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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - November 21, 1960, Burlington, North Carolina 4a Burlington . Baily t1mes-Newi monday november 21, 1960 Quot somewhere the Sun is shining Quot ill times news tb7 South main Strait _ North Carolina to iss association o daily except sunday by Thi Timis news publishing co Burlington n. C. Staray a. Cook Rudy a. To Nellla Harry w. Puckett editor Gen. Mgr. Busine manager mechanical supt subscription rates by Carrion i week my i to. Sill other mall rate on request second class postage paid at Burlington n. C. Advertising rates Classi Riad advertising per line la cents minimum charge Sac. Display advertising rate on request. National advertising represent tat i a Ward or pain company inc. New York Philadelphia Boston Chicago. Detroit san Francisco Atlanta Charlotte Portland Ora Goa member audit Bureau of Circle Hoe member of the associated press Tho associated press is entitled Oclus Lovely to Tho use of republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well a All a news dispatch. National editorial Asco Foti. Iee us ,1 dining Mimi Bible thought and bring the fatted calf and kill it and let us eat and make 15 23. The Honor Roll Gable a the King him too was tragedy in life Felt by so Many. He represented an Era of recklessness yet never lowered his guard to become reckless himself. His ruggedness forever was a characteristic that not Only made him Strong with his millions of admirers but it gave meaning too to individual action during periods when ruggedness was a fundamental calling in the nations fight for survival and growth. His age never took him from the masses As so often is the Case in Hollywood. While Many a great Star of the past fell from the Public Eye As years mounted on them Clark Gable was known and admired in his last years As strongly with teen agers As with their parents. His death touched millions of his fans who had known him so Well for so Long and who never Felt their Friendship threatened by changing times in a changing age. R a j fair enough be Arentt decided on which we feel to be the Best approach but a move started in Dunn will be interesting to observe. School officials say there May not be an Honor Roll from their school system this year though a final decision has not been made. Supporters on both sides of the question have their Points it is made Clear and discussions Are continuing. One Side questions the Worth of Honor Rolls. They would contend that there Are those students who can make straight a a with so Little Effort and in turn look to the achievement As the Peak of their requirements. On the other hand there Are less gifted students who work harder and accomplish More from their abilities and never quite reach the Honor list. The real work by students in their studies in other words is not reflected in Honor Rolls. Such recognition for students it further is contended sets them apart from others and reflects on study habits Success in school and after graduation and in Many phases of their lives in the future. Recognition for outstanding accomplishment is a part of the american Way of doing things and it right that it be continued. Recognition in fact often provides the incentive for improvement for going beyond the Call of duty and for making the Best of any Opportunity that would present itself. But then what about the fellow in the classroom who works twice As hard but just Isnit As fast As others in coming up with Correct answers is there nothing that can give him the recognition he deserves for doing so much All of this of course is a part of the discussion which Dunn school authorities and parents have under Way. And could it be that among the fast developing changes we find in our educational system the Honor Roll May have had its Day. History in making insuring the infancy of our nation one of those who took the reigns of leadership and did much to set the course of future history was George Washington. His name and his deeds Are familiar to every school child in this country. He is a National hero and almost a legend. And now the name is with us again and this time its role could Well be to set the future course of history for America once again. George Washington a name has gone to sea on an atomic submarine hearing weapons of vital importance in protecting this country from attack or More important in preventing an attack by creating the fear of retaliation. When the George Washington left Charleston Harbor recently it carried 16 Polaris missiles which pack More explosive Power than All the shells and bombs fired by both sides during world War ii. Therefore the role of this submarine in americans future is apparent. It is one of the most potent weapons to Ever be placed in use. No doubt the would be enemies of the United states took careful note of the fact that the George Washington was placed in service. And no doubt its presence beneath the Ocean will be a constant reminder to them that the launching of an atomic War would be suicidal As the missiles from the submarine could be fired from beneath the water 1,200 Miles from its target to devastate wider areas than All the bombers of world War ii destroyed. We can imagine the feelings of these enemies by reversing the situation. How would we in North Carolina feel if we knew they had this sub situated underwater 500 Miles off Cape Hatteras would we be eager to pull the trigger for an attack on that submarine s Home country of we did we would know full Well that it would be Only a matter of minutes until the submarine reigned death and destruction on us. Truly the George Washington is one of the greatest War deterrents Ever devised by men and it May come to pass that it will assume a role in american history As important As the role played by its namesake. Tradition is kept Juhe Only real Way to classify and to remember Clark Gables place in the nations entertainment world is to see him on a throne where his position was unchallenged for some 25 years. He was in his profession a the it Isnit easy to forget the role he played As a care free Newspaperman in a it happened one night a through the movie itself has faded into time. Neither will we forget him As Rhett Butler in a gone with the then there was his appearance As Fletcher Christian the ringleader of mutineers in a Mutiny on the the nation lived his life with him for in him they saw so often the Success that represented the Hopes for All americans and in by Westbrook Pegler imports writers will find subject material for a Long time from the Duke Carolina game saturday. And while we have Many subjects before us today it is apparent that monday morning quarterbacks Are the leaders of conversation. Duke sixth ranked nationally fell in defeat before Carolina which had won Only Over notre Dame previously on this years schedule. Duke fans still done to see How it happened of course and Carolina fans have Many reasons to show. Its this Type of reaction that comes from each game. Wherever the conversations Lead it can be known that from the standpoint of Carolina fans their team has had a successful season regardless of the outcome in previous games. The traditional game is holding its tradition. Records Are thrown out the window when the two teams meet. The world today by William l. Kyan associated press news analyst Washington a soviet affairs experts conjure up a frightening picture of the use the Kremlin might make of the burgeoning economic stress. From one standpoint it matters Little when or whether the russians make Good their boast of overtaking United states production. The key word is trouble and there is plenty of trouble in store for the United states in any event. There is no argument with the proposition that soviet economic Power is rising swiftly. The big question is what does the Kremlin intend to do with this Power and what does it Hope to achieve will it mean More for the soviet consumer a and the monolithic dictatorship Structure of soviet Rule will it be thrown into military adventuring a a or will it be be used in another kind of bid for world domination through enormous investment in economic Aid to underdeveloped countries All signs Point to the latter. No qualified student of soviet affairs says the Kremlin intends world Conquest by military Means. But few doubt that it intends world Conquest by economic Means with the use of vast productive capacities channelled and concentrated upon political goals. The russians now say they expect to fulfil their current seven year plan a year ahead of schedule in 1964. Their newest published estimates Are that they will catch up with the United states by 1968 in those production spheres which Are important to the Kremlin. The Kremlin then would be ready for the big offensive. These Hopes seem much exaggerated. If consumer goods Are ruled out of the picture soviet production might overtake America by 197$. But there a Small Comfort in that. There is Little expectation that the Kremlin intends waiting until its Over All production catches up. Already at the expense of the soviet consumer it shows signs of preparing to throw enough soviet resources into foreign economic Aid programs to affect significantly the political behaviour of emerging countries. Soviet economic Power already is a potent weapon of politics in Kremlin foreign policy backed by an evident Kremlin Confidence in soviet military might. The experts Are not about to reach for the panic Button however. Another Side to the Coin is this the Kremlin is loaded with its own contradictions which can inhibit and interfere with its offensives abroad to expand communism. The user. Cannot veer away from wasteful inefficient system for fear that the ruling dictatorships concentrated Power will be diluted. Centralization of Power Long has adversely affected the soviet Economy and there is Strong pressure from soviet technocrats now in favor of More and More decentralization. Russians have sensed the emergence of a new sort of leadership which finds itself having to Compromise Between needs of the communist party a Power Structure and the rising demands of an educated population. The Kremlin is demanding More and More production per worker and More and More Quality in production. To help achieve this it has instituted systems of roving with Boyle by Hal Boyle new York a things a columnist might never know if he did no to open his mail mosquitoes and gentlemen have one thing in common both prefer blondes. The mosquitoes choose blondes because their skin is usually thinner and less resistant to biting but Why gentlemen prefer blondes is their own secret. What can a Man believe All my life in be thought Kilts were of scottish origin. Now in a told they were first brought to Scotland by a French tailor in 1745. It hurts the same in any language but a Black Eye is called a Blue Eye in Germany. In France ifs known As a poached Eye. Everyone has to live his own life and find by experience what is Best for him. On his 70th birthday Mark Twain warned a a done to try to reach old age by another Many a two things he Felt had helped him attain the biblical Span he a never smoked More than one Cigar at a time and for 30 years he limited himself to two meals a Day breakfast and dinner. Our quotable notables a an atheist a said John Buchan author and statesman a is a Man who has no invisible Means of Ever wonder Why the Blind paddlers and sightless strolling musicians in the Broadway area done to prefer to work in a factory or make brooms one big reason they can make up to $300 a week Selling pencils and tunes on the streets. Executive signs this one is a favorite of Stork club owner Sherman Billingsley a when Success turns a Many a head he is facing if Jacqueline Kennedy americans next first lady has any wish to decorate her new Home in january with foreign Antiques she will have to restrain her ambition. In the 1820s Congress put into Law a requirement that White House furnishings a be of Domestic make As far As incidentally Dwight d. Eisenhower will leave office with a claim to Fame often overlooked. He was one of Only two Bald headed men in american history elected to the presidency. The first was John Quincy Adams. Lady if you think cooking a thanksgiving dinner for your family is something of a chore even in a modern Kitchen think How much tougher it was for the Pilgrim mothers. The original thanksgiving feast in 1621 lasted for three Days a and 91 indians showed up As guests. Prosperity note looking for a Good business Opportunity then Why not open a finance company it is estimated that one out of four u. S. Families now Are living beyond their Means. It was t. A. Dorgan who observed a life is like eating artichokes you be got to go through so much to get so by Peter Edson inca Washington correspondent Washington Nea under hotter debate on Many College campuses than the football teams record or whom to Date for the next prom is the question of integration in greek Ietter social fraternities. Stated the other Way round its the proposal to remove All remaining restrictions of race or Creed for fraternity membership. Only a Small minority of the 100-plus menus and women a National fraternities Are now believed to Hae membership selectivity clauses in their constitutions. But fraternities with no discriminatory membership restrictions have not crossed color or religious lines until recent years and then Only in a few cases. For Over too years College fraternities have been free to choose their own members by whatever standards they cared to set without interference from College a labor incentives and bonuses along with High wages in some spheres but this applies new purchasing Power pressure and there is not enough consumer production to absorb it. Close observers Are confident that Given sufficient time this pressure will begin to change the Structure of soviet society. Btu they add a word of warning Tho Hierarchy would rather slow Down the rate of soviet growth deliberately than take chances with reforms which might bring about dangerous change. The party leadership does not want its All pervading influence Over soviet life to be weakened. And even if the soviet economic growth rate were slowed to half what it is now in the words of one competent observer of the Moscow scene the communists would a still have enough to be a source of interminable trouble to us whenever and wherever they thormities. Fraternities have of course been criticized for their snobbish Ness and overemphasis on social life. But in few instances have they been barred from campuses once accepted. The question of discriminatory fraternity membership clauses came into focus after world War ii. Soldiers of All races and creeds had fought Side by Side. They got i Bill of rights scholarship Grants and they went to College Side by Side. Veterans from the North played a prominent part in raising objections to discrimination in Campus social organizations. Amherst College in 1946 was the first to question the right of Freedom of Choice by fraternities in selecting their members. The next year Indiana University decreed that no new fraternities could be established on its Campus if their constitutions contained discriminatory membership restrictions. Fraternities already established at Indiana u. We Ere not required to change their membership requirements. But were urged to do so. And this is the pattern of minimum action followed by numerous other institutions including Illinois and Ohio Wesleyan. Southern California Oregon and Washington state. Accurate National data ire hard to secure. But at least 37 colleges and universities have taken some action on this question through 1959, there has been agitation for such action on 43 other campuses a a total of 80, perhaps More. Five of these protests have been led by faculty members a principally the Young social science professors who regard any form of discrimination As undemocratic and contrary to the highest educational ideals. At 17 other institutions the trustees have initiated action. On 21 campuses the student bodies themselves have protested and voted against discrimination in if vice president Nixon could run within one half of one per cent of the popular vote for senator Kennedy with his hands in his pockets the fault and the blame for this defeat and the implied additional danger of War and inflation Are Nixon s. As some of his friends observed to him soon after the first of his so called debates with Kennedy he was mincing around on his toes Hue Dewey in �?T44 and �?T48, and Kennedy was carrying the fight to him. He could and should have stood Flat footed and belted Kennedy with his party a treacherous and reckless responsibility for the Rise of soviet Russia red China and the Iron curtain. It was a terrible performance and Nixon has no excuse except in my uncharitable opinion the malady which ballplayers and fight managers Call Throat trouble. He choked up and tin canned. So now the Hope of the country rests in Congress which almost continuously since 1933 has been a docile instrument of the presidential will. The popular vote shows that every second voter in the country is opposed to Kennedy Many of them to the degree of absolute hatred for the heartless personal nature which he revealed in his betrayal of senator Joe Mccarthy Long after Mccarthy a death and in other ways. Thus Kennedy has no such a a mandate As Roosevelt assumed on the strength of the Panicky and somewhat sullen vote which dispossessed president Hoover in 1933. There were Many Idle breadwinners in 1932 including be it always remembered the usual proportion of never do Welis and incompetents who always make up a hard Core of any emergency of unemployment. But there were also Many republicans or uncommitted voters then who would have voted Republican if Hoover had been Frank enough to admit that prohibition had not Only failed of its declared purpose but had brought upon the country a criminal condition which for the first time required the services of two National police forces the Fri and the alcohol tax unit of the Treasury. We have never got the a men and the to men out of our hair and Congress has continued busily to pass Laws which create additional opportunities for these and other such Federal forces to intrude in criminal situations which normally would be the business of the state and municipal cops. With roughly half of the population against him this new president will proceed at the risk of his own political Success if he has the effrontery now to bid to the White House Frank Sinatra and the rather sinister band freely described by the knowing journalists of the Hollywood vegas Axis As the rat pack. It will not take Long to rally against the Kennedy family a solid element of citizens who smugly or not regard themselves As a a decent if the White House is Given Over to Bongo express and weird characters wearing Cas rovian beards. The connection Here is Wispy for the Only link Between Kennedy and Sinatra is the marriage of Kennedy a sister Pat to a hitherto unknown or at Best obscure Hollywood figure sometimes an actor named Peter Lawford. Lawford runs with Sinatra and company As any ambitious Ham Well might considering Sinatra a amazing control of the entertainment Industry. But it was hardly necessary to line up Sinatra and others of his a a pack in actual groups with Kennedy and his Mother at los Angeles and there is a Plain social commitment Between the presidential family Circle and an element which ratifies into the underworld of Las vegas los Angeles new York and Flor Ida. It used to have a big chapter in Havana where Sinatra and his underworld friends the Fis thettis raised historic hell for 5 Days with Lucky Luciano. There will be touch football on the White House Lawn and other developments reminiscent of the Days when Jimmy and Elliott were using the White House As a boiler room for their Kathleen Mavoureen Loans and other pressures and the old lady and Anna were grinding the Crank for dough in the sudden Access of literary Grace which descended on them with the elections returns. Jack Kennedy is such a notorious ingrate that he is bound to curdle the adulation of Many of those who had to learn the hard Way. New York confidential by Lee Mortimer by Lee Mortimer editors note we is recovering from a staph infection. Lee Mortimer a column Wil appear in this space during Winchell a absence. Washington Roundup see i to me. Isnit californians Bill Knowland coming outa a a retirement to team with Barry Coldwater for 1964?. Oops i made a boo boo. Its Paul Anka at the Concord thanksgiving and Fabian at the Pines. Anyway they re nearby. So was t that Fabian with Starlet tally Barnes at Al Coopers. Done to get confused. Tuesday Weld stars in a wild in the not tuesday wild in a Weld in the country.�?�. Sick or no Liz Taylor says Shell sue if Shirley Maclaine replacer her in the film a Irma be douce.�?�. The stage play goes to vegas next month and co producer Joe hipness the King of seventh ave., invests his profits in the new Lanai in the Winter Garden theatre bldg. Contrary to first announcements Harry Bloomfield has no connection with it. Monte Proser is just an employee. Debbie Power Loew and Arthur Loew or. Made Billy Reeds lit their fraternity chapters. It is die alumni fraternity members who provide strongest opposition to a letting Down the in ten cases of record student Active members of chapters have defied their National conventions and National organizations on the discrimination Issue and have had their Charters suspended. This has meant that these chapters became a a local fraternities o. Just boarding clubs with new names. The present trend of faculty administrative and trustee thinking on Many campuses is to encourage similar action by chapters whose National constitutions impose membership restrictions. Whenever this happens the local usually goes downhill because it cannot attract students who want tile advantages and pres Tige of belonging to a recognized National organization. A recent development on some campuses is the imposition of a compulsory pledging Rule guaranteeing fraternity membership to every student who desires to join such a group. Students not voluntarily pledged by the fraternities May be assigned to one by the faculty or College administration. A chapter that does no to take an assigned member May be closed. Among the important colleges and universities that have imposed some regulation on fraternity membership requirements Are Dartmouth Minnesota Wisconsin Williams Colorado Columbia Hamilton Vermont and Colgate. Tie club for their reconcile scene. What acting. Among the guests of Honor at the banshees luncheon at the Waldorf were medal of Honor winners. The Waldorf management put them in suite 4-f. Renee Durben glamorous Secretary of Glamor photog Murry Norman hit the Jackpot when she married millionaire Joe Kutsher of Kutsher a country club. Sen. Kennedy s plurality was simply ridiculous. This Alnut confidential i Hope those Nasty rumours about the Bill holdens Arentt True. In it certain they result merely from the fact that his work keeps them apart. He a one of the nicest Guys in Hollywood and that goes Foi Brenda too. The chief of my dept of Washington scuttlebutt advises me that Harvard a dear Landis will not be the permanent head of All the regulatory Agen cies. They Tel me that this is a Rumor put out by Landis egg head and Liberal friends in a attempt to Stampede Kennedy. President Joey Adams who Wor the of Lier hot race As head of american Guild of variety artist Wil get in under the wire of Jofh with a new York personal appearance when he opens with i hilarious routine and show at Sil Verman s International wednes Day following beloved Sophie Tuc Ker. Just tone sweetheart after another. Overheard at Andrea great neck a tile Only Job he had in years is the one on i nose. A la Britt May a curvaceous Cousin dining with Chas Hollerith or. Producer of a wrap it of the belts at the forum of that 12 Caesars and not discussing a the decline amp fal a i botch. Overheard at Eddie condones she gave him the Bounce when his checks began to. A barbs a by Hal Cochran turning in your govern me Bonds comes under the head very bad capital punishment. Imprisonment gives a Man Chance to find himself says judge. At least he knows Rig where he is. The latest thing in fall clothes usually is a woman. Ask the Hubby who has to wait. To the four flusher life is usually what you fake it

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