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Burlington Daily Times News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 2

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Daily Times-News, The (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Burlington, North CarolinaWeather fair and Cool tonight and sunday. Roundup on i ago six a. The daily times news times news service Cau general manager Ca 6-1205 editor and news Ca 6-4417 circulation Ca 6-4411 want ads Ca t-4414 vol. 98 Price five cents up telephoto i irk to aug chafed Mill Newi Nylk aim. Burlington C., saturday August 31, 1963 Herald to Iizumi associated afternoon dailies if and Fatuki hrs in Ages 5 sections of prod Aiken supports Viet Nam plan French offer is rejected by John m Hightower by a French offer of cordial supplies and equipment in the Cal of government actions against by Juhik m. Mumo action area for them and stay there Dur the buddhists including Many a Washington offi f d Aiken of ing the Iran Ilion rests and attacks last week on i dui of _ c no air arc arc hip nov in Mew Ici als discounted As impractical to Lay a proposal by French presi Dent Charles de Gaulle for the neutralization of Viet Nam backed Vermont the Senate s senior re publican and a member of the relations committee said he United states should take up e Gaulle on his offer to relieve labor Day death toll begins Rise by the associated press multiple fal Lily accidents marred the beginning of the 78 hour labor Day weekend As Mil Lions of motorists took to the a lion s highways for summer s final Holiday. The death count began slowly see labor on Page six a i policymakers Are deeply i Buddhist temples. Concerned Aboul the future development of the Viet Nam crisis which turns on a political dispute Between the government of presi Dent Ngo Dinh Dien and student and Buddhist and student elem Unis antagonism an about the government. The United we be inv Sicu Anorij in Nurmi that area and i am delighted i Statos has been if France is willing to take our Aiken said. French ambassador Heric Al hand discussed the de Gaulle move with Secretary of stale at the same time . Leaders have Felt their scope of action is limited because As one official said there is a War on and the United states wishes to avoid action which would weaken see French on Page six a 1 Dean Rusk Friday then told re porters it was not intended As slap Al . Policies in Hie South-1 cast asian country. De Gaulle s statement thursday had caused irritation among officials Here because they saw it As through integrated area closely watched by George Esper Folcroft. A. a negro couple who moved under heavy jeering Tig a tempered crowd into their u. S. Unit is guarded by marines by Roy Essayan Saigon South Viet Nam Fol South vietnamese staged a massive pro government demonstration in front of the u. S. Inform Ion Agency Headquarters today hailing president Dinh diem and As sailing Security violators. Whether by coincidence or intention the Demon stration was held at Saigon s main downtown mall an intersection of several boulevards in front of the . Information Agency Headquarters. . Officials reinforced the Marine guard at the Agency building and Ameri cans were requested to re main indoors throughout the two hour Demontra poses which they said Robe for a miss America contestants share the Robe which j he Winner of the pageant will Wear in Atlantic City next week. They gathered Mil new York Enro Ute to the pageant. Left to right Are Marsha Metinko miss new York City Cheryl Thompson miss Nevada Roberta Tarbox miss Montana Cheryl Ann Semrad miss Oklahoma Martha Truett miss Tennessee Donna Asur i miss Arkansas Barbara Ann Gloede miss new York state Colleen Kendall miss Ala a Susan Bergstrom miss Arizona Jan Nave miss Mississippi and Linda Moulton miss Idaho. Up m r i hot line Moore announces now0pen for 1964 ballot for use this time Only a dozen troop Mem patrolling in the imme challenging every Bridge Page 5a business Page Page 5c by the associated press Dan k. Moore of Canton a former Superior court judge and slate legislator announced Friday he will be governor in the 1964 democratic primary. Meanwhile Guilford county candidate for democrats continued gathering signatures on petitions urging Federal judge l. Richardson Preyer to run for governor. And the Statesville record land in nothing but exact in every judge Warlick has been on the Federal Bench for the Western District of North Carolina since by Elton c. Fay Washington a the historic hot line Between washing ton and Moscow is open for Busi Ness business that officials Hope will never come. Now a tinkle of a Beli in to lick White House or Kremlin at tip Statesville Nicoiu k Vonu As a gubernatorial candidate. The 57-year-old Moore is a naj live of Asheville who spent of his life in mountainous Jack a son county. He served the Farj Western District As Superior court judge for 10 years and solicitor two years. He represented Jackson county in the 1941 general Assembly. In in.t8 he resigned As a judge to return to private Law practice. The record landmark s front Page editorial alluded to judge Preyer s possible candidacy and said if the democrats of North Carolina want to dip into the fed eral Bench for a candidate of governor they would be a smarter to put the Finger on Wilson Warlick who not Only a years of distinguished service he Hind him on the Bench but a Long record As a lawyer and Legisla Tor recognizing the limits to which government can go in trying shape the lives of referring to other possible democratic candidates the editorial said Tom Pearsall is too far East Dan Moore is too far West. Hich Ardson Preyer is too far left Beverly Lake is too far right. By Wilson Warlix Csc is a solid sea classified comics dear Abby doctor editorials doctor editorials entertainment obituaries sports stocks to radio weather women s news worry clinic Page 7c Page 4d Page 4c Page 60 Page 4a Page by Page 4a pages 2-3a Page 613 pages 2-3b Page 5c pages 2-3a Page 6a pages he Page 6c 132 were on Call. Home in a previously All while area tried settling Down today for what they Hope will be a Long stay in the damaged Home. Ough More than ,00 stale companions in the dark Nam with reasserting French in a " any of hot Singleton Taun directly and by said not Bacr before he moved de Gaulle was indicating Aiken said however he did not More jammed into the area off understand Why the state depart-1 modest Brick Row houses in this j Challenge. Ment appeared to be baffled and Philadelphia suburb Friday night annoyed by de Gaulle s action. The Bakers once Side Kepi we Ca 1 As a member of the Western All lights off. Bloc the senator said. France has Early today after the crowd. Responsibility to help preserve had a peace and resist communism. We Haven t seen and proposal of Aiken said jail this trouble. But i Hope Mayb. I French influence Asia. France is to veg to be n., of portent let s Lake them up on shouted let me slake your this. If this is not a Bluff. I d go hand Iso far As to leave a great part of Baker re turned k Laboratory technician no Tion. The additional Marine guard was ordered As a precaution incidents that could fur her Strain relations Between this Var Lorn soul heal asian nation and its . Ally Over diem s hard crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Two More american advisors were killed Friday in the War against communist guerrillas. Government troops guarded the mall in front of City Hall and were posted at the four boulevards leading into the demonstration area. Soldiers with portable radio units were deployed several blocks from the mall. By Early morning about had dispersed b r n his wife. Sara. 26. A nurse at out o the House Nehy and told proposal. 01 course Aasu. Al. Maybe this is a bid to reasserting will turn out satisfactorily. 1 Southeast he Shook hands with a priest on the Street and several neigh a decent place to live. We will obey and respect the Law and Hope other people they left their 2-year-old Daughn where inc Bakers. A 50-trooper Jown workers and students had Gath ered at the mall milling under huge banners hailing diem. The demonstrators from pro government revolutionary groups to civil servants and women in traditional Silken Slit skirted dresses marched in military formation carrying Pink yellow Green and Blue banners proclaim ing support for the government. No Trace of Bova either end of the emergency communications system May signal the next world crisis. I but it May also keep nervous1 by Stanford ii. Benjamin fingers from pressing the buttons Man inspects mine chamber that would launch nuclear War Hazleton a. Cour in this Corner she twists by the wreck Des Moines Iowa a woman Driver who danced the twist at the scene of a minor Accident but refused to leave her name and address was fined Friday. Kathleen Milligan 25, was convicted of failure to leave her name and address at the scene after her car collided with another Auto aug. 15. Don t you think it was a Little unusual to dance the twist on the asked Munici pal Lugo Ray Harrison. Replied mrs. Mill Gan i guess it Bova might be entombed in the pm Caily Friday night he the pen same underground chamber from Ninn two companions were res cued. With this Hope for finding the 54-year-old Bova ended drillers Dan k. Moore in race. Professor chosen As candidate in Usu St. Louis soft spoken soned Man tempered by War de professor who has Neve pression and Prosperity extreme held Public is the first Lai we jul ii Titus completion of the circuits made Ageous Volunteer has ended spec possible by a .-soviet agree ration that missing Miner Louis nent to create machinery for of tailing War. Was announced la is soon As Drebitko made his Al leverage. Suspense Hung head the drilling rigs which ily Over the persons were injured including a trooper and a woman As the demonstration reached its Peak hours after the Bakers had entered the Row House. Eight persons were arrested among them a University of Penn Sylvania professor James Van 1 l jul i ulc us 1111115 by j had been quiet along with every i was lowered thing else except a Generator sup time and three juveniles. Van e5umalcu u earlier in the Day had a about red in front of the House with or All colonialists communists who Lave misused or exploited Reli one. Banner read. Another said we ask the government to give the right punish ment to those who violated a ional Security officials claimed a turnout of persons hut observers estimated the crowd numbered four White ministers to lend moral Tomc else except a up diving Power for electric Light his voice could be heard to the negro couple. R j i. A a. Win Uvrl Charr pm with inn Ling faintly from the Communia was tons tent slowly keep it Corn lowered into the Shaft by Aboul Aing keep in coming slowly slow started to churn again. Drebitko about 5-feet-8, agon the direct communication link Between Washington and Moscow s now said a one sentence announcement. The land line and radio system under the terms of the agree ment signed in Geneva last june 20, for use in time of emergency it would be used when the two chiefs of stale needed to Confer directly and quickly because of an incident accidental or Ynauth continued work today on several 20-foot hoist to which the rope rope. Men holding onto a thick two dozen others manned three safety lines. Everybody s eyes were on it. Now slowly. He reached the Bol Tom. The men on the surface held incs Drebitko was Back on Ori cd which otherwise could dring on nuclear War. In urging adoption of the system president Kennedy cited danger Ous delays in communications be tween Russia and the United states during the anxious Days of the cuban crisis. Administration officials said the line will not be used for Ordinary communications Between Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev or be tween the foreign offices of the two nations. Those Communia tons will continue to use Normal embassy channels. 100-Yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the where-1 about of Bova who has been1 missing since a mine Cave in at at nearby Sheppton aug. 13. Early today All drilling was alted for five minutes while a microphone was lowered into a in Inch Shaft and an attempt was made to communicate with Bova. The Only sound coming Back on a Loudspeaker was that of drip Ling water. It was estimated a 22-Inch Hole in Luul i1uim, in Wail la was attached to provide addition see Man on Page six a would be completed sunday after noon. So hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by Volunteer Andy Drebitko 36, of polls Rille that his identity was nol Dis closed until after he had been hauled Back up a 308-foot-Shafl my reported no Trace of Bova. The Shaft went to the chamber rom which Bova s companions nominee of a recognized political party for election As president of the United states in 1964. E. Harow Munn sr., 59, head the ringing of the Bell part of Javid Fellin 58, and Henry an elaborate system of sending throne 28, had been rescued last and receiving teletype machines is the Alert that a message is coming. The telegraphic cd Harokl Munn or., of . V. Of the department of education at be ready from now on Day and Hillsdale Mich College was night. Chosen on the first ballot Friday Tion party. The National prohibition a balding bespectacled Man he has been a prohibitionist for most of his life and Speaks with conviction of what he considers the evils of liquor. The tides of sin Are running he assorted in his accept Ance speech. Is time for a new and vigorous launching of a presidential nominee in last see professor on Page Stea attendants All carefully select ulu Ocil Ull Uiva allot in Aikui. J. By delegates to the 24th convened and screened for occur qty will watch and listen. Al least one of the attendants on duty at any time will be bilingual Able to read and write both russian and English. Although in Washington. The transmitter and receiving sets arc located in the White House the mechanical portion of the system and the continuous monitoring o it is located in the joint chief i1uw Viiu i rugged and Battle scarred life of staff Section of the Pentagon of where the military Communia Munn in t new to politics. He Lions network command and con was Tho prohibition party s Vico tool Center is maintained. Implementation of the agree hot on Pago six a tuesday after two weeks entombment a Remote controlled television camera lowered into the chamber or testing and exploration Hac picked up what . Charmbury Pennsylvania Secretary of mines ind said appeared to be the image of a Man. Drebitko reported what appeared to be the Imog of a Man was the remains of a plug that had been used to Closi up the 12-Inch Hole before the widened it to 18 inches am brought Fellin and throne to Thi rope was curled around the plug. My inspection of the Are where Fellin and throne Hac Drebitko indicate that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to Whir Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the Van Dyk charged with inciting j riot after a group of angry demonstrators had surrounded him said he wanted to j this kind of the most serious demonstration erupted when a trooper walked into a crowd after someone who had thrown a Slone and several persons closed in on him. Other troopers rushed to his Aid fills started flying and riot Sticks were used to push the crowd Back. Sev ral troopers scuffled with demonstrators. hit by new outbreak by Allen Paul Williamston . A sheriff w. R. Rawls comment cd riday we be had the tier violence rocked mis Little three no sign of Bova Andy Drebitko of Pottsville a is Crim after his return from the chamber that was the Home of David Fellin and Henry throne. He the body of the missing Louis Bova is not there and drilling has resumed to a new underground area in search of the lost Miner. A photograph had shown wha appeared to be a body and for that reason Drebitko went Down the 331-foot escape Shaft for inspection up most of the spectators appeared to he taking everything lightly joking and chatting with each oth y and paying Little attention to the colourful proceedings. The greatest applause to speeches sup writing diem the army and a ional Unity appeared to come from Blue Clad pro government youth groups lining the front rows of the Spectator area. The nation meanwhile slipped into its Lith Day of martial Law amid promises from government and military officials the restrictions would be lifted soon. Saigon continue to move toward Norm Alcy. Saigon s main Buddhist Pagoda a Loi closed aug. 21 under the martial Law provisions was opened today. By noon one Monk and about 50 nuns had been re leased from detention and allowed to return to the Pagoda indicating a further lessening of tensions. On another front however communist gunners shot up 18 . H21 helicopters and killed two americans Friday in what was described As one of the fiercest operations against communist astern North Carolina tobacco wounded own for the second time in two ays. About 100 negro youths threw Ocks and hollies Friday after Oon when police tried to break p an anti segregation March. One negro woman was Hospital Zed with a head wound and two policemen were hit by thrown objects but escaped injury. It started off scr it Rawls said but now we be got nothing but two eight Man squads of High Way patrolmen were rushed in to reinforce local officers. Rawls Al so deputized 25 while cilia cons. He equipped them with plastic Hel mets nights licks and sidearms. Groups of while youths roamed the downtown area Friday night jeering at negroes passing in aulos. Police apparently made no at capt to Clear the streets. This reporter was threatened by a White Man wearing a pistol on see On six a Viet other Cong guerrillas. Americans were the deaths brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil since the . Buildup of december 1961. The toll from All causes include see u. S. On Page six a times news sets Early schedule the Dally times news will operate on a Short sched ule monday in order to print at noon. Schedules will be advanced to employees to spend part of the Zubor Day Holiday at Home. All department deadlines will be advanced accordingly. Regular schedules will be returned m to Sudaj

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