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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Burlington, North Carolina Dewberry. .1 . State. .15 clemson.38 East Carolina. .61 Duke .42 maryland.211i Elon .17 Penn state .14 North Carolina .35 Virginiaro Wake Forest. .14 Cincinnati. .191 weather mild with High in the upper 70s. See weather round up Page 2a. 88th year no. 108 the daily times news Price 15 cents Burlington . Sunday morning nov. 9, 1975 6 sections 62 Page portuguese forces Brace for fighting. Lisbon Portugal apr portuguese armed forces went on nationwide Alert saturday after an outbreak of terrorist attacks and an accusation by the communist party that a a counterrevolutionary coup do eat is in advanced the Alert which confines troops to Barracks for an in definite period was expected to extend at least through tuesday when Portugal Grants Independence to Angola its last african Possession. The Independence of the immensely Rich african country and the fighting there Between soviet backed and Western oriented libera Tion movements for control is tightly interwoven into the struggle for Power Here Between leftists moderate socialists and the right Wing. The Alert which went into effect at 8 a.m., came Only a few hours after unknown men in cars hurled hand grenades at five Lisbon police stations causing ii Ujj Fly. J Complete Wake Forest s John Sabia grabs a pass for a gain of 16 Yards during yesterday s game with Duke. No. 23 for Duke is Kirk May and no. 42 is Laniel Crawford. See Complete sports wrap up on Page in. Up. Decision is tomorrow in life or death Case Morristown n j. Apr Superior court judge Robert Muir or. Has scheduled a closed court session monday to announce his decision in the Case of Karen Anne Quinlan a comatose new Jersey woman whose parents want her to be allowed to a die with Muir will reveal his decision monday afternoon to Joseph and Julia Quinlan and to the state physicians and Hospital which entered the Case in opposition to the Quinlan. The decision will be made Public later in the Day court officials said. Quinlan has asked to be named guardian of his 21-year-old daughter so that he can order removal of the life support system which has kept her alive for More than six months although her brain is dead and there is no Hope of recovery. Others in the Case contend that shutting off miss Quinlan a Respirator would constitute mercy killing a homicide. In a similar Case detectives in Nassau county new York Are investigating the death of Maryjane Dahl a 16-year-old girl who died a week ago when someone shut off and unplugged her Respirator. An attorney says he was retained by the Dahl girls family because a a the atmosphere is charged with hysteria. Its All because of the Karen Anne Quinlan miss Quinlan is considered in a vegetative state with irreversible brain damage. Her parents say she would Tod i a Jiuu hey Cloudy Sun nov. 9, 1975 years Aoa ii today a Bicentennial Calendar november 9, 1775 Congress learns that King George Iii has rejected the Quot Olive Branch petition. The plea for peace was written by John Dickinson whose 43rd birthday was yesterday. Local inventor strikes Page id Duke ties for acc Page in tribute to a Friend see Page 2d Index classified4d editorials4a horoscope.3a obituaries.2a weather.2a women a damage but no serious injuries. The stations House Security units that Are being accused by some airborne troops of planting the explosives that destroyed a leftist radio station Friday on the orders of the country a military ruling body. The full Alert was the second emergency measure of its kind in two weeks. Two weeks ago the Continental Security command cop co which ordered the Alert said there was danger of counterrevolutionary action by right Wing forces. This time cop con gave no explanation for the Alert but it reflected a mood of gathering tension. The communist party Central committee said in a statement that a a it is evident that a counter revolutionary coup do eat is in advanced it condensed a demonstration of support for the moderate civilian government planned for sunday in Lisbon with the backing of the socialist and centrist popular democratic parties the two major partners in the government coalition. The communists have one member in the Cabinet. This demonstration and other scheduled meetings a serve objectively in plans for a counter revolutionary conspiracy a the communists said. A they require As an answer a prompt Alert by All moderates have repeatedly said however that they fear a coup from the left could come just before angolan Independence. Anti default strategy being mapped for new York City new York a gov. Hugh l. Carey met with political and financial leaders saturday to plan last ditch anti default strategy while mayor Abraham d. Beame held separate meetings on additional City spending cuts ordered by the emergency financial control Board. As those meetings progressed House majority Leader Thomas p. A a tips of Neill in town to study the City a financial crisis for himself predicted that president Ford a will save new York by signing legislation to help the City avoid default. The president has said he would veto any a a bailout legislation but has urged that bankruptcy Laws be revised to help a Post default new York run More smoothly. Of Neill a Massachusetts Democrat said a Bill providing Federal loan guarantees to help the City avoid default and changing bankruptcy Laws in Case default comes will reach the House floor a week from monday. A a i have known Gerald Ford intimately for 24 years and i know he will agree to save new York if Congress gives him a Bill he can live with a of Neill said. The governors weekend meetings were called to Dis Compromise talks resume As third Sahara front is formed Agadir. Morocco api a unarmed moroccan marchers were reported massed saturday to enter the Spanish Sahara at a third Point As King Hassan ii and a Spanish Cabinet minister reopened talks on a possible Compromise Over the disputed territory. The moroccan newspaper la opinion quoted a Field correspondent As saying a Large group was preparing to open the new front just 30 Miles West of the algerian Border a joining the 120,000 marchers facing a Spanish minefield and legionnaires near the Atlantic coast and an unconfirmed number at another front roughly Midway Between the coast and the algerian Frontier. Antonio Carro Martinez Spain a minister of the pre not want to be kept alive by mechanical equipment when there is no Chance she will Ever live a Normal life again. However her doctors and St. Clarets Hospital in Danville where miss Quinlan has been confined in the intensive care unit since april 25, say they Are committed to prolonging life. They say if the court rules in this Case it would be inter Fering with the doctor patient relationship and would be a attempting to practice legally the miss Quinlan Scase is unique because it seeks Advance Sanction for an action that doctors say will hasten the patients death. It is generally considered medically acceptable not to apply extraordinary measures to sustain life but unacceptable to terminate such measures already put into effect. For the first time the court is being asked to determine Why cessation of extraordinary Means should be considered illegal while failure to Institute such Means is not. The Quinlan Case was heard in the chancery division of Superior court a new Jersey state court. Muir 43, cleared his Calendar for two weeks to work on a decision after hearings closed oct. 27. Belize military buildup Complete Belize City Belize apr great Britain completed its military reinforcement of Belize saturday against reported preparations by neighbouring Guatemala to invade the Central american Colony. The latest arrivals included six Royal air Force harrier vertical Takeoff and Landing Jet aircraft. The planes Ideal for use Over the Jungle Border with Guatemala have been assigned to complement More than a dozen armoured vehicles equipped with 50-caliber machine guns. Britain has brought in 350 infantrymen to augment the 650 troops of the Gloucestershire regiment who usually guard the Small Colony of 8.866 Square Miles. In addition the Belize armed forces have received three Puma helicopters British cargo planes have brought in several loads of ammunition and other supplies and the Royal Navy frigate Zulu is patrol ing the Southern coast North of Punta Gorda where a few weeks Back ago guatemalan patrol boats were sighted. Church terms Choice a mistake Miers office flew unexpectedly into Agadir Morocco a temporary capital after a discussion of the crisis by the Spanish Cabinet on Friday. King Hassan received Carro in his Agadir Palace. Among others attending the session were moroccan Premier Ahmed Osman an foreign minister Ahmed Lara i. Before the meeting Between Hassan and Carro began moroccan information minister Ahmed Taibi Benham told newsmen a you can expect a decisive turn of events in the next 24 he did not elaborate but the statement was widely regarded As confirmation of reports that a Compromise was in the making. Those at the first opening began crossing the Border thursday South of Taraya but stopped when they came to what Spain Calls its a a dissuasion line of mines barbed wire and legionnaires about six Miles across the Frontier. Military officials said the second opening was made by trucking 100,000 other volunteers to an area about 120 Miles East a an apparent attempt to get around the landmines. But newsmen in the area saw Only an Esti i mated 5,000 marchers at one Point and 60 to 80 transport trucks at another Point. The third opening if confirmed would further increase the risk of a direct confrontation with Algeria which has denounced the March As an a invasion with aggressive intent and an attempt to deprive the 80,000 Sahara inhabitants of their right to self determination. Cuss possible default by the end of next week by state agencies such As housing finance the dormitory authority and the medical facilities financing corp. Those agencies must Roll Over about $500 million in Short term debt and have found capital markets closed because of the City a troubles. If $150 million is not found by next week new York City will default but Carey has been publicly optimistic the Money will be found in time. Beame. Who has been less optimistic engaged in meetings saturday to detail an additional $200 million in spending cuts ordered by the control Board set up by the state to oversee City expenses. Bankers also were meeting on saturday in an Effort to determine How to come up with the $150 million to save new York from default next week first National City Bank the City a largest and second largest Bank in the nation said a new York City default would not cause nationwide economic disaster but should be staved off a to avoid pointless in its monthly newsletter the Bank said a the strongest argument for Federal assistance rests not on the illusive fears of a National and International Chain reaction but on the avoidance of severe local problems that would occur in the event of Charleston . Apr sen. Frank Church who Heads the Senate intelligence committee said saturday he thinks president Ford a made a mistake in choosing George Bush As the new Cia director. Church a Idaho told a news conference he thought it was the a wrong jobs for Bush former Republican National chairman who currently Heads the . Diplomatic Mission to China. Church said the Central intelligence Agency should be kept a a professional nonpartisan nonpolitical talking with reporters before speaking a West Virginia businessmen a group Church described fired Cia chief William Colby As a a fall Guy who has had to answer for past Agency policies. Church said Colby has been open and truthful with the intelligence committee. The committees final report will be ready in february. Herrema tells Story or. Tiede Herrema holds a Bullet taken from the gun that kidnapper Eddie Gallagher held to his head while he was being held hostage for 18-Days. Or. Herrema said Gallagher gave him the Bullet As a memento before he released the doctor saturday. Looking on is or. Herrema s wife Elizabeth. Doctor Bills May be increased Raleigh apr an insurance company started by the North Carolina medical society May end up with medical malpractice insurance rates so High that it wont be Able to survive a spokesman for the company said. The result of higher insurance rates will be higher charges by physicians. The Price for an office visit could go up $1 or $2 and major surgery could increase by $100. Steve Morrisette of the medical society staff told a legislative study commission the company apparently will have to charge rates As much As 500 to 900 per cent higher. A general practitioner for example would pay $967 a year for malpractice coverage instead of about $190, and insurance for a neurosurgeon would jump from the present $870 to about $12,000, he said. The higher insurance costs would be passed on to patients just As higher office rent would Morrisette said. Because of the higher insurance premiums by the society is company some doctors wont be Able to insure with it and the Young company May be ruined for Lack of business he said. When the company was set up there appeared no other Way to ensure availability of malpractice insurance. Since then St. Paul fire and Marine insurance co., which handled More than 90 per cent of the malpractice business in the state was Given a big rate increase from state insurance commissioner John Ingram and some doctors May elect to stay with it. A Many of the doctors were astounded at the rates we have to charge a Morrisette said in an interview. A whether or not Well be Able to sell because of the higher rates in a not sure right Ingram commented recently that higher rates by the company also reflect a different kind of coverage. Coverage by St. Paul is on a claims made basis meaning if a doctor makes a mistake this year but it Isnit apparent for five years he May not be protected. Under that Type of coverage the doctor is protected if he has insurance with the same company when the mistake occurs and when a suit is filed. But if he leaves the company because of death retirement disability or just to get coverage elsewhere he or his heirs must pay an extra charge to have Protection continued. The medical society a company offers occur Ance coverage which was offered by St. Paul until recently

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