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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 4

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Burlington, North Carolina 4a sunday morning september 26 1976 the daily times news 707 South main Street Burlington . 27215 published doily by times news publishing co. Washington merry go round David t Rutledge general manager Don Bolden managing editor Charles n Wilton advertising director Frank Sipe. Circulation mgr if i ascend to heaven. 0 lord. Thou Art there if i make my bed in sheol thou Art there if i take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea. Even there thy hand shall Lead me and thy right hand shall hold me. A psalm 139 8. 9. To. A fall the strength and Force of Man comes from his Faith in things unseen. He who believes is Strong he who doubts is weak Strong convictions precede great actions a James f. Clarke. American unitarian minister. Editorials a trouble spot there has been a great Deal of concern around the free world about what might take place in communist China now that the fabled Leader Mao tse Tung is dead. There is an element of doubt and there is reason for some concern in that area of the world but there is another area in which there is reason for far More concern. An area which could be the most serious worry that the United states has right now in so far As foreign matters Are concerned. And that lies in Yugoslavia. President Tito of Yugoslavia is 84 years old. And he is a seriously ill Man. His death at any moment would not be a Surprise to the world. It is at the time of his death that some serious possibilities could arise. And those possibilities directly involve Russia. Russia has made no Bones of the fact that they want control of Yugoslavia which under Tito has been a communist nation but one which has been Independent of any domination by the soviets that has caused great fretting in the Kremlin and Russia has let it be known that when Tito is gone they will move. It would not Surprise some observers if there were an actual armed invasion but that is not Likely because of the terrain of the country and the strength of the yugoslavian army. What is More Likely is the Rise of nationalism within the country with Many different elements rising to the the House vote the House ethics committee failed by one vote to recommend contempt of Congress proceedings against television reporter Daniel Schorr for refusing to turn Over a copy of a classified House intelligence report or to reveal the source of that report the vote was by a 6-5 margin and for All practical purposes ends a Case which could have erupted in a major constitutional confrontation in an appearance last week before the committee Schorr said that the first amendment to the Constitution of the United states guarantees him Protection from having to reveal his source or give up his copy of the material. Rep Edward Hutchinson of Michigan had made the motion to find Schorr in contempt he said the report was the property of the House and Schorr should be forced to return it. Another member however. Rep Thomas s. Foley of Washington said no valid purpose would be served by attempting to prosecute Schorr Foley also noted that the courts have been a extremely concerned a about any interference with constitutional guarantees protecting reporters and he said he hoped there would be no constitutional confrontation on the Issue in effect the press won a split decision in this Case a very narrow decision ear on Washington there has been a great Deal of speculation about the Case and there have been Many comments about possibilities Many Are in agreement that this indeed was a Victory for the press but in reality the situation is not clarified. The committee did not make any judgment on Schorr s claim that the Constitution guarantees a free press. It just chose not to push top Issue. Perhaps this has not really accomplished much of anything Ever so often there come cases in which reporters refuse to reveal the sources of their information. There was such a Case in California recently in which four reporters refused to reveal sources in a situation and a judge found them in contempt and jailed them for several Days after much National publicity on the Issue the reporters were freed because the judge said he could see that nothing was going to be accomplished by keeping them confined every time the Case comes up the reporter refuses to talk he is jailed for it and then nothing Ever comes of it what is needed is a ruling that a source is to be protected and then we would not have to go through the same motions every time the situation arises mafia members defecting by Jack Anderson with Les Whitten Washington Cosa Nostra hoodlums Many of them sworn to silence by blood oaths Are defecting to the Justice department by the dozens one reason for this astonishing development in the War against organized crime is a quiet new method of handling defectors. Two years ago we reported in a series of columns that defectors from the mob were put on the witness stand granted new identities and then left largely to fend for themselves Many of them with Only criminal skills were unable top the soviets Are already in the Middle of the situation and no doubt their plan is to bring one of the nationalistic groups to the front a group which then would Call on the soviets for help and with that Call would come the soviet Entrance officially into the nation a move which will shatter the entire Power Structure in the country. They will take control Why is this so important to the United states when Yugoslavia is already a communist nation the basis for the trouble is the fact that the country has been Independent of Russia and soviet control would be a severe blow to the would be rebels in other East european communist nations. Such a move also would give the soviet Union free Access to the yugoslavian ports on the Adriatic sea. And that would make Russia perhaps the dominant nation in the Mediterranean sea. Then there is Italy a close neighbor of Yugoslavia in Italy the communists have gained considerable strength but they claim to be. Like Yugoslavia Independent of Russia. But with soviet presence in Yugoslavia which Borders Italy we can but wonder just How Long they would be Able to remain Independent. And the same goes for those Independent communists in Spain and France. Yugoslavia is a key element in the plans of the soviet Union and they Are certain to move to bring the nation under their firm control and that a trouble. To make an honest living. We wrote that one prime sex mafia witness was told coldly to a go on last May. The Justice department quietly changed its whole approach. Insides say our columns helped to persuade government officials that they needed to offer More inducement to get mobsters to testify against their cohorts now the department helps to rehabilitate underworld defectors they Are even offered psychiatric counselling to help them adjust to Chevrolet after a life of Cadillac Gerald Shur a government Quot Trust me Quot attorney has also been calling on the top executive of 150 major firms with a startling request. He has urged them to take a Chance on hiring sex mafia men. One Southern Bank gamely employed a former armed robber. He is doing so Well that his Community wants him to run for the City Council. But the sex hoodlum has gratefully refused he fears this would Lead to newspaper photographs which might betray his new identity. All told an amazing 1,650 underworld witnesses have testified against their former associates Many defected during the past year. They 99 quote unquote were Given new identities and were placed in jobs usually without any need for government subsistence. But 260 former mobsters now living under different names after testifying for the state Are drawing government support. This is an increase of 30 during the past year As part of the unpublicized new drive against organized crime the Justice department is also using Volunteer mafia defectors to persuade pals still in the mob to turn state s witnesses three months ago. For example. A mafia mobster Active in the narcotics and usury rackets was summoned into a Federal investigator s office for a a routine talk he had been fingered by a former underworld Friend who said the racketeer was tired of the hassle from Gangland enemies and. Therefore should be Ripe for defection after the racketeer arrived in the investigator s office. His former crony entered from a Side door the two men talked alone in the end. The visitor agreed that he. Too would take his chances w us the Justice department in Exchange for their testimony the defectors Are Given new identities and relocated far from their old underworld habitats each witness gets a false birth certificate. Driver s permit. Social Security card baptismal document and sometimes a passport if he is married his wife is also Given a Complete new identity. Then a Stop is put on their fingerprints in the Fri files. If the defector should be picked up and fingerprinted the local police would Send the prints to the Fri for a Check an Fri agent or . Marshal would then drop by to explain the situation to the local police chief the charges Aren t fixed but the defector is tried under his new identity. Less than too defectors Are still in prison some serving out old sentences others for new offences but these prisoners Are carefully located in a a Safe prisons with no records of their former identities. The new Deal for Cosa Nostra defectors grew out of secret meetings among attorneys and strike Force Heads they agreed that More defectors were needed to curb organized crime among those who pushed hardest to make defection More attractive were Justice department attorney general thru. Chief marshal William Hall and John Rogers of the marshals office our own underworld contacts confirm that the new program has made godfathers from Boston to los Angeles More uneasy than Thuv have been in decades. Fatal error bureaucratic bungling by the army sent sgt. Brian p. Russell to his death in Vietnam in 1971. More bungling today threatens to deny the sergeant s Mother the Relief she deserves the loss of her son Over Russell s protests and in violation of its own regulations the army reassigned him to combat Only nine months after his recovery from Battle wounds the reason was that the army had neglected to insert in his personnel file any record of his hospitalization Russell was killed by a Booby trap in Vietnam even though he was ineligible for Vietnam duty. His grieving Mother. Mrs Loretta Sloan called the travesty to the attention of sen Strom Thrumond. R a Cand rep John Jenrette. D a c., they introduced Billst Ltd award mrs Sloan $500,000 for the loss of her son Thurmond has done Little to push the Bill. Except to Issue a press release it has become lost meanwhile in the bureaucratic Maze we tried to track it Down. We Learned that the army is opposed to paying mrs. Sloan its report was submitted to the White House budget office which relayed it to the Justice department for its recommendation the Justice department according to our sources will Send it Back to the army for revisions this is expected to take about 18 months the runaround has embittered the dead Soldier s Mother and caused his brother Thomas to question his government. Thomas Russell who also served in Vietnam wrote us has our democratic society become so decadent and immune to the feelings of its people that it can no longer dispense Justice on an individual basis Quot what people Are saying. Abe Beanie i could Benefit a Little from you two experts because i be been swinging on a rope for the last year and a Holt a new York Lily s mayor Abraham Beanie greeting two former movie Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Rabbe at City Hall we talk about organized crime and the mafia but what i be seen Are the Crooks who belong to the country club who Are from prestigious Law More True Romance stories Washington More Tri e Romance it s terribly Chic to know this. So please take notes if necessary half of the new dynamite duo of the West coast a wigs is David Harris. This is the very last time ear will Tell you who he is Joan Baez sex once popped in the Pokey for draft evasion and now running for rep. Pete Mccloskey s seat the other half is adorable Lacey Fosburgh sometime new York times writer and Stringer. Jock Whitney s grand Niece currently separated from her lawyer spouse. Domicilia doings among the divines ear was frightfully worried that the final unloading of their $6 million mansion. Firenze House upon the italians might leave the poor John logans she was Polly Guggenheim remember d ears straying Waif like and homeless through the City streets Well wipe your eyes wigs ear hears that Polly and Jack just picked up the old old ladies Home on Decatur place meanwhile the great Panorama of life in capital City Rolls on. Ear hears the other paper s new promotional Giveaway of Book covers emblazoned with Freedom of the press Turk eyed out in a lot of Prince Georges county schools apparently Many of the striking Pressman s kids were on the receiving end. Alex Haley author of roots which traced his ancestry Back to Africa is due to Dine at the White House if they re All out of the Liberty Blue dinnerware showing 14 historical american scenes at the seven Corners grand Union Darlings it s because russian diplomats picked up $150 Worth last week not holding out for Henry. Okay earwigs. So Henry the k had to Gallivan around Africa when we All know he was gasping to hop onstage with la Scala opera company at the Ken Cen toting a Spear. However John Pauker. Pumpkin haired d Poet. Propagandist and Patron of the arts was luckier he was both a waiter in Boheme and a Herald in Boccanera hanging out with the dynamite duos. New d d Barbara Howar and Gerald Rafshoon. Jimmy Carter s or Media they met at the democratic convention. Ear hears probably lurking around on car hoods outside that rolling stones party that ear so unfashionable got into. Everyone s saying what a super switcheroo for la Belle Barb to have a jewish Beau with an Arab name. Old do Barbie Benton and Hugh Hefner. They be sort of officially lived together for Ages and Ages. Three months ago. Barbie officially moved out. She told the folks on Good Day. To try a new arrangement. We decided to Start dating other people As it turns out it does no to work firms from the Best families i be got a feeling that there s a web that controls things politicians lawyers Bankers wealthy people who move in the Best circles a Donald m. H Arri i prosecutor of Maricopa Oun to. Ari/., on revelations of White Collar crime in the Wake of the slaving of Phoenix investigative reporter Don holies. Show business is a playground for people who have faced to grow up a comedian Buck Henry. All i was Ever trying to do was to bold this marriage together under very difficult circumstances. A a it Ornelia Wallace wife it Alabama gov George Wallace on reports that she had taped her husband s bedroom Telephone conversations some parents overvalue the intellectual and academic achievements of their children in some cases this tends toward lopsided Ness with the child growing up and worshipping his own intellect a a or Benjamin spook quoted in a behaviour today Quot newsletter. To nearing the end of the line i figure i be got two shells left in the chamber one of them is going to be a picture i want to do about the american Indian a Marlon Brando on his decision to quit the acting profession soon. Only an attitude of firmness can end this kind of odious blackmail a French Interior minister Michel Poniatowski on the air hijacking by croatian terrorists. The critics Are Pear shaped gentlemen All timid souls they were raised that Way they go into the City in the office and sit there and Pound on the typewriter and zip right bark to their reside tial area and that s it they Don t want to be bothered by physical frictions and conflicts a actor Charles Bronson in a recent television interview. Charles Bronson Berry a world a 9/6 the Way i see it. The debate was a toss up a Fords makeup was excellent and Carters Hairdo was very Sharp Quot How they stand on governmental corruption Gerald Ford Ford supports the creation of a permanent special prosecutor s office to handle any criminal charges against top government officials the special prosecutor would be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate for a three year term and could be removed a Only for extraordinary Boston olt Obj 7 20 76 Ford has authorized the creation of a new Public integrity Section within the criminal division of the Justice department to handle All Federal offences involving official or institutional corruption. Jimmy Arter the attorney general must be removed from politics and Given the full prerogatives. Independence and authority of his or her own office plus those allotted temporarily to the special prosecutor during the watergate scandals the attorney general should be appointed without respect to political considerations and should be removed from office Only for cause the attorney general and All his or her assistants should be barred from All political activity a set Quot in to 0"n<jcr�lic platform under Carters plan the attorney general would have a term of five to seven years congressional leaders would have to join with the president in removing an attorney general before his term expired

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