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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Burlington, North CarolinaRain is of it parity Seleaty at u. The daily times news for Call news c4mot care Tel of. 214 toll Aba n. December 1957 Billy plans Caribbean Campaign crusades in other sections i also announced Asheville w Evang is Billy Graham says he ans to Start a five week or of religious crusades in get Caribbean countries Jet shortly after his Ife is to Bear their fifth Aid. Graham and his crusade team i bounced yesterday a schedule tending through mid-1959 that in rallies and crusades in in san Francisco and ther California and in aus Alia. The evangelist said the tour was Annex on the basis of a new pol y which includes concentration strategic in the Ore efforts aimed at colleges and liver is Shorter crusades Der to go to More and uses that would touch entire ates rather than just cities with them. Graham added that he still for a crusade in but at the communist government 6 Given him particular in the Caribbean to begin out the Middle of will elude rallies in principal cities puerto Rico. Benezue Costa Guate Panama and Raham said his wife is expecting out Jan. 15 and he plans to ave his Montreal Home Jan. 16 17 to begin the tour. Six week rally is set to Start 27 at san Francisco s cow a tour of California cities and a four week crusade Ling sept. 28 at four month australian Cru is set to Start in with principal rallies in Syd and Melbourne. On the matter of Graham said that Jyrld is in such a desperate mor spi ritual and political Gondi that we cannot plan As we Ive in the must co nitrate on strategic places that 11 influence Large areas of the he remarked that Australia is it to politically unsettled Ludo and in latin America the is increasing at a rate k times faster than the rest of in world. On the evangelist said e received a Christmas Telegram of a Baptist group in that coun y asking him and his team to he commented that spiritual revival in Russia do More toward bringing Dout peace than All the Neotia on of political leaders put to family welcomes 15th addition nurse Margaret Light displays Young 15th addition to the Cornelius Schouten to some of his at St. Francis Hospital in Calif. Michael was born Christmas Day. From at rear Are mrs. Joan a daughter in Law who holds her 9 and father Schouten. In front Are 21 months and the proud mrs. Agatha 45. Some children were not present. Embezzlement s admitted official red offer spotlight at Parley Cairo the african asian people s conference slowed ahead in anti Western Fields today As the spotlight entered on rus Sia s sweeping economic Aid offer. Subgroups of the conference s main political committee plunged into a discussion of such controversial East West topics Asim racial Algeria and pales Tine. The soviet offer of economic Aid to All asians and africans was Well received yesterday by the delegates from 42 nations and colonies at the non governmental which is stacked with supporters of communist policies. Many of those voicing loud Praise for the offer Are exiles or fugitives from areas that receive . Economic Aid. Some of the leftists Here Are frowned on by Home governments that try to stay officially disconnected from communist propaganda lines. The obviously designed to drive Western Enterprise out of the was accompanied by Broad hints that african and asian coun tries should nationalize Western operated businesses and exploit their profits As Egypt has sought to do with the Suez canal. This apparently appealed to . A a 61 ear old Bank moved by in spirit of has admitted a Bank embezzle int Over a 20-year period. Albert j. Assistant and assistant Secretary f the people s Trust co. Of her in wept As he pleaded guilty to the embezzlement yes his the Rev. Or. Har id e. Green of the Cherry Hill reformed Church of River As with him As Schwenker a eared before . Commissioner Heodore Kiscaras in Rutherford. Kiscaras said Schwenker admitted embezzling about a ear while cashier of the first National Bank of Oradell. The Trust co. Bought the or Many elements who shouted their assent when soviet Delegate Anushavan a. Aga Fonovich lauded Indonesia s takeover of some billion dollars in dutch invest ments. The soviet offer recalled West Ern predictions that the Kremlin would launch a drive in 1958 to win More friends in Africa and with a View towards driving he West from these sources of Oil and other natural resources. Dell Bank in May. The before re casing Schwenker on sked How he spent the Money. Various said sen married and father of to. Kiscaras asked. Replied the slight who has suffered two attacks recently. He denied up apically that he Ever gamed. Or. Green told c reporter that Schwenker telephoned him thurs and asked for a meeting. They talked in Schwenker s Green and the after path was that Schwenker went to Ratter j. Vice president the people s Trust co. Mundt issued a statement say ing Schwenker had informed the nags head men to grow beards for Jamboree nag . Growing will be the fashion in this outer Banks area with the arrival the new year next wednesday. Patterson j. M. Bayne of nags current of the i has issued a decree re questing men to forego shaving rom Jan. 1 to late for the Sake of the annual dare coast pirates Jamboree. The 1958 event will be held april 24-27. The opening event of the 1958 Jamboree will be the dedication of the Cape Hatteras National sea Shore recreational which embraces most of North Carolina s outer Banks front nags head to Ocracoke Inlet the Fri. Which arrested sch said to had taken the Money by withdrawing dormant Drift account deposits and put Ting them in a fictitious account under the name of Smith. Sch Wenker then withdrew the funds rom the Smith account. Fri said Bank auditors Esti tiled that a larger Abou was missing. Or. Green said Schwenker told his conscience had been both ing him for a loaf tone and him Watt to make Dan former chief hits indonesian moves by James Wilde Indonesia former vice president Mohammes Hatta charged today that officials have so mishandled the Curren anti dutch Campaign that they Are Indonesia More than the in an open letter Hatta said dangling had brought a threat of Amine to this Lush Island nation. The indonesian news Agency Pia reported today acute food Short Ages in parts of Central Java. The Cabinet met to discuss Jarter Trade now being conducted a some parts of Indonesia to com Bat breakdowns in regular food distribution. Before the Cabinet meeting for eign minister sub Andrio con firmed reports that Indonesia will ask communist countries for arms. In an open letter appearing in newspapers throughout this sprawling Island the Leader who negotiated Independence from the Netherlands in 1949 it necessary for the indonesian people to sacrifice and suffer to Speed up the return of West irian to the the Campaign of seizing the Iofe billion Dollar dutch investment in Indonesia and forcing most of the dutch citizens out of the country began dec. 2 in Retalia Tion for the Netherlands refusal to hand Over West new Guinea. Indonesia Calls the area West irian and claims it should have been surrendered in the 1949 in dependence agreement. Hatta said famine is lacing the country because Rice is Short but because of disorder in dist rib shipping and Communia he blamed the disorder on the West irian action com which has led the Campaign. We had our people would not Hatta said due to Lack of an economic calamity is approach the Campaign was touched off by the . Failure to approve a Resolution backing the indonesian position. Hatta said not interests should be undermined. The dutch Economy Here must be liquidated but not in a fashion which i cripple Hatta s attack was expected by some foreign observers Here t Widen the breach him am president Sukarno which led t Hatta s retirement from the government a year ago. A parliamentary committee has been try ing to reconcile them before Suk Arno leaves about Jan. 5 on a trip abroad officially billed As a res cure. Hatta also Are weak on the sea and in the air. Our youth cannot be asked to swim the Ocean to get Back West irian. It is by not that West irian will be returned to v w Rescue team recovers bodies of eleven miners a. Rescue workers today recovered the bodies of 11 miners killed late yesterday when a Gas explosion trapped 25 men below ground in a mine straddling the Virginia West Virginia Border. Fourteen miners were brought out of the Colliery uninjured shortly after Midnight. Canvas was draped Over the carried out of mine no. 31 of the Pocahontas fuel co. On a Coal car. About 100 persons looked on in the first Gray Light of an overcast Day. The miners were hemmed in 500 feet underground. Company officials said All the men originally trapped by the explosion were believed to be accounted for. Amonate is in Southwest Vir 20 Miles West of . Bodies of the dead were re moved from the sprawling mine through a Shaft located in West nearly three Miles from the main entry Shaft where the survivors were brought out. This was the second disastrous explosion in Pocahontas fuel co. Mines in the Border coalfields in 11 months. A february explosion at a mine near snuffed out 37 lives. Families of the victims of yesterday s blast have been notified. Names of the victims and survivors have not yet been released. Names of the victims and survivors of yesterday s blast were released at mid morning. Officials said there was no Indi mostly we Jet thought and survivors relate a. We a few men were several were eat-1 one was cleaning up when a Gas produced explosion trapped 25 men below the Earth in the Poca. Hon Las fuel co s mine no. 31 late yesterday. Fourteen were brought to safety Early today All All shaken but All uninjured. Eleven died. Explosion did t have any but the concussion was h e a v said Mitchell Cedar a 10-year Veteran at the mine. Knocked the Sandwich out of my hand and knocked me Over. It busted my ears when it Harris said he what Hap although it was my first i Hope it s my w. C. Carrico of a was repairing a shuttle car and was lying on the ground at the time of the blast. Was lulled Over against the Wall by the Force of the said Carrico. First thought was that the car had dropped. After i got up and saw All the smoke and i knew what had happened and started calling the men Harris admitted being Little scared and i wanted to get out. But i settled Down and joined the others. Everyone in the group was a Little but All the men were he said Woodrow a fore was Nice. He called us together and 1 am no longer your Boss. We have to put our Heads together and get out of the leu started out har Ris were forced Back each time by smoke. After the second we moved out to a protected spot and Bratt iced our selves in. Then we built another Brattich inside the first one. Then we wrapped up and sat and few tunes we called out to each other just checking Harris mostly we just thought and Harris paused a then some of those men did t they should when Rescue teams finally reached the Section in which the 14 men had taken Harris can bet i was sure glad to hear those voices after five cation As to How the blast recurred. An inquiry will be con ducted by the West Virginia department of mines. West Virginia Rill make the inquiry because Coal is taken out of mine no. 31 of the West Virginia Side of tha Border. The mine will not be reopened until a full inspection is made by company and Union officials. William special Distant to the president of Hontas fuel said the bodies of three men were reached about 4 a. M. The other eight were located about two hours later. Plans were1 made to remove All the bodies at one time. The blast trapped men in two Joy loading area of an automatic Coal loading a and a continuous mining area the site of automatic Coal loading the survivors were found by Rescue ers at the site of the Joy loading Section some feet from where the 11 other men met death. The Rescue work was painstaking As rescuers were forced to violence takes is toll sentencing find places on american scene Long Calif. A couple sat in the rear Row of a courtroom yesterday and heard their 15-year-old son sett coed to life imprisonment for smothering a 2-year-old girl. John Lawrence Miller said neither hello nor Goodby to his or. And mrs. Harold a. Miller. They left immediately after Superior judge Beach Vasey found the boy guilty of first degree murder and pronounced sentence. The youth had pleaded guilty to slaying Laura Helen Wetzel nov. 1 on the Palos Verdes Peninsula while overdue from a weekend from a Reform school. Arrested four he possible approval Chicago Leahy was thought to have accepted officially the Texas afum football Job today in a Telegram dispatched to school president m. T. Harrington at two women Are held in death of student fort Fla. Broward county deputies today reported two women Are being held for questioning in the death of Robert w. 24. The who did not name the Wolf said one is being held at Daytona Beach and the other at fort Pierce. Formerly of was shot to death the Day after Christmas. Ben w. Broward county criminal said he believed a Man used Lee s own .22 Caliper Rifle to slay the Miami student Engineer. Looks As though someone grabbed Lee by the shirt with enough Force to rip two buttons off. Lee was a pretty big too big for a woman to Grigsby added that authorities were certain a woman also was at the scene. Lee left Belle Glade for Miami after spending Christmas Day with his Susan at her parents Home. His body was found thursday morning slumped part Way out of his automobile at a lonely Everglades spot near Jomo a gasoline Stop on . 27. Witnesses told of seeing a Wom an seated apparently alone in the and also of noticing a woman in a red party dress trudging along the Highway sometime after the emotional scars on unborn babes reported from studies Indianapolis tests indicate babies can be emotion ally scarred by what happens to their mothers daring pregnancy. Pregnant rats made emotionally anxious in the tests produced off Spring which were abnormal emotionally. The effects Are relatively permanent. In one mice Bora to Normal mothers developed emotional changes when reared by Foster mothers who had been subjected to emotional stress. The experiments were described today to the american Assn. For the advancement of science by William r. Psychologist of Wesleyan mid he said feed by a woman can seriously affect the unborn baby. The in fluence is possibly transmitted by changes in the Mother s hormone system. Thompson devised elaborate tests to measure the effect when pregnant rats were made highly or subjected to electrical shocks. While results Are not Clear Cut body was found. Detectives said they found prints of a Roan s foot As Well As High Heel shoe prints Arotine Lee s car. Education legislation seen Likely Washington he the administration reportedly will propose to Congress a program of match my Grants to states to encourage improved teaching of science and mathematics in the High schools. The plan Calls for the Federal government to provide More than 100 million to help the states supplement salaries of Sci ence and math employ additional Purchase equipment and strengthen state education departments. Other proposals also Are being prepared to help meet the clamor for More emphasis on scientific and technical training in the nation s schools and colleges. The demand has been growing since Russia s launching of two Earth satellites emphasized an increasing russian technical capability. The to be administered by the department of health education and would be patterned after the present Feder ally aided vocational education program. That department also would be authorized to set up a Federal scholarship Aid expand siotto graduate the states provide More and better of promote school pupils an Days later told police in to smothered the child under Blank ets i Felt like killing Mother is shot fort t e x a Young Mother was shot to death n front of her Home last night while two people watched in Ess horror. Mrs. Margie Bell about 30. Was clutching the hand of her son when she was gunned Down. Her assailant grabbed the Little soy s hand and but the boy up two hours later at the lome of an Uncle. Police were seeking the Wom an s husband Carroll Lane about 39. Bob Jefferies and his wife both witnessed the shooting. A newspaper Carrier was collecting at the time. Had gone to the Kirby House and i was next i said. Thought they were play ing. Then there was this noise like a firecracker and she his wife said she talked with the woman and her son seconds before the shooting. Paid me for the paper and then i asked the boy what Santo brought him. Just f heard the woman of my he s got a gun and he s Kuju mrs. Jeffries said the woman grabbed the boy s hand and ran into the Yard. She said a Man Here that of a Corning was discovered. Both men were employed at the coning Glass works. Youth kills Mother new York 17-yeat-Otd Outh. Walked into a Brooklyn to inc station last night and told of hooting his Mother to death with Rille because she nagged him about using the Telephone. I m not Blond Ohn Jessup told a police officer. I put two bullets in the Back of Are head and dragged her body rom the Hall into the Bathtub. Was there half an hour trying o clean up the blood. I m of kidding. Go there and police went to the ground floor apartment about a Block away and found the body of mrs. Gladys an attractive blonde just where her son said Howard saw the shooting and helped him carry his Mother s body into the Tab. Denlea was questioned and held on a charge if juvenile delinquency. Booked on a homicide said in a statement re eased by lost my tem per. I have a very Quick kidnappers sought followed them from the hum Sai the said. Fired one shot he tamed and looked would be. Young Jessup said a Washington Fol Owald a Trail of kidnappings today in an Effort to track two gunmen wanted for killing two men and critically wounding another. The trial led to South where the third of three persons kidnapped by the fugitives was re leased unharmed police said the two men shot up a restaurant Here Early yester Day after an argument Over a Tab. The George p. And guitar player. Kenneth were killed a Blind pianist Bernard is in critical com Hiton. The Fri listed the two being sought As Henry slav ant Wayne about 22. They Aie charged in warrants a Tiff unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for and Auto theft slate with couple Doris and army pfc. Larry Lee 21 to accompany them. With the younger gunman driving Monteith s the fugitives and their captives headed South. The girl was released near Rich after Mon Tith was left locked in the trunk of his automobile near police after the Fugi Ives commandeered another driven by Asonia g. Allman of Richmond. Miss Allman was released unharmed yesterday in . Brothers die san Tex. I two Young Brothers burned to death yesterday while their father struggled with their Blind Mother to keep her from entering the Flam ing House in an Effort to save them. The victims were and Pablo sons of or. And mrs. Guadalupe Roque. Mrs. Blinded by an Eye disease 18 months be came hysterical after her husband had led her and four other Chil Dren to safety. As Roque headed Back to try to Rescue the other his wife tried to follow him. While they the flames grew so intense Roque could not reach his trapped sons. Ham Marske Pineau Confer on Middle East Paris . Secretary Inch their Way along clogged passages filled smoke and deadly gases. They carried oxygen tanks strapped to their backs. Officials said the mine was known As a mine. It was indicated that equipment used to disburse the present in varied quantities in All Coal had failed to function properly and the accumulation had been touched off by a spark of unknown origin. Fullarton said the families of the trapped miners had kept a Vigil at a station two Miles from the disaster scene through most of the night but had been urged to return to their Homes Early this morning to await developments. Although Only eight men had been listed As working in the continuous loading company officials later discovered 11 men were there. Some of the 11 might have been due for a Layoff today because of a 70 per cent Cut in personnel. Officials of the Pocahontas fuel operators of the Southwest Virginia said 534 of the 77s men employed at the operation mine no. Due to be Cut of seen Coli Ceato Eda fou off because of a decrease in Coal orders. The 14 survivors were pronounced in Good physical Condi Tion and were sent Home. They came out of the mine about some 5v4 hours after the blast. Survivors said the concussion was worse than the blast itself. Knocked the Sandwich out of my hand and knocked said Mitchell Harris of Cedar Bluff. Harris said there no doubt it what it was a Gas state and Federal mine officials rated the mine As gaseous. The blast was described by har Ris As like a hot blast of wind. There was no fire just smoke and dust and a bad the survivors were rom a Joy loading Type of mechanical Section of the mine some 500 feet underground and about a mile and a half from he mine Shaft entry on the Vir inia Side of the operation that straddles the Virginia West Vir Ginia Border. Their discovery some five hours after the first blast was the first Contact with the men during the tune they were trapped. The men built two Canvas bar has a Lone record of How breaking and Lar police said the two gunmen fled in Overton s which they abandoned minutes later to Automo bile in which a Young was parked. The fugitives forced the right at mrs. Jeffries said thought he was going at me so i ran and bid behind a car in the they the Man put the boy in a car and drove off. Two men slain n. Y. Us a mild mannered 17-year-old youth who uses neither tobacco nor col fee told police last night he had slain two men who gave him lifts while one victim was the father of 10 the Point of no return in its on his Way to a trek to sooth the to visit his wife and Newborn four Man group now to Miles general Dag Hammarskjold conferred today with French foreign minister Christian Pineau about the Middle East situation. Hammarskjold i s returning from the Middle East where he visited egyptian president Nasser in Ciao. He came Here at Pineau s request. Paris newspapers speculated the talks concerned French efforts to obtain compensation for French shareholders of the nationalized Suez canal. Kearing completion los Angeles or the los an Geles Exa Sainer said today that a contract Between the air Force sad Lockheed aircraft corp. To build the pied a potential Man carrying is reported near completion. A Flary s party past Point of no return to South pole n. Z. M Muad entity s party has reached about a Day s journey from the stretch covered by capt Robert f. Scott on Bis Fol fated the by Nara Stasiw indicate that a Ouel Watts strongly suggest that stress has definite effects on the emotional behaviour of the off. Said. Thompson said research might brine practical applications teaching of foreign languages. College to Cost eight to 10 million dollars the first would be provided for talented High school students who could not otherwise go to College. Fellowships also would be pc Ovid la child mental a. Graduate schools baby. Authorities said Fred Sommerjr. Of Cameron near Tai South Central new York common admitted in written state ments that he shot Cecil dec. 13. And Leo w. Thursday night. He said he kilted both men for their automobiles. He used the same pistol to put bullets through both of victims Heads. From the Bottom of tee world. Hillary s radio message to Scott his Camp near Mcmurdo was monitored Here by his Ross sea committee sponsors. It said the band of new Zes Landers some Strain at an Altitude of but he added that 41 Miles during the which Means the group is keeping up a the body of of Hope was found last right in town of six bum front steady Pace. They have averaged from 40 to 50 Miles for the past few nights. Hillary also reported be was and no one has made it Overland to the pole since then. Reports from another headed by British or. Vivian Fuchs were not so Sood. Travel ing towards the pole from the opposite direction with Brit ish trans Antarctic Fuchs has made Only 35 Miles since wed Newcity and has almost 5qo More to go. In addition to the two common wealth a russian team has set out from Tow soviet East in vehicles. Ricardes for Protection but spent most of the five hour period sit praying. If some of those men did t said should about 250 men were working a the mine at the time of the blast. Little Jim s truck halted conveniently England w motorists blinked As a Small track weaved through the traffic apparently without a Driver. They watched As the truck scraped against the wan of police station and shuddered to a halt. Then the Driver got out. The Driver was Jim just 7 years old and four feet High. He had driven the which belonged to his in Miles along Busy around Flye Sharp across a Railroad crossing and up and Down three Steep Bills. To could t sea Over the ing wheel he had Greet difficulty trek to the pole 41 years ago. The fete no the Aad he Scott party died on the Way Back it an happened be ease Jim went to his Uncle s House of errand and missed the bus hone. His Uncle was out. He saw the truck standing there and climbed in. After the truck hit the an officer drove Jim Home in a police car. Under British Law no one under 9 Cash be proc Tod. Jim s was Der no Soch restrictions. He spanked the boy and a present of a new w Circle

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