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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Burlington, North Carolina Weather Runny and quite warm sunday. Generally fair and a Little warmer tonight. A news for times Netch service Call managing editor 6-1106 j general news 64411 advertising 6-4415 circulation 6-4416 Al. 71�?no. 63 full Nea service Burlington n. A saturday july 2, 1955 associated press service Price Uve cents strike moves Start of Holiday period f,7 is Iii brings violence reports our lists 380 people Are expected to killed governor ate Oneeil of making it Lour Lor Vertious by the associated press Raleigh map a chief Justice m. V. Barnhill of the North Carolina supreme court and the state s superbly a sea tiered number of a j0f court judges Vesterdal client violent deaths were in. A ported today As the nations three Laving plans to Clear Day Celebration of the fourth of crowded court dockets. July Holiday got under log big Mony Lemr. Only act in so into office is judges recently appointed by gov Hodges the by saturday Mornin Cimental 23 deaths had been ported since 6 p m. Friday la chief Justice heard judges report were 13 traffic deaths 5 drownings and 5 deaths from miscellaneous causes. The National safety Council has estimated that 380 persons will Bel crowded with untried Case in killed in Highway accidents by on the condition of dockets in area where they held court this Spring. Barnhill said plans Are being made to Ratch up with Docker orderly manner. However monday Midnight. Drownings and said it might take one to two years violent deaths from miscellaneous to do this. Causes will swell the toll. Copper steel Mills to resume operations i out expressed that t Alks can stall mine strike by the associated press the nations steel Mills made ready today for an Early resumption of operation but Hopes faded for Quick settlement of a strike against three of the nation s largest Copper producers. The shortest steel strike in the i Industry a history ended yesterday when . Steel signed a contract with the Cio United steelworkers ending a 12-hour walkout. Within hours All the Industry so big six producers had signed up. The Union got slightly More than 115 cents an hour wage boost. fore the raise the workers had averaged $2 33 an hour. U s. Steel announced after the settlement it is boosting prices in Benson Apo Orizes to i no of 623 lives�?348 in prime minister u nut drownings and k3 in traffic 192j Rori fian of Washington in c., a other act the successor to affy. Gen Harry of Burma is All smiles in Washington after Secretary of Agri dents including four fireworks Mcmullin who died last week culture Ezra Taft Benson apologized for a slight to to no the Dah Rodman a Veteran legislator and Dav before. The prime minister called on Benson thursday. a proud ? Pra a for Houp finance chairman for but was kept waiting for five minutes a and so walked b once ?.r i 3,f is Ion Toon out in a pointed rebuke. Benson is a a decorating u no with a 4-h club tie clasp after apologizing. About 17.50 a ton and other pro steel strike settled. Workers jubilant a settlement of the steel strike with Ducer Are expected to follow suit. That court dockets an agreement Between the Cio steel workers Union and the u. S. Steel corporation is. And Over in in it a. I. Ali l la. A., Quot International Union of mine Mill a a Tii. Ill barked by a handshake in Pittsburgh Between John a. Stephens left vice president of u. S. Smelter workers expressed steel and chief Bargainer and David j. Mcdonald president of the Union the strike lasted doubt that differences which led to the governor gave a dramatic on hours. At Light jubilant steel workers hoist Mcdonald on their shoulders after Fco Rike against three of the a the three Day fourth of july hoi turn f0 the ceremony by announce the strike ended with an agreement calling Tor a wage boost averaging 15 cents an hour. Iday last year took an Overall toll my the selection of William speaking at the oath taking Cere in the non Holiday weekend june Mony gov. Hodges said a it is 17-20, an associated press Survey imperative showed 342 persons died in Raf Are my accidents 111 drowned and 62 kept up to Date by the time the met violent deaths from i Seel 1957 legislature meets Laneous causes a total of 515. I parents asked to guard against polio outbreak Independent was set in the four Day Holiday oath of office after the judges were in 19.50 when 792 perished. Sworn. The National safety Council Esti the new judge went into office mates that 40 million automobiles As a result of a judicial Redis Rich will on the highways during the my Law passed by the last Legisla Holiday period. The period of great lure it increased the number of est peril is near the end. When regular resident judges from 21 to motorists tired from hours of to a 32. The legislature also Cut the Dixon ates and slums resemblance Jim you might the cocked right hand was fight the Memphis threat made soon after King bitter and Complex scrap the fight started nearly a year tween backers of Tva and Dixon ago to build its own too million Memphis. Tenn compare it to a j Raleigh a f apr balk polio vaccine must parents of tar Heel children who received not drop their guard against the disease in the coming months of High incidence state health officials said yesterday Board of Provda circus Praise to the on optimal. Are returning Home on crowded highways. Fireworks deaths have dwindle sharply in recent years. Various states prohibit their Sale. In 1303, fireworks killed 466 persons and injured 3.983. Rytti j.1. a a a deaths by states traffic drown officials of the state Board of a a my and miscellaneous in that health and the University of North Der Carolina school of Public health Colorado. I 0 0 Connecticut earned that use of the vaccine 0 i 0 Idaho 2 0 0 Maine. Oil May not materially influence Inci Massachusetts. I 0 0 Michigan Rienche rate a state. In Mai Uench of the disease in the Condon fat pravda said today that president i Isenhower a statement making free determination in the soviet satellites a condition of world peace was in error. But it said his optimism about the forthcoming big four Summit Confer ence Aas welcomed by the soviet people an editorial in the soviet communist party newspaper broadcast by Moscow radio said the presi Entys remarks at his new s con Crenie Las wednesday on the expected to need to ease International tension the report a and end the cold War were received with satisfaction in Russia but it added a whether Eisenhower wanted it not. His statement about the Peoples Noc the warning was voiced in a report on a study designed to predict the influence of the Salk vaccine in North Carolina. It was conducted by Bernard a Greenberg of the University of North Carolina school of Public health and . Charles m Cameron of the state Board of health. Parents should cautioned to continue common sense precautions of a the continuing need for dose observation of children during the season from july 3 i Minnesota la new Hampshire i 0 new Mexico. Ooi Oklahoma. Too Pennsylvania. Too South Dakota. 10 1 Tennessee i 0 0 Vermont 0 10 Wisconsin. 0 10. Number of special judges from la to four this made a net increase of four in the number of Superior court judges on the Bench the regular judges must run for election next sear. The election will for a term of eight years Hodges told the judges the courts could hold the respect and Conli Chin whether it Dence o the people a Only by self count of to remains analysis and corrections said. Better procedures should installed. And action should Taxen of assure that cases will not remain untried for Long periods. Vales in Congress and in court. Tva backers kept whipping left Hooks. Dixon Yates was fast and Strong with president Eisenhower and the administration in us Corner Tva backers were losing on Points but All the while they had their big right cocked. In the last round Dixon Yates took it on the up foist o Ive seen. Dollar generating accept Dixon Yates Power. The stunning blow was triggered by the frail 73-year-old president of the Memphis utilities division. T. H. Allen. called in reporters last week and told them a i will recommend that Memphis build its own Power a few Days later the White House called in reporters to Tell them the smithsonian will get old Diane Lull Amu Hamid rallies has instill sees military plan of presidents being okayed Yates contract will reappraised in View of the Memphis decision the president had asked Plant Ray her than budget Bureau to Confer with the Tva and the atomic Energy commission to determine whether it would in the interest of persons living in the Tva area a to continue to cancel the Dixon Yate contract. The Senate appropriations committee yesterday voted to withhold funds for a Power line to link Dixon Yates with the Tva Jav Over Grid if Memphis shows a a definite commitment within 90 Dixon t ions major Copper producers could ironed out before late next week said bargaining sessions had been recessed at Butte Mont Miami Armand Salt Lake City and that negotiators for both sides probably would study counter proposals Over the weekend and meet for full scale discussions tuesday. Affected by the strike Are plants and mine operated by the american smelting amp refining the Phelps Dodge corp and Kenny Cott Copper corp. Employees stayed on the Job at the Anaconda Cote other of the a big four producers. The a big four employee an estimated 56.000 to 6a000 Union members who Are seeking a 20 rents hourly wage hike plus fringe benefits. Wages for underground miners now Are $14 87 to tis.77 for an eight hour Dav and $13 64 to $14 40 for common labourers. Strikes of bus and Streetcar operators went into their second Day hold on past Winder. Miss made a. Statistics show that in an average year the state May expect a inuit 630 polio cases to reported the University of Michigan evaluation study of the Salk vac Veteran Adless Iii Hospital scene Dies while Oil stage in los Angeles Broadway actress died last by the associated press warm and humid weather continued unbroken Over the Eastern half of the nation saturday although the Western great lakes the Ole Coo if a 0 somewhat. I sen. Russell foiled lauding after Early morning temperatures in of the Senate Ai to september when poliomyelitis ii 15 minutes flying time this morning of 0w 80s were the Rule Mittee said a most prevalent a its Way to Washington and a from the Mississippi Riv a to the will begin heal id. I place in the South Sonia ins Titu Allan tic Orean breaking a Don. J by contrast a july freeze nipped Over an Antifae Gas began spewing from a Gas Hie Mountain area of Montana the House Nisi tank Lead shortly after the historic i pm Mullen Pavs reporting a Day by voice pc monoplane left Atlanta repairs frosty 32, at the same hour in an earlier were made within 45 minutes and Needles Cali recorded a brow cans and son the Ole miss resumed its 85, a combined to Fred key one of two Brothers thundershowers crackled Over by rep Powell who set the world endurance flight the upper Mississippi Valier about racial in record in the Ole miss. Tried to showers thundershowers also tonal guard i make radio Contact with two is sprinkled the great lakes and mid men went do Cortin Mississippi National guard Mississippi Valley planes. failed to make radio Contact a distress signal before setting the plane Down. A the Gas was spewing All around and i thought it was safer to make a repair now rather than wait until could locate a larger. key said Angeles few to owns years. It is no the repairs took about 45 min priceless a a lost Field notes of general acquirer Ute. Then. Key put the Little ithe Uwin and Clark a pm ii Tion i til historical Curtis Robin Hack into the air for the notes penned by capt. Winston Salem nc., where will refuel. Washington w a Gat predicted to soon will give Pri Hovver a the kind of serve program 1 Vinson chairman armed services in an interview Trout let in the Sena ure to swell the nation s 700.000-Man Reserve to a trained Force of 2,200,000 by 1960 a chairman rued services com Subco Mimee soon 1ngx on the Bill six Wnek Gre gation the Bill yester a rep Vinson i the measure would set up a Day con ii Quot new six months training program Biden risen for teen age volunteers who would military Obliga to serve 71? years Reserve duty but would escape the of the House two Yeai draft Smittee. Said it also provides that reservists expects a no failing to maintain prescribed for a Meas training standards could called Tor 45 Days Active duty Vinson called it a a Good Strong tem found it could no longer Gen Bill. The kind the president the first attempt to get a Reserve Hill through the House tailed May 18 when Powell won acceptance of an amendment to bar the up for another bout \ in Washington dc., and Buff to. I orm Center Issue Between n y. A transit strike Wen a to its president Eisenhower and a Aize 12th Day in to Angelet. Able Section 01 Congress want. Near however a threatened strike the Climax. Democratic leaders said it was doomed. How did it All Start first remember the fighters Are not merely to a and Dixon Yates but also Public versus private Power who have been slugging it out for years. This a Ben the Tennessee Valley authority a vast Public Power ays against the railway impress Agency was averted Al least 30 Days last night when president Eisenhower appointed an emergency Hoard to look into a wage Diapice Between the company and the Al teamsters Union. Another teamster strike the has curtailed motor freight move ites scramble cropped lament in new England continued. Six pickets three of them women. Were arrested in Milwaukee yesterday after a clash with police at the strike hound Appleton electric . Foundry in suburban crate enough electricity to guar Antee the area s future needs. When Congress said to a could uth Milwaukee not expand private Power stepped i no a a Middle South Lee Tiv enc is against Reju sorted cases of All types of the disease. This would indicate that even if every tar Heel received the vacuoles looks like encouragement of j Cine indicated a 49 per cent Al the course of interference from the outside in the internal affairs off these states this statement runs counter to his jut and valuable proposal to renounce cold War Cine there still would tie 321 cases and a to have recourse to peaceful reported the study said. The use not provocative methods and the president told the Confer second Grade school children under Depp plane s wings it ence was More optimistic than the program sponsored by the a two months ago that the Summit tonal foundation for infantile meeting this month in Geneva paralysis will have even less i would ease tensions. I feet it added a Vot Lern at a impasse assignment of reservists to Segre a utilities. Inc., and the Southern proposal gated National guard units. combined to propose what was supported then by Many Mem came to known As the Dixon hers who opposed the Reserve pro Yates contract Publ i Gram for a variety of reasons. The democrats Hill then was withdrawn to save new Effort it from possible defeat Powell on a standing vote to bring Eisenhower said Powell a Amend the a Turnt was out of place in legislation Amend 0f his sort appealed for popu-156-105 Lar support in his Campaign for legislation to build a stronger the 107 million Dollar Plant proposed would Supply Tva with sex Ira Power it needed. The atomic Energy commission would buy the Power to replace Tva electricity used by its atomic installations. The Plant was to built just Lejsal Battle develops my said vital to Tva Olaiwi. A Tov to Sis Sippi River from Here in West Oil ownership of paper i Security finally a slightly revised Bill was sent pack to the House. It sidestepped the segregation Issue Powell turning Down a Persona Memphis. Ark. President Eisenhower called it an excellent plan one that would beef up the Tva system in the How the Day that Fred and Al plated their endurance a veterans miss Bonner played the part of Sabel Bonner Ann Downs an Overly possessive night in the midst of a wife in the Laos Angeles product scene on the stage of the Carthay Hon on Broadway and in the still Circle theater unreleased film version she played the curtain was rung Clown in the part of a woman psychiatrist mediately. The audience at the her husband Joseph Kramm is theater where she was playing the the author of the play. made female Lead in a the Shrike did t plans to Fly Here from new York know what had happened until after was told of Mist Bonner a stage manager Henry staudigl death Toldt hem she was dead an ambulance and a fire depart miss Bonner was 47 staudigl men Rescue squad were sum said believed a heart attack mailed to the theater after she caused her death a postmortem collapsed but were unable to reexamination to determine the Vive the actress cause will made today the Cor miss Bonner was a Veteran of onery a office said Many lop Broadway plays a she was playing a Hospital scene reared in new York television with male Lead Dane Lark in the dramas and was an actress in the a a a a 1 first act when she suddenly fell radio trials a Nora Drake and i it i Quot a Jolt in / of i of know n them octet claims it was Given the notes by one of the turned Hack Bam Clark and covering the first heirs. 17 months of the historic expedit after the Trust company sued it was just 20 years ago yester on no Western wilderness. No historical society for the a Kev com turned up three years ago in an prs a Bop Teinberg. 1953, the fed to Paul Minn. No one,31 government filed an inter plea from the president offered Memphis area without any outlay1 a new amendment yesterday to of Federal Loans deny draft exemption to National but Memphis walked. Tva Back a guard volunteers if they joined ets called the contract a sub segregated units. It was beaten. J Sidi Zed Quot Power and a threat to1 the Hill passed artery the House Tva. The City said it would build by a 161 52 standing its own Plant rather than vote a move by rep Nelson a Dixon Yates. Final me1 to Send the Bill Back to com left up to Allen Mittee for further study. Times spa s of half Holiday the Dally time Nova sri 11 observe a half Holiday monday with press time scheduled at noon. All departments of the newspaper will Advance their deadlines accordingly so that employees can with their families for a part of the Holiday that will observed almost totally Here. Classified advertising society and sports news will accepted until 9 15 a. Rn., with local news being taken until 9 45 o clock. The staff of the newspaper wishes for All a Happy and Safe Holiday period. Flight of a Len philippine Coffee Manila hug the Philippines May 2et into the Coffee business. C Dewitt dyckmans. New York can sulfa says the Small Industry a u acan 1x1 a pm a did readily to move in Allen got word from Wash info the world Market and earn Doh. In ton that to a was losing the jars accept decision was 653 hours and 34 minutes a record a Jpn knew they existed that still stands. The writings of the keys simulated the in flight. Historical value detailed the Active refuelling they did in their historic ties of the pioneers while Cam flight in a Brief reenactment Over at the Mouth of the Missouri key Field at Meridian. Miss., yes River preparing for their journey . Then Fred key a com to the Pacific Northwest pained by Mechanic Carl saxton.1 the notes cover the period from headed the Light plane toward at december 1803 to april. 1805. Lama Tor an overnight Slop in persons who found the vening petition to contest incalculable asst is Forward on the bed where Clark a the right to happiness was supposed to a patient a mild actress in her fathers Clark leaned Forward and put Stock company in Pittsburgh. Hts Arm around her a a in speak Laier she studied in new y Erk to interpreted into the under Alex Koiransky and the late dialogue. A is something the mat Maria of Uspensakaya her Broadway Ter what a wrong Darling a i debut was As the ingenue in a let love Freedom ring a then realised something was subsequent new y Ork roles were historical rep. Bow a Ohio with Riff his amendment to bar a the it of american troops to nations holding treaty Given Juris-1 atty. Gen j. Lee diction Over american servicemen d Rankin produced a letter by pres involved in criminal cases. Bow Thomas Jefferson written in 1803, been assured the which instructed Apt. Lark House foreign affairs committee your observations Are to would investigate the situation take with great pains and a approved by voice vote was Ani Curacy. The letter continued to amendment by rep Thomson Ltd Sav that several copies of notes Wyo providing that youths must faded should made preferably on Complete High school wait until Al now col Al Kev and head a a a Yov a it Nih l0i,f to it ,1 so toss Ellahu they Are 19 years old before Volun a Downey. Calif. To the Gardenia the faucet last night but today i s air Linn m surprised that they turned them to injury from Damp than com Lee Ink for Hie six month training Hose that George i peso bought it Hall Ernp Rimon Fps a. Of the l s. An Mission in Bogota. Ol0r ,0 the Minnesota historical Mon corps Pentagon sources said they in t watering the Lawn it is in my society to determine heir Auhan Jefferson also instructed Clark Fraind Uhls pm so Ranuld clip George the willies deity at the end of the expedition Juji get was considered possible Indian rope trick the desk belonged to Gen John pair yourself with Jour papers to Senate May take it out Henry Hammond who died 65 the seat of j 1 Veals ago it was in the attic of Rankin asserted the note a1 if j i of a the Home of his daughter. Mrs ways belonged to the government Irp a till if i i hip Sophia v. H. Foster who died in and that the Jefferson letters show a if a 19.52. They were made specifically under 1 ill Tiou la till is authentication of the notes instructions o the president assignment a it. 15 Allied it a Linual Scap. made his Dyckman reports that the Phil vision. A few hours later the City Ipp Mes has the right soil and Cli. Commission in special session a mate in Northern la on and on the proved. Southern Island of Mindanao. Garden Host behaving like Snake As owner gets willies route to the nation s capital. Colombia planned to Fly Washington today in an air Force c47. Papers in an of of Rood id pal Dayton Ohio of judge Cecil f. Edwards was going through touched off a series of Legal moves Turner said the manuscript so Camp David. It is doing the in vere. d take it bark to the hardware store if could handle to i peso made All this known tonight and More. As follows the Hose is behaving like a ,.e. Although it is Only a half Inch in diameter and made of and was bending the hydrant pipe the Hose is now 13 feet in la ground. Of has descended cleanly throb the Clay Structure there is no Trace of water action there Are no underground Wells in the Vicinity and the water table is 120 feet below the surface. I peso say the arraignments court. In municipal i Milf the plastic. It has burrowed itself Inu it it Ioen t think anybody u play to establish their ownership. Heirs piety representing 800 Large Library president and mrs. Eisenhower the i peso Lawn and it keeps a kit a. A a not to the Hammond estate the min Les and collectors. Also is filing an Are in the mountains of Maryland going deeper into the ground no Oddins anybody either. t ame to a charge of bigamy Nesotas historical society and in intervening petition contending the for the fourth of july weekend body can pull it out. The water Jan Campbell of the Cali wrong. turned to the wings and in a Trojan worn-1 yesterday against mrs. La Gnu Jones. Sam adj claimed ownership government has no More right to they celebrated their 39th wed has t been turned on. Fornia Institute of technology Geo Aid a Uncle Harry 32. It Jusin Turner a noted West Luis the Clark papers than to any other Ding anniversary yesterday with everybody tried a hand in Al it key department says can to a bring Down the a Medicine a fool l in you do Many in the theater thou the it ish notion a a revival of a the asked. A Well i guess i was part of the play then Sta Dill front a the biggest thief answered. Appeared and told the audience its in town a and a the a do you want to waive to the new action within a week opposing declared Clarks Field notes yid in the Cato tin mountains for hitched it to the bumper of his Looney would refunded the her television roles included grand jury Quot judge Edwards the govern is claim. Of later phases of the three year the remainder of the Holiday. With Auto and pulled in Low gear but i peso is thinking of letting Shrike has Only two Hose per parts on Philco playhouse. Studio asked. Gen Hammond s heirs repro expedition have been in the hands them were six couples. The Hose stretched then snapped the Hose go and buying a sprinkler formanes to play in is los an one Omnus. Armstrong Circle mrs. Jones turned her Hack on rented by the first Trust of of the american philosophical so for their anniversary the White near the faucet j system meantime the neighbor Jusin Turner a noted West Iris the Clark papers than to any other Ding anniversary yesterday with everybody tried a hand in i ology a Pumeni says cant the judge Angeles collector and attorney Fin of thousands of historic documents a picnic for the White House staff clamming the sinking Hose but explain the phenomenon a but if it did a a she the american manuscript Stei Ety which have been in private hands at their Faryn Home at Gettysburg the More they pulled the deeper were my Hose Start digging said his society intends to file a for years and then drove to Camp a of Sank into the Lawn. I peso and find out what son the other a Les run. Understudy f ii a Reis theater Surpe . Show of shows the judge raised her right Arm St Paul contend they own the piety in Philadelphia since the Marin will play miss Bonners role Colgate comedy hour Ford that and waved several times at the notes because they have been in Early 180or and have never been if two Showa today. Later and Schlitz playhouse. Spectators. I the Possession Oft family fori claimed by the government. Houe staff gave the Eisenhower to compound the mystery the Hood is agog and i peso phone a sofa and a Large engraved Oliver Hose then Sank another 18 inches is driving the family to distraction tray. Unto the ground. I peso tied it said

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