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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 12, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGTON HAWK-EYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.)BURLINGTON, IOWA, TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 12, ISIK). (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WELK. SLOW WORK IN THE SENATE. Sherman Speaks of the Little Progress on the Tariff Bill. Lttv ilh Tv Presented by Adams tv r/moa p\v ' ^Ioore by Brown coun* Scott Wit ard by Green county, aud eiuntv a 5reSJ?1 incumbent, by Pike innfh int dt'ad-lock is expected and Hip fir n^erest is being manifested as to the tinal result. THE CREAT RAILROAD WAR. The New York Central Gradually Raising the Blockade. A large number of strikers visited the yards to day but they did no violence to property. They said they would let the mails through providing there were no passenger coaches attached. He Retires Hie Debate to be Lhuited-Tlie House—'The Anti-Lottery Mail Bill—Tile Census—General Washington News. Washington, August ll.—In the senate, after routine business the tariff bill was taken up, the pending question being Plumb's amendment to reduce the additional duty on iron orated hoops cut lo lengths for baling purposes from 2-10 to 1-10 cent per pound. The amendment wa* rejected, three republicans, Ingalls. Paddock, and Qlumb, voting in the affirmative. Mr. McPherson moved to amend the paragraph by making the duty on Iron or steel hoops fifty per cent advalorem instead of one cent, I 1-10 cents and 13-10 cents per pound. Mr. Sherman spoke of the little progress that was being made with tile bill. Nearlv three weeks he said had been spent upon it and not one-fifth of it had been disposed of. Unless the senators on the oilier side1 be satisfied with one vote upon the question and would go right along, tile senate would have to continue in perpetnai session. He did not wish to see any change in the rules of the senate if it could be avoided. If the oilier side would forego tbe needless repetition of amendments and of yea and nay votes, the senators might soon see daylight and be able to go to their respective homes. The bill had passed the house and had beeu considered by the committee of the senate. Its general outline being on the scale of a protective tariff—even of high protective tariff—the republican senators did not deny that it was a tariff that would protect American industries and buildup nearly all the industries that could be employed in this country. It. was a pretty high protective tariff, and there were some points in it which he would be willing to yield. Still it had been reduced in several important particulars below tho bill passed by the senate two years ago. It seemed tile senate ought to make more progress with the bill. Mr. Vest said thut the senator from Ohio stated that tie* bill was acceptable to his side of the chamber. The record did not show tins to be the fact. On the other hand the most aggressive attacks made upon tin* bill had come from that side of the chamber aud from the slate that gave the largest majority for the republican party in rite late election. The record would show that a proportionately larger number of democratic senators responded every time the roll had been called.: lie gave notice that cadi item in tho bill will be discussed if necessary unless it was prevented by force applied iii some sort of fashion. Tile discussion having turned on the depreciation of farming property a statement was read by Vest as to such depreciation in some of the best farming counties in Pennsylvania. and Cameron remarked that, while the statement vias correct, the tariff was not in his opinion the cause of it. Its cause was the demonetization of silver in 1*73. Ever since that aet the price of land and farm products had decreased. I Since the passage ut the silver bill prices ! had risen some twenty per cent. Mr. Teller -aid that as to the question I to the haste in passing the bill, he was I not dispcsee to deny its opponents a fair ' and free discussion. Ile was willing to j stay and discuss the tariff question, or ; allow it to b" discussed, because lie believed tin* American people wanted to I know whether the bill was a proper re- j vision cd the tariff. Finally tie vote was reached on Mc- j Plierson's amendment and it was re- I jected without division. ■TS THE “FORCE BILL.” Mr. George W. Cable Favor, it* Passage by Congress. Northampton, Mass., Aug. ll.—Mr. jim go VY. Cable, the noted southern ^ has been asked for his opinion on f,r Jorce b! ant* sa>’s in reply: I favor Mr. Lodge's federal election bill. It will be a “force bill” in the south on j to electoral systems confessedly designed and operated to outwit the weakest and most defenseless classes of lawful voters, the destitute thousands who eau least afford to lose the protection of the ballot. Hie nation has waited for some sign of the reform of these things for fourteen years iii vain. These systems have year by year fortified themselves stronger and stronger in state constitutions and statutes, and so far from passing away, are receiving more to-day than ever before the ope ii approval and support of the party now in power throughout the southern states. I do not belong to the party supporting this bill, but. I find no reasonable ground to suppose that that party will commit such a self-ruinous blunder as to bring back tile abuses of the reconstruction era. There are thousands of southern white men who, though loath to commend the measure, are nevertheless willing to see it tried, and would be glad of its success. I hope the bill will pass.” BRECKENRIDGE’S TENURE. It Depends Upon How Well the Democrats In the House Behave. Indianapolis. Ind., Aug. ll.—A special to tbe Journal from Washington says: Besides the orders coining to them from the senate side that appropriation bills must be delayed as much as possible. the democrats in the bouse are now actuated by another motive for their filibustering. Now that the report on the Breckinridge ease has been made, and Mr. Breckinridge ean therefore be unseated on almost any day, the democrats are using every parliamentary device possible to secure a delay On Friday they had no less than twelve roll-calls, besides calls of the house, and to-day they kept up the roll-rolis for the same reason. Til is line of action is perfectly recognized by the republicans, and they will checkmate it as soon as that can be done effectually. It will hardly be possible to call any election case next week because, because it is not probable that there will be a republican majority in the house pending the Grand Army encampment at. Boston, but as soon as the Grand Army demonstration is over the election committee will get seriously to work. At present their intention is to call up the eases in the regular order of their presentation to the house, which may make the Breckinridge cast* the third or fourth one to be called, but it is stated by the chairman of the elections committee that if the democrats persist in their present spirit of obstruction, merely for the sake of staving off the Breckinridge case, he will make use of the right of his committee, and call tip the Breckinridge ♦•ase out of the regular order, aud unseat Mr. Breckinridge before anything el.-e is done. So. Mr. Breckinridge’s tenure in the house will hereafter depend entirely on the conduct of his associates. All Passenger Trains Running Nearly on Time—The Managers Say the Strike is Virtually Ended—The Situation Along the Road. All Passenger I rains Running. New York, Aug. ll.—Tho officials of I the New* York Central and Hudson rail-! road announce the fact that there is now J no interruption to passenger traffic on j the lines of the New York Central, all I tnrough passenger trains being run on I regular schedule time. WAR-SCARRED VETERANS. Many of Them Gather in Reunion at Boston. Arrival of President Harrison and Party —Numerous Other Arrivals—A Large Attendance Expected— Notes of the First Day. who gave their names a* Charles Morton, Joseph Bavard and James J. Daly. They were locked up in default of $2,SUO bail each. These men had been sc mi id g circulars to all parts of the country and their arrest was brought about by a circular sent to Russell Harrison, who placed It in the hands of Chief Postoffice Inspector Rathbone. DEATH WAS PAINLESS. ta What Kemmler Exit From Say the > About World. H. Hug! Germs r ALLIANCE MEN DENOUNCED For Voting for the Louisiana Lotter Bill. Baton Rouge. La., Aug. ll.—At a ; meeting of the Farmers’ Alliance Saturday resolutions were adopted denouncing I    tin* alliance men in the general assembly !    who voted in favor of re-chartering the I Louisiana lottery as traitor* to the cause Hic paragraph    relating    to    tinned plate    I    and to the prineiplesof the union, and re- baving b‘*en    reached.    Vest    said    it    was a    fusing to affiliate with them a* members of the order, and recommending subordinate unions to expel them; also reiterating their pledges relative to the lottery, denouncing it as a vile curse and enormous iniquity which they feel more determined to-day than ever to combat, and resolving not to let their energies relax until this enemy was driven from the bold, caked attempt by tbe Pittsburg manufacturers to create another monopoly In their own interests, against consumer > of the F iii tei states. He moved to reduce the rate of two and two-tenths per pound to one cent. tin* present duty. Mr. Edmunds asked leave to offer an order to be printed and to go over. It is to the effect that during the considera- j state. lion of the tariff bill no senator shall i speak more than once and not longer j than five minutes on or iii respect of any ope item or any one amendment without leave of tile senate. Such leave to be granted or denied without debate and without any other motion or amendment except such a*- relates to procuring a Quorum until the bill "ball have been gone through with to tho point of its third ri a ling. No general motion in relation to it oilier than to take it up is to be in order. All appeals are to be determined at once and without Debate. Final y after debate Edmunds withdrew the order saying lie would present it again to-morrow. A conference was ordered on the Indian appropriation bill aud Dawes, iud Fall were appointed confer- CREGIER BROUGHT TO TAW. Plumb roes. Mr. Call, from the committee on appropriations. reported with an amendment to the house bill for an additional clerical force in the pension office and gave notice' he would sometime to-morrow auk the sci ate to consider it. Adjoin tied, The House, MAsniNGtox. Aug. IO.—In the house today a bill was introduced for reference limiting to fifteen the number of the board of lady managers who may he appointed to the world'* fair commission. After a brief debate the conference report on the sundry civil appropriation bul was agreed to, and further conference ordered upon the amendments still hi dispute. The house then proceeded to the consideration of the conference report on mc sundry civil appropriation bill. Afer debate, in the course of which Docker predicted a deficiency of between ,nty and twenty-eight million dol-ar* in the revenue* of the govern-cnt during the current fiscal year, the conference report wa* agreed to and fur-tt't conference ordered upon the amond-cnts still in dispute. Adjourned. Given to Understand That Gambling Must C ease iii Chicago. Chicago. Aug. ll.—A party consisting of diaries L. Hutchinson, W'ut.T. Raker. Martin J. Russell, J. \V. Coit. Victor F. Lawson and Marshall Field suddenly appeared at the mayor's office and had a long consultation with him. They told him plainly that gambling must be stopped in Chicago, and talked to him in the most emphatic manuei possible. In fine, they allowed the mayor no opportunity to talk or explain matters, but gave him to understand that the people would not put uj) with gambling any longer. In condsicration of this the mayor is said to have promised that tho gambling houses, which are now in full blast, shall be closed at once and kept closed. New York, Aug. ll.—Whatever view might be taken of the situation all through the night and early this morning, it looked as though the strike on the New York Central rood was slowly but surely petering out. The Buffalo Express, or newspaper train, moved exactly on time this morning and before seven o'clock two trains had been sentout over the Harlem division. Having been successful so far, the management set about making its* plans for the day and soon after the announcement was made thatjall trains would be running to-day with the exception of two locals. At six o'clock this morning Vice President Webb, in answer to a question as to whether tile firemen of the road had joined tho strikers, said they had not struck and that all trains so far were running all right and fully manned. Mr. Week said he had not heard from Mr. Depew yet and did not expect to to-day. The worst of tho strike is over aud Mr. Webb thought there was no likelihood that Mr. Depew would be called upon to interfere. Tho first train of freight forwarded from this city over the road since the trouble rom-menceo moved out of the yards this morning for Albany. All freight shipped was of unparishable nature and neither the preliminary work nor Hie actual forwarding was marked with any excitement or difficulties. HAVE PLENTY OF MEN. Officials of the company say they have enough men to attend to the dispatching of all freights they intend to send from tiffs city to-day. All freight first to secure attention is that of a perishable nature. No trouble is expected by the officials. At ten o'clock everything was in good shape at the Grand Central depot. TRAINS RUNNING ON TIME. Vice President Webb says he ha* not yet received any answer to his communication to Governor Hill. Ile says tile yards at Syracuse are >till in possession of the strikers. Passengers on the Central are being transferred over the West Shore road and that road i* also handling Central's incoming freight. The number of t rains to leave the Grand Central depot to-day is 120, the customary number leaving on week days being UIS. Train* I which have been suspended are local I ones of little importance. Up to noon to-day not a single piece of j mail was received iii this city from the ; west over the New York Central road. I The mails thus delayed are those due j last night aud tiff* morning and contain i al! western matter. Superintendent ; Jackson, of the railway mail service, said to-day that tho mails were being gotten ! out with all reasonable speed. Tho situation is so changeable at present thai It is not thought advisable to change the manner of forwarding mails to the west. WILL PROTECT PROPERTY. In reply to a dispatch Vice-President Webb sent to Governor Hill to-day asking that state troops be sent to Syracuse, tho latter says he ha* sent General , Farnsworth to investigate and report on ; the situation. The governor said he I could rest assured the state authorities ‘ would aet promptly and vigorously iii i protecting property and preventing vio-! Ie nee. A "TATEM! NT FROM POWDERLY. Scranton, Pa., Aug. ll.—have received no word, whatever, from the seat of the strike on tie* Vanderbilt system,” said General Master Workman Powderly to a reporter last evening. “A* I said before it is purely in tho hands of the local district until they ask for assistance. Then the general executive board will meet iii Detroit Wednesday, necessitating my leaving for that place to-morrow evening. I presume the strike will then be discussed and perhaps we will be asked to take some action.” In reply to a question in regard to the engineers joining the striker*. Mr. Powderly said there were engineers on the system who are Knights ot Labor and not members of the Brotherhood and others who are members of both organizations, lie said that if it was deemed necessary, he felt certain the Brotherhood would ca*t their fortunes with the Knights of Labor. All Mull* l.Hte. New York, Aug. ll.—Tho Chicago mails due at 0:45 this morning reached hereat 2:30 p. rn. this afternoon. It also contained Chicago mails that were due to arrive Sunday evening. A Narrow Escape. Aluaxy, Aug. ll. — At the superintendent's office it was said the freights will be start(*d west to-morrow morning. At West Albany, below Black Rock, the western express had a narrow escape from being wrecked to-day. The switch at this point was half open when the train carne along at lightning speed. Happily the engineer noticed J he switch misplaced and succeeded in stopping the train just in time. The assistant superintendent said the switch had boon left open by one of their own men and the danger signal was Hying which had not been observed by the engineer. No Troop* Needed. Alrany, August ll.—Governor Hill had a consultation with some of the strike managers this afternoon and after listening to their grievances he called their attention to the situation at Dewitt and assured all that hostile demonstrations there be stopped and they promised that his request would be complied with. The company lias now pean ably resumed possession of the property at that place and its trains are running through there without mo- j lestation. It is (it ubtful whether any ; troops are now to be needed unless an I , unexpected change In the situation oc- j | curs. Chief Ait liar speaks. i Cleveland. Aug. ll.—Chief Arthur. ' j of tho Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, when asked to-day concerning 1 ' Iii" views of the strike, said, j I “There is really nothing I can say on the part of the engineers because I they are not involved. We have re- , ! ceived no official informgtion here what- ; i ever, not even as to the cause of the strike. Tile engineers would not neees-arily be involved even if the firemen j bouk! join with the strikers.” A POLITICAL MURDER. A Red Hot War Waged Iii West Virginia During an Election. Charleston, W. Va.. Aug. IE—A hot political war that waged between George Nutter and William Dies for the republican nomination for county clerk hasbeen followed by the attempted assassination of Nutter. Tie* primary convention was held for tile selection of delegates aud in nearly every district of tin* county there were many fights In the Charleston convention there were live. In another there were ten. so hot was the political battle. Lute Sunday night Miller went to see one of his delegates and while returning wa* shot by an unseen party, the bail striking near hi* heart. A physician was called and pronounces the wound dangerous. There is no clue to the perpetrator. A Notable Meanee at Auburn—Kemmler'* Spirit i* A iii used at the Fuft* Made About HU “Taking Off— Edition'* Criticism. makers, and their turn, mor-rer of Sadowa. ope the adverse from its revela-rul*-r courts the r nation as a pos-ich may threaten * and defensive CAMP MELTING WEEK CLOSED. Gaiety Now IG -unie* Filii Sway at Blaff Boston, Aug. ll.—Grand Army week opened here to-day with bustle and excitement. Fortunately, the weather is cool, light overcoats being in demand. Tiffs morning large delegation* of veterans arrived during the day aud marched to their respective quarters. ARRIVAL OF MUS. LOGAN. At 12:45 a. in. a train of eleven coaches rolled into the Fitchburg depot, bearing Aurora Post, No. 32, of Illinois, and the original Decatur Post of the G. A. R. organized in 1860. Mrs. Logan was in the second section, which arrived at 2:00 a. rn. After graciously greeting her friends she was escorted to a carriage and driven to the Vendome, escorted by ll. S. Grant Post No. 300, and two hundred ladies of the Woman’s Relief Corps of Chicago. THE PRESIDENTIAL PARTY ARRIVES. Boston, Aug. ll.—As the Baliraore, flying the president’s flag and bearing President Harrison, Secretary Rusk and Secretary Noble and Private Secretary I Halford, entered Boston harbor this I afternoon sin* was met by the other vessels of the fleet, the cruisers Atlanta and Kearsarage, gunboats Pettrel and York- j town, tile dispatch boat Dophin, the dy- 1 namite cruiser Vesuvious and tile torpedo boat Cusliing. arid all save the Kearsarge and Cushing firing salutes. The cutter Gallatin, with Gov. Bracket, Collector Beard and Mr. and Mrs. McKee on board, escorted her to her anchorage. Mayor Hart and other members of the city government also went down the harbor to welcome tho chief magistrate, while I tendcnt of public instructio Mrs. Noble and other ladies were on enCf. clark of Vinita, for col board tho Vigilant. President Harrison if Wyoming Politic*. < hey! nm:, Aug. IL—The first ".ate j convention of the democrat" aud rcpub-I beans were held in this city to-day. In I the democratic convention George Bax-' tor. of Cheyenne, was nominated by I acclamation for governor. The rt-; maindcr of the ticket consisted of J. S. Harper, of Creek county, *c rotary of state; J.C. Miller, of Carbon county, treas-urer;C. A. Campbell, of Albany county. auditor: A. V. Quinn, of Vinita countv, superintendent public instruction. The republican ticket was headed by Francis E. Warn n, Cheyenne, the precut governor of the territory; otto Grarnm. Laramie, treasurer; C. W. Burdick, Carbon county, auditor. Dr. A. W. Rarber, Converse county, secretary of "tate; Hon Farwell. Johnson county, sn peri n- n and Ciar-ongre*"man. felt wa- a cr Will yet dead. Q. id its victim, ■wer, became k further to t THE ll K**mm!e angry am lie median DOCTORS —Thorn ii itton i t even wa" I he a •and ad v i non ut:, an !ood'*d w ll The Strike ut nil Filii. New Yolk. Aug. ll —During tiff" afternoon and evening the Grand Central depot was a" quiet as though no strike occurred. Trains were continually arriving and leaving and the entire busine'* department has resumed its normal condition. Vice President Webb said at nine o’clock in the evening (and at midnight tile situation is the same) that the strike, so far as the New York Central was concerned, was at an end. The entire passenger aud freight service will be resumed to-morrow, aud all trains will leave on schedule time. All freight yards will be open for the reception of western freight. DEATH OS’ JOHN BOYLE O'REILLY. The Irish Patriot and Poet Expires Suddenly at Nantasket Beach. Nantasket Beach. Mass., Aug. ll.— John Boyle O'Reilly died very suddenly at his summer home at five o'clock Sunday morning. The cause of his death is supposed to have been accidental poisoning. Ile had been troubled considerably with insomnia and it is thought in* mu*t have taken a dose of chloral to make him sleep, arid that he took an overdose. Mr*. O'Reilly and her four daughters are nearly prostrated wi’h grief. The body wa' removed to Charleston tiff* ' morning. Mr. O'Reilly was forty-six ' y< ar* old on the 25th of kist June. John Boyle O'Reilly was born at Castle ; Dowth. County Meath. Ireland. June 15, 1*14. Ile was tried and convicted of high treason in June, 1*06. and sen- j termed to imprisonment for life, but the sentence was commuted to twenty years' ; penal servitude. In 1809 ho escaped to : the United States, where he has since been editor of tho Boston Pilot. He has 1 published “Song from the Southern Sea*.” “Song, Legends and Ballad*,” ! “Mound Vue,” and “Statues In the Block.” ILLINOIS THIRD CENSUS DISTRICT. A Gain or Only 549 Made in Ten Years and 17.MTO in Twenty Years. Princeton, Ilk. Aug. ll.—The supervisor of the census for the third Illinois district has made public the following unofficial announcement of population by counties in his district, showing increases over inst) and 1870: 1890. ........ :i4.823  35.232 ........ 31.875 Counties. Bureau......... Fulton......... Haricot k....... Bend- rson — lit nry...,..... Knox .......... McDonough. Mere* r........ Peoria ........ Putnam........ Urn k island... Schuyler...... Stat ii.......... Want u........ Totals....... 0.771 33,016 38.784 27,384 1S.H00 70,355 4.710 41.586 15.1*8 9.958 21.207 1880. 33.172 41,240 35,337 10.*I4 36.597 38,344 27.970 19,502 55 355 5.554 3K.;t02 Mi 249 11.207 22.9:53 1870. 32.41* 38.291 35,935 12 5*2 35.500 39,522 26.500 IS,709 47,540 0.280 29,7*3 17.419 10 751 23,174 .393.155    392.006    375.476 NEWS NOTES FROM WASHINGTON. Lottery M„il Will in All Probability be Excluded From the Mails. ^A'Hini.tox, Aug. ii.—The senate inn) it lee on postoffice" and postroads <> ay ordered tin* anti-lottery mail bill pin ted to the senate with the recom-GiiU.ion thai it pass. The vote upon s action was practically unanimous. Bur Country's Copulation. Washington, August tendont Porter To Boom Cleveland. Chicago, Aug. ll.—It is reported that a newspaper syndicate has been formed to boom ex-President Cleveland for the democratic presidential nomination and that Melville E. Stone is to be at the head of the concern. Engineers Continue at Work. New York. Aug. ll.—Up to 1:30 there ; wa* no indic ation of the firemen going j out. though it had been predicted that they would do so at noon. The condue- i I tor of an incoming train -aid he had con-j versed with a half dozen of the most in-! fluential engineers on the road and they I had told him that there was no possibility of the engineers going out unless they were ordered by tin* Brotherhood, and they thought it very improbable that such an order would be given. _ I Hiring New .Men. Chicago, Aug. 11.—Representatives of j the New York Central Railroad company are in this city hiring men to take the places of the striking switchmen and \ brakemen. A gang of fifty was forwarded to Buff alo Sat unlay night, and another lot was sent this morning. They go at an advance of 815 and SIO respectively over the wages ruling for classes of men on that road. The Pinkerton agency j here has also received an order for a large number of men to act as guards at ! various points along the line of the road, j Grand Master Sweeney, of the Switch- j men's Brotherhood, says he will not rail I out the switchmen on the Michigan Cen- j tral and Lake Shore road* to absist the , strikers on the New York Central. He : says it is purely a Knights of Labor strike and that they w ill have to fight it j out tim best way they can. The same feeling seems to prevail among the brake- ! men. Chicago, Aug ll.—The strike on the New York Central railroad has not extended to the Michigan Central and Lake Shore roads a* was announced would be tbe ease in the New York dispatches last night. The management, of these roads say they do not expect any trouble. A Bursting Waterspout. Boulder, Colo., Aug. ll.—The bursts ing of a waterspout iii the mountains above town last night caused lite water in the river to rise to a fearful height in a very few minutes. The cabin of W. J. King and wife, which was built on the bank of the river, was caught In the flood and both were drowned. The rail-mad track was washed away so no trains were able to pa** for three days. Bould-ders weighing two tons were washed down the side of the mountain* near Loveland. Yesterday evening a hail storm ruined the entire fruit, wheat and corn clop.    _ Run Through un Open Switch. Watertown, N. Y., Aug. ll.—The west bound “Flyer” on the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg road early this morning rail into a number of freight cars standing on a siding at Adams Center, the switch having been left open. Although the train was badly damaged. not a passenger was injured.' The fireman was severely bruised. landed at 5:40 p. rn., amid the thunder of cannon and escorted to Hotel Vendom by the first battalion of cavalry. Along tho line of march, which was nearly two miles in extent, the stn ets were packed with an enthusiac multitude who greeted the President with cheers. The President, who rode with Governor Brackett, bowed right and left at tile greetings of the throng. When the presidential party arrived at the hotel they proceeded iii state into the dining room, where an elegant Innch was served. No speech-makipg was indulged in. To-night the president attended a reception at the Parker house. When he entered tile dining room he was greeted with applause. Colonel Taylor, assistant postmaster general, presented the president, who again received an oxation. “It Is not my purpose,” "aid the president, “to address you in an extended speech, but only to say that, whether walking with you many of you in private pursuits of life. or holding a place of official responsibility, I can never in ephor forget those who upheld tho flag of this nation in tliose days when it was in peril. Will you permit me to w ish for each of you love full of all sweetness and that each of you may preserve the undimmed love fur the flag which called you from your homes to stand under it> bold amid the shock of battle and amid dying men. I believe there are indications to-day in this country of revived love for the flag.” [Applause.] Upon concluding his address the president aud members of the cabinet withdrew. Among other speakers were General Alger and Past Commander-in-Chief Lucia" Fairchild, of Wisconsin. The great arrival of the day was the Nebraska train of fifteen coaches, bringing Department Commander Clarkson. in the state department headquarters ; ♦ ar. The interest centered in a thin visaged veteran surrounded by congratu- j lating comrades of tile survivor of four prisons—Andersonville, Libby. Savannah and Millen—Lieutenant A. Iv. Coms- j ton. Chairman Goodale, of the executive committee, received a telegram from Secretary Tracy at Bar Harbor. Maine, this afternoon stating a dispatch boat I will arrive Tuesday morning, bringing the vice-president. General Sherman j and himself. General Alger Warmly Received. Salem. Mass., Aug. ll.—General Aiger received a warm welcome at Salem this afternoon at the hands of Philip S. Sheridan Post and citizens generally. The mayor welcomed Alger and staff and the Vermont veterans. General Alger responded briefly. With General Alger were Mr*. Alger. Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Senator Stockbridge, Mi*s Alger and Miss Platt. CARDINAL NEWMAN DEAD. He Took a Severe C'liill. the Effect* of Which Were Fatal. London. Aug. ll.—Cardinal Newman is dead. The cardinal became ill Saturday, when he bad a severe chill. He passed into a comatose condition Sunday aud remained unconscious until lie died. THE WOODMEN. Fifteen Thousand Delegate* Will Meef at Des Moines, To-day. [Special to Th** Hn\vk*Fye.j l)i> MoinE", Aug. ll.—The convention of Modern Woodmen to meet here to-morrow will be attended by fifteen thousand delegates. When iliad Counsel Root found that an injunction preventing the meeting of the head court, granted bv Judge Tut hill w a" operative notw ithstanding the fact that it was only served on one member of the executive board, lie issued a call for a delegate convention at the same time and place,believing it would have power to reorganize ihe order and perhaps incorporate it under the Iowa law. This position was combatted by many delegate", especially those from Illinois, who are greatly incensed at being called here to a convention at which they claim nothing can be done. To-night tie* Illinois. Kansas and Iowa delegati * held caucuse* and appointed an executive eomiuittee to meet to-morrow morning a.id consider the best course to pursue. CARRIED QUEER CREDENTIALS. Complete Set of Burglar’* Tool* Found in a Postoffice Inspector** satchel. Mason City. la. Aug ll.—A man giving hi* name as George Aiken is under arrest at Garner. About t il days ago lie came to Britt and going to Postmaster May. said lie wa" an inspector with authority to examine into the condition of the Britt postoffice. May asked to sec* his credentials, but Aiken couldn't pro wls n , f | duce them I would have hi* i and would h aw [ it anti examine 1 I low ing Tut "day j Aiken fai > d t<‘ something wren found a etui ph i Upon advice from Wa wa* issued for Aiken' now in custody. 11 •* n statement. d. II redentiais ii his satchel lie postoffice said he a few days and call for on the fol- Aubi rn, N. Y., Aug. ll —A numbe of spiritualist* of tiff* city determined t settle for themselves lilt; question rai-t by the doctors as to the amount of pas suffered by William Kemmler during hi execution by electricity. So they -• cured tin* services of a trance medium a a small gathering held at the house of well-known citizen. The un dium wa not long in putting him-with the spirit world, and it he declared himself under of the late Mr. Kemmler. several question" Kemmler he was greatly armie d at ti the doctor* were making a: lug off.” II** "aid that. wit Con of a slight tingling win was first turned on him. b tion whatever. Hi" spirit by the fit-t "hock, and it the execution room in state when the burning, t much lias been "aid, orc;, the doctors were crying «. and a third he wa" not hi* crime at fused to ate fused to tai EDISON BLAME-New York, Aug. Edison touched a bi way into his parlor Instantly the apartment light. “I have read ? execution,” he *aid. 1 be hoped that later I prove so terrible. I see that the account I r ■ correct. The fault lit doctors. Theoretical no doubt. The nerve c system lie* in the ba»*' I practically they ar** a1 have had something example* of instantaneous d* atli by elec-trieijy in the accident" that have hap-I pened in and around New York. How was the electricity applied in U. -*■ rase-? Never to the head. Of what us* La" been the death <>f the-, thirty men? In every case the mortal charge entered : through the ban.I. In no ea-f was the ' strength of tie* current nearly half wha wa* to have been passed through Keinrn-: ler's skull. The reason why contact by hand is "O much mort* fatal than through the head is that electricity travels tbronkL i ihe water iii the human body. 'I' • if the in ad is a uon-t ondu tor. ’ I that when you comb your hair w ber comb. Anything that ch e: i : tracts is a non-conduetT. 'ii, o , also non-conductors and in eh *• 111 eulions like that of Iv*-mn, • r th* ( of the skull Lave to be p< t etra: c report *ays that Kern offer's sh burned at the back of the ma k statement proves he got only small part of lite current. Had reived the whole thirteen bandi* into his body it would have burn up. I testified as to iii* resistant ■ various parts of the body duri Westinghouse litigation last spin g. I had exp eleven hundred people whereof I spoke. I said then, u-now, that the true way to ex* criminal is to send the current t! Iii" body from one arm of the deal Bi Resume* Fall I’.trk. a h ne* of The Park Adjt “Mi Hawk-Eye.] g. ll -To-day’s devoted to campion-- Dr. Stafford, V rn .‘a as-isted oerly. M --ouri. i “Christand Him bath Dr. Stafford large audiences), rn 11.1*iii will al-- thr- e of the best I after the even-;** young men lo d by corning for VTO on th** Lord’* the privilege of -re aud more of lion. Dr. Ander-d'.iring the Sab-more fully than that charms the an o • secret titers a it, and i n dozen,of •Ives into r Nauvoo; sited tiffs confident saw half tell what r.g ladies, "fairway, md peered would Lave f they Lad •ad. They drab drank hopes that I the Bluff stied J.abilo t at a uffin k fi las t rag ti ars, I a ed Un upie gilt aud hoot ‘-•Qty ikes >■ day j arself Every a good < Ii* a: -pee a1 e iner tia;; in lim , a; Tori I Sax \\ in pear Set n Tuesday came and May thinking i d th** sal. Lei aud >f burglar'" tools, ihington a warrant arrest aud Le is fused to make any PACKAGE HOUSES CLOSED. A Gr.iH*! Cl* tranre <;f Them    Alt. Pleasant. [Special to Th* Hawk-Eye.] Aug. ll.—Tbe original >"* d busine"" Saturday freight wagons in town -thi\ transporting the o tin* depot for ship-from which it came. * yr Mr. Pleasant. package houses cit ev< ning. All the were employed tr stock left unsold t ment to the place One party who had rente* tilt* period of ".x month* dealers in original goods I: attached—claiming rent St) ends t1 manx yea I T"t t bap cr a room to one of tin* had the goods for six months. for "Moons for to the other. T fingers are filii of bi to conductor of eieetrieit bt* properly cleansed ai the charge would pass causing instant death, recommended the el* used at the execution. find fault with the ma doubt thai tin* electric "isled at tin* execution chincry in the best pt trouble, to my mind. I application of the carr body, the working o theory in the face of strationsof experience the dynamo iii ROCHE"TER, N. Y., tor view' ► ;• riot* mb , some secrets of the dv Auburn prison. “Win ; killed,’ ho said, “lh*• new one and had not The lacing of tho belt c ic* revolve irregularly, : rent was turned on to i arm". >d. w iff. I MALE y w ill mc -st cer- * he*t of t he -ea- aud F u k aud Neah a1 . VV ell* -ill have charge .rn. aud lh -• not'd tit field, w -ff give itertaiurn tents in rarthe p rogram Ss I. W. LY Day I by the Ladle's fie cvenii .g with rte days will un- to aff vv ho hear y of Btu .gwm (ui 11 ev, >ent the IT It ll** a . I»i u u Bark. - at-*1! t f rom the n-T t Ii*1 fti .* t ai of veokuk, V Alo left •".iUtrciay ting h*T. for the sci. of M t. Pica* it * k at tL ie Bluff. ! ATTIRE. *i "i eps rts. When .od i ET WAS LOOSE Aug. ll.—In i ut Barnes rev th d wh ll VV. Tote * dyn the - in our city. )f Kerni and lh* th Id. id v. Lee, a ■nieen .rn lier i boys’ ri d w hen • ar sh irts in knee buys* low-.ohed like " of age. ling toys’ iay before ion where lie money me drug she met i she I ad persuaded start out and she cut to tho THE CHOLERA SCOURGE. V Horse Thief C ; Fr. Madison, la.. Aug day ev* nil a dispate] questing h man who I place. Y* son called at ti t he po"! m;i*tt r Frank Hart t a he appeared a Hundreds of Cases In 'ipaiii and Egypt. Cairo, Aug. ll.—There wero one hundred and twenty-six deaths from . cholera in Jeddah yetterday, and at ; Mecca tile deaths from the same disease numbered one hundred and eight. Winned tor Forgery.    ,    Madrid,    Aug. ll.—Thoro were nine j Denver, Aug. ll.—E. F. G. Hall, new cases of cholera and seven deaths i representing himself as a contractor of from the disease at Villa Joyosa yester- j ilia Nicaragua canal, is wanted here for j day; six new cases and one death at passing forged drafts on New Yor k banks j Llerna and two new cases ami seven for nearly live thousand dollars. The deaths at Argos. Since the t!r*t out-i same man visited Glenwood Springs in July and swindled banks aud merchants out of S3,500 bv tile same means. break at Valencia there ha* been sixteen hundred eases thoro, seven hundred and eighty-eight of which proved fatal. expects ll. the Superin-wor k of Guards For Elections. St. Louis, Aug. ll.—It is learned at General Merritt's headquarters here that four companies of jugulars at Little Rock and Reno are on cheir way to the Chickasaw nation to be distributed at various polling places on election day next Wednesday. rn h il!^ Copulation of the country *•’ completed before the end of the sirp-U>* lnoul^* ai|d congress if it so de-m-/an proceed to pass the apportion-bers" ct’ 11s0<*eter.QB,ie how many mem-Tho .Sll.a constitute the next house. Star maUHi Population of the United is 64,000,000. Ask for Military I’rotection. Albany, N. Y., Aug. ll.—Adjutant General Porter has received word from i General Farnsworth saying that every thing is quiet at Dewitt and passenger trains are moving. Vice President Webb j lias telegraphed asking for protection by 1 the staty troops ojf railroad property ai * Dewitt. A committee from District j Assembly No. 246, Knights of Labor. t Children Enjoy    s;    waited upon Governor Iliff this morning I The pleasant flavor, gentle action and j and stated that.the striking empiojes of •Toothing effects ol Syrup of Figs. when ! th# Central railroad In this section would in need of a laxative, and when the j not molest the railroad company .natty. father or mother be costive or bilious the I way- A Dead Treasurer’s Aeeounts Short. Denver, Colo.. Aug. ll.—A Lapara, Colorado, special says the accounts of Girard Autiin, treasurer of San Jose county, who died May last, have been found to be short 817,000. The shortage i- due to carelessness aud will be made up by his bondsmen. Have Guile Out of Business. Emporia. Aug. ll.—On account of the passage of the “original package” bill and the belief that President Harrison will sign it, all “original package” houses in this city are closed and are preparing to ship their goods back to Missouri as soon as possible. ll mn; to a Cree. Arkansas City, Ark., Aug. ll.—Last night tile sheriff captured W. Beaver, a negro, who is wanted for an assault upon a young white lady. As the officer was taking the prisoner to jail he was met by a mob who took Beaver and hung him to a tree. NEWS FROM FOREIGN LANDS. The Horrible Atrocity Committed by a Band of Rebel Arabs. London, Aug. ll.—The following dis-I patch lias been received here:    An    en gagement has taken place between a force of rebel Arabs and the army of tilt- j j sultan of Morocco. One hundred and twenty prisoners captured by the rebel" were massacred. Among tbe captives I wa* the son of the governor of the j province In which tho uprising took I place. Portions of his body were cut off 1 while he wa* alive and toasted. He was j i then compelled by tho leader of the ! j rebels to eat bis own flesh. I»t ured. ll.—On Thurs-Marshal Morrison received from Canton. Mi'Souri, r*-i to be on the lookout for a i stolen some hor"* * at that 1 rday morning Mr. Morri- j the postoffice and requested to let him know if one *d for mail. About noon 1 i the young lady clerk, who hati bern informed of the marshal'" request, handl'd him his mail, at tin* j "ame time asking him if it eouid not be delivered by a earlier. He *aid he j would be glad to have if delivered, anti gave her his address. Marshal Morrison was at once notified, and captured his man. Sheriff L. NY. Summers, of Lewis count), arrived yesterday morning, and on the arrest of the man promptly took him in charge. Ile is said to be a professional. rind a member of an organized gang of hor*e thirvi *. In Opposition to Flick. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.’ (HARITON, la., August ll.—John L. Brown, at one time a central figure in Iowa's state auditor fracas, now editor of the Ucrald here is open in hi* opposition to Representative Flick'* renomi-! nation. Mr. Flick ha" not the warm i support of the better element of the re-i publicans of the eighth district and 1 Harsh is a "tonger man a" agaiii"t I Anderson who would be undoubtedly I nominated by tDc* democrats. Mr. Brown did not say he would support Anderson in c;i"e Flick was renominated, ! but it look* that way. three-quarter" o: that a man held belt would have have been an aw have been a rcsi> current through onto Kemmler. a sistance turned i Strange tan ant lid 1 ti it wa- Ringed -arut onto him.” A BOTTLE MESSAGE. Boy W; Kansas City's Great Increase. tion nf t-ox' Alip- IO-—The popula-ls 3* I-, ySas 0ity as annouit<-’<‘d to-day 9,34V ' t’ ^ame P^ace in 1^80 contained Sos iCrt‘d>e hi ten years 28,822, or wa. 37 per cent. Char w ges Against Infantry Officers. most gratifying results follow its use, so that it is” the best family remedy known and every family should have a bottle. ____ A Severe Rain Storm. Denver, Aug. ll.—This city was visited this afternoon by a severe rain storm accompanied by fearful lightning, during which several persons were ren--dered insensible but none fatally hurt. and mS“^GTon’ AuS- ll-—The charges I Miles’ Nervine. Kaw? f t110!18 in lhe cases of Colonel Witte’s drug st. elal Bronk" f ei*hth infantry, and General n rVnave been sn*1 nutted by Genie# .    . uLelcl to tho secretary of u-nr for lS action. Fits, spasms, til. Vitus dance, nervousness and hysteria are soon cured by Dr. Free samples at J. II. store. lue iwelftn Illinois. COl‘greaC"ionatlJg' 1L~The democratic Illinois unvenii°n of the twelfth ^ beld at Beards-rrGw. Ex-Congressman Geo. Couldn’t Stand the Rise. Kansas City, Aug. ll.—Schroder & Co., a local bucket-shop firm, failed this morning. The rapid advance of grain during the past two weeks is the cause. Their liabilities are not ascertainable. All headache succumb* to HotTman’s Harmless Headache powder*. 25 ccata par box, at Henry * AU Quiet at Buffiilo. Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. ll.—The situation on the Central hero is unchanged. The strikers arc few in number and keno very quiet. Trains from tbe cast art* coming in several hours late. A Strike Not Probable at Jersey City. Jersey City, N. J., Aug. ll.—There was no chauge to-day in tile situation at any of the railroad depots this city. There was not the least sign of trouble. The men employed in tho yards said a ftrike was not probable. The Situation at Syracuse. Syracuse, Aug. ll.—A11 is quiet here, the railroad trouble being confined to the yards in east Syracuse. The Central authorities to-day began running all passenger trains over the West Shore road, the Central tracks through Syracuse being practically abandoned. Pinkerton men, acting as sheriffs aud state troops, art at tho armory hero awaiting orders. Ottumwa Votes For a Railroad. Ottumway, la., August ll.—The vote to Issue bonds to tile sum of 535,000 for building the Chicago. Fort Madison and Des Moines railway to this point was carried at an election to-day by a vote of four to one. Sleeplessness,nervous prostration, nervous dyspepsia, dullness, blues cured by Dr. Miles’Nervine. Samples free at J ll. Witte’s drug store. Thirteen Person* Killed. Berlin, Aug. ll.—During a heavy ; storm at Crefeld to-day a house containing fifty inhabitants fell to the ground I and thirteen persons were killed. Their bodies were taken from the ruins. Twenty, more or less injured, were rescued. while twelve are stiff buried in the j wreck. Efforts are being made to extricate those imprisoned iii the ruins. Two Drlti*h Steamer* Collide. London, Aug. ll.—The British steam- ! er Halcyon collided with the British steamer Rheabina to-day near Vigo, Spain. The Halcyon sank and thirteen persons were drowned. i    Ruin    In    liMimas. I Kansas City, Aug. ll.—Specials to ; the atar to-day report a heavy rainfall I throughout Kansas during the past ! twenty-four horns. Most complexion powder* have a vulgar    _ glare, but Pozzoni's is a true beautifier, whose ; un an jlour ejects are lasting. A Terrific Hail Storm. New Haven, Conn., Aug. ll.—The most terrific thunder* storm that has visited this section in twenty years swept up Long Island sound yesterday afternoon and created havoc all along the shore. At nimble Island trees were uprooted and windows of cottages blown in. Hail stones as large as walnuts fell for A Big Fire ut Duyion, Washington. Dayton, Aug. ll.—Fire here to-day de stroyed property to the value of eighty-tire thousand dollars. '4'fcara ta the yuxult aud bott soap ever mad*. Tried to Swindle Russell Harrison. . New York, Aug. ll.—An attempt to swindle Russell B. Harrison, son of the president, by means of the green goods game, made about six weeks ago, resulted Saturday in the arrest of three men Tile De* Mollie* Club T*»n*ferre*l. (Special to Tin* Hawk-Eye.l De* Mojne*. la.. Aug. ll.—The Des Moines club bas been transferred to Lincoln. The players have received all salary due up to August I. Lincoln pays from that date. Base ball in Des Mollie* now partakes of Donnybrook fair nature. The players art* di**atistied with this treatment and will make trouble about going to Lincoln, Nebraska. Traffic)-, Roach, McFarland and Myers canm borne this morning. They aren’t saying much, but it does not take a very-close student to see everything is not lovely. _ Dc* Moiui**’ Population. [Special to The Hawk-Et[ Des Moines, Aug. ll.—The first official report of the census of Des Moines received to day gives Des Moines a population of 51.582, divided a - follows: WYst Side. 30,390; Ea*t Sin**. 21.191. In 1883 the East Side had 11,921, the West Side 20,548; total 32.469. In the addiiion of new territory last spring the West Side had the advantage._ A Great Green Horne. (Special to The Hawk-Eve.l Independence, la., Aug. ll.—Pat , Downing, a green horse with no record ! and no breeding, lias been sent a mile in 2:19. When brought here six weeks ago he was incapable of 2:50. Horsemen acknowledge him to be the greatest green horse living aud predict that he will cut a conspicuous figure ou tbe turf this season. Missive Picked Up While Out Rowiner. Seattle. Wash.. At . ll. A boy-rowing in the harbor Sunday morning picked up a carefully sealed bottle, whit h upon being opened wa* found to contain the following letter written upon cartridge paper in a distinctively Keg sh hand: “English Bark-Ship Kdi ’90—We are sink it Hide and longitudi coni pa**. nt> nub reaches a humai Bailey A Co.. Huff, thirteen men aboard ; condition. My mothi Slit* lives on Ilougson ra* t*. Hull, England. not saved. J on n Dud i SCHWEINFURTH HEARD FBOM. He Retune** to 'Marry, un<1 Ills Tribe st ill Believe in the “Holy Ghost * story Rockford, 111., August ll.—Hundreds of Rockford people drove to Weldon farm ’ Sunday, expecting to see Schweinfurth arui Mary Weldon married, but no ceremony took place. Schweinfurth denies authority to any one to procure the marriage license, anti all of the tribe still stick to the “Holy Ghost” story. Mr-. Archibald Frazer, an inmate of Schwtdn-j forth'* institution a vt ar, died to-night. She bad been an Invalid for years, anc. fame from St. Charles. 111. [E B. Th. Craiil. - cf a It h d at • .lie *n ta*' sir* et very • d :    vv * ..r the boy's ;ntend. i to become a : y, did not carry She iii.I .".art. bowne,;■    "    f*>r    a    clothier, waifing so much exec wa" h aking for an-the police found her, turn ta her father, but to compel L*t lo wear OF THE WORLD. single X>ar Would En- e the Earth. St. Louis Republic. chuted that between ‘J no babies are born u ii year. The rate of r minute, more tban one f tin clock. With tile elation every newspa-. ar. but it is not every to calculate what tiff* cee..'" to a rear's supply. . probably startle a good find on the authority of ."pita! writer that, could vt ar be ranged Iii a Hue •radios would be over-the same time extend around The s in a " imagine given p br one. night a twelfth SIMPLPY A STOP GAP. Why Emperor William Desired a I < nip tot With 4 nirlami. London, Aug. ii.—Now that the excitement which ha* attended the occasion has subsided with the departure for Heligoland of Emperor William it i* "t en that the festivities which marked his visit to England have been almost of an official character. Nothing in the way of hearty Briffsh popular demonstration" lias o'curred to indicate that tlie people are in any way enamored with th*? policy which ha" had for its result the attaching of an English tail to the Teutonic kite. Shrewd observers of European politics have not hesitated to a"'ert that tbe sudden effusiveness of the German emperor suggests an ominous weakening in the always brittle bonds which have kept together the strangely assorted parties to the tripartite alliance. They I see, or profess to see a rich, defiant and self-reliant France and an obstinate, attermined and aggressive Russia united , by those strongest of aff ti*-.*—mutual danger and mutual self-interest—opposed ; to ai. alliance made up under the Ger-i man whip, of an Italy, whose people od th bo attar looks at the matter ire picturesque light. He .. ie* b* ing carried past a th*-ir mother's arm*, one e pr cc "ion being kept up '.ti', the last corner in the iii had passed by. A >• ral site i< allowed, but st at the rate of twenty a ■viewer at his post would t the sixth part of this inter they baa been passing 1.2' » an hour during the in other words, the babe i •• carried wl ii tho tramp • able to walk when but a rn of its comrades had reviewer * post. and when pply of habit s was drawing .• iv would bf* a r* ar guard, . blit of rumpling six-year-tirls. One cl I host* siuke Yarns. Vandalia, 111., Aug. IO.—In tbe adjoining county of Boud, berrying parties have for ow** two years past reported an immense *erp< ut in the vicinity of Lake Wh ut aud yesterday a party of hunters capilli'd a *1 ake eleven feet long and eighteen inches in diameter. Mil***- N«*rve ami Liver Pill*. An important discovery. They act on the liver, stomach and trowels tnrough the nerves. A ne w principle. They speedily cur'* in o ,*:.e*s", bad taste, torpid liver, pees and constipation. Splendid for men, women and children. Smallest, mildest, surest, 30 dose* for 25 cents, Samples free at J. II Witte’* drug store A County I renn in r Rilled. quincy, Aug. IL—John B. Krieu, county treasurer, whiie In the railroad yards this afternoon, was fatally crushed between the platform aud a freight car. ;

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