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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 9, 1890, Burlington, Iowa HAWK-EYE. Wisdom Says It is Mani-impossible to do So. !n I our Ver Cent Bon .In Ac-000 ! election BHI DUcussed 9#iiate-Th« House- »MatterM- Con*'1 Kjujofi' accepted to-day «s ; ft iDr„ which a disbursement of ifirtfl. •    _______.T T«ti 11 ho n til tie. Dec. < —The amount of i{l09*. :!!..u»T money will be made. it: jcre' said th1* lS5°,’r cl'ibe treasury iry fff of the the conditions ices: t additional fours ala M. a(r o of sufficient amount to F!e?irm re liases, 88,000,000. for ithe toa l0nditures would be secretary said wa. manifestly impossible lap existing conditions for him to I* .;on;e currency after a fair mu, sen* now in the f.,r the reason that it ■'iXwZ* town, in ex-ll;    and    leave him r,‘. ',.mv Instead of a surplus. r. sip ooo,coo fractional P’f^trca-ury. of which ail yooo*} lr In slier r half dollars. A. tai »5*r li.it to the amount of rlv it is not regarded as . . th/ available cash balance. 1 liiv sffd he would like very Xii into circulation, but ceroid not do so at the ex pen *edavailable surplus. of ara proper statement of hi, reasons for voting against tho election bill, let the senate vote upon it? The election bill was a nt'wure whose sole purpose was to submit to the judges of the courts of tho I'n ired States, against whose inugrity at d official honor no man could bung a charge, tho que >iion of who had a pjlitm facie title to a st at In tho house of representative*, instead of having It det'hn. d by ri flianism, fraud or violence, as wa-. so often tho «. ase in tin* past. Mr. Gray spoke briefly in a line with Gorman’s rrmiriu; then ceric!iui<‘d hi* argument against the bdl. (Br. Barry obtain'd the Hour, after a short executive se-Uon, the ate adjourned. 'the t CO USM, VV a s it I n r» t t5 x, Dee. 8.—In the turn*© Taylor, from the committee on judUiarv, reported hack the En'ne resolution f,.r the arrest of George Minot, doorkeeper, for alternating violently to prevent Hn-loe’s exit from the hi ms- during a call of the hou*e in August last. The committee reports Hie case calls for t o action on the part of tim house and the resolution was hod upon the table, without objection. Mr. McKinley from the ways aud means committee and the horse parsed a bdl providing for rebate on tuba; •<-> In -dock equal to the reduction made in ihohvernal revenue tax by th is st tariff bill. McKinley merely stated the bill was similar to the provisions rf the tar iff bill, .-motion 30, which had been nilled In enrolling that measure, aud en the declamation bv Mills, of Texas, that if wa- hi right,” no opposition wa* ma V- n i * pa *agc. Adjourned.  BURLINGTON, IOWA, TUESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 9, 1890- FARMERS ON FINANCE. (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK The president leeommends The Alliance at Ocala Considers me Sub-Treasurer’s Proposition. A .    Caused    ny    the    Iuiio- One:Ion , « the Leonia.K» Comamie s IU port —H h.,t 51.e AHI. anre Vt .it man ti the project o. au international lahor congress in 1893, to be coincident with the world's fair; demands the eight hour law in government works; asks for a suitable federal alien contract labor law and suggests an extended observance of Labor Day. as an annual holiday. WANTS TO FICHT PARNELL. enough switchmen at Glen wood to-morrow to entirely clear the yards of accumulated freight. The O’Corman-Wahon Member Anxious for a Duel FLED FROM EXPOSURE. (.Ka I session P V ’, F-arly in ttn> forenoon ♦i « ,    ,    e    ''armers’    Alliance    Hie nanca p.; uf i.he order came up for u ttee n0ni ' fJ/‘‘r the 1 '‘Porfc cf the committee on legislation. It contained following amend*d demands: First— in- abolition banks; the establish uries in several direct lo the    ..r     rest RAILROAD MATTERS. the of iii- national lent of sub-treas-tates to P. an money pimple at a rate of intl iL MATTERS. WANAMAKER IS ALL RIGHT. pro*™*11 in Both Hou!“‘s A;,,r JBJ the present Week. tax WOS* TL c. It istle under- j senators that is to occupy time of the senate of democratic sen I Jenera:*y nm-11 •• lojjl elm.'dons bill yr part of the > A En tube ve prepared speeches to deliver I nobble to insure them a hear-k ,V r ca v sessions may b« ex it! to isisfs irs or ca Die eight. The morning ; is also expected to prove a et for debate, woceedings ia the bouse during -its week can he outlined more J" generally practicable. than will be aligned to ihe coition pub'H' buildings, which has on dar thirty odd bills for the creepage buildings that were passed ainee of the whole during th*1 lea and were then “hung up" in K bt fore a final vote cou.d be The Ii d an committee w i’d dnesday. and the committee on lied clair..' Saturday for the ration c-i bilks reported. There Burnt r of matters any of which re up the remaining two days of lek. though it is likely that the didoes committee will occupy th.- tire cither with an urgent „ v bill ! akii.sr appropriation- for j for the c -risus office and rations rbt’.eat S-oux. or with the for-b.' ■ .ta cf which are expected ready for consideration by the next v * k. The friend? of the aping - r-' making an earnest to have the rub - committee assign |rit-.!- moderation, but thus far lot beer, a-mred cf any time. The rte and po>toffice committees also ae&'ures with which they think s-could profitably occupy Thurs-d Friday. The Enloe resolution JKK in during the week aud its expects to make some remarks >*-n«Hth)iial mill ;s>l<‘io> ttse Phil'Ktelphlan'n ditlon. NKW YOUK. Ii > .    *. afloat here again t. - v. maker, tho post rn, * J i pecuniarily cnff a rushed a l*hiladel phi a hon -    > over at ary mom--ut. 1 til Con* two per cent per annum. 1 aba* farm pr due:* aud Kb proper itmii at ions upon of land and amount of the atturn of circulating increased > ne' Ie* . than • r capita. law- to lures on humor* wore iat .'ohti Vc; na-seneral, was id thai his great liable to topple vt stigation and special adv! ■ ? lr -rn Philacb I pika bankers established t’. e fact that the sc national story was baseless and was given currency by reckless Y uk street b- a•«. Washington, IV- . s F .stmas- -r General Wanamak* r ar- vcd in Washington th:* afternoon. In answer to a question cor.cerr.it g rfi? > p rtcd failure put to off the nm rani a Tenoner a* A j r - -v an ama : of it.” be .cr said: ped * ■ I know nothin. GENERAL NT ABBINGTON NI not to exceed on non p er si real estate, v, tho quantity money; that medium be ti fry dollars p ^ccond—Congress shall pas* effectually yr- \:-at dealing in 'n tin agiicultural and nice.haiti al productions. preserving r. • rringent system of plot t (Hire in trials to secure prompt ioi.v action of oil’, ti lers and such penalties shall secure the most per feet compliance with the law. Third—Condemns the, sMvyr bill recently passed and demands free and unlimited coinage of sever. I our!h. —Demands the pa->fige of laws I r hibiting alc n owl » rship of land, a* d ihat congress take prompt a •Hon to devise some plan to obtain all lands now owned by aliens and foreign syndicates a ul that all lands held by railroads aud other corporations iii excess of what is ace.affy used aud needed by th mu be reclaimed and held for a veal settlers only Fifth—Beiievii g in the doctrine <,* equal rights to a I and special privileges to none, we dnruv d that our national leg!-kition bt ■ ) 'rained in the future a* not build up oi! > industry at the expense of acetin r. We forth* r demand Hie A tWeetiuK of Western Presidents to be Held In New York. Nkw ’N ork, Dec. s—L. Pierpont Morgan ha* sent an invitation to the president* of all railroads west of Chicago to meet him at Ids house on the loth inst., to. the purpose of discussing the railroad situation with a view to renewing the “presidents’ agree rn e n t. ’ ’ Ticket Prakers ,u.*ke a Cut tiaic b*'- Paul, Dec, s.—The ticket brokers of Hus city, whose holdings of nearly 5,000 tickets from this city to Chicago via the Kansas City route caused so much commotion in railroad circhs, advertise an enrn rate from St. Paul to Chicago of 69.50. The regular rate is si 1.20. This comme on top of the rat..* agreement will mage the affairs a- uncertain a* bef«>r< I n-ight liittvii lo Advance Cub ’Alo, Dec. *.—FrGmht rates between < hieago arid Sr paul in both directions will be advanced January I in accordance with an aa• cent made today on several lower classes of freight, an average increase of two cents. A resolution was also adopted for an advance on wheat and ll mr rates from St. Paul :u.d Minneapolis to Chicago to 12!. cents, conditional on arrangements being made to secure maintenance of the rates cm a1! the St. Paul traffi *. rn oval of th re- frotn ti. • *f our im mar d a graduate the mom as much rn u nu just tax IWS. LEGlbLA i i«ii. Hee ions BUI Considered ta the Senate. JTXi,ton'. Dec. H —in the senate, c! Arkan-a*. offered a resolution went ever t i to-morrow, calling uney sr neral for information die supervisors of election ap-for the lir-'t and second con-jca: d - tri is f Arkansas for the liana’ el■■■* 'on of the Uh of last ber. la’: ii WM- offered aud referred ecxriuti e 0- agriculture, calling ii ary of agriculture fora kent of the progress made in the u for irrigation purposes. Dawes read a letter written by bf. a Pc ut Indian agent from Pine lo, y to the interior department, to show that ’hero is no lack of us'-cg the sioux. He said he read tova the indians were not on the jthi.. aeonial of he want of sup- Annual Bfr.ort of the Irs11 rsiale U, mm#5roo Commis- iou. ■W.vshinoton, D c. 8.—Th • annual report of the interstate commerce commission recommends a number < f aniei d-ment . Toe first, is that there »* add* d to section throe the provision thai faculties, to be offered by a c mmer • arr cr, shall include due and r< a-oi al > receiving. forwarding and delivery by every such carrier af the req ne-, r * ’other common carrier of through trad:’ at through rates. Se • r-i, an i*m,>' dis,--ut to section ten, removing a:nVg"itie* in the language aud maki* g tho criminal remedies clearly appl'cal.:, to corp .rations, when a common <arrler, a- well as its officers aud agents. A further smend ment is also icdispensibh sion lays, providing for criminal precess en co r ringing them under the the court*. The commis-ion also mu:;: change in section 20, so a* to en obtain reports from common ho con lossioifi tho pei.pie and demur and stat? revenue* be as I essary expense and economical: tered. S.xth—We d honest, and just trol and s\!i--rvl: commuuicai iou if this control abu*. * rciw ex im ut owners!: exi-.ling heavy tar.!? tax s tries of life that the poor si, ha ! . We further d<*-e.’id e.. it able system of on incomes. We believe try should be kept. iii the hands of I that all national I i rn i t i: ii to the nec-the government honestly admlni*- o! an mand the most rigid, state and national con-ion of means of public and transportation aud ' does not remove the ting we demand govern-i of such means of corn 'll he Ulna!ing Bein kI iud I’dIod f‘aciil<: Boston*, IHc. 8.— Director Ames, of the f’ldon I’acith-, says in an interview, “the floating debt of the Union Pacific w as fully explained in la*t year’s report. it. had been reduced $4.OOO,ODO la*t year, and i* now about .* 11.500,0 mi. Mr. Gould knew all about the floating debt when he entered the directory ai d has di* covered nothing new about It. He agreed to take <*are of it and hat provided for January I requirements which are Ic than 'n,(Kid,OOO. Mr. Gould expres-ed great satisfa aion at the appearance of everything connoted with the pio jeny. He has no more idea of a recencrihip for the property than I have for the Ann s building. I do not know of a*.y * theme for funding the Union Pac ' debt. We can easily pay it when;/,.; railroad bond market revive- ’’ The Anti-Varnell Faction Meet iii Kurtiier Connaltation—Faroe ll will    a Uelrgation to America to Fre-neni ilia hide of the C»*»e. London, I»**c.    *.—Tho O'Gorman- Mabort member of parliament for Carlow county, who introduced Mr. Parnell to Mrs. O'Shea, recently expressed a desire to challenge Mr. Parnell to fight a duel, and he would have undoubtedly sought to have brought about a meeting with him. Hi* physician ba*ed hi* argument against a duel on the O’Gorrnan-Mahon’s age, he being eighty-seven years old, and the condition of his health. Prof. .Ione* Scuart, member of the house of commons for the Hoxton division of Shoreditch, who. wi h Mr. Henry Labouchere, wa* charged by Mr. Parnell with bi irg engaged in a conspiracy with the auti-Parnellites of the house, visited Mr. (Fadstoa to-day and spent some time in conference with hisn D ;ring the coming week Mr. Parnell will make addresses at Dublin, Cork, IJnieri'-k and Waterford. In t lie Co humour. London, Dee. 8.—The anti-Parnellite meiotic I* of the commons made as) early appearance to-day and took the principal places with a view to prevent the Par-nellites occupying their usual seats. Parnell's seat had been reserved McCarthy, amid the cheering of his supporters, gave notice upon the reas sembling of the bouse that be would call attention to the circumstances in connection with the recent arrest and prosecution of I) Hon and O'Brien, and would move a resolution in relation to »h»* case. A motion by Healy for the rejection of the land bill was def*a ei, and the bi pa*sed the second read dig. Parnell and ad th'* other irish mein' cr- voted against it. Balfour’s Irish relief bill for an appropriation of £5,000 passed the third reading. VV. H. Hawkins, Den Mollie*’ Fontal Telegraph Manager. Mlolnj] [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Des Moines, Dec. s.—w. H. Hawkins, for the past eighteen months manager cf the Pasta! Telegraph company’s office in this city, ha* disappeared. The occasion for his leaving is found in the presence here of an official sent out to look over the account of the office. Hawkins i* short about $200. His young wife i»*ft to-night for her parents’ home in Kan-as. MR. PEASLEY IN COURT. Th* Great Railroad Case Taken Under Consideration. properly embrace the clearing house idea, under which It would receive copie* of ail billing, ad j ust accounts between companies upon tnrough business, settie ad loss and damage claims and audit a1 car service payments. Tti*»y Kine for Information. Des Moist;*, Dec. * —The eleven Iowa world’?* fair commis-loners are beginning to wonder where their salaries are to come from. The last legislature appropriated $50,boo for the Iowa exhibit at the fair, provided that eleven comrni*-iionerj were to be appointed by tim governor and also that they wi re to receive $5 a day and expense? while at work, but singularly forgot to specify the source of their tiay. The bill does not - ay that it is to be taken from Hie **><>,• nm, and lithe executive eouncd cannot na-- upon the expenses and a’:ow them there is a question as to where they will get their re.com Dense. Argument* Hernial Before .l.nlg* (.rrstinn In Chicago—Ut*! Bion Iii I Ii n I'ouu*** I -luau Cane De ferret!—t liair-m an Walker* Views Parnell’* vide «.f {tie Cane. in iion, Dec. 8.—Parnell will UNFORTUNATE IN BUSINESS. New muri aden and transportation. A spirited debate followed the duction of this rep <rt. Louck?, of South Dakota, off amendment to strikeout the word intro- b fore product*, but aft! sion, changed it to read Instead of “farm.” red an ‘farm” r some di?casule n ban table,” , the coin rn is-tha service of pcratiors and juri-dietiOD c *f mends a able it to carriers when desired and cad f r ri port* from companies owning or condue dr sr Lami nal facilities or roll in s recommer: dat lo ns rn a cl! report* are renew! I. k, etc in The e vie us Then Div ot Ken long am end mer t, and tacky, offered a speeches for and on for a no Blan ii’* Le a ii T Wa* Hi so TON, Dec. introduced a bill re c. tary of the tr«t . *y * series of legal t t.Jt r bick* wit! iii, wit u ' - ■* r ues of the cove-: ;, -nt -cient to mcer »he r . cr' • pay cut in s c •it -    - demand* an I ct , IT Hill B M : ng the epare iifiary •re ne tool iv eecre-a new reven- . he rn ce to against these amendments w°nt long time. Pre id>'i r ITali, of the Missouri alliance. «'* cl a red himself uncompromisingly opposed to the sub-treasury p’an. It is unconstitutional, and it is directly op-p .-I : t<- the principle- of the order; it is unju't. In- quitable and very extravagant; it wo old brl iig financial ruin to tao farmer and ai; other classes of business: it would have, and I* now having, the effect cf th awing the mind* of the farmers and > :'r --r laborers fr *m the greatest curse of the ac ! —cia** I gblation In conclusion. he said if such a s'ep were taken it \vAuld , ■ ■ i Miss . ss tbs ninty day Vrsrk llpp.ter* ami Imparter* In Hat-t«*r*. XIaterlal A*stgu. Ni.w York, Dec. s—i>0bert*, Cushman and Company, dealers and importer* of hatter’s materials a*-igrmd to-day. Mr, Roberts Hi:* afternoon said the failure was not caused by the tat iff, but by the work of several finns who dragged them down. He could not give ar y figures beyond a general statement that Hie failure wa* in the neighborhood of a baff million. Mr. Roberts is *ure the creditors will be paid in full. send a mi--mn to the United s ate* to place before the American people hi* side of the cont rovers” Have Tost Con ii rte nee in Parnell, DURLIN, Dec. *—The Tipperary town commissioners adopted a resolution declaring they have lost confidence in Parnell. Overruled the Supreme Court. Ai.ria. la., Dee. 8.—Samuel Wilson wa? convicted in three case* before our justice of the peace for violation of Unoriginal package law. in which tao justice of the peace held thai an imported bottle of beer wa* not an original package, overruling the supreme court its this respe i. Judge Burton reverse* these decisions, preferring to sustain the supreme court. A Burn VV!r«* Trnst Froposril. Cdr (Lo, Dec-. *.—R«pr< curatives of the barb wire manufacturer- In the United State* met thi* morning in response to a circular sent out by J. W: Gates, r presenting the St. Louis Wire Work*. NI r. Gate? -aid th*- object of the meeting was to form a trust and rai-** th*' price of barbed w'rc one cent per pound. Chic v*.o, Dec. *—Judge Gresham d *-appointed a large and eager gather!' g of railroad men and attorneys this morning by announcing that he would not decide the Counselmaa interstate commerce habeas corpus case until hewn* in po*-<*s-sion of the Peasiey ca-e a* well, a- it would be more agreeable for him to consider the two cases together, lo tee Cour.*eiu,au ca*'' it wa* contended ti;at the boarii-of-trade man could not be compelled to answer questions propounded by the grand jury relative to a vioiathii of th*1 inier*tate commerce Saw. An additional question wa* raised tm P**a*!ey ease. It i* cairned that the investigation - directed ag ii-' • *. otlmer- cf the Chicago, Burlington Quincy, and that Beasley, a- one .f such, would incriminate Lim elf by giving any evid* rn He was **r<i red by .Fudge Blodgett to produce !<-- k- ar •; papers and for fading to do »o hr wa ■ lined >5G> and committed Vow it i arguments on the q>ie>tion a* lo wl. Mr. Lea*ley can be compelled to duce documentary evidence a* w. answer questions that the court i* < on? of hearing. Judge Gresham’* anno1.: cc, , ut • a: that the Beasley ease would be arg d ami submitted at once, and the inter<-*ti d parties in the court-room began I;cr,'int for convenient seats within ea*y heart*:g of speaker* and the court aud Mr. B. ley. Representative* of nearly ad '.he road* w»*re present, and at least -if y a’ } self and ot i Now. -lr j tiris subjec i otherwise. ast ue per the pear a- ‘ruer pro-i- t(< :-'*ir- Wer** Di*-* i'm) Kr»-elv Cennared?’* Kr»ii ut Havvk-Eve:    It    -eem?    that some “prominent capitalist,” who is entirely too modest to disclose his own identity, feel* agrieved on account of the unanimity and vigor with which the or* -* of Burd..glen had recently urged an effort on th*- part of the citizen* ar.d in rn*ha.? of t!ie Iowa Rolling Mid*, and that he seriou- y suspect* all this to invoke an unwarranted reflection on him-hers. , I have had nothing to *ay on I -ir, by way of censure or for the *finpie reason that, i in* interest a* a citizen, I am ■ and considerably concerned In one amb did not '-are to ap* -peaking from ** fl-h motive*. at r ot coc-ent to continue a silence may bt construed into an admis-he:-. excuse- for non-partk ipation Ii an e " >rt are advanced, ’hat . ty toe u *-rf-t shadow of a found*-To be plain about it, the what ha.? heretofore been a - - ot people for which : volunteer- a - spokesman, r d th* explanations, why •I « g »om<ahing at thi* plain. i.-lance of th** ma’ter busine^* men cf Bur-r.g them separate and ncorporators, were in- U-iv* IK M e!y «: ha* fa*- iv toe JOI art til de The ? that, rig ton Ul*! vin d v and sn en me onside! >m the ke an ii rn Rod: d unlit icy, who I - orgioizati a th the oi * aft of ti : ■ f*. *, y ft snna: *-r the *- late I the fgr a- :h a; i i ted gr: f . I! Mr. Gt-rniaus Oppo**-*! to Snotlny Co**oe. Clin too, I»ec. *.—It Is reported a’ world’s fair headquarter- U a numb-'? of prominent Germans have protested against, [laying their subscription* until sn th a time a* they ar - g;ven positive information it? to wh* ?h**r the i \position Is to be closed on Sundays or not. Tney ar* decidedly opposed to Sunday (•losing. up o!d- ■e la w. re in a Attorney ( t simeon, of Kansas, bd otto-rs favored tho the Failure of a Con) Company. Pl? Moine*, Dec. 8.—Tile Mahaska Ctal company, one of the largest coal mining corporations in tho state, failed Saturday. The mine is near Leighton, in Mahaska county. The liabilities amount to about SSO,COO, but it i* claimed that there are ass**'* enough to cover them. The Bela in a tor Bank Failure. Meadville, Pa , Dec. 8 — A banker of this cliv said the estimated total liabili-tle* of D bamater a Co. would not be Ie?* than §500,000, and it may reach **00, LOO. Nothing positive i? known about tho firm.'? a**et*. but the most -aug line do not hope for more than fifty The merchants .-ay trade will b * consid- A*sl?tanee for New York Bunkie London, Dec. ?.—It is stated that SI,OOO OOO in gold will ba shipped from London to New York this week for the assistance of the bank? there. It I* doubtful if anv a**’* auce will be sent by the bank of France. Tlie Portuguese I-lag Lowered. Lisbon, Dec. 8.—The governor of Mozambique reports that the agents of the British Smith African company have induced Mutassa’s men to revolt and lower the Portuguese flag at Massikc***». The revolters imprisoned the French engineer and three Portugese. Muter for NU I* lr ti tnt? -I ' Washington*. D • • - R • busy wTh th?, nam-1 of Attorn Miller for the supreme bon ii, now said that his n »;nine; rn peeled to f un? to the * - .a Senator E J mun lit: the pr- - J t ' hat th* lion to con urination. rain ;rai said, !i * Ck w • I' and it is may be nato morrow. L; informed r • opposi- I, V, up turainst this ie : that of1 f;:. ml M des. SB iii* Bb -ti- * I: I* g n was continued on the appropriating 85,000 for nu-ba of the outbreak. It was HT referred to lh*- committee on In-»ffa re ’Fling on the **-.•:clary etr-- ■;•'for a statement of money Davenport, the supervisor of elec-*0“ea:h y*-ar since 1871. etc., w as 3d'). IB KU moved to proceed with the erat on c1 th? elections bill; but on anon that (fray was temporarily ( v-' drew the motion, and asked *Er-;' consent to have the time 0£ 1 b-U arxt for taking the final on the bill. r-(,fay meacwhile came in and the I**ti'ion up. Gray yielded to Gor-I®.:)argued against the proposi-t° a the t Hie for taking a vote. He A'* ment cf Hoar at Die last a 'Pat ,f the election bill wa* not ‘Wen up and disposed of, there '*tot O' time to do so in the short ®- ii bad been the firm conviction rail:- - de that af for what ,.C:‘rr''1’ ^ the last election the sen-bj‘9.Ul '/'^husetts would not press a- rOiL-ag *. lepre cntaiive introduced a OI. of 8J,OOO,-f.ion of a pnb-the present that it mu a ii nary be I ■ and port the A its I, O 0 0.0 O 0 11 n * Wa-IU NCT'’N • I): IV ~.— I Taylor, of Illinois, to-day bid making an aporopri-t: OOO to provide f -r the erec lie building a* Chicago upon site, with the stipu'at; ready for occupant y b A Toknrco lax IL fand Bi! • WASIiiNOTDN, D ■ ■    -•— J he ” U means committee to-day vot e! to '■ a bill autbori/flng the s*-cr*•'■try <• treasury to refund *o much of the tax collected on tobacco v.JF -h shall bo in the hand of dealers and manufa .mm* on January I, a* wa?a' li*ii°d by ’n** recent tariff act. _ To Sapply » Fen-it ii Mi ll-x^n* y. Washington, I>’c. ".—The secretary of the treavry to-day transmitted to ’n** house an estimate azgregiting b Umbb* OOO, submitted by the se iretary of -he •    ’ deficiency for the navy pensions for ' 'he --nators on his side had £ ^red themselves to discuss it in-■■ - (ijrtnan continued:    “We kr.r/i1 (‘.i'cus^0ri as to starving :f&rv/Ut no E°te of the fact that ‘r> U the land are meeting and ie - Jaat l^f‘re is danger and *. .    starvation among them. ,    hankers and merchants JMched with fear. No man can tell ■ r to-morrow gregati ne ub mi tied by the se :retary interior to supply the payment of army a1 d the current fistai year. liurllugt*)))’? Public It a ii Washington. Dec an- E c, of Texas, ireasury plan. ■ amendmcut by Livingston, that amount of circulation shad not be than SSO per capita was agreed to. y ether speeches for and against th? ..!!*>.treasury scheme were made anda vole was finally taken which resulted in    the adoption of    the demands set forth above by a vote of 99 to 79 At the afternoon session, Mr. Wardell, of South Dakota, moved to reconsider the vote by which th* all’:anre protested against the pa-sage of the eve .ion bid, stating his reason to be the feeling that the protest would retard the prog re*? of the alliance in the north a lid west. On notion of Ila , of M ?sourl. Warden’s motion was laid on the table—50 to 33. Thor* wa* we : h-rable ex itch discussion over the matter, 'i lie state? voting with Wardell were Illinois. Texas, Indiana, Michigan. Pennsylvania and North Dakota. There wa? a divided vote in the del -gaUon* from Arkansas Missouri, West V.re. ca, Florida and Kansas. Delegate Cair, of North Carol!’a. presented a memorial to congress which was adopted, heartily approving and asking the passage of the Paddock pure food bill and emphatically protesting against the passage the Conger lard bill. At to nights session a resolution was pa L ed urging the estabdshment of a P i-r.a1 savings bank. Just before adjournment, Buchanan, r f Tennessee, took occasion cent? on the dollar. th*? dam g** to their erable, a* so many posits in the bank. Individuals had de- Tiit* Belgian i raiuinsr Ship Safe. I’.p.r**EI s, Dec. 8 —There is to truth in the report that the Belgian training ship had foundered at sea. The government has received information that the vessel Is safe. KING EAHEAUA’S CALCULATION. He Proposes Jo Sell I he If a w aiiau Islands to the Bolted States. San Francisco, Dec. 8.—King Katakana ha? not corno here merely for health: neither ha* he come, a? some Dakota Drought sufferers. I ’j KRUL, S. D, Dec. -—Lieutenant Governor Fletcher in an interview confines the reports of destitution in South Dakota. He know* of -even conn whi’.h there is suffering resulting the drought which ha* prevail or Ie** for the pan three sea-on* id J ie* in from more A -dork Train Wracked. Omaha, Dec. 8.—A Missouri I stock train wa? dit< Ii- d at Oak Ch * a suburban state ti, this evening, teen car?. I .aded with stock, wrecked, and many head of ( a“’e killed. ‘he fireman and brakeman were tally injured nam, I were Postal C aril Contractor lojje.t Bankrupt BiTtMiNtJiiAM, Conn.. Dec. *—Postal Card Contractor Al. Daggett w a* to-day declared bankrupt on petition of his “redder-. The amount of claims is unknown. Hi* debt- in thi - state will probably exceed -51.000. your had .Money for Lolttgc* and Hospitals NKA Y- f.K, Dec. *.—The will of Daniel B. I-averweather. the millionaire leather dealer, filed to day' give- 82.100,-000 to did .-rent eolleges and '95000 to hospital*. TUE HARVARD QUARTET. have reported, to ll oat a >>,000,roo loan j A BRUSH WITE THE INDIANS. Bandsmen Compelled to Defend Their Families Near the Bad Lands. ( nit ago, Dec. ?.—General Miles this morning received a letter from Buffalo Gap, S D., under date of December f, which says:    “Yesterday afternoon a party of fifteen Sioux at the entrance to tho Bad Lands endeavored to cut off and capture three cowboys. I he ranchmen in the vicinity cf the Bad Land* are sending the women and children into town.” Shortly after tho letter was n-xr iced a telegram came from the same place, dated to-day saying: “Ranchmen and Indians had a slight skirmish. The situation is becoming serious for the settler? are unarmed. Can you supply fifty good rifles and ammunition so that the settlers can defend themselves?” The general will leave for the scene of the Indian troubles to-morrow. .—Sr nab r VY n- F*TOa,S9 son, of Iowa, introduced ^bllI J-omt ^ the cost of the pub h^ bu lington. Iowa. to -125,000. ling at All claims not ce cum mendable. pistont with the Ii iseiy character of Syrup of avoided by the 7*,V,, kidneys. gently on the kidr-; cleansing tho -ystcm 'it i? nota cure-all and that every bottle kin ii    —’    or next bay, every * * a* cr at centt-r? of comme un. Ka  vuw.ou, tuiuuicrce of ; \'c-0sedby sn*p?nsion of pay-of.ftHn.ow’r-^e midst of such a v rVU v,° wtl° comehere Hushed j //;’■ !‘i<y hope that th? majority • 1 i?ive us an opportunity to it in pany. It art,31 liver and bowl? effectually, but makes no pretensions will not nubs tan ti ate.______ KobOffl » Theater. .san Francisco, Dec. masked men lasting at oouug , a night watchman of ter and then forced —Three d gagged the Wigwam loathe safe, secui cash and SI,OJO ing of ,    preventing    the    wreck whH;-‘apetding. Liy aside this Wa na /;country has pronounce^ u* *a^e UP matters which ton°Ur. !ow citizens are look-ldCT- If so>‘ ia not: if bv iv '    ‘    course marked '"ts.D :...!ld?or of Massachusetts the power I ' GUi,t restl lbe party WnrV senator from Massa-iiisanm/// c°nsideration of this tare * I ’ ' ie bankruptcy and ^•C >fiR,,WhPn he back to >»kV/ardnth tUl the merchants 'a< lh, th9 mon of affair?, a* Wtrf8 and ^horers, will Cation agaCcr‘s a"t,emPtiug hostile tb^t ;* a^clion of the coun-acig o» th Bt    . not y>een for the Martha‘t!?/ clI?n; ,f il Bad not the cotton crop, ^ible P;iv a 1barik m Massachu-^at ha* na / (1P°s't,or9- The only 1 lhitthey h-iv! v hasbeen the cotton ctx/L.) en. a^le 10 draw on ^ .    ____ o,,..  ...... worth $1,900 in jjawelery.    ___-— A (iraud mot tier Dead. A< ENCY, Dec. 8 —Grandma Vass, who lived five relics south 0, .“*'£’ yester.liy morning a one .    ■    o|(J would have been ninety-sevf n the l?t of January. __ to warmly denounce those members who had furnished *nformation to the press represenU alives a* “scoundrels, liar - knaves and traitors.” After passing tho customary resolutions of thanks, tho acce at one o’clock adjourned rational Alii Tuesday morning, Hand? The sub-treasury bi!!, a? it now in congress, does not inside the pro-vi-ion for loans on lard, but this feature does appear in the forma! demand today. ILL’NCFS FARMERS. Strong F'fU't -or ti)* Tory Are to Make a Railroad Commifsionership. D.fC. 8.—The off! Springfield, 111-,    • •    - - e f (-cr? of the State Grange and members of H e Firmers and Laborei* Confedera Hon ar . in the city with headquarter? at the St NMchola? bote!. Th. coo^d- eration met to-day. it    parm. delegates each from tho u ai^ *o»ri” cr?1 Alliance, Farmers .Jatua, Benent Association and the Knight* Grand Master Thompson tVio nfpsideo and it is expected SOO delegates will be present. They will bo in days. They will secretary o road and amt the I a • in * ** n w. dif'd She A Fair Tri:tl ;o1 for Dr. Puree s Golden i „ blotches. is Hi) that is askoi Tor -tj-.. - vt, 0 .tin Medical Dtseu in in- es p mU'1. ami discase s. erupt oms. ,    >; f    rm>. Bcrofiilousso es "rid swt I-.    • yon ycf your money wa A l^tftL.turr -The first I Ha ho’? I" ir*t Bd *E I cr t legislature of to day. Idaho, Dec. 8 ne ? -tate of idaho conv ened of of Labo the State Glawe Sirg tho p^ld-nt. The ,’range will meet Tuesday morning. four Ball rail sess'on boom George f the State Grange, for warehouse commissioners, WH . tirot the fa-mer* have no repre- clatming that the id i    ^    L    Crim. < razy Indsana lu Indian IrrrUory. GiTTHHiK, O. T., De”. 8 —Couriers ar rived this afternoon bringir.g information that uncivilized tribes of Cheyennes. Araphahoes aitd Comanches just west of the Oklahoma border are in a state of high excitement over the ghost dance, started by runners from the Dakota Sioux. Their attitude is very threatening, and Governor Steele has a*ked the legislature to take immediate action by which the “Bins can organize a militia company for protci Bon. The craze among the tribe? east of here has subsided. oil which he would pocket a tidy commission. It has just leaked out that hi* mi sion is to propo*' to the state department the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States. This news comes from a man largely interested in sugar interests in the iGand*. and may be accepted a* authoritative. Of course, Kalakaua .? officials will deny it, but all tile fact* show that the king ba* reached the jumping off place, and must decide shortly either to risk another revolution or to *?11 his kingdom and ce* a fat pension. He bas been authorized by the Hawaiian government to tender the island to Secretary Blaine on term? which, it is thought, congre?* will accept. Sugar planters, a* well a* Kalakaua, are in the hole. Under the reciprocity treaty they really get a bonn? of two cents a pound on all their sugar. Now, under the McKinley bill, which makes sugar free, they lose all this, because the growers of t.oi* country receive a bounty of two cents a pound. If the Hawaiian island? come under the Amer-ican Hag the planter? would receive thi* bounty, which would amount to severa' mi:lions per y* ar. Mr. Blaine, on several occasions, ha? expressed the opinion that sound policy demands that the United States should control the Hawaiian lands, and he will back any movement for their acquisition on favorable terms. Mi f' 8ucr****«!>l Fnter I a in Mini! iii the V. .M. C. A. Course The Y. M. C. A. has reason proud of ike entertainment given to be under tho Harva d Rut ii* Crazy. LaCrosse, Wis., Dec. 8.—Albert Cl. Hopkins, of Iowa, < ame to Lacrosse today to see Buffalo Bill. He claims to be the Messiah the Indians are looking for, and I? here to see what he can do in the Way of bunging them to recognize him. Ile talks rationally. Montana tit Dens Uneasy. Dillon, Mont.. Dec. 8 —People In from Spring Hill or Lima state that about, 200 buck? of Lemhi Indians are indulging in gho?t dances near that place. That pla^e has been full of well-armed Indians for severa! days and resi-dents &r0 becoming alarmed. Ane Indians have sent their squaws and papoose? back to the reservation. A party of about a dozen went into a restaurant last night, ate supper and re fused to settle A large amount of ammunition wa* sent from here to day at the request of citizens of Lima. In ca?e it become? necessary for G ivernor Toole to order out the State militia Co. E. ol Dillon, TO strong, under command ol Captain Lamont, will probably be the first called on, a? Lima is only about 35 milos from here. board. actuation on the    instance    ol ,l0 "-as appointed tt he", lance _( tom, R. Tanner as a rcpre-en: ^ Tanner the'agrieultur»llst^“ sen d they co.*    wbo    went.    into Oleos Up One .Job for a Better. Sin Francisco Dec. 8.—A statement is published here that Clarence Greathouse. United States consul general to .Japan, has tendered his resignation in order to accent the appointment of prime minister to Hie Corean government. memory diffi-c tired **’• Hair °/the.011 output. •enate haTw ^ for four da79 ilc Peekes    t ning todemo' ^ruction ti /J more delay aod senator from ‘neasure which he 10 commercial Ue ^anic’ or men’ Nervous debility, poor donee, sexual xxv a un es u _P    <ree at by Dr. Mile*’ Nervine, barnp.es ire J. JI. Wittes’ drug store. _ Barne-H Decline? to Lecture. ,    W    .    _Pamellha« sent* London. I • ■- wticon?iD, de* dispatch to Milwauk;^* W/one hun-clin'ng an offer o. *IJ: dred lectures.    -------- Condensed IVlegraiufl. «y> whc-h r!, prosperity of the li°as    be£un    when    the were    tr”RUU    ^uen the Ccfatic parfv (thi lu favorofthe before th-V u country having “ ‘a a Position Of nnov. in IL M. Silverman & Co-, dealersjt^ba caps and furs in New 01 its, failed, master of nderson, grand -    , nd priory of Cannas James A. ii* the sovereign gra died yesterday at Kingston, u * sca’p they no farmer at a:., the fight against Crim and been laying for and now think has into was Did out, k opponent ever he has th- farm- *ince, and now    • solidly in his int ant I*’-®'1®* flX un-hre'ol d that support. It '? g_’n V“_____^ Dbl’,lins will Commissioners Wheeler aud Phillips will to reappointed americas federation of labor. ' T7~Vew York— PreU-Annaftl Convention In‘    * .lent Gomperr A'larer* a —Eighty delegates of of Labor as- Drowned While Skating. Cameron, Mo., Doc. 8. —Oscar Mey er* of Meadville, and Miss Maud Cran tham, of Albany,students at the Missouri We* ley an Institute, were drowned bat urdav night while skating on a pond Their bodies were recovered. National Board of I rads. New Orleans, Der>. 8 —I he annual convention of the National Hoard of Trade opened this morning in the chamber of commerce in this city. THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE EILLED. Terrible Powder Vtploilon* Reported From < billa. San Francisco, Dec. 8 —The steam-sh'p China arrived this morning from lima and Japan, bunging the details of the blowing up on November 2nd of the government powder mills at Tai Ping Foo. Three hundred lives were lost and a1! the houses In the vicinity wrecked. One city, the city of Pa Chow, in the province Aniuvei, wa? reported destroyed by fire originating from another powder explosion.    _ Hie Roman Catholic Church and Politic#. Rome, Dec. s —Cardinal Rampolla, papal secretary of *tate has written a letter In regard to Cardinal Lavigeries' recent declaration? in favor of a republican form of government, saying the Roman Ca'holic church is not inimica’ to any form of government. The church applies itself before all elso to the progress of religion and therefore thinks it right for the faithful to participate in public affair? when such action is de manded by the interest? of religion Holiday Lxcnrolonn. For the Christmas and New Year hob day.?, the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern .railway will make a rate of one fare for the round trip between all stations on its line. Tickets on sale December 2 4, 25, and 31, 1890, and January I, 1891, good to return until January 5, 1891. For time of trains, rates of fare, and any other information, call on or address any agent of the company, or J. FL HANNEGAN, General Ticket and Passenger Agent it* auspices last night by Quartet. The Presbyterian church iu which the concert was given was taxed to it* utmost to accommodate the tremendous audience; chairs were placed ;u all the aisle? and still there were not -cats for all. The Harvard “Quartet” consists of fir person*, there being, besides the alto, tenor, baritone and basso vocalist? an-citer in the person of Mi** Ida F lorence arui a cornetist and p:ani*t in Miss Gertrude Lu'k i . Ad proved themselves ar-ti*ts of merit and r* ceived flattering te*-timonials of appreciation. The opening song “Away, Away,” by the quartet wa? a beautiful selection, arid In answer to the encore a negro melody was sung. Miss Florence's recitation of Jean lngellow’s “K ho and the F’erry” ava? very fine and provoked a storm of applause. In answer to a recall tile reciter'? gave “Robert of Lincoln.” Miss Gertrude Lufkin i* an artist not before lizard in Burlington. She i? a pretty and attractive young lady who performs upon that difficult instrument, the cornet, in a most acceptable manner. She re?pordod to a hearty encore, and later gave an exhibition of her talent upon the piano in the -olo “Tar-antelle.” The gentlemen of the quartet have very pleasing voices though it may be said without disparagement of the others that that of the ba?so. Mr. Burnham. is the best. The college songs by the quartet proved the mo?t acceptable numbers of the program and they may be *aid to have fairly carried the audience by storm. Particularly was this so with the second part of number 4 of the program, when. in answer to ar. encore to a hotch-potch of some nursery ryhmes ihey sang the ridiculous dirge of “Pet«r Grey," with such effect that the audience was convulsed with laughter and encored a second time-. :o which the four responded with a bow. Mr. Kendall, the baritone, wa? overheard to say that they were rot often so fortunate as to find a church so e*a*y to sing in as the Presbyterian proved to be He thought th*- acoustic properties were very fine. The “Harvard Quartet” may be assured a mod h arty reception should they revisit Bul ngton. torney*. beside? the coun aga u*I. Judge Sidney Sir for Janie* C. Peavey and I Attorney Mi!chri*t aud Ii-ham for the government, having been retained to a'* in? iii!* interstate commerce “The return will be her ment,” said United State.* christ, “bot I will *ay that like the return male in the ca*e.‘ “Then we are rea*y,” Smith, and the old gentleman U gun pull up hi* cull? and adjust hi- co- r business. “The grand jury repor’ he began, “that they were invev.igat alleged practice? of the railroads, in lotion of the intestate mmmer and in particular were investigating officers of the Burlington road. T they sent into court a *upt)I»-.meatar . port prepared by adroit •• se! t with a mo*t pompon* to the afore*aid adroit con on th" other side of the tao! . -ing that they were inve*t!g:u.!-g I eral Freight Agent Miller, of th-* r and wanted testimony and certain oh-and voucher* from First Vi :e Pre*i< J. C. Beasley. Yon will note, honor, that they did not say th y abandoned the investiga i rn of txe -.dti i ciUs of the road, of whom Beasley wa* one. The fact is they intended lo br -Beasley in, and on hi* testimony indict Miller, then bring in >! der and indict Peasiey. and so on down the Ii-; of official?. “Tne fact remain*, though, tha the , grand jury was after the oftijia’s <>f the road, and hoped to use Pea-dey to crim i-ate himself a* well a* au the other* ll was the thief executive off' *er of the company and controlled the affairs of rh.-company, therefore Le would of rn •    ~ y be atfected by any finding on a' count J irregularities or criminal ac:? of : he -    - I ordinate officers of the company." “N nu are entirely rn stak- n,” interrupted Mr. Inghrs m. “Bt a*ley wa* rn-’ a party to the investigaiion ou toe fa< of the record, for he swore that he never saw. the check* charged to have “en given Gallup as reba’e on rate*, and that he did not know anything about the :r -dividual transaction charged in the crn.-plaint. Judge Blodgett told the grand jury *[<-Utica■ Iy that they could i -t : dict a corporation, but must find the n-dividual offenders: therefore, when tile grand jury stated that it wa? investigating Miller there wa* every reason ti know that the grand jury bad decided upon Miller a* the guilty party aud rn upon Peavey.” In continuing. Judge Smith praeti a ly abandoned the Counselmau ca-e. “C mn Selman wa* certainly not a par’y in auy *eri-e to the investigation in wha h h° refused to answer. 3r,d he could, theref'.re. be compelled to answer question* that would fix the guilt. In this case Beasley wa- the first officer of tile company, and wujuld inevitably be aff“ ted di*a*tr by a finding in the ca*e." Mr. Mikhrist's argument was “Section 8*>9 of the United 8 statute* I regard a* clearly a se- ’ immunity so far a? Pea*'ey i cerned,” said he. “The grand could not investigate a corporation ut der Judge Blodgett'? charge, and wa- not indictable; therefore, Mr. Beasley banc -Banding in court a* an cfi; -er of th-company. He must come separately, a* an individual, and in that capacity could rut plead that his testimony against Miller would tend to crimira e fi n-! f. The federal government could not take into account hi* responsibility for a criminal aet done by Miller. Judge Gresham put several hypothet- ' lea! cases to the attorneys of both side -. -all tending to give him light on th" question of the responbility of the sso ;’je- ; officer of a company for act* done by j other officer* of the same com para Attorney* for both sides, did some bi. -hair splitting, and performed sonic sleight-of-hand tricks in the course of argument, but Judge Gresham gav-e th -in notice that the court could not b> expo ted to “shy at technfi alitic* or consider the question from any b t a broad and liberal standpoint, in full vie-*- of the constitutional right of a min JO re fuse to testify against h u;-<-:f. ’ Tho attorney* were given to day to filrt th* :r propositions inb’ief, and. having finished his jury cases, the judge will devote him self to those at once. I aet; . th and arx to ma imncanded •ta suc- :*e* pr-jve.1 anvi I rd •o K h t pr, pron at * a an her it - men 'n the 7 *1 id in vita’ ward a had to rcajori be > wioed hey. w’ith ing but haven't ■ e a* ti * wril-- if- to ?ay that, n amount among lider- and not at Lave. on my own pit more hard ca-h than ail the hundreds cf Burlington” and fists.'’ for whom so ed, taken together, i xa-t ex. nditt re of And the a-*ertion “they subscribed a ,.i    the enterpri-e out of ,    unquaiiiedly,    false, ^ntionafiy *9 or col. neb auf * rip’ ion. in any nu, or the part of the of Burlington " They pportunity to come in, hemseives of The lit of this    back- th* d com pa- y entire y. But a r stockholders of th* r faith in an lr industry.    And creditors, put in the property for •h Fad, chiefly, tract Ion and im-od the present ax ail a re* arg* th. gh- nii.g >re money e debt against it wh en contracted for con ovement, and organ wa Ro; g Mill company, of which Mr. Brow! aud hi* associate* subscribed - or.e-half of ’he Ste k, on terms that • not of atty particular lntere*t to the at this time. ing then reduced these flimsy to th* out O' a pubii' Ha claim not b U a* Bt It w is were rue proportions, it cav ace t'i suggest, in addl-k*or< said 4 ‘bt,- ness men reafiy di«i do in the prem-rt uictiibtr* d that when u ashes, in May, 1*89, [-r« came from a number of -* I the plant. of ‘P- xv: W reli( ti: oui tie and it would oney in the pockets cf the lf they had entertained th"*o offer? But the Bur-among them were averse to as involving a slur upon city. Ar i they were strongly I n th:* view of the case by of Burling-several or-who promi*ed to take the i hand and to come to our relief, w J only consent to remain here. . a agreed to remain. But that has never materialized. And if .-iividually, have to shoulder losses a? a tii,a1 re*ult of all the pending alod complications, then it is > -ay that these broken prom- such their encoi the aforesaid “busine** men tOE,” acting through their gan. z ai matter arx ny n arg The way st. which thi r went back iriy cheerft -,ihie with them. • relief party of un their mission ai.d rea?*uring, into partieu- <1 v .be div ine rn ,-n- srv CHAIRMAN WALKER’S VIEW.S. Will Give #20,000 000 For the Strip. Kansas City, Die. *—John A. Blair secretary of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock association, said to-dav, the association is about to offer Ch1ef Mayes twenty million dollar? for the strip If accepted, one million cash will be paid down and the remainder in a short time, and the association would go to England and bond the lands. Detroit, Dec. ,bo A,,,er!h“ 2!.f.toa™ i ambled .»»    to    order. Gompersj.ailed ^ h,g anngal ^ convention to President GomPfr dress. Ho adv:*!--.. ti0Q3 and to con avo d co^r?^rfl'orti upon such Issues as .fifi'members are most .Steed upon. A Locomotive Explodes. BUFFALO, Dec. 8. A Lehigh Valley locomotive exploded this morning at Dale. Wyoming county, killing the engineer and fatally injuring the fireman. § Piliou*ness, constipation, torpid liver, etc ] cured by Miles’ Nerve and Liver Pills. Samples free at drug store- J. H. Witte’s Live stork Anaoolation Chicago, Ills , Dec. 8.—The American Live Stock assoc’ation of the United State? assembled this afternoon in their regular annual meeting. The association elected a board of directors and officers for the ensuing year, the president being II. W. Creswell. A Noteworthy Exception. From the Kimball *'. J) - Graphic. While columns of the (trophic are open to any and all unobjectionable advertisement.?, yet it is quite impossible for us to speak knowingly of the merits of the various articles of merchandise advertised. Particularly is this true of patent medicines. But there are exception? occasionally and a noteworthy exception I? the celebrated Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. This now universally known medicine ha* b?en advertised in the Graphic for four or Ave years but not until recently had we any p"r«ocal knowledge of its wonderful efficacy wh’ch ha* come about through the prevailing influenza and the stubborn cough that, ha? so often attended it. In the writer's family the medicine has on several occasions this winter cured a cough that baffled any and all other remedies and the number of families in Kimball and vicinity, in which this remedy has been used with like effects, and attest? its value a* a specific for cough* and colds of every nature. Ital l«*r I o Rail way Frequent« Voint i i ’ »Mil a Remedy f->r the Rate Va ar. New York, Dr*c. *. The letter wh ch Chairman A da^e F’. Walker, of the Interstate •’>mm.erce Railway a*socia-tion, addressed to the railway proudest* af Chicago has reached the public. He tells them that ti." pre?ect legislative attitude of congres* and the "tate* i> injurious, but that competition, a? it n< w exist* among carriers, Is simply war. Ile denh's that their suicidal policy G beyond control; points out that ninty per cent of a1! tariff < hang*-? made are reduction-; accuses them of systematic pa**enger rate cutting aud calls it all competition gone mad. He calls on the presidents to recognize the e*?ent!al unity of rah way interests and make a new treaty La?eel on disarmament. The fundamental principles of rail way association, he ?av-. should be concentration of authority ar.d —See the new pictures at Gnahn’s. Hie B. & O Strike. Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 8.—The threatened strike of the employes of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad of this division, did not materialize to-day and a general strike is not thought probable. The company’9 officials say they will have —We are selling goods for less money than some competitors paid for them. That sounds big, but it isn’t. It is only a claim taal we buy goods for less than they do. Remember, you only pay for them what we paid for them. Si-sEELD & Co. The*e results j unification of Interest, may perhaps be reached in respect to ! freight traffic by an agreement providing for a rate division and a traffic division. The traffic division shcmld control the actual handling of the busine??. The ra’e d. vision should have the exclusive right to contract with connecting road? in *’nsi It I I forbear going on thaJ score. i in : h for inc great effort* ii, former . to whit h your “prominent capitally* pointed with such marked com-p a "t. y arid sat:-fa -ti rn. I do not wish to be understo d a* ti ding fault with him ai. ) Iii* friend? Toh** *ure, my private not,->n of the matter I- that the possession of mean* implies a moral obligation to employ the*)' means, in part at lta?t, A a vi ay to benefit the community that contributed to their acquisition. But ifi. it proposition need not be discussed now. It is to a great extent their own funeral, though I may I" among the mourner*. If Un y can stand it, I shall, probably, v ai ag" to do th" same. I <■ anno approve, however, of their claiming great credit, where anything but credit * really due And I am hound to say so I:; public, after ail that has happened, though it b“ a family matter ’hat would have been better to keep among ourselves. In conclusion, I de*ire to ad! that the ow ’*h wisdom aoout not wishing to “buy into a quarrel,” Is about a* meritorious and logical an excu-e. a* his recitals of what wa* done in the pa*t are re-l,.i Ie statement*. The proposition lately before th" pubii wa?, if he will permit the u-e of h;* own phraseology, to ‘ buy out <f a quarrel" rJ ho “unfortunate ontrovr-r*y which prevents him and his “prudent” friends from “taking hold.” was the very thing intended to be eliminated fncn the pre Kern by their iuterce-,-:-.r. The con pAre removal of it was Hie expressly stated condition of such : Klieg of the thing on their part. Aud the option, by the way, under which su' h a harmonizing of conflicting interest* .-onid have been brought about, and a controlling interest secured in what he him*e!f believes to be “a good busi-K‘- -s enterprise arui of very great value lo the city,” i? still ’n my hands aud at his service. If your prominent capitalist” means I bu*,ne*?, therefore, he can step right in. Now is his chance to make money and to d » - >mething for ’he public at the same time. I shall be very glad to have him : make me a cal! for that purpose. Should I he be afraid of some of these ob*treper-j o ,? Burlington stockholders being un-ira. table and apt to disturb the peace hereafter, why, we will duplicate the Youngstown offer. But if neither of these propositions suit him, then I beg > to submit that, occasionally at least. I people have been esteemed shrewd for j kecpipg Their mouths shut. Yours I truly,    Tiie«*d Gfklich. irlington, December s. 1S90. A Sad Death. (Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Mi Pleasant, la., Die. 8.-ruorn ug o curred ’he death of Lei-cnng, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. L Lciserir.g, a bright arid loving child i Ft years. _ -This Myra sped to the ex“bange of bu* ne*- ; and the division of joint rate*, and with shippers at all points outside the a *o* ia tlon’s territory. Joint agencies should j rep’&ce the innumerable separate agen-cies how in vogue. This might be ex : tended ultimately to compethive poilus j upon the lines of members. The work j of the traffic division also might very I Dr I. K Darker, of KokkuiIi, UM at an Advanced Age [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Kossuth. la., Dec. *.—Dr. A. E. Parker died at his home in th*s village, yesterday morning, of heart-disease; aged sixty years. Funeral services will be held at the M E. church at 2 p. rn to-day. ;

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