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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Burlington, North CarolinaThe daily time s news of Amity Mare Flat mkt Urty Hamitt wife vol 88 178 p8icb five Centt urn nun Toto Stock Muski Burlington n. A monday january 17. 1966 and Kino hex Alo Thibult of tows i Kike 22 sections Holiday cease fire is ordered Over Viet Nam at noon thursday b Thomas a. Reedy Saigon South Viet Nam a the commander of . Forces in Viet Nam. Gen. Wil Liam c. Westmoreland today ordered Al american troops to on. M due 10 Miles n at 1 . While he guerrilla Force tar shells As a Dir hit part of the h automatic in their Beds. Three other children were wounded. Armoured troops fought Back and killed 10 of the Viet Cong a government spokesman Saiti. These bodies Sere left behind but the fleeing Viet Cong a Viet con mine Al the from Moo Litu to Cai Lay kick Tuo Iii Mies the capital. Northwest of Saigon in h of Baison into i uru Wihs Lor the guerrilla tip up the ebbing 11-Day . Sweep the of tit in Iron Triangle by the Convoy with automatic weapons As it rolled i 18 hours Short of the tet truce proclaimed by the Viet Cong. Face of a weary Soldier holds his head in his they have promised not to at hands and stares into space after completing opera tack from. N pm wednesday i to 111 no Nindas a Ota of to i to Sugii Uluia Lucr 111 net a Iii. Aim a Iii ration in which the american troops moved along the cambodian Border in the Central Highlands looking for communists and daring North vietnamese to fire across the Border at them. The area involved was 190 Miles Northwest of Saigon. Up telephoto to four i ing at noon to misday in observe barbed wire of the officers can Jor wounded. Backfired. Supported b Liat Taiton of the l a. 1st infant Lance of the vietnamese school and raked the Bil one vice Cony was captured plane i Varinia in Over the Iree try regiment new year Holiday. Tet. I lets killing five wives and three Twenty six Vutuc join. The Anu scans the Luck to Headquarters. Westmoreland s order second a children of vietnamese officer killed and Lour wire the decision of the South vietnamese government to halt x k x x fighting during the National bration. Similar instructions i cadets went to South korean austra Lian and new zealand troops fighting alongside the Vietnam Ese and americans. The truce More than doubles the 30-hour cease fire observed by Allied forces during the Christmas Holiday. But it Falls general in control in Nigeria by Dennis Neeld Days. Westmoreland guns or butter gop gives stand on i 11 iok5m.vx3 r by William f. Arbogast Washington a Congress gets another of Armor ordered Lagos Nigeria a Nigeria s army commander emerged As the dominant figure in Africa s most populous nation today following an unsuccessful coup attempt by mutinous elements in the armed forces. Maj. Gen. Guiyi Irons de dared himself temporary head of the Federal and chief of All armed forces sunday night and suspended key provi Sions of the nigerian Constitution. A Northern i the vehicles slowly rolled on toward their destination. Over head the planes pinpointed their fire at the communist positions. The barrage came Winlun 150 feet of the Convoy. When the fighting quieted Oahu it isl i jknll.-., in . Spokesman reported 10 Viet Cong bodies counted and Many possible pm Munnt dead Back Liujin american casualties live guerrillas were i captured including one who was taken with a flying tackle i by sgt. Dwight 0. Baldwin of i Oakland Calif. Terrorists tossed a grenade at a jeep Load of american soldiers in Saigon this morning. The j americans jumped from the i vehicle before it exploded. Report said Kaduna the chief the a neral african he Public for he tjm0i main Center in rebel hands. Anal Riper Violta. Revolt Force s eight engine Guam joined the Vietnam ii Irons said military an announcement by Therese army in an operation in would take Over in the four of rebels Over Lagos radio that their 500 and 750-Pound Gions and would be responsible military had Power on a Central coastal area in Iid his no Lifari fur cease fire from noon to misday to 6 . Sunday. It was assumed the allies agreed on Dif Ferent hours of avoid giving the impression they were simply reacting to the proposal. Westmoreland s order All . Forces in the Republic will not fire at or on the enemy except in self j there was no sign in the gon Ector o any setup in fighting before the Holiday Al a _ Baker Tarawa Lac Law. Presi Dent Azikiwe a Nnandi. The Heads Scott sees no trouble plan n. Though elsewhere in the country military activities continued at a slow Pace. In a lightning stroke a Viet Cong company attacked a gov Union message tonight this time from the republicans. Senate gop Leader dem m of m. Dirksen and House gop isl. A Loti. Radio and television networks will carry the taped 30-minute Dirksen Ford reply which has been billed As a High level and realistic look at the state of the the two leaders Are expected to Call for close scrutiny and perhaps cutbacks in Domestic spending. A tip off to the Republican guns or butter position was Given by Ford in the current Leader Gerald r. Ford will de liver their party s answer to letter to Cullom is released is ional gov. Dan . Raleigh a Moore says he fired North Caro Lina banking commissioner Shel by Cullom because be give our men in Viet Nam shown a Lack of win. Anal sli11 of the needs of our banking sys american kidnapped by reds Saigon Viet Nam a the Viet Cong kidnapped an american civilian official today outside he Village of Trung Lap about 25 Miles North of Saigon and marched him into the Jun Gie in the air. I the missing Man is Douglas lion and prevent tax w Boulder cite nov. Incl Nairn Viii Man in vim warn _ Issue of the Republican Cong res committee s weekly i Infra tem the governor in a letter to Cullom. Said the banking depart ment needs new he said Cullom lacked under standing of the banking system As it seeks to serve the people of our Moore s office released the contents of the Jan. 12 letter on saturday after Cullom s letter of resignation was published. Cullom appointed by former gov. Terry Sanford but never confirmed by the state Senate said in his letter i am totally Umble to understand your Irreg ular procedure in demanding my and West. There is no room for Section Alisa it Aii auctions of the slate Are vital to each other and will be concerned about the he is the assistant province i total development of North car representative of the . Mib feel Small counties in the East and West will suffer As a result of reapportionment and redistricting in North Carolina. We did not relish having to Scott said. "1 feel lion s top civilian officials in j ing order. Eluding prime minister sir Abu the 01 Nigeria i disorder corruption and City. Vietnamese officials composed of the four regions several hours plus the Federal territory of Samc i estimated that two to three later Lagos communist regiments were in of Nigeria s four regions and the gos. The Federal government Federal and regional Parlia Linn does such matters As the ments. I affairs Trade an Zalewa was kidnapped during j railways and Welense. N ounces Caiiou on every 10 the coup attempt with his i Irons called on civil servants us Nance minister. Chief Festus and police to continue in faithful to the govern Kotie ebon. The rebels a. Believed holding them hostage. I announced he was Irons s troops were reported an interim government searching for them. I conferring with Oiler chiefs til s troops Loyal to Irons guarded the armed forces police and government buildings and of i Arlian it. I Tny nning in in duos and manned Niue la is the fifth african i _ five roadblocks Between the air Nalion to come under Milia Virv port and the capital. Rule in the past two months. Jets crash tem which allowed at least one representative from each Scott spoke saturday at a Pas quo tank county democratic Din Ner. The general Assembly acting under Federal court order Cap portioned itself and redistrict de the stale s ii congressional Dis a tricks last week. Scott said he does t think the remnants of the rebel ton civilian government has been sus appeared to be on the run. in the Congo. Dal Kunev i Tii Wyli Olla ajl i Almeria. Spain two Jis. Air Fui i Jei Wii i la total of 11 crewmen aboard j crashed along the Midi Terranc Easl today alter a collision Jin the air while refuelling. I i s. Air Force officials said men and been rescued. The Headquarters of the 10th air Force near Madrid said the planes were a 1352 to Greet the news with from Seymour Johnson in Krable restraint. Jair Force base. N a. And a one of the most influential Jet Tanker based at Baker continues plans for Book Liy Dom Bonafede Herald Tribune news service Iluigi prompted Kop Blains see Holiday on Page 7-a bulletin Washington a the sunni mi1 court Olav barred racial segregation in a Macon ga., Park which was willed in bit fur the use of Whites Only. The tribunal found he City entwined in the Park s operation. Washington a the Senate ranking of voted unanimously today to approve president Johnson s nomination of Robert c. Weaver. New York negro to head lie new department of housing and Urban develop ment. I cd Mon 3r03s will pcs hic j t Nim Mil ii ii Liui i. The Small counties in the East Kwh. Whose previous literary _ 1r . Spain Nunn or Itol Hill confided it would be j officials said four a tactical error for the Par i charred bodies were recovered in to Pron Salui five Alii min i Fin tit Tiki it of the Ford said Congress is going to have to Cut deeply into the administration s so called great society Here s the Outlook for the week on Capitol Hill the Senate and House will Mark Lime As far As major floor action is concerned. But committees May take up some controversial measures. The Senate s legislative docket includes consideration today of a a Bill to preserve the Natu ral Beauty of five Western Riv ers followed by a Bill to author ize a inter american cultural and Trade Center inter Ama in Miami. Tie River Bill has not passed the House. The j Domestic Sion for Lac area _. His Driver a South Vietnam i Ese came Back and told Amer ican authorities they were trav Eling Northeast from cd Chi they came under Viet Cullom was named to the Post cultural Center cleared see letter on Page 7-a see gop on Page 7-a a tar Heel comes Back 4sgt. Brown is dead sir Cong gunfire. The Driver said he stopped. He added that Ramsey got out and raised his hands in a sur Render gesture. Several Viet Cong guerrillas marched him away. The Driver was wounded slightly in the first ambush fire but was Able to navigate on foot. Trung Lap is in the Middle of the sector where . Forces conducted their biggest la and destroy operations of vietnamese War operation appv0 v7 o7rejcct7h7piirii.s crimp which has just Genera Assem. Terminated. As week James Bullock an assistant state attorney general says the state plans to present the new acts to the court As soon As possible Laic this week or ear court has next move in Case Greensboro a the next move in North Carolina s reapportionment and redistrict ing Puzzle will come in Federal this week. A three judge Federal court that ordered the general As Sembly to re apportion and Redis Talent has been limited to signing checks is going ahead u if plans ii a in his Washington experiences. Phyllis Jackson of Ashley famous Agency. Inc. The Madison Avenue firm peddling Baker s proposed opus said the Federal grand jury indictment against him is not going to make any difference mrs. Jackson reported there is lots and lots of in Terest among publishers in fact the publishers Are More interested now than Baker she said is in the process of putting his Story on tape and is expected in turn in a chapter or two before Long. Asked what the Book was going to be about mrs. Jack son replied. About washing ton i assume it is going to be by to Prema Luivie i make political Hay out of the j planes both of which crashed Issue by Fon Hak it has his and hunted a mile from the Day in curl. All expectations Village of Vera. Karlitz reports lire Linn lev in had said one fell into the Lions the famed also racy one survivor identified who represents Baker will be Japan Iii polite As Cape. Siut pcs soul in delaying the of the bomber Crew. Until after hit picked up unconscious but the hat Issue is close nut badly Hurt. He the White House and is go Kas Hospital izod Al Vera 45 ing la have a tremendous of Nules Northeast of the gop leaders search by helicopters and rented. If we can t take warships continued for Vantage of if in if if we seen parachuting from in falling planes. It was be lie said that in the they came Down in the time it will be the members already weather was Clear Al the see Baker on Faff Aih on Page 7-a amusements ask Andy Bridge classified comics Counselor doctor. Editorials investor s guide obituaries sports stocks wot i her women s 2a 5a 6a 8-9b 6b 10b 5a 4a 5a 5b 2-3b 6a 2a of 8-10a basis now Courtenay Viet Nam company had to fall Back. They had stumbled into an ambushing Roost of Viet cons who were fortified inside camouflaged rows of freshly dug trenches. Over the ditches Luke snipers had been lashed to observation Trees to direct knee High fire on the approaching yanks. The boys from b made Sev eral belly crawling assaults under Iron sleet toward an enemy they could not see and they could not locate. Grenades popped like Thun Der. Automatic weapons flu red us air. But k no use. Wet with rain and Twat dirty with mod my mood Bravo com Bike co tact regrouped my took Contat Ceneus anybody a lieu them. Only one failed to is tenant whispered. Cape however. The sergeant sergeant some Jim Brown of Fayette Kody answered. Sergeant Bro in s dead the group fell silent Jim Brown dead. Some Shook their Heads in others crossed themselves and Swal Lowed. Then As the rain begin to fall faster the thing troops scooped away wet leaves and Aat on Damp ground. Ammunition was counted a ration tins sprung open medics with Ashen faces wandered from Man to Man. It had been a hell of dirty go. They had butted Blind outnumbered and unprotected. Every officer in the unit Lead been wounded and of their men with As yet. No title has been chosen. Arnold Goodman an Agency vice president said that if Baker s writing prowess turns out to be inadequate a ghost writer May be brought in to help him. Vile n. C., a 30 year old i Pond on when the state presents them and when the three fed pc . A Man muttered. He Musta been hit More than one somebody guessed. "1 saw falling All around he took a lot of who us him i Xen him go Back be came be could t find a Bud the sergeant had indeed gone Back for a Friend but not before being thrice torn open by the enemy Arsenal. Squad had crawled with in 59 Yards of foe unseen see sgt. On Pige 7-a should the former Senate i order the three to 1 make his Mark in literacy circles he almost certainly will make an Impact in the Square world of politics. Within seconds after Dis closure that Baker had been indicted for Tai evasion fraud and theft. Washington officials judges set Jan. 31 As the final deadline for submission of new redistricting and reapportionment plans. The exact time for the court to consider the plans will de erd judges of both inn tit Middle District court at greens the judges effect on the destiny of their organizations who ruled the the deep concern of the state s present House Senate and congressional arrangements unconstitutional Are j. Spencer Bell of Charlotte Edwin m. Stanley of Greensboro and Al Gernon Sutler of new Bern. In their ruling on the reapportionment suit filed by Reni drum jr., a Young Winston Saem attorney the judges said present apportionment of state legislators and alignment of the state1 11 congressional districts did not conform to the one Man one vote interpretation of the . Constitution by the . Supreme court. White House in the Case of Bobby Baker once referred to by then Senate majority Leader Lyndon b. Johnson As my Strong right was obvious. The first Ca l made by general Nicholas Katzenbach a office after the indictment was handed up to presidential press Secretary Bill movers spokesmen for both parties discreetly avoided issuing any strongly work so statements. But More than a Little suspicion exists that it was de sign rather than compassion Vik Gima s new new governor Mills e. Godwin right snaps a wave Enro Ute to his inauguration saturday with the outgoing pc nor Albertis s. Harrison. Gov Godwin is a member of the Board of trustees of Elon College n. Up

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