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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - August 6, 1890, Burlington, Iowa THE BURLINGT6N HAWKEYE. ESTABLISHED: JUNE, 1839.)BURLINGTON, IOWA, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST (>, 1890. (PRICE: 15 CENTS PER WEEK. tough yarns exploded. L rnpaign Lies About Speaker Reed Refuted in the House. I    Berry    Treat,    His    Fellow-States- nto a Specimen Free-Trade Har-®*r#ngue-The House and Sen. ate Proceedings. -Two large Erratic yarns were very effectually ffl0cr thc house to-dav. Stories TVasbixgtox. Augu mocral ‘ ojoded in |Ve been going the rounds for some that large numbers of men had been to work at the Kittery navy peaker Reed's dis- IdJusf alongside vt with the purpose of colonizing that Cummings got in a resolution hilt Boutelle knocked astrict “"iring about it, nut alife out of the whole matter by show- * that th# order for the employment of Ie men was only issued in July, while belection of congressmen occurs Sep- * ber 8, and under tho laws state voters it have three months’ residence in the which puts an end to the charge ifoionization. Other stories were that r Reed had grossly insulted tho Minion delegation when they had called him in reference to the Sault Ste. -rie canal. This Mr. Snider denounced * absolute falsehood without a word I foundation-  _____ TO EXCLUDE CHINESE. vered.” The next paragraph referred to “the cost of polished plate glass silvered and looking-glass plates.”    ’ Mr. Vest moved to reduce the rate on the lowest size from six to four cents per square foot, on the ground that this German looking glass was used in cheap furniture and was not produced in this country; rejected. In the paragraphs referring to spectacles, the finance committee amendment to the substitute for mixed rates by the house (and increasing the existing rates very largely) a uniform rate of sixty per cont advalorem was agreed to. The next paragraph imposing a duty of seventy-five per cent advalorem on all manufactures of glass was amended on recommendation of the finance committee by striking out the words “lenses of glass or pebbles wholly or partly manufactured, and fusible enamel.” The marble and stone items were passed over without any material change being made in them. Schedule “t, “metals and manufactures of” was then taken up. The paragraph putting a duty of 7."> cents per ton on iron was discussed at some length. Mr. Morgan moved to insert after the words “iron ore” the words “containing more than one-tenth of one per cent of phosphoric acid.” W ithout voting on the motion the senate adjourned. THE HOUSEL CORRALLED BY CABLE. The Rock Island Millionaire Knocks the Persimmons at Monmouth. (preventative Morrow, Strong Hill of California, Hearing on the bove IIC UC I UC I IIC i rn J ti UC I LCI I a IDJ tm tm I LD un ne int I ta ITE I ta ic I 13 I [B] aal cal pa in va XIA-1 de* J lion! rue I >ae-1 BO-1 Prevents a Subject. Washix^w*' Auf?. «>• Ive presell iiiti\ c farrow, of California, from the commit-on foreign affairs. to-day reported to he house his bill to absolutely prohibit coining of Chinese persons into the 'nited States, whether subjects of the txinese Empire or otherwise. The bill :S to exclude all Chinese, even who may hereafter leave the Tjjjjpd States and return, excepting and consular officers and ommercial agents:    and the coming Chinese to the United States for agit is expressly prohibited. A tineof i for each Chinese brought into the Ignited States is provided for the punished of vessel masters bringing them. I provision is also made for the punishment of persons aiding Chinese to enter he United States by land or otherwise, airman Hitt presented a minority redissolving from tin' favorable ac-on of the majority upon the bill as he iys His in conflict with the treaty now Goree to which the faith of the United States is pledged and which declares the ^United States may regulate, limit or [spend such coming or residence, hut. nay not absolutely prohibit it." WHLRECOUNT ST. PAUL. Twin City Committee Admit, tnat Nine Districts Are iii Doubt. 'ashint.ton, Aug. .1.—-The citizens’ nmittee of st. Paul presented to Sectary Noble to-day the result, of their lamination of the evidence upon the recent order was based dieting a recount of the population of he city. Their report proved that the surauce map which was used by the ensus office to establish in part the effectiveness of tile census returns entirely unreliable. The eommit-however, admitted that in nine of district, the returns were so derive as to warrant either an entire count of those districts or else a ireful verification of the schedules. approved a recount of the en-icity. Superintendent Porter, who was Bent. said that an examination was In progress of the returns of thirty-nrdistricts, including the nine referred J by the committee, and from what has ten discovered already, he was obliged conclude that a recount of the clicky was necessary. Ile thought his action in issuing the order justified by the evidence in I, and assured the committee it his object would be to act fairness in tiffs matter and not the St. Paul census by any higher indard than regulated the census Tetras of other cities. The committee hen withdrew. TO UNSEAT BRECKINRIDGE. E rid th ll J iro-J cr: as I as as p s I Ct. ISI as] F® t Ut pal )*- J erf ilru I ‘IM >m 2 Ii J -im J iva J i WI n :e aul nil! A eon Rolutions Adopted by the House Elections Committee To-Day. [tfAsinxoTox. Aug. 5.—The house tenmittee on elections at their meeting day adopted a resolution declaring the it of Mr. Breckinridge, of Arkansas. leant. The resolution with the reports f the majority and minority of the com-littee will be presented to the house iii few days. Mr. Walsh was the only Socratic member present to-day. THE SENATE. be ThriD lim still I nder Coiisideratiou. Washington. Aug.—The senate met do a. rn. and immediately prooceeded •theconsideration of the tariff bill, the Biding item being the paragraph rolat-to cylinder and crown glass polished, fa. Kerry addressed the senate on the moral subject of tariff legislation. Ile ttied the correctness of Mr. Iii seock'S Jrtion that the question had been Of? Butled at the last presidential 'lion. \ majority of the American 3PI,‘ Mr. Berry assorted, had not then soared in favor of the protection reory, but rather in favor of the party Advocated tariff for revenue only. loner or later the right would pre-and then. and not until then, •d it be said that the question trashy settled. He denounced u“ a1- a bill of false pretenses, •bing under false colors, and neither r®9'l,!i n' face nor in it, purposes, professed to reduce taxes, btlt it in-easx^d taxes, it professed to equalize raw on imports, but it made them un<lqua’. He believed that taxes , id be levied and duties imposed for Kilo purpose of revenue on articles | usury and not upon articles of neces--• nder the wise, prudent and pa-y“ administration of Grover devein, i4 surPfais in the treasury had ac-*s^d- The question was now how f \ *Wbe disposed of. Hut now at the aV..v?- 0,ie Soason cf congress under a «iean administration y “ow to guard against nip ;>nstead of meeting that de-.    ..    in    a    way    somewhat just: instead 1 imposing im*.- a. ___v.» J ells The Kittery Navy Yard Hug-a-boo Coit-sidered—The Clayton-Breckinridge Cane. WAsmx<;ton. Aug. 5.—In the house a motion was made to lay on the table the motion to reconsider the vote by which the house passed the bill to grant leaves of absence to clerks in first and second class postoffiees. The motion to reconsider was tabled. Mr. Snyder, of Minnesota, rising to a question of privilege, denounced as a falsehood an article appearing in a Detroit paper stating that at a conference between the Minnesota delegation and Speaker Reed relative to certain improvement of the Salt Ste. Marie canal the speaker declared:    “To hell with your island seas.” Mr. McKinley, from the committee on rules, reported (as a substitute for the Cummings resolution) a resolution asking the secretary of the navy the reasons for the increase of the force at the Kittery navy yard. In speaking of the resolution, Cummings of New York said that the order increasing the force of the Kittery navy yard looked as though the design was to use the executive power fur partisan purpose. He referred to the great evil which would result from the introduction of polities into the navy yards and com inented severely upon the action of the former head of tin* navy department in filling the navy yards with partisan friends just previous to the congressional election. Mr. Boutell said that iii the remarks made and in newspaper comments, there was strong implication that somebody had the idea that in Maine and New Hampshire there kas a purpose to practice the colonization method. He suggested to the gentleman from New York that though the elections were generally held in November the congressionel eld lion in Maine was held in September; so that if there were ten thousand men transported to Kittery yard, under certificate of the secretary of the navy, not one of them could vote. [Applause on the republican side]. The constitution of Maine provides that every man should have a legal residence of three months at the place where he was to vote. In justice to his colleague, tin1 speaker, he desired to say. after all the feeling of the gentleman from New York had piled up in his own bosom over the alleged packing of the Kittery yard in the interest of Reed, tiiat the greatest majority ever cast for Thomas B. Reed was ti,432 over his democratic opponent, and 1.628 round majority in 1888, when the navy yard had been packed by the democratic administration. | Loud applause on th* democratic side. | The resolution was adopted—yeas I nays 78. Sir. Lacey, of Iowa, submitted the ma jority report on the Ulayton-Breekinridge election ease. The report, which declar* the seat vacant, was ordered printed and iaid over. The house then went into committee of the whole on the general defficioncy bill. Without disposing of the bill, the committee rose and th** bolide adjourned. THE ODD FELLOWS. Bill Jieeee, the Homoerotic "Moses,' Laid to Rest to the Dissatisfaction of His Friends—General Political News. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Monmouth, IIL, Aug. 5.—This lias been a big day for the republicans of the eleventh Illinois c^pgressional district. The democrats o^Bie district held their congressional convention here to-day, and the city was full of the great unwashed. The result of this convention, even in the minds of a good many democrats, means the election of Gest. From the start it was plain to be seen that there was going to be some fun, for the two factions of tile party representing Hen T. Cable, of Rock Island, and William Neece, of Macomb. were pretty equally divided, and were each detirmined to secure the nomination of their man. The morning hours were spent in earnest hob-nobbing and wire-working by the delegates, and when the convention was called together at eleven o’clock by Hon. J. W. Potter, chairman of the congros-ional committee, the most intense interest was exhibited on all sides. A temporary organization was effected and the usual committees appointed. A recess was taken till one o'clock when the convention was permanently organized by the election of J. ti. Phillips, of Hancock county, as chairman, and Chark C. Chain, of the Bushnell Democrat, and J. G. Medill, secretaries. Resolutions warmly endorsing Palmer and condemning the “force” bill and the McKinley tariff measure, were adopted with a whoop, and then the fun began. Hill Neece, of Macomb, the democratic “Moses” of the eleventh, Ben T. Cable, lately of Rock Island, now in Europe, and Judge S. P. Montgomery, of Rushville, were placed on nomination. An informal ballot resulted as follows- Cable......................................... Neeee......................................... Scot! eld........................................ Montgomery................................. The vote for Hon. T. J. Scofield, of Carthage, was cast by the Hancock county delegation, he not having been placed in nomination. Tile next eight ballots resulted in a tie of t4 for Cable and Neece. Then in th* tenth a farmer by the name of Zeb. Alphine, of Schuyler broke the Neece boys all up by voting for the Rock Island millionaire, giving tHat gentleman two majority, nominating him. The Neece men are not at all backward in expressing their disgust at the manner in which their “Moses” was disposed of, but aro greatly consoled over the fact that Benjamen T. has a big “barff” of money that will be on tap during the coming campaign. The greatest botheration that is staring the Neece men in the face is thc problem of how they are going to satisfy their farming and laboring friends with a candidate who is a railroad monopolist and who is at this moment hobnobbing with English nobility in Europe, and earing very little for the wants or welfare of the district which has thus honored him. .. 35 letters were found to be missing. Consequently the postoffice refused to receive the matter and telegraphed thc Chicago postoffice to that effect. Harris had considerable money when he arrived here. Where he went to is not known. Chicago, Aug. 5.—It will be some time before the postal authorities can ascertain how much money was in the pouches stolen by George Harris, the postal clerk who is missing with the contents of two mail pouches taken from the Chicago & Alton train near St. Louis. The amount taken may not be more than 8300, and yet it might be many thousands. HIS HOURS ARE NUMBERED. WELCOME THE KAISER. Emperor Willhelm’s Visit to His Royal Grandmother. Alliance Humor* Continued—Mr. Glad-Ktone Open* the Fight on the Armenian Outrage*—Parachutist! Baldwin’* Narrow Escape. killing the fireman and seriously wounding the engineer and brakeman. The .San Francisco express, which was delayed by washouts only reach Yucca a few minutes after the freight accident, having had a narrow escape. A UNIQUE EXHIBIT. •i. ii. IOWA DEMOCRATS. tho question a deficiency. 2 an income tax on the wealth-il was Proposed to add to the \lr iv iiat wore lK)nio bv the poor, farnx ’ , n* °L Iowa. replied to Kerry, fci ,U‘ tbat gentleman's informant11 artldo from lhe Fl* Bogo, Iowa. Iefar^fl' ,-0ntasting the condition of pars v1' r dnd workingman now and ton on thf*°l and bowing the great red ut*- to-sehXi tak,'n place in the I)rices of ‘nee! "d a£rieultural implements We >\ar' ('ommodities within that stbp u ‘ ' 10 lbe about depression tormou ^ intoresls- and about I A Brilliant <■ atherine iii Chidago—'The Competitive Work. CHH ago. Aug. 5.—Cantons from all parts of the country continue to arrive to-day to take part in tho trinnial cantonment of patriarchs militant I. O. O. F., and the city is ablaze with red, gold and purple trappings and flashing jewles and waiving plumes of the order. 'I he forenoon was devoted to competitive ox-templification of the subordinate degree work with closed doors in Battery I) armory. The Garden City lodge of Chicago, opened the competition and was followed by Wyoker Bark lodge, also of this city. This afternoon prize drills of cantons by • lasso- were begun on th*' Lake Front in the presence of a multitude of people. To-night General J. C. I nderwood, grand sire of tlie order, held a reception at the Auditorium hotel parlors, which were crowded with brilliantly uniformed chevaliers and their ladies. Gathering For Their Convention at Cedar Rapids To-day. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Choak Rapids, Aug. A—Crowds have come in great numbers to attend the democratic convention to be held here to morrow. Nearly all th** old party workers are here and many new men ar** present. They are all feeling very enthusiastic. The leading candidates ar** as follows:    Secretary    of state, A. ll. Dent, LeMars; auditor, J. L. Woods, Fort Dodge: J. M. Johnson, Muscatine; supreme court reporter, B. A. Dodson, Keokuk county; Judge Ivory, of Glenwood; attorney general, N. N. MeVert. of Cedar Rapids. The state central committee is to bo reorganized by the election of half of the members, and J. J. Dinn is a candidate for re-election as chairman* The Clifton house has been made the democratic headquarters. The convention will got to work at IO in the morning with the following officers: Chairman. G. ll. McFall, Nebraska | county; secretary. John Springer, Johnson county:    assistant    socretarys, \\ ill Wells, Sioux City:    Mr. Wadsworth. Council Bluffs: W. J. Holt. Jones county; W. C. Moss, Mitchell county; recording secretary, J. (). Waller. Marshall county. THE BATTLE OF ATHENS. that Memorable Kngage-in Annual Reunion -on the Survivors of inent Meet ([round. Athens. Mo., Aug. 5. This, the twenty-ninth anniversary of the famous battle of Athens, finds the veterans and their numerous friends assembling here on their annual reunion day, while Hags are flying and th** old hills ar** echoing and re-ccliking th** sound of musketry, while the old soldier as he falls into that half asleep, half awake state imagines for the moment, that the stirring times of 1801 are before him. Starting from his stupor he opens his eyes and linds it was only a dream. But as time goes on they are all passing to that dream land where all is peace and happiness and the boom of cannon and roar of artillery never heard. The .Farmington Trombone band is enlivening the day with some splendid music and their handsome uniforms are just the thing. There is a larger gather ing here than there was last year, but the ifianagement is disappointed by tin* non-arrival of noted speakers amount of farm the Bushnell’* Fleetric Light. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Bushnell, 111., Aug. r>.—Work bas been commenced on the new electric light plant here, and it will not be long before the lights are shining. fart »ipu    l at    $307,000,000, when 'ti of'tk^r Was    tbc tola‘ assessed valua- “i't of f    ls il1 ISM* The outside °oo    .in    Iowa    was a inn • ‘fascussion continued ^Aliment T' and at ils closo an fidranf , red by McPhearson. to Zia.    “S    l" th“ si'"- kb and    was    accepted by Al- ferrintr tAa«r°ed t0- T*16 paragraph I ed-. robed or rough plate ^ it ca*.!1 fmoticm of -Aldrich, agreed "discrimi m tbe bouse* except that so as rn V1 the Proviso was modi-s Vhen ma il aPPJy t0 ab such ed.    ?rouhd or otherwise ob- . e committee amendment the “Cost u. 1 h<; next paragraph, as Bd*’ Pished plate glass unto read :..kn 1,10110,1 of Aldriob* finished n °°lt of Pol,shed P^ate or unfinished, and unsil- The Great Benefit Which people in run down state of health derive from Hood’s Sarsaparilla, conclusively proves that this medicine “makes the weak strong.” It does not act like a sttundent, imparting fictitious strength, hut Hood's Sarsaparilla builds up in a perfectly natural wax all tile weakened parts, purifies the blood, and assists to healthy action those important organs. th** kidneys and liver. __________ Failed. Lincoln. Neb.. Aug. 5.-—Dallas A Tilden, of Hastings, have closed their doors with liabilities of 813.000. assets 814,000.    __ Harvest Excursion Ticket* via t’., H. & Q. R. R. to points north, south and west on sale Sept. 9 and 23 and Oct. 14 good for return 30 days from date of sale^  __________ The World’* Fair Hill Signed. Springfield, Aug. 3.—The governor to-day signed the world’s fair bill haying the emergency clause. It will go into effect, at once.__________ Advice to Mother*. Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Svrup should always be used for children teething. It sootnes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. .fudge Strobic For Congree*. Cedar Rapids, Aug. 3.—The Fifth district republican convention this afternoon nominated Judge G. IU Struble for congress. Judge Struble is a brother of the representative from th** Eleventh Iowa district.    _ Mercer County Republican*. [Special to The Hawk-Eye.] Aledo, 111., Aug. 2.—The Mercer county republican convention met in Aledo to-day for tho nomination of county officers and the election of delegates to the twenty-fourth senatorial district convention, to be held at Lomax, August 14.    \V. A. Galloway, of Aledo, wa*- chosen chairman, and J. C. Mitchell, of Keithsburg, secretary. Judge James IL Connell was renominated for county judge by acclamation, and J. S. Sexton renominated for comity clerk with no opposition. Richard J. Graham, of Perryton, was nominated for sheriff. T. A. Vernon for treasurer, and Alex Calhoun for superintendent of schools. Noah ll. Guthrie, of Ohio Grove, was endorsed for Mercer’s choice for representative, and the delegates so instructed. Resolutions endorsing tho administration. congress and Hon. W. IL Gest were adopted: also instructing Mr. Gest to vote for legislation on the original package question and the Blaine reciprocity plan. The convention was one of the most harmonious and pleasing in its results that has been held for many years, and the democracy will gain tto recruits from its action.__________* Election in A la tm mu. Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 5.—Returns from all over the state indicate a largo democratic majority. In Jefferson county very few negroes came to the polls, stating that they did not care to vote. There was danger of serious trouble at Dallas. Negroes had planned to capture the ballot box at Safford when tho polls closed, and a few armed men from Selma under orders from the sheriff went out and dispersed the mob and brought in the box.  ___________ Indorsed Blaine’* Scheme. Galesburg, IU., Aug. 5.—The republican county convention made the following nominations yesterday:    Judge, I*. IL Sanford: clerk, W. O. Williamson; circuit clerk. S. K, Stuckey; treasurer: L. A. Townsend; sheriff, Robert Mathews; superintendent of schools, S. C. Ransom. Thc convention adopted a resolution indorsing Secretary Blaine’s scheme of reciprocity. Kcmmler, it i* Believed, Will be Executed Before Sunri*e thi* Morning. Auburn, N. Y.. Aug. 5.—The best judgment possible to be formed, with tile information at hand, is that Kemmler will be executed to-morrow morning. “I don’t propose,” said Warden Durs-ton at noon to-day, “to state when this man is to be taken off. but this thing is going to be all right.” “Are you going to spend your afternoon fishing?” lie inquired of the individual to whom he was speaking. The plain intimation was that the killing is not to take place this afternoon, which indeed nobody expected, but it leaves it open to question whether or not it. may not take place during the evening. This, however, is improbable. Several of the to-be witness have, to be sure, arrived this morning, but not more than a quarter of them, and it is not likely that the warden would employ the indecent haste which would be involved in hurrying Ii is witnesses, travel-stained and unbathed, into a room where they should witness the death of a human being before having got the cinders out of their eyes. Dr. Carlos I). McDonald, th** chairman of tin* slate lunacy commission, was tho first of the witnesses to arrive to-day. There was no mystery about his movements. |There was no “hush,” “keep-it-dark,” “ talk-to-me-behind -the-door ” style about his movements. Ile strolled about the hotel, talked to whoever chose to talk to him. and had only the air of a man who w*as hero upon an errand, the time of whose consummation he frankly said he did not know. Dr. Southwick, of Buffalo, of the commission which recommended the law for putting murderers to death by electricity, came this morning, and with him District Attorney Quimby, of Erie county. Dr. Fell, of Buffalo, is here, also Dr. Joseph Fowler and E. A. Kreiger. of Corning. Th** name of Robert Dunlap. who has a store in New York, is u[ion tile hotel register, but those who know Mr. Dunlap say that he is not here in person. No tidings of Kemmler’s condition has come out of th** prison to-day, and inquiry about it has almost ceased to be made. It is now thought likely that Andrew Crooks, a convict, will be the man who will pull the deadly lever. The announcement has not yet been made positively but circumstances point toil. Warden Durston finally decided to change the execution room and tuftier direction of Electrician Davis, who arrived this morning, th** wires aud switchboard were moved. The keepers mess room will be the new execution room. The condemned man has held up in a wonderful way. A gentleman who will be present at the execution, visited Kemmler this afternoon. Iiecfound him perfectly calm, but suffering from heat. Kemmler made his will again, leaving bis books and other little traps to Mr Durston. Daniel and a few others who had keen kind to him. This afternoon holy communication was administered to Kemmler by Chaplain Yates and Rev. Mr. Houghton. A company of national guards under Captain Kirby has been ordered out for this evening ostensibly for parade and street drill. This means that a cordon is to bo [int about the prison gate*.. Dr. Southwick of Buffalo, said late this afternoon, that, it was not at all likely an autopsy would take place before daylight no matter what tim** the execution occurred. After supper, at the hotel, all of the proposed witnesses to the execution, accompanied by Warden Durston, proceeded to th** prison, where the medical men joined in conference as to th*! time atul method of conducting the autopsy. The conference lasted an hour. Then the witnesses, together with the warden, returned to the hotel. Dr. .Southwick was among the first out. “Ar** you going to bed. doctor?” asked a by-stander. “I am. indeed.” lie replied, and did so. At eleven o'clock nearly everybody had retired suve th** newspaper correspondents. No new', came out of th** prison after night fall a- to Kemmler's rendition. In the bustle of anticipation nobody stopped to inquire save that he was alive. Later, 2:15 a. tit.—It is expected that Kemmler will be killed sometime between live and seven o’clock this morning. London. Aug. 5.—The welcome accorded the German emperor, so different from that which greeted him when last he came to pay his respects to his royal grandmother, is the best confirmation of the rumors that an alliance has been practically entered into between Germany and England. It shows itself in every detail of Hie reception of tile kaiser. The sailors on th** German imperial yacht Hohenzollern and the other German vessels escorting the emperor are mixing cordially with the English sailors and English residents on the Isl** of Wight, and frequently join in singing the national anthems of both countries. This condition of things is in marked contrast to that which prevailed on the occasion of th** emperor’s former visit, when th** German sailors were merely tolerated at a distance. The delay in the emperor’s coming is explained by tho fact that the queen dislikes to have state guests on her hands on Sundays. Had he arrived on Saturday, according to the original program. Ii** would have been obliged to pass a miserably dull day at Osborne and th** queen would have been obliged to spend much time with him. The kaiser therefore decided to pay a flying visit to the king of til** Belgians anil so fill in the time. After his inspection of th** English men-of-war and th** dock yards, witnessing Hi** races of the royal yacht club and arranging matters with Lord Salisbury In* will be ready to start on th** return trip at dawn on Saturday next. The Emperor William rose early this morning and indulged in a horseback rid** to Hyde. Ho subsequently breakfasted with the queen in the gardens attached to the Osborne bouse. After breakfast he was driven to Cowles, ac-eompaniec by the Prince of Wales. Then he embarked on tho latter’s yacht, th** Aline, which start***! in th*: race for the queen's cup, which is down for to-day in tim Howes regatta under the auspices of the Royal Yacht Club. The weather is warm with hardly any wind, and th** outlook for tile race is not very promising. Gladstone has evidently made up his mind to make a fight on the Armenian outrages byth** Turks. He made a good beginning yesterday and drew a characteristic admission from Sir James Ferguson. parlimentary secretary to the foreign office and spokesman for the ministry on foreign affairs. The newspapers have been lilied with the minute details of th** murder of men and th** abduction of women by Turks in Erzeroum and statements of the distribution of rifles by Turkish officials among the savage and fanatical Kurds, but the government ha-> not received a word officially on the subject and therefor** can take no action. But it continues to support the Turkish government which allows these outrages to go on and cannot make any remonstrance until th** British consul Erzeroum wakes up and makes a report to Sir William White, thc ambassador at Constantinople, and he in turn sends an official communication to the foreign office. The English people are gradually becoming worked up on the subject and the liberals ar** preparing to thrash th** matter out in parliament. The Daily Seas has already a man on th** ground and the government will find it hard to explain away its action in face of the terrible state of things he is bringing t«* light. Sander*’ Plan for a Live stock Show at the World’* Fair. Ch I* ago. Aug. 3.—J. IL Sanders, publisher of the Breeder* Gazette, has written a letter to the world s fair headquarters relative to a unique and thor-ougaly original plan for a live st*x*k exhibit at the exposition. His plan embodies til** following features:    There shall be selected and placed on exhibition a thoroughly characteristic and fully r**p-resentative male and female matured specimen of each and every br*-***! of horses, cattle, sheep ami -wine raised in America, th** breed' to Le classified and grouped with reference t<> til** special adaption and use of each. The specimens selected need not necessarily be tin* most expensive that might be found, but in every case must be such a' an* most thoroughly characteristic of t Ii** hp-*-*! represented. In the selection of the-** specimens none but animals bred and raised in til** United States should be considered. The secretary of agriculture has a-sured Mr. Sanders that he feels disposed to adopt this as part of th** plan of exhibit to be mad** under direction of his department. To reap th** great*-’ possible benefit of this part of th** exhibit as an attraction to the public, Sanders says invitations should be -cut all over th** world soliciting foreign countries to furnish representations of breed-not vet introduced into thi- eountrv A GENUINE BELLAMY CLUB. Des Moines Has One. and a Colony Will be Located in Louisiana. Fadi Family Will Own It* Own Horn*-And Each Panton Will Receive a Fixed Compensation of Not Le** Than Thirty Cent* a Day. lynching. Th** mob wa- head* father of the dead man. Simi were made in Cedar Falls by ! pie ami trouble i' feared. great difference of opinion a-tification of tin* shooting. ‘A by the lur threat* ot- of peo-There is a rn the ins- .% I.ady Terribly Mangled. Special to Tm: Hawk-Eyk THE SALVADORIAN TROUBLE. RAILROAD REMARKS. Change of Time of the I. oca I Sandal train —Interesting Railroad New* I rom Here and There. The change made in the sunday time table of til** “Weasel,” or Quincy local train, is greatly appreciated bv train men. but hardly >o much -o bo th*- traveling public, though to be sure. the Sunday trave) is not heavy. The train, instead of leaving at 2:55, will hereafter, during th*- Bluff Dark season depart at Th** Rodk Island railroad ha' issued a circular in which it i- stated that within a few weeks a1! employ*- will be furnished blanks upon which they will be ordered to place answer- to question* concerning their sobriety, social position, character, whether married or -ingle, and many other questions. All men whose reputation is not goo*I will Im* di — charged. We wonder if th** road ex fleets th** men to give them-**!a«*' a hail reputation. Th** Ft. Madison Democrat make* iii** following suggestion with reference to the Sunday “weasel:” ”A- the Burling-ton-Quincy pas'enger doe- not leave Burlington on Sunday until 3:55 p. rn., would it not be well for th** company to carry pa'sengors south on tic* early afternoon freight a- heretofore? This would enable Ft. Madison arui Burlington people to visit Bluff Park without waiting until evening.” MURDER AT JOLIET. George KrouM* Stabbed bv Herbert Wyman. Who Mi*take* Mini For Another Man. Joliet. Iii., Aug. 5. Herbert Wyman murdered George Krou'** to-day. mistaking him for Joseph Dockendorf, whom he had forbidden to visit iii' daughter. Wyman met Dockendorf with his daughter at tit** picnic at Dr**-' Park Sunday and again forbade him going with her. Dockendorf proceeded to black Wyman-' eye and handled him pretty roughly. Wyman sharpened iii- knife, and to-day ii** came upon the man whom he supposed wa- D*K*kondorf with his back turned and deliberately plunged hi' knife to the hilt under Krou'** ' ieft shim der. Wyman was taken into custody. Dh- Moines, la.. Aug. 5. lh- Moines has a genuine Bellamy club, and a colony is now Ix-ing formed which will locate sometime thi' fall at Lake Charles. Louisiana. Th** membership, so far. however, i- not very large, and it is feared th** scheme may tall through for want of enough visionaries to make it a “successful” failure. The promoters of this -oeialistie scheme are Ernest B. Gaston, until recently editor of the Suburlmu Ailvwate: C. ll. Mershen, E. I). Smith. Prof. W. P. Macy of Drake university. I). Herr***!. J. P. Meredith and a few other-. They propose to put 8300 each into a common fund for th** purchase of a tract of laud upon which they will reside and cultivate in common, on genuine Bellamy ideas. These ar*-primarily to co-operate and not compete. Each family will own it- own horn*: and each person will receive ;t fixed compensation for hi' labor, not to exceed 30 cents a day of eight, hour* each. Th** proceeds of their lal>or. over and above the expenditure-, will go into t>he rom-m«in fund. They do not projMi-e to give up the marriage relation, but th*- labor ' of housekeeping a' arranged—aeeording to tin* prevailing ideas—will be done away with, and will be done in common I by individuals under competent super-t vision. They will have a most « ornpii- | 1 eat***! -v'tern of government, and prop*-*-to keep a community store and sell goo*i-at cost to the purchaser. The result' of this community will be watched with in-ter**-t by the remainder of humanity, and if successful may prove a boon to mankind. Hut it will hardly be a sucre-* -o long as humanity have ambition-, aspirations and hope-, and an itching to Le at th*- top of the heap in general. Lim n* ii. Bef pf-, litha Harrington, struck and instant bound Rock I-Iand and dumb institute o'clock this morning widow and resided t Her *mk1 v was terrih rtv-s Aug. aged f* ly killed I train near Mr deaf ear ly ti itv at tim li the tang] M Two Hoy- ill\ES, Aug. win llaggerty. of William Elly son Iowa. were - rio Island yards lu r* were stealing a r pile- of lumber i a switch the iurn Tr- lnj a reft. 3. Two ijr, New Wilton injured i one ber th** .'id* thi' de an i a Ii* i >er **a rabic I fog** th ar. -trt *>-: I birk. and unction. he Ro* k . They rn<n two making another he I ii inrush ing A Mammoth Fie* at or. Kl Dodge, la.. Aug. 5.—T known elevator tim* of E. NI. Di Go. has dee elevator at have an «* line of thi flies in large-! hrai the the not id* cl to I thi- poi evator si Illinois Iowa and grain b IJ " h * -tate. a -ingi A •ar > at* ag* Centra ar** d* ving bu.'i Fort D J A mammoth Sc c.,. along the and fang one of Pa of this little vill rejoicing over a have had for ne to*) bt*- for the ;» «-sn .1.. occ! Rejoicing Over the K.«<n. -pii’irti to Th*- Hawk-Eye. wood, la.. Aug. 5.—Th* *** and common d r; Dl •rv \ A Handing lie- Moines. Aug. 5. ►rm >uh*iay nigh ling in th** roved. I turin the this HAWKEYE GLANCES. RAILROAD MATTERS. the The Railway Commissioner* I’.rtnk .Joint Late Sehedale. Di - Moine-. Aug. Th** railway | commission have revoked the schedule of j joint rates promulgated by them July lh. I and which wa' suppo-ed to have gone } into for* ** July In its stead they have I issued an order providing that where a shipment is made over two or more line* I in this stat**, each road 'hall be entitled ! to eighty per < «*nt of th* local rate. as I provided in th** tariff which go* ' into j effect to-day. Th** former schedule tIi** railroad- of th** 'tat** have <»ppo'**d bitterly, arid r**fu-ed utterly to put it into effect. Th** north anti south lines and the shorter road- have been especial!v aggrieved by it. The new schedule will be very much more satisfactory to the shorter road*. Th** Iowa rat**- are very hign for short distances and low in proportion for long ones. They w ill get within twenty per cent of the maximum local rate, more than which they could not get in any event except it was given them by the other road' to get the bu-i-ness. sin i.'-m i \ -M. L. Bartlett Ho session of th* lov tut* at Ma'on * *; a grand concert. of fifty voice' MI*** KED A Uii I I Red berg. Jacob J Matt Steven- are City. Saturday, u service was being I astonished th*- cr O’ in ail emir* ly ne into the river. Wen : r<* Sleet ii rd ay evening »ret very Le N [■dav inci* r arr* -! inst! Mi Hen bv si Si N.-rth w aiel -**ri was int lying on th* NU—* rn - are inter* Not De vi> man on an ea-the trail, wa another. laid Went to -Jeep* own No. w l lf* an A FASCINATING FRAUD. I*v Osceola Citizens Taken Swindler. Osceola, Aug. 5.—Quite has transpired lier** in the la through theop**rations of a rn ing at the How** house a-from Louisville. Kentucky, who was extremely fascinating as th** -cque] show'. in r* Dr. * -a* ion w days gist**r-iirain. TEXAS FEVER IN CHICAGO. A Cow With the Dread Malady Traced I<» a Slaughter House. Urn* ago. August 5.—Indications point to another clash between the city authorities and the state board of live stock commissioners.    Officers of th** city health department to-day traced a cow that had had Texas fever to the slaughter-house where it was found cut up ready for sale. The meat was condemned and seized, and had not the persons connected with th** affair made themselves scarce they would have been arrested. Both lumpy jaw and Texas fever is spreading alarmingly in the southewest-ern part of tho city. This, Dr. Wickers-ham declares, is the fault of the state board of live stock commissioners. He said it was imperative that something should be don** and he would like to see th** authority of the board to ship deceased cattle into Chicago tested in the courts. A Peaceful Settlement Expected Within a a Short Time. San Salvador, Aug. 5. — General Trungary, at the head of th** Guatemalan revolutionists, has taken Chiquimala. near the capital. The loss of this place has obliged tin* Guatemalan government to concentrate its troops towards the capital. A Guatemalan dispatch says it is untrue that an attempt was made to a-sassinate President Barrillas. and denies that the revolution i' of any importance. The diplomatic corps has offered to negotiate for peace and th** offer has been accepted, it is expected a peaceful settlement will be arranged within a few days. President Barillas says that he will not resign, and that Ii** prefers death to surrender. President E/eta's terms are the recognition of hi- government and tm* non-intervention of other powers in th** interior of th** government *f San Salvador. IN BUENOS AYRES. The Fiuaiiciitl Crist* Still Continue* I n-tt hat rd. I Sr knos Ayre-. Aug. 3. Notwithstanding the fact that the insurrection here has terminated great excitement prevails throughout the city. It i-rumored that a new issue of 850.otM),0()0 in paper currency will be made. A bill has been Introduced in tin* chamber of deputies providing for a forced currency. The National bank has resumed payment. The bour'*: i- 'till closed, and tho panicky feeling in commercial circles continues. Thc pre— i' forbidden by the government to comment on the rri'i'. Th** premium on gold is 209 per cent. I’rcHident Olm an Resign*. Va 1.1* A rime Aug. 5. — A dispatch received here says President Colman, of Argentino Republic, presented his resignation to congress, giving as the reason the financial difficulties through which the Republic is passing. He bas been succeeded, the dispatch add-, by Vice President Dr. Pellegrini. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Krport of a Railroad Wreck with Great Lo— of Life. In-Ti:! * K, Aug. 5.—News has be* n re- I reived of a railway :i< * ident tha* hap-* pencil at BtxT- 'tation near her**. An j expre-s train suddenly left til** rail' and j rolled down an embankment, three of j the cars falling into a stream. There were 12<> person- iii th** cars and their struggles wen* terrible, it ]- believed the Ids- of lift* i- verv high. -onu* placing j it at IOO. Hr Wa*n’t Saying a Word- Akron. O., Aug. 3. The following eorrospoudenee was opened by adispab h from a small village t»*n miles down th** river from here: New Portage. <».. Au*. 2. -el, <■ * J -    , Akron. o. Unknown flouter taken from river lier** to-day. \t morgue awaiting identification.    Horal’M, Marshal. Akron.**.. Aug 2. Marshal Hot in in, Portaij*\ O.:    Wire    ver>    brietlly    most charac- tcri'tic mark' for Identification. K ex I ii*}. Chief of Police. New porn IGE. < >.. Aug. 2. — Cha f K>-tai The doctor claims money and desired t ment' in lands and **ral of our good ei a'si-t him in secu among whom were and on** of our r**a visiting many part- to have plenty of ,o make huge inve-t-loan property. S**v-tiz.ens were ready to ring good bargains. our worthy -heriff I e-t&te men. After of til** con ut v and man. With an line: “dead” man suddenly anil came to town with An Unprofitable s ing suit at Fairfield rln-e The case was ca cheap hor-e. Pa; for which he had S. C. lh: * - and •tiiiy wa' M I! .- -**d l r i bv th W ii so] ii he getting prices of various property hired a livery team—on** of the best— saying he would be back to-morrow, forgetting his hotel bill and and other small debts. Our sheriff ha- just returned from an extended trip through northern hands pa- d and at ment. S' .uir* taken Picket and result* being chare* rather e\p«* >r a ween ti its che* ic hod his The ca-*' Nob I by ti . Th I b abi)t] at 8 an Missouri, whereat")! Dr. Grain. but failed to •ither th* discover iverv teal the PARIS GREEN FOR CATTLE. An low:* .Man Meet' Mi'fort line .it an Enemy’- ll ami**. Dl- Moines. Aug. ' . — .\--i-tant Mate I p Veterinary Surgeon Campbell, of this I ir city, returned from Humeston, where hi A kl O A KHON. Porta'ii', I [ Collect New I*. Akron. o. [Collect Wore complete suit excepting hat. Hot/.cw. Marshal. *E. Auk. "2.—Mn rshal i:otz>n *. A nr Was he also deaf and dumb - KENDIG. Chief. tit I VGK. »>.. Aug. 2.—I'hief K’ Kl 7, Ile did not sax . Bot/.! m, Marshal. the poi'onii h ■ had been ti iii twenty-tv by some to date • horses Eh pc psi. iglu t* inc ti DEATH’S DECREE. An Fierce Election Contest iu I tall. Salt ) Lake, Utah, Aug. The struggle yesterday over the county ticket between the liberals and the Mormons and the union workingmen’s annex was one of the fiercest ever known here. The returns indicate the success of the liberals’ ticket. ____________ BIG MAIL ROBBERY. Aged Resilient of Buahnell. Illinois. Goes to Hi* Rent. fSpecial to The Hawk-Eye.] Bushnell, Aug. 5.—C. R. DeVaughn died at his residence Saturday evening at 4:30 o’clock, aged sixty-seven years, seven months and four days. The funeral was held from the Methodist church Monday afternoon at 1:30 p. in., Rev. Cumming in charge. The deceased was born in Ricing county, Ohio, December 29, 1822. At the age of seventeen years he removed with his parents to Cuba, Illinois. In July 1854 lie was married to Mrs. Martha Striker and took tip his abode in McDonough county near Bushnell in 1850. He was a member of the Methodist church having been converted at the ag** of twenty-one years. A BRAN~NEW CONSTITUTION. GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. I In- I- xx bat you fact, \uu must have it. t«» fully enjoy life. Thoti-ands ar** -••arching for it daily, and mourning because they ti ti* I it p it. Thousand upon thou-and- of dollars unspent annually by our people in tim In*[ic tiiat they may attain this boon. And yet it may ta* had by all. NY** guarantee that Electric Bitters, if used according to directions and th** ti-** persisted in. will bring you good digestion and oust the demon Dyspepsia and install Kupep-v. We recommend Kleotrie Bitters for dyspepsia has been investigating stock on th** farm of found that paris green with -ait and dropped thirty places hi a pa-ture son, as yet unknown. Up teen head of cattle and two died. Circumstances point. a young German r**-i*ling n* person who committed the said that in* sought revengi of the fact that iii- add res-" t* Ault's daughter were.not looked with favor. HORSEWHIPPED A LOAFER. it I' said ar by a-crime. on a* He xed i e or per-eigh-have J to I It is •outlt Mr. upon I URE XI Sunday tit busine— p< \\ hat Che* at \Y. A. is supposed U incendiary. shortly after w.-re not ut o'clock. The because ** saved th* town except th** wind. U north on bot everything v the opera ii** the Harlem a ings occupied G Funk. gel other busine residences u losers ar*- J, IL Leather' Funk and J. terian churel total lo— i- <• W HA I truing d* rtion ani r. Iowa. Armstrong have The i HEE trt’ der ire * >rth h mg** in the Broadway I’arr* v J. serai n — ho '*r*‘ k M. Bi Ed. ll. Ro , was 'tim at* Lea th .ants. A1 • d. Ti ore the irrected interert-vening. it!! of a i a hors*-" fore to Baler-' Wilson arr pay- . before of venue Squin damages h was a - being •ii alive. re early -half the jenees of ■ git; ated rket and >rk of an sounded ,** tiara*". til three I- [xiwer- tnd noth-ilf of thee t ion of ce block-. - street including ply 'tor*-. ii** build-rs and T. nil manv forty largest Haggin. J. her. F. AV. rite Presbv- a:so *d ai destr* Sit)*) * Th* and itll diseases of fixer, stomach kidneys. Sold at 50- and "I.**<* | r th* at Henrv’s drug store. md The Carpenters’ National Convention at Chicago Busily Compiling One. Chicago, Aug. 5.—The Carpenters’ National convention occupied to-day as a committee of th** whole on th** revision of the constitution. The old constitution was practically wiped out and iii the words of Secretary McGuire:    “The new constitution as far as adopted is up to the times.” The eight hour question was given a prominent place and the strict enforcement of the eight hour rule is strongly urged. Only six articles have thus far been adopted. It will probably require two more days to complete the work. Beeeham’s Pills cure Sick-Iieadaehc. Route Agent Harris Disappears With Seventeen Registered Letters. St. Louis, Aug. 5.—A mail robbery was reported on the incoming Alton train arriving from Chicago yesterday morning. George Harris, the route agent, turned over to the postoffice authorities the mail matter under his care and went off duty. Seventeen registered Fatal Explosion in a Mine. Tacoma, Wash.. Aug. 5.—A dispatch from Carbon, in this county, states that an explosion of gas occurred yesterday iii a mine, killing Harry J. Jones anil T. B. Morgan. Thomas Williams was badly injured. Pozzoni's Complexion Powder produces a soft and beautiful akin; It combines every element of beauty and purity. A Number of Greek Monasteries Hunted and Twenty Monks Perish. London, Aug. 5.—Advices from Athens say fir*: on Mount A thus, the holy mountain of the Greek church, destroyed a large number of Greek monasteries and twenty Monks and hermits perished in the flames. The damage is estimated at 5.000.000 francs. A Parachutist’* Escape. London. Aug. 5.—Baldwin, the parachutist. was advertised to make st balloon ascension and a descent by means of a parachute at Torquay, yesterday, and a large crowd assembled to witness th** performance. At the last moment he announced that he would not ascend and the disappointed crowd attempted to lynch him. He was seized and roughly handled, but finally managed to breakaway and escape the fury of the mob by climbing a high wall and taking to his heels, leaving bi* balloon and other property behind him. ■Saiinbury Receives a Gift. London, Aug. 5.—Emperor William will present a life-size portrait of himself to Marquis Salisbury in recognition of the marquis' aid iii bringing about the Anglo-German agreement. Died of Their Injuries. Paris, Aug. 5.—Two of the men hurt by the explosion of fire-damp at St. Etienne yesterday have died from the effects of their injuries. A Destructive Sr. Louis. Aug. 5 summer of is:,;*, has .suffered from such Headache. Neuralgia. Dizziness. Nervousness, Spasms. Sleeplessness, cured by Dr. Miles’ Nervine. Samples free at J. II. Witte’s drug store. A Disastrous Washout. Needles. Cal., Aug. 5.—A cloud-burst in the eastern part of Mojav county, Arisona, last night washed out a bridge two miles west of Yucca. An cast-bound freight was precipitated into the river Droiit ti. >. Not sin*-** t h<* St. Louis county J it destructive and i protracted drouth as at present. The I acreage sown in wheat ha- yielded an I average of twelve bushels to the acre. J Corn is in bad condition. The oat crop j i- a total failure cau-ed by an insect of I the appis variety and vegetable- of all j kinds ar** extremely scarce. Now Ivy day tin* sun is burning. Scorching, sizzling, stewing, turning I s, like lobsters boiled this morning. Green to red While bv night t lie’skeeters hover Under, in. around and over Pillows, mattress, sheets and cover Let of bcd. Pretty tough, but we know what'll Pure the bit**s and chang** the mottle. And get a Pond s Extruet bottle; buff wrapper, landscape trademark 'Nougit i- said. Rock Island Liquor Dealer-. Ro* k I-I. and. Aug. 5. The Liquor Dealers' Protective a—celation of th** twenty-first district met iii annual convention here yesterday. The old officers were re-elected and it wa' decided that delegates to the state convention be in-j structed to agitate th** formation of an insurance auxiliary to th** association. Excursion Tickets to Uh ira go via U. H * U. on sale August 2nd t** Oth. good return-jing August 7ih to ll. one far** for round trip, plus 91.00 for admission to Military drill enclosure. Account of meeting of Sthe Patriarch' Militant and I. O. O. F. August 3d to 10th. A Ship Probably Lost. New York, Aug. 5.—The British ship Lord Raglan left San Francisco February 20 last for Cork. Ireland, and since that time sh** lias not been heard from I and her owners have about given her up I as lost.    __ Sleeplessness,nervous prostration, nervous dyspepsia, dullness, blues cured by Dr. Miles’ Nervine. Samples free at J H. Witte’s drug store. A It.    Wnni:tii    Puni«li«>- ;t Mail AVIio Got lier Hn*hand Drunk. I t. M vpi'on. la.. Aug. 5. Th** other night a woman below tin* average height was noticed to be visiting tin- -aloons on Pine street and vicinity in an excited manner, in lier right hand -he carried a horse xviii}), and blood was in her eye'. By her manner it x\-a' evident that -ome-thing xxa- in the wind, and so it proved. \- 'In* turned the corner of Pine and Front street' -he **-picd th** object oui,cr eager search. Ii** wa- a 'ix-footcr and more, and 'va- -landing in tin* -tr»**t. near the curbing, talking to a party of friends. Hushing up to him -In* exclaimed. “You arc tile one who got my husband drunk.” and at tin* -ame time beginning to ply the whip. Tin- sin* did in ;t manner surprising for on** of lier - /•*. Nor did sh** cest-** until her strength xxa- gone and her victim out of lier reach. Sh** then dropped th** xviiip and pas'***! down th** street, while th* recipient of th** chastisement faded from sight in a neighboring beer “joint.” and then undoubtedly hurried home byway of alleys and th** back streets. COLONEL SELLERS' OTHER SELF. Fight With Limoln. Net) place near Ila-txveon remnants the famous 11;* in I of Aug. 5.-'titig- Sui: of a gang om aw, Doc Midd Out I:* \* -, A fight lay nigh a party Taylor. to drive repulsed, vigilance cap! ur Den xva' bb larg* J. I> xviii die. the ruin', was fatal cover. I who roon lives in ti of men on the ranch I’he outlaws made an oil Taylor’- horses. The robbers escaped * committee is being f>i them. V "lerrihl* Explosion XVI R. Aug. 5 Milch ei”-} loxvn to piece' by the expit quantity of benzin** to-nigl Corial xxa- fright i remet f ti *<1. th** other; oreda number vt* the -tor*- be-ied by on, and f Frank attempt Hit xv.-re mc v of a lerk and 'I'hr* . on** Iv in] *m. ss rum *d abo * exph irneu •rushed in t .allagite: ill repeople their I.Mkt* A Visionary l*ropn»e- to Pipe Superior Mater to I liicago. Di nrquE. la.. Aug. 5. Leon Lewi-. tit** novelist, ha- just i-'u***i th** prospects of a new company which he proposes to organize. The object i- to supply Chicago with [tut** cold water front Lake Superior. It is proposed to carry the water in three pipe- six feet iii diameter. Lewis claim- that the pressure <>f xvater will wash out th*- Chicago river and keep a constant current flowing through the pro|M>sed drainage canal. Th** company is to be capitalized for -* \<*ral million dollar-. Children I njoy 'lilt* pleasant flavor, gentle ;iet.«>n and soothing effects of syrup <>f Fig-, when in need of a laxative, and when th** father or mother be costive or bill >u- the most gratifying result' follow its use. so that it i' th** b*-t family r**medy known ami bottle. every 'ant I av. I ni\**r-«l ra A MURDEROUS OFFICER. Almont Cill* \<.*>. Aug. 5. 'I ti* O' to-morrow w ill -a few counties in Michig Minnesota, xvii* re local th** drouth i- universal ere*! bx our r*-[)ort. x i/ ana. Ohio. Mi-souri. Wi-fon-in. Mint. -.*t Nebraska. A new idea enthrall**! in Ely’s * ream Bairn. * itarrh is cured bx cleansing and heat ling. not by drying un. it Is not a liquid or snuff, but is easily appii***! into the nostril*. Its effect i-magical ami a thorough treatment will euro j the worst case-. Price SO cents. Dro.it Ii. Farmer* til -"Outside of a Wisconsin and us have fallen. lint he -tales eov-Illtnois. indi-Kansas. Michigan. Dakota. Iowa and In Arre-ting Two Drunken Men Ile Kill-One and Wound- the Other. [Special to the Hawk-Eye.; W aterloo, Aug. 5. -At a late hour last night a young man named Dexter Jones, living near Cedar Falls, was shot by Deputy Marshall T. 'I'. Slingly and died soon after. Hi' companion. Albert Miller, was -hot also but not fatally. Th*’ two xoiing men had been in town and were returning home drunk when tile officer tried to arr**-t them. They re-isted and Slingly drew hi- revolver and shot Jon**' through the body. Miller started to run but was brought down tty a ball in his leg. Slingly xva- taken to Waterloo at once for safe keeping, and this morning a crowd from Cedar Falls appeared at the jail and made threats of ( ongr«* — limn l un-ton Ran-A't I tv. Aug. Funston, of th** second *fistti* day renominated by acclamati Kemoniii.it*-*!. . Congre—man va- to- A Sen-ible I’recaution. Though disease cannot alway s lie Conquered, its tir-t approach can Im- check*-!. Hut not only is the os*- of a medicinal safeguard to be recommended on th*- tir-t appear;(net* of a malady hut a wise discrimination should Im* exercised in tin- choice of a remedy. Fin thirty years or mon* Hosted et - stomach Bitter has been the n ighing 'pecitie for dyspepsia. fever and ague. a loss Of phy-u-al stamina. liver complaint and other disorder-, ami K»-been most emphatically indorsed by medicn men as a health and strength restorative, it is indeed a wise precaution to esc thn* aux or-eign fortifying agent and alterative in th> • •arty stageaof disease, for it effectually counteracts it. if the malady tn-longs to that large class to which this sterling medicine is adapted. Not only i- it efficacious, but pure aud barmie**. ;

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