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Burlington Hawk Eye Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Burlington, Iowa Hawk Eye tems Pope opens doors of curia Vatican City a with Little fan fare Pope Paul i is opening the doors of the conservative roman curia to direct influence by National conferences of roman Catholic Bishops around the world. This May turn out to be the most significant move in his developing program to make the curia the Central administration of the Church More democratic and modern. The move was announced saturday with publication of a signed decree that diocesan Bishops would be made full members of the 12 congregations the major curia agencies. Seven Bishops will be named to each of the 12 congregations plus three Heads of orders to the congregation of the religious. The Bishops in effect will be representatives of Bishops in their homelands exercising for the first time a direct say on curia actions from the Bishops in the Field the influence can be considerable depending on How Many cardinals Are already members. In the congregation for the doctrine of the Faith for example there Are now la curia cardinals a headed by conservative Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and 3 cardinals from outside. With the Bishops the lineup will be la curia cardinals and to other prelates. In the consist orial congregation which deals with the selection and discipline of Bishops the present lineup is 16 curia cardinals and la from the outside. Up to now appointments to top curia posts have practically amounted to life terms. The Bishops coming in from the dioceses will serve for five years then be replaced. This Means a regular turnover of people and ideas the new blood that progressive Church circles have been calling for. It is especially significant that the National conferences of Bishops will do the selecting for the new curia posts. Pope Paul will make the formal appointments but at his order the names of candidates will be drawn up by the conferences and submitted to Rome. Ask More tests on birth drugs Washington a new Long Range tests have been ordered for birth control drugs both those now on the Market and those still in the Experiment stage. But there Are no government plan to halt the Sale of the drugs now in general use. The food and drug administration ordered the testing when it was found that dogs and monkeys developed abnormal breast tissue after receiving mk-665, an experimental drug. Four of six dogs developed breast cancer. The monkeys developed an abnormality know As atypical Hyperplasia which the Fra said could be but probably is not a forerunner of cancer. Mk-665 also had been tested on 340 women but these tests were halted Early last year after the results of the dog experiments became known. Previous birth control pills had been tested and found Safe for dogs but were not tested in monkeys. Now the Fra wants the la pharmaceutical firms making birth control drugs to conduct the new tests on primates animals of the family including monkeys and Man. But an Fra spokesman said a there is no indication of any change with regard to the marketing of these pills at this Tough weekend Franz Edward Charbonneaux 52, of 806 court had his share of bad Luck Over the weekend. His car was stolen Early sunday morning from the Moose parking lot. It Quot was recovered later in Davenport driven by a 15-year-old Clinton youth. While driving his recovered car Home a within three blocks of his to Ilse Charbonneaux had an Accident. Police said he was going East on Spring near Wells when his car was in a crash with one driven by Deborah Lee Stine 1917 ave. Kit. Madison. Where in the world. ? the Burlington Hawk Eye 131st year no. 31 phone 754-8461 Burlington Iowa monday August 11. 1967 22 tages two sections Trice Ioc us air strikes within to Miles of red China termed a stupid by Senate critic Sun fifes broken Shadow of a Bridge on the surface of a North vietnamese River testifies to the results of us air strikes near the chinese Border. Pilots from the Carrier Constellation carried out the successful raid sunday. Up photo do you know this place the Continental Congress was Here in 1777-1778. Answer on Page 2. ? ? ? 7 7 ? a a a a a a 7 Council manager 7 7 questions 7 a Campaign is underway to change Burlington s City government from the present commission form to that of Council Cna Nager. The Hawk Eye will attempt to get answers to any questions concerning the changeover. Address your inquiries to questions the Hawk Eye 800 s. Main. A a a Many cities in the United states within the 25,-ooo to 50,000 population bracket have the Council manager form of government total is 244, or 52.8 percent. Many cities in the United states within the 25,-ooo to 50,000 population bracket have the commission form of government a the trend is toward Complete disappearance. There has been Only one adoption since 1947, and one reversion from the Council manager Pian to the commission form. At present there Are Only 50 commission cities in the entire United states in Burlington a population bracket or 10.8 percent. Hie commission form is also known As the a Galveston Des Moines commission form a but both cities have abandoned the commission form and now have the Council manager plan. Woman is charged for murder mrs. Jean Barbara enyard 42�?z of 611 North Street was being held in county jail monday under $50,000 Bond on an open murder charge. She was arraigned in municipal court sunday in the stabbing death of Freeman Allen Stephens 39, of 124 s. Sixth police said. The Case was continued to wednesday. Police today said a knife was believed used to fatally Stab Stephens in the upper Chest. Tile victim was pronounced dead at Burlington Hospital after police were called to investigate a report of a fight at 611 North Street about 7 p.m., saturday. Police continued working on the Case monday. By is accused Saigon a civilian presidential candidate Truong Dinh Dzu said today Premier Nguyen Cao by had told police chiefs from All Over South Vietnam that they would be rewarded of they a put pressure on for the military Juntas presidential candidate chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu. Dzu also said by had handed residents envelopes containing $25 during a visit to an Giang province and questioned whether the Money was Kyd a own Caca me from the government. Government spokesmen immediately denied the charges. Buddhists churn political Waters Saigon a South Vietnam a militant buddhists vowed today to stage protests against the governments recognition of a rival faction As the country a official Buddhist Church and hinted at a a struggle in a strongly worded statement the leadership also denounced the current presidential Campaign and called for a drastic done to reveal tactics they avoided saying what form the protests would take but questions about a struggle movements or a demonstrations brought wild cheers and applause from the More than 800 Buddhist followers at a news conference. The a struggle movements of extremist buddhists have in the past been Able to help topple governments and bring thousands of demonstrators into the streets. But their Power is believed to have greatly diminished following their clash with Premier Nguyen Cao by last year. Leaders charged the militant buddhists held their news conference at the an Quang Pagoda Saigon Headquarters of their Leader Thich venerable tri Quang. The buddhists cheered As their leaders accused the government and specifically chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu of trying to a suppress and destroy Thieu signed a charter the last week of july which set up Saigon a Buddhist Institute the Vien Hoa dad As the official Buddhist Church of South Vietnam and squeezes the an Quang buddhists from control of the unified Buddhist Church. The Viet Hoa Dao and the an Quang buddhists have been fighting bitterly for months for control of the unified Buddhist Church which is unified in name Only. A truly in regard to buddhism Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu has shown himself both malignant and reckless a a communique from the an Quang buddhists said. Thich Thien Minh a spokes Ike to co Home Washington a former president Dwight d. Eisenhower. 75, is scheduled to Check out of Walter Reed army Hospital later today following a 10-Day hospitalization for a gastrointestinal ailment. Plans Are the Hospital announced for Eisenhower to Fly Back to his Gettysburg pa., farm heme following a Brief news conference on the Hospital Steps. Man at today a news conference said a if Thieu pushes the an Quang buddhists against the Wall we buddhists will have to Minh also said a we wont have a fair election unless drastic changes Are he referred to the elimination of two Buddhist slates in the Senate election far what the government called a apr communist and neutralise vets to get Job support Washington a president Johnson announced today that he intends to help discharged veterans find jobs on a personalized individually tailored program of personal contacts by representatives of the nations 2.200 Public employment service offices. Johnson said in a statement that More than 750,000 Young men and women who have served their country Well will be leaving the armed forces for civilian life in the next year and a it is Only right that their country serve them As most of these returning veterans he said will be looking for work and a i intend to help them find Washington a . Bombing within to Miles of red China detonated Sharp new criticism of the Vietnam War by a persistent critic of administration War policy and appeared Likely to generate More debate on Capitol Hill. A i think its very dangerous and extremely said Chaison j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee. But Senate preparedness subcommittee chairman John Stennis d-miss., said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam reflects a More pressure philosophy which he supports. Debate foreign Aid the new level of bombing came on the eve of Senate debate on president Johnson a foreign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks on Johnson policies in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson a decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House fended off questions on the shift in tactics. But it was Learned that Stennis subcommittee heard secret testimony last week from adm. Ulysses s. G. Sharp Pacific commander that Johnson had agreed to some Extension of warplanes options to strike what one subcommittee member called a lucrative strikes sunday against North vietnamese rail Yards to Miles from red China and Friday against Hanoi a Doumer Bridge came after Johnson lifted temporarily two major target restrictions. Keep restrictions Pentagon sources say the administration will continue those restrictions except on certain key vital missions. The restricted areas Are a 30-mile diameter Circle around Hanoi penetrated two or three times previously and a 15-to-20-mile-wide Buffer zone along the North Vietnam red China Boundary. Fulbright said the bombing fights City Hall for Street Greenville 111. Apr Asbury Street was rather quiet Over the weekend since Warren file built two fences across it and put up signs saying a no trespassing private file a Farmer who lives to Miles from Greenville staked out his claim to 273 feet of Asbury Street Friday night. He said the City has never bought the property and he has title to it. A a in be been talking about this thing for some time with City officials but never got anywhere. I told them not to let it hang fire a said file. A a in be got a deed a Legal opinion on my deed and i offered to the taxes. But they just laughed at me. Well in be started the checker game. Now its their City councilman Robert Haefner said the City a first move would be to Check the records at the Bond county courthouse. A a won to do them any Good a said file. A a in be been there. The City attorney tells me he wants to see my abstract. I told him i want to see City attorney James a. Buchmiller said a either file owns the Street or he does no to. We done to know the answer right now. But one thing is for sure. Well be in court monday or tuesday and those fences will come Watts celebrates weather forecast partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday with a Chance of widely scattered showers. Low tonight 60. High tuesday 82. Partly Cloudy wednesday. River stages Burlington 7.3, Down .2 Wapello 2.2, Down Keosauqua 0.6, Down .2. Los Angeles apr festival week Drew to a jubilant close sunday in the negro Watts area of Southern los Angeles As an estimated 20,000 persons lined the curbs for an old fashioned main Street Parade. A ooh it All was just great just marvelous a an official said. Cassius in front the 25-Block Parade led by dethroned world heavyweight boxing Champion Cassius Clay concluded the second annual Watts summer festival. The Celebration emphasized Pride involvement and cooperation in the Community much of it rebuilt after the violent rioting of two Summers ago. Noticeable during the Parade a though not at the rest of the festival was the Lack of Whites in the crowd. But festival officials said they understood the Parade was the Hometown event and the temperature was in the High 90s. Other parts of the festivities Well attended by Whites included Art shows poetry Reading carnival Booths jazz and gospel singing a count Basie concert and a miss Watts pageant. Police were there police Many of them veterans of the 1965 riot which claimed 34 lives and $40 million property damage attended the Parade. Parade floats carried banners such As a Stop the world we want to get on a and a mixed Power will hasten the after the Parade and about two Miles Northwest on the com Unity a Edge. Ii. Rap Brown National chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee was a top billed Black Power rally speaker. Shape up or Burn a you better shape up America or we will Burn you Down a he shouted. The audience of 2,-000 negroes shouted approval then headed Home without incident. Festival officials said Browne a speech was not connected with their activities. Saigon apr . Warplanes struck for the second straight Day today at North vietnamese targets just to Miles from red China a Border along the major Railroad from China to Hanoi. The attacks sunday and near red China a is directly contrary to what was the established policy of the government in 1964 and it will Lead the country directly into the most disastrous Fulbright a committee including members already troubled Over Vietnam Cut Johnson a $3.4 billion foreign Aid request by $736 million. A Tough going Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield a foe of increased bombing said he Hopes to hold the line against further cuts in the Bill but added a i expect it will be Tough he told a newsman he expects a fall kinds of amendments to be the Senate warmed up to its latest Vietnam tussle Friday when a Battery of members questioned How fairly the South vietnamese elections will be run. Clark Gifford a Johnson emissary said sunday he gave South vietnamese leaders earlier this month the presidents warning a rigged presidential election would Cost South Vietnam the support of the american people he and Gen. Maxwell Taylor visited South Vietnam chief of state Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu a candidate for president and Premier Nguyen Cao by Thieu a running mate for vice president. Personal message a we took a personal message from president Johnson to by and Thieu on this subject and said As bluntly As it can be said that if there was any one act on their part which would be calculated to alienate the american people it would be to have a rigged election in South Vietnam a said Clifford. Sen. Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., said in an interview unless Johnson acts soon to insure honest campaigning and elections senators who doubt Kyd a and Thieu a sincerity will return to the attack. Ceiler disagrees rep. Emanuel Ceiler d-n.y., said sunday in a television interview a those who want us to get out of Vietnam lock Stock and barrel latched onto this idea of a bad election As a pretext that we should get out. I done to file riot charge Detroit a a 22-year-old negro was charged today with helping to trigger Detroit s week Long riot last month which resulted in the deaths of 43 persons injury to several Hundred and property damage estimated at More than $500 million. The Man Michael Lewis was named in three warrants which accused him of urging a crowd to riot and joining in the riot on at least two occasions. Maximum penalty under the charge is five years in jail. Today were closer to the chinese Border than any previous air raids in the Vietnam War. Navy a6 intruders and a4 so Hawks from the Carrier Constellation in the Tonkin Gulf raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Structure. A . Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Lang son Railroad and Highway Bridge which was knocked out in raids near the chinese Border sunday. Bypass Bridges the Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being built by the North vietnamese at Lang sen to link with the major rail line. Other Navy pilots from the Constellation hammered a rail siding South of Lang son and pilots said they Cut the tracks in several places. The pilots reported they encountered Only Light antiaircraft fire. No planes were reported lost in the latest raids but the . Command announced that in saturdays 151 attacks on the North an f105 thunderchief and an rf4c reconnaissance plane were shot Down by ground fire. All three crewmen were listed As missing. This brought to 641 the total of announced . Warplane losses Over North Vietnam. The intensified air raids on North Vietnam appeared to reflect the Johns Fri administrations announced policy of increasing pressure on the communists. Fowler unofficial sources said . Pilots previously had been instructed to go no closer than 30 Miles to China apparently to avoid possible mistaken attacks on chinese territory or clashes with chinese planes but military authorities refused to confirm this. Gen. William c. Westmoreland . Commander in Vietnam said sunday that . Pilots Are getting a new and better equipment and ordnance which is proving More effective in raids against military targets in the North the new York daily news reported from Saigon. It quoted Westmoreland As saying the air Campaign is a a vital part of our strategy it is achieving greater and greater successes As the weeks and months go As the air War came closer to communist China in what appeared to be a lifting of some target restrictions by president Johnson Sharp ground fighting flared in South Vietnam a a Northern 1st corps area. Elements of the 1st brigade of the . 101st airborne division starting operation Benton ran into a withering barrage of Small arms automatic weapons mortar and artillery fire from too to 150 communist troops in a Battle that raged from sunday night until nearly Dawn today. Rangers in action about 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers sweeping the ridges where they had battled an estimated 1,000 North vietnamese regulars for two Days West of Tam by said today they had killed 156 enemy soldiers and captured 45 weapons take surtax or inflation Washington a Secretary of the Treasury Henry in Fowler offered Congress a Stark Choice today reject president Johnson a tax increase and open the Way for a possible $29-billion deficit or enact it and still face the Prospect of $14 billion to $18 billion red Ink spending Fowler old the House ways and Means committee these Are the hard facts of the nation s fiscal situation. Hold borrowing he said that with economies the government plans to make and with the to per cent income tax surcharge which he called a a moderate temporary emergency increase a the Treasury can hold its borrowing Down to a level that will not disrupt markets and shoot interest rates up. Thus he said widespread inflation can be avoided. Fowler cited higher Vietnam War costs As one reason for the surcharge and added a we Are engaged in a costly conflict in Southeast Asia with no Clear Prospect of an Early but the Secretary said the surcharge is designed As a temporary measure and a surely one Day will terminate when the in Mies of Freedom conclude that the Price of aggression is too Fowler said the Cost of the Vietnam War now exceeds $22 billion a year. Budget director Charles l. Schultze backed Fowler a estimate of the deficit and said a we Are determined to Cut More than $1.5 billion in spending. A we Are aiming at a Cut of Over $2 billion As a Means of holding civilian expenditures below the january estimate a Schultze continued. Spending shoots up Fowler said the spending estimate submitted in january for the year that began july i May now be exceeded by As much As $3.5 billion including $4 billion for defense and that revenues May be As much As $7 billion less than had been anticipated. Fowler Sclight to show that the proposed tax increase is less heavy than those enacted under comparable circumstances in the past. He said that during world War ii personal income taxes were raised by the equivalent of 730 per cent and the taxes associated with the korean War were equivalent to about a 28 per cent surcharge. In contrast he said a married couple with two children and a $100,000 salary typically would about $111 More under the pending surtax proposal or not much More than one per cent of total income. Lbs argument Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a deficit possibly approaching $30 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. The opposing argument is that the Economy is not so Strong but that a Burden of the magnitude of the proposed tax increase might depress it and actually reduce instead of increasing governments revenues. Chairman Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., of the ways and Means committee expressed a widespread congressional feeling when he said a i am absolutely intercepted letter Warren file angry Farmer dear Warren City fathers have taken a off Fence at your actions. Yours Hawk by it

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