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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Oct 14 1944, Page 4

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - October 14, 1944, Burlington, North Carolina Page four cure. If Young women will think a what does this mean what am i Likely to get myself into in this Case a they will do More than anyone else can to protect themselves. Tori 501 South Spring Street published daily except sunday by the times news publishing co. Staley a. Cook managing editor Rudy m. Fonville advertising mgr. E d. Joyner mechanical supt. Subs Cri pttot7rat e s Fly Quot Carrier per week 20c mail rates on request entered at the Post office at Burlington n. C., As second class mail matter under act of Congress March 3, 1879. Quot advertising rates classified advertising per word 2 cents. Minimum charges 25c. Display advertising rates on request. National advertising representative the John Budd company new York. Chicago St. Louis. Atlanta Dallas san Francisco los Angeles Portland Seattle. Member of audit Bureau of circulations. Thi associated press service a the associated press wire service is used by the daily times news and is entitled to use for re publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein and also entitled to All rights of republication of special the German general staff goes on forever paging a publius and 1787 americans Are the Best informed people in the world except when their information does no to mean what it seems to mean. Americans know about the German general staff. But we think of it As something like our own a part of the military organization specifically charged with military strategy. In Germany it is something else something far More sinister. The German general staff is a military body plus. All German foreign policy during the last 75 years has either been initiated by it or required its approval. Germany a internal affairs have been similarly controlled. In plotting for War the German general staff runs Germany top to Bottom. In his current Best seller a the time for decision a or. Sumner Welles late of our state department takes great pains to elucidate these Points. More important he describes the German general staff a schemes for tomorrow. This of course is where the american idea of a general staff can Only mislead one who does not think twice. For the German general staff plans its wars increasingly on several Levels. Americans know what happened in France by 1940, the French were thinking defense As enough and defense Wasny to. Why did they think like that the German general staff had arranged it that Way. Total War Means planning to control the enemy a mind. Precisely such plans Are under Way in Germany now directed this time at other nations including America plans which can succeed unless americans realize what they mean. They Are military plans yes but that Side of it is by no Means the whole scheme. The German general staff lays its plans to involve an enemy a economic life his political life his social life even his thinking which May be directed far More subtly than most americans Are willing to moral is Clear. The German nation May suffer defeat after defeat. The German ruler May be the Kaiser or Hitler or tomorrows most plausible front Man. But if the rest of the world permits it the German general staff will go on scheming and finding some Way to put its schemes into effect. Americans must never again be deceived by descriptive terms labels innocent seeming to our ears but conceived in any spirit but War today by Dewitt Mackenzie associated press Ivar analyst few Battles for cities in this War have so intrigued the Peoples of the Western allies As that Over ancient Aachen probably because they Hope that from it they can learn the strength of Germany a determination and the extent of her ability to make a finish fight. Its Likely that this grim Battle will indeed give us a fairly accurate answer to the problem which is both military and psychological. Already it is Clear that Hitler intends to make this a test Case As witness the manner in which he has Flung crack armoured troops into the conflict at the approaches to the old town. Thus we have further confirmation that he is determined to hang on to the death and still is capable of causing us plenty of trouble. On the other Side of the nazi ledge is proof that not All German soldiers or civilians Are willing to die for him. His officers in Aachen have been shooting both civilians and soldiers who tried to surrender. However that a not conclusive and further evidence is needed to enable us to gauge the dictators control Over his people. Berlin brags that the nazi commander who rejected the american ultimatum to surrender replied a even an american cannot ask a City like Aachen where thirty seven German emperors were crowned to passing by the thought that we not Only can but did demand surrender we find much food for thought in this line. The Hitler Ite commander would have been Correct if he had said a Germany cannot afford to surrender a famous old City like Aachen the first important City to be attacked by land forces in the fatherland proper since the Day of the loss of Aachen will be a tremendous Shock to German morale so great that Hitler dare not risk it if he possibly can hang on. Of by Hook or by Crook he could built out of it an epic of German resistance it would strengthen morale. By the same Token the allies need Aachen for the psychological effect on the germans. But that s Only half of the Story. Militarily this City is of great importance to both sides. For the allies its the Gateway in the corridor leading from Belgium into Germany a vital railway and Highway Center. For the germans its a powerful defensive Anchor in their Siegfried line. Undoubtedly Aachen remains one of the notable possibilities for a break through to the Rhine and thence into the heart of Germany. The crossing of the Rhine which May prove even a greater Barrier than the Siegfried line is Likely to be a major problem and one Over which speculation is futile pending developments. We can say however that one of the great prizes for which Eisenhower presumably is headed is the big rhenish City of Dussel Dorf which lies on the River about 24 Miles North of Cologne another goal. Dusseldorf is among the greatest Industrial cities of Germany. Its also one of the principal transportation centers of the country with trunk railways and highways running direct to Berlin. If thou Wert pure and upright surely now he would awake for thee and make the habitation of thy righteousness 8 6.there was never Law. Or sect or opinion did so much magnify goodness As the Christian religion doth. , october 14, 1944 Washington a problem Tri mtg a i it my copyright. Imi pm by Mirror Broadway Paolucci this is a time when All the inns Are dark when All the wine has soured within the cask when All the guiding stars have lost their spark and Fate puts on a strange and leering mask. This is a time when All the winds blow Cool and sorrow rides the highways of the night and one who played the poor impulsive fool will Grope in vain to find the saving Light. Lee cranes rhythms at endure. The Demarcos in a Star time Quot. Percy faiths Crew toying with a Long ago and far o o Manhattan mural he is a Well known Star from Hollywood recently Here on an alcohol Day. After a Long Day and night of making the joints some pals defied the 4 a. In. Curfew and took him to a speakeasy which never closes. The pals introduced the Star As Quot a police official Quot. On the Way out the proprietor vigorously Shook hands with the very drunk actor and slipped $20 into his Paw where Are the songs that held us in their spell where Are the vows we dipped in Faith and youth Here on the twisted Road that leads to hell there is no place for Beauty or for truth. Sounds in the night at the cub a she not Only has Glamour but a lot of bos oomph a. At the Zanzibar a a he a the fair haired boy of the foul Ball set Quot. At Versailles Quot her definition of a Bachelor is a selfish undeserving Guy who has cheated some woman out of a divorce a ,. At the Park Central lounge a a Here a a Toast known Many liked a few. Loved one. Here a to you Quot. At Ruby foods Den a a she a making Money hand Over knee Quot. At the Onyx a a hmm. They argue about what kind of a peace to give Germany which has Given the world no peace Quot. At Kelly a stable a was they say on the radio with men who know politics bests it s Roosevelt 3 to i Quot this is a time when terror stalks the town. A time when jigs Are up and chips Are Down a Don Wahn. Faces about town Donald Nelson whose latest and Best offer to return to private Industry is $200,000 per annul from Wrigley a. Clarence Brown who gave Hollywood some dignity at the Waldorf. Henry Kaiser building the Post War world on a Tablecloth at Henri a. Arthur Childers whose Little Palm club at Miami is the rendezvous for the Billingsley set there. The Robert Sherwood the George s. Kaufman and Moss Hart planning the big Broadway rally for for at the Astor on the 22nd. Myrna Loy stealing the show at the Stork. The win. Rhinelander stewarts at Versailles for Dwight Miskey Swiskay specialities. Mrs. Roosevelt entering the enemy a Battle lines the news bldg where her Syndicate is. The Stork club Biggie girl who can to breathe when Joseph Cotton arrives. Sallies in our Alley. When the news broke that Sherman Billingsley a wife had presented him with a third girl Alan Gale crackled a a what she trying to do beat Eddie Cantor a big town sideshow the boy and girl who meet every thursday on the 42nd Street Public Library Side Bench and sit there munching pop corny just like Colbert and Macmurray did in that movie a gilded Lily Quot. The Washington Square Art exhibit a bit of the left Bank of Paree in new York ,. The 5th Avenue store windows changing their exhibits making autumn official. The Rich eccentric new York Playboy his last initial is a a a Quot who can to stand women that Wear perfume makes him ill. The Sun playing a last minute game of hop scotch Over the cables of the George Washington Bridges just before to hum Ming to its River suggestion we think that most americans had hoped the Campaign for the presidency would go off this year with a minimum of mudslinging. Of course almost everybody had expected such time worn issues As the state of the health of the White House incumbent to crop up Here and there. This has become a perennial charge which most people either accept or reject Vith the result that converts Are far and few Between. But what brings the whole thought up is the most recent accusation of representative Clare Boothe Luce a con who is at Best a newcomer to the political scene. She is reported by the associated press to have declared that president Roosevelt is a not Only untrustworthy hut also incompetent in the Field of government. Representative Luce asks a shall we Trust the making of a new peace to the tired and shaking hands of a Man who could not keep the one he inherited when he was Young and Strong a while it is not our affair we believe the Republican party would do Well either to censor the distinguished woman representatives speeches for the remainder of the Campaign or simply put her in cold storage. Political races can be lost but not won on charges of such a personal James Marlow Washington oct. 14�? a a servicemen Are salting away a lot of their hard earned Money in War Bonds. They re doing it by allotments having it much deducted from each month s pay or buying with Cash. The monthly investments now soldiers about $46,000,000 Navy men about $13, 000,000. So far the most popular allotment has been $6.25. Taken monthly from a Many a pay in three months full payment of $18.75 has been made for a $25 Bond. Now there is a new $10 a a a us Bond for servicemen issued aug. I. They can buy it for $7.50. It has to be in one payment. The Bend purchases do double duty they help servicemen save Money for after the War and they help Siphon off an overseas Serviceman a Loose Cash. With less Loose Cash servicemen have less Chance to bid up prices in freed or occupied territory. This helps prevent inflation there. Bond purchases Are Only part of the Money coining out of a Serviceman s pay. Allotments also Are made for dependents at Home for life insurance and for a special soldiers Deposit fund. That Deposit fund is a savings account in which servicemen put their Money either through allotments or by direct Cash payments in the latter Case they take their Money to their finance officer who keeps the accounts and credits them with their deposits. This is the Way the army used As an example Here Sells Bonds Effort is made to get the men interested in buying Bonds before they leave the country of they want the Bonds bought out of their monthly pay they sign an allotment card Lien the regular deductions Are made. Of the Serviceman still is in this country when payment in a Bond is completed if is Cut to him or to anyone he designate. Midtown Vignette he had just been hired As new Headwater at Reuben a. To show Arnold the Boss that he was on the Hustle. He suggested How to improve things. A you should get some different waiters a a he said a these men Haven to much Energy Quot. Reuben gave him the fishy Eye and then said a these men have been with me for 20 years. They know they can stay Here As Long As they live Quot ,. A Okay Quot said the newcomer Quot that a your responsibility. But done to forget i tried to help. These Fellows Are just too old. Three weeks later there was a new Headwater. The other died from a stroke. Fail enough lesson in spelling we done to know or. A. E. Floyd of 2109 club Boulevard in Durham but we suspect that he has at sometime in his life read a Book of another generation entitled a within the in any event Here is what happened to or. Floyd he parked his automobile on Morgan Street in the neighbouring City. There was a traffic sign at the particular Point where he stopped read

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