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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Burlington, North Carolina Weather mostly Cloudy tonight and sunday with orca Don a i showers. The daily times news Burlington the hosiery Mill Center of the South with 41 plants in the county. Yol. 54�?no. 125 associated press service Burlington n. a saturday july 23, 1938 pull Nea service Price five cent Britain gives czech a assurances vote fraud what a wrong Here does cute cyclist flout Gravity j a crooner in after japs bombed u. S. Mission Hopes for affidavits Laid before state body Mclendon Cha r g e s forgery a dead voting. Lists total 297 cases limelight As Texas voters go to polls of Daniel is one of Many candidates for governor. In Campaign of Mountain music Raleigh july 23�? apr l. P. Mclendon of counsel for c. B. Deane in his contest of the apparent nomination of j w. 0. Burgin in the second democratic primary in the eighth congressional District ave the state Board of elec ions affidavits today contending he said. That dead a picture that has everybody Messing and arguing. Is this fair cyclist coasting men voted in Davidson coun Defiance of All the Laws of Gravity certainly appears so. Does no to it or Are you wrong to. Wrong. This picture was taken on Maine a famous upside Down Hill at Wilton before Mclendon started Reading a a representative affidavits from amp a hopi Sis Immy i Uphill Iii be you re where things Are not among some 297 he had to present to the Board j. B. Ehringhaus. Of Burgin counsel told the Board we will show by answer that these allegations of dead men voting names forged and so Forth arose Only from confusion of names and Mclendon outlined the affidavits he had As 38 from persons who said their names were forged of they appeared on Absentee ballots 34 from persons who said they were not sick on primary Day 94 who a Aid they did not acknowledge before any official their certificate two that votes were cast in the names of dead persons six that absentees were cast by non residents of Davidson county five that voters voted in the wrong precinct one that an Absentee was cast in the name of a voter not in the United states and eight that republicans voted in the democratic primary. Ehringhaus a former governor interrupted the hearing momentarily to take notice of a newspaper item commenting on apparent differences which had Arisen Between him and Mclendon. The former governor commented that he had offered Mclendon who was his Campaign manager a seat what they seem. Actually Esther Wash Auk is gliding downhill in the regular and prescribed Man Ner and sir Isaac Newton and his Apple were not in error after All. Its Alt an optical illusion. The Hill is famous All Over new England and Many motorists go there to a coast crop loss disrupted George claims traffic follow Rains Friend fired loss to growers running High in thousands new York anti new Deal Georgia senator beaches virtually deserted a solid week of torrents wreck amusement program of vacationers Croton Lake overflows for the first time in Many years. Or inc by the associated press torrential Rains still drenched the Eastern Seaboard today from Maine to Virginia menacing Highway travel causing thousands of dollars of crop damage and putting an effective Damper on outdoor amusements and sports in the area. New Yorkus greatest beaches generally jammed at his season with thousands of persons were Sodden and gloomy today after seven Days of Cloudy weather and rain. An overflow of 218 million Gallons of water in the last Twenty four hours was reported at Croton Lake says Nec official dismissed because of his Friendship. Washington. July 23�? apr senator George <d.-Ga. And Lowell Monett executive director new Jersey also suffered a me 0f National emergency Council crop damage and the harvesting of j differed today Over whether the potato and Corn crops has been de j Georgia director for Nec resigned played by the downpour with a consequent Rise in prices. Berry crops the state agriculture department reported Are Likely to suffer worst of All. General Rains were reported Over Virginia and the weather Bureau said the precipitation was at least on the supreme court and added Quot if i had the Chance i would do it j one 0f City a water reservoirs Aln a Jed motorists had the rare summer Ehringhaus said he held no Man time sight of seeing water flow Quot in higher regard than he did Mclendon and expressed Hope a that our affection of the past and present will last for Many Mclendon told the Board he merely wished to add that both he and Ehringhaus Quot each maintained his Independence. A w. A. Lucas chairman of the Board announced that it had accepted the resignations of c. R. Brownings jr., and e. E. Teague chairman and member respectively of the Swain county Board of elections. Both Are democrats. The resignations followed the Board s Quot finding As a fact that Browning attempted to influence the votes of spa workers. Browning is a statistician for the Swain county welfare department. The Board took under advisement charges by Rivers d. Johnson apparently Defeated in the sixth District solicitor Al race of irregularities in Sampson county. It also took under advisement charges of fraud in the fourth District solicitor Al race and the Avery county Republican sheriffs race. Two inches above Normal for july. The West fared considerably better it was Clear and Cool in South Dakota fair and comfortable in Chicago after yesterdays rain generally Clear and Cool in Nebraska with no rain in the past 48 hours and generally fair weather predicted for Iowa where there have been Only scattered Rains recently. Temperatures for the last 24 hours North Carolina mostly Cloudy tonight and sunday with occasional showers. South Carolina partly Cloudy to Cloudy with local showers sunday and in Northwest and Nort Central portions tonight. Over the 150-foot spillway. Catskill villages isolated steady downpours in the catskills isolated a number of villages washed out roads and Bridges and shifted ancient boulders As if they were so Many pebbles. Property damage was estimated to run into several Hundred thousand dolls los. Rains carried on High winds struck the Rochester n. Y., area Washington july 23.�? api a last night. Lightning struck at j Scotland Yard Sleuth turned Stu least six buildings causing an Esti Dent. Received his diploma in Sci mated $10,000 damage. Niagara anti Fly crime detection today. Falls reported a bad storm. He was Henry Arthur Leslie de in Washington d. C., j. B. Yective inspector of the famed eng Kincer chief of the climate and Lish police Agency crop Section of the u. S. Weather j Leslie was one of 36 graduates of Bureau said the rain during the a three months Law enforcement past ten Days has been abnormally school conducted by the Federal or was fired. George complained to the Senate Campaign expenditures committed yesterday that Quot one Federal official a was removed a for the sole reason that he proposes to vote Austin tex., july 23 map a a million citizens stepped into balloting Booths to Day for a showdown on the l most unpredictable Issue in Texas political history a the Potency of Mountain music. Not since the incredible race i Blacksmith Bob Wiliams made in 1908 without Ever leaving his forge or perhaps the dark horse run of Farmer Jim Ferguson in 1914 has the electorate been so excited by a gubernatorial scramble. A new personality w. Lee O�?TDan-1 Lei converted the Campaign into a travelling circus. The fort Worth flour broker campaigned atop a sound truck with a blaring hillbilly band and a Promise of $30 monthly pensions for the aged whether they be millionaire or indigent. Strength just bulges never has the democratic primary Field bulged with such strength. O Daniels chief opponent Are attorney general William Mcgraw who was re elected without opposition four years ago i Railroad commissioner Ernest o. Thompson proponent of Low Utility rates Aix Tom Hunter Wichita i Falls Oil Man and three to Fine can-1 dilate who never has polled less than ?00,000 votes. Of Daniel pecked away at the j a professional politicians in his closing speech last night and asserted he favored the working Man. Mcgraw said he hoped Texas would peace Are brighter at nazi Amity Solidarity of Anglo French stand gives fascists pause non fighting pact is talked this was the scene of destruction that met the eyes of the Rev. Father William Downs when he returned to his Mission Home in Barstow. China after receiving medical treatment on the u. S. S. Sacramento for injuries sustained in japanese chinese fighting. A 250-Pound japanese Aerial bomb had made a direct hit on the Home. Father Downs whose Home is in Erie pa., is shown standing among the ruins of the Mission. Almost 2000 were killed and injured when japanese bombed the South China port. Mellett commented a the declare a end Quot to Petty quarrelling senators being a Little sordid politics. Thompson re out of the complaint grew the pledge to industrialize possibility that the Senate commit a in and Hunter said he was tee would Send an investigator to eager to Alice $15,000,000 from the Georgia. Chairman Sheppard state budget caves Swallow Trio of women searching party begins Hunt. At Dawn today for missing Trio of tourists in new Mexico. Area housing Harlan jury is a no mans land eight others. Including Karl a. Crowley former solicitor for the Post office department and James a. Ferguson of Bell county Kin of Farmer Jim filled out the even . Said he would ask the group to consider it As soon As possible. George named no one in his complaint to the committee but said at Atlanta that he referred dozen gubernatorial aspirant. To the appointment of or. H. Foreman of the Washington Public work administration staff to succeed Erie Cocke As Georgia Neo director. Mellett said Cocke resigned Tho English officer gets diploma in crime detection directorship. He praised Ray of his casual mention that o Daniclo a Star rises eight weeks ago o Daniel was unknown to politic a but a household word to Rural radio listeners who for a decade he heard i informal chats on a commercial flour pro heavy along the Atlantic Seaboard but the heavy precipitation has not extended West of the appalachian mountains. More rain May be expected tomorrow he said. The Connecticut Highway department estimated minimum damage of $10,000 caused by Road washouts but said the state roads generally were in Good Condolon. The weeks storm s have caused an estimated $1,000,000 damage to the tobacco crop in the Connecticut Valley. Pennsylvania overwhelmed in Eastern Pennsylvania rain has fallen for seven Days and crops were reported to have suffered the greatest damage in years. Nine Small Bridges were swept away near Lancaster. Bureau of investigation. The graduates included Mclaurin Burch chief of police Florence s. Harry e. Fales superintendent identification Bureau new Hanover county n. C., sheriffs office j. R. Thomas chief of police Rocky mount n. The georgian As a a very Good director Quot and said he had no idea How Cocke intended to vote. Cocke also had been a regional director of the reconstruction finance corporation Mellett said but resigned to become vice president of an Atlanta Bank. The fac Post carried a salary. Senator George who helped defeat the presidents court reorganization Bill is seeking renomination in the primary election september 12. Opposing him ave Lawrence Camp Federal District attorney. Former governor Eugene Talmadge and William g. Mcrae Atlanta. Loyal Start own offence weekly weather of took South Atlantic states scattered showers in Florida entire week showers elsewhere at beginning of w Eek generally fair wednesday and thursday followed by Shower period toward end of week temperatures near Normal South portion of Dis j loyalists take initiative in Span strict mostly moderate Over North portion first part of week warmer about thursday. Temperatures Charlotte july 23�? apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. Of. Asheville. 72 66 .22 Atlanta. 84 70 .06 Augusta. 88 72 .14 Birmingham. 84 72 .26 Charlotte. 82 72 a Chicago. 78 62 .88 Columbia. 84 72 .22 Denver. 82 62 .00 Detroit. 85 62 .02 Charleston. 86 76 .30 Evansville. 86 70 .00 Galveston. 86 80 .40 Greensboro. 82 68 .42 Hatteras. 86 76 .04 Jacksonville. 90 74 0.0 key West. 88 78 .00 Little Rock. 88 70 .01 Lon Angeles. 84 62 .00 Memphis. 86 72 .56 Meridian. 88 72 .02 Miami. 84 72 1.28 St. Paul. 76 56 .30 Mobile. 86 74 .30 it. Mitchell. 54 52 .54 new Orleans. 86 74 .94 new York. 74 70 .30 Raleigh. 84 66 .18 san Antonio. 92 74 .82 san Francisco. 60 54 .00 Spartanburg. 82 70 1.46 Tampa. 90 72 .44 Washington. 86 72 .64 Wilmington Fate of South a attempt to secure lower freight rates rests with ruling from inc Buffalo n. Y., july 23�? apr a from the Southern territory North the Fate of an attempt by South-1 Ward also Are higher than in the ish War in Effort to Stop pressure by rebels. The Rich Northern dons using Market rested today with the interstate Commerce commission. Enro Ute to Washington were the is. New York Central Railroad it a1, some 400,000 words of it re-�?�30 corded Here in a two weeks hear la that ended yesterday. With the files went Southern average struck Between the two. Southern interests have argued the rate differential constitutes an unwarranted Trade Barrier. Seven governors of Northern states either presented personally or had read into the records their protests against the Southern petition. Discrimination claimed dozens of traffic experts rate experts statisticians and economists offered facts and figures in attempts .04 rates on a Long list of commodities. To prove Northern Hopes opposite for the South i that Southern with them too went the prayers Industry needs lowered freight rates of Northern interests who contend so it can expand normally 2 their Industrial system May be Northern Consumers will Benefit by threatened if those rates Are Grant getting Southern goods at compelled. Tive prices 3 Southern Railroad the Southern petition asks in of operating costs Are lower than those feet the identical scale of rates on in the North and so justify lower northbound goods that Are in effect rates. Henday France at the Spanish Frontier july 23�? apr the Spanish government launched a vigorous offensive on the catalonian front today in an Effort to reduce i the steadily increasing insurgent pressure on Valencia defences. Renewal of fighting near the. French Frontier spread warfare once i again to every major front in Spain. Insurgent offensives already were under Way on the Southern and Central fronts As Well As on the Eastern where Generalissimo Francisco Francois forces Are driving on Valencia. On the Long dormant catalonian front government militiamen directed their attacks against the key he might run for governor Quot against these professional politicians came a response of 55,000 letters from his radio listeners. He said he took their advice and announced for office. The dimpled old amp Niel rigged up a sound truck rounded up his hillbilly band and dipped into politics. Lightning struck the governors race. No candidate Ever had equated the throngs o Daniel Drew around his red and White truck by the sawing of a fiddle the linking of a guitar and a pledge to Quot run the profession a a1 politicians out -. Austin a provide a $ 0 pension establish a business Man s government and industrialize the state. Congressional contests were spirited Only in spots. The bid for reelection by militant Maury Maverick of san Antonio against prosecutor Paul Kilday topped the list. However Veteran congressman Hatton w. Sumner chairman of the House judiciary committee had formidable opposition in the Dallas District in Tom love prohibitionist and former state senator and Leslie Jackson a colourful campaigner. Polls close at 8 p. Rn., e. S. T. Grants n. A july 23. A at a posses of state police and sheriff s deputies began at Dawn today a search for three Kentucky women tourists. Missing since tuesday near the strange perpetual ice Cave of the Western new Mexico desert. Their automobile first was noticed parked near the caves in the heart of the Indian country on tuesday. When it Mas seen in the same place again yesterday an alarm Mas spread. The women were identified As miss Irene Piedalue 45, of Winchester Kkt Clark county Home demonstrate agent for the last five years her sister miss Laura Piedalue 47. A new York nurse and miss Marie Antionette de la Forest of Lexington an instructor of French at the University of Kentucky. The three had been expected to arrive shortly at Billings and Lewistown mont., to visit Sisters of the misses Piedalue. Concern for their safety Mas expressed there by relatives who had received a postcard Lorn them mailed at Albuquerque tuesday. Governor Clyde a Tingley came Here Early today personally to head the z Arch. Officers equipped themselves with heavy ropes by which to probe deep crevices in the Frozen caverns and in the jagged sur funding lava country. The women a locked automobile was found on a rough dirt Road near the caves indicating they probably had left it to explore the Region on foot. Inside were several bags part of a lunch their hats Money and cigarettes. The women left Albuquerque Early tuesday after spending the night at a hotel there. Quot All we know is that they re missing a said governor Tingley refusing to discuss theories. London july 23�? apr Primo minister Neville Chai Berlin was disclosed authoritatively today to have Given the German ambassador a certain assurances of continued British efforts in Czechoslovakia for solution of the sudeten German minority Dis Pule. A Semi official account of yes. Ter Day a interview Between the Premier and ambassador or. Her i Bert von Dirksen before the lat i Ter left for Germany said however Quot no Concrete proposals were j made on dither Side nor was and new suggestion under discussion Quot it was stated a that in the course of a Friendly conversation before going on leave the German ambassador gave renewed i Assurance of Germany a peaceful j intentions and the desire of his government to seek an amicable i and satisfactory solution of the sudeten German in return it was added Quot the prime minister on his aide gave the German ambassador certain assurances regarding the continued exercise of his majesty a government of their Good offices in German assurances of the desire for closer Anglo German relations had been brought to Brit Ain by Chancellor hitlers adjutant Captain Fritz Weidemann on the eve of the departure of King George for a Good will visit to France. Some quarters close to the London government mentioned the possibility of a non aggression pact among France soviet Russia and Germany As a possible Way out of a muddle arising from self government demands of nazi supported sudeten germans in Czechoslovakia. Another suggestion was that Germany might approve a four Power plan involving France Ger London ky., july 23�? apr Deputy United states marshals roped off a a no Man s land about the Rooming House quarters of the hat Ian anti labor conspiracy trial jury today. Marshal John Moore said he ordered the action after one of lits deputies reported yesterday thre men from adjacent Clay county Quot paraded Quot past the House for an hour with one of the the ropes blocked the sidewalk at either end of the House and i Many Britain and Italy to work extend the a no trespassing zone out it solution. Severs feet out into main Street. Atm another was a reported a Long conference in Chambers i Aerman willingness to enter final the opening of court today was mediately a non aggression pact followed by separate huddles of i with Czechoslovakia if the sudeten defense and lawyers. Problem could be answered. The absence of the jury in Ducat primp minister Chamberlain Dis de a discussion of yesterday s cussed the Point with his foreign Quot Parade incident which ended minister. Viscount Halifax who re with an admonition to the Clay turned from Paris conferences on noun trans to a go Home and stay there a was being continued. Federal judge ii. Church Ford took cognizance of the Quot Parade after the Trio admitted accompanying Merle Middleton defendant and former Harlan county peace officer in walks past the jury quarters. Old silent movie Star Pearl White is seriously Iii Paris july 23�? apr Pearl White blonde dare Devil Star of j the old silent movie serials was reported today in an a a alarming condition at the american Hospital. Physicians to the 49-year-old actress gravely ill of a liver ail a ment said she had taken a turn for the worse Over night. Long awaited drive begun says Dixie has by japs on Kiu Kiang key just too Many Point of drive to capital Georgia people sociologist says a More than arc needed seek living in South. Blue Ridge. July 23�? apr or. Arthur paper. Georgia sociologist and author told a conference of towns of sort and Tremp in the Southern y. M c a. Workers Here within Northern freight classification territory. The United states East of the Mississippi is divided into two rate making areas separated roughly by the Ohio and Potomac Rivers. Different sets of rates exist within these areas and on different commodities. As a general Rule. Southern rates >6 _ Juana a Gjuul rates on pods Mode amp Jaalan Ltd for the North i that Northern Industry is hard pressed already to meet Southern Price Competition 2 Southern Industry enjoys so Many natural advantages that the add Benefit of lower rates will be Quot artificial therefore unjustified 3 the resulting acceleration of Industrial migration to the South will upset the nation s economic Noguera pallares River Valley hammering at them unceasingly. The aim of the attacks military observers said was to Force Franco to withdraw troops from the Valencia offensive to reinforce the catalonian line. On the Valencia front however the insurgents continued their drive at full Force. Insurgent dispatches reported slight gains in heavy fighting around Viver 34 Miles Northwest of Valencia on the Teruel Mediterranean Highway. A government communique said however that government forces had taken a stand outside Viver. On the Southern front insurgent troops attacked Blazquez end Puc Del Arz Obispo for the third successive Day but government commanders said the attackers were poised. These towns Are about cd . Reese Luwis axe Aux. Last night that the South was a land where there were a More people than Are needed for the modern organization of business and he said the economic organization of the South had reached a Point where Quot men Are actually in the or. Raper said the population was constantly increasing because of the High birth rate among sharecroppers. At the same time he said the South was faced Wlton a shrinking Economy. Quot up until 1930,�?� or. Raper said a the shrinking Economy and the High birth rate of the Rural South was adjusted by the movement of people from farms to cities. Now however this movement has stopped and unemployment in Southern cities indicates that absorption of More farm people is Toura Able a Shanghai july 23,�? pm Japa mailing in the City took positions Nese naval and land forces began i in hastily dug trenches and ruin a Long awaited assault today on de buildings to await the approach Kui Kiang key mint in the push \ of 8000 japanese massed at near toward Hankow. By Hukow. A japanese naval communique severe fighting was progressing announced landings were effected province. Chinese reported the at be eral Points on the Southern shores of the Yangtze River putting the invaders within to Miles of Kui Kiang. 135 Miles Down the Yangtze from the chinese provisional capital. These developments followed by a few minutes the japanese Success n crossing the narrow Entrance to Loyang Lake to Miles East of Kui Kiang after three weeks of terrific bombardments. The japanese thus gained a favored position for a drive against the big Nanchang Clr base. Chinese troops bombed the communique said japanese aviators intensively bombed chinese troops Manning defences on the Yangtsen a South Bank while other fliers machine gunned chinese forces attempting to halt the japanese infantry. Kui Kiang a defences had been badly shattered by repeated raids and the chinese a scorched Earth policy of leaving nothing useful behind but chinese lighters be japanese were unable to perfect their organization for a projected drive across the yellow River Fungkwan and Loyang. Chinese troops attack d japanese garrisons and transports All along the yellow aided by heavy rainfalls that mired the invaders. Farther North the chinese also claimed Success in impeding and Dis organizing japanese plans. Guerrillas blew up a steel Bridge Over the Chang River on the Border of Supeh and Hunan provinces interrupting traffic of the piping Hankow railway. A series of attacks was launched against japanese garrisons along the Shansi province Railroad. On the front in Central Nanhwei province where fighting ceased Early in june because of devastating floods chinese said their soldiers had recaptured Yungcheng and Shucheng North of banking the capital of Nanhwei with fighting continuing on the outskirts of Hofei the International situation result ing in Anglo French reaffirmation of brotherly love. French Cabinet meets j the French Cabinet was called to meet today in a special session i to review the French position in the Light of the latest diplomatic moves. At the same time or. Herbert von Dirksen German ambassador to London left for Berlin to report to Chancellor Adolf Hitler on his 45-minute Quot Courtesy Calls on Chamberlain yesterday when Chamberlain was understood to have told the envoy he shared hitlers desire to Settle european problems peacefully. Some London circles Felt the talks Between Chamberlain and von Kirksen and lord Halifax and Captain Fritz Wiedemann hitlers adjutant a who brought assurances of Germany a desire for peaceful settlement of outstanding questions indicated a a a considerable softening of the German attitude. But this optimistic belief a i patently found no counterpart in i Paris where the feeling was re i ported that the Quot German gesture of peace might be an adroit a move by Hitler to separate France j and Britain. This French opinion persisted in some quarters despite the much advertised a a Solidarity of the Anglo French position which King George s visit to Paris this week was widely said to have strengthened the British Monarch pledged before leaving France yesterday that Quot the passing years can never weaken Anglo French ties. Look at both sides some French observers argued this Way if hitlers a a peace moves Are turned Down by France and Czechoslovakia what is to prevent the German Chancellor from saying a Well i made a definite attempt to obtain a peaceful solution to this problem and since you will not accept it i Wash my hands of the whole business a reports Here said von Dirksen in his talk with Chamberlain emphasized the wide Gap Between the czechoslovak governments offer of four provincial diets to the sudeten germans and the sude tens demand for Complete provincial autonomy for themselves in Czechoslovakia As Well As repeating Captain Wiedemannn a Assurance to Halifax of hitlers peaceful intentions

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