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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Burlington, Iowa In the Hawk Fye spotlight com forces say they have ample names despite slip exclusive and elusive by John Mccormally if tile Hawk Eye and others in Burlington seem especially excited about former bus football Star Jimmie Howard getting the medal of Honor from president Johnson tomorrow there a Good reason. Its the rarest military Honor there is. Since the medal was established during the Lincoln administration on july 12, 1862, Only about 3,200 have been awarded despite the fact americans have been fighting somewhere most of the time since. More than half of the total number were awarded in the civil War and the Indian wars which followed. Then Congress tightened up the rules and the medal became harder and harder to earn. You not Only had to perform feats Well above and beyond the Call of duty but you had to get dead As a result or remain alive Only by a Miracle. A a a in the War with Spain lit of the medals were Given out another 87 for the philippine insurrection 60 in the Boxer rebellion and 56 in the mexican Border conflict. The rules were tightened up some More and Only 123 medals of Honor were awarded in world War i and 430 in world War ii when More than 12 million americans were in service. The korean War produced 131 medal of Honor winners and Jimmie Howard is the 17th to win it for the Vietnam conflict. A a a Howard is the 44th iowan to win the medal of Honor according to state historical society records. Twenty eight were awarded to iowans in the civil War two in the Indian wars three in the philippine insurrection one in the Boxer rebellion two in world War i nine in world War ii one in the korean War and two so far for Vietnam Howard and army 2nd it. Robert j. Hibbs who was awarded the medal posthumously last Jan. 26. A a a immediately after Howard and his 17-Man reconnaissance platoon survived the Battle of Hill 488 West of Chu Lai the sergeant was recommended for the medal of Honor. That Wras in june 1966. It took 14 months for him to get it which shows How painstaking the research is How reluctant the nation is to bestow the Honor. It is sort of like getting yourself can ionized a Saint in the Catholic Church. A a a Ever since the first announcement the Hawk Eye has followed the Howard Case closely. Ill confess a certain amount of envy As an aging fat sex Marine sergeant who never got nor came close to deserving such an Honor. In the intervening months i kept calling congressmen and senators asking a a what a the status on Jimmie Howard a medal a Back the reports would come it has been approved by Headquarters Marine corps and is now being reviewed by the Navy department. Then the next report would say it had been sent Back by the Navy to the marines for More a the obvious continued on Page 3. By George Tresnak municipal court Bailiff Cecil Rideout was a forgotten Man until this weekend. Forgotten by citizens working for an election to decide whether Burlington will have Council manager instead of the present commission form of government. The result was a few hours of concern by the citizens for better government that they May not have obtained enough signatures to bring the Council manager Issue to a vote. But by saturday night the group was confident that enough signatures were obtained despite indications by City officials that the number of signatures May become an Issue. The citizens group gathered signatures calling for the special Council manager election under the Assumption about 2,100 signatures were needed. That figure amounts to 25 percent of the 8,394 total votes cast for streets supt. Leonard Brown in the 1965 election. Tie Iowa code states that signatures must total 25 percent of the number of votes cast for the candidate who got the highest number of votes in the last City election. Rideout unopposed candidate for Bailiff got 9,887 votes 1,493 More than Brown. Rideout Wasny to noticed much even at election time because he was unopposed. This and the fact that no municipal court candidates were involved in the City election prior to the last Council manager Effort were behind the slip up according to citizens group spokesmen. Near miss in 1961 the last Council manager Effort was in 1961, when the proposal was Defeated by 151 votes. Total votes cast was 6,359, with 3.255 voting against and 3.101 in favor. With Rideout s votes As a basis for number of signatures needed the total to bring the Issue to a vote would be about 2,472. The citizens group gave 2.500 As the a around figure total of signatures obtained at the time they presented the petitions to the Council. Little margin that total would have provided a Margain of safety of 400 signatures if Browne a votes could legally serve As the basis. But with Rideout s votes As the basis the margin of safety with the 2.500 figure is Only 28 signatures. Realizing this and recalling that the 2,500 total cited at the time of presentation was a a around figure a the citizens group this weekend delved into card files and came up with the exact total of signatures they were sure could t be contested. Bill Kelly a member of the group said the total is 2,556, which gives a margin of safety of 84. Even if some signatures Are tossed out on the grounds that signers Ard not a registered such a technicality could easily be contested group spokesmen said. Some of the signatures were not included in their a a Safe total because of unknown voter registration status they explained. Technical language but Hie code states that signers must be a a electors of the City and not a registered voters is a Tesmen said. As Long As the signer meets age and residence requirements he is an a a electors under the Iowa Constitution they said. The groups calculation on the number of signatures needed from the petition signing drive was made by a committee. Tie tact that the group assumed it needed 2.100 signatures became Public knowledge through a Hawk Eye Story May 21 announcing the groups Council manager Effort a not aware finance supt. Milton Schoell and City atty. W Illiam Bauer said they were not aware that the citizens group was using the wrong candidates total As a basis while the groups petition signing drive was underway. Schoell said the idea that Rideout s total May be the one required As a basis rather than Browns a came to my attention about tuesday or wednesday. we say it was an opinion of mine that it might be a fact but i m not an authority and i say whether it s True or not a Schoell said. A did been Reading certain figures quoted in the paper. I read the code Over and made a Check. I did t know whether i was right or not but i told the attorney what i thought and that the figure being quoted is 2.ioo,�?� he said. Report to attorney of Tine councilmen Only Matt could not be reached for comment saturday. Other councilmen and City clerk Robert Schlampp who was in charge of checking the petitions would say Only that tile petitions had been checked and a report was made to the City attorney. They said Bauer would give the Council an opinion a next week a but All indicated the opinion would be made monday. Bauer said he want to be held to monday As the Date he will give the opinion. He said he has already written an opinion but that it a May councilmen did indicate that if Bauers opinion is that there Are enough signatures Ait election Date would be set immediately. Unless some technicality if found that could be used to posts Pone setting of the election Date Hoschek will have Only a Fevo Days left in which to set the election. Tile mayor must Call the election within two months after toe petition is filed. His proclamation calling the election must a issued at least 30 Days before the Date of the election. The petition was filed aug. 7. Could delay move if some technicality results in the postponement of the election until it is too late to adopt the Council manager form before this fall s regular City elections the special Council manages election could still be held. But the City then would Hava to wait to elect councilmen urn Der the Council manager Foj until the next City election it 1969. The Burlington Hawk Eye 13ist year no. 36 phone 754-8461 Burlington Iowa sunday August 20, 1967 40 pages four sections Price to barges truck convoys Bear air wars Brunt i a a a a a a 7 Council manager ? ? questions ? a Campaign is underway to change Burlington a City government from the present commission form to that of Council manager. The Hawk Eye will attempt to get answers to any questions concerning the changeover. Address your inquiries to questions the Hawk Eye 800 s. Main. A a a q. A Isnit any City that hires an outsider to do such important work As manage the City asking for trouble. I a. A if so Burlington has been asking for trouble for quite i some time. Powers Willis and associates of Iowa City is doing Burlington scentral bus mess District study. Harland Bartholomew and associates of St. Louis mo., conducted the original City planning study. Ned Ashton consulting Engineer from Iowa City was hired to do preliminary Railroad crossing planning. National value i Tion service of Omaha neb., i was hired to do the City a re Ujj valuation Job. Out of town specialists were hired to sur Lvey the City a sewers. And the rid a Bird company of Muscatine was hired to exterminate pigeons. All of these Are outsiders hired by the City Council to do work for the City. A Midnight is Champ beef Des Moines apr a , 1,012-Pound Angus steer named a Midnight a shown by 15-year-old Bruce Ahrendsen of Audubon was crowned grand Champion baby beef of the Iowa state fair saturday. The judges picked the youths entry Over three other Breed winners in the Climax of the 4-h club livestock show at the annual exposition. Bruce is one of the Audubon Ahrendsen who were chosen the a Blue ribbon family of the 1965 state fair Beau a of a Long record of winning livestock awards. His fathered Ahrendsen is a Well known Hereford breeder. Winfield youth wins top honors in the Fra Market pig division went to Steve settles 19, of Winfield who exhibited a Hampshire for grand Champion. He also won in the pen of three judging. A a a a a a n. Vietnam builds major fixed base by John t. Wheeler with a . Air Force strike team Over the a Shau Valley Vietnam apr despite hundreds of bombing raids North Vietnam has established its first Majc a fixed base in the South Complete with a 25-mile Road open to heavy truck traffic. North vietnamese labor battalions and bulldozers began in february to push the Road into South Vietnam linking the base to the communists Long established Road network in Laos. Bombers fail some 50 raids by eight Jet b52 bombers and several Hundred raids by Jet fighter bombers have failed to destroy the carefully camouflaged Bate Camps East and West of the Valley floor or to Cut the plainly visible Road for More than a few hours at a time military officials report. This failure has raised serious questions in the minds of some senior military men Over the ability of Airpower to seriously hamper the flow of men and materials in to the South. The Aerial Campaign against the a Shau Valley base Complex has been waged under the most Ideal conditions offered to the jets in the Vietnam War. Fear big push senior . Officers voice fears that the buildup in the 13-mile Valley and Road projects through Laos aimed at Points farther South signify a far larger North vietnamese military Effort than the communists have launched to Date. For the present there apparently Are be plans to invade the nearly gun barrel straight Valley 375 Miles North of Saigon and 62 Miles West of Danang one of the biggest . Bases in Vietnam. Military operations against the Valley would require too Many troops perhaps a division and risk too Many casualties to be Worth it a . Military source said. But unless something is done senior officers believe More artillery rocket attacks can be expected such As a barrage on Danang air base that caused $25-30 million in damage. Another cause for concern is that flatbed semitrailer trucks have been spotted in the Valley. These could carry soviet made rockets capable of hitting Danang from the Valley or Sam missiles capable of driving away the b52s. No rockets have been spotted yet intelligence sources report. The military history of the a Shau Valley stretches Back at least three years and in the View of some military officials shows clearly Hanoi a plans for a full scale War in the South. Robbery was motive in Mccain Case Manila Philippines a robbery has been established As the motive in the aug. 9 stabbing of a 24-year-old Burlington airman Kenneth James Mccain. Charges of robbery and homicide were filed Friday against two youths Alfredo de Leon and Jesus Mercado. Preliminary hearings for the pair Are set for tuesday. The two youths charged Are from Angeles City located a Short distance from Clark Field where Mccain was stationed. He was found stabbed to death in a Field near the Entrance to the station in Northern Philippines. Services for Mccain son of John b. Mccain 931 n. Sixth and the late Ellen Mccain were conducted wednesday at Sheagren funeral Home. Burial was in sacred heart cemetery. Mccain an airman third class had been in the Philippines less than four months having started an 18-month tour of duty on May 27. Where in the world ? this City is called a Oil capital of the can you identify it answer on Page 2. Saigon a . Warplanes ranged along the Southern coast of North Vietnam saturday striking blows at communist Supply lines. Pilots reported destroying or damaging More than too cargo barges and tearing up two truck convoys. Poor weather kept . Aircraft away from the immediate Vicinity of Hanoi and Haiphong and raids were concentrated on the Southern Panhandle stretching South from Hanoi to the 17th parallel that divides North and South Vietnam. Ground War quiet the . Command reported the ground War at a virtual standstill today. B u t communist gunners shot Down two . Helicopters Over South Vietnam saturday killing one american and wounding three others. While the . Fighter bombers were raking North Vietnam b52 bombers that can carry up to 30 tons of bombs mounted a second raid in less than 24 hours saturday n get on a major North vietnamese fixed base in the a Shau Valley in the Northwestern Corner of South Vietnam. Carrier based . Navy pilots reported destroying 21 cargo barges and damaging 74. Air Force pilots said they destroyed or damaged another 18, including three Large barges on a River 26 Miles Northwest of eking hoi. That made the Days toll 113 River barges sunk or damaged compared to 108 reported Friday. In the ground War saturday . Marines used riot control Gas to flush four Viet Cong suspects from a Tunnel in Hills 27 Miles Southwest of Danang. The explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of their hiding place after they had spurned orders from leathernecks of the 5th Marine regiment to surrender. Associated press photographer Rick Merron who was on the scene said a search of the Tunnel by masked marines yielded Field packs canteens and ammunition for a communist assault Rifle. Arrest Man in 9 deaths Shell Lake. Sask. A Royal Canadian mounted police at Shell Lake announced saturday night they have arrested a Man in the slaying of nine members of the James Peterson family. Police said they also have seized a weapon identified by the crime detection Laboratory in Regina As the murder weapon. Inspector b. D. Sawyer said that the name of the arrested Man will be withheld until he can discuss the Case with his superiors. Polishing the Horn on his 1902 Oldsmobile is Ronald Bloom 1815 Louisa during the antique Auto show at the Illinois state fair in Springfield. The show Drew entries from a 5 state area saturday despite heavy Rains which fell Early. Up photo Honor family Pluck Portland Ore. A a negro family whose life has been a successful struggle for education will receive an award today at the National Urban leagues family of the year. The presentation to or. And mrs. Asa l. Brock of Portland will be made by William j. Trent. Jr., of new York general chairman of the Urban league conference which opens tonight. Annual award it is an annual award made to negro parents who have o v e r c o me obstacles and achieved Success in raising a family through hard work and determination. Among the Brocks obstacles was Lack of Money and among their successes was sending Thor four daughters to College. While mrs. Brock sewed and canned a i canned everything in sight a and took care of the children. Brock got extra jobs on his Days off Between runs on the Union Pacific Railroad As a dining car waiter. He was making $60 a month when they started their family in 1925. Was it hard driving himself All these years he reflected a moment then said. A it had to be done. Money was awfully the Brocks started Early exposing their children to what they saw As the proper life. She said Many friends thought it Odd that they crimped and saved to make sure their children went to College. But she added Quot it was what we wanted to do. W e Felt it should be done a Home at night Brock still working for the Union Pacific after 43 years is now on a run to Seattle that gets him Home each night. Their daughters Are mrs. Earl c. Johnson Portland Mother of forecast fair and warmer today and tonight. High today 76, Low tonight 54. Westerly winds Light and variable. No sign of precipitation. River stages Burlington 7.4, steady Augusta 3.6, Down 1.9 Keithsburg 5.2, steady. Twin boys now Back in College for a degree in speech therapy mrs. Walter Joii Dan Mother of three sons teaching sixth Grade mathematics in la Puerta Calif. Mrs. Clarence Pruitt Mother of three boys a kindergarten teacher in Portland and mrs. Beverly Hillard Mother of one son. Teaching in a Portland elementary school. A better opportunities what do they see in the future for negro children a better opportunities a Brock says. But mrs. Brock added a taking advantage of opportunities starts within the Home. Sometimes children Rise above their Home environment but mostly it has to Start intercepted letter Ronald Bloom state Fairgrounds Springfield 111. Dear Ron ought to change the lyrics to a my old merry mobiles yours Hawk Eye Vee the Jimmie Howard Burlington. Sec rage no

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