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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Burlington, North Carolina Of Auto insurance in state Raleigh charging writing new policies Are Caus Durance in the state to file with received a copy of that the Auto liability insurance ing near panic among victims him by Jan. 15 the guidelines statement. Market drying Lanier a companies Are unwilling to feed in the trough anywhere except in North Carolina a is of such one sided and unfair re they used in Selling insurance Mize said the Industry would in the deep end. Up insurance striations. Commissioner Edwin Lanier he noted that hundreds of Tice will be in 1971. Has called for a full i Vestiga policies have been cancelled by Quot i want a full explanation of them Tion of the Auto liability Busi companies in North Carolina any curtailment in their oper this year and what their prac have a reply to the charges aft a the agents Are crying to me or it had had time to study because companies Are pulling Ness in the state. This year and said so Many he said. Lanier a order was sent certified letters to the various out from their insurance in agencies a Lanier said. A the situation is serious. Lanier said in a statement is companies have curtailed or Paul Mize of the North Caro companies. He said 61 of the the nil a mjg j in. Antnmnkil.,. Amu. 10 la. i ims ill Dlly sued Friday that Willy Nilly and fast a the near halted the Sale of Auto insure Lina automobile rate adminis 258 companies Are not Selling Cancella Ance that a the Market is drying Tractive office which represents insurance in this state a Leav with Good driving records Are having to obtain insurance unions and non renewal of Large up fast in North the insurance Industry declined my the others to carry the signed risk Jle Sai j numbers of Auto insurance pol Lanier ordered the 258 com Friday to comment on Lanier a ides and severe restrictions on panics licensed to sell Auto in charges because he had not yet he said Parent la these 61 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a state Aid proposed private colleges in the red Raleigh apr seventeen i serve funds to try to cover the the Cost of buildings which the of North Carolinas 42 private deficit colleges and universities expect private institution not the Are state must build and maintain he said if those which to run in the red this year a covering their shortages with and the built in state subsidy cording to a study underway by Reserve funds were counted the that would have been included the state Board of higher Edu number of those facing budget deficits this year would total cation. Or. John Satterfield who is More than half the private col conducting the study said Fri Leges in the state Day that in Many cases private Satterfield presented a report institutions Are dipping into re to the executive committee of the Board of higher education i Friday. In nine institutions he said. The deficits exceed $100,000. And ifs the Boss speaking a the providing of and the use of automobile insurance in North Carolina is so seriously polluted a he said a that drastic measures have become impera a was i see it a Lanier said a Many of the insurance companies licensed to operate in North Carolina Are by deliberate neglect and abuse of the captured customers of insurance forfeiting their licensed tight to continue Selling insure room for 5,000 to 10.000 Mort Ance of any kind in this students than they have in Joe charged that Mary Corn rolled. Panics a Are indifferent slow Satterfield said the private callous and arbitrary in their schools whose tuition rates Are. Handling of claims and they much greater than those of the fight with equal vigor and Tern a state schools tuition fee. Satterfield told the executive Public institutions can expect parity committee that the financial crisis of the private institutions is showing up in empty classroom seats and curtailed programs. According to an agreement under which the private schools made the information on their both just and unjust i in two schools the deficits a finances Ali liable none of the Durham proach $1 million. Satterfield a report is done to Ever let petted to be finished within the institutions is identified inn the ex-1 report. Satterfield said that the private colleges and universities Are helpless to compete against the current trend of students to it be said that College presidents next month and is expected to get out of touch with reality. Recommend some form of state a reporter calling Duke Aid for private institutions. President Terry Sanford a Satterfield said that if state enrol in Public institutions and assistant Friday was surprised Aid is recommended it would applications to the private were injured last night when a male voice rasped be based on what the study has schools have fallen Early 14 per Freak Auto Accident on Highway this states automobile assigned amount cent in the past five years a a a a a a a a a a a to continue loosing students and a a a. Pending completion of the in see i Rix ate on i age la a vesti gation Lanier Aid Coin panics Are a not to arbitrarily curtail limit or restrict coverage to the general Public except upon prior approval from him. He said the curtailment and refusal of companies to sell Auto insurance tends to i deprive Large segments of the Public from adequate coverage 2 be unfair to Ether companies called upon to fill i persons Surnce needs and 3 a jeopardize and defeat the purposes of mail pinned in wrack Horn \ bark kurd Angel to is six year old Mary to Lestourgeon May not have been the Littlest Angel in her school play in Indianapolis hut she was the Only one with a Black Eye. She got the Shiner when she bumped into a table at Home trying out her wings for the play. But in the let est traditions of show business a the show must go on even with Black eyed Angels. Up telephoto. Graham two in the assistant was not determined is the there said the voice but could North Carolina saves each time he help i a tar Heel youngster Enrols in tending 87 which left a Burlington youth plan in the proportion of students at pinned in tile wrecked vehicle participating when the reporter hesitated a private rather than a state schools the Luis states private for nearly two hours been steadily the Accident occurred at that the risks to carriers would thereby be Lanier said the insurance the voice admitted a this is Terry Sanford. I have to answer All the phones because everyone else is at a Christmas subsidized school. He said the study has found per cent a year he said. Shrinking at the rate of about i about 11 50 of clock when a car commissioner that the saving is $1,900 a year at present the per student. This includes both institutions estimate private they a whoever he driven by James h. Wheeley May be should be upheld in in-20, of 543 Huffman Mill Road dealing with insurance com off the Highway near polish troops quell Hills in North with Rifle fire Federal funds Cut Hospital costs Alay soar Raleigh a the dial care commission patient costs May Rise As much me Between $10 and $11 million in Hospital in Case it defaulted says i Grants. Under the loan guarantee placed on whether the project As $15 per Day if North Caro system a Hospital would sub can repay the Money a Hender Lina hospitals Are forced to turn Mit to the commission a feast son said. A and the patient is to Bank Loans to finance capital vilify study of the Bank financing of its construction or Reno projects. Commission executive Secre ovation project. Once the project tary William Henderson said was built the Hospital would Friday that Federal cutbacks in have to repay the loan with the funds for Hospital construction Federal government backing the May Force hospitals to this Point. A a we be never had to turn to Bank Loans in North Carolina a he said. A this will be a first for Henderson said another result of the Federal cutbacks will probably be to inhibit Hospital construction or renovation in poorer North Carolina counties. Federal Grants under the Hill Burtan act usually have paid for about 40 per cent of Hospital construction costs with the state and local governments sharing the difference. But this year Congress has Cut Back the program and changed it from a straight Grant program to one of Grants and loan guarantees. Henderson said the new scheme which has already been approved by a House sen ate conference committee is expected to provide North Carolina with about $5.5 million in Grants and another $4.7 million in loan guarantees. The commission had earlier expected the state to receive have skidded a a a a a a i Circle g. Drive in and struck j�?T1�?T Lanier on i age 11-a a tree broadside. The car wrapped around the tree keeping passenger Walter Daniel Moore 19, of 2624 Catherine dr., pinned for an i hour and 45 minutes before Rescue workers amid free him from the twisted wreckage. Moore was treated at Alamance county Hospital and the importance now will be transferred to Duke Hospital in Durham. No report on his condition was available this morning hut reports indicate that his legs were severely injured. Wheel was treated at a Burlington Hospital and released. According to investigating by Nicholas lill1tos Warsaw i a a after quelling mobs with Rifle fire in the nations biggest shipyards police and troops in Boland have juju Rel j i j is i 4 or m i n if All i ported y used tear Gas at slip Sylthe triple cities today with to restore order i Supply Trade and transportation the government says up to 20 working normally and 15 ships persons have died in the con being loaded at the docks of rotations. And hundreds have going to have to shoulder the Burden of these additional costs. A but we re just about at the see Hospital on Page 11-a see Man on Page 11-a be Lex amusements. 8-9b Bridge a business 5a doctor. 6a editorials. 4a Jeane Dixon 7a obituaries. 10b to radio. 8-9b weather. 2a placed another darkness curfew j on the country a rebellious Northern cities. Rioting reportedly spread to a fifth City Friday but there were no Conli firmed reports of new violence today. Quoting newspaper accounts radio Gdansk reported Friday night that some of the thousands of rioters in the Gdynia shipyards fired on the troops and police. A there could have been Only one reply to this a the broadcast said a a Resolute Gdansk Gdynia and clustered beside the Bay of Dan radio Warsaw said the polish news Agency Pap reported that a Calm prevailed in the whole of a recent events disclosed the painful fact that Many people still see their own interest oversee polish on Page Ila Aloin test spews radioactive shirt Mercury Nev. Apr Baneberry the code name for the a atomic Energy commissions 230th announced underground nuclear test Here since 1963, went off normally and created a Sopot spherical Cavern Akk feet below the desert Sand. What followed five minutes Zig. Were torn by rebellious Ater Friday Wasny to Normal. Fadeout a danger to human mobs Early in the week. The to. Dec pressure from life or health. Fighting spread to Szczecin 180 the blast equivalent to Detona it was the 17th time an under test had a a leaked and were reported f riday at radioactive dust from. A City of Light Industry 60 Miles the Shaft in which the nuclear Al offic als sad Only c0� East of Szczecin. Authors in sure device had been placed. Parable release of radiation Fol a dirty Brown column of dust la wed a 1965 test. Arose and within minutes the most contaminated dust reached 8.000 feet. Within hours particles fell to Earth near the it spread Over 1,000 Square site where Miles of Barren almost uninhabited desert. Effort made to free victim Rescue workers attempt to free a Burlington youth from an automobile wreckage last night. It took nearly two hours to free him from the car which slammed into a tree on Highway 87. Walter Daniel Moore was seriously injured and is a patient at Duke Hospital. Times news photo by de Mccauley. Detergent element eliminated by Jay Perkins Washington a the governments announcement that an ant pollution phosphate substitute in soap May be harmful has prompted its Developer to halt production. Officials of the Monsanto co. In St. Louis said Friday there is books on an eight year probe of the tfx warplane has accused investigators found radiation. Caa. Levels above 25 Roentgen per the dec evacuated 600 of its the federa kadian on employees near the test site but Cou Najj says humans Are end an said that nowhere outside of the immediate area of the Shaft was see atom on Page 11-a Mcnamara is Ilia for costly tfx Flop Washington apr a Senate subcommittee closing its no More Market for the too million pounds of the detergent ingredient Nta it makes every year Federal officials announced Friday they have persuaded the detergent Industry to quit using the chemical acid. At least 13 Wash products contain Nta As a partial substitute for phosphates officials said. Phosphates Are considered undesirable because they promote the rapid growth of algae and cause premature aging in some lakes and streams. The government acted after a Public health service Experiment showed that rats and mice fed Nta Mercury and cad see detergent on Page 11-a former defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara of wasting billions of dollars and damaging the nations defense posture by ignoring warnings about the aircraft. The Quot lse1 is amp i a Ler Aars of met hand Cal subcommittee also accused one sub Ofsan air Force version he of top Mcnamara aide of conflict he 7xirnow known As the of interest and said another 11 venal Law heed should have disqualified ,"am Buta Navy modd from the tfx contract award. Had t0 junked the report said Mcnamara a this unfortuna.,e and Quot a a a and his top aides ignored advice tu�?~�?3"f .1a&Quot Nas of military and technical sex and a a Quot a a Quot Peris and arbitrarily awarded in up a Duck i Quot my Jas 2 the contract to general Dynamo Al re a Ray a a a to amp Sims is although Boeing sub died a a a a a plans for a cheaper and bettor secretaries la. A Zih a they the report said received Clear warn it also said Mcnamara was Ings of impending disaster on a just Plain wrong in seeking to number of occasions Over the develop a common plane for All the services. See tfx on Page Ila weather possible rain tonight cooler sunday. Roundup on 2-a. The daily times news times nets family More than 23,000 reaching More than 21,900 Alamance county Homes with 85,000 readers83rd year no. 127 jes i. Burlington n. A. Saturday december 19, 1970 Quot ? motions North american newspaper Alliance associated afternoon dailies 3�fctl, Lanier Calls for full probe j

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