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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Burlington, North Carolina Weather generally fair this afternoon and tonight. Tuesday mostly sunny i Quot and somewhat warmer. The daily time s for turn pm Lencs service Call advertising 6 4411 general news 6-4417 i circulation 6-4416 managing editor 9-1205 vol. 70�?no. 125 full aka service Burlington n. A monday september 13, 1954 associated press service Price five Centa Gen. Z Wicker. Asserts own Story True a1 Mccarthy hearings May in Inear end testimony conflicts Washington w a Brig. Gen. Ralph w. Zwicker swore today he told Only the truth when he testified before Mccarthy last feb. 18. My a earthy testified last week that the decorated general at least a misstated the this and other conflicting Esti Mon went into the record As the a special Senate committee considering censure charges against Mc-1 earthy moved through what May a be the last Day of its hearings. One of the charges against Mccarthy is that he abused Zwicker at the feb. 18 hearing when my earthy questioned Zwicker about an honorable discharge Given maj. Irving Peres. Mccarthy has called Peress a a fifth amendment in Quick succession the tall. Erect general told the special censure committee m i. He has searched his memory carefully and has no recollection of muttering at the february hearing in new York that Mccarthy \ As an a is o b a William j. Harri ing of new York City testified last week he heard Zwicker make that comment. 2. He had no intention of being be a i of arrogant or irritating when Mccarthy questioned him behind closed doors about the Peress Case. The senator his own Star defense witness last week told the censure committee Only last Friday that he considered Zwicker one of the most evasive and irritating witnesses Ever seen. A Formosa 3 he was acting under explicit orders from highe not Only la handling the Peress discharge but in declining to answer some of Mccarthy s questions about the cd. Be 4 lie did not recall that he had Ever discussed Mccarthy with maj Gen. Kirke b. Lawton former commander of it Monmouth n j Lawton testified saturday he had the impression from conversations with Zwicker that Zwicker was a antagonistic to the Wisconsin senator. 5. The Rase of Peress first came to his attention in August 1953. And he was the one who gave i Eressy a name to the Mccarthy investigations Sulio Ommittee in january 1954. Peress a dentist was discharged in february from which Zwicker letter ordering dated Jan 18 his hearings nation will defend its a vital interests military Heads confident Quemoy can be protected Sorali score gain Iii Germany j Adenauer handed hard blow despite party s majority Kiel Germany a a political riptide menaced Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Jonah Security Council Are re Vasi on Beach Battle. The United stretch of Formosa straight repro defending a the vital interests his pro Artie rican foreign pol ported to believe that any move states Learned in Korea of the vast senti from the Jet Pilot s Point of of the l Jjo wherever they Washington pm president j Eisenhower presumably has been advised by the military that they Are confident Quemoy Island could be defended from any red invasion attempt with . Sea and air Power alone a if there is a political decision for such intervention. Military officials attending the unusual sunday session of the National Security Council Are re am planes of the big 7th Fleet and the fighters and fighter bomb ers of the air Force. The objective would be to crush the transportation and air and ground support of a red invasion Fleet before it could reach the shores of the red planes out of the sky while at the same time bombing and strafing invasion Craft. Presumably the Confidence the presidents military advisers Are reported to have about the Situa Eisenhower reaffirms . Policy w question is i it Over decision on Quemoy situation Denver lift president Eisenhower said today the nation rests in the fact that air bases nationalist held is satisfactory for the use of Anteri lands not to attempt to match the can jets Are available on the big tonal Security Council has communist troop manpower in in Island of Formosa. The 90-mile reaffirmed american policy of icy today As his socialist foes by red chinese forces to merged As the strongest party Quemoy hard by the in a Kev state election. Mainland could out any help although the coalition headed by ground forces. A a Secretary of state Adenauer a Christian democratic and costly commitment of ground Force needed to fight red China s hordes of infantry. However some of the other disadvantages of the korean Cam Dulles just pain might attend any action for land on Asiatic be repelled with from american Union appeared sure of holding co from the. Par East told news the defense of Quemoy if the Deci View an entirely satisfactory zone for climbing to combat Altitude during the comparatively Short run resident made statute the area of Quemoy. No Ameri to in newsmen in discussing an can plans Are now based on for extraordinary session of the spin Osa but they can be flown there . A a Council at the summer puking olt target on c chinese m Mainland a a chinese nationalist Soldier on Quemoy adjusts the sight on a 155 Nim howitzer As visiting newsmen watch bombardment of communist Strong Points on red held Mainland a few Miles to the have been tool of the government in the so Viet zone Frontier state of Schleswig Holstein. The socialists 12.000 vote Lead in yesterdays balloting was seen As a clearcut exposure of the old Leader s suddenly dwindling popularity. The Rural state called the a poor House of the Bonn Republic a a re it fed the 78-year-old chancellors plea for a vote of Confidence in electing its new la tag state parliament it. Campaigning for overture to Russia to unify and West Germany the socialists outscored the Christian democrats in the same state that accorded the cd a 2-1 margin Over its Arch rival men at Denver yesterday that the Sion were made to confine it solely defense of Quemoy is related to to offensive fighting. West. Nationalist and communist batteries to year when Adenauer was be arrogant l Vav Quot duelin8 since the a Vest pocket War Over tiny pc Ance or he had Quemoy started on sept. 3. A wire photo via from Taipei final count the cd socialists 384.870 to Van Fleet sees c7 of catastrophe in Asia ramp Kilmer n j commanded. The i discharge was Mccarthy started feb. 18 As for Zwicker s truthfulness. Guy g de Furia. Assistant counsel for the special censure committee. Asked Zwicker if he gave any untruths Testim my at the Fob 18 hearing a not was the first reply. Then the general added did a Washington my Gen James a states has failed to capitalize on free East and faces the Strong possibility a your real strength in the far East rests in Korea. Formosa the Philippines and Van Fleet said in a copyrighted article in the Magazine . News and a Oriel report. A Southeast Asia has Little to offer in tither Milit by or moral Sti length. Quot but in the Eastern area of strength we have to prevented Japan from rearming <2� isolated the government of the Republic of China and 3> immobilized our Power in Korea by an armistice a so now red China with Complete immunity in the North and Erst. Is free to ii consolidate within <2 move South against weakness and <3� talk Touth at any and ail Van Fleet former commander Van Fleet says world strength of a catastrophe in the United in the far Asia. Reds in i j. S. Urged to talk it lit nit feat Plymouth. Mass. In a atty. Gen. Browned today invited reluctant communists with Tini it Octant information to come in and make peace with the Federal government under the new immunity Law. A we know Quot he said Quot of persons enmeshed in the toils of the communist conspiracy who have in today s trailed the 396,798 the a due vote \ As Cut almost in half from its 1953 Peak of 657,570 in Schleswig Holstein. The socialists picked up 38.269 votes Over last years total of 357.798. Adenauer fought to save his International prestige with a speech or this state Friday in which he described n to membership and unconditional Gorman sovereignty As his new coals. I but As he talked with British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in Bonn yesterday on finding some Way of rearming West Germany despite the French scuttling of the european defense Community the voters of this state showed their mounting discontent. The socialists elected 20 land tag candidates to the it cos 19 in direct contest but a complicated system adding 40 per cent of the parliament 69 seats on a proportional basis gave the Riv a parties a final total of 25 seats each the refugee Par a won to seats the free democrats 5. And the remaining 4 went to the she bloc formed by the German party and the Schleswig Holstein Community a did minister president Friedrich Wilhelm Luebke whose forces a ave run the state since 1950 in Quot i of the 8th army in Korea said he wrote the article a year ago hut de Furia read into the hearing did not make it Public. Now. On his record a Fob 16 letter from Secre return from a presidential Mission t. By of the army Stevens to my to Korea he said it is just As earthy in reply to a feb. I inquiry timely. As when written denouncing the armistice in As one of political expediency. Van Fleet said the loss of Korea and Indochina to the communists would mean that they would a irresistibly overflow Japan rom i a Thailand Burma and the Philippines a probably without firing a mortar a and he added a once the free world is shut Oft from these priceless raw materials. What Hope remains for the Middle East for Africa or for Europe or for us As a Soldier i can Only Admire the Brilliant simplicity wanted to break with that con a piracy once they Learned its re Al i partnership with the refugee Par purposes. These persons have. Want about the Peress ease Stevens we in the far East when the Mccarthy inquiry was made Mccarthy testified last week he of uld not recall whether he got it Stevens letter before the Fob 18 quizzing of . B it he said or any Case he did not believe he would have had time to read it Zwicker testified today he saw John Adams. Army counsel give a copy of the letter to Mccarthy before the feb. 18 hearing. The Pone rat said Mccarthy looked at it and commented a i done to believe l of Sieve wrote this letter a Edward b Williams. Mccarthy a of their Battle Chart counsel objected that Adams should be called to testify on this Cut chairman Watkins or in Tah a a Aid he would permit Zwicker to or ahead if the general saw and heard the Exchange. In the letter Stevens explained at length the handling of the Peress Van Fleet termed the korean armistice a profound mistake which a the american people. Should Kievet. With a sense of shame a a for an armistice is indicated Only when a political settlement is in he continued a and clearly to inc at least we had no see Gen. Zwicker Page 19-a see Van Fleet on Page 10-a California Beauty crowned faces Busy year Queen cd desperately to resume their Normal place in society. A but they have been under the impression that if they went to the Fri and told their Story they themselves inevitably would be subject to prosecution for the role they had played in the cons tra the attorney general quoted Fri director j. Edgar Hoover As having told him in a recent conversation relating to the new immunity Law a now is the time for those who love America to step Forward and be counted. Now is the time for those who erred and who realized they erred to declare themselves a Hoover following a conference with Brownell and president Eisen a honer at Denver yesterday told newsmen the Fri already has been approached under the immunity Law by communists who have expressed willingness to testify about i their former associates. Today. Brownell discussed the immunity Law and other new statutes in an address prepared for the 2l the general Congress of the society of Mayflower descend ants. Brownell is a Lineal descendant tradition of White supremacy of John Alden one of the founders racial segregation to said today he would also invite the free democrats to join in a new government under his command the free democrats Al Eady Are Adenauer a partners in the National coalition government. Luebke blamed the a due a loss of strength on the French National astern Bly rejection two weeks a of the european army treaty which Adenauer had promised would restore West Germany a sovereignty and rearm it As a partner or Western defense until the final seat distribution v is announced. Socialist spokes indicated they had hoped to form their own coalition government in set Leswig Holstein. With both the refugee party and the defens of Formosa and is Bing a studied in that stopping at Denver to report to president Eisenhower and the National Security Council. Dulles said it is primarily up to the nation s military chiefs to decide and recommend whether effective Protection of Formosa requires . Defense of Quemoy. If a decision should he made to defend Quemoy Pentagon strategists would rely on the gunfire Freedom for captive Trio is delayed Hong Kong til a a United states consulate official said today three americans ordered deported from red China after More than a year in communist Captivity would not arrive Here Tot a. The three Are Richard Applegate 37, of Medford ore., a National broadcasting co. Correspondent Donald Dixon 25, new York International news service correspondent and Benjamin Krasner 30, a sea Captain of Brooklyn. The . Official telephoned from the Hong Kong red China Border that there was no indication when the Trio would arrive. He did not elaborate but said the Border watch was suspended until tomorrow. Piping radio said yesterday the Trio were ordered deported from Kiangtung province Hong Kong Borders Kiangtung piping radio also said Hugh Francis Redmond former new York business Man had been convicted of espionage in Shanghai and sentenced to life in prison. Piping said the Applegate Trio was picked up by a red coastal defense unit March 21, 1953. Aboard Applegate a yacht Kelt after it a intruded into China territorial Waters of Kiangtung a the trip had planned to sail to Macao. Portuguese Colony on the Mainland to pick up David Cicero ins news photo service photographer and return him to Bong Kong. Piping radio said the chinese ministry of Public Security recently ordered the three deported and instructs local authorities in Kiangtung province to carry out the order. There was no indication of when or where they would be released. The broadcast said Applegate s yacht had been confiscated. Consulate officials and police stood by at All Hong Kong Border under the ground rules for the korean War no bombing of red air bases in China was permitted thus the dangerously powerful red air Fleet of Jet fighters had to he dealt with Only in the air above the Battle zone. Application of the same rules in a Campaign to defeat a red invasion attempt would impose the same problem for american Navy and air Force fliers. They would have to rely on the ability to drive in Quick time from big . Air concentrations on Japan Okinawa and the Philippines. Secretary of the air Force Talbott commented yesterday the United states has the capacity to defend Formosa with air Power available a not on Formosa but Formosa is not far from our bastion on Talbott appearing on an Abc television program said also he doubts that the chinese nationalists will hate the Power to defend Quemoy if the chinese reds use All the an Power they have. Violence fakes 2 f lives Iii state during w weekend r1 a in by the associated press violent death planned at least 24 lives in North Carolina during the weekend. Druel a Trammel. 41. Of High Point drowned while boating in High Rock Lake near i it Lexington. Two men were killed when their speeding car skidded off a Rural Road seven Miles East of Salisbury and overturned. The victims were James Everett Boyd. 48. And James Calvin Spry 43. Both of it. 4, Salisbury. A collision in Cumberland county brought death to a Soldier Charles Kilroy 24, of it. Bragg and an airman Allen t. Spencer 23, of Pope air Forte base. An Auto overturned on a Rural Road to Pill county kill. Ray pm a wow train hit i or at a mond Campbell 31, of Scotland i Cro Rockingham was run Over and tally injured on a Rural Road Richmond county. A speeding ear overturned on n c. 73 in Cabarrus county killing Billy Ray Litaker 29, of it. 4. Concord. Walter Levi Morrison. 19. And Waller Lee Gilcrest 20. Both of Mebane were killed be. Burlington when their automobile struck a Power pole. At Townsville near Henderson two men were killed when their car crashed into a store. Dead Are John Henry Taylor 32. Anc John Burham 46, both of near Townsville. Frederick s. Lane operator of tie Lane manufacturing co., was killed at Rocky mount when a Isaiah Cameron. 40. Of it. 3, feeble minds problem for slate seb ools White House yesterday. The meeting a called by the chief executive to discuss global strategy for dealing wit the red threat abroad. After the session. Secretary of state Dulles declared that american military might will thwart any chinese communist assault against nationalist Formosa. But the Secretary kept the communists guessing As to whether the i United states will go to the defense of the chinese nationalist Island of Quemoy which has been under Shell fire from the red Mainland. In his informal statement to newsmen Eisenhower said that at the top secret Council meeting Quot no specific decisions were advanced of Dulles hinted in Advance of the meeting yesterday that the Council might Chart some Jupo Crifie policy with respect to Quemoy As related to Overall defuse of Formosa by the . 7th Fleet in the event of a red assault or. That chinese nationalist bastion. Eisenhower said today that the greeting amounted to a merely consulting together As to the place of the United states in the world today in that particular area that troubled area of the Western Pacific and reaffirming our Devotion to certain policies a he Elded a these Are of course to defend the vital interest of the United states wherever they May arise. To make better partner of old friends and to get new Friend wherever we can. A and of course where our vital interest demand it to support them in their Security and in their own the president said Vesterdal m Security Council meeting the first Ever held outside of Washington a was unprecedented but it was also very he said he had not met with the Council for More than two weeks and that Dulles return from the Orient provided an Oplt see socialists on Page 10-a see Freedom on Page 10-a Ohio River split Oil in i in \ Ipp segregation problem a c by Bem Price Ujj proportion to the number of be Louisville. By. Flthe Ohio Groes compared to the number of River flows past Here and some Whites. Say it is too years wide. J the theory also holds that de on this the Southern Side is a segregation will spread like Rock anti Ripples in a Pond from the Border states southward again generally Atlantic City n j it \ Long stemmed Beauty from Call j forma in the Crown and Robes of a Queen embarks on a year Long whirlwind tour As the 1955 miss America. Nineteen year old i tee Ann Meriwether of san Francisco who wants to be an actress and says there s no special boy Friend in her life right now is modest about Hen figure. But the pageant judges who selected her from among 49 other charmers saturday night were More enthusiastic Over Lee measurements a which shape up Thi bust 3411, Waist 22 and Way hips 35. In her first interview with news men yesterday Lee confided that to go slip did no to think she d give Marilyn Tress. Monroe much Competition and that the new a a Flat look by dior a came just in time to save Roe a As for Romance Lee said a there s no one special and that she Only had a some very Good across the world in Tokyo one of her a Good army pvt John r. Riveroll of san Jose calif., hooted with excitement they weren to engaged but that he was a working on Lee s Mother mrs. Ethel Meriwether. Said Riveroll was just a a very Friend but there a certainly no i a sunburned and stately wept freely As she donned the miss Amene a Robe and Crown before a National to be Ision audience and a convention Hall crowd of 15.000 saturday night. One of her first thoughts was of her late father Gregg Meriwether who died last july. In a tearful speech of thanks Lee glanced toward the High ceiling of the Hall and said quietly a daddy i Hope you know and i Hope you re she said her father a wanted me to Stanford and be an a or Plymouth Colony in 1620 and on the Northern Side the Trade speaking and will come first in Priscilla Quot Why done to you speak lion essentially is one of Equality communities with a Long history of for yourself John a Mullins Al and Freedom though Dis criminal cordial race relations Den both Mayflower passengers. Hon often exists stemming from 0n the basis of this theory Lou-1 Law provides for Community pressures rather than is vice should be among the first the immunity guarantees of no Federal pro ecu the Law. A tips to so Jap the problem Tion against persons testifying i he farther South v in go from everyone to whom i talked he about subversion before Federal the Ohio the wider the River a be cd the most orderly Way would grand juries or congressional com pears. 3 of meet people who de by Jap admission of White and be mittens. Approval of a Federal Clare it would take too years mole Jyro children to the same school judge is required. Raleigh re the state Board o. Corrections today asked the advisory budget commission for relic from the High number of feeble minded children sent to correctional institutions. Samuel e. Leonard commissioner of correction said the boards psychologist reported on june 30 that approximately half the children in correctional institutions a Are definitely feeble minded and Many of these do not belong at our schools at All a of the situation is not relieved Leonard added the Board Quot will have to come before you two years hence with a request for consider to More dormitory the Board appeared As the commission resumed hearing state agencies and institutions outline Money requests for the 1955-57 biennium. Scheduled to appear later lit the Day were the states tuber Cular Santoria. From the hearings the commission will draft a budget to recommend to the 19vs legislature the psychologists report classified 401 of the 894 children in correctional institutions As morons. Those of average intelligence totalled 135, while 172 were listed As borderline cases. There were 13 of Superior intelligence. 99 listed i us a a Dull and 6 As imbeciles there v re 68 untested. Leonard said the High number of feeble minded children resulted from crowded conditions at Gas-1 Ling. elderly negro Man Kinzo Otto a Conteno i was shot to death at Washington by a woman who told police she believed he had placed a hex on her. Crawford Safe 45. Of the Union township Section of Rutherford f county. Was shot to death near of Ort Unity for the Council to review Rutherfordton. The situation in the far East. Delwin William Mcclure 45, of Quot we met in order that All of it i. Franklin was crushed to together could have the Benefit of death when a tractor helping to by observations and the details of Load on a truck bed slipped pin his report a Eisenhower declared Ning him to the ground in Macon Dulles arrived in Washington county. This morning and said there it is a collision Between a tractor american policy to keep the Chi trailer truck and a car at Moores next communists guessing As to Ville killed Samuel Lee Phillips 26. Whether the United states will de Ort. 2, Cleveland and Willie i fend Quemoy Watson 20, of Baltimore. My both wire occupants of the ear. Garland Hight 42, Franklin ton Mill worker was found dead in the rear seat of his car at Franklinton. Police said he apparently died of a broken . A 21-year-old Cherry Point Maline Cpl. Alvin Robert Chati was injured fax ally when his car overturned near new Bern. Eisenhower a statement today was made before newsreel and television cameras. Before yesterdays Council session Eisenhower conferred with Fri chief j. Edgar Hoover and atty Gen. on the red threat on the Home front. After that conference. Hoover and Brownell declared the administrations goal is to a utterly destroy mrs Neroni Pitchford. 39. Mother the communist party in the unit of eight children was shot fatally at cd states. Her Home in Roanoke rapids. Police held her Husbard. Sam Godwin Pitchford 52. On a murder charge. William Justice Williams 22, was killed when he was struck by an automobile on a Rural Road near Gaston. J. B. Bullock 24, of Ayden was filled when his car overturned on pc. Highway 55 near Kinston. Carl Smith. 26, of Raleigh killed when his a Rural Road Nea Nim if fillips last look at a Missouri san Francisco it a dressed in full regalia As an Admiral of the Fleet adm. Chester Nimitz yesterday took one last look at the battleship Missouri a on whose i decks he signed the japanese sur a As Render nine years ago. She leaves car overturned on today for Mothballs at Bremerton a Louisburg. A Wash. Maine and Nova Scotia feel ii Orst effects of Hurricane Portland Maine. Opt washed vell 11dining school Ai Kinston out highways Railroad tracks and three vehicles Iii wreck 35 persons injured to Bridge the Gap on by grammar school level a be i there Are people however Here for of by have a Chance to pick up who do not hold with the 100-year prejudices Quot theory. Louisville has an estimated popu a mrs. Robert r Hinkebein is lat Jon of 40l 280 and roughly 16 per one. Mrs. William e. Yeager is cent of the total is negro largely j another. Concentrated around the heart of each has seven children six of the City whom Are school age. Mrs. Hinke there is no segregate on on pub Bein is White. Mrs. Yeager is Lejlic transportation the City a Libra-8ro iries Are open to All. So is the they believe that. Given time University of Louisville which i the state s Only school for feeble minded. The Board asked for its operation $26,237 for the 1955-56 fiscal year a i $24,537 for 1956-57. This compares with its budget of $23,- �87 for this year. Gastonia to get emergency Aid in water crisis Linden n j. Imp a two buses and a station Wagon piled up Here Early today injuring 35 persons and patience any problems arising draws 15 per cent of its operating All but four of them servicemen. From the ending of segregation Revenue from the City. The buses were bound from Newi especially in the Public schools. V Gro firemen work and live in York City to the North Jersey can be worked out with a minimum the same stations As White fire Shore area where it. Monmouth 0f trouble. Men Jbf City s Hospital is open to and it. Hancock Are located. Last May the . Supreme pro ours trainees. The City pm j civil defense administration an Mil Bon Dollar Apple crop was police said one bus bumped int court ruled unanimously that Legal p0ys negro policemen. J 1 but there Wasny to enough Money for Stanford so i tee went to the City College of san Francisco. Money now wont pose too much of a problem for Lee will receive the rear of another which in turn i segregation in the about $40,000 in Public appearance rammed the Back of the station was discriminatory fees in addition to a new car. Wagon. J constitutional furs jewelry and other prizes. All the victims were taken to St. Since then the question for the told Leeds winnings total almost Felizabeth s Hospital and a Fhi Zabeth South has been How and when to Thomasville a. ten Miles of pipe and pumping equipment Are being sent to Gastonia n.c., to relieve a critical water shortage. Regional Headquarters of the crops Lay like a jagged wound today across territory raked by death dealing Hurricane Fedna from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia. The Cost in lives mounted to 19�? 13 of them in new England and eight in Maine alone where autos were trapped in Road and Bridge washouts by streams that went wild under a record eight inches rain Maine gov. Burton m. Cross after an air Survey set loss there at More than seven million dollars on top of to million wrought 12 Days before by Hurricane Carol Cross asked president of a Isenhower to declare Maine a major disaster area. Two thirds of Nova Scotia a four Public schools and hence in when he Neard that Lee won the miss a Mequea title. Riveroll a Aid he was the a Only Guy she went steady with a that $60,000. Lee left last night for a two week stay in new York where Shell make a round of appearances then Shell be off to South Ament in 15 Days. General Hospital where most of end segregation them were released after treat a there is a widely shared theory ment. Among race relations authorities the injured included flt Hore in the lesion that generally speak Jones of 102j Hamilton ave., in ses cation will be a ended in can Oke rapids pc. Various localities at a rate in direct this summer mayor Andrew Broaddus announced henceforth ail City jobs would be open to negroes. Louisville has never had any major racial trouble it has a Long record of interracial cooperation two powerful voices in the Community the Louisville courier flounced today to Miles of Light counted Ost. Steel pipe and five pumps Are be All of Maine a dead were drowning shipped from Birmingham j ing victims. Four persons perished ala., and another pump and auxiliary equipment from East Point a hairy e. Brown regional cd director and a cd Engineer Farl Mader have flown to Gastonia to i assist in placing of the equipment. The cd acted after an Appeal Bee a Stilu on Page ten a from gov. William b. Umstead. In Massachusetts one in Connecticu. Another in Nova Scotia. Six Highway fatalities in new York stale were attributed to the Hur areas hardest hit water not wind was blamed for much of the destruction. To Aleph me lines went out of service on a scale that once again saw repair Crews head from Southern new Emgland into Maine where their task was complicated by Road washouts that caused a temporary ban on travel by All but emergency vehicles. Late last night state police said the main routes again were open. Hundreds of new englander left their coastal Lowland Homes returning to find Waters still in evidence although subsiding. At Augusta the Kennebec River Rose 20,5 feet from Normal a five feel higher than its Peak during last Springs Runoff. Two of Maine a Hurricane victims perished in a daring seven hour Effort to Rescue a family of to from the top of an automobile engulfed by Little Sandy Stream at Unity. Asst. Fire chief Alton Mccormick. 47, and Ruth Brockway 8. One of the i passengers were swept downstream when floating debris Richane. Broke a human Chain to Shore. Southern new England braced meanwhile Hurricane Florence Foi devastation reminiscent of the sixth tropical storm of the year 1938 Hurricane was spared heavy broke up ask it moved Inland on the property damage and even in the mexican coast yesterday

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