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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Burlington, North Carolina Weather sunny today and sunday. Clear tonight. More on Page so. 86th year no. 303 the daily times news Price to cents Burlington ., saturday afternoon july 13, 1974 28,300 circulation to More than 112,520 readers. 40 pages 4 Section jury convicts Ehrlichman i lumbers Washington a John d. Ehrlichman once described by president Nixon As one of the finest Public servants he Ever knew has been convicted of plotting an illegal search at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. After a 12-Day trial a Federal court jury took five hours Friday to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge and of lying to the Fri and a watergate grand jury about the sept. 3, 1971 break in by the White House investigative unit known As the plumbers. Within minutes of the verdict Ehrlichman said his lawyers would Appeal the Case. Three other defendants were also found guilty of conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of the psychiatrist or. Lewis j. Fielding of Beverly Hills Calif. Until he resigned april 30,1973, the 49-year-old Ehrlichman was among the closest of Nixon s assistants. The former White House Domestic affairs chief now is subject to a maximum jail sentence of 25 years and fines of up to $40,000. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell set sentencing for july 31. Until then the defendants remain free. The other defendants g. Gordon Liddy and Miami ans Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio r. Martinez could receive maximum sentences of to years in jail and fines of $10,000. Those three were convicted last year in connection with the 1972 break in at democratic party Headquarters in the watergate Complex Here. A member of the jury who asked not to be identified said there was some heated discussion at first about Ehrlichman but then the jurors began a review of a series of White House memos included in the trial evidence which helped Settle the Issue for them. Associate special watergate prosecutor William h. Merrill had built much of his Case on the memos in which Ehrlichman gave his approval to a Covert examination of Ellsberg s psychiatric records. On an aug. La 1971 memo Ehrlichman had written beneath his initials instructions on How the operation should be carried out. A if done under your Assurance that it is not Ehrlichman wrote to two White House aides. Ehrlichman testified he had nothing illegal in mind in fact never considered what the plumbers specifically planned in proposing the operation. The jury member said once a review of the White House memos was Complete and they were in turn compared with testimony of the 25 witnesses in the trial it took Only one vote to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge. A second informal poll was taken later to verify the first the juror said. The jury voted to convict on two of three counts charging Ehrlichman with committing perjury before the grand jury. Plus another count which said he lied to the Fri. He was acquitted of lying to the grand jury about who had custody of the plumbers files. Almost All of Ehrlich Many a defense against those charges amounted to a claim of poor memory. A the jury had difficulty believing there could be that Many lapses of memory a the juror said. The jury found that Ehrlichman lied to the grand jury on May 14, 1973, when he testified that he knew nothing of an attempt to obtain from the Central intelligence Agency a psychiatric profile of Usberg who leaked the secret Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War to the press. Ehrlichman had sought to have the trial moved from Washington where he said tile majority of citizens Are Black democratic and preoccupied with the watergate scandals. Gut Side the courtroom he made it Clear that Issue would come up again on Appeal. Quot As you know we have been concerned from the very beginning about our ability to get a fair trial in this District a he said. Another Issue is National Security which judge Gesell refused to accept As an Appeal to the jury As justification for the break in. A also a great Deal of substance and background of this Case was excluded from the evidence by rulings of the court a Ehrlichman said. Standing with his wife Jeanne at his Side Ehrlichman said a i have had for Many years an abiding Confidence in the american judicial process. Nothing that has happened Here today has in any Way shaken my Confidence in that much of the defense and prosecution testimony in the trial entered on the distinction Between a break in and what Ehrlichman said was a secret but not illegal operation to examine Ellsberg s files. Defining what happened when Barker and Martinez entered Fieldings office to photograph Ellsberg a files Gesell said. A when a government agent invades an area in which there is legitimate expectation of privacy to look through such papers without permission that is a 14 prisoners transferred in bartering for hostages still can smile a John Ehrlichman has a smile As he and his wife Jeanne leave court even though Ehrlichman and three others had just been found guilty of conspiring to violate the civil liberties of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist by burglar izing his office in 1971. Sentencing for the four was set for july 31. Up gop will Challenge ruling on vacancy by Ann White times Newi writer Grahame the Alamance county Republican executive committee released a statement Friday proclaiming their intention to Challenge the state attorney general a ruling on filling the county commissioner seat vacated by Bill Horne. Gof chairman Ken Corbett said Friday a the opinion of the North Carolina attorney general regarding an election to fill Bill hornets unexpired term will be v we Are taking appropriate action to insure that All citizens of Alamance county have the Opportunity to vote to fill the county commissioner vacancy a Corbett said. The attorney general a report ruled whoever remaining commissioners appoint to fill hornets seat will serve until hornets term expires in 1976. The General statute which covers resignation of a county commissioner in Alamance county Scase reads a the term of the person appointed by commissioners to fill the vacancy expends to the first monday in december next following the first general election held More than 30 Days after the Day the vacancy this implies december 2, 1974 As the Date the appointees term will expire. The legislature does not however contain provisions for getting party candidates on november a commissioner ballot the Republican executive committee is taking action to fill the legislative Gap which has been attributed to a another a Quick Reading of legislature by a few county officials. A we feel that there is sufficient precedent to put names on the ballot for the november general Corbett said. A your attorney is presently preparing the necessary papers to initiate the Republican chairman t. Paul Messick. Chairman of the Alamance county Board of elections feels if the judge rules to Supply the missing link in legislature the two executive committees would have the authority to appoint names for november a ballot. The republicans must secure a judiciary sentence approximately 30 Days before the general election according to county manager and county attorney . Walker or. A the gof executive committee will have to Complete their suit Early enough to get the names on the november ballot if the judge rules in their favor. It will have to be about 30 Days before the election Walker said this denies overcrowding by parole unit Raleigh of a chairman j Mac Boxley of the state Board of paroles denied Friday the Board was responsible for the current overcrowding of state prisons. A we have not changed the policy of the Board a Boxley told members of the special commission on sentencing criminal punishment and rehabilitation a just because the prisons Are overcrowded we should not relax our standards a he said. A i done to feel we should have to meet any Boxley acknowledged that while the number of cases reviewed by the paroles Board in 1973 increased Over 1972, the number of paroles granted declined by More than 1,000 a we turned Down about 30 per cent of the cases a he said. A but these Are Tough cookies. There Aren t Many Ripe apples in this statistics from the department of corrections show that while fewer convicts entered state prisons in 1973 than in 1972. The total inmate population increased from 9,776 to 11.651. The number of paroles granted dropped from 3.328 in 1972 to 2 305 in 1973. Boxley said the 1973 figures were More in line with other years and that 1972 was a record year for paroles. Washington of two armed convicts renewed their efforts today to barter seven hostages in the . District courthouse for Freedom but Justice department officials said they released 14 inmates in detention cells As an act of Good Faith. One woman inmate remained in the Cellblock officials said. There was no immediate explanation. The prisoners in Handcuffs were loaded into two White . Marshals vans two sedans and a station Wagon and driven away from the courthouse at 8 35 am. Behind a group of police motor scooters with sirens blaring. Chief . District judge George l. Hart who is responsible for the building looked on along with Deputy . Atty. Gen. Laurence Silberman who helped negotiate the release. Justice department officials said the inmates who had not joined the rebellion but had never been labelled hostages by the convicts were taken to the . Jail . General Hospital and two other jails. There was no indication however that any had been harmed. The inmates had been caught in the Cellblock when the two convicts took Over about 2 . Thursday. The Promise of their release had come before Dawn today in negotiations after the two had rejected the governments offer to Transfer the pair to a Penitentiary in Oklahoma. The Justice department said it had no explanation for the number of inmates released and its earlier reports that a dozen inmates were being held. As the anticipated time of release passed with no one let out of the basement Cellblock a Justice department spokesman said a i Don t see How they Are going to arrange it that negotiations continued on a Frank and open basis he said but he gave no indication when the release could be completed. A . Marshals Van pulled up to the Back Entrance about 7.45 a.m., but no move was made to Load it. Authorities still made no move to give the two men the plane ride out of the country that they had demanded since taking control of a basement Cellblock about 2 . Thursday. The convicts Frank Gorham 25, and Robert Jones 24, who also uses the name Otis d. Wilkerson had never described the inmates of the detention cells As hostages. Gorham and Jones had threatened late Friday to behead a hostage with an a unless the government became More responsive to their charge made against City resident Howard Wade or. Of 1216 Rauhut St., Burlington no age Given was arrested on Rauhut St. Friday on charges for sales and delivery of heroin and Possession of heroin. The arrest was made at 8 50 a m. By Burlington police. A police spokesman said the arrest was a not to his knowledge a tied in with this week s ski drug crack Down which netted More than too drug violators Sta wide. Circular Cycle this one wheel motorcycle built in 1922, started Friday for a trip through Holland. The Quot Mon Cycle Quot can reach speeds of Over 60 Miles per hour but has no brakes and must be brought to a Holt with the Driver s heels. The Driver must Bend to the left or right to steer the contraption. This picture was taken near Amsterdam. Up w j they also threatened to kill the hostages if police stormed the Cellblock in the basement of the courthouse where the watergate grand jury investigation and trials have been held. . Marshalls said no hostages have been harmed. The convicts staged the takeover when one pulled a concealed gun while the two were being taken into the basement of the historic watergate courthouse. It has not been Learned How one of the two men obtained the firearm. The pair obtained More pistols and ammunition from a weapons locker in the Cellblock area. A your lines of communication with the inmates Are still open and we remain hopeful a said Justice department spokesman Robert Stevenson he said the convicts had rejected several proposals but declined to elaborate on any of them. Jim Vance a local newsmen with the National broadcasting co. Who was sitting in on the negotiations at the convicts request said Jones agreed to one government proposal but that Gorham rejected it after speaking with his family by Telephone. The proposal called for release of the hostages unharmed in return for Transfer of the two men to the Federal Penitentiary at Al Reno okla. An eighth hostage was freed by the pair before Dawn Friday after chief in s. District judge George l. Hart and marshals opened negotiations by Telephone. The basement Cellblock is equipped with closed circuit television with which Gorham and Jones can watch All approaches. Hundreds of heavily armed police and marshals ringed the courthouse. All but two floors of the building were sealed off. The two captors permitted relatives of the hostages to speak with them by Telephone Friday afternoon. The pair also allowed relatives of other inmates to speak with them by Telephone and the father of one said his son feared for his life. A the says these inmates with the hostages have told him that if they go everyone in there is going a said Arthur Johnson of Landover my Johnson said his son Maurice 24, had no part in the rebellion. A the said those two will either kill or be free a said Johnson the remaining hostages included three Deputy marshals two Justice department employees and two criminal lawyers. Both Gorham and Jones have Long criminal records. Two j liven ties arrested in City Church tire two juveniles were apprehended yesterday after allegedly setting fire to the new Emmanuel methodist Church in Burlington the fire was reportedly set at 3.55 . Friday with Straw that was behind the Church. Burlington firemen were called to the Church which occupies the former facilities of the old Trinity methodist Church. Damage was restricted to a Wood and Concrete canopy at tile rear of tile Church but firemen said the Interior of the building was damaged by smoke which circulated through the air conditioning vents. The two juveniles were arrested for unlawful burning and property damage. This morning however the Burlington police department did not specify whether charges were officially tiled against the youths. A department spokesman said juvenile officers could not be reached. In today s times news Michael Bauer the lawyer on a the guiding Light a is one of the big heart throbs of daytime to but Don Stewart who plays the role is even More handsome and More personable As a to audience in Greensboro found out this week when he appeared on a local show there. They also Learned that he has a Beautiful singing voice comes from a Nebraska farm background and is unmarried in real life. Mrs. Thomas j. Powell and daughter Sheila to of Burlington were among those who received invitations to the show and they were on a i rout Row to meet the hand some actor Singer. The Story of his visit to the area appears on Page 5a of the women a Section today. Abby .6a amusements .10-11a Boyd .8a business .8b classified .8-1 in comics .8a doctor .8 a editorials .4a horoscope.8 a obituaries .2a sports .3-5b to .10-11a weather .6b women a news .5-7a

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