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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Burlington, North CarolinaWeather partly scattered showers tonight and tuesday. Roundup on Page 12a. Vol 55 daily times news times news family today s reaching More than Alamance county Hornet with readers Price five cents associated press up telephoto service newspaper Enterprise Assn. North american newspaper alliances Burlington n. A monday september 26, 1966 and King feature service world Book science news u i Stock service association afternoon dailies 24 pages 2 sections biggest Shock of my life o up by Ronald Thompson a aerospace writer space Center Houston Tex. 11 space Walker Richard Gordon re valid today he was tired and had a pretty High heart rate even before he left the space ship to take his shortened stroll in orbit. And he said what he thought would be a 30-second taks of tying gemini 11 to an Agena with a 100-foot Cord turned out to be a monumental task of 30 Gordon s walk in space Dur ing the record smashing of gemini .11 was eventually Cuti Short because he worked so hard sweat poured Down his face in to his eyes. He told a news conference that he and his flying partner Navy cmdr. Charles Conrad jr., got about two hours ahead of time in preparations for the stroll the second Day aloft and even considered asking officials to let Gordon begin one orbit Early. So essentially i was setting there wifi no Gordon said noting that he was already bundled up just waiting in is spacesuit. At this Point Bulky we was off the spaceship s Cool ant system and the pressure suit environment system was not yet turned on. They stopped the preparations and Gordon went Back to the spacecraft system for Cool ing. As a result he said i was tired and had a pretty High heart rate before we opened the Gordon said he really got tired while straddling the nose of the gemini 11 while it was linked to an Agena. Rocket they had captured in the world s quickest rendezvous. He looped the Core from the Agena to the gemini or a later formation flight Experiment. He called this the biggest Shock of my Gordon explained the simulations on Earth he could do the Experiment in about 30 seconds but found it difficult in space to sit on the nose of the spaceship and use both hands. I was unable to sit on the spacecraft like i had done in Zero a aircraft he said. I kept floating astronauts use air planes on Earth to take Steep dives simulate weightlessness for Brief periods. All i had done in about 30 seconds in simulations turned out to be a monumental task of about 30 Gordon said. It was easy to perform in training but was really work in Conrad described the Quick rendezvous during which they caught an Agena during the very first orbit As right on the the ground was a Little late passing up the second late lift off he said. As a result we were trailing two Miles in he also said they had a radar allure and went to a second Ary Back up solution to the Chase. We came upon the Agena a Little bit sooner than we expected in Conrad said. Dick and i shot two or three per cent of fuel fussing around letting used to seeing a Bright Agena while i could t see the but even with the bight Sun Light High Over the Pacific Ocean they swept into forma Tion flight in flawless fashion and drove the spaceship to a linkup by the time they passed Over the United states. Conrad and Gordon went on o spend three record smashing Days in space driving gemini 11 More than a million Miles. They brought Home a pocket full of the Public conference Marks the end of an extensive series of discussions with key space offi Las technical experts and Fel of astronauts. Afterwards Gordon and Conrad planned to Fly to Washington for a White House dinner honouring West German Chancellor Ludwig or hard. The Navy pilots both 36, rocketed into orbit sept. 12 after two frustrating delays and right the Bat began setting space records. They splashed into the Atlantic Ocean with pinpoint accuracy three Days later. Or. George Mueller director of manned space the National aeronautics and space administration said after the Mission that space walking would be studied extensively before the next manned Mission 12, a rendezvous and spacewalk flight Cut. James a. Lovell or. And air Force maj. Edwin e. Aldrin jr., set for oct. 31. Aldrin plans to Jet through space using a rocket propelled Back pack. Bombers silence red positions by Robert Tuckman Saigon South Viet Nam a . Bomber pilots re ported silencing 10 antiaircraft gun positions in North Viet Nam sunday along a main rail line to communist China. During 127 bombing raids in the North . Fliers also at tacked four surface to air mis Sile Sites including one Only nine Miles Northeast of Hanoi. Navy attack bombers reported destroying a North vietnamese torpedo boat 50 Miles Northeast of Haiphong in the Tonkin Gulf. Ground fighting in South Viel Nam dwindled to Small and scattered actions after a week end in which ., South Viet namese and korean forces re ported nearly 300 Viet Cong and North vietnamese killed. During the raids Over the North a . Air Force f105 thunderchief was shot Down and the Pilot is missing. It was he 386th plane reported lost in he War Over North Viet Nam. The antiaircraft gun positions knocked out by air Force Thun kerchiefs were part of a Chain protecting the Northeast rail artery 50 to 55 Miles Northeast of the red capital a . Spokesman said. Navy planes from the aircraft Carrier Coral sea attacked three Sam Sites in the Thanh Hoa area and the spokesman said they heavily damaged All three. The fourth missiles site nine Miles from Hanoi was pounded by air Force bombers. . Marines operating near the demilitarized zone Between North and South Viet Nam re ported a possible kill of 60 North vietnamese army regulars in a fierce fight saturday. The leathernecks were hard hit themselves reporting moderate casualties. In a predawn attack Over the demilitarized zone sunday air Force b52 bombers hammered North vietnamese infiltration routes and Supply and storage areas. . Sources reported three hard hit provinces of Chau Doc an Giang Kien Phong and Kien Tuong. Some vietnamese have been made homeless and bombers on Page 3-a South Viet sunday one by enemy a one by . Artillery helicopters lost in Nam fire and the other in a crash. Two crewmen were killed and two injured when one helicopter crashed in a mine Field at Bien Hoa. Two persons aboard a Heli copter knocked Down by ground fire 21 Miles Southeast of Saigon were injured. Flood Waters continued to Rise in the Mekong Delta reaching rooftops in some sections of the will get pay Reques life was ebbing a bitter night of death 11 killed on state s highways x by the associated press four men died in the crash of a Small plane near the Wilkes Boro Airport and 11 persons died in North Carolina Highway Acci dents during the weekend. The Highway death toll for the weekend compared with 25 the previous weekend one of the state s bloodiest for a non holi Day period. Killed in the plane crash were Raleigh a the 1967 North Carolina legislature will be asked to approve Mil lion for a 17.5 per cent pay raise for Public school teachers Dur ing the next biennium. The state Board of education proposed the pay raise saturday n asking the advisory budget commission for million to provide increased or expanded services during the two year Jeriod. Under the proposal the Board of education would raise Sal Aries 8.7 per cent the first year of the biennium and 8.8 per cent the second year. It would Cost editor s note . Air Force gunships went to the Aid of embattled . Marines South of the demilitarized zone in South Viet Nam sunday night. Associated press photographer Rick Merron was aboard one. Here is his report. By Rick Merron near the demilitarized zone South Viet Nam _ the medical corpsman sprawled beside two badly wounded marines. He had done All he could and desperately needed help. It was inky dark. North Viet namese troops that had ripped into the marines at dusk with mortars now were pouring in automatic Rifle fire. American artillery blasted Back at the enemy positions. Through the crackle and Roar of the fighting could be heard the whirling Blades of helicopters. Gunships medical evacuation choppers and a twin engine c47 puff the magic dragon bristling with armament were churning through the darkness to the embattled marines. Two companies of the 2nd battalion 7th marines were just South of the demilitarized zone Between North and South had battled a Well dug in enemy Viet Nam. For two Days they Force. The Navy corpsmen on the ground Donald Birdwell of mid land Tex., spoke into a radio phone at the incoming aircraft. I be got two seriously wounded men Down he said. One can t last More than 20 minutes unless we get him out. And i be got a lot More on my his voice came through faintly in the planes. But his mean ing was Clear. Of one Pilot said i wish i could find a Landing strip to get in there and help them see a bitter on Page 3-a million. This would give a certificate teachers a salary schedule rang ing from to for 1967-68 and to the second year of the biennium. The Range for graduate certify Ivl Lieo. In the Pauc Una ii Ucic inc la Igic ii we Nti Ernest Alamanza 33, of North Cates would be to Wilkesboro the Pilot her Vaidez the first year and to Frederico Alamanza 19, his 520 the second year Nephew and r. C. Anderson not iwo Jima but Viet Nam to a scene that looks like it might be the invasion near the demilitarized _ so War to zone. The buildup in the Marine Force a1j, of a Pacific invasion in world War ii Marine amphibious vessels churn ashore in Quang Tri province at the Start of operation dec House in. Fifteen Hundred marines took part in l11c zone. The buildup in the Marine Force is aimed at halting the Progress of North vietnamese forces massing in the area. Us it j of it. 4, North Wilkesboro. Three persons died when their car overturned near Ahoskie. The Highway patrol listed speeding As the cause of the Accident and identified the dead As John p. Rankin 23, and an Drew Deloatch 18, both of it. 1 Murfreesboro and Raymond l. Deloatch 16, of it. 2, con Way. William h. Parrish 52, of Newport news va., was killed in a two car collision on . 301 near pleasant Hill in North Ampton county. A 32-year-old Raeford Man Lexie Smith Johnson died when his car was struck head on by another vehicle crossing the see 11 on Page 3-a four dead in crash of plane Wilkesboro . A a private plane crashed and burned sunday in a Field half a mile West of the Wilkes county Airport killing four men. Coroner m. W. Greene jr., said the time of the crash was still to be determined. He said the plane had cooled by the time rescuers reached the site late sunday afternoon. The plane was in High grass and investigators said apparently caught fire after Impact. The dead were identified As Ernest Almanza 33, of North Wilkesboro Pilot and owner of the Cessna 170 Frederico agr aided Ray Emerson Pruitt 32, and Robert Coy Anderson All of it. 4, North Wilkesboro. A civil aeronautics Board in Spector began an investigation shortly after the wreckage was discovered. Coroner Greene said he was told the four left their Homes about 5 . Sunday for a flight to the coast to fish. He said the plane evidently developed engine trouble shortly after take off and was attempting to re turn to the Airport. Greene said an aviator from Elkin discovered the wreckage protruding from under growth and High grass about . And notified Airport authorities. The present Range for teach ers with a certificates is to and for teachers with graduate certificates to see Assembly on Page 3-a amusements -----------7b ask Andy -------------12a Bridge -----------------5a classified _______10-12b comics ----------------6b Counselor 5a doctor 12a editorials _________4a investor s guide -------6a obituaries -------------9b Sheilah Graham ------7b sports ___________2-4b Stock ____________6a to radio weather _________12a women s news 8-11a president and the Nugentq president Lyndon b. Johnson leaves and St Francis Xavier Catholic Church yesterday where he attended mass with or. And mrs. Pat Nugent at left and his wife Phyllis Nugent. The Johnson family spent the weekend at their Texas ranch. Up recession unlikely tax hike is probability Washington a two top economic advisers to presi Dent Johnson say there is Little Chance of a recession next year. News policy Toge test in courts Chapel Hill a an order by two Superior court court judges limiting what in formation can be released to news Media on Wake county criminal cases appears headed for a court test. Directors of the North Caro Lina press association meeting in Chapel Hill saturday denounced the order and suggested the constitutionality of the ban be settled in court. No moves to test the order i have been announced As yet however. The 14 press association directors adopted a Resolution saying the restriction on Crimi Nal news reporting in Wake county could Lead to plice state methods which thrive in the absence of Public exposure. Superior court judges Ray see news on new storm becomes Hurricane Miami Fla. Storm Inez grew into a Hurri Cane today and roared toward the Leeward islands with top winds of 80 Miles an hour. The weather Bureau hoisted Hurricane warnings Over the Leeward at the East end of the see new on Page 3-a How bout that he has no striped pants Washington iffy atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach slated to be come undersecretary of state has no striped pants the traditional garb of diplomats. As attorney general he wore striped pants and cutaway coat when he appeared before the supreme court. I rented he confided to a reporter one time. But one Secretary of the Treasury Henry h. Fowler re rated his declaration that a tax increase is certainly in the ealm of the other Gardner Camey chairman of the president s Council of economic advisers Aid sunday the danger for next rear would be on the Side of of much demand rather than of he said Short of a Udden termination of the de Ense Effort in Viet Nam i see 10 Prospect of a recession in 967." Fowler spoke on the Abc Tele vision radio program issues and Ackley appeared on the lbs television radio pro Gram face the Fowler said that August apprehensions about rigidity in the financial Market Are by the boards in the Wake of John son s anti inflation recommendations. Referring to a possible tax increase Fowler said the presi Dent s advisers Are determined that we re going to pay our expenses out of current reve Nues. Wins his fight he carried plea right to the top rat Totte a Nineteen year old William Samuel army and was t about to let a half Inch stand in his Way. Davis stands 6-Feei-6% inches one half Inch above the army s maximum height requirement. But he did t let that worry him. He wrote president John in. Davis told the president of his desire to join the army in spite of his tall Ness. He said he had a 10th Grade education and was working in a funeral Home in his native Gaffney . His letter went via the president s military Liaison to ou1, use the department of the army gown Dews went to his Moth Woart tartars. Third _ see he on Page 3-a cruising officer at Charlotte a physical requirement waiver must be sought. The waiver request went return route of govern ment channels and Davis waited. But Davis wanted things to move faster and put in a Call to the White House. He told his Story to a presidential aide. A Check showed that Davis had been approved for army but the letter with the

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