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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 4

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Burlington, North CarolinaThe daily times news 707 South main Street Burlington n. Published daily except sunday by times news publishing co. A. Howard White editor Rudy m. Fonville general manager Harry w. Puckett mechanical superintendent going for broke a conservative View subscription rates by Carrier i 35c month 11.51 to mall in Al Nunra county 1 Ymir n. Tax me total ski. Sunlit Mano in North Carolina 1 year 114.00, n. To total out Side Norm Carollou 1 year Ottier mail on request. Second class postage Pem at Burlington n. Advertising rates classified advertising per line 11 cents minimum charge 54c display advertising rate on request National advertising representatives Ward Griffith inc new York Philadelphia Boston Chicago Detroit san Francisco Atlanta chs lotto los Pittsburgh Seattle let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from god. And those that exist have been instituted by no Art can conquer the people people Are conquered by an Ideal of life upheld by Butler Yeats Irish author. 4a saturday afternoon May 28, 1966 sentiment in Oregon Florida appears favored by nation two political races certainly cannot mean a trend but they can Lead to considerable Specula Tion. In Oregon the conclusion must be that at least in one state the Home also of sen. Wayne m0rse _ president Johnson s Viet Nam policy has been endorsed if the judgment can be based on who won in the election. Robert b. Duncan who said that u. S. Involvement in Viet Nam is necessary won a sizable Victory Over his opponent Howard mor Gan who said the Viet Nam War Marks a tragic error for the nation. Then in Florida gov. Haydon Burns called his opponent Miami mayor Robert King High a candidate of the negro bloc and a protege of sen. Robert f. Ken Nedy of new York. The Miami mayor Defeated the incumbent governor Basing his Campaign on integrity in government. What do these elections and Viott we Natorp in other us it s hard to conclude that t h e Viet Nam Issue was the differ ence separating the two Oregon candidates but there is Little else on which to judge since there were few differences Between the two on other Points of govern ment. Yet we can ask ourselves whether the vote also Means that the state is denouncing its other senator sen. Morse. This can t be determined for there has been no indication in the past that Morse was in trouble on the Home front for his stand against the administration and its Viet Nam policy. It is less difficult to understand the Florida outcome. Except for Alabama the South has been moving More to the moderate position of government As against the More declared opposition to civil rights adjustments. Time has erased much of the strength of the candidate who would base his Campaign on racial issues. It still must be accepted How Ever that while issues Are of prime importance the candidates themselves still carry first consideration in the minds of most Vot ers. Regardless of the issues involved a candidate who does not present himself As competent honorable and qualified will have a difficult time overcoming an opponent who presents such an irm Cro from the ballot boxes of t w o states however Are told that the majority of voters do support the nation s Viet Nam policy and also Are against taking the racial Issue further into Public debate. This seems to reflect too the sentiment of the nation As it now stands. John a. Bailey the career of John a. Bailey shows much influence on t h e Teal estate and business develop ment of this area since he came Here approximately 35 years ago As a Young lawyer to prac Tice a profession that gradually yielded to other interests. The Legal world fascinated him in his earlier years but he gradually found an even greater Chal Lenge in business that took h i m into leadership roles in transportation insurance and in trans forming land into profitable projects that contributed much to the growing development of our area. He also gave strongly of himself to the City As a Council Man for six years and As mayor pro Tern during one term. Through the Many shifts in his expanding career however he never changed in his Basic values in life. He gave of himself strongly to the first Baptist Church and to Christian education and from the Detroit free press service and to opportunities of making his contribution to worthy causes that entered on the unfortunate and those individuals whose spirit was fragile and shaken. His health in recent years had not permitted him to be the Active planner and Developer that marked most of his career. Yet he served As an inspiration in the Way he tried to make his time count and to still gain the Satis faction of what each Day could offer. No one Ever doubted but t 1 Puiul lie Iii Aue cd Cir Iliili Lutc and Day measure to the fullest extent that his limitations in health permitted. With his family Church friends and in the wide scope of business interests he showed his Dedica Tion integrity his Many talents and his courage. And the admiration for t h e s e Marks of character will not be easily forgotten nor removed from influence upon those who shared them with him. Badge of courage the fetish of proudly flaunting the physical scars left by encounters with possible death is As old As the human race. Throughout history primitive and not so primitive american Indian the spartan Warrior and the Heidelberg Cadet have courted Dan Ger to prove Manly valor and have proudly worn the residual Marks left by the resulting contusions and Abras ions. Prizefighter have their Cauli Flower ears skiers their autographed casts Mountain climbers their Frost bitten noses skaters their ten Riis players their elbows and base Ball players their now a new badge of courage proven has made the scene surfer s no surfer s nodules appear in due course on the Veteran surfer s Knes feet and toes As a result of kneeling on his surfboard while paddling out to catch the next Comber. Or. J. Gordon Erickson a California dermatologist who treats Many of them reports that the lumps Are usually painless but sometimes grow to sizes that make it difficult to Wear shoes. They disappear when a surfer gives up the sport which he does t of course willingly do. Or. Erickson has persuaded some surfers suffering from or Rattler bask ing in the glory of having developed nodules to Wear aluminium knee Caps. But surfers who Are really with it their nodules to Label them As the real Mccoy. In the tame world in which we live we concede that there have to be substitutes for the dangers that bred in our ancestors the instinct for survival also substitutes for the Marks that once proved that a Man had Success fully confronted and bested the forces ranged against him. But housemaids knee gracious Washington merry go round Oil companies and taxes by Drew Pearson Washington _ president Johnson could finance the Viet Nam War without raising taxes simply by closing the Oil loopholes and compelling the Oil companies to pay their fair share of the tax Load. This is the View of Treasury experts who estimate that the 20 top Oil companies alone escaped paying s6 billion in taxes during the 1955 65 period. The taxes these 20 companies managed to avoid would i Narp the in trip vips Nam War for eight months. Of course every cent the Oil companies do not pay must be made up by less privileged tax payers. Even the smallest Busi Ness and the lowest wage earn ers for example pay 20 per cent of their income in Federal taxes. Yet the 22 largest o i 1 companies paid Only i per cent of their income to the u. S. Treasury in 1964 according to the latest available figures. Though the Oil companies try to suppress information about their tax payments this column has Learned that five Oil companies Atlantic Marathon Richfield Sinclair and Sunray paid no Federal taxes at All in 1964. Pure Oil paid Only on earnings of w h i c h amounts to a tax rate of one Hundredth of one per cent. Even the giant of the Oil Industry Standard of new Jersey paid Only a 1.7 per cent rate. Uncle Sam took Only out of Standard Oil s whopping 555.000 Gross. Texaco the number two Oil company did even better. Its tax payment on a income was Only eight tenths of one per cent. Standard 01 California paid on a income a 2.1 per cent tax rate. Standard of Indiana took in paid Only in Federal taxes. This was a cheap 4.1 per cent rate. Shell was taxed Only 1.3 per on a in depletion the most glaring tax loophole is the 27% per cent depletion allowance which gives Oil companies a tax rebate on the Cost of every Barrell taken from the ground. The argument is that the owner should be permitted to write off the declining value of his Well. However he can go on taking the deduction Long after he has u r. not Tvert figures show that for the average Oil Well the owner de ducts from his taxes 19 times the original Cost. Other Golden gimmicks have been less advertised. George e. Allen the Oil Rich pal of presidents once confided that the intangible drilling and development allowances were even More lucrative than the depletion allowances. Almost no one outside the Industry knows about the in tangible chuckled Allen. While other corporations Are socked the full 52 per cent corporate tax rate Oil companies end up paying a few percentage Points. In 1963 it Rose to 5 per cent. But in 1962, As in 1964, the rate for the top 22 compan ies was an average 4 per cent. Note lbs was a staunch Oil Alley beginning As far Back As 1938 when As just another Young congressman from Tex As lie used a room in the rear of Washington s Munsey build ing to pass out in Cash to democratic candidates. The Money came from the Oil Gas interests that had backed him for Congress. Now that he s president of All the people not it i c ii Usu it a As he s reported to be More sceptical of the Oil companies. The rest of the taxpayers will be watching to see just h o w sceptical he is. Bulb because the Light bulbs kept blowing out in his office Chan Delier rep. Jack Brooks d tex., angrily ordered an investigation that May compel i h e big electric companies to give the housewives More Light for their Money. Brooks has asked the b i g four general electric Westinghouse Sylvania and Champ Ion o explain Why their Standard 60 to 100 Watt bulbs Are made to last Only 750 hours when a fractional widening and Lengu Ieving 01 me Inar nent would double their usefulness at no extra Cost. Lawrence Banks a new York City specialist has sent the congressman some Standard bulbs whose filaments have been adjusted to last hours. In fact the big four used to produce hour bulbs until general electric in 1933 arbiter ily reduced the Standard. Rep. Brooks s investigators Are convinced from their preliminary findings that general electric determines Light bulb standards and the other companies then fall into line. What Brooks wants the companies to do is lengthen the life Span of Standard bulbs. He got burned up about burned out Light bulbs after his wife Charlotte kept replacing them at Home and the House custodians kept replacing them in his office. After one bulb exploded so did Brooks. The question of obscenity by James j. Kilpatrick Washington in two or Ders that have attracted Little attention the u. S. Supreme court quietly has buttressed its position in the continuing Strug Gle to define obscenity and to keep it under control. A majority of the court clearly is moving toward the sensible View that the Content of a suspected work is much less important than the conduct of the defendent in mailing it. Neither of the two recent Post Al cases viewed on their tawdry merits Rev quires Exten Sive review. One of them arose in Nash Ville where Wil Liam Hoyet red mond and his wife Dorothy Kilpatrick Lucille red mond were foolish enough to answer a Magazine and for a Cor Respondence club called for a modest membership fee the promoters of this outfit would put Broad minded persons in touch with other broadminded persons and As a special service the promoters would develop and print confidential photo the Redmond took photo graphs of each other in the nude the record implies the pictures lewdness and sent the undeveloped film off to Havelock n. C., to be printed and returned. When the prints came Back the Post office inspectors descended upon the Redmond Home on Halcyon Street. Both defendants were indicted for mailing obscene materials tried in the u. S. District court at Nashville and found guilty. Redmond was sentenced to nine months in jail his wife to six months. The sixth circuit court affirmed. This past week on motion of solicitor general Thurgood Marshall the supreme court ordered the convictions re versed and the prosecution Dis i Conral Mil chill Arlt coh Tho court that since August of 1964, it had been the policy of the Justice department not to prosecute the members of these sordid correspondence clubs except in aggravated cases. Justices Stewart Black and Douglas making things unanimous voted to dismiss the Case not because it violates the policy of the Justice depart ment but because if violates the the other Case was quite Dif Ferent. This one arose in new York where a smut Hustler by the name of Joe Davis was indicted and convicted by a fed eral jury for1 mailing a couple of obscene phonograph rec he was fined and Given a suspended sentenced of six months in jail. The second circuit court in a divided decision affirmed. This week the High court refused to hear an Appeal and let the conviction stand. Now the significant thing in the Davis Case is that the two records themselves by general agreement Are not plainly it was not the con tent of the records themselves that led to Davis s conviction. It was his whole course of con duct including the mailing of some suggestive advertising and the printing of some lewd mailing labels. In this common sense View of the crime to be punished it becomes less important to de Fine contemporary Community or the prurient in Terest on the average per As yardsticks by which to measure the obscenity of a Given work. Judges and jurors will not be expected to function As literary critics or Community Cen sors. They will be permitted to get Back to their historic function of passing on the guilt of a defendant instead of on the guilt of a Book. Doubtless the smut paddlers will keep howl ing about their first Amend ment rights but the trial courts can return a classic answer what you do Speaks so loudly from our files 20 years ago bread loaves must be reduced by 10 per cent in weight As nation moves further to conserve Grain for Aid to famine areas Over seas Virginia s sen. Cart or Glass father of the Federal Reserve system Dies at the age of 88 Dan Walker who has been serving As temporary president is elected officially As president of local Jaycees. 10 years ago the Corner Stone to the masonic Temple be ing constructed on South Church Street has been installed in a ceremony led by John c. Vance of Asheville grand mater of state masons. 5 years ago the textile workers Union of America is formally ending the costliest strike in its 24 year history june 1, the two and one half year strike against the Harriet Henderson Cotton Mills in Hen Derson or. L. E. Spikes the Rev. James h. Light Bourne jr., and the Rev. F. R. Hamilton Are named to receive Elon College honorary degrees. 1 year ago d. E. Robinson memorial scholarships have been established by the late doctor s family in value for four graduating Stu dents at Jordan Sellars High school including Eula Diane Foust Carson White Brenda Faye Warren and Patricia Mal Loy. A woman is essential o Hub Yea inc. Don t to the time you bring in Ell the in Shuret ban building tin Hedl Nancy Jefferson of Burlington had her say in a recent reply to the editor of the student newspaper at North Carolina state University. A member of the technician s staff wrote a column in which he described How uppity and Independent the state coed has become because of the 12-1 Odds in favor of the female on Campus. Here is the Way Nancy replied to the column to the editor Thomas Campbell once wrote the world was sad the Garden was a wild and Man the Hermit sigh a till woman woman Adam s rib where would this world be without her they talk about a woman s sphere As though it had a limit not a place in Earth or heaven not a task to Mankind Given there s not a Blessing or a woe there s not a whispered yes or no there s not a life or Saih or birth that has a father s weight or Worth without a Wom an in it. Kate Field that fairly Well establishes the importance of a woman. Now. What about the woman becomes a state coed to be Gin with she is different from any other woman. She chose state one of the Tough est schools in North Carolina As her Alma mater. She is Here competing with men in their Fields. One must admit she has gumption. She has to if she is going to sur Vive in this atmosphere of stiff academic Competition. The social life of this coed is an experience no other woman could imagine. The 12 to 1 Odds arc great if she has All the spare time that 12 men require. If she wants to stay around Here for four years something must be sacrificed. Much to her dismay it. Has to be a Large portion of her 12 men and the time they so richly deserve. Even with a few men she must use her time wisely. The coed cannot make plans too far in Advance for two reasons. First the unexpected research paper or test Mist receive the greatest amount of attention. The second reason was stated by George Meredith when he said woman is the last thing which will be civilized by the state coed does appear to have it she must band together with other coeds to fight for bathrooms in classroom buildings she must keep in top physical condition in order to compete in the race across Campus to class or in the nine Lap race across the Pool in 4 minutes she must always appear at her Best in order to please that classroom full of men Tomor Row s leaders and the Coad Sisters must beg and plead for a roofless room with a Broom closet for their sorority meetings. But through All this the coed retains her smile for toward men and toward god she maintains a respectful attitude lighted by the belief that in a crisis she could Deal adequately with either of Robert Nathan. This state coed is Here for the primary purpose of obtaining a is or a. There s an old saying a woman will Wear a swim suit when she does t swim a Tennis outfit when she does t play Tennis and ski pants when she does t ski. But when she puts on a wedding dress she Means How Many coeds have you seen wearing wedding dresses around Campus the state coed is a woman. A woman is essential. As unto the Bow the Cord is so unto the Man is woman though she bends him she obeys him though she draws him yet she follows useless each with out the other. Ong fellow Nancy Jefferson room 103 Watauga dorm

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