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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 3

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Burlington, Iowa The Hawk Eye sunday augur to 22, 1976 Pogg 3 debate is Ford Gamble Kansas City to. Up a president Ford has taken a bold Gamble and volunteered to confront Jimmy Carter in a series of nationally televised debates to let the american voter choose the better Man. Ford who trails Carter by 25 percentage Points in the polls decided just a few hours before he accepted his party a presidential nomination thursday night that a face to face debate would be a the Best Way to launch an aggressive Campaign against his opponent. He quickly composed a few lines on a yellow notebook summoned his aides and instructed them to incorporate those words into his acceptance speech. The words on the yellow Sheet read a this year the issues Are on our Side. In a ready in a eager to go before the american people and debate the real issues face to face with Jimmy Carter. The american people have the right to know firsthand exactly where both of us Ford the Republican underdog from Michigan has nothing to lose from the debates in americans Bicentennial year. For Carter the democratic candidate from Georgia the risks Are greater. A Ford can Only gain from it a said a historian. A we done to go into this debate As a favorite a said a Carter aide pointing to Fords congressional and White House experience. Fords skilfully timed Challenge caught Carter off guard. At the time Carter was preparing to Issue a similar Challenge but he quickly agreed to the debates ignoring advisers warnings that Ford has More practice As a debater. The National television networks indicated a willingness to go along providing the debates can be held by an Independent sponsor to circumvent Federal equal time regulations. A format proposed by the league of women voters would place the first of three debates in St. Louis sept. 28, a Little More than a month away. Two More debates would follow in other cities during trial pending the manslaughter trial of George Ornduff is set to begin tuesday in Des Moines county District court. Ornduff 32, 1822 Orchard is charged in connection with a fatal car Accident South of Mediapolis on apr. 26. Jon Bonneson nine month old son of the Joseph Bonne sons Wapello died of injuries suffered in the car pickup Accident on us 61. Ornduff Joseph Bonneson and his wife Carol were also injured in the crash. The Accident occurred when Ornduff pulled out to pass another car and struck Bonneson a pickup Headon Iowa Highway patrolmen said. Ornduff was originally charged with of Maui but that was dismissed when a blood test showed that Ornduff had no alcohol in his system. Des Moines county attorney said the manslaughter charge was filed within the last 60 Days. Asst county atty. Dean Metz will prosecute. Burlington attorney Bryan Schulte will defend Ornduff. Judge William s. Cahill will preside. The league proposed that the vice presidential candidates Republican Robert j. Dole of Kansas and Democrat Walter f. Mondale of Minnesota debate the week of oct. 18. Both seemed willing to meet in the first nationally televised debates Between vice presidential candidates. Ford took a big risk by deciding to debate Carter. No incumbent Ever before has chosen to risk the advantage of his office by debating an outsider. But debate is a common tool of the political underdog who has everything to gain if he can emphasize his opponents weaknesses. And Ford according to his advisers believes he skilfully can use his insiders knowledge of government to reinforce a prevailing sense that Carter is a swishy Washy on the issues. Political scientists across the country agreed with Fords decision. A ifs a very sensible thing for him to do a said or. Arthur Schlessinger jr., at the City University of new York. A Ford can Only gain from in strategy sessions that began to Days before Ford issued his Challenge most of his advisers favored a debate As a a bold their Confidence was based on the debating skill that Ford an Ivy league lawyer has accumulated during a Quarter Century in Public office and the new techniques he has been learning recently from High paid Media experts. Only one adviser warned Ford against the debates according to inside sources. The adviser apparently believed the risk of failure was too great. Carters advisers were even More reluctant to endorse the idea of a debate. They noted Carter who is not a lawyer has the experience of Only four years in the Georgia legislature. A it s pretty obvious that much of president Fords career was in the House debating on the floor a Barry Jagoda Carters television adviser said in an interview in Plains a. A a he a very experienced. That does not apply to the governor. A we done to go into this debate As a others noted Carter a perfectly con trolled speech maker appeared uneasy when he debated his democratic opponents in the primaries. Sen. Henry m. Jackson a Bland speaker once embarrassed Carter on a complicated question involving tax Reform. Carter acknowledges his weaknesses. He confided this week there is a a great Deal about this nation and the government with which in a not car hits hayride tractor near Spencer 42 injured Spencer Iowa up an automobile rammed into a Bicentennial hayride caravan Early saturday scattering riders Over a wide area and injuring 42 persons. Two Hay Racks were carrying about 50 persons on the hayride part of a Bicentennial Observance in nearby Everly and the car rammed into the tractor pulling the Racks pushing it 70 feet from the Point of Impact. Thirteen of the injured required Hospital treatment. None was in serious condition. The Driver of the car Gregory Amick 19, Everly was in Good condition in a Sioux City Hospital. It a i was told that people just flew runaway truck kills 8 persons in Ohio Valley View Ohio up a at least eight people were killed and 16 others injured in a series of explosions and fires when a tractor trailer truck sped out of control Down a Long Steep Hill and crashed into to cars stopped for a traffic Light Here. Truck Driver John Harris 56, Detroit told police the brakes failed As he started Down Granger Road Hill shortly after 7 . Friday. The Hill turned into a holocaust of flames and screams As the truck slammed into the cars at the canal Road intersection. Police said the truck which skidded into the rear of two cars Jackknife and rolled Over and crushed several cars was in fifth gear instead of second or Low gear As recommended on a lighted sign atop the Hill. Because of this Harris May face charges police said. The police said that nine died in the crash but the coroners office said Only eight bodies had been brought in. Through the air More or less a said state trooper Lawrence j. Stanislav who arrived at the scene 30 minutes j after the collision about 12 30 . Saturday. A everyone was thrown off and scattered in an area three fourths of a Block a he said. The tractor was pulling the two Iino Racks eastbound on Blacktop Road about 7 Miles East of Here and Amicks car. Also eastbound apparently hit it from the rear Stanislav said. A people said at the last minute they saw it coming and there was nothing they could do a Stanislav said. The trailer was knocked 70 feet Forward and the front Hay rack was rammed into it and leaning slightly into the ditch alongside the Road. The Back Wagon remained upright and attached to the front by a safety Chain. Besides Amick one other person was hospitalized in Sioux City and the remaining la injured were hospitalized at Hartley and , when where amp Why the following scheduled meetings Are open to the Public under Iowa Law monday aug. 23 i . A ambulance advancement committee Eastman room at Burlington medical Center discussion of emergency medical service plan for Des Moines county. Tuesday aug. 24 7 . A West Burlington City Council regular meeting in Council Chambers. 7 . A Burlington school Board regular meeting Horace Mann Middle school Library. Honesty about death needed by Les Peck Hawk Eye land editor it. Madison a death is As Normal As life. It can be peaceful and gentle even Beautiful. But Many people face it with anger. For the past two years nurse Glenda Ferguson has been studying death and the Way it affects people. A i think All patients know if they Are terminally ill even if they Haven to been told by the doctor she said in an interview at her Niota 111., Home recently. Mrs. Ferguson is a part time nurse at sacred heart Hospital Here specializing in Post surgical care. She conducted her study on critically and terminally ill patients to satisfy her responsible social involvement requirements at Iowa Wesleyan College it. Pleasant where she is a part time student. A graduate of the Southeastern Community College nursing program at the Keokuk Campus mrs. Ferguson has wanted to be a nurse since she was a it. Madison High school student. She waited 15 years which included a marriage to Howard Ferguson and two children Kim and Chad before she began nurses training with her sister mrs. Wanda Gaylord it. Madison. Both women have their rns mrs. Ferguson is going on for a bachelors degree at Wesleyan which requires All students to give time for a social project and then made a report on it before graduation. Mrs. Ferguson said she spent More than 300 hours on her study All of it at sacred heart during off duty hours. The Hospital cooperated in the program. During the study she suffered a critical illness herself which increased her awareness of patient and family needs. Much of her time was spent listening to patients mrs. Ferguson said. A when they want to talk about death they will a she said. A a it a not saying to them a you have a terminal illness. Do you want to talk about it a its More of them asking a will i die a and you ask about their feelings from that mrs. Ferguson has found that most terminally ill patients go through Steps in the grief process As outlined by Elisabeth Kubler Ross who has done extensive research on death. There will be denial anger bargaining depression resignation and acceptance though not All reach the last stage. A i have found a lot of anger a she said in patients and in family members. An example she uses is a Man who apparently had no family. He received no cards no visits and he was angry. A i would say a do you want the curtains open a and he would say a what the hell makes the difference a he would not read books i took to him. Most of the time i would go in his room and he would be quiet a mrs. Ferguson said. Though the Man talked less than any other patient mrs. Ferguson feels she was accepted. One Day As she was leaving the Hospital she was told the Man wanted to see her. He asked for paper and Pencil so she could write a letter to his daughter who Hadnot been mentioned before. But the patient changed his mind and said the letter could wait mrs. Ferguson said. A the died and the letter was never mrs. Ferguson has found that Many men will talk to her about death but when the wife and family arrives they wont mention it. At that Point she feels the Man reverts to the figurehead of family strength and attempts to support his wife. As a nurse mrs. Ferguson said its important to avoid a giving any solutions or imposing your ideas on a patient. The patient should be a free to be angry free to be yourself. I am there to help you express your emotion and your feelings which is Good for any person who is ill a she said. Grief situations Are common in life she said. A How you handle a crisis will develop into a pattern in your life a a pattern that will be displayed when facing death. There needs to be More a a honest teaching of children about death mrs. Ferguson contended. A if a pet Dies done to say it ran she encourages the taking of children to funerals of neighbors or acquaintances. A the funeral is designed to Lead you through the grief process a she said. For persons who a a done to know what to say when visiting the terminally ill mrs. Ferguson suggested that a listening attitude is important. A if i know that you like marigolds i will take one. Or i will just go and say a i done to know what to say but i just want to be with a it is also Normal to cry in a grief situation and that is True for men As Well she said. A i done to want someone to Tell you not to cry if you have had an Accident or lost a loved her advice to other nurses which is applicable to everyone is to accept the a Complete patients a physically mentally and spiritually. A you can to judge and you need to accept their the Ideal situation is a patient free of pain and awake but there Are Many who a May not be pleasant to look at or w to have a bad odor. You have to be careful not to pity them. That Only diminishes mrs. Ferguson stressed that a always a always a you must maintain privacy and dignity of the when the grief process reaches a Point where both Happy and sad experiences can be discussed a then you have reached an equilibrium a mrs. Ferguson said. And it becomes possible for the anger to dissolve and for death to become a gentle even Beautiful experience. The picture of health is James Greiten Lewisville Texas former Bur Lin tonian who has recovered from a heart transplant operation. Photo Courtesy of Lewisville news advertiser Greiten doing Well with his new Hearty Lloyd Maffitt James m. Greiten the first Burlin tonian to undergo a heart transplant operation has made a remarkable recovery and is according to his father August j. Greiten of 1604 division a the picture of Greiten underwent the operation a Little Over a year ago a few weeks after his Fortieth birthday at Stanford University Palo Alto Calif. His Home is now at Lewisville Texas near Dallas. This is the Story of Greitens near Rush with death a sales representative of Winegard co., he suffered a heart attack in Oklahoma City okla. He apparently recovered and was working when he was stricken for a second time also in Oklahoma City. After the second heart attack a heart specialist told him he had two choices undergo a transplant operation or die within a few months. Greiten opted for the operation. He said he had begun considering a transplant after Reading a Book on the subject bought for him by his wife Margaret. A in the Back of the Book there was a listing of All of the transplants performed along with the survival rate a Greiten told Esther Blocherer women a news editor of the Lewisville news advertiser. A Cdr. Norman Shumway a name kept coming up with the mortality rates decreasing and survival rates increasing. I picked up the Telephone and placed a Call to or. Shumway at As a result of the Call arrangements were made for Greiten to enter the University medical Center in May of 1975. He had to wait three weeks before a heart became available it was that of a 24 year old male killed in a motorcycle Accident. A the Day i had the transplant i was out making Calls with another Man a Greiten related. A the Only Way the Hospital had of reaching us was by citizens band radio. A it was about 10 30 . When i was on my Way to the Hospital and by 12 30 . I was being wheeled through the operating room having read up on heart transplants Greiten realized that his survival chances were 50%. He also knew that a the crucial period for a heart transplant patient is the first ten weeks after during that period the dangers of rejection and infection Are the greatest. Greiten believes his medical problems might not have become so serious had he in youth known a the importance of proper diet and exercise a or the consequences of a poor diet and Lack of exercise. A i Learned the hard Way what improper eating habits and Lack of exercise can do to a healthy Happy Man today Jim Greiten reiterates his message a resist the temptation of improper diet and exercise a continual from Pogo i Money to Settle a new contract than they Are now asking in Back wages. During budget preparations earlier this year and prior to contract negotiations City officials decided to include a $35-a-month increase per employee when projecting salaries and wages for the coming year. That is in effect what was granted employees represented by the other three unions and virtually every other non Union City employee on july i. The $35 is More than any one of the police officers would have received with a 2.7% increase on july i. According to the suit 27 officers would have received monthly pay increases of $27.31 As of july i if the 2.7% had been granted. Those officers Are seeking Back pay of $40.97, representing the increases due them for a month and a half. Another eight employees All command officers would have received pay hikes of $33.06 a month with the Cost of living raise each is seeking $45.09 in unpaid increases. Two More both inspectors at the time the new fiscal year started would have received $34.68 More a month according to the contract. Those two Are asking for $52.02 in unpaid increases. The latter two men were recently demoted from inspectors to captains when the City Council eliminated the inspector position. But their pay was not Cut. One is Eugene Loose whose name appears on the lawsuit although he has announced his resignation effective next month. Each of those 35 officers also is seeking. $10,000 in exemplary damages and Ford thinks there is basis for such a claim. He said the lawsuit explains that basis. The suit contains the following claim pertaining to each officer a the conduct of the defendants City officials. Was calculated and intended to and did cause plaintiffs policemen severe emotional distress grief and anxiety. It made him fear losing his Job and his Opportunity for promotion and thus impaired his ability to perform his work and to provide a living for his family. He was thus damaged. Through his failure to receive the wage increase to which he was legally entitled and he was further damaged through the intentional infliction of severe emotional distress upon him in the sum of $10,000.�?� Ford said Friday afternoon that a Public employees have Only the courts on which to relay to protect their he pointed out that policemen cannot legally strike but said it was not his intention to imply that the policemen had considered striking. A jury trial has been requested. The officers filing the suit Are Ron Holtkamp Terry Klaassen Gary Mcvay Robert j. Bloomer Joel Richard Behne David l. Smith Robert l. Stevens Michael Capps David Wunnenberg Vern Eilers Danny Fidler Robert Sloan . Miller . Sutcliffe Raymond Peterson Larry e. Walker Paul j. Polahar Gary l. Ripperger and Dennis Schnedler. Also named Are Joseph l. Stewart James Shreiner Mike Mallette Timothy Orth Don Inghram Ruth Donald Daniel Gerdes Dale Gossage l. Wendall Patton Jay e. Holley Jack w. Johnson Patrick Mewes irl Shamp James r. Ewing Eugene Loose and Carl Thomson. Nurse Glenda Ferguson

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