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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 5

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Burlington, North Carolina Financing buses generally bigger problem apprehension violence Over busing ease Boston it apr the two year and three weeks that have passed since Boston began its Experiment in school integration have soothed apprehensions at the City a elementary and Middle schools most officials agree. But at some High schools the mixture of poor Black and poor White teen agers still can explode without warning. At High schools in which the products of Boston s toughest neighbourhoods Are thrown together racial hostilities remain a open and vicious. On Friday those tensions erupted in the most violent Day since classes began sept. 8 for the third year of court ordered integration in the Boston school system. Elsewhere in the nation where school integration has been ordered by Federal court judges classes have been desegregated peacefully for the most part. The biggest problem in some cities under integration orders for the first time this year a such As Omaha neb., and Dayton Ohio a has been a shortage of Drivers or buses to take pupils to and from their new schools. In some cities where integration programs Are continuing a such As Louisville ky., and Oklahoma City a racial tensions have been generally replaced with Calm and financing has come to the fore of school officials concerns but in bos Tom a member of the Boston school committee predicts it will take two to three More years for classroom integration in City High schools to be accepted without spurts of violence there is still tension misunderstanding and a certain amount of Lack of communication that erupts into racial problems a says David Finnegan a moderate member of the committee which supervises the operation of City schools a it s almost impossible to detect when it will turn into on the front Steps of Hyde Park High school on Friday 800 students a half of them White and half Black a shouted racial insults at each other As police moved in Between them when fistfights and Rock throwing ended nine people had been Hurt and nine others arrested. Classes ended before they began. The same Day across the City at South Boston High school five White students were suspended for fighting disorderly conduct and uttering racial slurs. Thirty Blacks were sent Home Fot refusing to leave the school cafeteria s at Charlestown High it was a quiet Day but there is sometimes fighting there As Well. All three schools Are in working class White neighbourhoods All were once nearly completely White All have had trouble since integration began. Finnegan says one Way of bringing about change is to Start Frank open discussions in the schools about the problems of integration we should Tell them that these problems Are not the fault of someone whose skin is a different color let them know that we have to get along with each other let them know that they Aren t being used As pawns a he says. Hor the first time the predicted makeup of the City s student population is less than half White a 47 per cent of a projected enrolment this year of 78,000 the rest Are Black or nonwhite groups such As chinese and hispanic. About 24,000 pupils Are bused to schools outside their neighbourhoods. Of the City a 160 schools to Are elementary and Keseg soviet Light Plano in its Impromptu Landing Field a laser photo another Pilot seeks Asylum Tehran Iran a the Pilot of a soviet mail plane has flown his aircraft to Iran and requested Asylum in the United states the iranian government radio announced saturday the Pilot flying a single engine Antinov-2. Landed thursday in the Are Baijan Region in Northern Iran bordering the soviet Border the radio said. The Pilot identified As it Valentin Ivanovich Zach Iov. Put the plane Down on a gravel Road and called loudly to approaching officials Quot Asylum Asylum the Tehran evening newspaper Kayhan reported. It said the Pilot identified himself As a soviet army lieutenant and turned Over a service pistol to officials who met him he also offered them cigarettes and Candy which they turned Down since they were observing the moslem fast of Ramadan the paper said the u s. Embassy said it had received no official word from the iranian government about the Man s request for political Asylum in the United states the soviet embassy confirmed that a Pilot had defected but gave no details. The soviet plane landed near the town of Char 63 Miles South of the soviet Border official sources said travellers from the area quoted the Pilot As saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the West Quot to describe to the world How the soviet dissidents Are suffering a he also was quoted As saying he Quot could not put up with the system any Lehran newspapers said Zach Iov made his escape on a mail flight from tiflis. The capital of soviet Georgia to a Pokran on the Caspian sea in soviet Azerbaijan. He is the second soviet Pilot to defect to the West this month. On sept. 6, it. Viktor Ivanovich Belenko flew a supersonic mig25 Jet to Japan and requested Asylum in the United states where he has since been taken Over 10 years banking experience per staff member makes us the banking professionals in Alamance. We can make a difference. Relation has gone smoothly there. At the 16 other High schools across the City there Are sometimes problems usually of the same Type that confront any big City school system. In other cities where courts have ordered desegregation in classrooms racial problems for the most part have Given Way to those problems most school systems face a financing. Pupil transportation locating students enrolled at one school but attending another. In Louisville where anti using demonstrations have sometimes been violent after school hours classes opened quietly this year. Supt. Ernest Grayson says his systems biggest problem is obtaining state Aid so that personnel and program cuts can be held to a minimum he says Many of the financial difficulties Stem from the costs of implementing the busing program but other factors Are also involved including the merger of the Louisville Jefferson county systems. Integration in Oklahoma City schools which began several years ago. Has ceased to be a major Point of Contention about 26.000 of the systems 70,000 pupils both Black and White Are bused each charged in w Ilson Wilson. N c. A authorities say buddy Ballard 43. An Elm City Farmer has been arrested on a warrant charging him with murder in the Rifle slayings of two Wilson men Early saturday. The victims were identified As Jerry Lucas and Henry Melvin. Detective Wayne Gay of the Wilson county sheriff s office said the shooting occurred when a car carrying three men and three women stopped at Ballard s House in the Elm City Community and an occupant of the car yelled for a Man to come out from the House according to Gay someone inside the House then opened fire with a 22-caliber Rifle killing Lucas and Melvin two of the men who were in the car. Last fall a racial fight broke out at a High school in the City a 15-year-old White youth was shot to death and his assailant was found guilty of juvenile delinquency by reason of second degree murder that was the Only trouble reported at any school in the system during the year and no trouble has been reported this year. In Omaha and Milwaukee busing plans have been implemented this year without incident. Both systems faced initial transportation problems a Omaha because of a shortage of bus Drivers to transport about 9,300 second through ninth graders in the More than 54.000-Pupil system and Milwaukee because of a contractor s failure to provide enough buses to get More than 6.000 pupils mostly Black to school and Home on time those problems have generally been resolved now. St Louis school officials say things Are running smoothly under their new a a Magnet school Quot program in which special programs Are used to draw students to the schools voluntarily. As of last week the ratio of Black to White students in the system was 54-46, according to supt. Robert e. Went who says some Black applicants had to be turned Down to achieve that a lowest food prices in North Carolinas 9 26 60 minutes 70 lbs news correspondents Mike Wallace Morley safer and Dan rather probe for a fresh slant on what a happening behind the headlines. 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