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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Burlington, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy tonight and wednesday widely scattered thundershowers wednesday. The daily times news circulation the Dally times Newa has More subscribers in the Eity than there Are Homes. Over 6,000 paid circulation daily. Vol. 56�?no. 124 associated press service Burlington n. a tuesday july 23, 1940 full Nea service Price five cent Britain raises tax rate to record Havana conf ice met set up mandate possessions of europeans in hemisphere Are affected u. S. Propose step Hull is elected president Bra opens conference at Havana British ports hitlers peace offer Are attacked in j r a i As War starts a. Ignored entirely in new phase air raids continuing assault Quot whew summer i Here Syf a port no tar i a $228,000,000 Havana july 23�? apr the United states delegation placed before the pan american conference today a project designed to set up machinery immediately for an inter american mandate Over european possessions in this president Frederick Laredo Bra of Cuba standing is shown at Havana opening the conference of Amer ican foreign ministers. United states advocacy of a joint trusteeship for threatened european colonies in the new world was set Forth by the u. 8. Spokesman Secretary of state Cordell Hull. In an address at the second meeting. Hemisphere. The mandate would become effective in Case such possessions were menaced with a change of sovereignty. The United states project was submitted in the form of a proposed convention to bind the 21 american countries into a joint trusteeship of the various european colonies in this hemisphere. Separate Resolution a separate Resolution called for the establishment of a committee to take Over any possessions which might be menaced prior to ratification of the joint trusteeship by the convention. A project for building a great trans Continental railway through the steaming Jungles and mountains of South America As a defense measure was expected to be presented to the conference late tomorrow under the sponsorship of Bolivia. This project met with keen interest in conference Halls. Some delegates believed the plan to link the Atlantic with the Pacific in lower South America would be almost As Good As a another Panama canal for defense purposes. Bolivia a plan which has not yet been made Public in detail would establish a right of Way Westward from the port of Santos in Brazil to Arica in Chile crossing through Bolivia. May gain support if the project is considered feasible it is Likely to gain support from most of the West coast countries All of which Are eager to see an open path from the Atlantic to the Pacific for Trade As Well As defense reasons. If such a railway were established it could be used for the transportation of troops from West coast to East coast Points without moving them through the Panama canal or around the Horn through the Straits of Magellan. These and other questions involving pan american defense were considered after Secretary of state Cordell Hull was elected president of the All important peace preservation commission at the conference. Viewpoints merged United states Security and economic proposals to safeguard the Western hemisphere were translated into resolutions As the delegates began their task of composing clashing viewpoints. Already apparent was Argentina a hesitating attitude toward Broad commitments which might affect her future Trade relations with Europe and which she feared might result in losses which would not be offset by Concrete economic benefits from tile United states or other american republics. Secretary of state Hull scarcely had finished his Broad outline of defense and economic plans sponsored by the United states late yesterday when Argentine Delegate Leopoldo Melo warned the pan american gathering against Rushing into actions based on a conjectural other speakers however generally supported Secretary hulls version of dangers besetting the new world because of aggressive military and economic methods on other continents. It Hull seemingly a discouraged by the Argentine position similar to that at the Lima conference in 1938, moved ahead with drafting of resolutions embodying his govern mentus proposals. The resolutions were prepared for study by commissions assigned to specify subjects. Hull clearly was receptive to modifications to incorporate the views of other governments. He hoped the resolutions thus would emerge As the recommendations of the full commissions As a step toward the unanimity which he sought As proof of Continental Solidarity. President Roosevelt s recommendation that the lending Power of the Export import Bank be increased by $500,000,000 brought support for Hull s Promise of United states financial Aid to relieve pressing economic problems of some of the latin american nations. Balkan Parley bulletins army training by compulsion aimed to help Mold policies tri Power session is intended to set up Rumania Bucharest july 23 a up a a German spokesman said today a tri Power meeting Friday of Balkan statesmen and foreign minister von Ribbentrop of Germany was designed to help Rumania Mold relations with All her neighbors a including Russia in a peaceful Premier Ion Gimurtu and foreign minister Mihail Manolescu of Rumania plan to leave Bucharest tomorrow accompanied by German minister Fabricus who tendered the von Ribbentrop invitation for a conference at Salzburg Over the week end. Berlin dispatches said Premier Bogdan Phil off and foreign minister Ivan Popoff of Bulgaria would also attend to discuss note it was said that the conference would discuss a reported russian note expressing interest in a Quot popular government for King Carol s monarchy As Well As rumanian German relations. The pro nazi rumanian government has been trying to arrange consultation with the highest German leaders since the loss of Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina to soviet Russia. A Germany is interested in maintaining peace in Southeastern Europe and wants to work out peaceful solutions to Rumania s problems a the spokesman said. Nazis interested Hungary a claims probably will be discussed he added and in reply to a question said a yes Germany also is interested Welles hits move Washington july 23. A up a Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state today denounced As a deliberate annihilation the absorption of three Baltic republics Estonia Latvia and Lithuania a by soviet Russia. In a formal statement Given out at his press conference Welles declared a the people of the United states Are opposed to predatory activities no matter whether they Are carried on by the use of Force or by the threat of draws attack Vandenberg does not see need of step at this time new soviet base Seattle july 23. A up a reports that a russian air base is being developed in soviet owned Diomede Island in the Bering sea Only a mile from american owned Little Diomede Island were confirmed by the u. S. Coast guard Cutter Perseus on a visit to the far North. This was Learned when the Cutter arrived Here in route to its i convinced Washington july 21k�? in a proposals for compulsory military training were criticized today by senator Vandenberg a Mic who said he questioned the necessity of peacetime conscription to All the expanding ranks of the nations armed forces. President Roosevelt and the army High command have endorsed selective service As an essential element in the defense drive but Vandenberg told reporters he was not that a your Ordinary re base at san Diego. Only to Days ago officers of the Cutter talked to the four Whites and leaders of the native population of Little Diomede learning definitely of the presence of a Small detachment of russian soldiers and construction of a Large air plane hangar and Field on the soviet Island. Many May starve Jersey City n. J., july 23.�? up a John w. Kaliney an american red Cross representative returned from War torn Europe today with a declaration that a Europe faces one of the greatest shortages of foodstuffs in modern Maloney who toured 19 european countries since february arrived on the american Export liner Exeter from Lisbon. The vessel carried 156 passengers and $1,000,000 in Gold consigned to the Federal Reserve Bank of new York from the Bank of Portugal in promoting More peaceful rela Jown a Home guard a to help Britain a defense unit London july 23. A a americans who have lived for a Long a pm a Quot a a a a a a mend Atlon a Tasu Minuit pm Hance on volunteers would fail to Supply the necessary manpower. As the Senate military committee was called into cloned session on the Burke Wadesworth compulsory service Bill Vandenberg also indicated he did not see Eye to Eye with War department proposals for mobilizing the National guards 235,000 men if conscription is voted. Mobilization planned mobilizing the militia for a years training said Vandenberg might cause a a very cruel dislocation in the Homes of Many guardsmen who did not expect a whole time services with the regular land forces during peacetime. However two members of the military committee Burney Ltd a do and minion a ind announced that they would vote to recommend enactment of compulsory service. Minton democratic whip announced a a in a for it if the War department says its with the anticipated military training controversy shaping up. A House committee pursued its study of the Navy share in president Roosevelt s new $4,848,171,957 recon by the associated press Merlin july 23�?widespread \ raids on British harbours and j airports were reported by the 1 High command today As nazis j declared the War against Britain is on in Earnest. A the Dice Are cast a authorize sources said concluding that Britain definitely had j a pumped Adolf hitlers Olive Branch. They accepted As Britain a final j answer to the fuehrer s Reich Stag speech the British air raids on Ger-1 Many and British foreign Secretary lord Halifax a a flight on declaration yesterday. Authorized sources intimated that i i As today High command report indicated Germany is going after England on a sort of stagger sys a temp increasing its air and naval activity Day by Day until it is Cap-1 Ped some Day in a general often i i Sive accompanied by a wholesale j Landing of troops. Ports attacked a especially attacked in overnight air raids across England and Scot land the communique said a were the ports of Pembroke with its Oil stores Chatham Sheerness Edin j Burg and Aberdeen As Well As air ports in the Vicinity of Portsmouth i and Bristol it reported also three merchant ships were damaged by bomb hits Oft the English coast and 18,000 tons of British shipping sunk by a i i submarine raiding a a strongly protested answering Halifax whose speech was derided As a a Sermon of a i priest a nazi sources said Hitler j did not threaten but merely pre seated the situation As it is. A if Halifax thinks he can rely on the utterances of certain statesmen on other continents and thinks it is a matter of political Wisdom for him to do so Only history will show who is right a one authorized commentator observed. Beyond Exchange a what is now to follow is beyond any Exchange of notes or the British foreign Secretary Cloudy tonight and wednesday and told a Woi id wide radio audience widely scattered thundershowers on yesterday that the British picture wednesday. Of Europe As a a free association of Independent states was shared by every week by Here s How 18-month-old july weather. Judy Imam Ham of Decatur. Ga., combated hot heat striking Here is news tar heels in summary blow by the associated press form the first heat wave of the summer continued unabated throughout the Carolinas today but the u. S. Weather bureaus forecast of j answer feed some Hope for Relief. The Bureau predicted by the associated press prime minister Winston Church the associated press London. July 23 a great Britain a leadership increased the nations income tax today to a unprecedented rate of 42 1-2 per cent to help meet an emergency War budget equalling $13,868,000,000. That same leadership refrained however from further official notice of Adolf hitlers peace bid and took every step in its Power to fight to the last. Perhaps the most startling thing about the staggering income tax is that it is to be deducted arbitrary i ily from the wages of England a men and women. Power Iii Force this is possible under the government s dictatorial Powers Over All britons and All they possess. The emergency budget presented i to the House of commons by Chancellor of the exchequer sir Kingsley Wood called for other drastic taxes and announced the governments intention of further restricting Home consumption of Quot a wide Range of the income tax was increased a full shining in the Pound Sterling to a total of 8 shillings 6 Pence. This compares with the Post world War rate from 1918 to 1922, of 6 i shillings or 30 per cent. Winston Churchill answering a few questions of members before sir Kingsley went to the dispatch Box said nothing whatsoever about i hitlers so called a Appeal to reason a made last Friday in his Reich Stag i speech. Answer Given foreign Secretary lord Halifax already had Given Hitler his answer in his broadcast that Britain a will never accept this new world of hitlers. Will not Stop fighting until ill tacitly affirmed Britain so final Freedom for ourselves and Othen is to Adolf Hitler today president Roosevelt and general Jan Christian Smuts of the Union of South Africa behind Halifax who a waved his Bible stands a government which will Lead the English people to decidedly other than heavenly pastures German sources asserted. Britain they said apparently yesterday saw the Mercury Rise to new highs in several sections while at virtually All Points the readings were equal to previous High Marks set Over the week end. Sizzling temperatures that topped the 100-degree Mark engulfed at least three Points. At Rocky mount the Reading at i p. In. Yesterday was 103 degrees highest in the Carolinas and Goldsboro which reported a High Mark of 102 de a fight to the finish against nazi partly j Conquest. By avoiding comment during the question period in the House of commons Churchill indicated that the empires last word in reply to hitlers Appeal for a nazi dedicated peace had been spoken yesterday by foreign Secretary lord Halifax. Authoritative quarters in Berlin had previously said Hitler would hold off the a Zero hours for Brit ainu a destruction Only until after secure. Sir Kingsley also increased the taxes on Beer tobacco wine and entertainment. He said direct War expenses alone would be the equivalent of $11,200,000,000 that the current rate of expenditure was some $228,000,000 weekly. He withdrew for revision a proposed sales tax. He foreshadowed a new source of a Purchase tax under which a a luxuries a including cosmetics and furniture will be taxed one third of their wholesale value or 24 per cent on retail prices. Titis tax will be Cut to half or 12 tons Between Rumania and Russia unexpectedly moved towards a conciliation with Rumania last saturday when after a week of attacks before and after the defense volunteers fight off any attempt at invasion. Because Many american residents already have gone Back to the United states it is unlikely that a Large Force can be raised but it is expected to be soviet invasion of Bessarabia the j one of the Best equipped defense Moscow radio supported Rumania units in Britain. In her dispute with Hungary Over j Transylvania. 1 continued on Page 2 Weatherman will Promise no Relief from heat wave by the associated press no Relief from the weather in sight. That was the weather bureaus disappointing offering today to a nation scorched by a wave that in Many areas has held Sway for a week. Scattered showers brought a temporary respite to some sections. But with them came increased humidity and greater oppression. Weather conditions in Central Canada where real Relief was expected to develop gave forecasters no basis for any optimistic predictions for today or tomorrow. Since the hot spell set in 38 persons have succumbed from the heat in 12 states and 152 have drowned while seeking escape from the blazing Sun and dense humidity in 31 states. Temperatures which yesterday were As much As 20 degrees above Normal in the Plains states started climbing Early today and headed toward the highs of the last few Days. Nebraska entered the seventh Day of extreme heat six of them having seen the Mercury above too. In Detroit the Reading was 83 at 9 a. In. Est and a climb to the High 90�?Ts was expected. New York enjoyed a temporary break after four sultry Days. The Mercury stood at to at 9 a. In. Est with rises in temperature and humidity predicted. Virtually All the nation East of the Rockies suffered from the sizzling heat. Temperatures of too or higher were reported yesterday from such scattered Points As Montana Minnesota and Arizona. At least 180 deaths were attributed directly or indirectly to the torrid Wea ther. Thirty one persons in 12 states were listed As heat victims. In 31 states there were 149 drowning victims among the millions who sought Relief at the beaches. A. E. Anderson state Federal agricultural statistician at Omaha neb., said the heat wave was creating a serious crop situation in that Region. He reported that even Sudan a drought resisting sorghum was beginning to suffer. High winds and Hall damaged crops and caused property losses Massachusetts Maine new Hampshire and Connecticut. Hail damage to Connecticut River Valley tobacco crops was estimated at $150,-000 to $300,000. Pared Ness expenditures. After the first Days closed hearing chairman Woodrum Ltd a said yesterday it was apparent that i the Navy was a going ahead full Speed on its construction program cutting Many Corners in the interest of Speed. Knox is quoted he quoted Secretary of the Navy Knox As testifying that the pro-1 Gram was pm annul to such a nicety that naval officials had a a schedule of the Days the new ships Are to be Laid Down and the Days they Are to go Down the the Navy meanwhile issued a detailed statement designed to explain Why a More powerful Fleet is not now in being. If 237 combatant ships had not been scrapped or demilitarized i under the 1921 Washington and the j 1930 London disarmament pacts j the report noted the United states today would a have a More Power Ful Battle Fleet than we can Hope to have in the next six in voicing his a Loews on compulsory service senator Vandenberg said a there Are Many alternatives in voluntary training and enlistment which should be exhausted before we put America on i a peacetime conscript he offered a letter from the army a recruiting service stating that the full strength of 375,000 regular troops for which Congress had voted funds could be reached within ave months by voluntary enlistments. 1 a Grees sunday continued to swelter. 1 n thermometers at Fayetteville Halifax and Churchill had spoken. I per cent on personal and House and leave it to other nations to do i the fighting. Germany they added already has shown what she can do with both fighting and praying nations. The emphasis on Halifax speech As a a a Sermon presumably answered his frequent references yesterday to a the Christian message and a a god a raids stressed dub official German news Agency stressed British air raids As Britain a conclusive reply to Hitler saying they a show that Churchill wants to demonstrate to the German people what he regards As a proper shit is sunk Shanghai july 23 a up a the 1,000-ton motor ship Karsten flying the German Flag was reported today to have been sunk off Ningpo presumably by chinese artillery fire. The ship had been plying Between Shanghai and Ningpo for three years. Bulletin Washington july 23 map a the Senate military committee gave its approval today to comprehensive compulsory military training calling for registration of 42,000,000 men Between 18 and 64 years. Chairman Sheppard d Tex said the committee expected to work out All details of the training legislation tomorrow and have the Bill ready for Senate action next week. War department spokesmen said the system contemplated actual military training to be limited to about 1,500,000 men be Ween 21 and 30 years Dur no the first year selected rom a group estimated to lumber 11,500,000. Registered too degrees in the Shade Early yesterday afternoon. Raleigh and Anderson reported a High of 99 degrees. Readings of 98 degrees were reported from Charlotte Columbia Shower bombs even As Churchill thus ended All talk of peace German planes showered fire bombs on British cities in widespread attacks and nazis in Berlin declared a the Dice Are cast for a Blitzkrieg against Britain. The staggering Cost of the War to hold goods requiring frequent replacement such As clothing and shoes. Many air raids with German air raids extending again tile length of Britain and across it in Force to Wales Prima minister Churchill refused in the Concord. Durham Winston Salem i Britain was High lighted when interests of military strategy to Tell and Henderson. Ninety seven degree Marks were set at Spartanburg. Rock Hill Statesville Shelby and new Bern. It was 96 degrees in High Point and Greenville s. C., and 95 at Hickory. Asheville Charleston and Cape Hatteras reported 90 degrees. Chancellor if the exchequer sir j commons whether the Royal air Kingsley Wood announced a one Force would bomb Berlin and Rome shilling increase in the British in i if London were bombarded come tax to eight shillings six Pence the prime minister also toned per pounds a Basic tax of 42 1-2 per Down Britain so hush hush move cent. I ment promised to review sentences sir Kingsley presented an Emer imposed for careless talk and used gency War budget to meet expend Grover Cleveland a famous phrase Tures of about $35,600,000 a Day. Far Flung raids of nazis fail to produce fatality London july 23.�? up a far Flung German air raids during the night extending from the thames Estuary on the East to Wales on the West and from England to Scotland caused Little damage and no fatalities the government announced today. A communique issued by the air ministry and ministry of Home Security follows during the night enemy aircraft dropped smaller numbers of bombs at Many coastal Points including the thames Estuary South Wales and Southeast Scotland. Cable damaged which was soon repaired. An Eye witness at a Southeast town said the Raider apparently was attacking shipping and British fighters were a continually racing out to along the thames Estuary most of the bombs fell in Marshland or on rocks on the Shore. A dozen planes appeared Over Wales simultaneously the largest number to visit that area since the War began. In the face of heavy anti aircraft fire most of them innocuous to describe a movement to establish a a silent column a in Britain. Backing up lord Halifax a pledge to obtain a Freedom for others a the British government recognized a government a for free czechoslovak so headed by or. Eduard Benes who resigned As president of Czechoslovakia after the Munich Cave up of his country. The admiralty issued a compendium of shipping losses for the week ended july 14, acknowledging the total of British Allied and Neutral ships sunk was 52.032 tons. Receives educator no fatal casualties Are reported dec it dropping their bombs on the Countryside largely in open Fields. German planes flew Over towns in Southwest England during the night. High explosive bombs dropped on the outskirts of a northeastern England town damaged three houses and caused minor injuries. A this morning a single Raider dropped four bombs on a Southeast town. No damage was reported. But in one scottish town several persons were injured and damage was done to House and shop property. Farm buildings were also damaged in Southeast Scotland. In England and Wales Little damage was done but in one Southeast coast town an unoccupied House was demolished and an electric chunking. July 23 a up a Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek yesterday received Paul Linebarger assistant professor of political science at Duke University whose father once was Legal adviser to Sun Yat sen China a first president. Troops bombed Rome july 23 a up a italian planes again have bombed British troops along the egyptian Frontier and at Najir in Kenya Colony the italian High command announced today. J

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