisfaction, tho and non-union men Ii*’# New ager. New York, Dee. 9.—President Sidney j Dfflon, of the Union Bafffic, to-day ' i**ued an tfli Jal order setting forth that ; by cr*n*ent and direction of the executive I committee, S. II Clark is, until further order*. apDointed general manager in pl ae of W. IL Holcomb, resigned. Ail departments of the company are subj' ct to the a[)pointmerit. Mr. Clark issues an order appointing Holcomb a—i-tant general ma ,ag- r of the I mon Pacific railway controlled arid opera'ed with headquarters at Omaha, derstood Mr. < ark v\ vice president. Tile I ai■ *n 4'AeHic'# Bad Showing. Boston, Doc. 9.—Director Ames, of the Union Pacific, in an interview to-day said: ”1 believe the October earnings are the worst the Union^ Pac for many months. They Omaha that November improvement, and I feed will continue the have been so line-11 is unsoon be elected Au K*-P«gUI#t Shot. Df.nvf.k, Dee. 9.—John P. Clow, an ex-pugilist, was shot and kihed in a saloon this morning Ly Frank C. Marshall. The men had some trouble over a hor*** which Clow claimed Marshall bad sold him. This morning Marshall walked into the saloon where Plow and a barkeeper were standit g and shot Clow dead. The barkeeper shot at Marshall three time*, but without effect. Will Form e.n 5*N2Uli WAS IDU TON NEW3. tho committee gar, but receiving entire force of union have now gone ouL____ lm*rm*tlonal Pre## Anhelation.    t Pitt-rfrg, Dec. 9.—The president0* the Pittsburg    meeting    of tional convention cf (r*    07    i$91. h dd at Pittsburg on -bvn.a ; - ’ The object is the formation of art ■ national association of press nub.. indict in* n’S. 9 —Judges Marr tamed a motion to against the Ilen-h* eau of tbe pr< sence in the grand jury th* n re- Qiiudhfil die H«-un«***#y New Orleans, Dec. and Baker to day sui quash the indictment nessy assassins of a stenographer romn. The prisoners manded to the custody o were ti;* sbe.ri’ 1 Si*.* t brist. Ag km v, ic will show tell us from hould show an sure December improvement. But I much disappointed in the monthly returns that I do not like to prophesy. The trustees have cancelled during this year $7,367,000 bonds, reducing the annual fixed charges by nearly $600,(H)O, but only half of this reduction will show in this report. This leaves outstanding only $0,636 000 of these eight lier cent bonds, a d at maturity, in September, 1893, the company will cancel the entire issue, and land notes are paid there anne from the laud a**ets to be converted into the Union Pacific treasury trustees of this land money have now a million dollars in hand for investment in bord* Besides this the trustees of the Kansas Pacific consolidated mortgage have another million dollars on hand. Font Worth, Dec. 9—The statement of the Fort Worth and Denver railway, part of the UU:ion Pacific sys; p m shows gross earnings of oi~,-ji • total expenses, $1,833,478: net surplus, $279,040.    __ when all the will be a bal-convc The annual Gut EN son them , the _ coming of Dec. 9.—Donne]!, chair-house committee on the Donnell’* Appropriation Bill. washington JU of the to-div ■!' ff)sus' *,ltrodu<’ed in tho house °frenr    cak*DS    ari apportionment Hide* af?'enTatlves in congress. It pro-the ho* V lhlrd day of March, 1893, and ff^e* 601,1of three hundred QQppnr' Slx InpHibars. Alabama gains fornia !re^®aii; Arkansas, two: C-all-lilinolg twn.(L-lorarl0’ one; <ieorgla* one; one* id:    Kansas,    one;    Massachusetts, Missouri'    one’>    Minnesota,    two; Jer3ev ’ °np; Nebraska, three; New • * (06: ()rf*ar*n nun. P-»nrtovlv#.nia. I \p*'* ti '* OUR VY IND1 AN River, Utah,    d over the news Utes are greatly evoted over from Dakota rt gar^11', commenced Ski ii-Ob (Christ) dancing and paint **^ * • - j_ —For novelties in the jewelry Lu® r ^ to Carpenter^. --- -    Verulont. Thirty Degree# Below e ^    ^ IjYponviI.ta * x    -•    thirty    dp- cury here this morning grees below zero: The Santa Fe Annual Report. Boston, Dec. 9.-The annua, report of tho Atchison. Topeka and isanta be for the year ending June 3(b 189°, to include the six months from January to J u ne, 18*9, in terveni n g be I ween the clo*e of the former fiscal year. I rn* re-nort give* in detail the record of the £ffalga.uatious durn , r«r »od »y. the result to the company has Proven IZ!zn prtr." n*«oti.es* are explained 01 the the road beds and satis com pletion Swelling* in the neck »n forms of Ml hy H**o6 S Band next Wed- Bcrofula, suit rhmim Sftn»p*81|*________ —Hear the Iowa State ne.sday, December !~'h-    — -Ladies’ flue stationery ^ GnaUn fi* tho Wiscon of the large expenditure* ground of    to    the    proper tracKso* the a q- ^ AuffUS,(> j*>9, the t affic on on aff lines ha* been very heavy j I* v.a^ been found    neces*ary • >    n,a and it ha. bt    amount of    addi- provtsion for a >a    - -    oner- lienal equipmen.f,    etc.    lhe to a    op ating mileage is jrat* were $31.004,3.1., ?3.441.17V Opera’ing^ ^    net 020 386; an increase * arnings, $10,083.9*1; 5*0.    ___--— .lay GouPl Explain#. UKW YOUK Due. 9 -Jay Gould,tmau ''‘"“'Iff ,k( Union Pacific ti rating debt- ‘•Tho company had M I needed and”    people    wanted    their The gro-s caman Increase of expen*cs, $20, of $119,808, increase, S3,331, The American Sabbath I aion. Phil.vdelphiA, Dec. 9—Various report* read at to-day’s session of the American .Sabbath Union showed an encouraging progress of the work. Corresponding Secretary Taylor reported there had never been such an awakening to the necessity of observing the Sabbath day a* at present exists. He spoke of the efforts being made to have the world’s fair closed on Sundays. Some amendments to the constitution were adopttd after a stormy debate. Tile chief feature was vesting the management of affairs in a board of managers, nne-third to be elected each year. Col. Elliot F. Sheperd was re-elected president, and vice-presidents, representing different churches and deferent states, were also elected. Des Moines, Iowa, wa* selected for tLe next annual convention. __________ Have na Need of a Clearing House New York, Den. 9 —The first step has been taken looking to the retirement of the trust companies from the bink clearing house. The farmers loan and trust company issued a circular announ* ing the company is determined to discontinue having its checks passed through the New York clearing house from January I. President Holston said:    “We have no need of a clearing house but l*t our check* co through and never were members of the clearing house, we don't do a banking business. Now we stop That is all there is to it.” Wells, l argo & Co., also announced that they will discontinue making clearances through the. banks on January I.___ Itlinol# 'Hate Grange. Springfield, IIL, Dec. 9 The Grange convened to day Two sessions and a public meeting were held in the afternoon, with addresses by Go\-ervor Fifer, Worthy Master J. M. Thompso, of Joliet, and others. At a conference of the representatives of the Farmers' Mutual Benefit association. A Gringo, Farmers’ Alliance and Knights of Libor resolution was passed commending to Governor I for the name of George Bill Girard, secretary State Grange, for railroad and house commissioner.    „ Don’t ll »wk, Spit, Cough. cuff - dizrineF*. t diction, inflammation cf th- e es, tv ad# cb p. I sstud*-. inability lopj-form rn* mal woik and indbpos Hon f r bd) lah-r, ar,l nnn.e^d    nip ami Startling Development* Expected. St. Pi rER*RURG, Dec. 9.—The we man now on trial for connection with Nihilist conspiracies, is the niece of Privy Councillor Illinsky, director of the Holy Synod. Her name is Olga Vanomisky Several high ecclesia*)Ka officials are involved and startling developments are expected. A Newly Vlariieti Couple A#*ii#*ini»ted. Bari.*, Dec. 9.—There wa> a terrible tragedy at Clermont Ferrand to-day. A wedding procession was leaving the church when suddenly two shots were heard and the bride and bridegroom fell dead. The a*sa>*in. who escaped undetected, is supposed to have been a rival suitor for the bride. ) Koch’# Lymph Analyze*!. Paris, Dec. 9.—An analysis of K >ch's lymph hasbeen made in this city. It reveals that the remedy is composed of Ptomaines of tubercular bacilli, which is a violent poison, and Cynire of gold aud glycerine. _ The Heligoland Uefen*e Bill. Bi’wlin, Dec. 9.—Tho bill providing for the defense of Heligoland passed Us third reading in the reichstag to-day The socialist members opposed it. The The bill will be enforced forthwith. Officer# far the Ennuing Yenr Elected. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.) Aledo. IIL, Dec. 9.—The Mercer County l air association held it- annual election of officers to-day at this place The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Alvah Jay; vice-president J. McWilii*; secretary, VV. M Graham: vTea* jrer,»J F. Henderson. Five member* of the executive hoard wore ai>o elected, as follow* FL F S *dwick. of S e/. township: VV. M. Russell, of Green; J. N. Clo^e, of Duncan: J. R. Snyder, of Pre-empton; VV. Ii Logan, of Abingdon. The executive board at present consist* of fifteen members, three cf which ar.* ladies. The Mercer County Agricultural Association holds one of the finest county fairs in the state, and on > Vera! ocea- I “ions ha* received prize money a> -uch. Mr. VV. M Graham, a man of excellent executive ability, ha* been secretary for a number of years, and hi* re-election wa* unanimous. Moiora Determined to Remedy I r* » rut Slothful '•laughter lin^ine-- [!-pc iai to The Hawk-Eye.) To > M um.-, Dec. 9.—The -laaghD-r-ing and butcher system of bn> c-- r, this city will soon be thoroughly re ffiu-tionized. For years the citizen- have a*ked protection from the infam* ■-method* of s* me Dutch* r- in fun :g unclean, oftentimes diseased meat. Ti ** city council ha- requested the c!ty solicitor to draft an ordir ar *• and the -,* -is now in the hand- of a committee w; the prospect of tieing rf ported fav .rv y it provide* for an abattoir to ucown*' ’ go'--erned, controlled and operated by thee tv where all animals and fowls, aff mea4, dressed or undressed, brought nto the city most be inspected and na— nm>t* r before being‘exposed for ?ale. A ccm* p.-tent butcher is to be placed in charge and to be under the control and d:re-n *n of the city health department, it a!-o provides that butcher shop* must be frequently inspected and ample yard-, clean staff* and coops will be supplied. The investigation made in view of The above. show* conclusively the great n°f*d of some reform. Many butcher? are it inhabit of ?artenif.g hogs with th*- off a of butcher shop* aud bat few of th*- wagon* were found in a dean a d healthy condition and the mc ar often: i ne* is covered with cloth grown gray in >*-rvice. I *1 jury aud men gro aga! unti rn or carn-"‘-a Der aud Kl ca-e el Moline Th .t f Tin- .Mini .liny Tit#*-- ,4 Turn. 8 •    •    to    Tne Haw*-Eye.] .V , I i., Dec. 9.—The grand ;* worn jug on the A Merman ic case-. - very probable several lnditt-•- v I 4 pr*-ented. ti- - time en the rd of conspiracy, under section .    •    :    ti    m    a ted that the * ases - > a11 rmen were continued Monday ‘ * give th*- grand jury 1 t'me, a- in t a- they find a bill, the ■ L w or th do* he: will be dis- D: ‘art! abou kept In v* Ii; mf mg a L<sl!i«l<»n. , ! **•*-. • —Inspect* r* Yeager ip*, are hear tv testimony in the ii**ii’o Wa-- n. of the rafter aga -t C ip*.iin Dorrance, of *he Th** i.vestfgation grow* out of or* lf tv eon the two boat*, which ir *h - : ■ -r R * k Inland rapid* i’he ca-*- - b-*ing heard in 'he • cf hr * gov. --. co.* Inspectors, . »ard of trade budding. -*** nt ta ll***- Been Lilt*-!. y. I t,, Dec. 0—Tbe libel suit J. VV. R. mb gton against the ■-paper for -lo.Gob damages ;''*ed Saturday at p ab.tiff * 7>v<is in an article printed ar ag . ca’ cd the hotel then oh, ** *n a a--Ignat:on house. Tin •y R I ib«*rtj- >* W 4 114*111# C'.tt -Hi>< nice * of Int: Haws-KyeJ Lu.Katv. la. D * *. o.—The social hop SELLING BEER WITHOUT LICENSE. at the Mr* bai d. fa*—:ay evening wa* greatly A Georg!# Cyclone. A n.AN ta, Dec. 9 — Yesterday, near Monroe. Walton county, a cyclone cleared a space of country several miles long and about one hundred yards wide, blowing down houses and killing several people. Jack Henderson wa* killed and hi? wife hurt. Their baby wa- carried three hundred yard* and w a* so badly in-jured that it died soon after it was found. A family of negro■*, named Jackson, were buried in the ruin - of their cabin aud two of them were killed. Another house containing senven negroes was blown down, but all escaped unhurt. KILLED BY CHINESE RUFFIANS. State secret The Horrible Deo<l# Committed by Fiend# in llum tn shape. Sin Fe ANH 1 -co, Dec. 9 —Advices from Chung King, China, per the steamer China, which arrived here yesterday, state that the troubles at Ta Chn Union arose from the tua**a* res of Chinese Christian* at Loong Tuy Tsin by members of the Loo liny society during a celebration in honor of the society's patron deity. The brotherhood made a raid on a number of Christian families and carried off a lot of booty. A few days later they made another attack and massacred over twenty persons. Seveial bodies were cut in pieces and thrown into the river. The .fission buildings and many others were burned, and corpses weie thrown into the flames The following day the brotherhood proceeded to another market town and assaulted the Christians there. The latter fled, but one of them was killed. NATIONAL BOARD OF TRADE. A MAD ELEPHANT. Old Chief” In the Cincinnali Zoo Break# Iii# Chain and I reate# Havoc. Cincinnati, Dec. 9.—Old Chief, a vicious elephant, that has been in the Cincinnati Zoological garden, broke his chains to-night and began a general work of destruction. He tore hi? house to splinters and proceeded to make a general ruin of the garden,, whereupon sharp shooters were brought in and began tiring at him with muskets. The first shot brought him to hi* haun*’hes and ten other shots were fired into him without apparent effect. At ton o’clock to-night the killing wa* given up to be resumed in the morning. The elephant is bellowing in a fearful manner • Iuds;# »birH# Deride# Where lr May ne Dane Without Viol*tiiii; th*- I.an. DrnrqvK, la , Doc. 9 —Tho ca*e of I the United State* vs. VV. A. Gre*-n, charged with selling beer without a - adornment license, was before Judge Sui'v yesterday. It wa* not -a »wu that I;** wa* keeping a saloon at the time ai d Judge Shires rendered the follow;!, r charge to the jury:    “In    crim Mal ta-- the prisoner must always have the ie tit of the doubt, anet to my mind there is a doubt in thi* case. Suppose a farmer who was to have a husking bee -ho : I purchase three or four k-• tr-■ of beer an I should find after th** work was done tha*. he had one keg over, and should sell it without a license, or ippose a n an -hould give me a bottle of wine withou’ a license, that    wotffd    not be    a violation of the Unit d S ate-law for the reason that neither of these men    was    keeping    a saloon There i- a wide difference between the government law and th * pro bibitory law. The latter seek- to prevent the sale or giving away of liqm r y one person to another, but the former doe* not hold a man    liable    unless he    is engaged in the liquor b”-ine*- with a lieen-e. I wa* at first inclined to per-, mit you, gentlemen of the jury, to consider this ca*e. but a- it clearly -< en - to be one in which no punishment -hi i'd be inflicted you will return a verdict of acquittal.” This wa* done. Mason City, la., Dec. 9 —Judge Rn i-dick ha- passed upon the va dity cf Iowa'* prohibitory statute. A yat-r ago Peter Larkin, of Forest City, wa* convicted aud fined for selling original pa< stage goods. He quit the business until the Nebraska d^ci-ion was rendered and then opened up at the old stand. Judge Ruddiek imposed a penalty of - ion \; Rn Mr. V are ' ID cy i A iex and for the - di-trie Messr-t: Ager Behren: visiiir. I a nu liar family I father. r'm Mr and Mil Wazle have for driving. ISDTX) 111! q flee col ■r a -o d - serves commenda-in provem -nts he Las made at “at hon: once th: Mr ; en ti rtai their ho P. - ir;, cr, of Nebraska, and tin’. I- Love, of VVV-t Burlington, gue-t* of .L D Graham. ; • MV- held their fifth meeting N inon'- Friday. and Mrs. VY,.! .un Bumgardner ove r to the Agency and are 10- ' i > their friends at what was *gg place. Mr*. VV iii! tm Blake way are ’ ar, «ight-pound butcher at CHEAPER SCHOOL BOOKS Tile -•■hoot Ba# rd Sa Sell Them at Cast — Other *»eh'*al Matter# The bool board held a special meeting a-: night at the cfi -eof Secretary Ke! ■ y and transacted some bn sine.*# of imi or' inee. Ti *'» most important matter was the re *0! ut I on to advertise for school hooks under the state law, Chap* I r CL Lya* of Ism, bv which beards of dire tor- are author /.* d and empowered co pur hoc dx* bo lk* and dispose of th°m at cost to the pupil*. Section one of the chanter boards to contra* t for and book- or othrr necessary -tho at contra t prce and to -ell the sam* th-* p ,p A of ueir rope, live oAtrial IN A RECEIVER’S HANDS. c. -I of the ware- ■ (forts ta cl fun 'Ca rt' miaintnnc # «*ith your nasa. r. ii-iv** hr< ath and (onstant vour nose and ihroat. Wien I)*- . at,* 9 {Hr 1 Ii Remedy” will p-omptly relieve you of rise ..rn foil and ring. and \011r tri* cd# of the di-gnsiing and needu ss infliction# of your loatheaome diseas> ? _ Murder aud Suicide* Citart.otte, N. C., Dec. 9. In Rutherford couniy to-day Hallway Hall shot and killed his wife, dangerously wounded her brother, and then suicided. He deserted his wife several months ago and has not since been heard of until to-day, when he appeared at the house and began shooting without warning. —Beautiful Christmas present* at Carpenter’s. Various Resolution# Discussed and Adopted. New Orleans, Die. 9.—The national 1 board of trade resumed its ses-ion this m iming. The report of the committee on uniform commercial U gislaii >n in the United J fates w a* read and adopted. The body then di*cu***d and adopted a resolution that the government take charge of the improvement of the navigation of the Mi*si**ippi river and the protection of its levees The discussion of the Chicago board of trade resolutions relative to the interstate commerce act was resumed A preamble declaring the act should be amended to make it efffeiive wa* adopted, also a resolution relative to the employment of experts by the commission. A resolution requiring full dertvery shipments cf grain without dedu:tions for loss cr shortage was defeated. A resolution by Anderson, of Washington, adopted anan-imously. rifer* lo the eon,mg world's fair. It declares the enlarged commercial relations with the sister nations of America was of transcendent importance; and pledges the hearty support of the National Board to the exposition and calls on the more than one thousand boards of trade throughout the United S ates to urge upon the respective state legislatures the necessity of early action on state exhibits, etc. The preamble and resolution of the Chicago jDoard of A Note wart Ii y Exception. From >h< Kimball {S. D) Graphs. While columns of the (Jmphtc are open toanyandall unobjectionable advertisement*, yet it i* quite impossible for us to speak knowingly of the merits of the various articles of merchandise advertised. Particularly is this true of patent medicines. But there are exceptions occasionally and a noteworthy exception is the celebrated Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. This now universally known medicine ha* been advertised in tlte Graphic for four or live year* but not until recently had we any p»r*ona' knowledge of tis wonderful efficacy wh'ch has come about through the prevailing influenza and tho stubborn cough that ha* so often attended it. In the writer's family the medicine has on several occasion* this winter cured a cough that baffled any and all other remedies aud tbe number of families in Kimball and vicinity, in which this remedy ha* been used with like effect*, and attests its value a- a specific for cough* and colds of every nature. A Krl»-ti#on Take* Cliarye of the Mr-Farl»n<t Dank at Boone, Iowa Boone. la • Dec. 9.—Another step in bank matter was by the appoint-Stevens o* C. J receiver. Tbe re-and took possession gnee Caldwell. In for a receiver John the McFarland taken yesterday ment by Judge A. Erickson as ceiver demanded of the bank from A* the petition a*king A. McFarland, the as-ignor, declares that he wa* not in condition to know what he wa* doing an** he wa* told that if he did not do so the bank would be attached by creditors. He a!*o deciare* that his son, Cashier J. L FcFarland, hold* more than enough of his property a* trustee to pvy all liabilities. The son ha* had actual charge of the banking business for years and now the father demand* a thorough accounting. authorizes buy tex* ii supplies 5 to <s at c st, the money *0 received to be returned into the contingent fund Books and sn pp] ie- -o purcha-ed are to be nuder the charge of the president of the b jard, who sh a I care for the same aud receive all moneys received therefor. IF* is to ba held responsible for all books and nionej and must g:ve a bond in the sum of -    ' ;• r th'* faithful performance of ) - duti**>. The cost of the book* or -nppiff** is to be paid cut of the contingent fund and for the replenishing o •ani* of directors must *0 the board of supernal amount necessary the same, but such ad-be mc re than THE WOMEN WERE WINNERS. I.)n< tieu J* *egro. Greenwood, Miss., Dec. 9 —There was another lynching a4 Roebuck, Mississippi, to day as a sequel to the Aron murder. One Moses Lemon, colored, became indign nt at the lynching of Martin for killing Aron and P was learned he was circulating among the negroes, trying to get up a mob and go to Aron’s store, murder the clerks and fire the building. The peop’*' of the neighborhood, beth white and black, formed an organization and swung Lemon to a tree. A Kent *rfc*t)le Dividend. Chicago, Dec. 9.—The heard of directors of the American Live Stock Commission company to-night voud a dividend of fifteen per cent to stockholders, payable on January I. The declaration of tfcls remark ible do idend wa- the only business transacted. Commendable. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Fig* are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup company. It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowls, cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makas no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. -For silverware go to Carpenter’s. How Burlington District Voted on t’i*> I ady * elegat** Prop -Ilion. [Correspondence of The Hawk-Eye.] To the Editor ok The Hawk Lye: Mr. Pee ASA NT, la., Dec. 9. — It may be a matter of interest to your Methodist readers to learn the result of th late election in the church, touching Hie eligibility (i women to -eat* in the lay electoral and general conference. I report only for the Burlington di* riot. Total membership in the district 4.269. Total numb'r of votes cast, 84 I For the women, 6*8; against, 16 4. The following i* the vote by pastoral charge* of whieh there are 22 iu the di--triet: A in-worth..........   - Burlington Kirst Church...... Burlington Grace ............ BuHinn'on, oeft............ liuriinirton Circuit.......... Columbus Jimciion........... Crawfordsville................. Danville. .    ........... H. Madison, First Church. - Ft. Madison. Santa Fe......... Kossuth........................ Mediapolis ............. Morning Sun ........... Mt. Pi*ursine First ('our. h — Mt. Pleasant Cir. uit........ Mt. Union................. N* w London................... Sperry ....... .................. Wapello. .................. Way Ian'*....................... VV(#t Poi .t..................... Winn Id................. Respectfully.    J.    E.    Com.EV Will CoD4f<T4t« a Church. Keokuk, Dec. 9 —The congregation of St. John’s Episcopal church in this city wa# treated to a piea-ant surprise For. A rjn(n$f. 151 N( 1 vol • is VI it) i it) i 35 » .4 2 21 <♦ •* 4 lf No vote Pi Pi HT I ’ 13 ti 5 IT 4 I* £ :Z( ft 31 la ll it* 3 such fund the bf annually a rtify ▼ is.>rs th-- addifii to be levied for ditional amount may not one dollar per pupil. I; -f .    ; . ha- hook* under the j r .    '    : - r ? !(,* a-;, -ay- -f "tion 5, ii shaM b** tho duty of the boar I of direc tor* or "ouniy board 0! education to ad vet * -e by pub:Mg r.g notice for threi consecutive week* in one or reo-e news pap. r- printed In th** county, notice ti -tat** the da:< to which bids will be re ceivfd. the classes a: d grades of book or othr r - pp. ■ *• the approximate quan titv needed, etc. They -hall award th contra. • ta th»* .ow* -t responsible bidde having regard to q ality of workmans!)! and material. Th Bar ’.gtan b ard expects by th) arrangement to furni-h books to th patroi.- c f our public schools at from te to t o ■ per cent Ie** than is now pa* at tim book store*. The sefcool children will ail be inte e-red in knowing Hip length of ti Cl.1,'’n < * hob lav*, and a* fixed by th B ard la>t night they will extend fro; the dismissal of school on the 24th < I) -"ember ’iii M »nday morning, the 51 if January eleven days in a!!, eountir Sundays. The report of the High School cor rnittee, Me**rs. Wadleigh, Hag* rn in: and Sherfey, favoring annual instead 1 *mi-annuai High School graduating < er i*> • wa- ad p’rd. A number of bb were allowed.    _ For llArguln# ,-. tf...    - ‘.oilffug you -hould vis the '-i hie: Tab iring Co., who not on make a specialty of fin*' goods but sell meet anv eurno ’’tion. P. la. -A pies-ai. i ti rn'- is assured all tho who attend the fair given bv St. Pan I, Th lr opens fui- ev-ni aud the ad ut is* iou is only ten cents. it, :    a-'Ortment    of toy- and ti ornaments at lowest price* at Billers ;

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