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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Burlington, North Carolina Weather Cloudy this afternoon with scattered showers and thundershowers. Continued warm and humid. The daily times news for time a verb ser let Call advertising 6-4411 general news 8-441t circulation 6-4416 managing editor 6-1265 vol. 69 a no. 59 full Nea service. Burlington n. A monday june 29, 1953 associated press service. Price five cent gop leaders avoid floor fight on tax Issue allies Call on reds to agree on truce Date Seoul map a the allies today asked the reds to agree immediately to a Date for signing a korean truce indicating they have either persuaded rebellious president syn Man Rhee to agree to an armistice or have decided to go ahead without his Okay. Daylight red attack Breaks Allied defense by John Randolph bout 12 too chinese Cen Mark Clark. U. N commander told the reds Iii a letter delivered at Panmunjom that the u. N. Command will enforce truce terms a to the limit of its his letter was delivered shortly after he conferred in Seoul with Rhee president Eisenhower personal envoy. Walter Robertson and other top u. S officials. Although the meeting was secret the i pcs readiness to go committee agrees to Send Extension Bill up for action administration gives i it Battle to by pass ways and Means group Washington map a the Eisenhower administration apparently won its Battle today to get House consideration of extending the excess profits tax a and did it without a Knock Down drag out floor fight. In backstage Maneu vers. House Republican leaders got assurances satisfactory to them. That the ways and Means i committee would Send an Extension Bill to the floor despite the the Adamant opposition of its chairman 78-year-old Daniel pal recoil Ray by a Boom my Ami ahead wih a nue plans Indira taken into Edenton Street methodist Church at Raleigh it let t it for final rites. Members of the senators staff and of the t it h. Int let. Rel h had und some sort it it of so a Raleigh bar association served pallbearers at the funeral Vesterdal afternoon in the photo at right vice president in Rui,.s it crashed into South t in it a to the problem of the stubborn Naa. ,0r. A Ato ,. A a 2. In nut armistice signed on those terms. There was no immediate rom ment from Rhee on Clark letter. The Rok presidents arbitrary released of 27. Mhz anti red korean War prisoners had Frozen the truce talks. Just the negotiators appealed on the beige of final agreement. Of the reds accept Clark terms heavy it could put the armistice where it was before the prisoner release be Seol l tufted hacked ii v liar rage crashed into South Tion to the a Roble korean positions along the Gate South korean leaders v a to Seoul today. Ear to the North. Allied Sable jets blasted six red mibs to Earth running their score for the month to Jious Anni Pio in 6v m the one month record set in september. 19.52. The mibs were shot Down the Salties flew a tight cover Overla Light i bombers striking at Namsim. Rear sin Iju in Northwestern Korea. The reds poured a division or More into three Day old Battles for two outpost Hills 40 Miles due North of the capital just South korean infantrymen had swept to the Crest of one of the Hills. The furious red attack unusual bet Ause it came in Broad cd a it licht hit a two mile Wade stretch on the Western front. The targets were bloodied outlasts Bak and q Cen. Rising 500 to hot feet. 1 to last report the reds held both the h it lighting raged at the loot of the outposts the sturdy Roks regrouped and counterattacked. There was an unconfirmed report that one red battalion a 500 to 750 or oops had broken pa-4 the Heights and was assaulting the aide heavy dug in line. The communists under cover of artillery that one hammered Hills a a like an Anvil a slammed Back Rok first division infantrymen who had clawed up the slopes of outpost Bak the Roks counted 42.000 incoming rounds of mortar and artillery up to noon the communists concentrated two thirds of their entire Cia shelling in the narrow sector. American and South korean big g including huge 240 millimetre gun tout k bal k at tile chinese and their support areas. Who red thrust was another in a series the chinese have hurled at South korean units in relent week a apparently aimed at Pun i Hing them Tor resisting an Annist be. On the Eastern front. Thud Rok division troops recaptured towering Lookout Mountain Tor the lean seventh time in Lour Days in a Eon Ion hour Battle Early monday. However the reds finally pushed june 20 protest. Reed r by gop floor Leader Halleck it and it announced then to a cheering i House that the leadership would i not press the drive it launched the Flag draped casket of the late u. S. Senator Willis Smith of North Carolina last to hip h to a. To. A a a a wilting group Abd bring the Bill Loith a special Rule irom committee ret Avo Richard Nixon fright i stands with senator Clyde r. Hoey outside the Church senator Smith died Early Friday in the u. S. Accept the present truce terms and naval Hospital at Bethesda photos by ii i la the Len clip his threat to fight on alone if an a a i last rites eur a senator coast Ala re searches for lost Crew men Nixon Heads delegation water roads attending Smith rites Mai Quot Kullos Raleigh re i. Sen. Willi through me Barnegat City n. J. Fra Smith was buried Here yesterday he tiled so Oil Tanker and a brazilian following simple rites attended by i get a Good upwards of i500 person including freighter crunched together in if we try to do what desperately to do a citizen of the burial was in Oakwood cemetery. 16 perish by the associated pres violent death the ways and Means committee has kept the Hill blockaded for weeks despite All leadership efforts to dislodge it. B p leaders have said that both the House and Senate would vote to continue the tax if an Extension Bill could be brought before them. The tax intended to syphon into the Treasury extraordinary profits made by corporations expires tomorrow Midnight. President Eisenhower asked that took the lives of it be continued for six months Al Manv National and Mai Jill i ill k of i i cd i Wax Iii v / Clit a u a xviii ii i # a a a a Quot. I state leaders. The funeral procession which Fol at least 16 people in North Carolina though saying he Man 1, Salisbury. Britain asks session with la. S.9 France London. A a Britain acting Cabinet bus. Richard a. Butler said today Britain negotiating with the United states and France Tor a Quick Stop Gap meeting on common problems in Advance of the postponed Bermuda conference. Answering a barrage of House of common questions touched off by prime minister Churchill temporary retirement Butler Aid Britain representative at this a interim meeting would be lord tax in order to tiring some 700 to 800 million dollars of needed lev the reds protested angrily in a person were feared lost at sea. Full dress truce session june 20. Demanding recapture of the prisoners and a Durance the i no would Ivan tool Rhee if an armistice were collision Between the. S. Lxii de my. Signed. Panama and the. S. S. 12 morning a it a a Senesy i j. R. A a. Attacks v Nill his sudden c Lark answer delivered at pan mile off Shore Rescue Craft throughout the night but i. It would be impossible to did t know whether they were recapture the released pow. Salisbury lord president of the Council has taken Over some Keign policy responsibilities sine the absence of Churchill and foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. Butler refused to say now where can two weeks ago practically thick tog off the new Jersey coast official delegation from Wash Lowed the Flag draped casket in during the week end. Complete and ready to sign. Last night and from three to 20 in ton led by vice president eluded vice president Nixon Sec be body of Billy Benson. 19 Nixon. It included several senator rotary of the army Robert Stevens. Of Goldsboro was washed ashore Enue a a hot it Kovei men. And All but one North Carolina sen. Clyde r. Hoey of Shelby. A Carolina Beach. New Hanover Reed has kept the Extension by i the coast guard listed one Crew House member. Former gov. Gregg Cherry and county Coroner or. Pied Coleman bottled up by refusing to Ca i a Man dead and two injured in the Smith. 65, died in the Bethesda Many other dignitaries. Rep. Gia Sahaj Young Ben on apparently meeting of his committee to vote naval Hospital Early Friday Ham \ Barden was the Only North broke his neck when he dived into on it. This led the leadership to the interim meetings von Cha after a series of heart Carolina House member unable to a surf. Launch the extraordinary proce Duic held. Lne she attend. A number of the Congress \ truck automobile Accident near of trying to get it to the floor by a was i cannot other Gnu had enjoyed Good health. Men came Here by plane with Sec Lumberton claimed the life of or. Rule committee action. Emmets i would pricier to defer Nui Njoni by Liaison Otti Ceis told plucked 27 persons from the water. Funeral services were held in rotary of the army Stevens. Others y Mckinnon of Rowland the leadership did not disclose a concluded he >a.d. V a they Denton St methodist Church a the i in cd la train licht other were injured when its Lull hand but indications were president Eisenhower Lait month or. Howard Powell pastor of they left last night to return to the truck in which mrs. Mckinnon that it had rounded up the votes invited Churchill and Hie French Ficia Ting. He was assisted by or Wahington. W. Riding crashed into a car of to Force a meeting of the commit Penner to meet in Bermuda to Hunting three Poison of because q Smith pastor of the among Tho a who attended the copied by six marines. Tee if necessary. This ran he done strengthen we Kern Unity and Brit of language difficulties with the Hayes Barton methodist Church services at the Church and the Femme Evans. 31, died in the by a petition of a majority of the Ain offered Bermuda a a in a. 2. The inc will a make every Effort to gain South korean cooperation in a truce. 3 a a where necessary the inc will to the limits of its ability establish military safeguards a to Allied office Aid enforce truce terms. 4. The truce would he a a Umili tary armistice. Between the military commanders of both sides answering a if the South korean nation would be included in a truce. 5 the i no a Doe not exercise authority Over the Republic of Korea. Which i an Independent of Bra milians gov. And mrs. Instead led a Host give was or. Frank p. Graham. Bladen county Hospital Atter he 25-member group. The meeting a Tir to postponed however they tended to believe of state officials who attended. Who a Defeated by Smith in 1950 Tell from a pier at White Lake Reed. In a voice filled with Emo bet Ause of Fiance prolonged r three a More nearly Correct. In his Brief Eulogy. Or. Powell in one of North Carolina bitterest and broke pier his neck while swim Tion told the House a i m not Sui eminent crisis and again saturday Ereign state. A but it command the Hok army. 6. The inc still consider the prisoner breakout an a a escape a tar it concerned. Clark said the prisoners were a released in that Hie Rok government without tic knowledge of. And contrary to the intent of the i no planned and arranged the breakout. A Clark leter w add Ossed to marshal Kim la sting although a tag of a unaccounted said for a still was on 20 men. Both the casualties and the rescued were from the Panama a 5 4o8 ton freighter which Bret was reported a in a sinking condition red ques Ion Anuj than s1an Jing at Only a 25 degree list. The 10.195-ton Gulf Trade. Owned by the Gulf Oil company had no casualties hut suffered a a hed How. It stood by. Helping in Rescue this Man will be re Mem political campaigns. Tax a Ming. tiered for Many things. Perham the senators who attended in Twenty one year old pvt. Jesse he had contended the the thing for which his family and eluded Clements d Tkv fat William Gamble died in Randolph harmful to business and actually friends will remember him longest land i miss Mcclellan d a county Hospital from injuries he costs the government Revenue by will be the strength with which he re. Johnston it i �?sc1. Holland received in an automobile Accident discouraging business associated himself in the Cornic do Fla. Stennis 1 d miss. Hunt near Asheboro. It Quot a Plain however that court tons he i a Wye. Watkins or a utah1. Thomas Nelson rums 17, of Nettee members on whom Reed or. Powell added. A the in going Welker r Idaho. Butler r a Morganton died of injuries he suf had counted were ready to Bow to when Churchill doctors ordered him to take at least a month Complete rest his indisposition dismayed the Briti a pies and the pro labor daily Mirror went so tar a to Call on him to resign. Butler w Hose Normal Job does operations. I predicted for mine workers to keep on living through you. My. And Purcell r conn1. Edwin m. Sill to slurped Hodges Slat treasurer feted in an automobile Accident. Burns w a a Sailor Home on leave on the Issue. A Mooresville Man. Harold indications freeze of it 3. Drowned Catawba River near of when the plane he Hanc Elior of the exchequer Brush the leadership arid administration p j Laberite suggestions that the absence of Churchill and Felt n leaves the foreign office made led. He said Salis eign undersecretary Hen Holder of vane ministerial Job. A the right exp Tenet and will were that the w a in the and mean committee would meet que Atey Tont Holly non. The strategy apparently Call Burn it 59 a t was flying de for one member to move n Lake before world War la and sine crashed into the River w fitness said tip the exies profits tax. If Reed the Low flying plane caught a Wing objected a majority of he com tip the Pittsburgh a ment looming for North to -wo000 United mine w orders now commander and chinese vacationing save John , i 1 t con Handel Peng Teh p ident of i my District no. 5 Huai both of whom signed the be mind i employ he Laurinburg native to the pot being vacated by some o t e the same time i Stead an a the Roks from the top with Aneth charge and to it it the Peau for i heir evenly time in the lout Day struggle. Lookout the Western Anchor of a frontline formed Atter tin Isth Daylight on Page five a Hack to the pit terms of a contract negotiated pct a1 years ago by i my president John l. Lewis the diggers got sch vacation checks rainfall sets All time i ii of i Iii Baltimore it was delivered Atter the u. N commander sat in 011 Robertson foul the conference with Rhee in his mis Ion to it persuade the aging Lely 1�?Tiesiiieiit to accept a Duce. Operators paid said . Also present were u. S. Ambas Quot much of the Coal Industry in ador to Korea Ellis it. Briggs had shape we be got a lot of Coal Clarks political adviser. Robert above ground and have lost a Zood Riu it hic in Clireen Boio. Murphy and South koreans prime Many markets for Coal in the minister foreign minister and de past Tew tense minister. Busarello said he believes Many Rhee has demanded a u. S so All mines will not reopen South korean Mutual Security pact immediately when the 10-Day Vaca a fore a truce his Price for Lons and july 6. Adding signing hut there was no Indica m the water and dived into Mittee then apparently would vote River. To fore the Bill to a committee Raleigh. A a cd with m Gill 53-Vear-old former commissioner of y Norwood negro. Frank Wall. Vote Revenue and paroles commissioner coming Back to Raleigh about 3.5. Was fatally stabbed at Halleck told the House in effect. State treasurer. Norwood the victim ister he that he did no expect the tax Bill gov. I Stead announced at his new Conin once appointment of my held in the stanly county jail to get to the floor this week. Brandon Hodges in my Earle. No charge has been Reed hired at an Early meting 1 preferred of his committee a i have a mass the body of William Bud lock of legislation before my commit Lear. 43. Of near Maxton was found tee. He told reporters. I m going three Miles North of Maxton on to get that cleared up soon the Hank of the lumber River he had a Bullet wound in the Back of of Reed called a meeting Osten i head. Searcher had been look Sibly on other matters it would w Hll in ton r my for him inc Friday when he eliminate any necessity for the be Gena postpone any was lat seen fishing in the River tuition method of forcing a session. Johnny Mosley about 22. Of and so might save face for tile new y Ork v a \ top Fen Cabarrus county drowned in Lake chairman How or administration Arm official Tillery near Norwood. 5 number of commie Niem Aid today it 1 More important Walter Lee Branch 48. Of the bets told the House they Weie cello Avo Farmers Lorn ruinous by Low Springwood Section of a ton Fain the ways and bounced he was re appointing Eugene Shaw of Greensboro commissioner of Revenue. The had re 0 been expected met a mislead Nim he pit. July a. I ride my a Ned Shaw 0, la conference last week. Gill stepped Down a commissioner of Revenue four years ago at i really Don t see How some of Hadd a m to ,0 Quot Ken Scott. After practising Law briefly in Washington he was appointed director of the i internal Heve a nil support rated above gof pledges aided by minister of Star a Selwyn Lloyd and two it under Sec re see Britain on Page Fly a Senate urged to postpone further a lits a sen Taft further cuts administration $5,318,000,-Zn Aid program until later by to appropriations Corn in the too for action Mittie. In Advance of the opening of de Means group a e on program today the c flu on Page five a it a i fear that some Large mines speculation which will remain closed for awhile. Hodges announced t of a 1 prices than to carry out Campaign county was killed in his service would handle the matter. Ohioan Aid in an interview he the govern station on the Charlotte Highway the House gave Reed a standing j.0 Jap place to make any fight near York. S c. The York county ovation of handclaps and cheers for fungi reduction will come when sheriffs office holding Boyd Reed demanded a showdown vote Senate con idea a Hill for a Ferguson. 39. Of five Points on a then and there saying it was a fully providing the Money which charge of firing four shots into matter of principle oppo de to oui j be authorized in the pending Branch Chest. Expediency. Henry Louis Spivey. 34, of Wilson a let get the vote now and see Gill will be sworn in. July 15 to succeed Hodges who promises a reduce resigned to accept a top position ment Loic a a a culture. With the Champion paper and president John h. Ulvi of the Fibre co. Of Canton. Agriculture department $6 750. The appointment ended weeks in 000.000 commodity credit col polio Gan after ration acc said Farmers arc in he was resign a crisis because of surpluses being the state Post to which he was dining markets and falling m re elected lat november. Gill comes. Name had been mentioned a a this make it necessary he said measure. The Senate foreign relations committee approved the authorization Hill which would set a ceiling on by the associated press 2 Quot a u a a 7�?T2u.�?T.�?T2v a v a i a 1 u j the amount of military and tech n a 1 a i m a it Rwm name had been mentioned a la make it necessary he said a to , United rain Cloud Pote new threat British pro labor Vire wiper so a hut in 1 it in i Sec i i a Iii a a a a m m a f speculation included state sen under present legislation even ii a 1 a we 1$ a a 11 a i i a 11 g o i Louii Sonchen Jai islam Jan d Larkins i of i i Iron though the la a \ have weakness nth Quot gets sir of install retire Sou wit i. I and w flank i Aynu 01 told Boro he said there i not time ton u u heaviest tails continued along the. ,._ How much Money actually should North Atlantic coast from Mary by the associated press j Fukuoka the Island largest City the pot bit Din j tied to nne v a a Quot Quot London Vethe Surprise ill the Churchill government said i be pent land northward. Lighter showers with 392.649 population and nearby. ,. A 11 1 v Ness of prime minister Churchill Servile to Britain a urn unit now a the appropriations group a fell in the upper Ohio Valley the id to p a a gloat Hood that \oj1 a Jtb 124.399. Were almost in. Davis made these statements in arouse j dismay in much of the come from his incomparable sex a More adequate grasp of where Eastern great lakes and Middle i0�?T More than 2.ado poisons dead. Ghost cities their residents evac 1 prepared Tor a meeting of or Josh press today and the pro penance. The sweep Othi judg cuts can be Taft sail. Knit states Montana and North missing or Hurt Aud a million at eff before the surging flood. Few App la 11 i i i he uni Erizian seed i l Ade a Socia labor daily Mirror urged sir win ment and his flashes of vision not it can make it Deli to Atter t Dakota and the far Northwest. Homeless receded today on the some of the dead and missing cd a i Imi non on j0 retire. Tram detailed application however find out just what funds Are left precipitation in sunday Thun a it Luthern Japan Island of Kyushu drowned in the swollen Rivers. Oth Iii Folk k i a giant my that the present farm the 78 Vear old conservative stimulating to departmental of unspent from previous Ca Dei quails ranged up to Bald Lui Dai k rain Clouds posed an 01m ers died soaked sliding Earth Quot i loss la program has weaknesses certain Leader was reported to have a fairs the joint committee on Bedur 1 Ore t r inches in an hour and nou mrs threat. Crushed their Flimsy Homes a a i it b this no time to hold Hack and Cepter cheerfully the Arder from be Liberal news chronicle said Tion Al Fedei 1 expedites a half. And Petersburg Uno seven Days of torrential rain thirty seven americans were4 quibble about it h weaknesses. I medical adv Kyers to take a com Churchill illness on top of the of St n by d do a. Repoz l ii Ial 44 inches. Turned much of the Northern part rescued saturday from the a so he Aid Lins the time to put plete rest Tor at least a month a 1 j bladder operations that have yesterday that on april i there a Baltimore deluge was an All of Kyushu ail area about the size Kanko special services hotel. Washington 4�? sen Byrd first things first ii i it the time he and lady Churchill were p1 foreign Secretary Anthonyjr a a tune record streets and base of new Jersey a into a vast which was nearly buried by a land a Vagt reported today that the Tor action to make Price supports luncheon Host yesterday to their Eden out of action Point up the ment were flooded and motorists Lake. The hapless japanese Resi slide. Number of civilian workers on effective despite the shortcomings on in Law and daughter or. And Neej of younger haunt in the tory marooned by floodwater. Wind dents fled to any High ground they the americans including 29 government payrolls decreased of the tools a los. Christopher Satnes. And lord government and lightning damaged property could find. Servicemen the wives of six of 120.395, or about 5 per cent during Davis said there no doubt that. Beaverbrook. Publisher of the Dai. Up Hope a the new Petersburg a experience was Simi by late afternoon today the them and tyo children were the past la months. Puent Price support programs it a express at their Eia e near Lai known death toll stood at 409. It moved by hastily rigged breeches of the decline he said a reduce were not in effect agriculture Westerham 25 mile Southeast of tither rainfall amounts sunday was expected to Rise when those buoy across 40 feet of churning Tion of 81,516 had come Between would he in a depressed condition London Zonnies Aid later included 2.24 at Lexington. By. Missing now numbered at 1,178 flood water and taken to the u. S january when the Eisenhower similar to that of the thirties. Air Winston condition not 2 13 at Elkins. W. A1.83 at Al a Are accounted Tor. Army Camp Wood for treatment administration took Over and May j he acc president Laid part of Suh that it Likely either to debate. N. Y., 2.33 at Oneonta police said several villages were food and dry clothing. Byrd chairman of the joint the blame Tor the present farm Teri orate or improve from Day to on committee on reduction of and i 24 at w Ashington i. C. I washed away and 350.000 Homes three big american bases Stockton. Calif expire ended a were do proved or damaged. High ground have escaped dam essential Federal non surplus problem on the previous Day. He simply suffering from expenditures democratic administration. He said general fatigue which probably a we Hope the news chronicle said. A that the prime minister whom everybody. Reveres will regard this moment offering a Good Chance to drop some of his More venerable ministers and give the younger generation its weather Freak sunday. A Tornado. Relief was rushed to countless age so far. The big naval base at he said government workers mini rigid restrictions on production More mental than physical of the 17 Cabinet members Only five Are under 60 while three in 512 .700 too Mio in unexpended balances m appropriations nude of the president mostly in foreign Aid Taft said he expects the Senate to write into the Hill a provision giving president Eisenhower authority to withhold funds from u. S. Allies who Tail to take necessary Steps to share up their own defences. This would replace a provision in the Houe approved $4,998,000,-000 foreign Aid Bill under which a virtually unknown in that state stricken villages and cities. The Casebo in Northwestern Kyushu wrecked a single building of a Lum jul. S. Air Force dropped food and has not been seriously damaged Ber Mill then lifted and moved on without further damage no one w injured. Among Hose saved from the Raing streams were american sail Kansas and the Texas and okla Boma Panhandle country cooled Oil much 24 degrees sunday 01s, soldiers Anil marines and their Breed 2.478.963 at the end of May. Will be needed next year and pox the daily Mirror Nur Minally in eluding sir Winston Are in their billion Dollar would be withheld new Magazine Silv the year after dependent but favouring the labor until six Western european nation a but this the Price we have to party a politics declared in a front Active direction of the govern ratify the european defense Tom Pav Tor the mistakes of former Page editorial ment was Tawen Over meanwhile inanity Edc treaties earing the Washington it a the demo years in not making necessary add ii out it to himself to his by r. A. Butler the 50-year-old Way for formation of a unified of the exchequer he army. Chief lieutenants sen Sparkman d-ala1 said he then still he with tis clothing to isolated groups of ref the cloudburst and floods Para gees scattered on islets of High i Zed Kyushu. Communications and ground jutting from the flood. Industry Lay quiet. Damage was expected to run Coatie National committees pock just ments and not Quot utilizing Avail family and to the country to re Chancellor into the millions of dollars. It sized monthly Magazine. The Abie controls when they were need ire from the premiership. He May named his All units and installations on the democratic digest expected to p j ont am j two years ago a he a a a. At 88, still Apt. Harry Croo Sharik the con and other democrats May of for an with maximums in the 8 . The families some were taken from a Island have been placed on a full be on Newsstands by july to a Saj j holding in our hearts a place of Serva Tive Leader of the House of amendment under which theft Resi Southwest had another Day of stalled train near Alojzi and housed time emergency basis and Are sup committee spokesman said today. Davis said it was a Safe bet that affection he it a richly deserves commons and he Marquis of Dent broiling Sun with temperature in the u. S army recreational applying All possible assistance Andjel he Magazine being edited by t b e Eisenhower admin Swiadon and benefiting the world with he ranging up to 111 at Presidio lex., climes at that Northern Kyushu Relief a Public information office j Clayton Fritchey the committee and 112 at Gila Bend Anz. Id. Announcement said Deputy in aum a. Tie i aia a1 on a in Iivo a Bis counsels would he Rhen authority to Salisbury the Laird president of dispose of i c of surpluses the Council and Leader of the abroad and a Ake pay men in tur in London limes a up Poxlei of House of loads. 4 eign Cul l envies

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