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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Burlington, North Carolina Weather Clearing and mild tonight and tuesday. Roundup of Page 3a. The daily times news 83rd year no. 56 Price to cents times Metis family More Tim 23,000 reaching More than 21,000 Alamance county Hornet with 95,000 readers associated it iss in telephoto service newspaper Enterprise Assn. North american newspaper Alliance Burlington. N. Cd a monday september 28, 1970 a Ano Kino a nature service women s news service up Stock service associated afternoon dailies 38 pages 3 sections Harris Survey Nixon Muskie stand even pays visit to hostages Nixon affirms Middle East stand by Louis Harris if the 1972 election for president were being held this month sen. Edmund Muskie on the democratic line would be running dead even with president Nixon Al 4343 per cent each in a race that would be almost an exact replica of the 1968 balloting. George Wallace on a third party line would poll to per cent of the vote. Here is the trend of Nixon Muskie Wallace standings in trial heats the Harris Survey has conducted since May of 1969. In this latest Survey. A Cross Section of 1861 Likely voters 21 years of age and Over were interviewed Between sept. 7 and 14 n i x on Muskie Wallace standings my Nix a not a an Lac Sura % % % % the president is running into rough political weather with the affluent better educated Independent vote which has been normally the heartland of moderate republicanism. The current hard line of vice president Agnew does not go Down we l with this vote. A the same Token. Senator Muskie has always had stronger Appeal with this group than any other democratic possibility the Harris Survey has tested. A perhaps even More striking is the 41-39 per cent Lead sen. Muskie now holds Over president Nixon in the Border states the ring of states out a a a a a a a a a a a Campus report reaction mixed by Kenneth j. Freed latest 43 43 to 4 May 1970 38 42 12 8 april 36 47 to 7 feb 35 49 la s nov. 1969 35 49 la 5 oct. 35 51 9 5 May 33 51 la 5 for sen. Muskie these latest results represent a solid breakthrough and make him far and away the strongest Democrat to be tested. In the same Survey president Nixon was also pitted against Hubert Humphrey and mayor John Lindsay As possible democratic Standard bearers. Muskie runs nine Points better than either Humphrey or Lindsay Nixon is. Humphrey Lindsay Washington a api a a presidential task forces Multi edged fault finding for Campus violence has been greeted with much of the indifference and cynicism the panel indicated is reflected in student unrest. The weekend report by the former Pennsylvania gov Wil blame across much of society a Ham Scranton a Republican. The student terrorist the author called on All of society to unite Side the Peep South ranging pity who shoots needlessly the against the pressures that set from Florida through the teacher who tolerates disrupt off the mobs bombings and Carolinas up to Maryland and Kion the College administrator even killings at universities and West Virginia and extending j who forfeits discipline colleges Over the past year Westward to Oklahoma and and the Federal government put it was to president Nixon Texas in May or. Nixon not Only for what it does or that the panel and Scranton in does t do. But what it says. Particular looked for a solution. The report was submitted Art a Only the president has or a three month study platform and prestige to urge the commission headed by All americans at once to step Nixon Humphrey Wallace Nixon Humphrey Wallace not sure Nixon Lindsay Wallace Nixon Lindsay Wallace not sure total runic % 49 39 to 3 47 36 to 7 these latest Survey results show president Nixon running into real political trouble in two Basic areas each at opposite ends of the spectrum a among suburban resident Muskie now holds a substantial 46-39 per cent Lead. Only five months ago in april or. Nixon led the Maine senator in the suburbs by 54-35 per cent. Among College educated voters Muskie is ahead of the president by 48-46 per cent. In april the Nixon Lead among the Best educated segment was a wide 60-35 per cent. Sen. Muskie also leads or. Nixon among Independent voters by 44-37 per cent. In april president Nixon led among independents by 40-35 per cent. Taken together these results Are solid evidence that held a seven Point Lead in the Border states and Back in april he was ahead of Muskie by a derisive 55-23 per cent margin. Paralleling the Nixon decline in the Border states is an increase in the Muskie vote among voters who cast their ballots for George Wallace in 1968. In april or. Nixon received 20 per cent of the former Wallace vote and Muskie 12 per cent. In the latest Survey the president still wins 20 per cent of the sex Wallace supporters but sen. Muskie now receives 17 per cent of that vote almost equal to that for the president. The slippage for or. Nixon in the Border states undoubtedly is result of the Impact of the enforcement of the . Supreme court decision to end de Jure segregation in Many cities of that Region in 1969 Wallace did not penetrate the Border states nearly As Well As he did the deep South. The fact that Wallace wins Only 16 per cent of the Border state vote indicates that the lab a in a governor elect is still not in tune with the voters of that Region. Of course it is possible that by 1972, or. Nixon May have recouped his position in these states which played such a prominent role in his 1968 election. The news out of this latest presidential trial test is therefore two fold a at the moment at least president Nixon is being squeezed at two opposite ends of the coalition that elected him in 1968. The moderate minded higher income and better educated voters now find a More viable alternative in sen. Muskie and Border stae voters clearly Are becoming disenchanted. A sen. Muskie gives every sign of pulling away from the rest of the potential democratic Field. If he can Combine has latest Strong showing see Nixon on Page 9-a Cleveland officers Are shot Back from the Battle lines into which they Are forming a the report said. Whether the president can or will take the moral leadership the nine member task Force called for brought divided thoughts in a Check of campuses and officials. A Nixon appointed this commission to pacify the Public not l a to listen to was the reaction or Kulon atelier i Oruci a two from a University of California Nixon Morts italian chief president Nixon and italian president Giuseppe Sara Gat pose together in Rome a Quirinale Palace after the american chief of state and mrs. Nixon arrived late last night on the first leg of their eight Day european tour. Nixon a visit touched off Street demonstrations in 35 italian cities. Up telephoto. Cleveland a men in a car stopped for Speed a student John Emshwiller a 20-Ling Early today on the East year old self described Moder Side stepped out of their car late. I a slightly More positive reach Fotion but one still tinged with scepticism came from William n pm Vee of Neill professor of american a the associated re. S history at the Battle zone like Lebanon guarded against re Una Woty of Wisconsin Arrula Alicks against the commission soundly rec Kracl a a Ltd King Hussein and opened fire on two policemen killing one and seriously wounding the other police said. Killed was patrolman Joseph Tracz 27, who was shot in the Back of the head Back of the neck. In the Back and in a leg. In serious condition at mount commended Steps to Sinai Hospital with Mouth Chest Small hardcore of totally disband abdominal wounds was a satisfied radicals from the info he Trolman Fred Fulton. Nicely larger number of sympa-j�?~6"�?~in rain tvs int the inspector Patrick Gerity said taxes a of Neill said. Quot but a Quot Cairo ending Tracz apparently had been shot presidents appoint commissions while lying on the ground. Police took six persons in of action programs custody but Gerity said it was there was. Of course much not known if the assailants were positive reaction. From Dan among the six he said a search Evanson. A University of geor for suspects was continuing. Gia student a if the commis Gerity said the two officers Sion a recommendations Are Fol jordanian War ended president confers Iii Rome by Frank Cormier Rome apr president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome a Airport to Greet freed american sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan. Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back into the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome Little longer than scheduled. Nixon said afterwards i think i feel As Happy As they he told reporters that what i the hostages went through May mean a the possibility of this happening again in the future see Cleveland on Page f a see Campus on Page 9-a a. To. ,. Has been substantially to to ensure that its provisions Are Farmers fled the Jordan Vagt a diced a carried out and to report any Southeast of the sea of Galilee a he referred to measures that violations to the eight consigning Vear 0f fatty Brae include armed guards aboard v Fth. I forays against the guerrillas aircraft and Security at air isolate Estin Man Phi i. That a Havo 110 incident u do loader Saair Ararat and army and the Paosu a Jan a in port i since the War in Dor a a a a Quot a Quot Imp Mojid a. Eight Arab nations signed on forms a a a wll draw rom started Quot Onn we Man almost destroyed by to Days of fighting. The Soldier to satisfy critics not to Dro Videl observers at Tiberias Israel were return t0 their Normal action programs a reported that lebanese i�0 Barracks and the guerrillas to were out in Force along us tire positions a Best suited to their Border sunday apparently an-1actiyities in the a liberation tic Pating increased guerilla against Israel a presume activity. Ably the Israel Jordan cease. The peace agreement signed fire Jine along that Jordan sunday by Hussein and Arafat pact prohibits a fall prop set up a three Man commit tee Ganda campaigns a inconsistent Ilion existing prior to recent i e lovage returning to . San Diego area hit Cyprus a americans left Tention a Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of a a outrage and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages the president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking fires continue to spread by John Philip Sousa and Bob Egelko live of full liberation and defeat of the usurping israeli out Check the Western , _. A a Al to county advancing to the skirts of several san Diego sub jul urls. A spokesman for the state 8 division of forestry said this the fire moved southward any single fire in the states his Ward the mexican Border than 50,000 residents ing thousands to evacuate another Blaze blackened san Diego area fire and three persons were killed. J 115,000 acres around the los an thousands of others were Evascu one Blaze devastated 150,000,getes Basin acres in Southern san Diego fire fighters los Angeles a Hupf Quot a a a fires spread on Brusi covered ?lvl510n a for r5 said slopes outside san Diego Andic Cov a los Angeles today after destroying hundreds of Homes and forc that san Dieffe area fire sunday the a8rwment came after a a of As is wild Sybi Ltd Mon the during the Day. Subsided but Nicosia events a in effect any Northern j Twenty eight portion captured by the army virus today on a the last Lee of Means of a lasting peace in the would be returned to Kuer Rizia band. A Contro. After being held by palestinian a or a t Premier its final article expresses sup commandos for three weeks. Emilio Colombo who Accomma port for the palestinian Revou four of the 32 americans who do cd Quot on the lip t0 melt to Ion a until it achieves its Objet arrived in Nicosia sunday gel. Ella of. Hostages were proud of being and i they never lost their Spir their slogans were a thumbs arrived in Nicosia Tuuu ave aboard a red Cross Airlift from la a remained in cans hit. Amman. Jordan the cypriot capital. There no immediate explanation Why they stayed managed leaders of Egypt Tunisia. Saudi Arabia Kuwait North Yemen Lybia. South Yemen Sudan and Lebanon. Hussein and Arafat arrived sunday and the final draft was completed during two sessions. The Delegate from South _. Yemen left before the signing 0uf los in l Lebanon said ceremony and the governments of Syria Iraq Morocco and Algeria failed either to attend to sign the had fired on ment troops there. Along the jordanian Frontier with Israel hundreds of peasants began returning sunday to tend their neglected crops. Fire takes heavy toll residents of the Chatsworth area near los Angeles return to the ruins of their Homes As the fire moves on destroying More Homes and watershed land. After three Days the fire has killed two people burned Over 340.000 acres and destroyed or damaged 367 Homes. Up telephoto. Ated from Canyon Homes As t01 flames raced along a 35-mile front Northwest of los Angeles. Other fires some believed set by arsonists burned in various parts of Southern California for the conference or the fourth straight Day. Agreement. Weary fire fighters battled sporadic fighting was report i flames from the air and themed in Jordan. Arafat Sal Fatah ground. They faced another Day guerrilla organization said at its of temperatures above too de-1 Beirut Lebanon office that its Grees and winds stronger than forces were shelled in Amman j 60 Miles per hour. And Zarqa but were not retaliate san Diego. Los Angeles andn8 Amman radio said com Ventura counties were declared Man tired on govern disaster areas by gov. Ronald Reagan who urged californians i to donate clothing and toys for families left homeless Federal and state teams were ordered in to assess damage and pave the Way for Federal Relief funds. Evacuation centers were set up in the fire ravaged areas. Many of the evacuees were taken into the Homes of friends and strangers. All Southern California Milij tary bases were ordered Toj stand by to receive fire refugees. The san Diego area fire had burned about 200 Homes in Pine Valley Alpine Jamul Harbison Canyon Crest Al Cajon and other communities along a path 30 Miles Long and to Miles wide. The fire began saturday in Cleveland National Forest 50 Miles East of san Diego from Sparks spewing from a fallen Power line. It roared Westward through Brush covered mountains and Lush valleys to the out up a and a they had no com plaints about what the 28 left aboard a trans he added. World airlines jetliner for new the president spoke to report York with a Brief Stopover infers briefly on the ramp of the route. Plane that was to take the hos six other hostages remained images nonstop Home to new in Amman but diplomatic York. Nixon spoke of what he said sunday that they also had been was a dilemma faced by his and freed and were turned Over to ministration and other officials the egyptian embassy which has been acting As a go Between see hostages on Page 9-a trying to gain release of the hostages. He said that while see president on Page 9-a we told you so. The Rains did come by the associated press see fires on Page 9-a amusements 8a Bridge 16a business 6a checking up 5a classified 11-13b comics 8b doctor 5a editorials 4a Jeane Dixon 3a obituaries 7b sports 2-5b to radio 8a weather 3a women a news 10-15a autumn has finally arrived in North Carolina a month late according to most Peoples timetable but Only a few Days tardy based on the Calendar. A boy ifs cold out there a or system is expected to cause i a it got so cold i had to turn oni rather Cool weather to continue my heat were typical com j Over the state for the next few Mients across the tar Heel state Days. This morning. Many of the pee High temperatures across the pie who were shivering in the tar Heel state varied greatly brisk fall air were the ones who. Sunday. In the Western areas were sweltering in the unset where the cooler air arrived Honable late summer heat just Early in the morning highs got a few Days earlier and wonder Only into the upper 60s and lowing aloud if fall would Ever Beer 70s. But the front did not Gin. Push across the Eastern area the new season arrived on until late in the Day and after the form of a fast moving cold noon highs were in the lower front that swept across the 90s before the Cool air began state sunday. The front was filtering into the Region preceded by showers and Thun the Mercury dropped rapidly de showers. The precipitation after passage of the front and to occasional rain behind the overnight lows ranged from the front and almost ail parts of High 40s and Low 50s in the the state received some much mountains to around 60 on the needed rainfall during the Day. Coast. The cooler air is being pushed cloudiness decreased across into North Carolina by a Mas the state today and generally Sive High pressure area that fair skies Are expected tues covers most of the nation. This Day

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