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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Burlington, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer possible showers tonight tuesday. Roundup on Page 6c. The daily times news times news family today a circulation 22,460 reaching More than 20,750 Alamance county Hornet with 80,000 readers 80th year no. 102 Price to cents associated press up telephoto service newspaper Enterprise Assn. North America newspaper Alliance Burlington n. C., monday november 20, 1967 a and Kino feature service world Book science news up Stock service association afternoon dailies 36 pages 4 sections Pound action has repercussions Many British angry Over act by Arthur l. Gashon associated press writer London apr repercussions to the 14.3 per cent devaluation in the British Pound rolled around the world today and bitter discontent brewed at Home among labovites conservatives and angry men in the Street. The governments announcement saturday that the Pound would be devalued from $2.80 to $2.40 provoked Matching devaluations in Spain Ireland Den Mark Israel and the British Colony of Hong Kong. Fifteen other nations said they were undecided while Ether nations kept their currency a ratio to the . Dollar steady. Prime minister Harold Wilson went on television sunday night to explain that the devaluation is meant to Spur British exports and that the limping Economy will have a Chance to a break out of the straitjacket of Boom and bust. Most countries that devalued with Britain Are suppliers of food and raw materials meaning British buyers can import from them at the same old prices. British salesmen stand to gain in countries that held fast. The government is in effect giving them a 14.3 per cent subsidy to undercut their Competition increase their profits or a combination of both. However Many prices on the Home Market will go up result ing in a curtailment of buying. T Quot ? via y s i 1 5 Quot y y British financial Center closed crowds of businessmen gathered today in Throgmorton Street in the Center of London a financial District As Stock exchanges and Banks throughout England closed for the Day following the weekend devaluation of the Pound. Early indication was that reputable jobbers and brokers would not be dealing and yesterday the chairman of the London Stock Exchange said there would be no dealing for one Day. Up Cable photo. Heavy losses inflicted the government Hopes this will turn manufacturers to the Export Market so that Britain a balance of payments will move toward the Black again. Wilson a conservative opposition reacted As expected. Tory Leader Edward Heath charged that under labor leadership Britain had been a reduced from a prosperous nation to an International conservatives spread word that they expected the entire valuation and showed no sign of breaking up. An emergency debate on the crisis is scheduled in parliament tuesday and wednesday. The conservatives no doubt will introduce a motion of censure but with a nominal majority of nearly too votes Wilson has no Chance of being driven from office. The devaluation was accompanied by a boost of the Bank of England a discount rate which sets the pattern of interest rates in the Sterling bloc from 6 to 8 per cent. This prompted the . Federal Reserve Board to increase its discount rate from 4 to 4vfe per cent in an Effort to keep dollars from going abroad to get higher interest rates. President Johnson tried to Stop any notion that the United states would devalue the Dollar. He reaffirmed the . Commitment to buy and sell Gold at the existing Price of $35 an ounce. Only by raising the Price could see Many on Page 8-a discount rate hiked in u. S. By Joseph r. Coyne associated press writer Washington own the Federal Reserve boards discount rate moved up a notch today in what officials described As an Effort to protect the Dollar in the Wake of the British Pound devaluation. U. S. Unit takes beating by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a North vietnamese regulars surrounded a . Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam scentral Highlands today and with heavy ground assaults and mortar attacks apparently inflicted heavy casualties. An american Relief Force reached the scene at dusk. The battalion of the . 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out dead and wounded. Heavy enemy ground fire kept Rescue helicopters away. Associated press correspondent John Lengel reported from Dak to about 15 Miles from the fighting the heavy communist fire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties. It could not be determined immediately what caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the High lands Campaign came As . Planes bombed the Hanoi Hai Phong area for the fifth straight Day on sunday. The attacks in eluded blows against the fifth and six targets to come off the 3n4ulc Ynck sex amusements a a Bridge. So business go checking up.8a classified .6-7d comics.4d Counselor .8d editorials .4a obituaries.2b science and you 5d sports.1-3d to radio a women new -------1-5c Pentagon a restricted list in four Days. They Are a Concrete Plant and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. The . Command announced the loss of four planes bringing the total number of losses Over the North to 749 aircraft. The four planes carried six crewmen All of whom Are missing. The belief grew among american commanders that the communists at Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved earlier this year just below the demilitarized zone draw Large american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them Down in the sparsely settled mountains. Some 6,000 americans and 4.000 South vietnamese now Are at Dak to 270 Miles North of Saigon opposing an estimated 6.000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. North vietnamese soldiers dug in on a Hill 14 Miles Southwest of Dak to killed 40 paratroopers of the u. S. 173rd air borne brigade and wounded 42 in an All Day Battle sunday. The paratroopers swept the Battlefield today but there was no immediate report of How Many enemy bodies they found. Field reports told of three clashes within 800 Yards of each other. The North vietnamese broke Contact after seven hours under a heavy bombardment by u. S fighter bombers and artillery. Elsewhere in the area two u. S. 4th infantry division companies fought four Miles South of Dak to and the South vietnamese reported a Victory saturday on Hill 1416, five Miles Northeast of the Dak to Airstrip. The 4th division reported three . Infantrymen and seven North vietnamese soldiers killed and 12 americans wounded. The South vietnamese said their paratroopers and . See u. S. On Page 8-a the Rise from 4 to 4vfe per cent is identical to one put into effect on dec. 5, 1965, but that was for a different reason a to Stem inflation. It triggered a year of tight Money. This time however the move is designed to prevent a heavy flow of dollars overseas in search of higher interest rates. Its expected to have Little immediate effect on consumer interest rates in this country. When it devalued the Pound on saturday from $2.80 to $2.40, Britain also raised its discount rate from 6 to 8 per cent. The . Discount rate is the interest commercial Banks must pay the Federal Reserve for Money they borrow from the system. Other rates Are pegged upward from it. In this Case however the Ward is bringing its rate More in line with interest rates elsewhere in the world Economy rather than tracking new ground. Interest rates generally Are at their highest level in almost half a Century. But some officials said the higher discount could tend in the Long run toward an increase in rates Consumers pay for Loans. In this connection it could have an anti inflationary effect but officials emphasized that would be Only a Side effect. The Federal Reserve acted at an emergency saturday night meeting and its decision was announced sunday. There was no immediate reaction from the White House. A statement by Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler said nothing about the discount rate Secretary Henry h. Fowler said nothing about the discount rate and mentioned worldwide cooperation to help tile British. He expressed Confidence the United kingdom would achieve its objective of improved Competition in world markets. Man a Texas of the House banking committee a frequent critic of Federal Reserve Board policy said of the discount rate see discounts on Page 8-a train with chlorine Gas wrecks nov. 20�?200 million americans. Jas the i is my is a a a a v. A . K fourth to hit Mark by Ron Ruthfield associated press writer Newton Ala. A bus oads of residents darted Back to their Homes for a few minutes sunday night to grab clothing keepsakes and pets under a threat of the escape of 100,000 Gallons of deadly chlorine Gas. A state agent said officials lowered barricades briefly to Send in four busloads limited to one member of a household. He said More than too persons were allowed to Brave the danger to bring out items essential for a second night away from Home for nearly 3,000 persons who fled saturday after a 49-car freight train derailed and caught fire. Two boys were reported missing after the evacuation. Skeet Pate an Alabama department of Public safety agent said sue tankers of ammonia were burning near tank ers loaded with propane and a Tanker of chlorine Gas. He said the outer Hull of the double walled chlorine Tanker was cracked. The fires were being contained by civilian firefighters and units from nearby it. Rucker Pate said but added that flames continued to erupt occasionally throughout the rubble see train on Page 8-a by Joseph r. Coyne associated press writer. Washington president Johnson was interrupted in the Middle of a speech today by the recorded arrival of the nations newest citizen a an unknown who raised the . Population figure above 200 million for the first time. The interruption came at 11 04.15 . Est when the census clock showed the United states had officially joined communist China India and the soviet Union As the Only nations with More than 200 million residents. Johnson who was posing challenges for americans third Century and next too million persons paused just in time to see the historic figure appear on the clock. An overflow crowd at the ceremony cheered applauded. The president said nation faced three questions Over and Over during the past 200 years a a shall we be a free nation a a shall we be one nation a and a shall we be a humane nation a a we answered each of these i Illic and the questions once a Johnson said. A but once was not enough. They had to be answered again and again by each succeeding he said each time the answer has always been the same yes. A now we Are coming to grips with a fourth question a Johnson said. A it May be the hardest one we have Ever tried to answer. It is this shall we be a great nation a a that is the question for the third Century and for the see population on Page 8-a costs rising fast two sides two views can there be Victory in Vietnam by William l. Ryan a special correspondent president Johnson is pictured As trying to persuade americans that they Are gradually winning in Vietnam. The communist Side is engaged at the same time in spreading the idea that an american attempt to insure Victory would be dangerous to the world. The russians confronted with their own dilemmas in Southeast Asia probably would Settle for a Long drawn out stalemate in the Vietnam War so Long As the standoff continued to Drain . Resources without raising the danger of a soviet american showdown. They May calculate that events could get out of hand at least from their Point of View. Even if what soviet propagandists say is intended Only to introduce a red herring into the Southeast Asia situation there is an ominous sound to it. The propaganda notably that portion of it directed to Southeast Asia insists that the United states has a new a escalation plan a based upon the invasion of North Vietnam and Extension of the War into the rest of Indochina. Radio peace and Progress Moscow a propaganda voice for Asia makes the claim that Gen. William c. Westmoreland the american commander visited Washington specifically to talk with president Johnson about a new plan to invade the North. A it appears Gen. Westmoreland wants to prove that it is in dispensable to outflank the positions of the vietnamese patriots for a . Victory a Moscow said. A the new criminal plan also provides for the Extension of the War to Cambodia and Laos. With this in mind Green Beret units Are being transferred to the frontiers of Laos and this suggests that should american fortunes in Southeast Asia improve dramatically there exists an already built in pretext for heavier soviet involvement in the situation. There seems More than a veiled hint in the soviet words that a . Attempt to achieve an appearance of Victory would inevitably Lead to wider War in Asia and perhaps to world War ii. The question of widened War in Asia May depend upon the definition of if Victory for the american Side Means capitulation and withdrawal of North Vietnam a troops from the South the soviet Union will face the necessity of considering what response it should make to uphold its claim to the leadership of International communism. The United states is the Lead ing Power in today a world. It is deeply committed by the expenditure of blood and riches to the future of South Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Most advocates of a change in administration policy do not go so far As to demand a precipitate . Withdrawal such As the communists seek. The soviet Union too has invested riches in the Vietnam War though on a far lesser scale than the United states. It Likely fears to have that investment go Down the Drain As did the soviet investment in the Arab cause in the Middle East. President Johnson has spoken in terms of a limited neither the United states nor the soviet Union seems to relish the Prospect of an expanded War in Asia though each is aware that events can make it inevitable. The mathematics of the global struggle thus can be so frightening As to suggest that each Side May weigh the advisability of stopping Short of a Clear Cut defeat for the other. Health crisis is predicted by Douglas b. Cornell associated press writer Washington a a presidential commission warned today a National health crisis May a be upon us now or just around the already it said the system of caring for americans health is in a state of crisis with costs rising far faster than living expenses and gaps apparent in the Quality and distribution of services. The commission questioned whether the country is getting its Money a Worth from the increasing billions going into health care since there has been Only a Small gain in life expectancy. It suggested health might be improved More by comparable expenditures in such areas As sanitation Educa Tion and better housing. Among More than 50 curative for current problems the commission prescribed a for doctors dentists and other professionals periodic examinations for renewal of their licenses As a prod to keep up their skills and knowledge and to discourage a unnecessary or Overly expensive tests and treatments on the part Oft Given to a National service other some. The commission listed re than selective service. Views by Peers or associates As one of its most important recommendations. A for hospitals financial rewards for efficiency and Quality care so the better ones might expand and Prosper and the worse ones go out of business. A Federal financial help to medical and dental schools to improve Quality and expand enrolment. Loans to students covering full tuition and living costs repayable Over a period of years or in two years time How a bout that fire truck not tire truck Dallas Tex. Win a policeman his patrol car stopped by a Flat tire called the dispatcher for help. Minutes later a fire truck roared up. Back on the radio the policeman was heard to say a no sir. I said tire truck a a highest priority for improving health care of disadvantaged persons. President Johnson named the 15-Man commission last May. He asked it to recommend ways of improving the availability and use of health manpower. Representatives of labor finance education Industry hospitals Medicine and the press served under the chairmanship of j. Irwin Miller chairman of the Board of Cummins engine co., inc., Columbus ind. Heart transplant attempt ready by Robert Goldenstein a science writer Chicago in a surgeons at californians Stanford medical Center Are ready to make the worlds first human heart transplant whenever the Ideal donor and Ideal recipient appear there at the same time the journal of the american medical association said today. A we think the Way is Clear for trial of human heart transplantation a or. Norman e. Shumway head of Stanford a division of cardiovascular surgery was quoted As saying. A we have achieved a degree of experience with animal heart transplantation in the Laboratory which makes us confident we can take appropriate care of the patient with a cardiac transplant a he said. The journal article said these types of recipients Are being considered at the Palo Alto medical Center a a patient whose heart cannot be restored to Normal pulse when taken off a heart lung machine during open heart surgery. A children born with heart defects for which there is no corrective surgery or treatment. The Ideal donor would be a relatively Young person dying of causes unconnected with heart disease. Shumway said the Ideal donor and Ideal recipient have not been patients in the Center at the identical time although patients of both types have been treated there recently. Experiments have shown that if the heart is removed from the donor within a half hour after death the Organ suffers no damage from Lack of oxygen. The time Span can be lengthened somewhat if the heart is immersed in cold Salt water. This limits heart transplantation attempts at present to emergency situations in which both donor and recipient Are immediately available

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