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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1976, Page 2

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, Burlington, North Carolina Obituaries we Gale prosecutor probes Ford Orren Taylor Orren Kenneth Taylor. 16 months of 213 Woodhaven drive Burlington died suddenly saturday. A native of Alamance county he was the son of Marvin Lester Taylor and mrs. Ruby Shoaf Taylor who survive of the Home. Other survivors Are. One sister Rachel Michelle Taylor of the Home grandmother. Mrs. Frances Shoaf of it. Ulla no. Great grandmother mrs. W m. Erwin of it. Lila n c. Final rites will be at la a m. Monday at the Davis Street United methodist Church by the Rev. Wilber Jackson who will be assisted at a Grav Eside service by Rev. George Calhoun of Thyatira presbyterian Church. A 3 . Graveside service will be held at the Thyatira Presbyl Rian Church cemetery at it. 2. Salisbury. The body will remain at the Rich and Thompson funeral Home in Graham until taken to the Church for the service. The family will be at the funeral Home from 7-8 30 pm sunday. Memorials May be made to the Pew Bible fund Davis Street United methodist Church. Escapee sought new York a the watergate special prosecutor s office is probing whether funds from two maritime unions were covertly paid to president Ford Between 1964 and 1974, the new York times mid in sunday s editions. The times said the investigation by special prosecutor Charles f. Ruff entered on whether funds from the unions were a laundered Quot through local Republican organizations in Ford s Home county in Michigan at least one of the unions and gop officials in Kent county mich., which comprises the bulk of Ford s former congressional District confirmed last week that their financial records have been subpoenaed. Ruff has consistently refused to discuss his investigation. The times mid Fri agents have interviewed local Republican leaders about donations from the maritime organizations the newspaper said the agents asked those interviewed if any of the funds were relayed to Ford and it quoted one official As saying he recalled none of the funds being Given to Ford. Subpoenaed since Ford won the gop nomination were records of at least two gop groups and those of the Marine engineers beneficial association. Subpoenaed two years earlier in another investigation were records from the seafarers International Union. Ruff s investigation covers to years from 1964, just prior to Ford becoming House minority Leader to 1974 when Ford succeeded former president Richard Nixon the times mid. Commissioners from Page 1a before on the secret sessions and will do so again. He said that during the sessions the Board often drifts away from the subject and discusses other county business not permitted under the Law. Quot at times a Alcon mid Quot i have Felt so uncomfortable that i wanted to Graham a Piedmont area Law enforcement officers began a search saturday night for a White male prisoner who escaped from the Graham correctional unit by climbing Over a Fence the Escapee. Raeford Clyde Wood. 24, is described As six feet three inches tall with Brown eyes. Long red hair and weighing about 185 pounds he has tattoos on both arms Wood was living in Randleman at the time of his arrest and sentencing sgt. J a. Ross n c. Department of corrections said Wood apparently escaped about 6 saturday by climbing Over a Back Fence at the correctional unit. Wood was serving a six month sentence for Misdemeanour driving under the influence of alcohol and running a red Light at the time of his escape. Ross said conditions aided Kissinger today a weather i pm it National i Tansi so to. No a a. It Oft Al Cihi forecast a Namm Lyl i Fify oct wow mum National is admit so vol a to Attar Tat Pratt coast partly Cloudy sunday Mitt tag w int radio Mooar by partly Cloudy sunday tag wit lout Tea Tot Cloudy mayday with a Nanct of Nowart and Mundor Mcmart Mig monday in no nud to Uolar by prod taxi to of precipitation x Par cant sunday and sunday tag amt Trutna Ottario at id i Mil Par hour wry mountains Cloudy sunday rough monday Antu tit wort and i Italy Mig sunday and monday int by Low sunday nigh in Tat ibid of upper sit Rodeo Ivity of precipitation to Par cant Sun. Day and sunday tag from Page a future of Rhodesia essentially it alms to Avert a White exodus. A state department official stressed saturday that in setting out to work with Vorster for a rhodesian settlement Kissinger made it amply Clear this in no Way would prejudice the american right to dim vow and Asmil South Africa s racial policies Kissinger has mid publicly several times these policies Are unjust and unfair and should be changed. Nevertheless he has. For the time being. It aside any serious attempt to press Vorster to make major changes. One possible explanation is that Vorster May be planning this anyway so is using the time he has bought for himself by helping to stabilize the rhodesian situation. The Kizinger Vorster squeeze play on Smith the Secretary himself indicated to reporters in London Friday could not have worked without British help he stressed it also required the closest possible coordination with the presidents of those four nearby african states which have concerned themselves most with Rhodesia. The four Are Zambia. To Antua Mozambique and Botswana a fifth Angola has been displaying hardly any interest in Rhodesia but has focused mainly on the namibian i South West african problem. Kissinger through Vorster and backed by the South african. Since he visited the subcontinent last March has conveyed a number of truths to Smith essentially they amounted to a simple but Stark message Quot the game is he explained Why the Angola affair showed russians capacity with Cuba s help to leapfrog seas and continents in order to establish a stronghold of communism right in the Center of Africa. Moscow. He suggested was not about to limit its influence and activity to Angola alone but inevitably would look southward where continued turbulence would offer new openings for intervention. A in the Wake of the Vietnam venture. Smith should not mislead himself into thinking any . Administration could Send an expeditionary Force to bail out the White rhodesian if they were to find themselves targets for bloody Mas acres by guerrillas determined to eliminate the last vestiges of White Mastery in fact no Western nation and not even South Africa remembering its failed intervention in Angola would take on the awesome Challenge of involving itself in military action to defend a comparative handful 270,000, of White settlers who had lived too Long and too easily in a state of rebellion. Vorster. According to South african and . Informants augmented Kissinger s messages with arguments of his own. With his own country gripped by rising racial tensions internally the South african wanted to keep his Northern client As free As possible from turning into a scene of turmoil. For More than a decade South Africa had cushioned the rhodesian against the worst effects of the United nations economic blockade. It also had provided paramilitary forces to help beat off Black guerrillas when they first began to attack but now it was enough Vorster insisted. And he translated that policy decision into action during the summer. All South african paramilitary combatants were withdrawn helicopter pilots on loan to Smith were called Home. Imports to and exports from Rhodesia by Way of South africans Railroad system began slowing on the Sacuk that a Large scale congestion of traffic was building up and South Africa had to look after its own interests first these were eloquent enough warnings to Smith that the Days of South african support were numbered. Smith then was faced by two pm Raul realities. The first was that the superpower he thought he could count on to help him hold Back what he called the Onrush of communist influence simply was not going to become entangled in Lusaka last March Kissinger had spelled out the elements of a new . Policy in Africa which Laid Down total backing for Black majority Rule and which demanded a dismantling of South Africa s Structure of apartheid or the separate development of races. The second was that Smiths Only other Felom defenders of White supremacy the South africans no longer were prepared to risk their own vital interests to help the losing rhodesian Caum. Smith s Rhodesia then faced being throttled economically by departing friends and torn militarily by oncoming foes yet Kissinger sought in Advance to Safe the hurtful truth confronting the 2hite rhodesian leaders a senior . Official on his plane told reporters he had in his shuttle and in earlier recon a ism noes won from the presidents of Black Africa this Assurance they would Call off the guerrilla offensive As soon As Smith turned Over Power to a caretaker government with a Black majority in it. The informant said simultaneously Smith was promised the Western Powers with Britain doing the asking and with Black african backing would seek an end of u n unctions and then came the project for a International consortium to be made up of funds from both the Public sector meaning governmental contributions and the private sector meaning multinational and private compare with interests or a readiness to invest in an Independent Rhodesia. That country has untapped Mineral resources and once was the food Basket for most of Central Africa. . British and South african envoys meet in Washington next week to work out the details the facts the figures the rules of the consortium. For the United states it probably will mean that the administration will in due time seek congressional author ution perhaps through a special Bill to allocate Between 9400 million and 1600 million for the purpose Safe Driver Vickie Brooks Perry of 340 dare St., Burlington has been chosen by the Burlington police department and the Burlington civitan club As the Safe Driver of the month for september. She is an Emilye of or. . Easley or. Dds. She is married to Gene Perry. Mrs. Perry will now be eligible to compete for area Driver of the year. Times news photo by Jack sink police blotter stolen to and stereo Burlington police Are investigating the recent theft of two television Burlington police Are investigating the recent theft of two television set and a component stereo set from the Homes of City residents. Walter g. Messer of 507 Lakeside ave reported that sometime Between sept 6 and to . Friday someone stole a Black and White television set valued at s200 from his Home Elizabeth Croford of 828 Obert St. Reported that Between 7 45 a in and 4 15 p in Friday someone stole a component stereo system valued at $300 from her Home vehicles damaged Billy Gene Rickmond of it i. Efland was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after the 1976 Chevrolet he was driving struck three vehicles parked on Melrose drive near Chandler Avenue resulting in $1,300 in damages. The Accident occurred about 10 50 Friday. The car car Richmond was driving allegedly struck a 1962 Chevrolet owned by Curley Cousin of 443 i be St., Burlington resulting in 6300 damage he then struck a 1965 Buick owned by Cain l. Smith of Elon College which resulted in $300 damage before coming to a Stop. Richmond allegedly struck a 1947 pick up truck belonging to Bennie Vincent of 1235 Melrose or. The pick up truck was t damaged Richmond s car sustained an estimated $700 in damages the Chevrolet Buick and pick up truck was All parked at the time of the Accident. Sex pow passes bar new Haven. Conn. Apr John Downey who spent 21 years As a prisoner of War in China has passed the examination which qualifies him As a lawyer in Connecticut laser photo from Page a news the laser photo Means that pictures no longer will be transmitted on Long Rolls of paper that have to be Cut apart and no longer will there be much maintenance As it is a solid state unit. Once All receiving Points in the United states Are covered to laser photo. The a plans to implement its phase ii consisting of a new scanning picture that will even More improve the Quality of a pictures later phase Iii envisions conversions of Long distance transmission lines to digital communications lines and that will Speed picture movement and again improve Quality. You now will be seeing a new byline under All wire pictures in the daily times news a laser photo. That Means you Are seeing the very Best in photo transmission available today threat of War remains a Ash the daily times news i South Mala Street Burlington. No Shu classified .226-4414 All other dept 227-0131 purim we deity in Tim a news publishing co it Mich i mme i Rah duh a miss Yolk paper we Hope no by if you terrier Houie err gloat cell titu1 Terry. Out not Tater then i of deny. End to a m set a Sunder suns Aimon Nares single Dally Cany is a conman lots per month in Advance by men in Alamance county i year til of no Tai ii la total Sam outside Ciemence in North Cero line i year tis of no Tai la in total sit to exit tide North Cero line. I year too other men a Tat in Roquet second Clat Pottage paid at a Orion ten n c Ltd i. Where Ell Corrett Ondande Mould be directed oven rising warns cloture adverting per line to Centi minimum charge la is duller adverting note on Poquott National adverting re pretend Teti vet wino unit pit inc. New Vero. . Sot ton Chicago. Detroit. Sen Pran Citco. Plot touch Seattle from Page a continuation of the War from Bates in Mozambique Zambia and Tanzania thus the views of Mozambique president Samora Bel. Tanzania s Julius Nyerere and Zambia a Kenneth Kaunda Are critical to a peaceful settlement. If they ref us to accept the pro polls put Forth by Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger and accepted by Smith peaceful transition is unlikely if they become divided with Kaunda and Nyerere backing the Kissinger pro polls and Bel demanding a continuation of hostilities the hard won diplomatic Victory could collapse Kissinger reported significant Progress on Namibia now ruled by South Africa following talks with South african prime minister John Vorster in Pretoria last weekend but there has been no Public announcement that the South West Africa Peoples organization Swap i which is fighting a guerrilla War against the South african rulers from bases in Angola has been invited to participate in a constitutional conference. South Africa has agreed to give the territory Independence on dec 31, 1978, but Many Black nationalist claim South Africa is trying to set up a Quot puppet Quot government of Black leaders it controls Swap s exclusion from any final decision on the Mineral Rich territory s future is almost certain to guarantee continued War. South Africa itself is reeling from its internal racial disturbances it claims that Quot agitators Quot a responsible for the recent note and racial clashes and that the crisis will fade. But Kissinger who met publicly with Black leaders Here made it Clear that the United states will never accept Pretoria s policy of apartheid or Ararat racial development. Vorster has refused in recent policy statements to accept any sharing of Power Between South Africa s ruling four million Whites and its la million Blacks. Instead be has continued to promote his policy of partition. Under that plan South african Blacks Are being gathered into nine Independent homelands or tribal Roa Arves slated for eventual Independence. However the homelands make up Only 13 per cent of South africans total arts. While Vorster s government is making minor concessions in racial policy in attempts to ease the disorders in segregate de Black and mixed race townships throughout the country there is no sign the White minority will Compromise on majority Rule. The idea of a federation of states which might include the Black homelands is being discussed but Vorster and his backers Are insistent that Blacks never gain control Over the nation s Whites and yet peaceful accommodation in Southern Africa one of the most Mineral Rich areas of the world could Lead to an economic Boom embracing Moat of Tho Region. There is Hope that a successful transition in Rhodesia at present considered the trouble spot most Likely to Start a general War could defuse the racial confrontation elsewhere Southern Africa is suddenly profoundly different this morning and because of it there must be a quickening of Hope among All those who Are part of it Quot observed Johannesburg s Rand daily mail on saturday the capital s citizen newspaper wrote the Brave a some will my foolish a Battle of Independence is at an end. Rhodesia has capitulated not to the demands of South Africa and the United states As some rhodesian would have it but to the realities of the situation. But we Hope that with americans involvement in Southern Africa the lifting of unctions and the financial Aid which will now be provided the conditions will be set for a peaceful outcome Quot it mid. Quot we May now Nave More Tim in which to Deal with our own problems and they Are Many but fortunately the South african government is fully aware that in the last resort it la what we do in South Africa which will determine our future Quot revival sap. 27th the oct. 2nd 7 30 nightly Rev. Frank Gribble fester new Hep Baptist Church Burlington no. Special singing Nursery provided each service Tabernacle Baptist Church s. Marshall St. Graham . Rev. Norman Paris Paster 9 u Ujj computer balance your a wheels for maximum tire life balancing Manns. Hrs lift your Hood Dortort for computer who Lolon Cirg. To Abr in Tow St an in mini re hours Mon Fri a to 5 sat i to i for Man at his Leisure. The Bentoi the Man made fibres from lord Jeff the Best of Man made fibres. The finest knitting in America fashioned by lord Jeff into the classic look in care free Leisure Wear. Each shirt and sweater a positive fashion statement. Knit to fit. 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