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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 4

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Burlington, North Carolina The daily times news 707 South main Street Burlington . 27215 published daily except sunday by times news publishing co. A Howard White editor Rudy m. Fonville general manager Ted Brown advertising mgr. James s. Wagoner circulation mgr. Subscription rates by Carrier $2.00 per month in Advance. By mall in Alamance county. I year s1j.00 n. C. Tax .54, total su.54. Outside Alamance county in North Carolina i year std of n. C. Tax .40 total $20.40. Outside North Carolina i year . Other mail rates on request. Second class postage paid at Burlington . 22215, where Alt correspondence should be directed advertising rates classified advertising per line 30c cents minimum charge toe display advertising rate on request National advertising representatives Ward Griffith inc. New York Philadelphia Boston Chicago Detroit san Francisco Pittsburgh Seattle a if iniquity is in your hand put it far away and let not wickedness dwell in your la 14. The greatest Victory you can win in life is , philosopher of ancient Greece. 4a saturday afternoon december 19, 1970 army s role in political spying inconceivable but is possible the Public generally will agree with president Nixon that it is a a inconceivable that the army As now accused would spy on and investigate Public officials and others a to determine their political activities. And forecast their reaction to certain yet sen. Sam j. Ervin or. Now has this possibility in his hands As it comes from a former intelligence officer from Chicago. The senators conclusion is that a apparently anyone who in the army a definition was a left of Center was a prospective candidate for political while the senator has the matter before Congress Secretary of defense Melvin Laird promises an investigation. It would indeed be a a inconceivable to believe such a charge if there were no other cases on record to show that such a thing is possible possible Evn in this country where the military is not supposed to threaten a takeover of government. The recent disclosure of fear held by the late president John Kennedy that the military would take Over government if he did not find a solution to the cuban missile crisis in 1962 serves As an example. Then too. There have come numerous reports from others in government in the past that some military leaders Are not beyond taking matters in their own hands though they always have been held in their place by civilian authorities. It has been recognized that dissatisfaction prevails How much and How Strong is not known with some military leaders on the Way the Vietnam War is being handled. The War is in a so called controlled situation while Many in High authority would prefer an All out Effort to win a Battlefield Victory even at the risk of a third world War. As Long As military advice was followed also troop buildup in Vietnam was continuing leading to some 550,000 before the Des valation program was started by president Nixon. As this has come so has a reduction in defense spending and the Many Allied involvements of government which have been geared to wartime operations for a Long time. Whether or not these influences have become so Strong that the army has moved into the Field of political surveillance is not known now. We Only have the army As being accused. It is such a serious charge however that sen. Ervin must give priority attention to it. The army has much support for its All out War position As coming from Par Lsan organizations throughout the nation. Yet. The nation must have All out support in keeping the military in its place. A penetration into the political world to investigate and spy on candidates for Congress for whatever use the information would be used is not a part of military operations and decisions. Key to higher education Unity As expected evaluation already has started on gov. Scott a proposal that trustees of the states higher educational institutions develop a unified system to handle future policy and appropriations. Those close to the Raleigh scene already Are speculating that the key to such a plan is held by or. Leo Jenkins of East Carolina University. Of All administrators in the higher education system he is the one most Active politically As he seeks increased appropriations for a new medical school among other programs. Working independently he has achieved much through the general Assembly. If his place would be reduced through a new Structure in dealing with the legislature he would stand the Chance of losing More than he now is gaining. Tar Heel politics or. Jenkins is maintaining silence on the governors proposal. In the meantime House speaker Phil Godwin says he concurs that something should be done and this. Also now is supported by the state Board of higher education. There is too much a in fighting As speaker Godwin puts it in the general Assembly meaning that a there is too much rivalry among institutions when it comes to getting Money from the he adds a what we need is some Board or group somebody that would give fair and unbiased recommendations to the appropriations committee As to what each institution actually the position by gov. Scott and speaker Godwin apparently will get much support As based on Early reactions. The conservative View prof. Kilpatrick last and past by James j. Kilpatrick note this column is positively not about Spiro Agnew Richard Nixon the lame Duck session or. Justice Douglas or the Constitution of the United states god save the Mark. Washington a it has been a Long time since i unloaded myself of a few Crotchet on the matter of English usage but three of my editors a they shall be nameless Here the fiends a have been Fum diddling with my copy in ways that no writers copy should Ever be Fum riddled with and a Point of Public protest has arrived. The Christmas scene eternal renewal of Hope and glory by David Poling president Christian Herald association a and the Angel said to them be not afraid for behold i bring you Good news of a great Joy which will come to All the people for to you is born this Day in the cite of David a Savior who is Christ the 2 10. The Christmas Story was so exciting the first time around for it brought Hope Surprise and change to people in Israel. And the Christian Community has never lost that element of wonder and expectancy. Christmas is the annual reminder of this cosmic event a Hope Surprise and change. From every historical reference in scripture we know How much the people of Israel were looking for a King Over the centuries they became disenchanted with Royalty and caught a vision through the prophets especially Isaiah of a Savior who would indeed be the son of god. So Hope was Long term sometimes tired and faded yet always to reach for new and holy expectations. The coming of Christ was the fulfilment of Hope and the racing shepherds believed that Bethlehem was the site of their Joy. This same excitement also was expressed by Simeon who greeted Mary and Joseph in the Temple at Jerusalem upon seeing the child Jesus he said. Quot mine eyes have seen thy salvation which thou Hast prepared in the presence of All Peoples a Light for revelation to the gentiles and for glory to thy people Israel. A Luke 2 30 christians believe that the spirit of Jesus continues to bring Hope Surprise and change to the world. It Hap pens in their own lives and they look for it in others. And christians should create Good surprises themselves. Christmas is loaded with that theme a the unexpected gift the astounding creativity of others. Last year the students of notre Dame University surprised the faithful. The Young people went All out in a Campaign for notre Dame to play Texas in the Cotton bowl. Football fans were sure this was just another grab for Post season glory a something that notre Dame had not traditionally pursued. To everyone a Surprise t h e students wanted the bowl game since this was the quickest. Earliest Way to raise big Money to pay for scholarships for hundreds of Young Blacks and puerto Picans. Notre Dame lost to Texas but they took Home a prize in human affairs. Hope Surprise and change a the Christmas Story that keeps getting told whenever people believe and act on their convictions. This year Duane Pederson and the Hollywood free paper become the largest Christian newspaper on the West coast. One year ago Pederson got tired of All the underground printed filth that circulated among the now generation. So he printed his own paper and personally handed out 15.000 copies along Hollywood Boulevard kids and motorists and bus passengers took his paper and read that drugs were a bad scene and violence helped nobody and runaway girls could find Aid if they called his print shop. This year 250.000 copies of the Hollywood free paper will Greet the Rose bowl crowd and readers in 48 states. Early court ruling on Charlotte Case expected by John Kilgo a a Syndicate attorneys for the Charlotte Mecklenburg school Board believe the . Supreme court will Rule this month on the Charlotte school desegregation Case. Ben Horack one of the attorneys who has represented the school Board in the controversial court Case said a there is no Way of knowing when the court will Rule on the Case but i have the Strong feeling that the ruling will come before the end of the nation is watching the Charlotte Mecl Denburg Case. Hoping the supreme court will Lay Down guidelines for local school boards to use in creating unitary school systems under the Law. As we reported months ago Only one thing seems certain about the courts decision in this Case it will not be a unanimous verdict. North Carolina supreme court Justice i. Beverly Lake says he deplores the fact that it takes so much Money to run for High office in the state but he added a i done to know a thing that can be done about it. Its a bad situation when a Man feels he has a Good program for North Carolina but can to raise the Money to get it Over to the Lake said had he known How much it would Cost to run for governor he would not have gotten into the race in 1960. But it did no to Stop him in 1964. Bill Hensley a departure As travel information director for a amp a came As no Surprise. Hensley and advertising Man Roy Wilder had crossed swords on several occasions and word was out Long ago that Hensley would be leaving. He had told some people that he would open a Public relations office in Raleigh but he hooked on with Charlotte businessman Pat Hall who is building a Multi million Dollar amusement Park in Mecklenburg. Hall has also hired Charlotte City manager William veeder to work in that Enterprise. Charles Chuck Barbour has taken Hensley a place with a amp a and i have the funny feeling that state Democrat party chief Gene Simmons is not unhappy to see Barbour get new employment. Ski director Charles Dunn is making scores of talks at churches All across the state. Dunn is mildly critical of the Church in some of these talks posing the question Quot Why Are so few Young people in the Church is it their fault or has the Church left them a the social pages of Charlottes newspapers burst at the seams last Friday when word leaked out that Charlotte mayor and millionaire several times Over John Belk would marry District court judge Claudia Watkins. When they kiss Good Bye in the morning they can both say a see you at supper his the marriage is tentatively set for february. Parting shots a cosmetics consultant says the old fashioned face is now in style. We Hung onto ours along with wide neckties and double breasted suits figuring they a come Back. The Young want everything at once. They even buy clothes with a built in shabby look without waiting to earn the snags Raveling and rips through years of Earnest Wear. The 1972 Campaign is already getting dirty with leading politicians being smeared As possible vice presidents. When a Chap says he is dreaming of a White Christmas it is perhaps unfair to assume that he is in the Snow tire game. Gentlemen i would say to these brutes the Good lord in his infinite Wisdom created the word and the Good lord from the same boundless Reservoir devised the word and we must assume in All humility that the one great copy editor of us All had something specific in mind. His object was order not confusion. Why do you fall into sin thus in one of my recent pearls of prose composition i was lamenting the plight of our railway Industry. And i wrote Quot Over the past 15 years its net income after taxes has declined by 68 per in this same delectable essay i remarked that a certain trend within the labor movement had been gathering Force a Over the past five whereupon with the deliberate care of a Man slopping Ketchup on filet mignon aiming at improvement but missing the felonious wretches of whom i speak carefully emended the two sentences to read Quot the last 15 years a and Quot the last five of pain i bleed alas the awful anguish of it All this was not the first time my helpful colleagues have made this particular emendation but i Hope to get to the Point that it will be the last. I have a theory. The essence of Clear writing part of the essence anyhow lies in the avoidance of the flickering ambiguity. This is a Rule More Subtle and More demanding than the Rule which decrees simply that the exact word should be preferred to the inexact word. It is a part of the glorious Richness of our language and a source of glorious headaches also that single words have multiple meanings. As our vocabularies expand each of those meanings goes on file in the brain. This is input. And the Eye and the brain confronting such a word search out the intended meaning and press on. The trouble with a a last is that one of its meanings is final. A fight till the last gasp a the immortal maid be seethed her Dauphin. It was Quot the last Rose of summer that Moore saw Blooming alone. Macbeth at Dun inane mused upon Quot the last syllable of recorded we speak of the last decade of the nineteenth Century of the last two months of Johnson a term of the last year the dodgers were in Brooklyn. To be sure a a last also can mean without ambiguity a time certain last week last March last year. She paid the Bill last month. But one also encounters a a last in the sense of a most recent a and it is Here that ambiguity flickers. Which a a last is intended last final or last certain or last recent the difficulty is not Large the difficulty is usually quite Small. We read words and phrases in context and ordinarily these flickering ambiguities Are no More than flecks of Shell in a crab cake. But Why be difficult at All As Andy Capp tells his wife he a not asking for perfection Only for a Little less imperfection. When the reference is to some period of time immediately preceding the present Day a a past does the trick. A the past five years has one meaning Only. The inner Eye never blinks. As for the railways these past 15 years could be their last 15 years but it hardly seems Likely. They will survive. In our next lesson Sisters and Brothers we will Deal with the Washington Post which on tuesday advised us that everyone voiced Strong opinions on the Choice of gov. Connelly As Secretary of the Treasury a but nobody wanted their names meanwhile i should cheerfully acknowledge having been one. That an editor has this great advantage Over disputations columnists. An editor has the last word. Washington merry go round pornography for children by Jack Anderson Washington raw pornography some of it smuggled through customs in children a toys is flooding the . A confidential customs Bureau report citing research Institute figures declares that Quot american currency sent to foreign countries for pornography has jumped in the past four years from $3 million to $45 million annually. At the same time Home produced pornography has become a Multi billion Dollar business. Filthy foreign films have been stashed inside Little girls Kitchen utensils and toy plastic telephones. These 8 my. Rolls show Quot acts of heterosexual activity acts of bestiality and various erotic portrayals photographed with extreme explicitness a states t h e customs document. The confidential report submitted to the Senate juvenile delinquency subcommittee explains a exploitation of american purchasers is due to the fact that the publication and Sale of such materials in Denmark has been freed from All government control and that Sweden s government control is across the ., postal authorities received 392,782 complaints about obscene mail in 1969. About 35 per cent was addressed to juveniles some sent in care of elementary schools. A Dodds collection the Senate subcommittee using a variety of addresses has collected a compost pile of pornography. Chairman Tom Dodd d-conn., has kept it in a secret drawer with a combination Safe dial. His rank collection includes pictures from abroad of dogs pigs and children in positions that Are degrading even for the livestock much worse the youngsters who appear no More than nine or ten years old. From Domestic sex plotters he has accumulated sexual devices a Rock Candy Lollipop in the shape of a sexual Organ and incredible pictures combining ghastly murders and sex practices. In a report prepared for the Senate but not yet made Public Dodd declares that pornographers Gross Quot several billion dollars a some of it he says is thinly disguised As Quot scientific data. For example a los Angeles publisher reprinted the Denmark Royal commission report on pornography illustrated it with filthy pictures and is now charging $4.75 for it. Another publisher took a . Paper on a anal eroticism a illustrated it abundantly with photographs and listed an impressive looking bibliography in the Back. Anyone who receives a dirty mail can instruct the Post office to demand that his name be taken off the mailing list. But As Dodds unpublished report to the Senate Points out a a Good Way to get a child to look at something is to Tell him not to look at it. The smut merchant knows that a child is flattered to receive any mail at a Washington exposed. Hush Money a the Nixon administration has offered consultant fees apparently As hush Money to three of Interior Secretary Walter Hickels aides who were purged with him last month. Leslie Glasgow the assistant Secretary in charge of fish wildlife and Parks has been retained for 90 Days As a $114-a-Day consultant to Complete work on the disappearance of Hardwood swamps in the South. His Deputy Charles Meacham has also been offered $114 a Day for three months to consult on predatory Birds and animals. And Hickels information chief Josef Holbert has been slipped on the consultants Roll at $100 a Day until feb. 28. These generous fees apparently Are intended to keep the Trio from talking to the press about their dismissal. Ayres generosity. A Bill Ayres the i a in e d u c k congressman from Akron Ohio has left Good by gifts for to staff members. Its the taxpayers however who la have to foot the Bill. The amiable Ayres approved handsome salary increases for to House labor committee aides who served directly under him. Researcher Norma Chiriboga. For instance had her pay hiked from $11,000 to $20,000 a year and minority clerk will Henderson was Given a raise from $9,000 to $15,000. Rug Symbol a a sure clue to a bureaucrats importance is his Rug. His vip standing can be determined by its color acreage and lushness. How deep for example do you sink in it at the state department Secretary Bill Rogers and his two under secretaries Are entitled to beige carpets of luxurious thickness. However the new undersecretary John Irwin installed an Ivory White Rug which was close enough to the exclusive beige color to satisfy him. Rogers exhibits his Ascendancy Over his under secretaries by spreading an Oriental Rug Over his beige carpet. Deputy under secretaries Pace on Gold Tweed rugs and the assistant secretaries have Gold and Green rugs of lesser Quality

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