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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 4, 1890, Burlington, Iowa PISHED juke, 1839.) Burlington haw K-E y el Question Stirs Up a Indian Lively Debate. CunipHDeion roorhe®'' K'r"‘»”*r"’■'”* for tl,e *tor 'r0d.leu Redskin#—The Copy-P®,. Hlii P**-"* the House— right ConS«>Mumi ii Matters. pf- r0Ni Dec. 3.—Iii presenting amendment to tho tariff rebate on manufac- c for an . relation to obacco. Mr. Allison said the con M;0 rhe’uart of both houses abreed I** oQ7n but it was omitted in en-f^eSeCtyI bad no doubt the matter 8?^eive early attention. I*0. I,' , g,traduced a bill to reduce St Cullom introduced a v ciie to one cent. Fpa,f»;ev from the committee on F -‘’a rs. reported and asked to Pr\ n"it- passage a j lint resolu-!P!S;ng ilia secretary of war ta ‘.i d ammunition to the states K r Alid SOUth V Manderson moved to include the 0< Nebraska. Voorhees said if the proposition ;$ue a hundred thousand °‘of ^od to starving Indians it uviaere consistent with Christian . “ j|,i r< "erred to the state i Miles in a published ■ 0 r-Genera1. ; ; that the Indians were driven l. v .rvation and sa d it was a Olina under The White more completely ...an (especially ule white purpose ho cnuld not conc. a1 md a a not avow was guilty of an outran ten fold greater than anv of those he in vented or described. Wherever ,ho " pie of different races were living peacefully together under the saim> £ ? ^ members of trio same bodv „niiti„ out any cher thouah?!" 2™ must command and others obey the race problem was bel,,* lhe purpose of the national election hill was so far as it conc. rued the south to wreck and destroy this pending con on oi tho lnter-racial adj lstmeiu It proposed not to maintain the will of the majority, but to overthrow it on a single issue of race—-to make a majority of the black men, because they are black; t0 establish “ ------- esiaunsh a government of complexion not of opinion rI he purpose c f the nill was thrlT tho l.lu, .1.    .    U!" was that the law of the land must he sub born cd to set an enmity tx tween tht-white man and the black man. PassthK bill and the right of the p ople to choose their repro* elatives-that right so precious and priceless to every lover of liberty was lost beyond recovery At the conclusion of his speech, Turple received the congratulations of his democratic colleagues and the journed. senate a.i- EOUSE. I CD ii by *E the part of the government to ar,,i do nothing ex ept furnish whit' The Indians had in silence. There [been P'-ir- the tu'ore. I their to tue ■ •’'ring for years h .'o guiltiness some where in con- h it- The hostilities into a1; din.a in the northwest were carved would result not merely in lection of the lives of many In-: tut the lives of thousands of ,r citizens and hundreds of a" soldiers. That condition of is had been brought about by a •jv, parsimonious or dishonest 'Ihe itnew not which. A policy ed to secure the lands of aas and not pay enough for jeep the Indians from starving, na ^possessed of their homes. Hawley spoke briefly, saying he ■ .rb'.ecttoii to the remarks of the r fr in Indiana, except that they perhaps, a little exaggerated, jq.v-s chairman of the committee baun affairs, very much doubted if food was the origin <?f trouble or ina! a supply of food be the euro of it 'I he difficulty be Jcdian service all aloug had •o,.-taut cLange of policy, for years, it had been im-c c •ngrtss that the best way Indian was to starve him ipport. “Root hog, or die” is se put over the door of those who ei?rd the affairs of the Indians and bout ha- been to cut dow n, year by ms rt quired by the treaties jive nonce to me Indian that next hey were only to have so much, Serence to be supplied by labor wn hands. Ile thought to hold out. every inducement to lr,j,ai; to t .rn from dependence on unsent radons a..d supply their support and that it was well to re-to all devices within the limits of ice and reason to induce them to do no lh1 suggestion in the public that the government had failed to I the promises made the Indians by x commission. etc.. he said the , nhad made two sorts of stipu-Bw.ch 'ce indians. (due of them written out in plain language and seditoa Uv u* congress and th.it ton the coati Ls-i rn had brought to Ic Indians and asked them to ac-L The Indians had had cause of flaat because of the non-fuHli.imeut Usher agreement" aud the commission ai it had no authority as to these nut mat it would use its instil the governrr.ea’' in the case, the Indian representatives to Washington a full dis-was had with the com-lad the agreement was ern-nab'.ii which was submitted to es? by the president. The bill thus d to th** complete satisfaction of idans. parsed the 'enate, hut where * so*• ii- did not know. Ile knew, r. that the skirts of the executive f the >enate were ck ar of any at- fuo depart one iota from the assurge the Indians by the com-foa. He (Dawes) saw the Indian it:-; with full apprehension of the get and of the necessity of some preside’ to bring around composure the Indians and extricate them ®tne lead of such bad Indians as pH? Hull and Red Cloud, who were * Biland curse of their tribes. it Voorhees repelled the “feeble at-it a sneer * on the part of Dawes the latter kin w the situation Hiswt-ii as he did; fur General Miles Dhe pubic the Indians had been textile and preferred to die tigbt-i at ion. I hese red Kouid enter the field with six thou-Mttitg men well armed, aud with at rage 0f a knowledge of the “•rI could fight six thousand of the 1 ‘“'TU'an troops on terms of equal-■ ■■ asked the sana’or from M assais G state whether the Indians t mgh to eat; w hether Miles was i,j‘_wrong, a! J whether the Indians ■■a? starved into belligerency. said the great difficulty of * -v,th tho,e -ix thousand Indians is that they have noth-«eat ^ I hey are away from their Jhey belong to that class of , !*u0Bever d,d a day’s work in The Cup}-right Bill Passed. Washington, Dec. 3.—The speaker stated the pending business to be the further consideration of the copyright bill Debate on the copyright bill lasted until two o'clock. After arguments ago. >t the btl! by . priugf r, Deters and Kerr, ai d in its favor bv Breckinridge, of Kentucky', ratquliar, McAdoo, Cummings aud Guilt r.vorth, Doters moved to recommit it with instructions that the committee re port it back wish an am*, ndment limiting the lifeof the copyright to fourteen years Mr. Breckinridge, of Arkansas, moved to amend tho instructions by instruetii g the committee to provide for the importation of books of foreign authors ac the rate now provided by law. Both amendments were lo't. I he question then recurred on the passage of the bill and tho roll call re suited, yeas I Lo, navs t*.». The house then adjourned. GENERAL WASHINGTON NEWS. No Riwr and Harbor BHI to ba Panted lits cevsiun. Washington. Dec. 3—It can be stated with considerable positiveness that no general river and harbor bill will be passed at,this session. The house committee on rivers aud harbors bas come to that conclusion, and the only appropria tions that they will recommend, if any, will be for work under the control of tlu-Missi-sippi river commission and at one or t-vo points mentioned by tho chief of engineers where United States property will be endangered un!. -; work is done This decision is believed to have been largely influenced by the president, who is said to be greatly a'armed at the expenditures during his administration and who i mainly responsible for the fact that in neither the report of the chief of engineers nor the annual estimates submitted by the secretary of th" treasury are any appropriations asked for internal improvements. JWRjdNOTON. IOWA. THURSDAY MOHNING. DECEMBER I. ISIK). (PRICE; 15 CENTS PER WEEK. HOW ABOUT HOG CHOLERA ? Interesting- Discussion of This Subject by Fine Stock Mon. Seventeenth Anni,Hi Meetly of rh- i Breeders’ »-—* e,ni8 the lows ti,_ ,    clat,o" at Oskaloosa -The Swine and sheep Men *uSession—State News [Special to The Hawk-Bye ] Oskaloosa, Iowa, Dee. 3.—The "**v- Firee°SLo tnDwal 'mH‘tkl- <'f the Iowa called to r Breeder‘i’ association home L r at lhe Ma-otilc. Opera afternoon, Ii. R. Whe. ler w Mtire <ha" one huudred d..l- Late rnrt    ,rem    “l!    of the ate, ann the meeting was iargelv ar tended by citizpns. The e»r "?L were opened by choruses rendered by high Mr-? I c s under the direction of • • Logan, followed by the Invocation Pronounced by K,v. linum, of Vhismty Hon. G. \V. beeyers then delivered the aauress of welcome extending to the men a royal greeting from the city of O>kaioo'a. ’Ihe response was made by Hon. James Wilson aud it was nicely done. The president's annual address was next heard aud it was a clear-cut, forceful production. The appointment of committees and some uh finished business then occupied the convention for some time, after wh’eh Mr. Sage, of Des Moines, director of the Iowa, weather bureau, read an excellent paper upon “The Practical Value of Reliable Weather Reports.” A spirited discus sion, participated in by a number of members, followed, after which the meeting a ijourned until this evening. Ihe evening session wa- taken up principally by an excellent pat c ion “Soil Robbing” by James Wilson, followed by remarks from Hon. J. K Shaffer, secretary of the state agricultural society, Mr. Henry Wallace, editor of ihe He,Mcst&ul, Hon. D. AI. Moninger and others. One Cent » ornate ti ill. Washington, Dec. 3 —Set ator Cullom introduced a bill to-day to reduce the pos’age on all Ie:hts for any point in the United States and all drop letter-after July I, rn xt, weigh!i g one-half ounce or I. -- to one cent, with an additional charge of one cent for every fraction of an ounce in excess. I UK SWINK I i 11KI HK RS brid their meeting at the court house, vice President Mel*addon, of West Liberty presiding. The minutes of the preceding meeting w, re r*jad by Secretary Pry ne and approved and as no regu la: program was prepared State Veterinary Surgeon Stalker was called upon to address the assembly on h< g i hoiera. lie responded cheerfully and gave a go -d talk. lie called attention to the universal losses that fell on the hog raisers and the Deed of something that would cheek the disa>ter. 't he various alleged causes were gone over, but in his judgment it was a specific contagious disease generated by the disease germ not self-originating, but specific and alone. His conclusion was that the cholera was as contagious as small-pox or mea-les. and the disease was thus propagated. But how to' heck and cure, that was the question. The question of tem ber 1st. An effort will be made to I ase the grounds to practical business men, thereby relieving the ministers from any voice in the business transactions. Institute grounds will also be laid out. a plat made and the lots placed upon the market. The next meeting will be held on the first Tuesday in March and the program will be ready for circulation about the 1st of April. NEARLY CHARIVARIED TO DEATH. OPPOSE THE ELECTION BILL, Sensational Resolutions Adopted by the Farmers’ Alliance A Shameful Proceeding Near Mendon, Illinois [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Mendon, 111., Dee. 3.—News is brought to this city of a most shameful occuranee in Honey Creek township, which has nearly cost the life of a young bride and deranged the mind of the husband. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hardy were married one night last week and a gang of men and boys from the neighborhood assembled to charivari the young couple, die bride became so frighten, d at the hideous noise that she fainted and lay unconscious for about Three hours. The husband, thinking his wife was dead, became uncontrollable, and It was only by giving bim an opiate that he was quieted. He has ever since been deranged, but it is hoped that he will eventually recover. A Commotion Over Color. [Special to The Hawk-ISyo.l Mr. Pleasant, la., Dec. 3.—Mr. L. IL McCracken, a colored barber, has created quite a commotion in religions circles here. About a year ago, after a very acrimonious and prolonged iriaR he was expelled from the colored M. E. church. He was consequently readmitted however. But he had hardly gotten back, when trouble again arose and another trial seemed emminent. McCracken fearing that the former penalty would bx imposed again, made use of his discretion and took out his letter according to the Methodist plan. His colored brethern supposed this would end the matter. But this did not prove to be the case, for last Sunday he put in his letter at the First M. E. Chureh. To say the least, this was a surprise. Said church has no colored members, and his action has caused great agitation. The minister has been in consultation with the leading members of the congregation but it is not known what the outcome will be. A Lively Day’s Pension of the Crrirr Ocala, Florida -< Larges Again t Members to be Investigated — General News Matters. at ife cf my child.” Furthermore I feel friendly towards you as the manufacturers of such a valuable remedy and arn proud of its being manufa lured in our own state. I can cheerfully and willingly give many Instances of its good works to anyone that may want a reliable cough remedy. Wm C. Vogel, Quarry, Iowa. THE PARNELL PICKLE. It is Probable that a Compromise Will be Effected. RAILROAD MATTERS. A 5J* t.miter Pardoned. [Special to The HawK-Eye.] Missouri Valiev, Dec. 3.—Considerable comment exists here over the pAr-don by Governor Boies of Isaac Hill, HarUson county's defaulting treasurer His defalcations amounted to SIO,OOO, ilia greatest part of which was made good by his bondsmen. He was sentenced for two years and the term would have expired early next year. For some time j ast he has been nearly dead at Anamosa with dropsy, ton sick to come home. There is no doubt that several others were implicated in the crime but from the dav of his arraignment he ha- •pecitics was gone into and none had yet taked the burden of tho guilt of several been discovered, formation had work carried (Ululation will Wbat can be but most practical iu-been    found    in the on. Protective    i lieut    give    relief, dine, is this; secure on own others. shoulders and shielded all the ut An A ut i-1 rn inigi ution Law. Washington Dec. 3.—Chairman (>wen of the house committee on immigration to-day introduced a bill making it unlawful, under certain conditions, for foreigners to Immigrate to the United States, and imp. -ii g penalties fur viola tions of the law. The bill practically excludes all immigrants or subjects of any foreign lower now in the country who may I ave and attempt to return, who may be personally hostile to the i principles of the constitution; or Insane or dependent for support. Ii also pro- j vides that no person shall be encourage j by promise of * mployment cr advertisement, and against the Imp' nation or | immigration of aliens under agreement to I perform labor in the United States. The Democrats Du; generated. Washington, D?c. 3.—-The general : feeling to-day is that the republicansout- I generaled the democrats yesterday in til** : preliminary skirmish on the election bill Pier ^ r^i of North Dakota, said he „ 'a:f'wondered that the white in that rep !0ts lh ft ton did not themselves vfr PV-h because they were “ Ue Indians seemed to get A'ti! hungry the further the ‘Uay‘r0Tn,b m. He (Pierce) *' vr a 3 -PW    great Sioux He had been there for the tU,T'Mhs’ and th s wa* the first ^ ^ ■ rrd It asserted that the Indian sip ' ar Path because be was ta '.,.] saw Indians every day in wfr/tr'- ue dvfci ai;d they were 'Jted better ft . niter from The course of Sera.or Harris in opposing Gorman yesterday when he attempted to lead the fight against it In favor of the labor bill is severely criticised. Harris wa1' in consultation with Senator Hoar to-day, and there are rumors that the democrats are likely to fail to stand on a definite plan to light th" bill. Will Oppose Hie Flec tion Bill. • Washington, Doc. J —Inc democratic senators at a caucus this afternoon decided to maintain their opposition to the elections bill; seize every opportunity to discuss it exhaustively and strive to amend every objectionable feature as reached iii the detailed consideratkn of the measure. The caucus did not undertake to formulate an orderof biune.. as the republican senators have not yet completed their programme. Danville’!* i'umn;    Bill. Washington, Dec. 3.-Senator Cullom tc-day introduced a bill appropriating SIGO COO for the erection of a public building at Danville, Illinois. A Silver Purchase Bill Introduced. —Taylor, of Washington, Dec.    -    . . Illinois, introduced 111 the fconse a join-resolution rtquinnc lhe sesrotjry of the tat-a-ury to purchase at mark I ’ m>toto exceed -I for H71.25 grains of pun million oi. lies cm States, and to doubt rare India* rn feed. I apparently than diana. | Laughter.] that in some ageucias k w ho complain of in-wnprn, Butj ke Questioned very L'r i,eneral Miles made the pere    to    him in tho news- *J r f tro,Jble with the Indians is, '<;&Ld adl live en the bounty of ■'•f.ef -'n 7il’ and l'lhe devil finds Mr. Vim,! 0r *die hands to do.” Wr'U66*.saad k0 would take the Uia;;;‘ General Miles far sooner rejftrv--I    senalor who lived near wantf,i ti0n and wko> wit5 bis peo-ts no lha Indian lauds as ()ut* was a reliable *a4»herother Was the fox’ lying «*omprf u geeae wore’ wading to Thefikpm' .    bad not closed when, at 'ice president laid bell nlinished business, silver, the thirteen silver now in the ( cit'd inThlv . ur. hereafter lo cooliue tho mon,.lily |-ur chases to the domestic prodm t. f.ir iVe supremo Bench Dec. 3.—The Spooner Washing! o merit is made on president has at on the supreme court vacancy Senator Spooner of state- i high authority that the last reached a decision and that is to be appointed to succeed the late Miller. The deci-Ion was reached o r yesterday, and when the matter to-day senat >r - p he knew nothing of i .and de Un ,ha nreaident andftb^“s the supreme the matter to-day ar bench. There is however, good author- wholesome, judicious legislation thar will give the right to inspect, quarantine, destroy and di-infect. He noted the result In killing out the pleuro-phneu-monia among cattle at Chicago as In line with the plan. One-tenth part of the losses now sustained would pay all the cost of such enforcement and bring property to many where now there is disaster through disease Where pastures have been used by cholera hogs they should be let alcme for six months, when they would be safe for use. Yards should be raked and the refuse burned. Dei s should be washed out with disinfecting solutions of lime,etc.,cleanliness being one of the certainties of protection. Hr. Parsons i f the National Bureau of Animal Industry, sent by Secretary Rusk to visit the association, was called on and spoke very earnestly. He wanted the association to recognize Washington and to become in thorough rapport with the efforts of the department in all the great measures Instituted to check the disease and develop that which is most profitable on the farm In all blanches. The suggestion1 of Prof. Spiker as to legislation of the most thorough kind was endorsed and there should be such a demand that there is no denial. The secretary of agriculture wants to do all that can be done in every way to check the great and disast rous losses but the co-operation of the great state of Iowa must be had and once had there will be an end to these sweeping calamities. Sam Clark, of “Clark's Hog Cure” then spoke of cleanliness and the u^e of radical changes in the course of the hog s life. While Mr. Clark thinks he has a good thing for the bowels of the sick hog he nevertheless gave his endorsement to tho legislative idea. Senator Yale, of Van Buren, was then given the floor and he pointed out the trouble that attended t he passage of such general legislation as called for. But if the breeders would come up and demand it the great work could be accomplished without fail. To that end every effort should be made by all. The discussions continued until noon and were general and of much value, when the association adjourned until Thursday morning. LAST EVENING’S SKS "ION cf the Shorthorn cattle men was marked by a goodly attendance and by the presentation of a splendid paper by Hon. C. W. Norton on “The Shorthorn preeminently the beef producer of the world.” It was a very bright paper full of energetic thought and will make one of the entertaining and Instructive sections in the records. With the appointment of committees the meeting adjourned until this morning, when the following report of the committee on officers was adopt'd. President, Dan iSheehan, of (Rage, secretary and treasurer, C W. Norton, of Durant; vice-presidents, Martin I1 linn, of Des Moines, C. C. Cirpenter of tort Dodge, and Wesley Fall, of Albia, directors. John McHugh, of Cresco, and J. C. Frazer, of Bloomfield. The session was given over mainly to raising two hundred dollars to build a cottage on the state fair grounds and the sum of SHO was raised, ihe list of members was added to and a general exchange of sound views had Ihe association adjourned to meet with the Fine Stock association next year. the sheep men Downing house with Mr. The drift of ihe Tit*) Boodle Aldermen. (St e Iii to Tho Hawk-Eye.l Des Moines, la., Dec. 3.—The entire day was spent by the court in listening to th;* arguments upon the dismissal of th'* cases against the boodle aldermen. Every attorney for the defendants had his little say, and one cannot help but be amused at the technical points they make. The state is fighting hard but it is extremely probable the court will sustain the position of the defendants’ counsel and take the case from the jury. It is thought tha decision will be rendered to-morrow aftarnoon. Strurk Illuminating Gas. Muscatine la , Dec. 3 —Illuminating gas has been discovered on the farm of R. M. Rec, in Concord township. Louisa county, about twenty miles from Muscatine. He had been boring for water, and a few days ago, gas come up so strong as to throw mud and water 2( 0 feet high. This is the well that has heretofore shown symtoms of gas, but Mr. Lee is now so confident that he is getting the necessary piping to bring the gas to his residence for use. Much Interest is excited over the discovery. Ocala, Ila , Dec. 3.—The sensation of the morning session of the Farmers’ Alliance wa' when President Livingston, of the Georgia alliance, arose to a question of privilege ar d denounced a-infamously false the insinuations in the r ewspapers *:med at Dr. Macune and himself aud even ut President Polk, in connection with the recent sena’orial contest in Georgia. Ile demanded the appointment of a fair and impartial com-Tuttee to thoroughly investigate the charges. President Polk arid Dr. Macune also spoke, and it was decided that a committee of investigation be appointed, to consist of one member from each state delegation, to make a thorough and searching investigation in accordance with the demand of the gentlemen concerned. At the afternoon session, W. S. McAllister, of Mississippi, introduced a preamble and re-olution setting forth that the president of the United S ates in his annual message recommends aud urges the irnmedia’e passage of the Lodge election bill; that said bbl involves a radical revolution in the election machinery of the union, and its passage would be fatal to the autonomy of state aud the cherished liberties of the citizens; that said bill is partisan in spirit and will be partisan in application, thus re vitalizing the gory ghost of sectional estrangement; that In the holy war the Alliance has declared against sectionalism. The firesides of the farmers of north, east, south and west ar< citadels around which the heaviest battles are being fought, aud to the end that victory may crown the crusade and fraternity and unity reign; there'ore he it Resolved, By the National Farmers’ Alliance and Industrial Union of Arner-! iou,in national council assembled,that we do most solemnly protest against the pi-sage of said bill and most earnestly petition our senators to employ all fa r and legal means to defeat this unprincipled measure, which can result in nothing but evil to our common and b< loved country. Mr. McAllister made a strong speech in favor of the resolution. Delegate Deming, of Pennsylvania, saiu he regarded the introduction of the resolutions as untimely; that there was largtly prevalent in the north a feeling that the Farmers’ Alban e wa* a southern organization, saturated with sou>Item sentiments; and that the passage of tlu'se resolutions would strengthen the opinion and check tho growth of the all alice in the north and east. A delegate from illinois expressed the same sentiment. He feared tho adoption of the resolution would confirm the charge that the Farmers’ Alliance is a partisan body. The alliance, he -ald. is getting a grip in the west and in localities where republican sentiment was strong. This action of the national order would tend to throw it into p Jiileal disrepute and stop its expansion over the states of the west and northwest. After several other speeches however, McAllister's motion to adopt the ^solutions was put and carried unanimously, amid the wildest enthusiasm. Resolutions were also adopted denouncing the Louisiana lottery as a blot iii American civilization and morals, ar.d providing for the intr' duetion In congress of a resolution fading for the submission to the people of America of an amendment to the national constitution prohibiting the operation of lotteries in any state The resolution was adopted unanimously. The Katftins ( 11y Hoad Noel for X lolatlon of tho lutoratate Law*. Dubuque, la., Dec 3.—In the United States court now in si '"ion here a complaint is brought aga'n-t the Kansas C'ty road fora violation of the interstate commerce law. la September last an agreed rate was made on several roads for passenger rates to the St Lauis ear-n‘val rJ be Kansas City’s ticket read via Chicago. Agent McNear, of the Illinois Central sent a spy to the c Ai ce of the Kan-as City, where he pur In-e la ticket of Assistant Ticket Agent I*. S. George for St. Louis wi h the promise that, on reaching Chicago he could dispose of the ticket, and he was abo given the address of a Chicago scalper with whom he could negotiate for the sale. M*Near re-perted the case to Chapman Kill icy, who fined the Kamas City SIGO. The road appealed and the decision was reversed The Illinois Central agent then reported the matter to the specia1 agent of the interstate commerce commission, and the latter ord red an investigation by the United States grand jury. The Irl-h I,*>j*dfr in tie. Ue*>t of NpiHt# and Confident of fravnrahte li**-su It a—I lie American Delegate#— Foielgn New*. Work ou a Railroad Cedar Rapids, Iowa, IU*" B elington, Cedar RapkU and railroad has set a force of men on its new acquistion, Iowa ar.d Dakota line. 3.—The Not thorn at work the Davenport, 11 has been de cided to put a ' a--eng r train on tween this p’a. e and Davenport a-a- the road ’-in good condition. be moon Gall for a Meeting of Ga>lr ».»d <>;ti-~i *1* New York, De . 3.—C. P. Huntington, president of the Son h"rn Pacific company, has issued a call for a meeting of railroad officials and bankers identified with railroad interest,. He -tated that no agreement was signed and no provision or informal ion lr regard to the purpose of the meeting contained In the which wa- being •”'< elated. I will <1er*'Ood, “but th* meyor now They were P.artmess was Sheriff IM. Flaherty, scnted to be the mayor. ouce u to at the court house, and Introduced to Deputy ho was repre-Bartn e-s was paper The o ri I ii < ¥. K»*iikiik Xhutoo IG.-**!. (Special to Tin- HrtWk-Ej e.) Nauv oo, ll! , Dec. J —There is a const! crab e awakening in lute’* st i i the Quincy, K oknk aid Nauvoo rni road sc he m . Toe prospects f -r s' curb g the new railroad are bf comb g br-ghter and brighter. Yfce-Pre^dent M-Laughlin i' forms us that the right-of-way ha-neatly all been secured between Niota and Hamilton, and that the cot.tra tors. who intend taking the contra-t for building the road. will pas- ov r tic* proposed route fro ii Niota to Quai y next Thursday. _______ A;I>i'.1~hI Dorter i*i*ngerotisly 111. I Washington, Dec. 3 — Ydmira! Por-! tor, of the navy, is critically i!! a’d his I doctors say his chances of re every a e very slim indeed. He is lying aT his spacious hnu-*1 on It street, and it is ov( rrun with callers asking what hope there is for the p cover/ of the old hero. The illne.-s o* the aimirai has postponed the arraiigements for hi-daughter s wedding, the invitations for which were about to be issued. Thi-daughter has been c e of toe belles of^ Washing on society f >r s* veral years. Ten years ago she became engaged to Captain Campbell, of the army, but owing to the opposition of her ta,her the couple have not married. During all this time Captain Ca a pbel), who is sta tion< d in this city, K:e never entered the London, Dec. 3.—Th" enemies of Mr. Parried this morning avert that the great clouds of crimination and recrimination which have gathered about the conference must seedily be dfspel'ed, and th- moral force of th * p»*op:»* of bot?' countries brought to bear on the pith of the matter. VV non this is done they profess to believe that the Iri-h leader will be unhorsed. At two o’clock today’s session of th** conference of the Dish nationalist members of the house of commons w as begun. Prior to the opening of proc*** ding" the usual precautions were obse-ved to insure th*; meetit g against Intrusion or interruption from the outside. Mr. Parnell and his followers continued their efforts to putoff decisive action and finally succeeded in securing an adjournment till to-morrow. It is given out that a compromise is probable. Ciaucey’s comprend-e proposal involves the temporary retirement of Parnell, subject to certain conditions being exacted from Glad-tone ja connei .ion with the proposed home rule scheme in the ever t of libera! victory in th-:-next general election. Parnell is lr the b -st cf -cirits and express with greatest confidence hi- view that the present movement will filially result favors!) e to him. Tee f* Jug among his supporters is that his position i- materially strengthened to day, especi- [ ally by tile assurances of support received from America au l lr laud. The municipal authorities of Bovle, cork and Brogh'da; the plan of campaign tenants of Cures* and Mellin and the B^yle branch of the Na'iooaJ League passed resolutions against Parnell. The municipal cote.cb of Billina, Newry XuV.Ohuii- the p. >r Law Guar dians of Ennis C rn, the Young Ireland society and the L -uu re bran h of the Nut in: a L ague vt d iii fav r * f his re-inainii g leader. Bi b p GI! (< iv. of the Diocese of FJphin. and the cKrgy of his dioee-e favor Purr.* il ' retirement Parnell ha* decided to state ex pin illy whether he will retire from tho i* id.-r-ship. bul ha- a kid a day in which to consider Clancy s proposal, which was cleverly designed in Pa-n**ii a interest, wi.h the double obj et of gaining time ann pu ting the S* xu n sib • further wior.g in the event of the almost cer’ain refusal of Gladstone to give the r. quired I pledges. Dxrl^re Drtrn^ll Unfit. lit rein, Dec. 3.—At a meeting of the Catholic hi*-rar h at ’he re-idenee of Archbishop Wa'-h today it was resolved to issue a manifesto declaring that th** archbishop aud the b>h p- o' Ireland consider Parnell unfit to r< main leader of the iri'h party. Ti e objection to Parnell are based mainly on moral grounds, but aDo in th*- opinion of the hierarchy hi* c« ntim.anc** in th** leadership would inevitably cause a disunion in the party. The manifesto issued by the Catholic hierarchy deciares their judgment U not given on political ground', but solely told that he would have to undergo a medical examination, and he readily consented. Vernon May b *rry a d Alfred Curtis, two well known ci'ize* - who were serving on the grand jury, j in -d in the plot, representing the u-eiv* s to he aldermen. The whole pariy wen* up -fairs to a va* ant room, &• d Stale - Attorney Noah Turner was rent f ;r and introduced as the medical examb.er. A thousand questions touching hi" character, habit-, etc , were put to him, a1 of *hi< Ii he answered in g iud faith. He was measured and overha led after the manner of medical examiners; his v-th wer* inspected, and then he wa* made to jump over a piie of chairs, an hot.r ait* r which Hartmess wa- told to go home and wa t for his commission, it** went Oa k a* d finished his spring plowing, but -tiiI his *-ommi"s:on did not come. On** day a neighbor, who had heard of the alleged j"k*», called on him and explained the affair. Mr Bartin« -s i am-* to town and began suit against the jokers for Sr*.COO. Tn*» ca"-' wa- tried and the jury brought in a verdict awarding Burnut" Jarr.ag*'s in the "urn o' "33 and costs. The co-ts amount to about 8200. POEMd IN PLENIY. g looked w'th .p. upon the ■-1- of th - city to giv** them de"erv*-d. yet Enter**! for Iii** (ireut Htwk-Kj** Frl/e Got.lest —The lust# s .1 *»peu. The success of the great Hawk-Eye prize poem cor t*-st is assured beyond all doubt or question. Contributions from some of our best known writers ar* pouring in upon u> and for this prompt response, which indicates the popularity of the scheme and the ic pieing nature of the theme, we are truly grateful. Therefor*) give free rein to your -oar'ng fancies ye gentle poets and hand to us your melting melodic-. The first series will be published to morrow For the benefit of those win may not have seen th** announcement of our p'an in yesterday's u-oe we reprint it in this: “The Hawk Eve has ion I tenderness and com pa** F I poor. struggling, young p >• a- d nas made up its mil d the encouragement so w so niggardly bestowed wo-ld That our Ut a! pc "iderab! ' merit .vs i not those woo saw hew they ^ their think" in verse in our I rig issue. To encourage these and may w ish co eruer the cont' cot tribuHons from the p dined. We think it be.-t th; write upon one theme—win at last and the ground is covered with its tir-t soft mantle of white—what more appropriate thine ii.an “Beautiful Snow.” Such it "bali h . and a pr zeofa very useful article w . contributor sending in Judged the be"t. Poems long’h up to two stat ea< h; ai y one can make bu’ious a" he may w;'h i" in"p’red wi’h the fire of ge> is no coupon to be cut out a d the contribution aid the conte to the world Contribute r-" ad ires-* d “Ei>it‘*r H\wk-Uyf f'il Snow prize competi ion '    * by aa u ; fj p. * s rf* b a COD- I by ' ired forth T hank ss i e- others who I we invite ti* p.liy in-a*l fthfu'd r has come g I Cl ti Porter inu'ehold, a fiancee l.ave been <: of the promenade', ter’s persevere ■•*•>* father cense:; , d should take place. b>*!eg made for an ilia .ant I.-: ce re*a leu, .bat the Prepa: at extensive i and they are now p >s;pOi d by th I miral’s probably fatal illness. and his eq wanters M'ss Por-a:d her marriage on" were wcddii g, ad- ANOTHER VOTE FOR INGALLS. M. Burkett Will Betain Hi# Po#ftIon. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Mr. Pleasant, Dec. 3.—Hon. W. M< Farland, successful candidate for secretary of state, i" in the city, the guest of his brother, Dr. J. lh McFarland. He traveled extensively in the last campaign and I" a good judge of politics. In his opinion, the republicans will elect the governor next y* ar and will also have a good working majority in the house of legislature. Mr. Burket, present deputy of state, will be continued in his position. Hog Cholent Epidemic. [Special to The Hawk-Eyk.1 New Providence, Dec.    3.—Hog cholera is making fearful havoc among th** swine In this township, many farmers losing heavily, some as high as IGO in a few days. Corn smut is also proving very injurious to the cows, one farmer losing four In one day, and others in like proportions. The state veterinary surgeon will be a"ked to investigate. Itclieve >ht> Wits 'Juiicd Xlixe. Bridgeport. HL, Dec. 3. — Mrs. Cyn-Kansas Legislative Uonttst Derided in thiaiilgvdon Was pronounced dead by St. Louis physicians Sunday night ar.d her body wa" brought here la-: night for interment. When th"* ca-kot was open' d her husband became sat;-fit d that she topped the funeral. Favor of I lie Kfpaniicau Candidate. Topeka, Kus., I) c. 3.—The Marion county contest for member of the legislature, wherein E W. Maxwell (alliance! and George M. Rood (rep.) had each received the same number of votes. was ye: living and upon the revelation of the divor* e court, file to regard it in a" con-flenses Known , aggravated circnmsTaace give it scandalous pronai-iit and shame. ‘ Surely conli n-for the after which th* y are * • ; Parnell in any oilm-r light victed of one of the gravest to religion aud soviet in b's case by almost ever possible to nenee in gi Catholic In land,” the manifesto ups. so eminently conspicuous to the on ad- nav b*- of any i- of four line" a" many conusor a" often as he Ins; there "en: with I** own V *-?    Jp*    - should . Beau i-he poems .-** col- A local physic‘an v as was decided this mornirg by lot in favor j plied electrical and other for t**"tS ana ap-and de- of Mr. Hold.    Thirty-two slips, all blank except one, up in which wa" written the word “representative,’’were placed in a hat. Governor Humphrey held the hat, and Auditor McCarthy, representing Rood, and Treasurer Sims, representing Max we I, drew the slips alternately until the slip marked “r< presentative” was drawn bv McCarthy. elded that she was dead, after which the exercise proceeded. The affair caused milch excitement, and all are not ye’ satisfied that she was d**ad when buried. virtue and purity of its -o tai life, will not accept a- a Uader a man wholly dishonored and unworthy cf Christsan confidence Further, we cannot avoid the '’onviction that the continuance of Parnell’s leadership wiii disorganize and range in hostile camps tho*e, hitherto unff d with th* force of our country. Confronted with the prospect of a continuance so disast. rou", we see nothing but inevitable defeat at th** general election and a" a result, home rule indefinitely postponed, coercion perpetrated, tile hands of th** evictor "trength-ened aud th- evict*** without the "hodow cf being re-instated.” will appear from day to day in th umns. I* S.—Another obj* ‘ wm have in view is the re>toeking of the marge with poetry upon thU on e popular theme. There wa- a ti ne when to* re was an uu-limi’ed supply, but. through the i:.G ic nee of the cautio paragraphs, youthful poets have be* ame disheartei.ed ani the supply ha" fallen wonderfully iow. We would be greatly obliged if some one would hand us in a copy of th? original poem of th!" name so often alluded to. TEE IRISH WIDOWS Mr* THE WOMEN CARRY THE PAY. Want# Two Franchl#**#. Lyons, la., Dec. 3. —The Baldwin Electric Street Railway company was Monday night granted the exclusive franchise for five years by the Clinton city coudcll, and the company uow ask9 the right of way from the Lyons council. The ordinance as granted is regarded by some as an injustice to the present street railway company and is caui-ing much ill feeling.    _ They WHI Me Admitted a# L&y Delegate# to General AI IC. Confer* nee- Philadelphia, Dec. 2.—The question • shall women be admitted into general conference a" lay delesrateVbas benn submitted to congregations of all Methodist churches in th? United S ates, and th? Philadelphia Af thodiat will say to-morrow, that enough returns have been received to show' the women have carried tim day. !>f*«'iar*? (Mi ""india aunt Go. Huron. S. D. Dec. 3.—A number of representative citiz ms of Huron be ld a meeting last night and declared unanimously that saloons ai d liquor joints now running in opposition to th? state prohibition law’ must go. A number of letters ham been received by leading temperance people advising them to leave town or refrain from further molesting the venders of liquor, and under penaUy of having their property destroyed and bodies filled with bullets. These letters have aroused the law-abiding citizens. Mftsl for Starving Ireland, London, Dec. 3.—Ba four, chief secretary for Ireland, h is order i a man-of-war to convey ten tons of meal for the purpose of relieving the distress prevailing among the inhabitant" of Ciareise land and Inni#turk arising from the failure of the potato crop. KOCH S LYMPH OVERRATED. FEARFUL DISASTER. General Arthur Bridgmvn Burled. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Keokuk, I)**c. 3.—The funeral of General Arthur Bridgman occurred to-day from St. John’s Episcopal church, Rev. Dr. Mel!wain conducting the services. The mugic was rendered by the famous Dudley Buck quartet. A profusion of floral offerings was made. The burial rite took place at Oakland cemetery. Au Unknown Schooner (toes Down with All timid#. Halifax, N. S., Dec. 3. — Intelligence was received to-night of a fearful disaster In the Bay of Fu^day. A schooner was capsizad and wmut down with all on board. The disaster occurred In the afternoon and was witnessed by parties on land, who, owing to th** heavy storm, wprc unable to render assistance. The identity of the schooner Is unknown. the president spoken together Mr. pooufr the Ity for the statement that will leave the    J?    f * „t |S not to bench, though the ap. .    ia?t    of be made until the rn M ”' * Mr January. The l,re"(d ,jje senate •« to ‘enate Mr f0IIS1 x,;1 Of Pie \e!tc«on7bTil.aS ?ubs’*Uute°0k the !,00r in °bl)0' it'i0n* ‘Isa* t,„measure, he said, rested Ppressfd U,0il what was called the repub’lcau vote in U k>uthf in‘7e<i &’H In ti1 course of his remarks, l!f* norther u states where 4; K110 ®ore pi" a)iid<' t]ne coior^d men of preferment than Mildred Vftir’ 0 ^ew Hampshire ^Cvo^0' The 4:5j» ha h suppression Hid the south was a side 9*77 in Question affirmed on ti 8uPPres in,DLcd oa the other: but T^westI lhe colorpd voter of " tS a :hinR wiHiout ques-t    UQcondltional pre*emiL!t lh® wbltft raco was n.,. 1 to anv nnrtion Uia Spooner shall rem alnein    for    the help to carry on "ig>n‘]tor lawyer federal election 'avv-    he    would Zia voc mii.-agueu to-day that be w told his colleagues *%»** *£' end 0f his retire from public life present term in the seua*. • The    ,0f Washington, Dec. ■4.    at    the NY ashing lu.’ti    „    ,4inrT«r    at    tee the Brazilian fleet gave>    ^ S0cretary alliant affair. The acy. it    »    r:    thfi    grwat dining Arliogton hote^ '^brilliant affair. T’-acy. It was a u    d, dinner was. served jn ntbe The decora dinner was served in. «*    » lis}tely hall of the hotel, which    *    ^ decora- decorated for the occa5    ’    orchids, .ions of the Whig wore 'n;rar»a„y no- roses and chrysar.th-.rn tables were present. _ Scot* The line-cut department of thy , Robinson and    hundred girls killed Loss $100,000. b'X nu nu thrown out of employmen^    tbe    season are met at the d’Ycu-sion 'was In" he direction of better a.sen-    *toc    I    et v since the «heep'Industry was now so lar^P’y on .0 onj j re J were commended as be- Lob! a Hand. [Special to The Hawk-Kye.] (Hnfva, Dec. 3.—Some weeks agua little son of John Huatchbatch ran a nail into his hand. Delay in calling a physician with persistent refusal to have the swelling lanced, resulted in the necessity of amputation yesterday-_ Iowa Women’# Suflragists. fSpecial to Tbe Hawk-Eye.) Des Moines, Dec. 3.—Tho nineteenth annual meeting of the Iowa Womens Suffrage association will open to-morrow morning. A large attendance of prominent advocates including Susan B Anthony are on the grounds. The Aineri an Trottlnj; l##oclation. Chicago, Dec. 3.—The board of appeals of the American Trotting association to-dav continued for further evidence the case against Iiardenhurg and Crockett, owners of the black horse “Star Edsall, ’ charged with entering him in arace at Ellensburg and Shenandoah, Iowa, out of his class. Dr. F. M. Clark, of Chicago, endeavored to have action taken in the (ase wherein he wa> suspended for non-payment of entry fees He asserts that he was victimized by a driver, who fraudulently entered his horse at Jerseyville and Terre Haute, and be- ause he did nm pay the-o entry fees he was suspended. The case was continued A Wealthy Widow Bobbed. Charleston, W. Ya , lice. 3.—Yesterday r bbers entered th** house of Mrs. Carey, a wealthy widow reading at Sew ii, took her from her bed. bound an'* gagged her and secured -I?I,OOO in money. Two of the robbers were subsequently captured, but soon after escaped, and in an exchange of shots that followed a man named Mason was shot dead. Claimed for It In the Doctor's l."#ay than Experiment# so far \V»r-r int. Berlin, Dec. 3.—The American doe-! tors stopping a’ IUrlin "tate that they have given up all hope of obtaining any of the lymph before the* t vernnnmt h*' supplied all the hospitals. They say that the lecture" on the Koch cure contain little of interest or of fea’ures not procurable from medical works. The only valuable thing permitted is the observation of patients, the lymph bring Msgoogln Ila# a In Word** ti* Say in Debn"* of Fnrne'l. “Fwhat in th’ wurruid ar’ ye doin’ down an yer two knee- there, Mrs. M -Glaggerty ? ’ “Givin’ thank". Mr". Mag >ogin, agrah.” “An’ fur fwhy ar’ ye pivn’ thanks, Mrs McGlaggerty ? ’ “Fur bein' an airth at ail a: a!!, in I the e harrud toimes. me frind.” “Au harrud tonnes they ar’ intoirely, I Mrs. MeGiaggi rty! Fwhat w..- i milk | gone up a ( int a pm*, an P'-ya'I :s riz, j an’ soup malt as ii »igh as di'ntongs, an’ j beer tnreatenin’—we're bavin’ worse toimes nor th’ wurruid has 'aw s'uce th’ day- av owld King Herod, Mrs. M -Giaggt rty.” “Throth’n id’s tbrue fur ye, Mrs. Ala-Googiu!” “Sure an' don’t Oi know id is.” said the widow with an a-r < f a"-urn d wisdom “An’ id " more koind.- av throuble nor wan that id's bringia’ maven rn e*m. Luk at th’ peyaty rot in th’ owld dart an’ see th’ misforchin that ha# overtaken me poor frii.d Darn*-'! ji fit at th’ very bb*", id mini: f w bin he wa; afther bt in’ about to get Home Rub* fur <'ireia d. The "now -torn*. Chic ago, Dec. 3.—The signal service official here says Chicago i- ju"t at the *-dge of a snow storm this morning. The storm is moving ea>t with its center in Ohio. At Rapid City, near Rosebud Agency, the thermometer registers S above zero, Ft. Sully G above and B.smarck 2 above. A Murderer KilU-d. WI r. Ll a m "town, Ky., Dec. 3.—Last evening George Burg* ss, a saloonkeeper, shot and fatally w*»unded Alice McKinley and then barricaded him"*if in tile -aloon. The "h« riff and deputy marshal broke down thp door, and a fusflade followed, ending with tbe death of Burgess. the fohowlriB officera^    prPsid,,nts, It. I,. Vranklin, of Atlantic, r, ti Me Neil of Garden Grove; Hates, year on With the lion. the first Wednesday of December - Fine Stock Breeders assoeia- bluff park affairs. program for Die A *» Arr“"B't,,,,, Comme Season typc 3.—At the meeting FT. MAPieo-t " park yesterday Bluff Park ye of the trus«.«»»    1    s c]r.ctcd presi- Prof- IU D. Muus3eiS.aflnCV created by the dent to AH j Upev c. L. Stafford, of Ot- resignation of he .    ^ N power was turn wa, a®d sjdent. The program for elected vice Pre^id discussed and an the next    by tbose^ in charge that Agreement rnad^ ^ ^ &nd close ben- CommencI#l>Ie. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup company. Haets gently on the kidneys, liver and bowls, cleansing the systei“ effectually, but it Is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate.__ Iowa Horticulturist#. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.J Des Moines, la., Dec. 3.—The East-lowa Horticultural society is in 0J*Q JL ». 4*    ------ ?ession at Iowa City with a large attendance.    _ Frohibitlon Defeated Boston, Dec. 3.—Returns from the twenty-two Massachusetts cities, which yesterday held municipal elections, are very slow in coming in. Fourteen of twenty-two show that no license, on which question there is in this state local option, has received an overwhelming blow. Fall River, for Instance, which last year voted no license by 1,500, ha" gone 3,000 for license, and the >ame is true in Cambridge and Lawrence. For the most part democratic mayors are elected, and the city government i" democratic in twelve of the fourteen cities heard from. II** ivy Snow sturm rhroiitftioat Ontario Toronto, Dec. 3 - A severe snow storm prevails throughout Ontaria and the western portion of Quebec. The weather is boisterous and cold. Trains are delayed. The Birmingham strike. Bikmixgua, Ala., Dec. 3.—The "triking coal miner'have b .-n joined by all the men who were at w< k Monda'1 and a1! the min**" are idle except wh< :<* < or-vlcts work or negro miners have t.•■■en secured. A SEVERE ATTACK OF CROUP. Joined Church, Then Eloped. Boone, la., Dec. 3.—Byron Devere was baptised last Sunday a week agoaud joined church. ^ _______ Last    Wednesday    night he eloped with one of the members, Mrs. Jas. E. Davis.______ No Change in Dr. Baxter’# Condition. Washington, Dac. 3.—There has been no change in Dr. Baxter’s condition since la^t night. _________ Quick cheap, and sure is Salvation Oil, and you can get it at ail druggist# for 35 cents. Millions of bottles of Dr. Hull’s Cough Syrup have been sold at 25 cents e*ck The rhild’s l ife Saved by Chamberlain’# Cough Remedy, I wish to say to the public that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the best I have ever used or sold for croup. I am never without it at my home for my children. Last winter a child of Mr. E. J. Wetzel, one of my customers, was choking with a sudden and severe attack of croup. I gave him a bottle cf this Cough Remedy, and he started for home, gave the child two doses of it, which stopped the coughing and smothering instantly aud in a few minutes the little one was out of all danger. Mr. Wetzel came back to the store as happy as he could be and said: “That bottle of Ou^h Renaedv saved the A Forger Neuter.**.d. New York, Dec. 3.—Aib»rt IL '■onifh, a member of the firm of Mill', Robeson A Smith, bankers and brokers, who was convicted of forgery, was sentenced to seventeen years’ imDrUonment iti the state penitentiary. The Ftr#t Freeze In Tex##. Seymour, Tex , Dec. 3.—A cold norther blew up yesterday morning and it is now freezing—the first freezing weather this winter. Th** town and country are rapidly fi!‘:r.g up with new people. exhibited on!/ from a distance. The Americans are intent on at’ending the dissection of some of the sections of the lymph. If this be permitted they will coasiaer this trip wtii paid. Observation has disclosed to them much in favor of Koch, but ha" impressed them that Koch will >~8 obliged to take back a great deal promised in his e'say published in the \teriiziiiish Worhniticfirifi. Tracheotomy was resorted to in the ea>o of a patient in the hospital at B mn, as a'ter Inoculation with Koch’s lymph, his neck swelled to twice L" norma) size, threatening to smother the patient. The Russian doctor, Dobyan'ki, warns Russian consumptives in the journal A lee Je Wrenja against coming to Berlin on account of the blackmailing of physicians dealing in lymph of doubtful quality. Ile furthermore corroborates reports of tile endeavors of De L'-vy to get patients for the German hospitals at exorbitant prices. Judge Hadani. r, of Frankfort, ( barges De Levy with having asked I.OOO marks for inoculation. Dr. Koch has received a letter Dorn Dr. Dixon, of I’hil-adelphia. who claims that tbe lymph is identical with a preparation he ha" been using in his practice fur "Ome time An envoy of the Prussian government is in Paris studying the a orange maut* and workings if the Pasteur institute, with a view to ut!!1./ rig the informa lien in connection with th'* new Koch hospital which it Is proposed to erect in Benin for the treatment of consump .ive*. The Bavarian government has decided to convert the palace of the late King Ludwig into a hospital in which the Koch method will he given an exhaustive trial. An, but he’s (Jlacgerty! th’ foine O' have hi" Mrs .1 I: av th’ Oirish Wurruid, th’ wall av me kitch* is. nachera! an’ loife-Itke gcrty, as if Id wa-- himsil’ was peekm out from behoind th’ "htove. ai; Mr Muir,’ cut out J up an Id luk" as . M G ag- Fwhat "hplii.did fwhlshkers he bavin ’ Mr.". McGlaggerty! a byjotif.J forehead—ji'ht Dmny's—God oe girl to th' be do An’ fwhat ilk my peer man's s*'*w(! IT WAS A COSTLY JOKE. Don't hawk, hawk, blow, spit, and disgust everybody with y,.ur offensive breath, but nae Dr. Save 8 Catarrh Remedy and end it. 50 cts., bv rt*"i.8nzi«’° Tobacco Work# Burrell Detroit, Micb., Dec. 3.—The linecut department of tbe Scotten tobacco works burned this morning. Two firemen, O. G. Robinson and Patrick Coughlin, were killed and two others seriously injured. Bcecharr’? ma '*'<■< PR]# a-** ilk? mat lo ce - weak Springfield Humorist# Pay Dearly for Having fun with a Farmer. Springfield, 111., Dec. 3.—A practical joke perpetrated by several prominent citizens some months ago culminated in the circuit court here in a judgment, for damage" for the victim. Henry W. Hart-m*)>s. a farmer, several month" ago wa" s**iz d with an ambition to be put on the Springfield police force. He wa- not familiar with city poi bit", but h** had a friend in towm named John Underwood, who had been one of his neighbors in the country and who wa" holding the position of deputy sheriff. He asked Underwood to get him a place or. the fur* and ’hat gentleman said he would try. A couple of weeks later Mr. Bartu,* :.s exam to town and a-ked Underwood if he had recured that, pi are vet “No.” ;»■■' tt*. OI doon’t b'ame th’ wimmin fur failin’ in love wid him. cor him fur fa-iin’ Ir> love wid them! Begorry, Oi’d set me cap fur him rr.esel’, so Oi wild, Mrs M Giagger-ty. aff OI thawt <M had th’ ghost ava show, indeed an’ OI wild! They’re raisin’ a great hullaballoo in England about iii" toot-y-taits—a" me daughter Toozy sc/ id in th’ Fr;neb—wid wan Mr". O Shay. Ii** toed a comp1 ait smash an her, Mrs. McGlaggerty, captured her h’art intoirely, an’ pur’y soon, d ye inoii.d, a divoor :e foilied, an’ thin a schandai, an’ now nawthin’s to be hurd an aither side, but Parnell's this an’ Payne Ii'.* that, an’ no b a guard an th’ fa'-e av th’ airth i" worse our him, Yrs. Mc-Glaggerty. Now, lishtin to me, me frind. Ohm no free lover, ar.’ God Knows Oi’d not b»* a Mormon for forty-noin** dollars, nor a Turk, aither; but f what is a poor divil av a man to do fwhin a bjoo-tiful cray lure shnaps hey eyes at him an’ a# mooch as it* -mts h*r heart to him on a goolden p'atthcr, Mrs. McGlaggerty? OI renumber rn’ f i b-toime Of met my I> nny- resht his s .wi! — the way he quiver’d an’ quaked an’ shtud an wan I *g an didn't know f which ind av his anathem/ his hat was an. To shpake plain y, Mrs. M Glaggerty, he kumfluaimixed complaitly. J hat’s th' way wid Parnell and Mrs. O'.sh ay.    We’re a1* human, acushla, an’ ioi’bl**    G> go agin’ tn' law some lo:mo or oth^r. an’ we -hud luk lalniently at ai short-cornin's. fur who knows b we may be th' mm our. el ? No! not that GI n.ane that <u d a thing mesel'. Mrs. NUtPaggi the ncice dayeint widdy wo rn a . am! No, ma am, not me: bu th im that has husbands into the cattjgoarv. There’s n o‘aer s it fwhat No! No! do such ty! Me that oi nj i trier* s may coriin our Jurry, fur inshtauce. Keep #n oy,. Somebody may shta! hun, S ■ gerty!”—Surifh.q/ Jferci/zi/ ait hon McGiug' a ior m!r at A s**n#»tt jni*l Dc.rotrrtr K vnsas City, D.*c discoveries were made lug cf th * Trans-Mi * elation. The gra n ii* City rad madeupjc man: of g**»! d: rites. The .Mi"*? I exp* ii se Dills sail lo ha *'*r:ain gram d*a!*r- t.iv»’s of thre.* <*',...... a I' ('ate on sh?; ...s lare - enough to u>ak • ducStfvr ■*■• f-o’or’rt -•* *.■ ‘ii'atii a - u* a na! ■so- S i- "O * r r'?    -■*»»- - a srur f>. ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Burlington Hawk Eye