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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Burlington, North Carolina Weather Cloudy. Occasional rain to nigh and tuesday. The daily times news Farlington the hosiery Mill Center of the South with numerous other progressive diversified industries. Vol. 55�?no. 59 associated press service Burlington n. C., monday May 8, 1939 full Nea service Price five cent Britain hints arbitration to Pound gloom of business is refuted by Hopkins assails pessimism of Ujj. S. C., Points to recovery indices. Sees a steady business Rise japs in overture for Rome Berlin military pact Tokyo May 8�? t a Domel japanese news Agency said today that Lieut. Gen. Seishiro Itagaki min. Later of War. And general Kuniski Koiso. Overseas minister had told the japanese press they favored conclusion of a military agreement with Germany and Italy. Dome guardedly quoted Gen. Itagaki As saying that if Germany desires a it is not impossible Quot for Japan to conclude an agreement similar to the italian German Accord. Germany and Italy decided yesterday to convert their Axis relationship into a formal military and political Alliance. General Kelso was quoted As say w As rung on. May 8�? aping he believed negotiations were new Halo nazi pact is hailed a crushing blow at encirclement seen by German press in new military agreement is amp Ned with Italy pact also held knife at heart of Poland in warning against Danzig interference new Amity in _ German polish tie up hoped f to a a a Quot we Secretary Hopkins said today a a pessimism among members of the United states chamber of Commerce was unwarranted and added that a i done to think for a moment that they represent the views of most business men in this he talked at length at his press conference today about the chamber recent meeting in Wallington. But he told his listeners it was because he was unprepared to talk about other things. Hopkins who has been recovering from intestinal influenza came Back to work today alter a weekend River cruise with president Roosevelt. A certainly spread gloom a they certainly spread a lot of gloom around town Quot he said of speakers at the annual chamber of Commerce meeting. A there was an awful lot of Pes in ism and i do not belong to that school of thought. I found it pretty Dull Reading and none of this pessimism is warranted by the improvement of business on a Good Many Hopkins declined to discuss tax revision or other specific business proposals because he said he had been out of touch with Washington for ten weeks. He Din say he found business conditions encouraging Quot let take the building of private houses a he said. We have got those now at a rate greater than at any time since 1929 Quot we have got Industrial production 24 per cent higher than in the first Quarter of 1938 we be got retail Saim 5 per cent higher. National income soaring a wove got National income in the first three months of this year at the rate of $66,000,000,000 for the whole year against $62,-000 000.000 last year. Quot we be got the whole construction picture infinitely better in fact 43 per cent higher and with private residential building alone 83 per cent he added with special emphasis Quot i done to mean to indicate for a minute that there has been satisfactory reemployment but i done to believe that it would warrant such a dismal tone As expressed at that he predicted a Quot steady and modest Rise in business for the remainder of this year. Hopkins who. In his former role As spa administrator was one of the most influential spending advocates in the administration said that heavy government spending was needed for at least twelve More months. A government he explained a is Only one phase however. The other is to stimulate the use of private funds. Spending alone wont do the mrs. Beery weds Carson City nev., May 8-t/pj�? film actor Wallace Beery divorced wife. Reta. Was on a honeymoon at Lake Tahoe today with Albert j. Foyt new York and los Angeles broker. They were married Here yesterday a week after she divorced Beery. Underway for such a pact but whether such negotiations materialize depends on whether Italy and Germany Folly understand Japan a position in East Asia As Well As theirs in Germany Italy and Japan were understood still to be trying to find a formula on which to base a pact. Difference were said to exist within the japanese government. A five minister conference met yesterday and again today reportedly to discuss German proposals. Italy ponders its pail in new nazi military pact. See no strife indication now youth denies slaying pair nabbed in Tennessee. Westerner says hell a face music alone in Arizona slayings. Berlin May 8�? apr nazi officials hailed a new German italian military pact As a a mighty bulwark of steel guarding european peace today and took the occasion particularly to direct Poland a attention to its implications. Whether or not a new ideological reshuffling is bringing Germany i closer to soviet Russia the reaction to the agreement indicated plainly it was aimed not at the told nazi Bugaboo of communism but at what nazis Call the a encirclement especially great Britain and France a encirclement blow Quot the pact the result of talks by italian and German foreign ministers was described by Hie of facially inspired commentary service Deutsche die Nat a a crushing blow against the aggressive encirclement policy which an England and France with the co sex operation of certain third states Poland Rumania. Greece have pursued against the Powers of Commerce Secretary straddles in rail emergency a a amicable and sought to Danzig dispute Milan. Italy May 8 a orm Hope for German polish reconciliation grew in italian political circles to i Day As fascists pondered the im-1 plications of their new military i and political Alliance with Ger i Many. Informed fascists who expressed this Hope reasoned that Premier Mussolini would not have agreed to such an Alliance As a was bounced yesterday if he had petted it to involve him in an Eastern european conflict almost j Ioni i As soon As it was signed. A Germany and Italy a. The announcement yesterday at j this authoritative service said i the end of two Days of talks be that the speech last Friday of the i tween count Galeazzo Ciano and polish foreign minister. Colonel i Joachim von Ribbentrop italian Joseph Beck. Offered Germany Ann and German foreign ministers Italy Quot no occasion for revising their said a a was decided to establish Conception of the character of the relation of the two states of that policy which London and Paris the Axis definitely As Well As from seek to establish As something of the formal Point of View in a to piously Lineal and military colonel Beck. Before the lower the pact still was to be drafted 1 House of the polish parliament dem detail. Nied German demands for the re Llope for polish settlement turn of the free cite of Danzig the fascist Hope for a Oerman to the Reich and for a German polish settlement was strengthened controlled route through Pom Orze. Continues efforts entice soviet in Alliance. To confronted with a rail for nor while following the recent Gold cup h Temple Chase at Warrenton a. Commerce Secretary Hopkins straddled it As pictured above with the assistance of polish ambassador Jerzy Potocki dark glasses mrs. Jock Whitney and Franklin d. Roose Cut. Or. He overcame the obstacle. British May be mediator London May 8�? apr Tho British government dropped a guarded hint today to her new ally Poland that she would a Welcome amicable possibly through arbitration of Poland a quarrel with Germany Over the free City of Danzig. Bot Knoxville tcnn., May 8�? 4s a denying guilt of a charge he killed two Phoenix. Ariz automobile salesmen a handsome Young collegian today Clung to an avowal he would Quot face the music jail guards watched through the by a Relief that Italy in recent Days tile Laguardia Points to Rise in jobless defends spa at conference of a o j a i mayor he say opposite sides on changes neutrality Laws heard que Lan night at the cell of the suspected youth 22-year-old Robert m Burgunder jr., fearing a suicide attempt before Arizona officers could arrive by plane to take him to Phoenix. Son of a former county attorney at Seattle Wash and parolee from Washington late reformatory. Bergander was blamed for the fatal shooting of Jack Peterson. 35, and Ellis m Koury. 25. By county attorney Richard f Harless of Phoenix who assigned As the Quot most logical motive that he a professed a latent nature for displaying none of the nervousness which sheriff Earl sell of Johnson City Tenn. Said led to his arrest there sunday Burgunder chatted with newsmen last night. A dad and Mother have gotten polish corridor. Answering had exerted influence both in Berj Chancellor hitlers denunciation of Lin and Warsaw to promote a com the 1934 polish German Friend Promise. Ship treaty Berk said that pact the general optimism displayed did not preclude polish agreements in official quitters Over the liked with other nations a Success of the Axis Deutsche Dienst said Quot tile result of Milan is the Success of the constructive will of the Axis Powers which finds its expression in action and not in empty words which we recently the Hood of a Pacific solution of the Danzig question Between Berlin and Warsaw was taken As indicating Italy was satisfied that Germany would not attempt a forceful Tolu i Hon. Some observers believed that i Ciano received definite assurances heard from the other Side of to this effect from von Ribbentrop Preat Waters under the cloak of before giving Italy assent to the world benefaction xxx. It a pact of Milan. Reference to president Roosevelt the statement in the official f april 15 Appeal to Hitler and pre communique that the Accord Wasi Jer Mussolini for to or 25-year intended to a contribute effectively non aggression pledges to 31 specs to assuring peace in Europe Quot washed nations cited in support of this View. A a it rhe German italian pact is an fascists also hailed the agree-1 invincible bulwark against All me out of enough trouble and Irmenta demonstrating first that dangerous attempts of War agitations want them in this mess Quot he it the Rome Berlin Axis was destined 1 Torso dash Europe and the world declared. To remain intact despite foreign into he wrote a message for his to speculation on its fragility and. Diplomatic circles mentioned the tiler r m refunded. Sr., saying second that the Axis Powers were j possibility of closer relations be stay out of this. I knew what i i carrying out their determination soviet Russia and Germany was doing and will take the con not to go on the defensive in the after years of disaffection and sequence. Stay in for j face of the More vigorous policy i consequently the question of a new adopted recently by Britain and european alignment with demo Francc. Race replacing communism As the not a against anyone i main nazi Hau it one authoritative fascist insist-1 de however that the pact was a not directed against the precise terms of the agreement probably will be decided on within two weeks after which Rati Washington. May 8�? ply mayor friorello Laguardia of new York advised Congress today that 750.000 persons were out of work in his Power no City and urged that the spa be president expanded until the social Security program and the wage hour Law become fully effective. Testifying before the House committee investigating the works Progress administration Laguardia tied of by Washington May 8 a it a it a tor Johnson a Calif it Pri to the Senate foreign relation Mittee a declaration by Joh i sett Moore former state Dopart men official that to Confer a the peace and War Quot on the would at once make us an autocracy. Tile statement was in a letter Moore wrote Johnson shortly Atter former Secretary of state Stimson advised the committee that should a War come this country should he president make us an said unemployment in new York t Ake sides by aiding great Britain City had increased since january and France. And that it was Only slightly less i Moore one time american Mem than a lie Peak of 1933. Ber of the world court mid state of 1913-14. Italton for the abandonment of our neutrality is directly associated with the Effort Mil i i in twi lit a a if of. He appeared As chairman of the department Counselor United states conference of May it sorted bad the Agi his mat her. Mrs. Ruthe Burgunder who is separated from her husband and living in Alahambra Calif., his message was a stay in Bergunder told the sheriff he intended enrolling at teachers College at Johnson City under the name of a former schoolmate. Bergunder declined to discuss the Phoenix accusation asserting Quot one wrong word right now might hang a but a he added Quot i m not guilty of claim glider record diplomatic observers believed such a change would make easier any adjustment of Germany a controversy with Poland Over Danzig and that Quot Force of circumstances seemed to be drawing Russia and san Diego Calif. May 8�? in a John Robinson and Dick Essery reported today they had soared in gliders to an Altitude of 9.600 feet �?2.800 feet higher than the world record for such aircraft. The Altitude was reached they said on a 50-mile flight from dry Lake in Borego Valley across the Cuy Amaca mountains. Ration will be exchanged. Thus Germany closer together with would be replaced the informal j several Points of similarity noted unwritten agreement in which Premier Mussolini and Eric Hsueh re Hitler have worked together As Axis partners. From Virginio Gayda authoritative fascist editor came Assurance that Hitler had no intention of Quot precipitating events Quot in his approval of a return to Germany by the free City of Danzig. In German and soviet ideology. Poland was cited As one of these fire under control Detroit. May 8�? map a showers enabled an army of fire fighters to bring under control today sex. _ Tensive Forest fires which had bum Gayda said Germany would wait Over 30,000 or More acres in the for Poland to resume negotiations j Northern part of Michigan slower and hoped Britain and f r a n c e Peninsula since saturday would a recognize their error and1 responsibility in time and leave United ors. More to to removed Laguardia said he understood 13.000 were to be removed from spa Rolls m his City today although 125,000 persons eligible for work Relief already had no jobs and were being cared for on Home Relief. Laguardia recommended that Congress appropriate sufficient funds to provide work for All the needy Able bodied persons who could not find private jobs and that the states and cities then be compelled to provide for unemployable by direct Relief. I Guardia said he thought the social Security program probably could be perfected Iii about nine years and that the wage hour Law if administered intelligently and honestly would reduce unemployment. By the time the social Security system was functioning adequately the mayor continued the Federal government might withdraw from Relief and maintain Only a Public works Agency to meet a emergencies Quot or unforeseen conditions. To invest the chief executive open i by or under benevolent disguises with the Power of peace and War. Which is by our Constitution vested in the Congress a hits aggressor distinction growing out of this movement. He wrote is the demand that the chief executive be Given Power to delusion distinguish aggressor and non aggressor nations and the claim that tile United states has a duty to help Quot to crush the this argument As applied at the present time he said Quot follows the line of cleavage Between ides and of peace and War on which would at once after Reading Moores letter Johnson acting As chairman in the absence of senator Pittman i a Nev i declared the committee s Long hearings at an end the members almost immediately began executive sessions to undertake to write a neutrality Law on which a majority can agree the final witness was James t. Shot w e la Columbia University professor of International Law who urged adoption of a policy which would permit discrimination a Gums t an aggressor nation in time of j War a Neutral rights surrendered criticizing neutrality Law provisions which apply equally to All warring nations As surrendering a your Neutral rights a tile witness said thai by providing special treatment for treaty breaking aggressors Quot we would to some extent recover our Freedom of action without at the same tune misleading militaristic governments into Ute that we had ceased to care for our whatever neutrality action is taken. Shot Well emphasized should be finished before a crisis arises. He urged the committee to avoid extreme policies either extreme is Democrat Olati oms which be said the present Law represents or inter nation advocates of abandoning Neutral Alisa. Which he indicated would try he added a Are there who wish result from discarding All such leg to convert our democracy into in i Slit Ion and relying upon Linter autocracy by conferring the Power i National Law Poland views Quot Newto Quot and l nun i Irrie treasurer he a on Paci Bluff embezzling count Hickory May 8�? apr a Richard Butler under a cry for foreign affairs and be minister Chamberlain in tied to the House of commons Britain would be ready to i her Good offices in establish some form of International to Iery to arbitrate Tho Danzig finn should Germany and to i ask her to do so Butler said the question of the future of Danzig was Quot primarily a matter for negotiation Between parties to the Danzig settlement a tie principal Allied and associated Powers undertook by the world War treaty of Versailles to establish Danzig As a free City under Protection of the league of nations. Seek soviet cooperation in the commons session chamber lain also said the government was attempting to obtain fullest cooperation with soviet Russia in its present policy. Negotiations Are under Way to bring Russia into the British French lineup. The House was in an uproar during discussion of the soviet negotiations when Laberite Leader Clement r Attlee asked a does the prime minister not realize that Public opinion is Dis i Turbed by the contrast Between the j rapidity of acceptance of onerous i obligations by this country and i the dilatory methods in seeking for lateral Security Quot the opposition cheered Attlee while government supporters shouted for Chamberlain when he re plied a i do not agree there have been i any dilatory a tile British government Quot Butler i added a stands for settlement of i International questions by Friendly negotiation arbitration or other i peaceful he was responding to a question As to Britain a position in the threatening dispute Between Germany and Poland Over Danzig a technically a free City under the league of nations supervision but really controlled by nazis. Britain May mediate. Germany is demanding the return of the Baltic port City which she owned before the world War. Asked if the government were prepared to take Steps to make j Danzig Quot the subject of arbitration before an International tribunal Quot Butler hinted Britain might be willing to mediate. Britain pledged to Aid in maintaining polish Independence previously had indicated it was entirely up to Poland to decide whether she would fight if Danzig were threatened observers however expected Britain to urge Poland to new Hitler Ite Bluff its answer to Rolth m. Is re sex Peciva 10 ure a a. New nazi fascist military Gaither of Newton former Secre try to conciliate in the event that agreement. I tary and treasurer of the citizens 1 hostilities threatened Over the Issue. Building and loan association at a Butler said the Quot status of Danzig Newton was free today under $20, 1 is regulated by treaty. The ques i Tion of any change in that status Poland free to Lead her own Norb again denies Bias offers four propositions temperatures for the last 24 hours Washington May 8�? apr the National labor Board denying charges of partisanship toward any Union or prejudice against any employer. Took exception today to All proposed amendments to the Wagner act but nevertheless suggested titties and court decisions to deny prejudice against the american federation of labor or employers As a class. Point to statistical favor the Board estimated that 42 per cent of cases adjusted without for North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia a Cloudy occasional rain tonight and tuesday. P. J. Hoffmaster state censer 1 ors representing mayors of about vation director announced shortly too major Meriom cities la before noon that the major fires i were under control. Continued on Page to further consideration be Given four Mal hearings were settled in favor fundamental changes. Of the employer and that the us in a 40,000-word report to the preme court had upheld the Board the Duke of Windsor this afternoon completed the text of his temperatures Quot Appeal to reason Quot in International Charlotte May 8. Asp a off affairs to be broadcast tonight to Elal weather Bureau records of the the United states. He seemed determined to make his Appeal despite some Advance Windsor t o speak t Oday on peace British reaction cold Verdun France May 8. A up a might be a prelude to a return Washington May 8�? tip a mayor Laguardia of new York City said today that if the government abandoned the principle of the works Progress administration the Warsaw May 8�? apr a the pol result would be Quot too terrible to. High afternoon press today termed Las Quot new Hitler Ite Bluff the an testifying As chairman of the nou Cement of a in Iii Ary Alliance v United states conference of May Between Germany and Italy. From the interested in the treaty set. ,. I a a. _. Reach an agreement upon the meth newspapers maintained that the Gaither was arrested saturday i tement Quot agreement disclosed at Milan yes and waived preliminary hearing be Quot it is for them a he added Quot to ter Day had not changed in the fore magistrate l m Epps. The of by which they should proceed. I least the insistence of Poland that warrant for Gaithers arrest was i a it has been repeatedly made influenced by hat sworn to by Russell w Whitener i Clear that his majesty government a new solicitor of the county recorders too Bond awaiting trial in july on j is in practice a matter in the first a charge of embezzling $158,000 instance for the parties most i from the firm. House labor committee the Board opposed suggestions of the american federation of labor and a half dozen congressmen for Basic revisions in the Law. These proposals ranged from abolition of the three Man Board to outlawing of strikes. Its four propositions the four propositions which the Board said merited a further consideration in Light of facts which May be produced Quot were 1. The question of giving employers the right to petition for in election to determine their employ yes bargaining agent. 2. Congressional definition of Board procedure for determining which bargaining unit is Bast qualified to represent employees. 3. Curtailment of the boards Power to invalidate contracts be two Een an employer and a Union. 4. A requirement that hearings on Board complaints Start to or 15 Days instead of five after the complaint is filed. Analysing seven House Bills calling for revision of the Wagner act or changes in administrative procedure the labor Board cited Ata temperature and rain fall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas criticisms and elsewhere Home from self imposed exile. Wieczor Warszawski called methods in the German policy of the pro government Kuijer Czerwony whose views May be regarded As fairly official declared Quot an understanding with Italy became necessary for Germany in order that the Wilhel Strasse Hie court. Continued on Page to station Asheville Atlanta Augusta Birmingham Charleston Board j Chicago Charlotte in 77.8 per cent of its cases As contrasted with a 64 per cent average for Federal administrative agencies. A does this unusually successful court record indicate undue Bias against employers a the asked. Denying also that it had favored i Columbia the Cio Over the Al the Board Denver insisted that cases from both unions Detroit have been handled identically. Galveston the report was somewhat similar Greensboro to one filed recently with the sen Hatteras ate labor committee. It was Par Jacksonville titular by critical of suggestions by key West rep. Anderson do and oth Memphis ers that employers be granted More Meridian leeway in expressing an opinion re Miami Garding unionization of workers. Mils sep passage of Andersons Bill the Mobile Board said would make the wag it. Mitchell Ner act an a innocuous new Orleans in opposition to proposals for new York increasing the size of the labor Raleigh Board the report quoted a letter san Antonio from chief Justice Hughes in 1937 san Francisco saying that an increase in the Spartanburg number of supreme court justices Tampa would not promote the court s Al Washington fic ency. I Wilmington h. L. Of. 72 54 .22 72 5$ .58 72 64 .44 68 60 .34 74 68 .60 84 62 .52 77 59 .35 76 60 .56 68 32 .10 82 64 .00 78 66 .00 82. 58 .01 76 66 .00 76 66 1.58 84 76 .00 80 64 .32 70 64 .46 80 68 .00 76 54 .00 78 70 .02 54 44 .04 82 72 .00 88 58 .00 82 62 .00 92 70 .00 62 50 .00 72 56 1.04 76 64 1.04 to 66 .00 76 66 .04 after numerous Telephone Calls a a a Between the Duke s suite and Lon Don a member of his Patty said the former ruler had a a very Good reason to proceed with his speech. The Duke was informed that �?T52 some British newspapers had critics sized his plan to speak As �?oinop-.56 no British broadcast both the British broadcasting .00 corporation and the Canadian of broadcasting corporation an-.00 bounced they would not carry Tolje address tile Duke abandoned a tour of .32 world War battlefields to write the 46 speech at a country inn within the Verdun ring of forts. The broadcast the former King .02 Edward Viii a first since the his-.04 torte abdication speech of Deceron of Ber la 1936, will be made while his .00 brother King George i. Is on the High seas making a Good will trip to North America. Members of a the Dukes party 1.04 said the Duke and Duchess would in to Paris tomorrow a to re-.00 sume their Normal some .04 persons had believed the speech the speech was described in and German foreign office might have Vance As a an Appeal to reason in something to show Hie Public As the Light of world conditions a a apparently tangible Success peace plea devoid of political con Quot a succession of diplomatic de Troverso. Informed sources said it feats the polish British Alliance would not be Quot in any sense a to the refusal of Japan and Spain Lotical to enter a military Alliance xxx the Duke arranged to speak to and the speech of foreign minister or 12 minutes starting at to p. In. Becky to mention Only a few give <4 p. In. E s. , the National Berlin a Strong desire to show the broadcasting company will Broad German people that they could at cast the address in the United least count on Italy. States. J a but there can be no doubt that the Duke will speak from the Italy does not want War and that Salon of la Hotell Erie do Coq Hardi above All italians do not want to with the Duchess of Windsor near fight and expose themselves to pos by and with the historic world sible catastrophe simply because War Battle Are of Verdun As the the germans want locale of his speech. A Edward spent yesterday visiting the battlefields and monuments with Quot the woman i love a As he referred to the then Wallis Warfield in his abdication speech. Says billions Savable by War on mental diseases London May 8.�? in a whether the British broadcasting corporation would relay the Duke of Windsor a Verdun speech tonight was still a question today but the London newspapers gave detailed instruction on How to tune it in on Short wave receivers. The National broadcasting company of the United states which planned to make the broadcast to America announced the speech could be heard on two european wavelengths by Stephen j. Mcdonough associated press science writer Chicago May 8�? people of the United states could save $1,000,000 -000 annually and pay off tire National deficit within a comparatively few years by the proper treatment of mental disease a prominent psychiatrist declared today. In an interview prior to the opening session of the annual meeting of the american psychiatric association or. Arthur h Ruggles of Providence r. I., Secretary and treasurer of the organization listed mental health As Hie greatest medical problem in America. In majority of Beds pointing out that 51 per cent of All Hospital Beds in the country Are now occupied by patients with various mental diseases. Or. Ruggles said that approximately 20 percent of the Federal state and private funds now expended in Washington May 8. A in red caring for such persons could be Ward h. Foley jr., of new York saved by preventing the develop was nominated by president Roose Ament of such ailments of the mind. New yorker wins nomination to be Treasury counsel Veit today to be general counsel of the Treasury. Foley now acting general counsel would succeed the late Herman Olyphant. The president also sent to the Senate for confirmation As ensigns the names of the graduating class of the naval Academy. The sickness and death rates from mental disease could be Cut with the resulting saving of human time and life in the same Way that illness and death have been reduced in campaigns against tuberculosis cancer typhoid fever and other diseases he said Quot at the present time 75,000 new mental cases Are being admitted to hospitals each year and unless we do something about it soon we will be swamped a the Providence physician said. A the problem is not one of providing additional facilities to take care of these people but rather one of prevention of the mental illnesses which drive them to Hie hospitals a he added. May Start in infancy tile Cradle is not too Early a Point at which to find such potential cases or. Ruggles said and often a playmate May be the Best doctor in analysing a child s mental state when he remarks Hiat the individual is Quot All wet Quot or Quot Kinda such a Quick analysis often indicates that a child who does not get along with others will fail to adjust himself or herself to society in later life. Such mental cases respond quickly to treatment when found Early in life he declared. A the results which have been obtained in the campaigns against syphilis tuberculosis pneumonia smallpox and other diseases can be duplicate through Public education better training of physicians and the use of Federal state and local funds As a Grants in Aid to treat mental oases before they Are Well started a a he added

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