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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - December 3, 1890, Burlington, Iowa ESTABLISHED JUNE, 1839.) ga elections proposed TH9    .    „r____DI ii ” jtion of the “Fore.) Bill. pf port* Mild Co in rn u ii I rations dented In the Seoate-The Copy-right HIH Taken Up In the House-Washmtfton News. 2.—The presi- lrumVOTOSi Do* has st!lT“ned tho spInal den' '^f the republican senators with theSelections bill, aud there is #\M lW that vigorous pressure will the intention I should bu attempted, rule to Dimmit dosing of the ®°h o-i’ht to piss the bill. Talk with ^ ratu aerators show that they have d?iermined on adetinite course. They *?i insist upon a thorough diseussion but r I doubtful whether they will attempt the filibustering. It is clearly fA^rea    ‘    ■ republicans, if to adopt to permit The indications all lead the belief that the bill as amended by 5.-e"ate committee, will be passed, but dither it will get through the house In b very uncertain. The democrats ?re may block legisiation by absenting pelves, and with the large number f Jef ated republicans absent, it will be t imposable to get a quorum of . h!vans It is not improbable that the senate may allow the bill to pa'S without filibustering tac-■ LL fief lid on the democrats in the iflCls    * toe*? to defeat It. tVA'HlNoTON. Dec , Iii the senate the annual report of the secretary of The treaty wa9 ptcsented. A petition from Lika alkine for the disarmament of IjjL'OUX Indiarand suggesting that tELe deprived of horses and furnished jjecin lieu thereof was then presented. if were introduced. A number tv * them being one to allow a rebate jfdri'vbai k on tobacco and snuff held in January I. 1SD1, and one author- f Stock ary of agriculture to dis til? the seer Hrikte semi to citizens of Kansas and bo have suffered from the >g the pr< sent year, communications and peti-1 and referred were nuns for tlie amendment of a rebate on rnanu- fSebrask a w drought dun Aion? the ■ tics? present : cerous Dei’-’ tile tariff bill aud f lei ire I ti    , Manders n ofT red a resolution, whom ira-agreed to, caging on the secretary ;o(war for information as to steps taken fertiledi-armament of the Indians on Bg reservations in Nebraska, South Da-To’o and North Dakota. I The senate th- u proceeded toconsider-IIlion the J :.?«* bill to amend and Lpplfiuent the election laws of the r ted M i C' ai. i to provide for a more iSr.eicenf reel:-.en? of such law-*. A point wa- raised about the displaee-:t of tho eight-hour law' bill by the e;e lions meare and a lengthy discus-[lion on parliamentary points resulted, iPins > it was agreed by a strict party j tot*? to proceed Bar r• ' - :* Ear,test oppurtu bion bld, move bathe conddera with the elections bill. Tice he would at the ity, subject to the elee-hat the senate proceed n of the labor bill just olerk vsumed the Meenon? D i. and when the senate adjourned. reading of the it was finished the re-election. to seats and changing    v members retire. The rule is -Firlt come, first served.” Thp . LL# •    . ingaTlf which Nrft,nble aft(Cr threat of Soto, and Wolcott, of Colorado, were both after the scat, but the former spoke hist aud he will get lt sjj0uid present occupant fail of Mr. Wolcott will take the seat now held by Senator Spooner, of Wit , h6aat0r A»en, of Washington, although a new member, with that enterprise so conspicuous among wieners comes forword and claims the seat to bd vacated by Senator Farwell, of Illinois thus casting a doubt upon the Utter'd chances of being returned. None of the republican, lay cla'm to Senator lllalr’s sea,, winch I. on the democratic side but hci.iiP'r l'ascoe, of Florida, iias put la a cairn for it because it is more de-siraole than the one he now occupies These premature bids for seats are apt to stir up personal feeling, as in the case of Senators Blair and Warner Miller several years ago, when the latter captured the former s seat before the election was decided. BURLINGTON. WHITE SCALPS IN DANGER^ IOWA. WEDNESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 3 1890. (PRICE; 15 CENTS WEEK. General Miles Considers the Indian Situation Dangerous Au Outbreak Alined Sure to luke l>lHre Many Thousand* of Hostile Indians Well A ruled aud Fro-vlaloned—Latest Reports. Wa*1 iington, Dec. 2—General Miles, troubL m iWWw°'day on the Icd«an inknont -r boliev(l» the danger im-tin?, “ v, e 3eri()U9Qe8S of the situa-n’1 ^'V >bas not been exaggerated. Ice disaffection i spread than for years. A co tends to d,!L rent tribes tha! have been hostile but are I lilted Republicans. 0 rom the Chicago Ti ibune—Special.) Washington, Dec. I.—Current opinion --that is the opinion riot expressed in the stereotyped form of partisan interviews—commends to-day's paper as a clear, business document, chiefly noticeable for the courage of its writer in evading none of the issues of tho day. He commends the state department's policy of reciprocity with great cordiality whole with equal warmth he stands by the tariff measure of last session as loyally as if there had been no election. His opinion that no one yet knows the general effect of this law, and that the evils ch arg *d against it before the election wore based on misrepresentation, is an opinion which no one except an extreme parisian would think to-day of contra-dieting His commendations'of f he election bill will bo a prelude for early action in tho senate. The democrats threaten to stop all business by obstructive means lf this measure is pm iud. Time will show w hether tho** threats will hold good. Those whj are fond of dwelling upon the differences among lea,dice republicans at >ho capital wilt find no evidence of these diff* rences in tho message sent to congress to-day. The Vea; Inspection Mill Washington, Dec. 2.— Tho bouse committee on commerce has directed a favorable rep irt on tho senate bill providing for the inspection of cattle and meat products Free Coinage BUI* Introduced. Washington, Dec. 2 —Free coinage bills differing in details were introduced to-day fiy Senators Plumb and Teller. General Wilcox Dead. GiTNGTON, I)vc. 2.—Gem Washington, use. is.—General raus M. Wilcox died this morning. f'ad- The Stiickcn surx«oa Cameral. Washington, Dec. 2. —Surgeon Genera! Baxter is still in an extremely critical condition. His whole right side is paralyzed and he remains unconscious. PAN REPUBLIC CONGRESS. IN TEE HOUSE. Copyright Bill Taken Up for Con* -iderattcn. IV .OKIN*, tov, Dec. 2 —In the house iii?Timing R* preventative Harmer, of Pstn-y ania. presented a petition from :cines of Pm adeiphia, favoring an im-cdaer.' to the McKinley bill, allowing 4 r '■ .I? on broken packages of ie king t<ha*and snuff. The petition Ti- referred. I Thecsmmittce on commerce Las dire: rd a f avera bi report on the senate |Eprovia.- g for the inspection of cat- I- we VdC rfi(iI prc>ix • ■ >, The h ase iii -id** I to proceed with the to:-; erat:'in of the copyright bill. Sira-odsmoved an amendment providing ■littie act shall go into effect July I, 165'' hmm nos then demanded the ireviou? iestii.n on the bill and am end- First Meeting cf the Coni mitt# e to He Held In New York Next >atarday. New Yoke, Dec. 2.—A meeting of the Fan-Itepublic Congress committee will be held in the postoffice building in this city next Saturday. The committee consists of 200 members. Tile purpose for which the committee was organized is to take the preliminary step toward holding a congress of delegates from all the republics of the world ac some point in ihe United States during the Columbian Exposition. To thecongress will be invited all the eminent friends of popular government. The aim of tile congress will be to knit the various republics into closer bonds of sympathy with each other. The obj -ct of such legislation as shall be for the mutual benefit and the further progr • s and welfare ef mankind will also be dis n**ed. more wide-■ pi racy ex heretofore ,    —    now in full sympathy with each other though scattered over a larger area of country. The causes of the difficulty are easy of loc a-on. Insufficient food supplies, relig-lous delusion and the innate disposition or the savage to go to war must be held responsible.” “Are the campaign preparations on the part of the government complete?” wa* asked. •‘Not quite,” replied the general. ‘•Everything will be ready in a few days though. The troops arid supplies enroute will be available very speedily. Ail possible Is being done to encourage tne loyal and reduce the number of and influence of hostiles, and in this wav the outbreak may be averted” General Miles referred to the necessity which existed for more cavalry. “Although,” he said, “We have about 2,000 mounted men, we have plenty of infantry but you cannot catch mounted Indians with white foot soldiers.” “Is it not a novel proceeding for Indians to go on the warpath at the beginning of winter?” querried the reporter “Ye*, in some respect it is,” replied the general. “Their argument is good though. They are belter armed now than ever and their supply of horses all that could be desired. Every buck has a Winchester ride and knows how to use it. They '-an live on cattle, arid numerous horse ranches will furnish them with fresh stock when cold and starvation ruin their mounts. These hostiles have been starved into fighting, and they wUI prefer to die fighting rather than starve peaceably. I hope .the problem may be solved without bloodshed, but such a happy ending to the trouble probable.” the piTeklmr1 lf1 r6d TB    In a ATbutA”” wWch the Is .Al* “I',.    man w*,h lh" pun * j , 1 nervous and this may go off if you dont hurrv ” »u , y” 1 A tpuictpr « cashier hurried. a team ter came into the office but was quickly covered^by the second man's re- dolVreibar?edefr0bb?r backed out of the off in a, itiirrrrTT 0,L outslde and made off in a buggy, been found No trace of them have DIED on the stage. Head George Taylor, a Conidian, Drop While Performing Hi* Act. Ll Ne oi n, Neb.. Dec. 2.—The people w* io gathered at the Eden Musee last night to witness the comic performance Afirei treaded instead to a tragedy. One ‘,i me principal actors, George Taylor. • ropped dead w'hile performing his part IU? was a song and dance artist, and while winning plaudits by his clever performance, his muscles suddenly relaxed and he Mi heavily to the floor of the •Gage. lie was picked up and carried ort into the wings. Physicians were | a c d in, but Taylor was found to be dead. He was troubled with heart disease, and his death is attributed to that cause. There whs no further performances in the musee after the death of Taylor. NATIONAL FARMERS’ ALLIANCE seems lin den, Xiii*** iii Washington. Washington, Dec. 2.—Gen. Miles wa* in consultation with war department ordeals this morning regarding the latest change in the Indian constitution. The action of the S.oux in going to the Bad lands is regarded with concern and the outcome is being watched with interest. Dispatches received this morning indicate that the situation otherwise is practically unchanged. Four companies of cavalry have been ordered from Fort Leavenworth to the seat of the threat ened trouble and are now' on their way. They are selected from the First, Second, Fifth and Ninth regiments. Orders were also sent to the First infantry, stationed on the Pacific coast, the Fifth regiment, stationed in Texas, and the Seventh regiment, at Denver, to hold themselves in readiness to start for the ludian country at a moment’s noti> e. HIS FATE IS THE BALANCE. Parnell Determined to Retain His Present Leadership. Auntlier Lively Se**ion of the IriJ>h I’ar-liinentHry Member* — Sharp Coe-trover*i«H Iktweeu 1’arueli a Friend* aud Opponent*. Not Due to Wont of Fond Washington, Dec. 2.—Acting Indian Commissioner Belt to-day received a letter from Special Census Agent L*»a at the Pine Ridge agency, saying t'nere is no suffering there among the Indians for the want of food, and he asserts that the present troubles are not d ie to hunger. THE BLIZZARD. The* Semite Auk* for Inform*tion. Washington, Dec. 2.—In the senate to-day Mr Manderson offered a resolution which was agreed to calling on the secretary of war for information ai to steps taken for di'armament of Indians on reservations in Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. IMnt period g I moved adjourn ‘■lo?-. which Kerr, of Iowa, The motion wa* I for :he ■ r> curred on the demand question, pending which Hopkins tc lav the bill on yitv I motion b ;toe rabic wa* lest. I Amotion to adjourn having been voted I town tne nr-    ,* question wa* ordered. Tr- hoc** then adjourned leaving the |bill a? uufini-h-d busine- *. | T’oe pro*, -shton of the bill is to peris!:: foreigners to take American copy- N rift h- [ right [fie? ne n tile i three case SGB Of the fenc e: to»n A merican . th??inc bas* a* whoa thp tat [oi to Aa.,. i:‘ fit, a- American ctti-Fir*t when the na-*r permits a copyright ’ zen on substantially * own citizens; second, of the f reiguer gives ■. 'copyright privileges ;.® ir th- se provided for in this hill; [third, whoa the nation of a foreigner is U'7 to ti,-* International agreement Prover l*he United Si r reciprocity in copyright, of which an agreement of it* * can be a party thereto ti*urc*. All books copyrighted :he proposed act shall be printed p° *et within the United States, furore ic,' I ate* made therefrom. it pl ! f*- IOWA POSTMASTERS. than Sr* Made in Iowa for the Week Ending Nov* inlier '49. .Special to The Hawk-Ky e.} ‘Luc'xgton, Di e. 2.—The following *totdc.e changes were made in Iowa n flaring LHO M W. e week endin g November 20: Allure, lYo Alto county, William j-tr y. lo* a county, Christopher Knowlton, Ringgold t Henry Stahl; Mineral Ridge, J8: 'r,u: ”, Frank R. Hillman; Quim-vherokee county, Albert J. Sbaul; ,j‘- * rro Gordo county, C. A. • “ii.kerville. Rage county. Isaac Hayward. Severe Weather Reported in the west. St. Paul. Dem 2.—’I ii* cold wave was central over northern Minnesota this morning. St. Vincent reported twenty-four degrees below zero. Winnipeg, Moorhead and Duluth followed respectively with twenty-two, eighteen and six degrees below / to. It i* snowing in eastern Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota with temperature ranging from six to twenty-eight degrees above zero. Minneapolis, Dec. 2—Tribune specials report a snow storm thoroughout southern, northern and western portions of Iowa. Snow fell steadily all day. Mercury twenty above Montreal, Dm. 2.—Extremely cold weather prevails in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. The temperature here to day is fifteen below with a high wind blowing, tuber points repor from fourteen to thirty-seven below. How the Situation i* Kegnrdetl »t Chicago. Chicago, Dec. 2.—At army headquarters this morning orders were given that ail employes should remain at their desks unless special leave was granted. Important telegrams have been received from the Indian country, but General Williams refused to divulge the contents until Genera! Miles arrived from Washington. The situation is regarded as critical. General Brooke telegraph*: “A number of Rosebud Indian*: with some from Pine Ridge agency and some from Lower Brule and Standing Rock agencies, to the number of six hundred, gathered on the White river above the mouth of wounded Knee, and are very defiant.” General Miles is expected to reach here to-morrow. A Fierce U^le. S r John*, N. F , Dec. 2 gate rag*'d last night whfi n houses, barns and fences. tiered considerable —A terrific blew down The shipping < ira'* at harbor damage. Seve'i Ye*«el* Wrecked. Halifax. N. S. D-c. 2.-F,»ery hour brings fresh reports of wrecks caused by yesterday's storm which_»ew w have on been the most destructive Breton eoa-t. Seven coasting have been wrecked. Other dUa>b.. expected._________ vessels are b In uit) The '* A*m» .sew Apportionment. The Keystone !S»nk icon. Phi la di : LPH I    Pa., I >-‘c-J' \ on the Keystone bank continue tojdV with unabated vigor. Ail Per;°%*b f demands exceed S100 are paid 810'in cash aud are given clearing house ue hill* for the balance. By an arrang ment with the clearing house banks these due bills are honored at any na k. roward one o'clock the run seemed to have been broken, very few depositor. were calling for their money time.    -- *-v-ur” *'r tb” eleventh census. Lj’N ' i :r’r the third of March, I! pile ho'-vf. I PO'Pil r.{ ■> ■ [to HJ..1 a. '’T0N'> Dec. 2.—In the house r rank’ °f Missourri, introduced e>(,rence a bill making an appor- It 1893, d representatives be com-li-na ■ oi 'labors as follows:    Ala- A’’kansas ti, t’aiifornia 7, Colora-U Deleware I, Florida 1 Idaho I, Illinois 22, Indi-u    walL Kansas 8, Kentucky ll, t ''    L    Maryland    6,    Mas- J    '}\    Michigan    12, Minnesota ” ^is'°uri 15, Montana 1, 5,;;„ 1'i' Nevada I, New Hampshire ' fly u New York iii, North ‘ •' North Dakota I, Oregon 2, *. Conn C«on?i Ra \i ^*nn 4 IO Curq?!'?1114 ?,'h Rhode Island 2, South South - '    - *1* co 13. ''believer Dakota I, Tennessee Vermont 2, Virginia IO, -• West Virginia 4, Wis-Wyoming I, Ohio 21. new state is admitted the represent    is    ii    'iniiiea me •* th, v<^0r    e sen ta ti ves assigned Ioea.V'J • Edition to the number 356 tor this 'bleb fihy.r 1 entitled to membership un wh!ch Sx,l1”p0rt^0riTnenb. the number to ate may be entitled in the b subsequent congress territorv ' by districts composed of ^par:    cr|nUgu°us,    adjoining and SUI! bVd an'1 ‘ a lrii PMni of 'v Q1-<tance from the cen the district shall be as ^tittles?f - district to the several 1as Pffl-ctlcable. The popu ies?thaMV rict    he    greater    nor dktri Verage P°Pu'ation of the - ;ta of the state by more * thousand. tp 11 i With the Defeated. "wnyotos, D« a gOvirt kV U L' :c- 2.—They are hav ttoaT, Je&1 of fun in tho . of t u    c ^retire \ia, 7. Se UIifortunat.es the - >laroh4 next. rar,t»t. senate over who are 4 next. 'to--To! assigning new members ‘u,: V6nernki“TJUB1’1'- Captain Bassett, ^ tho Hcorkeeper, is charged at that Com»neu<L»l>l®* isistent with the high All claims not conj,.-. --    „.Qi»y of Figs are purposely character of Syrup .    corn- avoided by the Californiana>>ruP com eflectuully.' but It I. makes no pretensions that y will not substantiate No limiter Iii the South went Kansas City, Dec. 2 —A scout at Ft. Reno. who wa* in the city this evening, stated the Cheyennes had had several dance* of late, but they had no hostile significance whatever. Jacob Cacj|nire, receiver cif the laud office at Kingfisher, telegraphs there is no excitement there and that tho**.* who have been partiei-pating in dances have returned home. A special dispatch from Guthrie says there is no danger of an outbreak among the Indians in the terrltyy. The Messiah Cra/.e In Indian Territory. St. Louis, Dec. 2.—A special from Guthrie, Oklahoma, says that the Messiah craze is fully on in the Indian territory. The Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Mi*-sourl, Osage and Seminole tribes are the most unruly. The Kickapoo tribe, the members of which have always been uneasy or superstitious, are dancing. A number passed through here yesterday on their wav to Red Rock, in the Cherokee strip, to consult with the Missouri?, Ponca* and Osages. Word was received here last night from Ponca, in the Cherokee strip, that the depot agent, section hands and inhabitants will be compelled to leave on account of the menacing attitude of the Indians. This dispatch inquired if troop* could bo had, that the tribes were becoming crazy in the ghost dance. I>»q«^i«te* indention at Ort I a, Fla— Pr*l-Unit Folk’* Adil-e**. Ocala, Fla., Dec. 2—The National Farmers’Alliance and Industrial Union me- t at noon to-day, nearly all the delegates had arrive d and w'hen they were called to order President Polk delivered h” annual address. The address congratulated the alliance on its achievements since the last meeting and reviewed the causes of tho agri-eultnral depression, declaring this depiction is an anomaly to the students of industrial progress. The harm incident to centralization of money power and the upbuilding of monopolies were pointed out and both political parties condemned for forcing and encouraging this condition. With reference to extending the order the president urged that additional organizers be sent at once into Oregon, Washington, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Arizona and other stages. Among the recommendations was one that an organization be formed to be known as a national legislature, composed of the nutioiiHl president and presidents of a1! stat»alliances, it* duty being to look clo-eiy after legislative reform demanded by the alban.'.o both in state legislatures and congress. In his remarks upon the propos< d national legislative council, President Polk said an organization of this kind would wield a power which would enforce the respect of any legislative body to which it might appeal.Touching upon the political action of the alliance, President Polk said: “While our organization is political it cannot bo partisan or sec tional in it* action. In support of this declaration we proudly point to our whole past record and to the recent popular election.” Outlining the future national policy of the alliance, President Polk said it would demand the restoration of silver to all the rights and equalities of legal tender which gold possesses; the issue of government currency direct to the people; the equalization of taxes; the prohibition of alien ownership of land; the ownership and control of transportation lines by the government; the limiting of public revenue* to an economic administration of the government; a graduated taxation of incomes, and the election of United States senators by a direct vote of the people. President Foulks, of the South Dakota alliance, made a short address, speaking forcibly upon the breaking down of the sectional lines. An old union soldier from Indiana moved that all ex solders in the hall who endorsed these sentiment* rise. Forty or fifty stood up amid the wiliest enthusiasm. Then au exsoldier from Wisconsin called upon all union men to give three cheers for the old confederates in the alliance. They were g'ven with a will, after which the confederates returned the compliment in a manner that left no doubt as to the genuineness of their feeling. Expressions of dissatisfaction are heard with reference to the conduct of Dr. Ma-cone, editor of the N< it vinal Economist, in taking part in the recent senatorial tight in Georgia. It is also charged that he violated Hie policy of the alliance in advocacy of the Conger lard bill and opposition to the Paddock pure lard bill, and in several other ways. This matter will come up for consideration In a day or two and will likely cause consider-abl * debate. The alliance opened it* first busine*s session t.o-ntghc and from now on all the sessions will be secret. The annual meeting of the National Colored Farmers’ Alliance will be held to-morrow. The organization embraces twenty-two states and has a membership of over seven million. One of its chief objects is to divide the negroes politically, which, of course, means taking a large number of them into the voting ranks of the democratic party. with hisses. The chairman made a violent speech in favor of Parnell. A resolution calling ou Ireland to support him, carried with a few dissenting vote*. RAILROAD MATTERS. Sale >1' Unlimited Ticket* to »>e Disctm-tined Chicago, Dec. 2.—The Western Passenger association to-day adopted a re*o-lution that the sale of unlimited local and through tickets should be discontinued. The details of a plan and date to put it into execution was referred to a committee. New Missouri River Fate*. Chicago, Dec. 2.—The managers of the western lines to-day decided to establish the same rates to Missouri river points that now apply bound business. January first. on east These rates take effect FIRES. •ating almost To FGI K* Mu TV AUK EE jlajor I’ci k a ofllie. The vote wa* election to-day Mure Troop* for the Indian Frontier. Denver, Dec. 2.—The entire command at, Fort Logan leaves to-morrow morning for the scene of tho Indian disturbam e. do nee. fib- very light altho 3PftC*a*^\h; election to fill the vacancy caused by inc ^ of Mayor Pock    a Peter -I homers    s,ippick Magdeburg (rep.) 5,891, (labor) 1,131. The Great    diBeWt- of cases of scrofula andI t i _ d_fljcu, to cure. are hereditary, and _ t’positive, em- But we wish t o state in tne u‘ *r^rm does phatic manner that H    most    severe rnire scrofula in ox ery    5^„T-int1on. have cure scrofula in y i"** description, cases, too terrible it r    others    faffed. yielded to this mediclrit w h ; 1n rtny way. lf you suffer t rom l tske Hood*a ft«raan«ril * •-rrsrjsrs. *>»« Albany, N. Y., Dec. - Buffalo Bill Enroute to Chicago. Bismarck, Dec. 2.—Owing to the jav of trains Buffalo Bill did not start for the east till noon to-day. He proceeds directly to Chicago for conference General Mile?. In conversation wUh -cd the opinion that bere‘o-d.y he exP„,h ^ Pill! Hilda !r» other all the caused by Sitting Basin?** Portion of Colfln*woo«L Ohio, Destroyed. Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. fib—A large part of the business portion of Collin* wood, Ohio, wa* burned this morning. Loss,’330,000. London. Dec. 2.—As the inevitable hour draws near in which a conclusion must be reached by the auxiouHy deliberating Iri*h nationalist parliamentarians as to the future leadership of their party, the attention of G adstonoan liberal*, liberal unionists and t^ry members of the house of commons steadily concentrates itself upon tho room wherein the Irish patriot*, confronted by a* great a danger as ever threatened their country, are groping about for some path which may load them out of the laby-rlnthlan difficulties of the present crisis back to the highway of success so lately and hopefully traversed by them. Before the hour appointed for the convention of to-day’s se**ion of the conference had arrived members of the house. English arid Irish politicians aud an array of newspaper men hovered about the approaches to the Irish parliamentary quarters and eagerly discussed the probable effect on the situation cf Parnell's blunt speech of yesterday, of the counsel of the delegates to the United States and of che act of Archbishops Walsh and Croke. The opinions were a* num.iron* and diver*e as the individuals giving utterance to theta. On one point, however, there seemed to be an unmistakable unanimity of opinion among the Eaclish liberals. They bitterly re*ented Mr. Parneii’s savage characterization of Mr. Gladstone a* “A garrulous old gentleman.” The bow delivered on the face of their idol seemed to have touched their hearts as well. Shortly before the hour of meeting arrived the approaches to the room were cleared, and those persons loitering in the vicinity were kept under a close but unobtrusive surveillance by tho.-e directly interested in the proceedings. London, Dec. 2.—The Irish members of the common* held another meeting today which was presided over by Mr. Parnell, and wa* an exceedingly exciting session. A sharp controversy took phi rn concerning the cab’e <ii*pa! im* sent the delegates in tho United Slates for the purpose of influencing their action. John O'Connor declared that the business was conducted fairly. He justified Parnell’* action in Issuing a manifesto and condemned the misleading cable dKpatehe* sent to the delegation in the United Suites. Mr. Campbell described the proceedings of Parnell's opponent* a* infamous. Further recriminations were Indulged in regarding the Informal meetings held Saturday. Mr. Healy described the action* of Parnell’s friend* a* obstructive. Parnell denounced th" remark a* insolent and impertinent. This wa* greeted with cheers cf approval by Parnell’s friends, who were answered by a veil of derision from his opponent.*. Barry tried to say something in reply, but Parnell would not allow I im the floor. Leanly said the telegrams to America from Sexton and others had produced a false Impression by implying the majority of the leading men f the party were going in one direction. William Redmond said he beard the delegate's cablegram was read by certain men cf the party in an English club, arid received with cheers. If Parn*-1! is to be deposed, said he, in God'* name depose him w ithout making it a matter for cheering In an English club. The amendment that the question of the retirement of Parne!! be postponed until the members ascertained the views of their constituent* rejected. Arthur O'Connor advised Parnell to withdraw, as henceforth it will be impossible fur him to I e the leader of the party. Jordan accused Parnell of sacrificing the cause of the nation to hi* in*anate pride and culpable ambition. At six o'clock the meeting adjourned for an hour. I pen reassembling Kenny declar I it possible to obtain home rule without forming an alliance with the Eng!i*h party. Parnell, he sp,id, had been offered an honoraOlft compromise. The Chiarman—What wa- it? Kenny—To ret'ie temperately. B it, instead of accepting this offer. Pan,> ii i**ued a manifesto debarring him fn rn the chairmanship henceforth snould th* majority of his party decide it would be best for him to retire. Why did Porn'I! in June express implicit belief in the good faith of the liberal party, having the Hawarden interview in mind? He (Kenny) had little hope for the future of the Irish party if they depended upon the chairman to defend them from the chicanery of the English statesmen. Irishmen looked to their representaHvc* iu the house of common*, not to Parnell alone, for their salvation. The meeting here adjourned for dinner. The vote on Nolan’s amendment wa* 44 to 29. When the meeting reconvened after dinner Parnell said he d< sired to explain the misunderstanding between himself arid Lane arising out of Hie Barry incideht. Healey complained of Parnell’s unfair methods a* < hairman and a heated altercation ensued. When the debate wa* resumed, it was finalh elicited that Parnell’s secretary, < lmp-bell, gave Mr. Tuory, of the Fret nvtn'ii Journal, hi* own opinion that Parnell would voluntarily retire Tuohy repeated this in the lobbies of parliament. After soma talk the subject wa* dropped. The minority voting on Nolan’s amendment were John I*. Nolan, Joseph Nolan, Plane, Byrne Corbette-lanoy, Campbell, Dalton, Fitzgerald, Edward Harrington, Hayden, W. MacDonald, Justin Huntley McCarthy, Harris, M. Kenna, Maloney, Maguire, John Oconnor, Ohanlon, Okelly, Parnell, Richard Power, Quinn, Jno. Redmond. William Redmond, shiel, Conway, J. F. Kenny and Loamy. Messrs. Carew, Gil-hooly. P. Obrien, Leahy, LaLer and Mahon were absent. No demonstration was made over the result of Hie division. In t h® Loin Ilion*. London, Dec. I.—In the common* today Balfour moved that the Irish land purchase bill pa** the second reading. Ellis moved an amendment declaring the bdl to be safe a-« regards the imperial exchequer and unjust ti the occupier of land. Gad stone sa'd he found nothing in the changes in the bill since last session likely to render its character more satisfactory. He reminded the huu*e, iii view of the fact that circumstances prevented the presence of the I r I * ti rnein-beis to-nignt, it would be a great mis-takf to pts* a bind bid opposed to their d -iris and convictions. The want of Irish authority went to the root of the whole matter and i.ap<-li,;d every true friend of ireland to oppose the bill Chamberlain advised Balfour to withdraw the concession removing the twenty year'’ limit, but to adhere to the rate of payer’? plebiscite. Balfour replied that he estimated the total amount required to complete the purchase at n ncy five million pound*. The bill in providing for an advance of thirty-three million pounds would make a great impression and greatly simplify the prodeo), fie w mid reconsider the que Gonof & twenty years’ limit. Harcourt Confirm* McCarthy’* Statement London, Dec. 2.—Sir William Vernon Harcourt ha* written a lett< r in which he confirmed McCarthy’s statement made at the Parnellite meeting ’last night rela- DES MOINES’ GREAT CASE, An Attempt to Throw the “Boodle’ Case Out of Court. A Briner** Narrow F*c»p® Tim Sewerage qu?«liiin at feller Rapid*—A Ferry, Iowa, Man'* Myeter-lou* Dii»appeai'am e. [8pucial to The Hawk Eye,} Des Moines, Dccu 2.—In the famous boodie ca-***, the star**, after the introduction of the evidence of Boiton, one oi the aldermen who was not indicted, reseed. The defense Immediately moved to have the case taken from the jury and dismissed. One of the points they make i* that the council wa* operating under the cid law which mado the .-alary §50, but did not infer that they could not be recompensed by additional sums for extra services has air*ady been sustained by the court, who holds that the new law passed during their term of •ffJice did not affect their compensation Much int- rest is still oelng manifested and the decision of Judge Bishop with reference to the di*mi.-*a! of the cases in question, now under argument, is aux* iously looked for. Guy Lair war ■1 th known over Mer ■< •he butcher -hop Saturday and *■ cation of any *iru -ort Harvey, a t i chasing birn ar ui While h' WU.* fil er ated. In the af made by F. K. Cr wa* insane. A jury wa-r*a>-e wa* tried and the ii wa* transferred to Ja morning, the jury bavin sane and a fit sub” t for on t' r jshed Intr a Lair last rung or promote assault .Iud* :    -nop. afte- om for quite af J ‘I ow a ann .c.mtplaint wa* the od man .paneled, the fortunate man k.sonviHe til* found him ir»-he asylum. MISSISSIPPI PILOTS. A FP.IQHj FUL RIDE. Runaway trclilent on »Vf>t Hill With *t< Unn»u;il y tort on at** Foiling What threatened to prt away accident occurred on \V-*t ii!!!, /.orth <• church on Lecbr'.' a - br* * a deep ravine. The rn .* J. A. Firry, driven by David R. Jan i*on, a »c -pirated young team, w-* in bor hood, when the flappy clothe* on a line frightened who bolted for a wild run. regained control of them I a fa’al terday run-, ooh the Swedish where there is wagon of Mr. hi* a-s:*taiit, drawn by a o that neigh-'{ of some the horses, lr. J ami-on i a moment rive to what took place between them at the time of McCarthy’s recent visit to him. Sir William further -ays he did not reg ard Parnell’a proposal* as practicable. Tin t>i( hGHg Berlin, Dec. 2.—The r^ichstag re-a—-emblfcd to-day. The bid nroviding for the defense of Heligoland pa-sell the first reading. 'I Le (iraixl VII ter* Dead. ', Dec. 2.—M Le Grand Miller*, r of the Bank of France, died to- r A RI govern' day. A    Un-!.-    in Rio de Janeiro, D c. ?.-ministerial crisis here. I r»/A\. •re is a CLAIMS TO MASE KOCH'S LYMPH. D ll I w fl« I (.ti I;» PIji -if. «n Xiv.    Hm* Ktcii I -In:; It in Hi* Practice. London-, De- 2.—Dr. Dixon, of IM 'labia, ha* written to Dr. Koch claim* that an an ilysi* of a ?pei Been of the ■r’- lymph proves it to be identical i preparation of his own wh'ch he been using In hi* pra Tice ? >r -ume It l-h Delegate* U»ID<I (DG Chic ago, D c. 2—Timothy Harring ton, the only here who is it po toe of the Irish delegation favor of Parnell still hold-ion a* leader of the Irish Dialists in tn° house of t< re reived the following to nrnons, to-gram from log Hat' day Redmond and Kelley, supporter.- of I’ar-neli:    “Return    to    England a’ < n. e if you waul to save the party. Affair* are in a critical condition and your hrip is much needed, implore other mambers of the visiting party to coou- al-o.” Harrington could not be found and 11: • I o n dis claimed gram. Ii arri a rept rt any know of ie < abie- ztnn, v. b r, sa'd:    “I t ided what I shall do. horn1* at once, but wi colleagues here to s uh- qi Lave I w ret! sntly ? -en by not yet de-1 not return un with my ahea hand four- md £ I list i the not we cannot go k we have on o-d; at e I sh at St* U till Cr NEGRI'. on of th began aged wit tore thro the ex tr lord ilia requires the spi to day. I ii * gain h spectators, att rat public exigent a1 ses-ion. T of the New ii etU-litt lire. ii, Dc 2—A special New IL.mu; hire legisia-ry watt ti by r which i • subject cf the qualification of men-bors was referred to the judiciary committee. This reference is un erstood to mean that a compromise has been effected by which tho session may be -peed!iv ie minated. The hou-e j Medary committee to-night voted to recommend that twelve democrats and ten republican* be stricken fro ii tne roll of the bon-* , focr on account of duties, seven because they were federal appointees, ten for change of residence and one beta' sc of jndh fai appointment. The question of eligibly of the tau republicans who acted a* census viiI be decided to morrow. is that the committee will ■ party lines and this will long and acrimonious dis- The Brotherhood in Se--lon at Clinton. Clinton, la.. Dec. 2.—The annual session of the Brotherhood of Upper Mississippi Pilots, running on the Mississippi between St. Lou - and St. Paul, which include- nearly ail the pilots on the river in it.- membership, met here yesterday in annual se*-ion. JI is expected that one hundred and fifty will be pfesent, ana that business of great iru-portance wil c« ire before them. A majority of them are boat owners. They expect a1* > to settle the location of a permanent offi e and to elect officer* for the ensuing year. The setsion xviii ia-t four days. Th - organization, though but two y-'ar- old. has become one of the most powerful a noog river men. A Doant J Sun x City, Rifer cf th.- -application of A ha- been grant' -th** sale of ceria tised to come off the ex-county out a few we*-f.- lr?iisnr»jr ut trouble. D. la :ounty i? ; . E. Ho n i by J udg in land at to-day. . supervisor, ago, forme I rea rer . trouble. C >n an injunction Lewis against ax *a!e adver-i. Ii. Jerman, )skipped wned the by running the Uarn up aiong-ide of a friendly barn, and thought th" wor-t was over—bijT ;t was to come. tsoraethtng el- > seared one of the hors* * at this po»nt. 5*r d. to cap the climax, the tongue of the wagon broke, striking the other horse on the heal:    and to gether both of the ner\ou* ard distraught equines set sail over the edge of the ravine. Ti o on coker*. - Vera! of whom bad collected ar the spot, thought -ore that driver and learn both were doomed ai d *tart d down to aff ..rd such assistance as they could. The wagon reached the bottom declivity with an o*ninou-broke tee vehicle to piece* the horses up in the debri fashion. Search wa* prom; the driver who, strange t bored out of the wru-k u once set to work t >extri av -teed* from tb;ur predicate' I    .    ; too, cante out or the disaster ii condition, considering their fr I perience, one of them r< of the -teep ra*h which aud snarled , in helpless tty made for > -ay, e'amhar:, and at hi* unhappy exe nt enter wound I’ *oon    he: I ai rn, cd.    Mr. grit in hold;' J; List bef .re he Hoo”, and ir the trea-ur loo•< a receipt wa* prole* ith erasing destroying lard. an. ferred it tax'- ga xu-chec k and t The check charged wi book? and C"ipt. An ab.-trai t mad* aft* r the taxes were pal J title, while ohm made la the above defect* T he ti to save him* lf from lo** delicate iaxv point. ent h** pay men - his im trans-of the v i di. o db I t in regu ar f- rrn. - * d and KHer i-the entry on the the duplicate re- w • ut ane stead of jumping for of much com in ■!;». as t the tongue left him ne trolling the ariimais; made up his mind to sta cession to the fini-hand ! 71 :i g a w hu h other, bravery am insubject king of ofiunsaid. he me immediately -hows a clear J week shows J k-urtr s effort .'ii! Involve a i th* a ler ie. een hi A Wealthy Farmer ItiMln;, Perky, la., Dec. 2.—On the night November 2* Levi M ‘Mullen respected and wealthy far southwest of town, left ho then hundred* of peop e Lave big the country in search of b success. Sheriff Biddy ha* c w ard of -no for information his discovery. He is suppose of hiy living Since icour-rn without de red a re-leading to i to have The fact that th" h< jerked over hum in wagon during the mad r. ravine probably saved his prevented the broken parts fro n reaching him at th" I with mother ear b. B-v -baking up he is all rtgbi a: -ay* he's willing to pay for repairs with good grace n on rn st a nee*. I: was a oio-e limb. * chances. ans were nt of the . • >. ,1 t he 'e, as they f me wagon jai collision nu a little i Mr. Ferry ie necessary der the cir-j fur Ufa BETWEEN YOU AMD ME. wand*rf <; away while temporarily insane. •J interest lestion. boo! at The Sewerage -ti (Special to The flawfc-F Cedar Falls, Dec. 2.—Much exists here over the sewerage q Tne sewerage of the normal -present is dumped into a ravit distance from tne budding, but vale grounds Lately the owe complained, and Dr. Kennedy state board of hcaltn will arrive row to make a thorough inve-tigation at the reque?t of the ma' agement. this c 'ggt-d i 7 wer ity who so f his par- * surprise ii in pri-r has of the o-mor- Seut I |> lor M a -on City. Dei ex-saloonkeeper of convicted a short eliiug Vt h -ky. . 2. —.lame- Chair, an Diaries City, who was ti rue ago of selling liquor and permanently enjoined from further selling, wa- - mn • d yesterday by Judge Niierwin to six month’* iinpr;*-onnient for contempt of court. I know a little u y long ago as a mouth I ent* a new sled. The | thai he should demure i* when there v asn’t a sign of *co-.. anywhere and not i even a prospect of any for a r -iderable ; length of time; but the hule fellow in-1 sisted tha* it might. *no and he didn’t want to b i brand new sled wa* peri i tho little fellow eagerly lo J tho coming snow. Ever j jump* up out of bed and r | dew to ***e if tbe snow has j was asleep, and he is a1 wa but does not borne I cross. He says It may row.” I nave taken quite j my little friend aud hi* myself glancing inquir y minute ■ii." So a d and now forward to oruicg he 'n •us ta the win-- come while ne : •* d:-appolnted J impiiient or come “to-mor-e an intere-t lo * sled and find ply a: the hori- repi enumerator The opinic divide on precipitate cussion. A SEVERS ATTACK OF CROUP. half ant ud arise. lo see a snow-blown A Narrow t    lr.    iii Des Moines, Dec. 2—The tee wagon narrowly escaped morning. His horses became able and ran in front of the gin" and xx -re instantly kl ” the lender off ttie tracg. Ti and fireman were *i gtitiv inj l>e:-»{ h. driver of a death this unmanage-sw.tch en-i. throwing ie engineer a red. The bout th* :ha; Oliver lit jus -id* the raij> Tee Ut .I*- Life Saveil l»y U hum Der lain 'n Cough KeineGy. I wi*ii to -ay to the public that Cham- best I have ment to terms on a Tad increased rations. Cody does I I for a uprising, but. thinks the not look for an upruir^, ^    jn    fu)) militai y ,n -    ‘    religious craze substrength unt    HnKpoHatinns in the „ nr there will be depredations in the which would be apt to bring on a spring war. in tho noted et appeals this morn"'f- ;Drbj,kIe, for ease of Campb.. ,    . dEeraent of the breach cf promise, the juoeec thore(ore tower court was affirmed ana low'er court the comp I af nan* recovers S45.000. v Dec 2.—Order? Standing    vfa?nr    McKlaughlin have been issued by    to ten to Increase the rations    sitting    Bull’s Advices from decided decrease in the per cent camp report a dances. idvic. IC Mother,.    ^ A DAYLIGHT ROBBERY h of Two XI en »t the Chicago „„,d nerd ofg*-o vsr<|< _ npc o —In broad day light Chicago, Dec. -__u Vacior rRihier of I ommissary Building Horned. Minneapolis, Dec. 2.-The large hiuiding used as a commissary department at Fort Lincoln, North Dakota. wa* burned to day with all its contents. Express Confidence in Carnel!. Lincoln, Dec. 2.—At a special meeting of the Lincoln branch of the Irish National league this evening resolutions of confidence in Farnell were adopted and cabled to him. President I ^gerald and Secretary Sutton of the National organization, still decline to express any opinion pending the meeting of the executive council. beriain's Cough Remedy I* th ever used or -old for croup. I am never without it at my home for my children. Last winter a child of Mr. E. .J. Wetzel, one of my customers, wa* choking with a sudden and severe atta ‘k of croup. I gave him a bottle of th'* Cough Remedy, and he started for ho'ne, gave the child two doses of it, which stopped the coughing aud smothering instantly and in a few minutes th*1 little one wa* out of all dangi r. Mr. Wetzel came back to the store as happy a* he could be and said: “That bottle of Cough Remedy saved the life of my child.” Furthermore I feel friendly towards you a> the manufacturers of such a valuable remedy and am proud of its fieing manufactured in our own state. I can cheerfully and willingly give many ii;- ances of its good works to anyone that may want a reliable cough remedy. Wm C. VOGEL. Quarry, Iowa. Voted for the Lad.es. (Special to Tse Hawk-K>e.! i ^dependence, la., Dec. 2.—Out of a membership of over three hundred only fifty-six votes xvere cast at the Methodist Episcopal church on the question of the admission of women a* deli gate- to the genera1 conference tifty-two voted for aud four against. There is son. low’.* eavernes-i i well a good many year*—x tow-headed urchin >.-ed to I of i-ed early frosty morning ! the vndow to see if the -rn I Oh, th« extaey of delight i thrill his little soul when I white mantle stretching aw fel- ! rn ai d run to w had come, that would he saw’ the ..•ant! turn ing yesterday” brow! and dr* ary earth in to a fairy land. Ho himself aud put < tens. Ii is sled wa*; lifl w cag* hi his cap Fatal Arctdfnt to a Mr irk layer. Council Bluffs, Dec. 2.—Jame s McKinley, a bricklayer employed in the j construction of the new Baldwin block, fell from th** building tills afternoon and j was instantly killed. He leaves a large family. It id fly. life wa Ii ie dressed and mit- 1 iud SOU." i I * os a r brother -- f,.r runners and the ll UG A r a. rhero was t -VO Wi A West Superior Bank Falls. st Superior, Wi?., Dec. 2. -The Bank of Commerce assigned to-day. Its deposits have been reduced rearlj v-J'o,-000 since last Wednesday. The institution could not stand the strain or obtain outside aid. The bank has resources greatly in excess of its liabilities and is expected to pay dollar for dollar. Parnell'n Supporters Confer. London, Dec. 2.—Parnell and hi* support"^ in the house of commons held a conference this morning. A half hour was occupied in reading te'egram* from Ireland and the United States and manifests sent by delegate? now in th United States. The reading of these dispatches was frequently interrupted bv cheering. J. O’Kelly asserted it would be the basest ingratitude for the nationalists to abandon Parnell simply because a number of politicians who sought alliance with the Irish party for theii own advantage thought fit to abandon the position Parnell had taken up and had intrigued to encompass the downfall of the trusted leader of the Irish nation. After adjournment for luncheon the members reassembled and Farnell moved to adjourn to enable the nationalists to take part in the debate on the second reading of the land purchase bill. It I* said that no stone will be left unturned to postpone indefinitely tne decision of the party on the question of Parnell’s retirement. Alabama Coal Miat-r* Go Oat. Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 2.—The strike of the coal miners In Alabama went into effect yesterday, but ali the men did not go out a* expected. Of eight thousand free miner* in the state it is estimated that six thousand are out. The only sensational feature of the*trike reported wa1 brought aboil' by efforts of Pennsylvania iron manufacturers, who want to cause a shut down of the the furnaces in this district. It i- claimed these iron nv-n have promised the men s rone financial support in the event of a tong strike. A number of mine owners are going to fill the place* of the striker* with negroes. A >«• w-i*ip«*r Still!. rSoecial to The Hawk- Eye.] Independence, la., Dec. 2.—It. V. W. Dickenson has sold his share in the Jessup CriJc to B. Grout who now assumes complete control of the paper. took over toe johy one long delicious ir breath rn. . The Born IV it bout J’ye*. Mivve\polis. Minn, Dec. 2 — Mrs. Ernest Buhn, living near East Dubuque, 111 , ha* given birth to a child without Mi. Auburn Walters. [Correspondenceo! The Hawk-Eye.] Mr. Auburn, la., D e. 2.—The r »ads are in splendid condition. Porn husking is about ovar. S me of the farmers are still plowing. Considerable sickness prevails in this locality, mostly among *mai! children. Large qeantitie- of corn I- being marketed at this place, and at a very good price. Thanksgiving wa* generally observed at this place. All busine-s houses were closed and religious services were Reid in both churches. FROM RICHLAND, IOWA. as that of our homely affair rn and a strapping handsome, but ti were line gia* tow-head xx a* r rht the hill coasters, time tie did have. hill back of town “jounces’ in ii that away when y >u w* at little fellow used to go out there very oJ-ten < n winter dajs and sometimes his big brothe • would let him goat right when the moon wa* big and round This was always a jolly picnic because th - nu; brother would haul the little fellow out and back on his sled. And U n, too, "he girls would go. The little fellow u-ed to be proud of two things aways. <>ne was that hi* big brother had the handsomest and best girl in the crowd and the second xvas that sh" alway* pre-ferred the little fellow * h >meiy sled because It went “like sixty.” He used to fee! a profound pity for the girl.-though. They seemed to take the fun *o ously. The triffic whoops and screams that would arise when they crossed the “june.-cs,' wa- an unfailing source of disgust to his young soul. He coniun’t Beath of Mrs. Hardin —I Folks. • me I.iv?lv Old eyes, and with no place in the head for them. The forehead extend* down to the nose perfectly smooth. Th" child is very bright and will live. dock Nickle Work* Assign Chicago, Dec. 2.—The Cot Wing nickel works to-day cve 'Y-scd judgment for §25,000 in favor of Harvey B. Hurd and the place is in th" hand* of the sheriff. Hurd has commenced suit for 350,000 against the concern. [Correspondence of The Hawk-Rye.) Richland, la, Nov. 29.—Mrs. Hardin, wife of Uncle Henry Hardin, a very aged lady, died after an illness of some time. Grandma Wharton, age *7. still keeps house, doing her own wishing and cooking. Uncle Robert Flack, who ha* been real gray for some years, still rides about lr. hi* carriage. Hon John C. Johnson, quite an aged man, still raise* fine hogs and seem* to enjoy a ride in his fine buggy a* well a* a young mean, and zuth more ease than *ome young men. George Rarr.bo’s child. who*e skull was •avir.g a part of the ; see any sen-e in it. Yet I older and had the pr ; holding his air! on a I miles an hour h° under*t j better. *+* Those were jolly clay yonder;” arid I hope inv I' experience similar dei! brand new -led. Even as I write th - floe begun to dance, “Z'z-zag, wax- 'ring in about the e'er-’ri" I ght window. Ah, if it xviii bu tug! Then when the iii? ties out >f hi.- cozy bed. headed urchin of -n ho grew* iud privilege of sled going sixty or] those things 'ay ten back I may a hts Two Mt-ii Killed. •burg, Dee. 2.—Louis Rhodes and '~7 lrxenh Na*ier. cashier of this afternoon, Jo-epa ®    , estab. Auerton Peking Conors ^ ^inhisofflcn ny two liWe appearance.    brou?ht    in    from a'” revolver    un    W"    commonjtadtt ;”ich «s ^iha second strau?er' rte«dXbe-omee_»ndin cashier was One Bark Spot. From the Iowa S'ate Register. The elections in the Methodist church on the question pf admission of 'ema.e lay delegates to the general conference i* proceeding in all portions of Ioxva. At Guthrie Center the vote stood 24 for to 8 against; Centerville, 22 for and 4 against; Sutherland, 7 for and 2 against, Leon, 51 for and 3 against. At Calumet, the Sutherland Courier says, nine votes were cast and all against the ladies. This is the only instance that we have seen where an Iowa congregation ha* declared against those who are the life of the church and the hope of the world. A Conference with Glaci-tone London, Dec. 2.—Arnold Moreley, Sir George O. Trevelyan, Cam] bell. Bon Merman, Sir William Vernon Harcourt, tho earl of Granville, and Shaw Lefevre held a conference with Gladstone thi* morning. The subject under discussion was the retirement of the liberal leader, It was decided to convoke a meeting of the liberal peers and members of the commons to hear a statement by Gladstone. PITT Edward Taylor were killed and Stewart Booth seriously injured last night by being run down by a freight train near Sewickley, Pa. A iiii;I. Sellout linrnfii Pekin, IU., Dec. 2.—The high school here burned this morning. The loss is estimated at 360,OOO; in-urance §23 000. broken in fron j brain exposed, i* reported lively a-. J do- j    "    VV * u ! log fairly well.    '    I    thp J°'lY . whiten** misfortune of i    3ri'I    54 den d: carelessly?, while Will Wiggins had the losing hi* r ay aud iodd"r by ness on the part of hi.* little b« playing with parlor matches. Uncle Billie Bristol), the oldest settler in Richland township, Keokuk county, still drives h'- one-horse carriage, tAd-seated, with four pi rsorus, retail.ding one of southern turkpike travel. Joel Stewart’s wife and d&ught* r are circulating a petition to get the con- ut of Keokuk <• ouDty board of supervisor* to release their husband and fa’h^r. Joe: Stewart, who '■«>?.-idered -Rue and pe*c<able by 1 • ar . of examiner* <*f eag* r L-, cap ont- of my till morn-low tu inch" tovv-n nd -ce* -re be a ting on >f a: kniekerbocker I a under? If any of you should see a little to-day, warmly muffled, with cag#! lug face, dashing along tor whirling flakes Wit t a bright a y u may know he is my lit' felloe JXI’ s Vi ' - I m ugh tho ■w sled. fr.end. God bl •-* hi* h PY Farnell Sustained Dublin, Dec. 2.—The meeting of the National League to-day wa* stormy. The ____________ names of Sexton and Healy were greeted • otfcite cauir” What Is a coid in the head? M (he al authorities say it is due to uneven clothing of the body, rapid cooling when in per-piratii>n, etc. Tbe im ortant p"int is. that a cold in th head Is an inflammation of the linirg membrane of the nose, a hi h, when unchecked, is certain I r to prod u ca catarrh ' corid'tiou -for »atarrh ! n 41 at - 1 - I 1    h    )*t)ital. is fssentia ly a “cold” which nature- is no bvnar rabic to “resolve” or throw <5. Ely’s j Cream Balm has proved its superior ty, and sufferer* should resort to it before that com-mon ail ncut becomes    L or cods la o:j- WHliam Corroil Goes [Special o h • hawk-EyeJ Aledo, 111., Dec. 2.—William CofroiJ, •q eccentric old rn aa of this c’ty. wil —Andre uiru< k. by £ *at re ’is re J pita bg Iii* for ’ . re. h e was I y b< tlx Dr. bv I Diarrhoea. ;

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