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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 5

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Burlington, North Carolina5a Burlington . Daily times news saturday May 28, 1966 some changes seen cuban military a in withdrawal from Europe ruled out h ordered by Castro by Isaac m. Flores Havana a prime minister Fidel Castro said Friday night he is convinced the United states is planning armed aggression against Cuba and ordered a state of Alert for Cuba s armed forces. In a communique read Over the one on monday night during the past five months. He said two intruders who got within the base Boundary on March 11 May have been wounded by Buckshot before escaping across the Fence. A cuban armed forces spokes Man there 93 incidents at the base this year and americans have fired 248 shots at cubans. In addition radio and television Castro accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of practically threat ening us with War Over armed clashes Between . And cuban forces along the perimeter of the . Naval base at Guantanamo in Southeastern Cuba. President Osvaido Bonicos immediately called in the ambassadors of communist coun tries and asked for volunteers willing to Aid Cuba against the threat of aggression by Yankee the ambassadors present included those of communist Chi a the soviet Union and North Viet Nam and the representative of the Viet Cong guerrillas in South Viet Nam. There was no report on the response to Dorticos request. Castro said the . Defense department lied in claiming that six cuban soldiers penetrated the . Base monday and exchanged fire with Ameri can guards. Rusk told a news conference Friday the United states had protested the incident and demanded that such actions Stop. A defense department spokes Man said As far As is known no one was injured in the Exchange of gunfire. Castro said the Pentagon ver Sion does not contain the slightest element of truth and likened it to lies which he said always precede the aggression of Yankee he denounced the chiefs of Pentagon As a gang of reactionaries bandits criminals without scruples and maybe by such improbable and fake declarations they Are trying to create psychological conditions to unleash an aggression against our he said. Cuba will never abandon custody of our territory which is virtually what Rusk is de Castro said. Instead what we will do immediately is put our revolutionary armed for pc All who Nonno of Cuba in a state of he said the United states should not even bother to Send a diplomatic note on such allegations because it would not be accepted. I we have often said we do not j want a War. But we Are not ostriches in believing that Imperi Alist aggression can be stopped by sentimental exhortations to reason right and Cas Tro said. The prime minister also reiterated cuban claims that . Forces at Guantanamo had shot to death a cuban sentry last saturday night while he was on guard on cuban soil. The defense department has said the cuban was shot after he entered the base and failed to obey a command to halt. The cuban government claims the sentry Luis Ramirez Lopez was shot in the Back while standing sentry duty at a Concrete Bunker on cuban Terri tory outside the base. A spokes Man said the shot that killed Ramirez was fired from an american vehicle which was 90 Yards away behind a double barbed wire Fence on base Terri tory. Castro s brother armed forces minister Raul Castro said at Ramirez funeral that Cuba would redouble its efforts to Aid guerrilla movements in latin America Asia and Africa in retaliation for the killing of Ramirez. He also reiterated cuban de mands that the United states get out of Guantanamo. The United states holds the base under a 1903 treaty with the then cuban government. A . Defense department spokesman Friday there have been 11 incidents such As by John m. Hightower Washington a Secretary of slate Dean Rusk has ruled out any major withdrawal of . Troops from Germany. He said european allies have been assured our forces will j remain there As Long As they Are needed and i a. Gromyko s Call for a pan ithe world Powers in Central Eu-iwash., whose National Security european Security conference. Which is bound up with this subcommittee has been holding Denmark plans to broach hearings on nato and the troop idea at the Brussels meeting. Senate majority Leader Mike commitment Issue said he sup qualified diplomats in London Mansfield has proposed thinning said the United states and . Forces in Europe and icus other Allied countries react Jan associated press poll of 75 red cautiously but not shows 44 favored some Rusk also told a news Confer Ownen notified of me danish in-1 reduction in the ence Friday he Hopes members Tention. Of the North Atlantic treaty organization can reach firm decisions soon on plans for re moving nato s military head quarters and bases from France. He said ways to improve East West relations will be Dis cussed extensively when he and american soldiers have aued foreign ministers de on cuban Terri thrown rocks and suits at cuban civilians he said. I his comments came As Mitory and have gather in Brussels june 6 for a and shouted in-1 nato Council meeting. The state department had no i Allied move was reported under immediate comment on Castro s Way in Europe to respond to statements. I soviet foreign minister Andrei any conference on european Security would Center on the continued division of Germany 26 years after the Start of world War ii. West German Chancel Lor Ludwie Erhard spoke of this division Friday when he said one of the great tasks of the . Force in Western Europe under nato. Six . Army divisions Are in West Germany. Rusk said the nato military situation and possible threats against Western Europe would be reviewed in the Brussels con ports Rusk s views. Hopefully in time there can be some reduction of american ground forces but certainly this is not the time to discuss the Jackson said. To reduce America s commitment to a Token unit could bring nato to the Point of Disi Tegra sen. Thomas j. Mclntyre d n.h., who has urged that the sunday specials be but declared of Ameri junked states consumer sub Sta n can forces in Germany tial troop reduction to prod Al Atlantic Alliance is to begin a we have indicated that our lies in to carrying bigger de real dialog with the comm i forces will remain there As Long sense responsibilities said he nist world. As they Are needed and wanted j thinks it was a Good sign the it is possible to ignore we have also indicated to Secretary had to reassure allies. An displeasure of germans Over the nato Council that we do obviously he said european the division of their country not anticipate withdrawing a leaders have heard the talk of Erhard said. It is not units from to ignore the confrontation of i sen. Henry m. Jackson d troop reductions and Are asking what s this All no raise seen Columbia a a lawyer representing Columbia police men seeking a pay increase says they apparently won t be it. David a. Fedor who carried the Appeal for a Raissi and bet Ter fringe benefits before City manager Carey c. Burnett said Friday the officers were told in effect that if they did t like the Way things were going they could get another the police officers presented their grievances to the City Council last wednesday bul were ruled out of order by May or Lester l. Bates. 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