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Burlington Hawk Eye (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Burlington, Iowa In a saints As interstate would double Cost 3a bands gets a Facelift i wednesday april 4, 1990 the Hawk Eye forecast it will be Windy and much colder tomorrow with highs about 40. Page 2a Iowa s oldest newspaper 153rd year a no. 151 Burlington Iowa 52601 48 pages a 35 cents getting their fill. A in f Ivy. A a a. A i. A i a my # to of a a Ati a a 4 7? a a w. L a a a a to in if to ppr ill Tony Millor Tho Hawk Eye the wet and Cool Spring like weather is the perfect setting for a Field of Winter wheat located on upper Flint Bottom Road North of Burlington to establish itself but also allows animals like these four White tailed Deer to sneak out of the nearby Woods and stuff themselves on the Sweet greenery that has been lacking Over the Winter. Clean air focus shifts to House regional Airport plans flying by Michael of Connor the Hawk Eye an Effort to establish a authority to operate Burlington municipal Airport is beginning to take off with Muscatine fort Madison mount pleasant and the Illinois cities of Galesburg and Macomb among potential members. The work is spearheaded by the transportation committee of the Burlington West Burlington area chamber of Commerce. That group plans to discuss the concept with area and regional governments next month according to David Miller vice president of the chamber a political division. Its possible an authority could be established by this fail if plans proceed on schedule and there is interest and cooperation from potential member governments he said. Miller said he believes there is local and regional support for an authority to run the Airport which is now operated by the City of Burlington. Other cities the committee might try to attract include West Burlington Wapello Monmouth iu., and Des Moines county. A the general impressions in be gotten have been positive a Miller said. Information will be presented to the potential number of cities on the authorities Structure to outline economic benefits and funding. Miller said. A we have to make it attractive to them a a Miller said. Thomas Greene Secretary of the Burlington Airport advisory Airport a please turn to Page 12a Washington a the debate Over tougher air pollution controls shifts to the House with Senate approval of a sweeping clean air Bill imposing new emission curbs on automobiles. Factories and electric Power plants. The Senate voted 89-11 late yesterday to approve a far reaching Bill aimed at reducing Urban smog toxic Industrial chemical releases and acid rain pollution. The House Energy and Commerce committee was working behind closed doors today on the House version of the Bill. A final committee vote is expected by the end of the week. President Bush called the Senate action a a historic vote that will a affect generations to come As we work to build a cleaner safer the last time either the Senate or House approved changes in Federal clean air Laws was 1977 despite growing concern in recent years about dirty air. Senate majority Leader George Mitchell a Maine who unsuccessfully sought Over the past decade to change Federal clean air Laws called the Senate Bill a a tremendous Victory and a significant improvement Over current air pollution requirements. Clean air Roll Call Here is How Iowa a and Illinois senators voted yesterday on the clean air measure Iowa Tom Harkin Democrat yes Charles Grassley. Republican yes Illinois Paul Simon Democrat no Alan Dixon. Democrat no a we can no longer delay. The american people want action. They demand action a Mitchell said. The lopsided Senate voted capped weeks of jockeying among senators Over the legislation which was a Compromise with the White House. Senators from the Northeast and California sought to toughen Auto pollution controls but failed in narrow votes. Several attempts to Cushion the Midwest from the High Cost of acid rain controls also failed As did an Effort to help Coal miners who could lose their jobs under air a please turn to Page 12a Iowa House tightens limits on Drunken driving by Mike Glover the associated press Des Moines the House significantly tightening the states Drunken driving Laws has voted to lower by 20 percent the blood alcohol level that s considered proof of Drunken driving. The same measure would take cars away from repeat offenders and by the narrowest of margins the House yesterday rejected a provision that would revoke the. Drivers License of youngsters caught possessing alcohol. By a wider margin legislators rejected efforts to drastically lower the permissible alcohol Levels for Drivers under 18. The House voted to lower the blood alcohol level for assumed drunkenness to 0.08 of a percent Down from the current 0.10 of a percent. The move came As the House debated a Bill pushed by democratic leaders As the showcase Effort to crack Down on drug dealers and gang members. Debate entered on toughening the states Drunken driving Laws and the House voted 55-41 for an amendment lowering the blood alcohol level. Nineteen democrats joined with 36 republicans in approving the amendment which has been pushed by gov. Terry Branstad. Backers said that under the current Levels motorists can consume a lot of alcohol and they pointed to medical evidence that Drivers Are impaired far below the 0.10 of a percent level. A i could have six Beers in an hour and i can guarantee you i should t be driving after six Beers Quot said rep. Rodney Hal Orson a fort Dodge. The legislature has resisted for years efforts to lower the blood alcohol level but backers said Public pressure is becoming irresistible. A we Are All at risk until the legislature comes to its senses and deals with this problem Quot said rep. Andy Mckean. A Morley. Rep. Glen Jesse a Mitchellville succeeded in tack ing on an amendment requiring those convicted of third and subsequent offences surrender their car. A we take their Driver s ii Cense away and it does t do any Good because they drive anyway a said Jesse. A this does the one thing that a effective drunk a please turn to Page 12a government counts its secrets finds fewer facts hushed in year Washington a the government says it is. Finally getting a handle on How Many secrets it creates each year. Its Best guess is that the a top secret a a a secret and a a confidential Stamps were wielded 6,796,501 times in the fiscal year that ended last sept. 30. That was a 35 percent decrease from the year before but the gains Are somewhat illusory. A it appears that this unprecedented drop is primarily the result of More accurate counting rather than an actual tremendous decrease in classification activity a said Steven Garfinkel who has spent the last Sven years trying to get the government to produce fewer secrets and count them More accurately. Garfinkel Heads the information Security oversight office created in 1982 when then president Reagan rewrote All the rules for classifying documents. In his annual report to president Bush released yesterday Garfinkel praised the Navy for finally figuring out what he has been trying to count each year. The government does no to actually count its secrecy decisions each year. It samples the number of times some offices decide to classify information. Then it projects those numbers to reflect the number of Deci secrets a please turn to Page 12a bus student eyes tuna ban 15-year-old sends environmental plea to school Board by Kevin Robbins the Hawk Eye Andy Peebler is kindling the tuna revolt. The 15-year-old Burlington High school Sophomore Hopes to ban the popular fish in Bur Lington school District cafeterias. Peebler plans to address the school Board tomorrow night. Quot we mean business on this Issue a his Handwritten diplomatic letter to the Board states. A your voice will join All the other Peebler circulated a petition to District schools in january. About half were returned with 460 signatures included he said. They were sent through inter school mail. Quot the stuff a been pretty help Ful Quot Peebler said. Quot i did no to quite get Back half of them but i figure 460 signatures will be Peebler a self described Liberal voter with some conservative leanings found a Small Story in a 1989 Issue of Usa today that featured an Aurora colo., High school waging War against tuna. The 8-Inch piece changed his perspective. A i thought a that sounds pretty Good i done to see Why we could t do it i had been aware of the problem but like so Many other things i never thought i could make a about 100,000 dolphins drown in nets or Are shot each year because they frequently swim with Goldfin tuna according to a recent article in . News amp world report. Almost 12,000 dolphins Are killed by fishermen in . A tuna a please turn to Page 12a Baker sees signs of dialogue on Lithuania a Independence Washington a Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii said today there Are indications the soviet Union May be considering a referendum in Lithuania As a Way of shaping the future of the Independence minded Baltic Republic. But Baker also registered a a degree of concerns about the lithuanian situation As he prepared to begin three Days of talks with soviet foreign minister Eduard a. Shevardnadze. Baker is hoping Shevardnadze a visit will produce a plan for a peaceful settlement in Lithuania and Well As a Date for a soviet lithuanian sides heartened Story on Page 12a the next superpower Summit meeting and Progress on .-soviet arms control accords. To no ones Surprise Baker said Lithuania Quot will be at the very top of the issues we will be talking to reporters after a meeting with West German foreign minister Hans Dietrich Genscher he said a we Are anxious to see developments proceed and yet Baker was buoyed by the meeting Alexandr n. Yak Olev a close adviser to Gorbachev held in Moscow yesterday with a delegation of officials from Lithuania. A there would appear to be at least the beginnings of a dialogue a a Baker said. A. We see references being made by both sides to some sort of referendum last thursday lithuanian leaders informed the Kremlin they were ready to discuss the Issue of a referendum on sees soviet a please turn to Page 12a inside business 12b classified ads 7b comics crossword 11b dear Abby a deaths 11a for the record 11a happenings a midlands 8a opinions 4a sports 1b television 10b 3 supplements inside teen aids patient clings to life As Well wishers Call Indianapolis map Michael Jackson telephoned Elton John flew into town and thousands of other who have never even met Ryan White offered prayers and get Well w wishes for the teen age aids victim clinging to life today. President Bush who was in Indianapolis for a political fund Raiser yesterday planted a tree for White at a ceremony i i Miles from the Hospital where the 18 Ryan White year old Lay in critical condition on life support equipment. A the s been fighting u courageous Battle against a deadly disease and also against ignorance and fear. Ryan has helped us understand the truth about aids and he a shown All of us the strength and bravery of the human heart a Bush said. Or. Martin b Klein Ian said White was heavily sedated so the life support system would function More efficiently. A we continue to believe that he will survive this. We need to be of to Mist in just As Ryan was optimistic a Kleiman said however he added a we re teen a please turn to Page 12a

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