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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1936, Burlington, North Carolina Page four Tbs Burlington n. A daily times Nev saturday july to no the daily times news 504 South Spring Street. Published Dally except sunday the times news publishing subscription rates by Carrier boys payable weekly or strictly in Advance a year .870 six Mon the. Mph one week.15 entered at the Post office at Burlington n. C. A second Claes mall matter under act of con Gress March s. 1879 advertising rates Classi fic advertising per word. 3 cents minimum charge. 25c. Display advertising a s. On request. Foresight to provide water facilities sufficient for a City that might top 25,000 or More population soon with butt sultans expansion of industries and 1 Trade. Rather than burying its head in the Sand of neglect that has not even provided enough water for the present demands of a City of 12,000. The water is there in abundance. The quarrel is altogether with the inadequate piping and pumping facilities which bring the water from Lake to City. Associated press service the associated pres wire service in used of the Dally times news and la entitled to use for re publication o All news dispatches cred i Ted to it or not otherwise credited in a his paper and also the local news published herein All Lighte of re publication of special Appa Umee. Bible thought for today for when we were come into Macedonia our flesh had no rest but we were troubled on every Side without were fighting within were corinthians 7 5. A a a outward attacks and troubles rather fix than unsettle the Christian As tempests from without Only serve to Root the Oak faster while an inward canker will gradually rot and decay Hannah More. Saturday. July 18. 1936 King Edward escapes that a pistol in the hand of a fanatic might have brought death to Young King Edwain d of great Britain caused the whole world to shudder. The new Monarch of the British Empire not a year on the throne after the death of his father. King George the town from regimentation has a secure hold on the affections father worked in the tin plat Plant not Only of his subjects but of most m comedy House of the Peoples of the world. His simple unaffected dignity his freshly Youthful countenance and Demeanour the sober Gravity of his conduct and Quot practically every one of Aliquippa 30,000 inhabitant look to the Jone a Laughlin corporation for a livelihood Quot. Says the dispatch to the time. Quot the place a been called a company owned town. The company owns a Street railway system the water Ayatey. Hundred of acres of improved farm land and More than 600 House occupied by employees in and around the town it a. It own police Force the Jones is Laughlin police a which it used for the Protection of the company property. At the present time the Jones at Laughlin corporation la fighting the Effort of the United states government to make it obey the provisions of the Wagner Connery act we left would protect labor in it right to organize and bargain collectively. Prom the Republican Point of View the steel company is waging a patriotic we a to prevent regimentation on the part of Washington. Something of Freedom and Independence will be gone of any employer cannot fire anybody he pleases for whatever cause he pleases or for none at All but suppose Jones St Laughlin win. Could anybody aay with Complete accuracy that such a Victory would save the average Cut Ian of Jack roes behind the scenes in Washington by Rodney Sutchar the City water shortage it is perhaps a presumptuous thing to undertake to chastise any governing body for past failures particularly when it is taking present action to atone for its neglect but certainly the City of Burlington seems to have dallied far too Long in striving to meet he went to a school in which All the teacher were appointed by the company. The company copa used to Chase him and the other kid when thy played baseball in the company Street. He grew up and made a break with the tradition vet the fact that to Man or woman j of father by working in the wire min instead of the tin plate Plant. He married and moved into a company House and he had four children. All of i life he was in debt to the company store organisation was not per he is a a regular fellow a have All contributed to making him both a Royal and a democratic Monarch in this Day and time of blustering dictators and corrupt popular Rule. The fact that he is King in name Only that he cannot As have so Many of his ancestors have subjects beheaded or Levy burdensome taxes for his own pleasure or pursue any of the vicious recreations of absolute monarchy Means Little. For King Edward would have none of these things anyway his interests probably More than those of any other Monarch lie Mitt in Aliquippa and when there was work at the Mill Jack took what a offered and worked until the Foreman told him that time a up. He could t move away because be could t pay what he owed at the store finally somebody told Jack that the company had formed a Union and that he belonged to it once they had a meeting and told the Foreman that one of the washroom was out of order. He said he d try and have it fixed but that times were bad nothing Ever happened and the Union never met any More in the course of time Jack sickened and died there had been no work at the Mill for months and so he a burled in a its water piping problems so that Sui Focient water for City and Industrial with the masses with such unkindly needs would be provided. The City now is Rushing work on a ing audibly and for publication How ment May have had Radical ideas. He wanted. ,.company coffin in the company graveyard philosophies As for example wonder j a is son who worked in the Coke depart new main from the City Lake to town with the Aid of a a a boosters pump to facilitate the drawing of water and transporting of it to the Industrial plants and the Homes of the City and the present deficiency will soon be corrected. But with some of the Industrial plants of the City completely shut off on certain Days from their water Supply and others forced to operate on limited supplies As it is understood occurred this week the question naturally arises Why has nothing been done up until now the City government was understood to be awaiting favourable action on a Federal loan sought to finance the enlargement of its Mains and piping but in this delay of Over a year from the time it had promised to take immediate action to put in larger Mains. It was running a risk that turned at last into grave reality. For with production seeded up and the textile and hosiery plants of this City and Vicinity working on full time toward manufacturing their Early fall samples for the coming autumn Rush of business suddenly the water Supply As piped to the City ii revealed grossly made quite and a a a rationing process was compelled. If anything is calculated to frighten industries away from the City that. Might otherwise contemplate setting up factories Here such Lack of cooperation and municipal assistance would certainly seem to be it. It is understood that the Industrial plants have been forced to a tap in on the water main of the May hosiery Mills which have their own private water source and that if this emergency action had not been possible then Burlington a manufacturing would have been seriously crippled. There arc Mercer izing plants for examples which mechanically Are compelled to have a 24-hour a Day inflow of water otherwise Chemis tries and dyestuffs and fabrics can easily be ruined. The shortage of water is understood to have caused some damaging of fabrics to say nothing of the serious embarrassment to Industry that has resulted. Chiding the City administration for Locking the Bam door after the horse has been stolen for the old saw holds Pood to a certain extent at least applied to the present situation is a futile thing perhaps in View of the fact that work is being seeded now to remedy the shortage. But at least it should serve of a warning that Industry dependant As it is upon the Peculiar Utility functions of a City cannot tolerate forever the procrastination of politics. It is difficult to fix responsibility for the crisis and the Dilly dallying that led up to it for it May be said to the credit of the administration that possibly officials representative of it thought they were doing the right thing. But it is difficult to understand Why they should think so. Certainly any governing body of a City that is growing and expanding As in Burlington and which is looking Forward brightly to an Ever More Brilliant Industrial future should have the England could build a Queen Mary 1 to write on the slab. Here lies free Amer liner at a Cost of some scores of Mil can sorter. He a a never regimented lion of Dollar a and till tolerate the j degradation of its cities slum. Error London smokes pipe with straight the King of England in the de j 5t<m. Colonel Knox use s curved Stem. Theocracy that is England now May have none of the autocratic Powers that some of his predecessors so enjoyed and so abused but his relation to the people and to parliament and the prime minister is an ineffable thing of both tradition and panoply. Of affection and sentiment that is without precedent. It is representative of the Peculiar British Talent for combining the old with the new for progressing and yet retaining the trappings of the old and republicans Are All against regimentation. A Mcintyre new York. July is a fashions for men Are More robust than they have Ever been Sines the Check suited red tied Upa Hoot in the Days when Charles Dana Olson was slimming leg o Washington july is. A if the state department were in the business of issuing helpful hints to beat the heat it would Tell you to put your mind on the political situation in Europe and Start realizing How comfortable you really Are. Fanciful feature Stone for years have been telling us that we would be vulnerable to foreign attack with development of the air plane. We need worry yet. But practicably anybody in Europe a to Bear in mind the likelihood that a few urns of High explosive May be dropped on him sooner or later confidential reports from overseas show that terror la widespread. Especially in smaller Coin Ortea. Since the league of nation collective Security system broke Down after Italy invaded Ethiopia. Certain nation which once imagined England and France would protect them from rapacious aggressors Arent very con Jack i fluent any More. England i badly scared. Practically every briton you meet admit it although Moat feel she can build up her armaments and alliances to a Point where she need not be fearful. Potential Oermann air raids on London potential domination of the Mediterranean by italian bombers and actual continued japanese penetration into Asia have thrown into a Funk the proud Little Island which once dominated the sea and the european continent. Germany spreads fear this fright is All Over Europe Germany la playing it for All it is Worth. Her propagandist in great Britain Are warning that Germany la so heavily armed that the Only Safe course for Britain will be to cooperate with her and acquiesce in her Campaign of expansion. The Campaign of terror nation according to report Here u a prelude to the Day when Germany Hopes to move Back into the league of nations and dominate the rest of Europe through its Agency. It is part of the background of i the new Quatro German agree j ment. Which temporarily at least has the Blessing of Italy. More worry for Britain England already a had the disagreeable sensation of being i whips wed Between Hitler and Mussolini. Worrying and fussing about thei italian War in Ethiopia and fearing the while that her Mediterranean Fleet might be blown up of she got very Tough about it she was in no position to protest vigorously when Germany marched into the Rhineland j England now a to worry Over the possibility that the next time Germany make an overt move somewhere in Europe Italy will pull a fast one which involve Britain s interest somewhere else. Yugo Slavia. A nominal ally to France recently caved in and that Strong grip of Fellowship shake. My ffllfemp1 your baby s health Caise or earache can be determined the Best on examination by doctor what do you know about North Carolina by Fred a May 1. What is a North Carolina 2. What reason did William Byrd in 1728 give for people com the present British Monarch in aim Mutton sleeves and wide rimmed Straw sailors inc present a nun Monarch in Sun Hye gtd lib now just Elk women de Tolt Plecity and strength of character in Vogue that trickle to the slum in cheap Edi his total Lack of the Effus Veness that sons Marks some of the dictators and other rulers of considerable less kindly prestige and manner is in himself representative of the finer holds in which the British character is made not that of the league of nations or of the Mediterranean cowardice. Let the chips fall where they May contemporary commentary Well As commercial and financial agreements publicly announced a with Germany As to Austria. She agreed it is understood to March into Austria in Case of a restoration of the haps Bury dynasty. There Are reports that Germany the scope of made fancy a widened. But meanwhile la secretly promoting sport clothe Are Mere defense mechanism such restoration and using Yugo for the Casper Milquetoast. Illusion of Gran Slavia a a cats Paw in the Hope Deur or flight from reality. The clothing of that after Yugo slav troop enter escape enable the Chines Lamb to Wear Austria it will be easy for a us Frivol is clothing Woof Woof speaking of Mil a nazis to take Over the govern que toasts a. Ment. The rapprochement Between there is Ore mane to order in our building Germany and Italy has been first he ran never stand or walk without a hand in his hot then cold for months and pocket self i nac Lousi is the Type Ntxo there is plenty of doubt whether consults the weather reports and takes an urn it will be permanent because of Brella if ifs partly Cloudy he does no to rear a i the rival ambition of the two by or. Morris Fishbein an old Irish doctor once said that there axe two Type of deafness one due to Wax in the ear and curable and the other not due m g to North Carolina to Wax and not curable. There also Are several kind of earache the two main classes be. Inc those due to infection inside the ear that usually is carried from the nose and Throat and those resulting from other causes. The average Man can guess at the cause of a stomachache or even at the cause of a headache but he can hardly guess the cause of an earache. This can be diagnosed Only by someone trained in examination of ears. Sometime an earache la caused by a Boll or an infection in the canal which Lead from the Ermade a secret political agreement i or Down the Fli drum school month in 5. When were officers of the general Assembly required to Wear Robes 6 what part of native North carolinians lived in other states in 1850? answers 1. The Laws of 1923 define a i school month As follows Quot a school month shall consist of not less than Twenty school 2. Byrd was one of the commissioners appointed by Virginia for locating the dividing line Between the two colonies in that year. In his history of the dividing line he said Quot a to a thorough aversion to labor that makes people file off to n. Carolina what is regimentation dark Blue shirt until the Cut rate shop has them and they Are passe a dinner table discussion inside of five minutes after entering the Gates of Paradise what Shade who had gone before world you look up one celebrated novelist said he would ask the old timers to find Dean Swift. A society lady said she would want to see Harry Lehr. He would be full of heavenly gos up. I stumbled upon these Maxima at cobble looking through the letter of lord Chesterfield to his Sony who did s nonentity and a sow c ear after All he who hurries shows that the task he doing is too great for him. Haste and hurry Are different Quot he who tells All and he who tells nothing will equally have nothing told Over at Jack Dempsey a the other evening James Montgomery Flagg a blend in Burgundy red and Chrome yellow came in with something charming As usual on an off Arm Flagg is far and away the handsomest of the illustrators after he was seated a waiter handed him the Back of a program upon which some suddenly inspired Minn Singer had inscribed i do not wish to boast or brag b it i do Uke James Montgomery Flagg. With what a patriotic manner hot could baritone the Star spangled Banner. Someone enthusiastic about the Missouri radio girl. Martha Deane in a Little note describes her thus Quot she is a Good Friend and True Blue. And so Clever you would hardly know it Quot William Buck is a smiling Blind news dealer in that artist studio area on West sixty seventh Street that lies Between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West. He recognizes the voices of the illustrious in the neighbourhood and always has something As Blind Man usually do cheerful to remark among his close friends whom he has never seen Are Fannie he St. Bob bran jerhoff Howard Chandler Christy Paul Bransom w t Benda Gifford Beal Carolyn Wells f Graham Contes Watson Barrett Arthur William Brown Helena Dayton and Margaret Ober Story a famous Cleveland magnate ukes to pull dinners and make speeches. To one he invited Leonard Ayres famous statistician. In the Early part of the speech the Host used a Flench word. Turning to or. Ayres with a Smirk he archly inquired a that is the Way the word is pronounced Isnit it or Ayres a or. Avres Quot of my. Yes. Billy de Beck has the Long distance working record among cartoonists. In Florida one Haywood Broun in the Philadelphia record before the ballot Are cast in november two word Are going to be screaming for help. One of them i Brand new in american politic. I refer of course to a totalitarian a. The other i regimented a. The word will scream because of overwork and also because of the manner in which they Are being stretched and twisted out of shape. Quot totalitarian Quot is popular because you can accuse a Man of believing in a Quot totalitarian state Quot and then assail him either As a fascist or a communist according to the leanings of your audience. Republicans would have us believe that is the last three years we have lost our freed pm end our Independence to a government intent upon arranging every detail of our daily lives but when William Allen White or John i m. Hamilton or Ogden Mills or William Randolph Hearst say that governor Landon intends to do away with All regimentation not one of them actually Means that. Emma Goldman is one of the few Well known persons non alive who actually believes in doing away with All regimentation but it will be impossible for Landon As the authorities will not permit her to enter this country. I doubt very much whether the governor of Kansas would go the whole Way with her. Even in the event of his election i assume that we will continue to maintain the income tax a men customs officials a Public health service and a score of other Federal activities All of which Are regimental in their nature indeed when a traffic Light turns red the Motorist who stops his car has lost something of his Freedom and his Independence. But the Issue is far More Complex than the Cleveland convention cared to assume. The re-1 a Cru if to do so j he had to have material several weeks ahead platform is based upon the notion he locked himself up in his study and with that there is no Factor in our National Ute j the help of frequent Buckings up of Strong cof which makes for regimentation save the fee an occasional sandwiches worked Stead countries in Austria. Danzig next in line nazis have been debating for some time whether to move not toward Danzig or Austria and recent events indicate they have decided to seize Danzig. The big question there la whether such action would Force Poland now a German ally into a possible Alliance with Russia. England and France or whether Poland could be frightened into an acceptance of an act which would bring her virtually under the German guns. The european picture would a much clearer of England would adopt a fixed and settled foreign hey. Oerman agents have sought dissuade her from lining up with the Franco Russlan Alliance hinting that Hitler Means Only to attack Russia leaving Britain nothing to fear. Many britons doubt that. Current British Effort to bring both Germany and Italy into Security pacts even of successful probably would not postpone for Long the european War which All diplomats expect there was a time when people used to carry ear spoons in their pockets and would use them even in Public for what they were supposed to be Good for. The ear spoon disappeared from polite society. However Long before the toothpick lost caste. When a Boll begins in the canal that leads Down to the eardrum the tissues around the boil promptly swell. Swelling Means pressure and pressure pain. A Boll in the ear canal will come to a head just As it does elsewhere. When it comes to a head. It burst and the swelling is relieved with Relief of the swelling there will be Relief from the pain. Whenever there is a boil or even a Large pimple in the ear canal the pain will be accent. A a a a i i 3. How Long had w. W Kitchen been in Congress when he was elected governor 4. How Many votes did the old prohibitionist Tor con urm him no or d1,pml.10�?z grass in rant a Zinss a their whole 3. William we Alton Kitchen a elected to Congress in 1896 from the old fifth District. In the fall of 1908 he was elected to the governorship resigning from Congress on january la 1909 to be inaugurated. 4 William a b Branch the i democratic candidate was elected ated of one pulls on the ear or presses on the Akin in front of or behind the ear. Ewen moving of the jaw As in chewing May exaggerate the pain. In some cases nothing May be visible from the outside of the ear. If however the doctor look into the canal he will find a swelling which parti Auy Block the i with vote of 14.262. Against tic View to the eardrum. 576 for Gatling candidate of the under such circumstances the people s party and 57 votes for doctor will apply Antiseptic sub Bonner candidate of the Prohl i i to noes to Stem the growth of the i Lonist party. The 16 counties give germs. And hot applications to ing the 57 votes for the prohibit Elim Nat tenderness. When the j Hon candidate had at that time a Boll comes to a head he can i population of 172,609 puncture it to expedite the re 5. The Assembly of 1762 proved Moval of its contents and to de for Robe for officers of that bring about a More rapid cure. Body. The Robes were ordered from London. 6. The United states census re remember that Boll inside the ear. Like bolls elsewhere begin where the Akin has been broken ports of that year showed that or irritated. This is particularly i one third of All native born North True of bolls on the Back of the i carolinians were living in other neck which follow irritation by i states. The rough Edge of a stiff Collar. Any manipulation of the earn ospreys As Well As some other canal for the removal of Wax or Birds carry water in their Feath stories in Stamps by i. S. Klein a am inside the ear with hard instrument by those who do not understand the delicate nature of these tissues May be the first step toward breaking the skin and starting formation of a boil. Era and shake it Over their nests. To keep the eggs moist. The Butterfly fish of Bermuda not Only sails through the air like a Bird but builds Bird like nests. it n. H Enfield living Quot lots upon for Sale Quot investigation there was common insect nothing but parcels of land. Quot your application is and the filing Case the waste Basket. On is usually the radio brings what you want. And what you want is what you hear. Threat of centralized Power in Washington we have been told that the Only Way we can Cahier Freedom and Independence is to keep the government from interfering with business in any Way whatsoever but let us pause a moment to see whether this theory is wholly accurate. I wish to offer in evidence a Story from the new York times under the Date line Aliquippa a. The name could be legion. Ily for 48 hours. At the finish the Eye Strain was so great he could see nothing but crazy whorl. On the boat he slept solidly for another 48 hours. Random reflection no one tops Frank Crown a shield As the most cultured of the after dinner speakers. An aching head or a growling tooth they say is not a Friend to Man aspirin relieves the one the other stuff from a tobacco can. Mamma has a baby his head is full of hair everywhere she takes the babe he Calls for dad a dad a Secretary Ickes fired from the pea a Wood expert. There still remains according to republicans a Bunch of would be experts. Heavy water Sells for $1250 a pint chemists can make a pint of the newly discovered product from 150 Gallons of Ordinary water. A one of the most Active and progressive political leaders in United states history was Theodore Roosevelt. Graduate of Harvard. Lawyer political reformer. Soldier historian naval executive naturalist and big game Hunter. It r a As he was known started the 20th Century with a notable record for peace and Progress. After winning Fame As rough rider during the Spanish Amer ican War. And following assassination of president Mckinley he became president of the United states his Success in bringing about peace Between Russia and Japan in 1905, brought him the Nobel prize for peace. His disappointment at the reactionary policy of his own party in 1912, caused him to organize the progressive party and run again for the presidency. This split the Republican party and made possible the election of Woodrow Wilson. Still Active at the beginning of the world War he sought to Lead an american regiment to France. In 1919, he died at the age of 61, sore and disgruntled. R o o s e velt s portrait appears on the 5-cent stamp in the series of 1922r 1926, re petted in Sev eral later print horizontal i insect pictured Here. 6 it has a a wings. 9 pertaining to wings. To Entrance rooms. 12 Cut into cubes. 14 possessed. 16 Stag. 18 musical note. 19 Type Standard 21 sailors. 23 Beret. 24 to free. 26 Behest. 28 vigor. 30 it undergoes a Complete 33 wind instrument. 34 peeps. 35 bucket. 37 portrait statues. 39 to scatter. Answer to previous Puzzle 41 afternoon meals. 43 opposite of sea. 44 North America. 46 weight allowance. 48 ventilating machines. 49 measure of area. 50 fish. I 52 gear. 54 pastry. U. Theodore Roosevelt 5 cents dark Blue Ings. A copyright. 1936. Nea service inc it next who was the of Christendom Quot a athlete 18 40 trading guild.55 it belongs to the order a a 56 its outer wings Are vertical 1 animal. 2 prophet., 3 every. 4 to give Medr Cal care. 5 sound of inquiry. 6 level. 7 ancient. 8 you and me. La sound of pleasure. 13 theatrical play. 15 carved Gem. 17 Vagabond. 18 slats. 20 to imitate. 22 nose sound. 23 insulated. 25 railway station. 27 desiccated. 28 article of food 29 cow headed goddess. 31 Dogma. 32 spreads As an Arch. 33 outdoor party 36 ogled. 38 kind of fish. 40 to suspend. 42 to percolate. 43 Genie tree Wood. 45 stir. 47 to make lace. 48 Evergreen tree. 49 Ozone. 51 Ell. 53 note in scale. 54 father

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