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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 4

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Burlington, Iowa I w native son a the Dito a publish John Mccormally news Jim hitch composing Don close advertising Nelson Showalter press Ken Howard circulation business Dick Weiss Burlington Iowa Page 4_ August 22, 1976 Lively autumn hate groups love Agnew Ronald Reagan was a Good loser. Gerald Ford was an impressive Winner. As a result the republicans came out of Kansas City in far better shape than any one in recent months was predicting they would. Cynics May dismiss Reagan a tear choked Concession and his dramatic appearances on the podium after Fords acceptance speech As merely Good theatrics by a practice performer. But politics is theater among other things and the last act of the Kansas City production would win High Marks on any review Page. The president was the Surprise of the convention. Not his Victory a which had been forecast a but his response to it. His acceptance speech was not Only the Best of the convention As acceptance speeches should be it was also far and away the Best speech Gerald Ford has Ever Given. You did no to have to agree with its Content to be impressed by its delivery a by the Confidence the self Assurance and the hard hitting determination it exuded in contrast to the Bland sometimes stumbling Ford rhetoric wed become used to. It was obviously the product of much planning and hard work. Ford strategists have been worried for months about Fords inability to be More a presidential a to exude Confidence to take the offensive rather than merely reacting to Reagan a attacks. Those weaknesses nearly blew the built in advantage of the incumbency nearly Cost him the nomination. So obviously an Effort had been made to Correct that image. But however much his aides had to do with providing him a Good speech the Impact of it seemed to have come from something within Ford. It could simply be that wednesday nights nomination made him really feel like a president for the first time. Until now he has been plagued by the insecurity of knowing that he had never been chosen by either his party or the people for National office. His nomination when it finally came gave him legitimacy at last. Bob Dole had been selected it was being said to give the ticket an audience grabbing hard hitting slugger to make up for the blandness of the president. But thursday ironically it appeared that Ford did no to need Dole. In fact Doles speech was Dull and pedestrian compared to the presidents. Last month in new York when the democrats ended with the incredible scene of daddy King and George Wallace together on the podium singing a we shall overcome a it was hard to imagine the republicans producing any such semblance of Unity and Mutual determination. Even party Well wishers had worried that whoever won at Kansas City the fight would have been so close and so bitter that the party would be shattered. But instead at the end with Ford Reagan and Rockefeller standing there together you sensed a new Republican determination to overcome. That together with the Promise of Ford and Carter to meet in a series of televised debates promises us the liveliest political autumn since 1960. No difference 9 you say by James j. Kilpatrick Kansas City a the fiction persists encouraged by those who Haven to done their Homework that there Isnit a a dimes Worth of difference Between the two major parties. In Point of fact the differences Are Sharp significant and pervasive. The conflicting platforms offer abundant contrast. I know i know platforms Are meaningless. They Are no More than exotic Flowers that Bloom for one Day every four years wasting their sweetness on the desert air. Platforms commonly Are regarded As Mere rituals having no More Force and effect and commanding no More respect than a valedictorian speech. Even so the formal platforms Are All that we have and after one pushes the chocolate fudge aside some remarkably solid stuff remains. Conservative View this years Republican platform runs to 65 pages four fewer than the democrats provided in new York. In the classic pattern the virtuous republicans take credit for All that is Good and blame the invidious democrats for All that is bad. A month ago it was just the other Way. The republicans blather Content is no higher and perhaps a Little lower than the democrats. In weasel words and Slippery phrases the two platforms rank As one. In one sense the republicans Are More Radical than the democrats. The republicans endorse outright or Call for a the consideration of a no fewer than five constitutional amendments a on abortion busing school prayer women a rights and effective statehood for the District of Columbia. The democrats oppose the first three and agree on Only the last two. The frugal republicans tentatively endorse three or four areas of larger Federal spending that might Cost 50 cents net the reckless democrats Call for 52 such increases adding up to maybe $100 billion. The Republican preamble is to times better than the democratic preamble in terms of political philosophy. If you want a Clear concise exposition of conservative political thought the gop preamble provides it. A comparison of half a dozen specific positions reveals the split. The democrats would move toward a National program of Public welfare a substantially financed by the Federal the republicans a oppose Federal zing the welfare in the Field of education the democrats repeatedly insist that a we should strengthen Federal support a the republicans insist As stubbornly that a responsibility for education belongs to local communities and the democrats approve mandatory busing a for the purpose of the republicans do not Waffle a we oppose forced busing to achieve racial balances in our the democrats want a a comprehensive and mandatory National health insurance the republicans Are steadfastly opposed they would build instead on the present health delivery and insurance system. The democrats Promise flatly to wipe out authority for state right to work Laws. The republicans just As flatly would retain the Law As it is. The democrats would break up the major Oil companies. The republicans a vigorously oppose such other diametric conflicts abound on abortion gun control the Federal Reserve defense expenditures and a variety of other issues but the sum of the conflicts is greater than the parts. The democratic platform is pervasively Liberal the Republican platform just As pervasively conservative. Those labels often Are derided these Days but they take on a Lively vitality in the two platforms. A we believe that Liberty can be measured by How much Freedom you have to make your own decisions a even your own mistakes a say the republicans. While some National concerns must be handled nationally a was a general Rule we believe that government action should be taken first by the government that resides As close to you As the republicans emphasize that a every Dollar spent by government is a Dollar earned by you a and they would ask on every doubtful occasion a is it not better for the country to leave your dollars in your pocket a that is the kind of sound doctrine you wont find in the democratic platform. In my own biased View it makes mighty pleasant Reading if Only for one Day every four years. By Jack Anderson with Les Whitten Washington a but for the Diligence of Federal prosecutors Spiro t. Agnew might have been waving his hands in Victory from the podium of the Republican National convention this past week. Four years ago Agnew was at the Peak of his popularity. Millions cheered from the sidelines As he stridently attacked the Media a Vradi clubs a and opponents of the Vietnam War. Merry go round his standing in the opinion polls gave Agnew a bargaining position that he used to full advantage. When he agreed to run As Richard Nixon a 1972 vice presidential candidate he elicited the presidents endorsement of him As the 1976 heir apparent. But agnews shot at the White House was Cut Short by 40 pages of evidence that detailed his lawlessness. He resigned to avoid prosecution and a possible jail term. Since Hist resignation Agnew has authored a novel taken Over a right Wing Public interest group set up a on the waterfront in the August 15 Hawk Eye is. Marjorie j. Foster wrote a letter in which she attacks James Leach the candidate for first District congressman and praises de Mezvinsky the incumbent. Is. Foster says that Jim Leach reached a new Low in his and in the Bicentennial edition of the Hawk Eye. I went Back and looked at the ads presented by both candidates. I found nothing wrong with Mezvinsky sad. Likewise i found nothing offensive about the and presented by Leach. Is. Foster seems to think that this Type and where one candidate makes political on another is unsuitable for a Bicentennial edition of a newspaper. She evidently does not know of the history of our country. Back in the 1760�?Ts and 1770�?Ts patriots attacked the British in a similar fashion. These patriots used pamphlets newspapers and handbills to make their attacks on the British King and parliament. If these patriots had not done this then on july 4, 1976, the United states would not have a Bicentennial to celebrate. Mezvinsky is keeping with history but so is Jim Leach. He has hardly reached a new Low in his Campaign to unseat Mezvinsky. Next is. Foster talks about the pay raise Congress voted itself. She states that Mezvinsky has returned the amount of his raise. This is very Noble but is. Foster neglected to mention a very important Point this being that Mezvinsky said that he would not vote for the pay raise. Yet when the vote came he cast the deciding vote for the pay raise. This raises a Cloud of dishonesty about Mezvinsky. If our closest representative to the Federal government does not Tell us the truth then it is time for a replacement. Is. Foster and i disagree about whether Mezvinsky is out of step with his constituents. I feel he is out of step. I cannot dispute what is a matter of Public record about his help for the Farmers. Mezvinsky May represent them fairly Well but he does the same for the Brooklyn longshoremen tobacco and Cable to lobbies and the International ladies garment workers of new York. These have no connection with the first District. Taking contributions from these groups can make Mezvinsky owe them favors. This is not in the Best interests of the first District. Is. Foster attacks Leach for taking Money from the Republican National committee. I see nothing wrong with this nor would i object if Mezvinsky took Money from the democratic committee. These committees Are just trying to help their representatives of their party get elected. I doubt if this Money comes with a breakdown of who initially contributed the Money. De Mezvinsky has had his Chance for four years. He has blown it. It is time for a change. That change is Jim Leach. Jim is an honest Man who cares about the first District and its problems. I personally urge All first District voters to get out in november and vote for Jim Leach. A Michael d. Holeton Timberline estates West Burlington the Hawk Eye Iowa s oldest newspaper a since 1837 published monday through Friday evenings and sunday morning by the Burlington Hawk Eye co. 800 s. Main Burlington Iowa 52601 mph 754-8461 subscription rates by Carrier in Burlington and West Burlington City zone s3.oo per month in Advance elsewhere by Carrier $2 50 per month in Advance. By mail in Burlington and West Burlington City zone s3 of per month by mail in Iowa and Illinois where Carrier service is maintained s2.50 per month. Motor routes 536 per year $18 of for 6 months s9 for 3 months in Advance. Area throw off service 525 per year $14 for 6 months. By mail in Iowa and Illinois s25 per year s14 for 6 months s7 50 for 3 months rates elsewhere in u s upon request. Second class postage paid in Burlington Iowa private consulting business and used his past prominence As a platform for bitter attacks on jews. Many prominent americans including president Ford have condemned agnews intemperate statements. However the hate groups of the far right Are using them As proof positive that they were right along about the jewish influence in America. The by Nai brith anti defamation league which monitors the hate groups has found that agnews comments Are popular topics in the extremist press. A would to god that we had ten men of agnews courage a screamed the july Issue of Cross and Flag a racist tabloid founded by the late Gerald . Smith. A that could save America from the bondage of the in the opinion of hatemonger William Pierce editor of attack a monthly newspaper Agnew did no to go far enough. A a we be been saying it for years and now others Are beginning to say it too a Pierce puffed in a fund raising letter for the right Wing group. National Alliance. A but not even Spiro has gone All the Way and warned us that our Freedom and everything else he holds dear will be destroyed forever unless we break the jews stranglehold on articles on agnews statements also appeared in White Power the Organ of the american nazi party. And the right Wing Liberty lobby is advertising agnews novel for Sale through their office. Foo not former Agnew intimates fear the worst is yet to come. Agnew w they believe will become even More vitriolic after his three year probation period ends on october to. Early a ethics agriculture Secretary Earl Butz has been crisscrossing the country on behalf of president Ford giving political speeches prepared by Public employees. Memo it is a Little awesome to stand there staring at the bulletin on the news ticker and realize that someone you be known and fought with a Long time has suddenly catapulted up near the Pinnacle of Power. That show i Felt when i Learned to my total Surprise that Ford had picked sen. Bob Dole for vice president. Bob and i go Back a Long Way. I can to remember exactly when we first took Public notice of one another but whenever it was the purpose was to disagree and we be been doing that every since. Our careers had a somewhat similar Start. A couple of Kansas poor boys who got shot up in the War came out of our respective hospitals to finish our educations and both end up in the Kansas legislature. But the differences quickly became More pronounced than any similarities. I served As a Democrat in the 1947 Kansas House of representatives Bob whose wounds had been worse and hospitalized longer got going a Little later and was a Republican member of the 1951 House. After the one term i tried to go straight by switching to journalism. Bob made politics a career. As an editorialist i became tagged As a Liberal socialist Radical or red depending on who was handing out the compliments. As a politician Bob became defined As a conservative reactionary or right Winger depending on who was describing him. The sparsely populated Western half of Kansas was divided into two congressional districts the 5th in the Southern portion and the 6th in the Northern. Bob lived in the 6th where he served As county attorney after his legislative term. In 1960, when the old Republican congressman retired Bob easily succeeded him in Washington. In 1962, a reapportionment put the 5th and 6th together consigning the entire West half of the state into a new 1st District a a vast Domain of 58 counties 50,000 Square Miles and 500,000 people. That pitted incumbent Dole from the old 6th, against a democratic incumbent in the old 5th. It was a great race and looking Back you can see it now As the watershed of Doles career. Had he been Defeated then he might never have been heard from again outside of Russell county. But a Victory would carry him on toward what even in those Early Days he was confiding was a secret ambition a to be president of the United states. By that time i was editor of the largest newspaper in the District and the Battle was joined. My publisher a Liberal Republican of the Eisenhower persuasion was opposed to Dole As too conservative and the paper went All out against him. Dole himself described the Campaign As a a Clear Cut Issue of conservatism and the Arizona gop chairman came up to help him declaring that Dole was a the kind of congressman sen. Barry Goldwater would be proud to have in his moreover he has failed to discipline top aides who were responsible for the Grain scandal and other fiascos that have plagued the department in recent years. Butzu own unethical behaviour has not deterred him from preaching High ethical standards to his underlings. He recently made a Cameo appearance for example in a training film on proper conduct. A was Federal employees each of us holds a position of Public Trust a says the self righteous Butz. A the american Public has the right to expect and does expect that we will maintain the highest Stan duds of ethics and conduct in the performance of our official duties. Georgia feud Jimmy Carters former lieutenant governor Lester Maddox plans to hound Carter throughout the fall Campaign. Maddox himself is a candidate for president on the american Independent party ticket. Maddox told us that he intends to a pull some hair in the Campaign. He is Selling a Small brochure entitled a where does Jimmy Carter stand a which bitterly attacks Carter and his policies. A of All the dishonest people i have known and worked with a states Maddox including a some relatives friends and acquaintances in business the Church and in government a Jimmy Carter a is the most dishonest of candidate democratic party Hacks in Philadelphia ran a dead Man in their primary last april 21. He won. The cadaverous candidate was rep. William Barrett who departed the scene 15 Days before the election. The machine politicians kept his name on the ballot hoping that a passive electorate would vote for him. Their plan worked. So they now have appointed another machine Man Michael Myers As the democratic candidate for november. Mac we protested that Dole was a reactionary on such things As Aid to education and health. We deplored his Labelling that years foreign Aid Bill which Eisenhower was helping Kennedy get passed As an a said to the reds Bill. We thought we ought to try unloading some of our surplus wheat on Russia and China if they wanted to buy it. Dole wanted no truck with the commies. How times have changed. Well Bob whooped us Good. That was the Campaign in which he gave me the name a Mac the when i hear him described now As a a slashing campaigner a i have to recall that it used to Cut both ways in the Good old Days out in Kansas. In fact Bob whooped me Good in every fight we were in and in be got to warn Jimmy Carter that when Bob Dole lets Fly at you you know you be been slashed. But it was enjoyable because Bob was one politician who did no to rely on a a spokesmen to do his dirty work for him. He let you have it himself. He never thought it beneath the dignity of the Public official to write letters to the editor and the Way he used to skin my hide makes Paul Rucker my favorite Burlington letter writer a Pale comparison. Bob never came right out and called me a communist. But the whole District delighted in his renaming my paper the Hutchinson news a the Prairie in 1963, when i went to Africa to teach journalism in a state a Nart ment project that was proof Lor Bob of the awful a said to the reds Kennedy foreign policy. One of his editor friends told his readers they could at least Hope the Mau Mau would eat me and Bob devoted a flattering amount of time in the summer to denouncing me in his news releases. My wife would enclose the clippings in her letters and i toiling for my country 6,000 Miles away would bang my head against the Palm Trees in frustration because i could no to get at him. After that 1962 election i had written a Dole proved himself a potent vote getter and is now a Power to be reckoned with in Kansas but my Crystal Ball was too Cloudy to have let me guess in the wildest flight of imagination that in just 14 years head be his party a nominee for vice president. When i watched him in his glory thursday night i remembered what William Allen White had written of Franklin Roosevelt after his Triumph Over Landon a we who hate your Gaudy guts Salute you a scratch that word a a hate because that never applied to my Long losing Battle with Bob. And so it is into the breach again old foe. As a Carter Mondale supporter in be one More Chance to beat Bob Dole. I be More delighted. But i have to confess my track record Isnit very encouraging. By Bob Wilson when i got Back from a couple of Days in Des Moines last week i found in my mail a a dear bobs note from a girl who was among my first loves As a child. The note set me straight on a couple of notions i expressed last week in a column about the 25th reunion of the Burlington High school class of �?T51. Although it Wasny to intended As slander one could have drawn from the column an inference that those who attended the reunion have lost their spark. I bemoaned the fact that the girls a who beautified my youth Are no longer girls that their innocence and anticipation of life both of which i regard As Beauty features have vanished. The author of the note Mimi Carspecken Denz was one of those who beautified my youth and graced the reunion. But she Hasni to lost her spark. She recognizes in me a bit of Peter pan a reluctance to grow up thus older and a regret that we All must. She said a we a a those Lovely girls who beautified my youth a have survived 2 a m. Feedings identity crises Pat meetings teenage nonsense and All the rest of life a craziness for Twenty years or so. How could we possibly retain a Youthful innocence a laying it on the line Mimi continued a and who wants that we have so much More now. We be lived and it has been and will be a fascinating adventure All the in closing Mimi defended herself and her classmates a anyway a underneath the crowds feet and stretch Marks a we re still Young and she certainly is. And much of that Springs from her zest for life that love of living she radiated while we were classmates at Saunderson Grade school. I Hope she realizes How much that fire adds to her Charm and Beauty. She maintains an attitude Worth emulating one which reflects a person at peace with herself. But i must let Mimi know Why it pains me to see her and others i knew As a youngster growing older. Age is evidence of our vulnerability. It is a constant reminder that we Are allotted Only so much time that we come this Way but once that we must make of it the Best we can. When you re Young you done to really feel that you re Ever going to die. Somewhere in the Back of your mind is the thought that it happens Only to. Others that it will never happen to you. I came out of a heart attack a few years Back with a new respect for life and this distaste for growing older. Each Day brings death closer. Each movement of the clock Means that much less time to do those things you be always planned. Watching a gorgeous Sunset wednesday night set me to thinking that the number of such pictures we will be blessed with is limited one can to but resent that such scenes Are rationed. Age can mean infirmities. It can mean a loss of sight thus a loss of natures Beauty and Many a transcriptions of it. Age can Rob one of hearing that sense which constitutes life for some and represents a major part of it for others. I Pray age spares me and others those spiritually debilitating diseases. Tuesday night in Des Moines i witnessed special Iowa arts Council award presentations to persons who have contributed significantly to arts in the state. Among the winners was Dwight Kirsch artist teacher lecturer and former director of the Des Moines Art Center. In his acceptance speech Kirsch reported a serious illness has taken its toll on him but that he is Back painting again. Kirsch broke Down at the conclusion of his speech and although the scene was a touching and human one it was a painful one for me. I believe Kirsch sees top end of his Days As a creative artist and is finding it difficult to Cope with. One can to help but rail at age in Kirchis behalf. Looking Back 25 years ago Burlington girl saves the life of it. Madison child was a front Page headline. Red Cross training pays off Helen Stafford # daughter of the Jack Stafford of 1304 summer saved the life of James Moore 21/2, son of the Philip Moores of 1132 Avenue fat. Madison the family stopped near the Stafford Home for help when the child began choking

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